Skylines (2019) s01e06 Episode Script

Angel or Devil

1 A NETFLIX ORIGINAL SERIES [suspenseful music.]
- Hey, sister? What's up? - Just shut the fuck up! [quiet conversation.]
You filthy prick.
Dumb bitch.
[gun clicks.]
Haven't had enough, Sara? Are you that greedy? Do you want more? Is that why you became a cop? Because you just couldn't get enough? You've got to learn how to take it.
And not just creep in here so half-heartedly.
You're just not tough enough.
You're nothing but a spoiled little bitch who gets off by being in the street, like a fucking slut.
That's what you've always been, a little slut.
Now she drives a big fancy car.
Has a nice apartment.
And a little family she loves.
But that's not enough, is it? If you get too greedy - I will take away everything you have.
- [she whimpers.]
[she screams.]
Sh! Sh! I'll go after your husband.
I'll pump so much heroin into him it's all he'll ever want.
And, finally [she whimpers.]
- I'll go after your pretty daughter.
- [she grunts, whimpers.]
I'll have my dealers gangbang her so deep in the ass [she screams in fury.]
until she's so ashamed never able to look you in the eyes again.
Got it? That's just the start.
Because eventually she'll come to me and beg for the good stuff.
Because she'll long for that warm and fuzzy feeling that reminds her of her mother.
And I'll give her what she wants, because you'll be dead to her.
Because you shit on your family, Sara.
- You decide what comes next.
- [she whimpers.]
I'll play whatever game you want.
But in the end I will win.
["069" by Haftbefehl.]
06 069 Cho The banks scrape the sky I scrape yarrak How can I get euros? Welcome to 06 069 Cho 06 069 06 069 Cho 06 069 [unintelligible voices on police radio.]
Find another place to stay.
- But don't worry.
- Yeah, sure.
There was a severed hand! Don't worry.
We've stationed an officer outside your door for now.
Go to your room.
Get out.
Leave us alone.
Leave us alone! Get out now! Get the fuck out of my apartment! [she pants.]
[quiet, ominous music.]
[door closes.]
[she sobs.]
[she cries.]
[melancholy music.]
I gave you plenty of warnings, Sara, and you ignored them all.
Now two of your CI's are dead.
Your family is being threatened.
And I'm concerned about your personal safety.
The job requires foresight, Sara, and patience.
If you've forgotten that, you should leave now.
You certainly don't belong in upper management.
You'll be lucky if you get off without any disciplinary action.
Are you done? Can I go now? Ardan Yakut.
I looked at his file.
Interesting fellow.
I'm setting up a whole new task force.
"SITF Gold.
" Murder, drugs, organized crime.
I'll need someone to find Cis.
Interested? [Wowa raps.]
Jumping, jumping, jumping Out the window Cops hot on my heels Ain't nothing new Jumping, jumping, jumping I run from my money maker Lights flash, flee in the Corsa Hanging on a Novomatic That's way too street, I'm just real If rap ain't enough, I gotta deal What are my options, G? Take all that hate Put it in the beat Pzy, brother, tune the melody Beam me to Moscow, G - You ever been down here, Frank? - No, afraid I've never had the pleasure.
This is our big studio, the Blue Pill.
We have a session going on now.
[thumping beats.]
Wowa's recording a few tracks for a new sampler.
The guy is incredible.
Soon he'll have twice as many Insta followers as you.
- Let's hope so.
- [Semir.]
Got to disturb you.
Of course.
Please come in.
Please do.
So you're the big brother.
Nice to see you again.
- [Frank.]
- Ardan Yakut.
- My brother is working in merch.
- Hey, good to meet you.
I run the whole shebang.
These guys are a bit spoiled by success.
I'm just here to keep their feet on the ground.
There's my genius.
- Every word cuts like a knife.
- What can I say? - Skyline Records, brother.
For life! - Mashallah! Well, Frank.
How about we let the boys get back to work? Like to see our other studio? [Ardan.]
What a question! Of course we do.
- Why not? - Bye, Wowa.
That kid's going to be our big star.
You hear that? Big things are happening.
- Yeah.
- Yeah! - I'll see you later, bro.
- All right.
Keep at it, boys.
- Kadir.
- What? - What the hell? - What do you mean? Are you serious with this? Fucking give him a chance.
He's trying.
- He's laughing at us.
- Listen.
He's doing a good job, okay? Then you can do this without me.
What's that? - You heard me.
- [Wowa raps in the background.]
Recognize him? Dashmir Rexha, Kelmendi's cousin.
He ordered the delivery.
I'll see what I can get out of him.
And your man gave us a good tip.
Tell him I said hi.
[quiet, suspenseful music.]
Truth? You're telling the truth, huh? You're just digging yourself deeper into the shit.
You'll see.
You're going to need a new [unintelligible.]
- Look, I've said everything I had to say.
- Yeah, yeah.
- I don't give a - [door opens.]
Who's that? We have 20 officers working your case.
She's one of them.
- Why don't you start at the top? - How many more times, man? Until you tell me what I want to know.
- Bevor the garage you were - Working.
- At the hotel? - At the studio! Who do you work for? Kalifa or Ardan? I work for myself.
What's your stage name? - Jinn.
- [Miro.]
Like the drink? Like the demon.
So why don't you tell me about your work? What kind of question is that? I make music.
- For Kalifa? - Yeah.
What songs? You wouldn't know.
Were you with Kalifa right before you went after that guy? I don't understand.
[mocking laughter.]
Who were you making music with right before the incident, I want to know.
- You mean who was in the studio with me? - Yeah! I was alone.
[Miro laughs.]
Oh, God, Johannes.
Why are you lying? I'm not.
- [computer startup sound.]
- [Miro.]
All right.
On the video, you know it's clear your accomplice wasn't dragged into the car.
- She got into it voluntarily? Correct? - Okay.
Now you rewatch the video, but with teargas in your eyes! Do it! Then tell me what you see.
Again, she's not an accomplice! Why don't you get it? I was just trying to help her out! [Miro.]
She seemed to do just fine on her own.
Don't you think? Hm? - Okay.
Tell us again how you met her.
- Fuck you, man.
Without a lawyer, here's my message to you.
Take a look.
[lounge jazz.]
- Your espresso.
- Thanks.
- Sorry about the wait.
- No problem.
[jazz continues.]
Ah! Mr.
You waiting for someone? No, no.
I'm fine.
I'm afraid I'm out of snow, but I've got a few blue pills.
No thank you.
I'm just here relaxing.
I've got stuff for that too.
[dishes crash.]
- I don't recognize him.
Is he new? - Yeah, unfortunately.
We had to juggle some staff.
Remember a guy who worked here, Mr.
Kroos? Slim, young, dark-haired, a bit on the pushy side.
I think so.
why? He's dead.
He got mugged last night.
The police were here asking questions this morning.
Between me and you, I don't think it was a coincidence.
That guy was always pushing his luck.
I knew it.
Is everything okay, Mr.
Dietz? [quiet conversation.]
- [woman.]
I'm heading out.
- [man.]
All right.
See you later.
It's going to be a cold night.
Can I help you? I just had a question.
We've got clean needles here and places to sit.
Do you still need people to help out around here? Oh! Sorry, um - Do you have any experience with this? - With drugs? - No, with social work.
- Oh.
What's that? Clothing.
I thought they might want some.
Well, we can always use the help.
I have to warn you, the pay is absolute garbage.
When can I get started? [Ardan.]
Today it's normal.
Back then we were the first youth center with a studio.
We only had a four-track recorder and egg cartons on the wall.
Better than nothing.
Your hip-hop workshops were always full.
The kids just wanted to hear themselves.
But Kadir - He had a mind for business at 12.
- [Laughter.]
He'd put his songs on a cassette tape along with Nas and Biggie songs, then sell them for a deutschmark.
From plastic to platinum.
- That's a nice story.
- [laughter.]
It's interesting that you brought up platinum here.
It's been a while since SLR put out a platinum record, am I right? Aziz just went gold.
That's true, but you've had plenty of flops as well.
The Russian album didn't do well in Germany and Omid's debut was a catastrophe.
Some releases are to cultivate an image Omid's no star, but he's got street cred.
Sure, with his dealer and customers.
I'm sure the streets love Omid with how often he's in prison.
But does SLR still need something like that? The controversy, you know? Tax evasion, drugs, murder charges.
That was years ago.
In the minor leagues shit like that can help propel you to the top.
But where you're trying to go, into the major leagues? That's not how we play ball.
No gangster crap.
The media will have a field day with every mistake an artist makes.
They'll lay it bare.
Until it hurts.
Our mother always said, "If you love a rose, you also have to love its thorns.
" Leave it, abi.
This is about something else.
Right, Frank? - You just want to fuck us.
- Kadir.
Do you want to fuck me, Frank? You can't handle our demands? Then why don't you just say so, but don't think that we're all fools.
We built everything here out of nothing and you all know it.
We know the business.
You know, Frank We live and breathe it.
Good for you.
But I don't think we'll be working together.
Thanks for having us, and for the terrific tour.
- [Celine.]
Of course.
- Best to your brother.
Interesting fellow.
Maybe if you put your heads together you can reconsider the terms of the deal.
Take your time.
There's no rush anymore.
Don't look at me.
Trying screw us.
Who do they think they are? - Stop.
This isn't the street.
- It's exactly that.
We're the thugs on the eighth floor, and you want to know what else? - They think we're dumb Kanaken - Do you hear yourself? Since your brother got here you've acted like What? Like what? A thug.
What's the deal with Semir? Why was Ardan here instead? - Are you going to tell me what's going on? - Don't lecture me.
- We'll just move forward.
- No.
You're going to have to stop running away.
You can't just "move forward.
" Is that a threat? [ominous music.]
No priors.
Not a flight risk.
We got nothing.
I got to send him home.
Let me talk to him first.
Dagmar know about this? You have five minutes.
I'm not answering any more questions until I have my lawyer present.
I'm not interested in questions.
I have an offer for you.
A lawyer.
You have one? You can call around if you want.
You may find a halfway decent attorney who's interested in you.
But that'll only give the judge reason to detain you.
Come on! But I didn't do anything! Your dad will say that when we arrest him.
What? [computer startup sound.]
And this information becomes public next Tuesday, so if I were you I'd buy stock immediately.
In return, I really would appreciate it if you invested in Gallus Top estates.
Yeah, two finance dudes talking.
So what? It's your dad making illegal deals.
to mature.
Kroos had the video.
He blackmailed your dad.
Your dad freaked out.
Who knows what else he's got? Can't involve police.
So he went to you for some help.
You, you keep an ear to the ground at Skyline Records.
You offer money, beats maybe, to find someone who can scare Kroos enough that he'll shut his damn mouth.
- That's bullshit.
- But Kroos fights back.
You get taken out, but your accomplice? She gets the job done on her own.
You don't realize what you've done till Kroos is bleeding out.
- Stop it.
- A femme fatale on the run.
A hip-hop whiz kid and his banker dad in jail.
The media will have a field day with all of you.
Then they'll release the video, and they'll be nothing left for you to do.
But wait for your trial, for sentencing and a jail time.
And your dad? As the instigator, his punishment will be just as severe.
He'll be an old man by the time he's released.
Do you want to hear my offer now? I want to make a phone call.
Again, we're talking about a lot of money here that accidently landed on one of your accounts, which I'm not even sure are legal.
And I want it back! [man.]
I'm sorry, sir, but I'm not sure how to help you with that.
I don't care how you do it, I just want you to get it done, or I will sue your shitty little company until it is no more.
You understand? I'm afraid there's not much I can do for you, sir.
It was an accidental transfer and I want my money back.
I'm sorry, Mr.
Dietz, but I really don't have the means to access any account without approval.
There is no approval! Don't you understand? The man is dead! - You from here? - Yeah.
And you? I'm also from Frankfurt.
That's cool.
You're alone? Ah, sorry.
[loud, electronic music.]
- Hi? - How are you? - Good.
And you? - I'm good.
- Want to sit? - Yeah.
I've got a whole team working for me now.
I might even get a studio.
And Raz, ah! He makes these banging beats.
I never would've thought it, but he fits my style, you know? And Skee? He's a real fine man.
I totally misjudged him.
He's taking care of everything for me.
He's like my dad.
I call him "Papa Skee!" We don't always have the same vibe, but it was like that with Jinn too.
At least Skee is honest.
Aw, that's cool.
A change.
Something new.
Yeah, maybe.
What's new with you? Ah, David! - Hey, Lily.
- Hey! - How are you? - Great.
Come here.
That is Bret and Rebekah.
- Nice.
Should we get a drink? [phone buttons beep.]
- [Lily.]
Hello? - Hey, Little Sis.
Jinny! Are you okay? I thought I'd never hear from you again.
How are you? Good.
I started my new job today.
Wait, what do you mean? Wow, so much has happened since we last spoke.
I quit working for Dad.
And, uh, now I'm working at an addiction center.
At Fresh.
I'm in kind of a training program.
And I think it's really good for me.
Feels great to help other people.
Where are you? Are you okay? Yeah.
Everything's all right.
- Don't worry about me, all right? - I'm not worried.
You always know what you're doing.
Take care of yourself.
I love you.
I love you too.
Jinny, you sure you're all right? [beep.]
You okay? Remember what's important, Jinn.
In jail you'll be far away.
Far away from the people you love.
Far away from your music.
Your career will be over before it even began.
You have to decide who you want to be.
Musician or thug? [pattering of water.]
I must've lost my invitation.
[he groans softly.]
I thought you were sleeping.
- Aren't you going to Berlin tomorrow? - I'll call it off.
You'll what? Ah, I'm just not going.
It's Yo! MTV Raps, Kadi.
20 years of King Kalifa.
Let them celebrate you.
[he laughs sadly.]
Yo! MTV None of this feels real anymore.
You can't give up now.
[he laughs.]
[she laughs.]
I married a lion, don't forget that.
Stay hungry.
Don't give up the throne.
Don't exaggerate? Just give it a listen, okay? [groaning.]
Come on.
Turn it on.
[Jinn's intro for Zilan.]
Okay [Zilan sings.]
Kurdistan born, Mama died early on No school but an AK Know all about assembly Up on the hill, watching my herd No games, no Barbie That that crazy chick? Strongest girl in the army - Do me no wrong - Nah! Zilan means storm Time for some action Moonwalk, Michael Jackson I don't need you - This is sick! - Walking through the gloom You Instagram rich bitch Fuck off with your showbiz - Zilan, Zilan, Zilan - Dope, man.
- Zilan, Zilan, Zilan - Hell, yeah.
[he turns the music off.]
[radio DJ.]
Somebody has to show all these young rappers how it's done.
20 years of rap history behind him, now he's got a rough sound awesomely produced with his label Skyline Records.
Is there going to be a new album or is he just showing us he's not retired yet? The number one, here is Kalifa with "On Principle.
" [he turns radio off.]
[melancholy guitar intro.]
[hip-hop beats start.]
[intro starts over.]
Hey, let me tell you something It ain't all what it seems But a man's gotta be real, G Sometimes in life you realize That you ain't who you thought you'd be I speak from experience Dude I was living through this shit [music drowns out the lyrics.]
[inaudible lyrics.]
[melancholy music.]
[door squeaks.]
[man, unintelligible.]
The new album's probably trash.
This some bullshit.
- He always talking bullshit.
- Fuck, man.
He just wants to talk.
Only never about anything you give a shit about.
Aw, shit.
Step aside, man! Here comes the living legend.
- Frankfurt in the House! - Azad is Frankfurt, Kalifa's Offenbach.
- Kalifa.
Judith, we spoke on the phone.
- Hi.
Look at his motherfucker.
Are you fans, or what? - Your Mom's a fan.
- Let's go.
The others are waiting.
You show up without even a salam.
Who the fuck do you think you are? - Is this part of the show? - This is fucking Berlin! ["Aus Hater werden Fans" by Haftbefehl.]
Haters turn into fans From fare dodging To Mercedes Benz They're jealous of me 'Cause they got no talent Everyone raps like a Kanaken But I got the patent Haters turn into fans From fare dodging To Mercedes Benz They're jealous of me 'Cause they got no talent Everyone raps like a Kanaken But I got the patent Oh! Frankfurt in the house.
Kalifa's ready to go, baby.
Oh, yeah.
- How are you, brother? - Good now that you're here.
Nice setup.
Hey, how are you? - I'm ready to do this.
- Me, too.
Your boys got here before you.
We let them in.
- Come on! - Think they got a few drinks in them.
Settle in.
The show is going to be sick.
Thanks for coming.
- Look what we just bought! - Brand new wheels.
First things go differently than you guessed The power of big screen fairy tales Is limited at best Hurdles are there to overcome What haters do is shitty I swear by my life, homes I'm gonna make you love me Not with manipulation or shell game tricks Spare me the babble Those losers are dicks This is genuine for remembering Like the Bible from God Yo, yo! Bogy keeping it real for Yo! MTV Raps, live from Kameradenweg.
I'm here with a living legend, formerly King Kalifa.
Let's hear it for Kalifa! [cheering.]
you say "Frankfurt rap" and the names Kalifa and Skyline Records are right there, institutions.
But you're not originally from Frankfurt, yeah? Where did you call home? Where did you start? Uh, I grew up in a Kurdish village in the southeast of Turkey.
After that I was in Austria, that's why - [woman hoots.]
- Oh, Austrians.
- Yeah, the Austrians.
- That was a culture shock, huh? For a guy from Lankwitz everything else is a foreign country.
I was AWOL in school.
I've never seen a map.
Just Okay.
Anyway, in Austria we were in a little town near Vienna.
I only came to Frankfurt when I was 12.
It was really hard for me to gain a foothold there because To be honest, I was pretty introverted.
Partly because of my accent there.
I had trouble making friends, and so Would you say you finally found your voice through hip hop? Rap was definitely the way I rediscovered my voice, my identity, my sense of self, the things I didn't have in my life.
And, um Rap was the only thing that mattered to me.
When I found it I knew I wanted to be the best, you know? The other main reason why I did all that was just to be heard by other people out there, you know? - And I think I did okay? What do you say? - Yeah, terrific.
[cheering, applause.]
Give it to me straight.
Loyalty or success? Recognition.
It's always about recognition.
- [woman.]
You've got that from us! - [man.]
Kalifa! It only counts coming from the people who matter to you.
My family's important to me.
My friends are important to me.
- My fans are important.
- [cheers.]
Frankfurt's important to me.
- Recognition.
- True that.
[hip-hop beats.]
Kadir, incredible storytelling.
Thanks for coming.
It means a lot to have you here.
You're like a brother to me.
Always, man.
I'll never leave you hanging.
Would one of you please I need You, sorry.
Can I get three champagne glasses? Thanks.
Guys! Great to see you.
I wanted to treat you to a meal at Roseneck, but I heard you're short on time, so we're doing this here.
What is this? I gave it some thought.
Both of you guys belong here with us.
I talked to the board again, and they agreed.
That's the contract, with your conditions.
And our signatures.
Thank you.
To us.
To good business.
[ominous music.]
[man talks on phone in background.]
He's coming next Friday? That's right, tell him to come to the studio at 4 p.
We can set a date then.
[music grows louder.]
Call me when you're there, okay? - I will.
- Okay.
[Riana sobs.]
You need to get going.
[dramatic music.]
It's been an honor.
Here's to an excellent partnership.
I hope so.
Drive safely.
- Talking that shit.
- Anything you give a shit about! Look, those fucking posers, man.
Fake rappers! Just a bunch of pussies.
Look at them! - What do you want? - Yeah, you motherfucker.
- Think you're gangsters? - Old time's sake? Just to handle this, take care of it.
- Let's go! Come on! - Come at me! - Come on! - I'm ready! [fighting noises.]
Just like Mike Tyson.
"Kadir the Great.
" [Semir.]
Dude, he ran right into my fist.
Pow! Crumpled like a rag doll.
I'm like, "Who are you? Fuck off, haircut.
" I fucked up my hand.
- Like the old days.
- Yeah, man.
I've started writing again, brother.
For real? Then Aziz can work on his own stuff.
Let's hear it.
Come on! [melancholy guitar intro.]
You finally listened to the kid's beats.
It's good, right? [raps.]
Hey, let me tell you something It ain't all what it seems But a man's gotta be real, G Sometimes in life you realize That you ain't who you thought you'd be I speak from experience Dude I was living through this shit Three Kanacks, armed to teeth Rushed into my studio By God I thought Azrael was at my door to take my soul But nah, wait, I was wrong 'Cause you were there It wasn't me but you Who gave those dogs a scare So Azrael he spared my soul And took the other motherfucker's One guy's in a wheelchair now The third one he just ran off Without you there that day 15 years ago It could've ended differently It's both a blessing and a curse Are you good for me? Hell, I don't know, but what I know is I made it out the streets And if what you do is gangsta Gangsta ain't what I wanna be Yeah! [Kalifa laughs.]
That was sick, man.
Incredible storytelling.
Brutal and honest.
Like Tupac, you know what I'm saying, man? Think the kids will like it? Fuck the kids.
This is the grown-up shit, real talk.
If you say so.
Semir's always right.
[ominous music.]
[fruit machines beep.]
[fruit machine sounds.]
- [Manu groans.]
- Stay down.
War changes a man.
The face mostly.
You can tell what they fight for by looking at it.
[ominous music.]
I look at yours and see nothing.
You waltz into my shop while your boss is starting a war that you don't even understand.
Tell Ardan exactly this.
Hm? Tell him to fuck off back to that stinking Kurdish village he came from.
If he doesn't do it, it'll be war.
And people will die.
One after the other.
[Manu gasps.]
Ardan thinks he's strong, but he knows nothing of war.
In war you need an army and vision.
Not a haphazard pile of shit.
Now get the fuck out of my sight, you Bosnian fuck.
[fruit machine sounds.]
Don't you want to try it again? Now that we're a part of Global? - [Omid.]
What do you mean? - I mean rapping.
- Maybe you'll get famous.
- [Omid scoffs.]
I'm already famous, baby.
Mm-hmm, in your dreams, babe.
[Omid laughs softly.]
You know Semir won't give me a chance anyway.
Semir gave you tons of chances.
- Ah, nah! - You hang around with those idiots.
It's true.
You're going to have to decide what you want to do.
Do you want to be a rapper or play at being a gangster? Without me and those guys you call idiots, there wouldn't even be a Global deal.
Hold on, man.
He's not finished.
Trust me, he can take a lot more.
- Right? Right? - [laughter.]
[Omid laughs.]
Listen to that little bitch beg.
You ready to listen, you bastard? Huh? [Omid laughs, amused.]
[he groans and whimpers.]
The deal will go through on our terms.
Is that understood? Huh? - Understand? - [whimpering.]
Yeah, yeah.
And if you get any smart ideas about going to the police - then we'll be back! Right? - [whimpering.]
I won't.
Get it? We'll kill you.
I won't.
I won't go to the police.
I won't.
I won't.
What? [man.]
Jinn, come downstairs now.
You're wanted at Skyline.
[ominous music.]
- Who wants to see me? - Get in the car.
The back! [beeping.]
[locks click, engine starts.]
[music continues.]
Keep walking.
The Red Pill.
Come in.
Close the door.
Have a seat.
Do you know what a jinn is? Yeah, it's a demon.
[amused laughter.]
I want you to produce my next album.
The beats, the sound.
I want it all to be from you, brother.
- [Semir.]
- Hm? I don't think he knows what you're asking.
You should be happy.
People would kill for this job.
[Jinn breathes heavily.]
So what do you say? Fucking sick.
He thinks it's sick.
Are you with me? Yeah.
Come here.
Come to me.
[yelling happily.]
Come here! You make the best beats I've ever heard.
We're going to make history.
Let's have a drink.
I told you I knew it from the start, abi.
Come here, man.
Thank you, Semir.
The best! To us.
- Oh shit.
He's thirsty.
- Pour him another.
- Right on.
- Come on! Hey, let me tell you something It ain't all what You're a fucking genius! [song continues.]