Slasher (2016) s02e01 Episode Script

Six Feet Under

1 [ENGINE REVVING] [WHOOPS, SHOUTS] [LAUGHS] [GIRLS SHOUT] [ROCK MUSIC PLAYS] You are perfect in your failings If you were to ask I think I'd say I'm alive I'm still trying Now I'm feeling fine I think I'll survive We're alive Don't sound too shy Now I'm doing fine I think I'm alive I'm alive No, it's not.
[INDISTINCT CHATTER] [LAUGHTER] Okay, you guys, I'm wasted.
We should go back.
- What? - No.
You think Mr.
Dubois is gonna be cool with his six most trusted counselors drunk? - Yup.
- No.
- [GIRL 1] Guys! - [GIRL 2] I guess not.
- Guess what I just found.
- [ALL] What? - A swimming hole.
- [ALL LAUGH] - Warm as bath water.
- [ALL WHOOP] [GIRL 1] Yeah! - You guys want to go swimming? - I wanna go swimming.
- I can barely walk.
- Oh, come on.
- Yeah, I'm good.
- Careful.
Come on.
We got your back.
- Yeah, it'll be fun.
- It'll be great.
[GIRLS GIGGLING] [GIRL] You guys, what is this? There's a fire? Weird.
What's going on, you guys? Tell me or I'm going back.
What the fuck? You're on trial, Talvinder.
- For what? - For being a nasty bitch.
- Susan.
- No, I can't do this.
- I can't do this.
- Susan.
Fuck this! [SUSAN PANTS] Let's finish this.
Come on.
[SCREAMS] [BOY] Oh, my God! [SCREAMING CONTINUES] She's alive.
Talvinder! Hey! I got you! Stop, stop, stop! - Peter, put her the fuck down.
- We're taking her to the hospital.
Put her down.
Get out of my way.
No! [TALVINDER SCREAMS] [PETER SHOUTS] - Get the fuck off me! - No! [SCREAMING CONTINUES] [CELL PHONE VIBRATES, RINGS] How long have you been up? Did you get any sleep? You know me.
I have to get up early.
I'm up all night thinking about how tired I'm gonna be the next day.
Then it just becomes a vicious, self-fulfilling prophecy.
So don't go.
- I have to go.
- Why? Andi, it's a simple question.
Don't be upset, please.
[SCOFFS] It's been like this since day one.
Like you're hiding something from me.
Tell me, Andi.
Whatever it is.
Please, just tell me.
There's nothing, honest to God.
I just I don't wanna go.
Simon! You've gotta get ready.
So get ready.
[SIGHS] You sure this can get you there? Uh, yeah.
Maybe I should just stay.
- Maybe I should skip the weekend.
- Babe, no.
Go have fun with your friends.
Jaden and I will be fine.
Boys night! I love you.
I love you too.
She walks through her life by herself Keeps a book in her [SONG CONTINUES ON RADIO] [RADIO CUTS IN AND OUT] [RADIO TURNS OFF] The other day I met a bear - A great big bear - Shut the fuck up, Noah.
Oh, fuck, it's cold.
I hear someone playing the banjo, and I'm outta here.
- Let's just unpack the car, man.
- [GIRL] Hey, guys.
Let's just act normal, huh? You act normal.
I'll be back here.
I got worried I got the dates mixed up.
Yeah, sorry we're late.
We had a little trouble on the road.
Gene, right? Unless you work for the tax man.
Then Gene's not here.
[LAUGHS] Not many people head up to "We Live As One" this time of year.
Oh, yeah, you know, we're just visiting the old stomping grounds.
It's gonna be a killer weekend.
How about I just hand you the bag? Sure.
Whatever floats your boat.
I don't have any cross country skis, but I can rent you some snowshoes.
No, that's cool.
Just snowmobiles, thanks.
Your friend there, is she okay? Oh, yeah.
She's just a little car sick.
We don't get cell service out here, sweetheart.
This ain't the big city.
Get your things and we'll get going.
Oh, Gene, that's so kind of you.
But we actually know where we're going because we worked here when it was a summer camp, so Well, it's not the summer, and that dirt path up to the retreat is a snow-covered ice rink for the next 30 klicks or so.
Now, back in '09, I got caught in a snowstorm, the Hindu Curse, east of Kabul.
I watched a man lose his fingers and toes to the cold.
- You were a soldier? - Yeah, a lifetime ago.
You got a sweater or something warm you can put on? I'm fine.
I'm just not used to being outside in the winter.
I'm more of a five-star resort gal, in the Caribbean, on a beach.
Get your gear and we'll head out.
I got an extra sweater in my bag.
I will be in the SUV, waiting while you find it.
Thank you.
[PETER] Andi.
- Hey.
- Oh.
You okay? Yeah, I'm fine.
I'm worried about you.
I think we all are.
Don't be.
This is the last place I wanna be.
You know that, right? We better get ready.
Andi I should've called you.
I really wanted to, I really did.
I just didn't know what to say.
The longer I put it off, the weirder it all felt.
I'm sorry.
Wakes you up, huh? They'll have coffee or hot chocolate.
Grab something stronger inside for you to warm up with.
WE LIVE AS ONE It hasn't changed.
Just like we left it.
We're each in charge of about 20 kids.
We don't have to bunk with them, thank God, but we are in charge of them 24/7.
You're actually in my cabin, which is me, my friend Susan, and Dawn, who She's a bit of a force to be reckoned with.
But, honestly, though, she's fine.
She's really cool.
Oh, no, that face wasn't Forget it.
My first week here, I think I was probably more homesick than most of the campers.
Hey! I am so sorry I am late.
Well, it's okay.
Talvinder and I just finished orientation.
So I guess I handled it perfectly well by myself.
That's really good.
Hi, I'm Peter.
- Talvinder.
Nice to meet you.
- Nice to meet you.
[BOTH LAUGH] - Hey, Tal, what are you doing tonight? - I don't have any plans.
Great, because tonight is movie night, and we've got this, like this, like, scary slasher flick.
If you wanna join.
- Do you mind if I join? - No, of course not.
Thank you.
I should probably go meet my kids.
Chin up.
You're gonna be great.
If anything, you can just drown 'em.
You're kidding.
I got it.
- I hope.
- I'm kidding.
Heed my warning.
I am so sorry.
We were supposed to do her orientation together.
I know and I forgot and I double-booked.
By the time I was halfway past the lake, I remembered.
You know it's not a big deal, right? Yeah, I know, but I looked like an idiot in front of her.
Okay, how about this? Tonight, I'm on Talvinder duty, okay? - I promise.
Yeah? - Okay.
[MAN] As we come out of half-moon pose into Warrior II, Virabhadrasana.
As we windmill to the floor into Chaturunga slowly lower yourself into Upward-Facing Dog.
[CHUCKLES] Clearly, these gurus weren't dudes.
And when you're ready, only when you're ready we lie into Shavasana, Corpse Pose.
[GENE OUTSIDE] Hello! Anyone home? Thank you for sharing your practice with me today.
[WOMAN] Namaste.
[ALL] Namaste.
- Hello, Gene.
- I brought your supplies.
- And your guests.
- Thank you.
Hello, everyone.
Welcome to We Live As One.
We're glad to be here.
And thanks for letting us crash for the weekend.
Crashing is one way of putting it, but you're not crashing.
You're staying with us.
We want you to feel a part of our community while you're here.
We appreciate your hospitality.
We have a saying.
"All crew and no passengers.
" Everyone who lives here contributes.
We have a sign-up sheet.
Put your name down for a cooking or cleaning shift.
Living as one might take you out of your comfort zone, but we invite you to lean in and see what's there for you.
- Leaning's not really my - We appreciate you letting us come.
Keira will show you to your cabin.
You can drop off your bags, freshen up, warm up.
Thank you.
I'm just gonna change, and then I'll take you guys over.
- Namaste, new friends.
- Namaste.
- Namaste.
- Thank you.
They're building a big resort.
I get why you're concerned, but according to this, there's no plans for where you buried Talvinder.
We buried her here.
Right here, they're building the tennis courts.
So very close, Susan.
I think it's more dangerous to move her.
If no one's found her yet, maybe they never will.
What if in a couple of years, they decide to expand the resort, or one of their guests goes to retrieve a tennis ball and, uh I don't know, trips over a skull instead? Fine, let's say someone does find Talvinder.
Everyone thinks Owen killed her.
Owen was a suspect in the disappearance.
Now, Owen will be the prime suspect in the murder.
I'm no CSI expert, but the crime scene we left behind, I'm pretty sure it's full of evidence.
Which they'll tie back to Owen.
Owen is dead, Susan.
They can't question him, can they? But they can question us.
So if one of us makes a mistake or goes off script Look, we have the freaking Manson Family watching our every move.
We've got GI Gene on a snowmobile.
We're screwed.
Okay, yes, we're taking a risk, but if we leave Talvinder out there, someone is gonna find her.
We need to gather her remains, take them to the city, and destroy them once and for all, like we should have five years ago.
I find it weird to come all this way for the weekend.
They said they worked here when it was a summer camp.
You come up in the summer, not during a deep freeze.
This land is special, Gene.
It's powerful.
It draws you in, draws you back.
It's true.
A particularly strong ley line crosses right through here.
Is that why you're selling most of it? More people get to enjoy our bounty, and we get to stay together as a community.
- Gotcha.
- You should be happy, Gene.
You're the only outfitter for miles.
The resort will make you a rich man.
If I wanted to be rich, my shop would be a hundred klicks south.
I might stick around for the weekend.
- Why? - Just to keep an eye on things.
Gene, you beautiful, suspicious soul, you.
You can be too trusting and you know it.
Think of me as your guard dog in case things go sideways.
You're welcome to stay, but you really don't have to.
Judith? Hey, you okay? I'm fine.
No, you're not okay.
If those tears could talk, what would they say? I guess I'm just triggered.
I'm trying to get over it, but I can't.
Try to talk through the trigger.
Let us in, let us help you.
Let us help you sort it out.
It's just that This is our home.
I mean, our home.
We live here, we're safe here, and those I just, they're They're outsiders, and I want them to go away.
I just want them to go away, and I - Sorry, Gene.
I don't mean you.
- It's okay.
It's okay.
You're just worried things are gonna change.
Remember this, our strength is in each other.
No matter how many strangers appear on our doorstep, we won't change.
We need to open our hearts when we're afraid and let others in.
Everything's gonna be all right, Judith.
Of course it is.
It's okay.
We won't shame you for having feelings about this.
That, uh, sauna on the hill up and running? Yeah.
Of course, Gene.
Go enjoy.
[ALL HUMMING] [SIGHS] [SIGHS] [LOUD THUD] Gimme a break! I'm trying to relax here! That's what this place is about, right? - [LOUD THUD] - You gotta be kidding.
- Hey.
Missed you at yoga earlier.
Oh, no.
Did I miss yoga again? Oh, shoot! [CHUCKLES] - That come in here with Gene? - I didn't kill the cow myself.
Glenn, look, you haven't even been with us for two months.
Your probationary period isn't up yet.
While we respect members' choices, we are striving to be a vegan community.
I think I know where you're going, and let me tell you, you cook me a tofu steak that's half as good as this one, and I will bow to your vegan gods, okay? But if not, then you must moo-ve along.
[LAUGHS] [RENEE SIGHS] Hey, there.
What's your name again? Remind me.
- Noah.
- Noah, right.
How's the cabin? [STAMMERS] The cabin is is great.
We were actually just gonna go do some exploring, and, um I wanted to fill up on coffee.
- Next pot's on me.
- Sure.
Where you off to? - You know, here and there.
- Here and there? Never heard of it.
You wouldn't happen to know where Gene might be.
- We wanna firm up Monday with him.
- Yeah, he's up at the sauna.
He's actually decided to stay with us for the weekend.
You can ask him about Monday over dinner, which will be vegan and healthy.
[GLENN LAUGHS] Sure you're all right? Yeah, no.
No, everything's everything's fine.
Just I think it's a little weird being back here after all this time, you know? Okay, well, have fun.
You're gonna wanna be careful out there.
What's that? Well, if you get yourself in a spot of trouble out there in the woods nobody around to get you out, you know? Right.
You're welcome.
[ANDI] Peter? Let's get this over with.
[EXHALES HEAVILY] Noah, come on.
Help me with this.
It's just gonna be a skeleton after all this time, right? Okay, okay.
Come on.
- What? - She's not in here.
- What do you mean? - She's gone.
She's not in here.
[DOOR OPENS] - I'm sorry.
- Jesus! I didn't mean to scare you.
- You didn't scare me.
I was just - I didn't? You didn't scare me.
I was just No.
I was just startled.
Um What do you, um What do you think about all these people just being up here in our space? I don't I I don't know what they're doing up here.
It doesn't All the way up here during winter? It just It seems weird.
It's weird.
It is weird.
And suspicious.
But I I don't know what I'm suspicious of.
They're kids.
What could they be doing? Probably nothing.
Still, you never know.
Ah What? I think that maybe, for a little while, we should be a little less open-hearted.
A little more on guard.
You know? Someone found her.
Someone found Talvinder, and now we're here, and they're gonna figure out why.
- Maybe she wasn't dead when - She was dead.
We don't know that, not for sure.
We weren't right the first time.
If someone knows, they go to the police, right? - They would, right? - Okay, we need to just calm down.
We need to calm down and we need to think.
I can't believe this.
Believe it, because being pissy and panicking is not gonna help us.
- Well, you're doing both right now.
- Fuck you, Susan.
You're still the same bitch you always were.
- We confess.
- What? We go to the police, we go back, and we confess.
[SCOFFS] What the fuck are you talking about? We get ahead of this and do what we should've done five years ago.
Okay, if someone has a better idea, let's hear it.
It wasn't premeditated, it was an accident.
Yeah, maybe at first.
We don't have to tell them everything.
Just enough to To what, Peter? To what? Are you happy? Are any of you? Maybe the only way for us to move on is to find closure for Talvinder and Owen.
And ourselves.
Don't go and try and ruin my life because you're feeling guilty! All I'm saying is I don't give a shit what you're saying! - [ANDI] Susan.
- I have a husband and a son! I have moved on with my life! Peter is just suggesting another option.
It's just something for us to consider.
- We would go to jail.
- [PETER] We would, yes.
But manslaughter? We'd be gone for a couple of years, man.
This isn't a democracy, it's murder.
And I'm not going to jail, not for one goddamn second.
- Do you understand? - You don't get to decide for us.
Okay, that's fine.
We'll just take it to a vote.
All those in favor of going to the police? And all those opposed? Can you do the math, Andi? We're not going to the police! You're so tense.
You're full of knots.
What's going on in there, huh? Yeah, I think it's the lack of sunlight.
This time of year always gets to me.
You need to get out in the sunshine.
Vitamin D.
Oh, shit.
Freeze my ass off while I'm at it.
These scars.
They show that your physical body has healed, and that is a blessing, Mark, it really is.
But sometimes it feels like they're also a barrier.
A wall.
The only way we can break down that wall is if you talk openly about what actually happened that day.
Uh, you know, I'm gonna take your advice.
I'm gonna I'm gonna go outside.
Get myself some sunshine.
Thanks for the massage.
[DOOR OPENS] Someone knows, Peter.
- We don't know that for sure.
- Yes, we do.
Someone knows, and they're gonna make us pay.
What do you wanna do? I wanna go home.
I wanna forget about all of this.
Last year I'm halfway around the world managing an NGO some big agricultural project I'm doing good work, you know? I'm back And then I see her.
Not actually her.
Just some girl on our team from India.
Could've been Talvinder's twin.
And have a nervous breakdown.
She haunts me.
This secret has killed every single relationship in my life.
My friends my family lovers.
Do you understand? I do.
No, it's okay.
It's supposed to be scary.
- Yeah.
- It's adorable.
Okay, we're down to kernels and salts.
- I'll get some more, babe.
- No, it's okay.
I'll get it.
You guys stay here, be brave.
I'll be back in a minute.
[TALVINDER SHRIEKS] - I can't! I can't do this! - Talvinder - Oh, I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry.
- Really? What are you apologizing for? Because I'm third-wheeling your date with Andi.
Acting like a big chicken baby.
- I should probably go sit with my kids.
- No, Talvinder, it's fine.
Wanna know a secret? Yeah.
It's all corn syrup and food coloring.
- Oh, my God.
- Yeah.
This whole time, I thought they'd kill real people.
- No, it's all just make-believe.
- Oh, my God.
Oh, I! Hey, okay, all right, come on.
Come on, just scootch on over.
You have to warn me when the scary parts are.
I'm not gonna say nothing.
They can't stop us, you know? They can't stop us from doing what's right.
You wanna go behind their backs? I don't care anymore.
I'm done lying.
It's time we face justice.
- I thought you agreed.
- I do.
- But - What? If we do all that If we do the right thing, then what? I loved you, Andi.
I know I know I screwed things up.
We both did, but maybe we can't get it back to where it once was, but Hey, we can try.
Starting with conjugal visits? What? Conjugal visits.
They don't work that way between prisoners, so scratch that.
What are you doing? I'm just talking this through, for real.
I mean, we'd better if we're gonna do this, right? So, um Uh, we both get out of jail, and, um we have no money, no jobs, criminal records.
So then what? We pick up where we left off and move into social housing and collect welfare and live happily ever after? - How long are you gonna punish me? - I'm just being realistic.
No, you're punishing me for Talvinder.
You never stopped.
I'm just supposed to forget what you did because you made me come? I made a mistake, Andi! Yeah, you're fucking right you made a mistake.
And it led directly to what happened.
What? - So it's my fault? - It's always been your fucking fault.
Well, the difference between me and you, Andi, is that I take responsibility for my mistakes.
I own up to them, but you You refuse to admit that it was What, Peter? - Go on, say it.
I know you want to.
- No.
You're a victim.
That's how you define yourself.
Way before Talvinder, and you're not gonna get anymore ammo from me.
[DOOR OPENS, CLOSES] I could stare at these trees for hours.
To be honest, sometimes there's nothing else to do around here.
You've got the weight of the world on your shoulders, don't you? We can talk about it, or I can go back inside and leave you alone.
I don't know you.
Well, that's perfect.
I've got no horse in this race.
Although if you do decide you wanna talk, um What, I've gotta put this out? Is it against the rules? I was kinda hoping that I could bum one off you.
So what's going on? You got boy troubles? It's a little more complicated than that, but yeah, that's part of it.
Is it one of your friends? Every time I see Peter, the same thing that always happens, happens.
And what's that? Get in a fight.
And then he says the one thing he knows will cut me to my core.
Why do I do that? Why do I let him hurt me? Good question.
Why do you? Are you saying this is my fault? You are the only person who can keep putting yourself in the same situation that you keep finding yourself in.
So, in that respect, yeah, maybe it is.
Maybe you want it.
Why would I do that? Why would I want it? You wanna be vulnerable which can bring you pain or pleasure or both.
You still have feelings for this Peter guy? Shouldn't.
Should, shouldn't, doesn't matter.
Do you or don't you? The universe doesn't often deal out second chances.
But if she has and you still wanna be with this boy, but you're too afraid of getting hurt then you will regret not taking this chance.
You're gonna regret not doing everything that you can to make it work this time.
Peter! Peter! [GASPS] Andi! Shit.
Andi! Andi, what are you doing? [INHALES] [GASPING] Somebody help me! [SCREAMS] Help! Andi! Andi! [SCREAMING] Help! Help.
Help me.
Why are you doing this? Please, just let me go! No! Oh, my God! No, no! [SCREAMS] [GURGLES] Andi! Andi! [SOBS] [SCREAMS] There's no dial tone, nothing.
Our only connection to the outside world is gone.
- That's great.
- It happens.
Oh, yeah? Tell me do people normally get murdered while you wait, though? We'll try again in a few minutes.
And if it's still not working? Yeah, look, why don't you guys take Peter back to his cabin? I think he could use some rest.
And we'll come get you when we find Gene, okay? Hey.
Hey, it's gonna be okay.
Okay? Okay.
What the fuck was she doing out there by herself? Why did she go back? Someone knows.
Someone knows, and now they're gonna come for us.
Susan, you need to calm down, okay? Andi was bled out! She was tied up and bled out! So don't tell me to calm down! Oh, my God.
[PETER] Get the fuck off me! [SOBBING] [PETER] Fuck! Dawn, stop! She's alive! Yes, and we need to do something about that.
- We have to take her back.
- What do you think she'll do? Do you think she's gonna thank us and say, "These five jokesters almost killed me, but then saved my life, so we're good"? No, she's gonna say we took her here got her drunk, and tried to fucking kill her.
- [SCREAMS] I won't! - No, we didn't mean to! It's her word against ours.
Please, guys, if we take her back right now If we take her back, we're going to jail.
Attempted murder, assault.
- She's alive! - Yes.
And you heard her, right? She threatened us.
She can destroy us, so we need to finish this.
We need to finish this tonight.
No, we just took her here to scare her, teach her a lesson, that's all! Susan, the plan fucking changed.
What are we gonna do now? - I I can't do this.
- [TALVINDER] Susan! - I can't do this.
- Susan! [TALVINDER] Peter.
Peter, I love you.
Peter, I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
[TALVINDER SOBBING] Peter, I love you.
What do we do now, Dawn? [SNIFFS] [SCREAMS] [PETER] No!