Slasher (2016) s03e08 Episode Script

3 A.M. to 6 A.M.

Oh, no.
It's no biggie.
[DOOR CREAKING] I just wanted to make sure you were okay after that detective.
Are you okay? We can't.
I'm sorry.
- I know for most people - It's okay, it's okay.
I'm sorry.
I just I I don't know.
When I'm ready to kiss someone, I want it to be you.
- What? - The black chick who set herself on fire.
J Jen or Connor? Connor.
Connor's the fuckin' Druid.
[DAN PANTING] He crushed the skull of that detective.
He's cutting up bodies and he's putting them in the furnace.
[DAN PANTING] Is Is Joe in there? I don't know.
I don't know.
- I have to know.
- No.
Look at me, look at me.
Okay? You don't want to go in there.
[SOBBING] I had to look in there.
[SOBBING AND MUMBLING] So that's okay? - You know I won't tell anyone.
- [SAADIA CHUCKLES] It's not about telling anyone.
It's about me, my values, what I believe.
But this feels nice.
I know it's just your hand, but still.
You know, I never got guys like Kit.
I mean, I liked him, but that nonstop sex-party stuff, it's just so not me.
Me neither.
[CHUCKLING] Yeah, well, that, everyone knows.
[BOTH CHUCKLING] No one would believe me if I said we did anything, so Why? What does everyone say about me? No, no.
It's just because you're so good.
And you're so bad? Well, in this building in this place pfft.
I'm a saint.
Saint Connor.
[CHUCKLING] I like it.
You know not everyone in this building is bad.
You know, my mother's death every fuckin' person in this building played a role in that.
They did.
All of them.
I mean, that cop was useless.
Xander and that fucking petition.
Dan and the spray paint, Violet and the fucking website, and that holier-than-thou asshole, Angel.
Even he shamed her, along with everyone else! I You were the only good one.
I'm not perfect.
No one is.
Oh, come on.
What's the worst you've ever done? No.
[CLEARS THROAT] You're right.
It's 4 a.
breakfast with Amber.
Better go make sure she doesn't burn the house down.
Uhm you should probably go first.
Now, if she thinks we're up to something, she'll give us a sex talk.
[LAUGHING] I went through it at 12, and that was enough.
[SAADIA] Something smells good.
Have to make sure you're well fed and ready for school.
School's done.
We finished finals.
Now you see why I'm always so tired at school.
[SAADIA CHUCKLING] We go through, like, a dozen eggs a day.
Twelve little souls never born.
Who's the key collector? - What'd I tell you about those? - Sorry.
Uhm they're my superintendent keys.
Amber doesn't like keys lying around.
Don't leave portals unguarded.
- What are you doing? - I cut myself.
Don't get blood in my eggs.
Can I get some water? Yeah.
- It's so hot in here.
- Yeah, yeah.
How high do you have on the oven? I'm not using the oven.
I'm using the burners.
It's the vents.
The vents are blasting heat.
In the middle of summer? [WATER RUNNING] Uh, the building.
It's got a new furnace.
I'm supposed to run it for a bit to make sure it's working everywhere.
People might hate me tonight, but they will appreciate it in the winter.
Eat up.
[GROANING AND PANTING] I'm warning you.
It's hell in here.
[GRUNTING] - DAN: Oh, God.
[FLIES BUZZING] [SOBBING] Oh Oh, no What did he do to you? [SCREAMING] [JEN] Is something else going on? It's Connor.
I don't know if it's because he tried to kiss me.
Really? And I said we can't, or I can't.
I know today's been crazy, but Hey, anything that's happening is probably just because he likes you so much.
Take it easy.
Yeah, and I'm the idiot who chooses today, out of all days, to try to get closer to him.
I have terrible timing.
The worst, actually.
That's just life that does not care if you have the sweets on someone, or vice versa.
And I think it's great.
You two are like Romeo and Juliet.
- Mm-hmm.
- Love surrounded by tons of murder.
- [LAUGHTER] - Well I'm gonna make sure it's not my breath making things weird.
You know, eggs and all.
Amber's eggs make anything weird.
Come here a second, dearie.
Come, come, come.
Close the door.
Come here.
Now, it's 50 steps to your door, Fifty steps for you to go get me what I need.
Sorry? Do you need something from my apartment? Yeah, just something small, something your parents touch a lot.
Why would you want that? That's Cassidy's hair.
Nasrael avenging on hell.
Likes to drink.
That's Xander's.
And that that belongs to Amy.
- How did you get these? - Oh! That's Kaili's.
That's a good one.
- [SAADIA] Ugh! - Menstrual blood is powerful.
Liquid moon and crimson light.
Why do you have all this? Well, they threw it all away.
Why shouldn't I have it? It's disgusting.
No, no, it's full of life.
Can't you feel it? Close your eyes and feel the energy, the life force the blood, the hair, skin.
Are those our apartments? Is that my apartment? I only curse the bad.
The Druid does the dirty work.
You know who the Druid is? I might've conjured him, or her.
And I hope it's a her.
No, no, no, don't worry.
It's just the bad ones.
Miss Greenberg was good.
- No.
- And Xander.
And Cassidy, no matter how mean she was, she didn't deserve to die.
You know that they were excrement.
[GASPS] Jen just gave that to me.
If you're a really good girl, I'll give it back.
Unless, of course, you deserve to be here with everyone else.
- [SAADIA GASPING] - [AMBER LAUGHING] What did you forget? - Uh - You leaving? Yeah, I think so.
It's too hot in here.
What is it? Amber, she's I'm gonna go turn off the furnace, okay? What did Amber do? [PANTING] Was Amber bothering you? Your Your step-mom, she collects things from the residents.
[SIGHING] I I know.
We've tried to stop her.
- She take something that belongs to you? - My toothbrush, right after I'd just used it.
It was still wet.
The toothbrush is nothing.
She was taking some of my used cotton swabs the other day.
She thinks she's putting a curse on everyone that lives here.
- I know, but it's just talk.
- Really? Well, how do we know it's just talk? People are dying.
Amber's just She likes to walk around the halls.
- She gets stir crazy.
- She's not the fucking killer.
I mean Frank's head was chopped off with an axe.
Look, if they arrested someone, it means they have proof, fingerprints, a weapon, whatever.
Why the hell are they still knocking on our doors in the middle of the night? [PANTING] Jen Look Amber is crazy.
She's angry crazy.
And, Connor, she has our stuff in there too, along with all the stuff she stole from the people that she hates.
- And most every one of them is dead now.
- Oh, fuck.
We have to go.
Okay, you two go to Saadia's apartment, lock yourselves in.
When you're gone, I'll slip out and I'll turn off the furnace - so this place doesn't burn down.
- And then, Connor, please, - we all need to get out of here.
- Okay, done.
- [MEOWING] - Amy's cat.
What's he doing outside? [DOOR UNLOCKING AND OPENING] [CLUCKING] Poor Auggie.
That smell.
What is that? Hey, it is four in the morning? Auggie's her life.
She just lost Xander.
She doesn't need to lose him too.
Amy! [JINGLING] Why do you have a key to Amy and Xander's place? I cat-sat for them.
- Amy? - [MEOWING] Amy, are you asleep? Huh.
- What? - Something's weird.
- What's? - It's spotless.
So what's yours like? No, you don't get it.
Their bathroom was like some Third World outhouse.
Did Amber have anything of Amy's? - A bar of soap.
- Yeah, right, I saw that.
Okay, okay, before we freak out if I was Amy, I wouldn't want to be anywhere around this place.
She's probably with his family.
- Where's your mom, Auggie? - [PURRING] That fuckin' kid, he's got a saw, he's got a fucking axe.
We should make some noise, lure him in here.
With his axe? Not a good idea.
When he loads the bigger body parts into the furnace, he staggers a bit, he stumbles.
If he ditches the saw and the axe We could surprise jump him there.
Let's go fuck this kid up.
Jam-jams? Hmm Don't ask for a football jersey.
Your hair's gorgeous.
So is yours.
- [SIGHING] - Just texting Connor, letting him know that we are crashing, and calling off the Amber Alert.
Don't make fun.
Today's been crazy.
You having the hots for my brother? [CHUCKLES] I held your brother's hand.
Oh, my gosh, you are too cute.
[LAUGHTER] I told him I want to kiss him one day.
Are you sure you don't want to kiss a fish first, just to make sure? - Stop.
- [JEN LAUGHING] I'm just looking out for you.
[SIGHS] Man, it's still so hot in here.
You think the furnace is broken? I don't know how he got the superintendent job.
- I don't know if he knows what he's doing.
- [ANTICIPATORY MUSIC] That smell is terrible.
Oh, no.
Oh, not again.
- Oh.
Oh, no, no, no.
- [AMBER] What are you doing? - [CONNOR] I cut myself.
[AMBER] Don't get blood in my eggs.
[CONNOR] The building has a new furnace.
I'm supposed to run it for a bit, make sure it's working everywhere.
[EXCLAIMING] The furnace.
[BREATHING SHAKILY] Burning bodies.
[PANTING] We need to leave.
We need to leave right now.
Saadia, what's going on? You're freaking me out! Without Connor.
Why? Tell me why! - I can't! Let's go! - What do you mean, you can't? You're my best friend.
You can tell me anything! - No, you don't want to know! - Yes, I do! Tell me! What is it? Your brother's burning bodies in the furnace! [SOBBING] No, you're crazy! - It's just - No, it's the truth.
It can't be.
He wouldn't do that.
He wouldn't he wouldn't hurt anyone.
He has keys to everyone's apartments.
He's been acting strange.
You said it yourself! The anniversary of your mother's death is coming up.
They caught the Druid.
They arrested him! Then they have the wrong guy! Or Connor's helping him! My brother? The guy you're crazy about? Now you're blaming everyone! You sound Saadia, you're losing your mind.
He hated everyone who's dead.
Please, Jen, we have to go.
He is my brother! I would know.
Plus, he was with us half the times that the murders happened.
He came after me at school in the parking lot.
Why the fuck would he try to kill me? Saadia, please.
You know Connor wouldn't do any of that.
Do you smell that? Tell me, when have you ever smelled anything like that before? Think, Jen! My mom.
We're getting out of here right now.
We need to call 911 right now.
[CRYING] Give me your phone.
I'll do it.
[BREATHING SHAKILY] You don't want to call the police.
Stop trying to protect him.
The police will kill him.
I'm getting out of here.
- [PANTING] - [TENSE MUSIC] [GROANS] That drink What [PANTING] What did you give me? I can't let him get arrested.
What? Amber's tea? [PANTING] You gave me Amber's tea.
[GROANS] - [FURNACE RUMBLING] - [SAWING] [INHALING DEEPLY] [PANTING] [THUMP] - [GRUNTING] - [THUMPING] - What are you doing? - [JEN] Just let me take care of Connor, and then I will let you go.
I promise.
- Let me go now! - I can't.
- I'm sorry.
- [SAADIA SOBS] - He's killed six people.
- Let me take care of it.
[SAADIA] I know you love him.
I care about him too, but we have to do the right thing.
He can't go to jail.
He'll die in there.
- We have to turn him in! - Shut up! He could kill you too.
Can't you see? Everyone who's dead was guilty.
Guilty of what? [TENSE MUSIC] That's my friend's apartment.
We don't get involved, Saadia.
I told you.
It's so terrible how these people treat each other.
Turn it off.
Best thing that happened around here, if you ask me.
Hey! [WHISTLING] Need you to sign this eviction petition.
How do you guys feel about the Rijkers? Two women, two teens, one giant shit show right upstairs.
[CLEARS THROAT] Please, you're an expert with computers.
There must be a way to scrub those posts off the internet.
Look, online is forever.
People need to be accountable for what they do.
Told you.
[TENSE MUSIC] He's killing them because they robbed your family.
And you knew? [SOBBING] They drove my mother to kill herself.
That doesn't make it right! It had to happen.
It had to happen.
They're evil, okay? They're the same kind of people who hate on you because of your hijab.
Who's going to miss them? You wanted this to happen.
You helped him.
You helped him cover it up! - He's doing a good thing.
- But how? Y You were with me all day today.
You both were.
That was the point.
You were using me? I was your alibi? - Hey.
- [SAADIA SOBBING] We can all run away together if we have to.
We'll dump all of our clothes in the furnace, we'll soak it in blood.
People will think we were killed too.
No! I'm not gonna do that! He's killing people, - innocent people! - They're not innocent! I don't even know you.
You're protecting a murderer! You've been lying to me this whole time! We're gonna get away with it.
I've worked the whole thing out.
You planned this.
You! You were killing too? [SOBBING] Yes you were my Druid.
- I wasn't your anything.
- [SAADIA] Yes! You were the Druid the entire time! [SOBBING] Pretending to be scared! Pretending to be my best friend! That was real.
Okay? We were always friends.
We always have been.
It was me.
I made it happen.
You were just the perfect alibi.
No one would suspect you.
You're too good.
You have to go! You have to go get the police! Go get the police! No! It's your fault it happened at all, you cunt!! - No.
- Jen, please.
Jen, please! - My mother is dead because of you! - No! It was everybody else in the building! You! It was your attacks! It was your demands! You made her feel like she had no freakin' choice.
No! I [EXCLAIMING] No! I didn't do it! - I didn't.
- Put the knife down! You told her she ruined our lives.
- When really, it was all your fault.
- No! - It's all your fault! - No! - All your! - No! No, no! - No! No! - [SAADIA SCREAMS] Stop! - [SCREAMING] - [AMBER GROANING] [JEN GRUNTING] Stop it! [AMBER WHEEZING] [PANTING] [SOBBING] [SIGHING] [JEN] Connor's gonna be so pissed he missed this.
[SAADIA WHIMPERING] [EERIE MUSIC] Amber? Amber? [WHIMPERING] [SAADIA CRYING SOFTLY] [SOBBING] Leave me alone! [CRYING] I don't have my mother because of these people.
You want to talk about best friends? Why don't you start fucking being one, the way I was for you? [SAADIA CRYING] I'm going to go and get Connor.
And when I come back we'll all discuss this.
[CRYING SOFTLY] [TENSE MUSIC] [PANTING] [JEN] Connor? Connor! No! [PANTING] DAN: Help! Somebody help me! Help me! Fuck! [SCREAMING] Die! You're such a piece of shit! [SAADIA] No! He killed Connor!! - Give me that! - You were in on this too? No! Go! Get out of the building! Go! No, fuck that! He doesn't get to live! You're not killing anyone else! You can turn yourself in! I am not going to jail for what those fucking people did to us! Fuck that! Let me out.
No, Jen.
- [SCREAMING] - [SCREAMS] Jen! [SOBBING] You can't stop me! You're not like me! I told you.
You're too nice! [SAADIA SCREAMS] We don't have to do this! [SCREAMING] Please! No! [GRUNTING] - [SCREAMING] - Whose side are you on? [GRUNTING] [JEN CRYING] [JEN SCREAMING] - No! - No Don't leave me! [SAADIA SOBBING] [GROANING] Dan? Dan! [GRUNTING] Fuck! Come on.
Come on.
- Is she she dead? - Come on! We gotta get outta here! - [DINGING] - Come on! [GROANING, GRUNTING] [PANTING] Come on.
[GUTTURAL SCREAM] Saadia! I guess not.
[DAN GROANING] [PANTING] - [DINGING] - [PANTING] We gotta move fast.
- Get help.
[GROANS] I'm not leaving you here.
You have to go.
[SCREAMING] [BOTH GROANING] [CRYING OUT] - [COUGHING] - You came back for me, after everything I've said and done.
I loved you, too.
[JEN CRYING] We We were best friends ever.
You were the only person in the building who didn't attack me and my family.
[JEN CRYING] That's not true.
I reposted it.
We've gotta get outta here.
Come on.
[SOBBING] It's all my fault.
It's not.
Come on.
[SAADIA SOBBING] It's all my fault.
DAN: It's okay.
Cool fucking costume, guys.
[CHUCKLING] That's fuckin' lit! [DISTANT BARKING] ["ALBUQUERQUE" BY TWIST PLAYS] Say What they have to say Do What they have to do I can't believe Nothing they say