Slasher (2016) s03e02 Episode Script

9 A.M. to 12 P.M.

Oh, what filthy creatures.
Ugh! Jeez.
BOY: Hey, Angel.
You gonna try out for the team? No.
It's It's not really my thing.
I was watching you.
You're pretty good, pretty fast.
Pack on some muscle, you make a decent running back.
You know, every spring break, the team heads down to Florida.
It's like a week-long fuckin' party.
Coaches come, but they don't give a shit what we do.
You should come.
Think about it.
We'd have fun.
What are you looking at, Lopez?! - Nothing.
- Fuck you! [ANGEL.]
Ow! Please stop! Stop, please! Ow! No fuckin' faggots in the locker room! [ANGEL'S SCREAMS ECHO.]
Enough! Enough! Stop! Please! Stop! Please! Stop! Ow! Ow No! [GRUNTING.]
Ow! No! [SOBBING.]
Whoo-hoo-hoo-hoo [LAUGHING, SIGHING.]
Was it that good? Hmm? - Ah, better.
- Yeah? Yeah.
- Where are you going? - I owe you.
Yeah, big time.
The, uh scars on your back.
You had 'em a while? They're from my, uh coming-out party.
High school.
Yeah, mine felt the same way about Arabs.
I never got it that bad, though.
It should be easier to come out, right? [CLEARS THROAT.]
I should, uh [CHUCKLING.]
I should go get those coffees.
Violet's a real monster if she doesn't start her day off fully caffeinated.
You know I wish I could stay, right? Okay, I'll, uh I'll see you later.
I am the top trending boutique artisanal coffee shop in this city.
Get your social media curator to call me.
Thanks for coming back with me.
I needed a second coffee before that next exam.
No problem.
Anyways, you should probably just plan to go to the solstice with Connor.
Not if I want to have fun, I don't.
I'm not going without you.
Live a little.
Just a few hours.
Or one.
One hour.
Is this about Cassidy? [VOICE FADES.]
Because fuck her.
Hey! Hello?! Homeless?! Get out of my store! Go! Now you're jumpy.
Look, I'm telling you, no one believes a word that comes out of Cassidy's mouth, other than "Got a dick pic?" It's not Cassidy.
I feel off balance partying tonight.
Today's just another day, Saad.
So, you're not thinking about Kit? You can't let it win.
Just think about something else, do something else.
I can't not think about it.
It happened in our apartment building, our home.
We just saw Erica's dad's head impaled on his car.
For the record, I am 99% sure Erica's dad didn't get struck down by the Druid.
How can you be so sure? He worked with gangsters.
They're who killed him.
Hello! You hang out with trouble, and terrible things happen.
You watch too many movies.
Guys if you want a latte, order a latte.
Otherwise, you're basically stealing.
Seriously? I'm so sorry.
I didn't know - What are you doing? - Just showing all of my followers you mansplaining exactly how much cream I'm allowed to use.
Do you want to pour it for me, or are my tiny, female hands not capable of doing a good job? Okay, okay, cut, cut, cut.
No more fooling around.
I have customers.
I'm leaving.
But for your information I was woke before it was a thing.
You're insane.
Want me to send you the video? Haters will jump all over this shit.
I still don't know where my phone is.
Did you lose it already? No, no.
I had it at school.
Cassidy must've took it when she, you know That bitch? Of course, she took it.
And I am so gonna help you get it back.
- Operation Hillbilly Ho is a go.
And then you're gonna owe me, and you're gonna have to come to the party.
You're obsessed.
Okay, I'm obsessed with the party.
You're obsessed with the Druid and Kit.
Who do you think's gonna have more fun tonight? - What you got on Frank Dixon? - Our decapitation? One and only.
Well, they just delivered me his head, and I've already done the autopsy on his body.
Body temp and stomach contents suggest he'd been deceased roughly three hours, and the cuts along his neck are from an ax, or a heavy sword, if you want to get creative.
What was all the bruising? A crushing effect from when the blow hit the bone.
It wasn't a clean cut.
It shattered the spine before it was severed in two.
So, not quick and easy.
This person was strong, and the weapon or tool was definitely blunt.
There's a lot of bone fragments.
Looking less like the work of a pro.
He boosted cars for a living.
I think that he jumped him from behind, and the first blow knocked him to the ground, minor abrasions on the knees, and then the final three blows were done right in front of him, because he wanted him to see his face.
Or watch him die.
Yeah, or that.
Then there's this.
Mounting a severed head to the hood of your car is a little whimsical.
Whimsical? Okay, were you always like this? It's certainly showy, but whimsical? Did he drive around with it? It was Dixon's car.
His keys were on the ground, and I think he was attacked as he was heading to his car.
The killer wasn't driving around with him on the hood, despite how much you might want that to have happened.
See the cuts here, inside his neck? He probably picked him up off the pavement, and then slammed him onto the hood of his car.
The ornament would've held him on.
- Like an announcement.
- Yeah.
Was he facing forward? - Yeah.
Why? - I don't know.
Is that more or less whimsical for you? Backwards would've been more whimsical.
- Go on.
Go on.
- Hello? - WOMAN: Hello.
- Who is this? Hello! Thank you for entering our sweepstakes.
- You have won a cruise! - Oh! [ANGEL.]
You're not accepted by your own community, so, you learn to accept your invisibility.
Stop checking out your hair and set up the camera, Lopez.
I've never been this bored on a bed before.
Do you think that I'm overreacting? I don't want to hook up with a public service announcement.
Okay, but, like, put yourself in their shoes.
What if you'd never seen anyone like you? There is no one like me.
You're such an asshole.
Come on, this molly's kicking in, and you promised me some trippy sex.
I love you.
You know what else you love? What? I This.
All the things that I do to your cock with my tongue? Shhh [ANGEL MOANING.]
Basic as fuck! "The way you use people's suffering to make yourself look good makes" - [DOOR OPENING.]
- Jesus! That took a while.
- Ah.
Did it? - Mm-hmm.
I should get ready for work.
Babe? Okay, so this morning, I found someone who shot a video of the coroner picking up Frank's head.
- What? - Right? So savage.
If I meet him, he'll give it to me for $200.
- Wait, meet him? - Mm-hmm.
You don't even know the guy and he has videos of chopped-off heads.
You're not doing that.
Yeah, I am.
For my followers, for journalism.
- For the world, Joe.
- No, that's not safe.
- Why would you want that? - I'm building my brand, baby.
Yeah, and it's not worth dying for.
This kind of thing attracts creepy people.
But Okay, but my followers, they want the down-low, and that is why I, I'm out there on the streets, right? I'm collecting facts for them.
The good, the bad, and the fugly.
- [JOE.]
What are you doing? - What? You're trying too hard, - even the way you're talking.
- This is how I talk! - This is totally how I talk.
- You could do better without having to post that kind of thing.
I know the video is rank to you, but this is how it works, babe.
And listen, if I get my traffic up, then I get sponsors, I get followers.
That means No, but it's amazing, 'cause that means you get new kicks, I get teeth whitener for these pearly whites.
They're already in great shape, but I also get diet tea, shit like that, babe.
It's gonna be so good.
This is how it works, babe.
Content is king.
You don't understand this life.
You know what? If that's how it works, I don't want to understand.
And I'm not paying for you to go meet mystery men with videos of people with chopped-off heads.
End of story.
Ah! Fuck, I'm so I'm so close! [MOANING.]
Cassidy? Cassidy! [LINE RINGING.]
Hey, fucktards, it's Cassidy.
No one leaves voicemail.
WOMAN: Get the fuck in here right now! It's time to face facts.
- Angel.
- No.
Look, you have to make a decision.
I'm done being strung along.
Not now.
This stopped being a sexual experiment ten months ago.
- Hi, babe.
- Kill it at work today, okay? Yeah.
I swear I didn't know she was there.
Doesn't matter.
You were gonna say what you had to say, right? - I don't have time for secrets.
- Yeah? Well, ultimatums suck, too.
Look, I have done the whole double-life, double-standard thing.
It hurts everyone.
Trust me, it doesn't end well.
Except I'm not your ex.
I'm nothing like him.
So, stop comparing me, okay? Then prove you're different, Joe.
I deserve better.
So does she.
Where's Cassidy? This is Calculus.
You have 60 minutes to write your exam.
- No cell phones, no watches - This is so messed up.
no iPads, or any electronic devices are allowed.
Saudi Arabia, Abu Dhabi.
Over here.
You want to try this shit on me? Take your exam, write it in my office.
- You'll get this after class.
BOY: I'm walking, miss.
I feel really good about it.
Anyways, I will call you on Tuesday.
Bye, darling.
Be well.
Bye, guys.
Thank you.
Hey, Farhad, wondering what happened to you today? We missed you.
Listen, we made some great strides with the Pride committee, but we are gonna need your help coming up with a document that the organizers want us to put together.
Anyhow, call me back.
MAN: Give me a smoke.
Oh, I'm sorry, I don't You know, they are hiring temporary labor down at the community center.
Yeah, I want a smoke, asshole, not some crappy-ass job.
- [ANGEL.]
- MAN: Hey! Look, I don't [VOICE ECHOES.]
I said I wanted a fucking smoke! Asshole.
- Solstice party tonight! Woo! - [LAUGHTER.]
What's his name? Anybody.
- Thank you.
- Hey.
Oh, hey, baby.
The hospital told me nothing, just that I needed to come.
- Are Are you okay? - Ow.
- What happened? - Oh Oh, yeah, you got stitches.
Do they look bad? No.
It distracts from, uh from your big nose.
You're such a dick.
So, uh you asked the hospital to call my work.
Yeah you should talk to me about this kind of stuff first.
About calling you? Yeah, my boss wanted to know who you were and why I needed to leave.
So? So, it was awkward.
I didn't know what to say.
It's complicated.
Joe, you're all I have.
Yeah, I I understand that, okay? And I feel shitty and torn and divided all the time, because I'm with Violet and I love you.
I love you.
Look, I'm sorry.
I'll tell Violet, I'll tell whoever I have to tell.
Please please just let me do this my way.
Do you need any cab fare? I'm sorry.
I can't stay.
I gotta gotta get back to work.
I'll check on you when I can.
Okay, I'm coming out.
I want you to be completely honest.
Do these make me look horny? Aren't they great? Did you talk to Brazil about the stuff for the party tonight? - The catuaba? - Mm.
Yeah, I got some.
Oh, really? Oh, my God, I'm gonna love everything about tonight.
Can you imagine me [INHALES SHARPLY.]
on an aphrodisiac? God help everybody at that party.
Thirty-five bucks.
It cost 35 bucks, so Yeah, okay.
Don't got it on me now, but you know I'm good for it.
- Good for a lay.
- Why, you want to buck? You're bucking other people.
We already talked about this.
Do you have any idea what it does to me? I don't need to know.
You don't need to know.
Look, you're handsome, intense, and we got kicks, but you're not the only one.
That's always been the deal.
With Cassidy? Our fucking neighbor? So? Next time, join in.
- I don't want you seeing other people.
Look, I don't want to see you hurt.
I really don't.
But things either stay the way they are, or we can try and be friends.
- Angel, come - Now.
Get the fuck out now! Get out! Okay.
You got Kit Jennings back on the board? [ROBERTA.]
Frank and Kit lived in the same building.
And the Druid? Do you think the Druid might be a cover-up for a pro hit on Frank? [ROBERTA.]
Just taking some ideas for a walk.
Well, Kit was a drug user.
Maybe some sort of crossover with Frank's crew.
Frank was all about cars.
No sign of Kit buying enough weight to get anyone's attention.
Any chance Frank killed Kit? And this is some sort of reprisal? Could be.
Frank was the only one to say that he saw something.
Could also be the killer trying to make sure that Frank didn't start talking.
You know, but everyone was acting hinky that night.
- What about the driver? - Amy Chao.
Kit ran in front of her.
The coroner said he was minutes from bleeding out.
The judge threw out a manslaughter charge.
I think she wanted to go to jail, though.
She was hating herself so much.
Something wrong? No.
Why would something be wrong? Well, you don't call me, like, ever.
That's not true.
Okay, maybe it's a it's a little true.
It's just I prefer texting.
Which is cute and fast.
Well, I prefer Real Voice Xander.
who's less barky than Text Xander.
Well, I text when I'm in a hurry.
You mind [SIGHS.]
just giving that organic guy a call? I don't know.
Speak your special voodoo gamer code or whatever, and see if his tight ass can cut me a deal.
I just got something he'll flip for.
Thank you.
Everything all right here? [XANDER.]
I just don't know how to get through to him.
He doesn't listen to reason.
Anyway, uh, I have a customer.
I gotta jet.
Hi-yah! [VIOLET.]
Hey, guys.
So, I'm about to be standing outside of the apartment of the Druid's latest victim, alleged mobster Frank Dixon, brutally murdered one year to the day devil-may-care Kit Jennings was stabbed to death in this very hallway.
Now, the question on everyone's mind is why? What did Frank do to deserve having his head bolted to a car like a hood ornament? I'm Vi, and I've got your rundown of the top five reasons why Frank was the Druid's next logical victim.
- Reason one - [ANGEL.]
What's wrong with you? He just died.
Are you going, or what? Is there not enough drama and ugliness in life that you have to create more? Put yourself in the family's shoes for one minute and show some fuckin' respect! Respect? For Frank? - Yes.
- Hmm Right.
He jacked cars.
He was a hood and he ended up on one.
That sounds like karma to me.
If you do believe in karma, you should probably watch out because you're putting a whole bunch of shit out into the universe with that blog of yours.
- Oh, you read my blog a lot, do you? - No, I do not read your What the hell's going on out here? Huh? I'm inside trying to plan my husband's Goddamn funeral! My daughter and I can hear every word you're saying! I'm so sorry.
And you! If I ever catch you outside my door again, you're gonna be the one that gets what's coming to you.
Understand me? [YELLS.]
You understand me?! Good.
I'll just come back later.
You! If I ever catch you outside my door again, you're gonna be the one that gets what's coming to you.
You understand? You understand me?! [DOOR CREAKING.]
Just enjoy your lattes.
Hey, homeless! You gotta pay for that sandwich.
No, you owe me $15.
That's ethical cheddar and bone marrow butter and Oh, really? Those are heirloom tomatoes from Prince Edward County.
Oh, maybe you'd like to come and pick it up.
- Or maybe you could just fuck off! Ha! You know what? Keep it.
The sandwich was garbage the second you touched it.
Oh, Jesus Christ.
Ah, fuck.
Whoa! You look good in that.
This mean we're all right? We will be eventually.
As friends.
- The best of friends.
- Mm-hmm.
What is it? Is that the catuaba? Catuaba.
You're supposed to drink a whole bunch of it to get the full effect, but it looks like you might be a bit too messed up already.
- Huh? - You look a bit messed up.
- Yeah.
- Mm-hmm.
Are you kidding me? It's a boner buzz.
Kit [KIT.]
So now what? Now we wait.
Is it bad to say? That after the breakup, I'm gonna miss you? And your cock.
Connor's leaving work 'cause he's worried about Amber.
And it turns out the reason we haven't seen Cassidy is 'cause she got banned from exams for going full racist psycho on you.
I'm in so much shit.
I don't want my ducts cleaned.
Get lost.
Oh, hi.
Sorry about that.
It's your dad.
Hi, Dad.
No, everything's fine.
I've been in exams since 8:30.
They don't let you bring your phone in.
It's a rule, Dad.
You can't bring your phone in.
Otherwise, they think you're cheating or something.
Okay, yeah.
Say hi to Mom.
Me, too.
You kidding me? You guys are the sweetest.
Everybody loves everybody.
You're like an ethnic sitcom.
I've been left alone for three hours, and I've already been in a fight, lost my phone, and lied to my parents.
- It's great.
- Hey, so it's not a sitcom.
You've gone full gangsta.
What now? Well, I gotta find that phone.
Otherwise, my dad's gonna have a heart attack and fly back home.
We have to find that thieving skank.
You know, it's too bad neither of us have dicks, because we would just snap our fingers, and she would come running for us.
You know it's true.
One video.
You feel so fucking good.
So fucking I'm com I'm com [XANDER HUMMING.]
There's money and kopi luwak.
They're a small fortune.
No! No [GROANS.]
Let me go! No! No! [CHOKING.]
Just a second! [JOE.]
Hey, why would you put that on her site?! Huh? Everybody I know subscribes to Violet's blog! I asked them to.
People at my work! My family! Her family! - I didn't do anything! - Really? So, you didn't make a video of us this morning without asking me?! Huh?! [ANGEL.]
I Somebody broke into my apartment and they must've taken my old phone.
Fuck you! I I trusted you! You should! Look, you can! That video was for us! I would never out you, Joe! Especially not like this! I'm not gonna be able to go anywhere without without having to without having to explain to people about something so raw so personal! [SNIFFLING.]
I told you I needed more time.
I just This isn't my fault! Look, somebody broke into my place! Do you think that I would smash my own things?! Nothing's ever your fault, right? You're always going out picking fights, talking loud, outing me accidentally?! You're always the fucking victim.
So, yeah, maybe you would stage a break-in.
What can I do? Joe, please, let me help you.
I'm done.
I'm done letting you help me.
- Joe - [DOOR OPENS.]
- Fuck this! - No, no, no, don't go.
If you want the DL on Kit, you've gotta stay and watch.
I know, but I mean, how the hell was I supposed to know that Joe liked men? You know? So, like, I confront him the minute he walks through the door, and he starts sobbing.
He's sobbing.
He's swearing up and down that he loves me.
And you know what? His words went right through me.
He did.
Like, if you fucking love me, how come you're fucking a man, Joe?! You know? It's like his entire life with me as his wife was one big fucking lie.
And I can't do this with him, and I can't do this for him, not one more day.
All right.
Oh That sucked.
Yes, girl.
- [BEEP.]
You know how people say, "You should've known, boo"? Well, I didn't.
I don't care what anyone says.
I love Joe.
I love you, Joe.
And I don't fucking care who says I shouldn't! [YELLS.]
I am a human being! Leave Violet alone! [SOBBING.]
I am a human being! Leave Violet alone! [SIGHING.]
I'm just gonna try.
It's not like she'll pick up and be all like, "Saadia's stolen phone, Cassidy speaking.
" - She might.
Pick up, that is.
Except she won't.
It went to voicemail.
Just one more time.
Your faith in evil people is alarming.
Hey! Hey! What are you doing? [INHALING DEEPLY.]