Sleepy Hollow s04e11 Episode Script

The Way of the Gun

1 Previously on Sleepy Hollow Do I know you? My name is Malcolm.
Diana said start with Dreyfuss' assistant, not grab dinner.
I can use a remote link to clone Ashley's SIM card.
That way, if and when Dreyfuss calls, we can use cell tower triangulation to locate him.
JENNY: It's the Gjallerhorn of Heimdal, right? Collector out of Dubai is looking to track it down.
I'd ask if you're in, but you're out of the game, right? Not out out.
I've come to restore you to all your glory.
I am getting the gang back together again.
DREYFUSS: My young Rider of Pestilence and my Rider of Famine.
That will leave just one last totem, Jobe: war.
Our enemy, Dreyfuss, seeks to raise the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.
(piano plays riff) WOMAN (over P.
): In the bleak winter of 1777, the Continental Army faced their breaking point.
One man saved them, inspired them to fight on.
My good and loyal officers and soldiers, these truly are the times that that (quietly): That try men's and women's souls.
(whispers): Thanks.
These are the times that try men's and women's souls.
Your fortitude in these conditions is proof you possess the strength to contend for the independence of this nation.
CRANE: Yes! - Yes, indeed! - (clapping) Huzzah! Very well said and said very well! Crane, we are not even a minute in.
Not that your enthusiasm isn't appreciated by the cutest of colonial militia.
Let us march to stay warm and keep up morale.
(piano playing) (whispers): One (piano playing "Yankee Doodle") Not historically accurate enough for you? Well, the choreography is so stiff and stolid, it's practically a minuet.
These are enlisted men; it should be a rowdy spree.
No one else seems to mind.
CRANE: They're more interested in posterity than the present.
'Tis a shame.
Theater is to be relished in the moment.
To think the travails of Valley Forge would be honored centuries later on the boards by these (loudly): brave young souls.
Shh! God's blood, man.
This is a theater, not a morgue! WOMAN: Sit down.
Bravo! Brava! And bravi! WOMAN: Sir Hi! Oh, my gosh! So, did you guys like it? Now, you, Miss Molly, are a natural-born actor.
But your dancing, though enthusiastic, lacking a little precision Okay, you made us so proud up here.
(giggles) Did you ask her yet? Uh, yeah, well, Mom, Kendra is having a sleepover for all of the girls in the cast, and if you'd rather I go home with you, I'd really like to No, no, it's not a school night.
Go crazy.
I'm so proud.
Things seem very well between you two.
You mean compared to her imaginary friend coming to life and trying to kill me? I'm trying to let go a little bit.
It's not so easy with a madman on the loose.
All the more reason to savor these moments of joy.
You sure you weren't an actor? Well, not unless you include John of Gaunt in the bath.
This royal throne of kings, this scepter'd isle, this earth of majesty, this seat of Mars, - this - (phone beeps) Ah.
Agent Thoma? Agent Thomas? Seems our search for Dreyfuss is nearing a conclusion.
Something amiss? You ever get that feeling like someone just walked over your grave? In my case, that may have actually happened.
JOBE: It's nice to see you back in touch with your sartorial senses.
Coming from you, that is high praise indeed, my friend.
I did let things go a little, didn't I? Guess I just needed to get a few things out of my system.
Have you checked in on our houseguests recently? The Avatars of Pestilence and Famine are resting comfortably.
Any progress on a way to heal the Horseman of Death? I'm working on it, Malcolm.
Good, good, good.
And the last horseman? I'm attending to the acquisition of the Rider of War's totem personally.
The Turricula Ignis will be in your possession soon.
I must confess, Jobe, I am feeling celebratory.
How about a quick constitutional and a fine, upstanding cut of beef, hmm? There's a place within striking distance said to have the best aged porterhouse in three states.
Bury the lede, why don't you, Jobe? Anything for you, Malcolm.
Shall we? CRANE: A window into Dreyfuss' world.
Excellent work.
It's no big deal.
We just cloned his assistant's cell phone and then cracked the sharing protocols between it and his personal laptop, which gave us access to his webcam.
Can this tell us where he is? Eventually.
Right now, he's mirroring his IP address through seven countries, but I'm trying to isolate it.
Dreyfuss isn't acting like someone looking to burn the world to a cinder.
Maybe he's got other plans.
In many traditions, Norse myth, Hindu spiritualism, an apocalypse is a time of transformation.
Now there's an interesting hypothesis.
The Horsemen summoned not to end the world, but to forge it into something new.
The symbol he's been painting may support that theory.
Now, I know I've got it over here.
I know I do.
(squeaking) Yes.
JENNY: You've seen that symbol before? I may not have an eidetic memory like my man Crane, but I do know my glyphs, runes and symbols.
See, I've been brushing up on my knowledge of occult societies.
This occult order, they originated the symbol.
An order known as the "Arma Mutata.
" Yes.
In the early 16th century, there was strife in the Masonic order.
One faction splintered off and ventured down a far darker path.
They called themselves Arma Mutata.
Now, rather than seeking a greater understanding of the world, like the Masons proper, the Arma Mutata sought to change the world for the better.
Sounds like fanatics.
"Fanatic" is too kind a term.
The Arma Mutata believed the instruments for this great change were the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.
They sought to raise them by bonding them to human hosts.
But in order to do so, they required powerful, supernatural artifacts.
JAKE: Yes.
Uh, Dreyfuss used scales charged by the hunger demon and a scroll charged by that djinn To raise the Horsemen of Pestilence and Famine.
JENNY: The Headless Horseman already has one of these totems, right? That ax of his.
So what about the Horseman of War? Dreyfuss is gonna have to find and charge that totem next.
Uh, "The great totem "used to summon the Rider of War is named Turricula Ignis.
" - Weapon of fire.
- Indeed.
"The Arma Mutata believed it to be hidden somewhere in America during the Revolutionary War.
" (alarm beeping) That's the proximity alarm.
DIANA: Right there.
She's stolen a tome.
(static crackles) I'm going after her.
(walkie-talkie chirps) No sign of our thief in the east tunnels.
CRANE: Understood.
I shall meet you at the next juncture.
JENNY: Cute.
And takes some burly core strength.
Give back what you took.
Come and get it.
(grunting) (choking) (groaning) It was like she knew my moods before I made them.
But you didn't recognize her? No.
But she did have that same Arma Mutata symbol tattooed on her arm.
DIANA: So, she's working with or for Dreyfuss.
She stole that book to bring to him.
JENNY: So, which book was it? It might offer us a clue as to where the Totem of War is hidden.
I just went through the Secret Histories.
Uh The only book I see that's unaccounted for is from 1780, one of the very first.
That volume contained bills of lading, shipping logs, uh, construction and surveying tables mostly.
But there was a sort of vague account of a courier mission ordered by Washington down to Maryland - in the fall of that year.
- In 1780? - Uh-huh.
- How many couriers? What were they delivering? Um give me a minute.
Uh not eidetic, lots of mnemonic.
Two couriers.
They were beset by British troops, and the farmstead they had taken shelter in was set on fire.
Forcing a retreat, but not the mission's failure.
Was there a part of the war you weren't a part of? The Treaty of Paris.
And most of the naval engagements.
My sea legs are a trifle shaky.
This mission what were you sent to courier? A wooden box.
The contents of which were privy only to my companion, none other than Benjamin Banneker.
Ben Banneker? So this was after you delivered that letter from Washington, tried to recruit him to Washington's cause But before he'd agreed to become one of Washington's men.
We traveled together far beyond enemy lines.
BANNEKER: Does our good fortune continue to hold, Mr.
Crane? For now.
No sign of patrols.
Are you certain the parcel is secure? It is safe, below the farmstead in a cache of my own design.
Very good.
Whatever it is must be valuable indeed for you to deliver it personally.
Curious, are we? As only a man who's risked his skin for days can be.
All I can tell you is that which we have now safeguarded could be used to spark a conflict beyond all others.
As to why we are here, aside from present company, I do not trust our founders with it any more than those whose tyranny they seek to shrug off.
You know I share your concerns with regards to how social issues will be handled, Ben.
But the beauty of democracy is that all voices will be heard.
In a perfect world, yes.
But the one we live in is far from that.
Change is gradual, Ben.
'Tis like a garden growing and blossoming.
Belief in a noble cause: that is the water we use to tend to it.
And 'tis my belief that the garden of our future will be bright and verdant.
You have a way with words, Mr.
Thank you.
Have you ever spent time on the boards? As an actor? Good grief, no.
(laughs) No, mercifully, war took me from London and spared the audiences that ignominy.
(window shatters) Go! Go! (men shouting in distance) (horses neighing) (shouting continues) MAN: Both of them! CRANE: Benjamin, I'm so sorry.
Perhaps it's for the best.
The burnt wreckage will better hide the cache below and its contents.
Your life's work is inside.
They're drawings, objects.
A man carries his genes in his heart and mind along with a growing faith in the garden of noble causes you and your fellows seek to engender.
(men continue shouting) (horse neighing) Banneker believed that which we safeguarded could be used to spark a conflict beyond all others.
So it stands to reason it could be the Totem of War.
We're not that far from where that barn used to be.
We need to get to it before Dreyfuss' agent can.
I'm gonna hang back here.
If Alex, Jake and I put our heads together, we might be able to beat Dreyfuss' encryption and find out where he is.
Very good.
Godspeed, all.
This can't be possible.
You said it burned down.
Well, it did.
Right before my eyes.
MAN: The mint-glazed marrow reduction my God, it was just so tasty.
They source it from an organic whey-fed pork farm in the Hudson Valley.
So delicious.
We've died and gone to Brooklyn.
Welcome to Kestrel & Freia.
This structure, how long has it been here? The original house and barn burned in the 1780s.
My partner Ruby and I rebuilt it exactly as it was, by hand, in 2012.
So this is a restaurant? It's a communal table.
Do you have a reservation? Alas, no.
We were hoping to take a turn around the property.
Mm, sorry.
This is actually our home as well as our business.
But you can look at the Web site.
I'm a DHS agent.
Are you? Michelle Obama and her family just ate here last week.
Well, in that case, a reservation for two.
Our next available booking is six weeks out.
I'm so psyched you're on board, Mills.
I'm still running point, yes? Yeah.
It's all you.
Just shoot us a list of names to approve, and we'll start hiring the rest of your team.
Okay, well, when is the drop dead? I've got a few loose ends here in D.
to wrap up.
Yeah, it's a few weeks at most.
You're our top choice.
But don't think there isn't a long list of people that are willing to pay us to do this job.
- (computer beeps) - Jackpot! Or close enough to yell "jackpot" without it being a total and complete jackpot yet.
Jackpot adjacent works for me.
I was able to break through enough of Dreyfuss' encryption to get a general area between a handful of cell towers out in the middle of the woods in Maryland.
Okay, all right, so do we think this is where Dreyfuss is holding totems and/or Horsemen? Only one way to find out.
That's right.
DIANA: Let's hope that hostess doesn't catch us sneaking in.
I've met demons that were easier to get past.
I've never known anyone guard a reservation book with such intensity.
Well, now Banneker's farmstead may have been rebuilt identically, but this has certainly been modernized.
Still, I should be able to locate his cache.
I don't have time for this.
Hand over the box.
Both of you, you need to get out of here.
The gang's all here.
(chuckles) (grunting) (sighs) You're wasting your time trying to run away from me.
(panting) I have all the time in the world.
It's yours that is running out.
An Atlantean Chronos crystal.
Tempus Duratus (yells) (explosive boom) She's out but she's okay.
CRANE: This is it.
Banneker's hidden treasure.
The Totem of War.
It's ours.
Where ever she is, she is formidible.
To get the better of Miss Jenny is remarkable, but to then dispatch - of the demon Jobe - Pretty solid proof she and Dreyfuss are not on the same team.
And yet she bears his mark.
Unless there is a remnant of Arma Mutata still in existence and she's a part of it.
DIANA: I recognize her face from somewhere.
Probably a watch list.
How we doing on the Turricula Ignis? It is remarkable.
The Arma Mutata believed it was cast on the same anvil used by Ares to forge his armor.
It is said that the ironwork contains shards of legendary blades: Asi Kusanagi-no-Tsurugi Excalibur.
If she is Arma Mutata, does she want it for the same reason as Dreyfuss? To raise the Horseman of War? (switch clicks) You know what this weapon is, do you not? (over speaker): Do you know what it's meant to do? I know that if you don't let me go, something terrible will happen.
JENNY: Dreyfuss has got security patrols all over the area.
Okay, what's our next move? I'm not always gonna be around to call the shots.
What would you do in this situation without me? Jenny, we wouldn't be in this situation without you.
Come on.
A game plan.
Let's call it a teachable moment.
Well we don't know for sure that that's Dreyfuss' place down there, so more recon's in order.
Until we get a better lay of the land and who and how many are we up against.
Great suggestions.
Let's try it.
Split up and sweep.
You two take that way.
I'll go that way.
We'll meet back up here in 30.
- Okay.
- Okay.
The Turricula Ignis; why rob from us? Why track it down? What do you want it for? It's not safe here, you understand? They could be here at any moment.
DIANA: This is a DHS safe house.
No one even knows we're here.
Not the DHS, the demon.
And his master.
Malcolm Dreyfuss and Jobe.
Dreyfuss won't rest until he's got his hands on the gun.
Until he's used it.
What happens when he does? You know.
You have to know.
That gun, when you fire it, it raises the Horseman of War.
I am doing this to help you.
And him.
How about a name? I'm Diana.
Agent Diana Thomas.
My friend in the other room is Ichabod Crane.
And you? It's Lara.
That is a start.
You seem to know a lot about Malcolm Dreyfuss and his plans.
- (door opens) - CRANE: Indeed.
And you have magic at your fingertips.
An enchanted crystal to dispose of a demon.
It didn't destroy him.
It just detained him.
Nudged him outside of time for a bit.
Time manipulation.
That is powerful magic.
That comes at a great risk.
To be used only as a last resort.
The spell is only temporary.
Jobe will be back on the grid, and he knows I got my hands on the gun.
He'll find us.
When Dreyfuss fires that gun, your world will fall to pieces.
We need to destroy the gun.
Because if we don't, it will be a disaster like no other.
Ball is in your court, and the clock is ticking.
(crickets chirping) Is it just me or was it weird what Jenny was saying about not always being around? Look, it's her life.
She makes her own choices.
Besides, it's not even like you're gonna notice she's gone now that your life is all Missy-centric.
Okay, sometimes I feel like you aren't that into Missy.
Now, I'd really like for my best friend and my girlfriend to get along.
So she's officially your girlfriend now, huh? - (shushing) - (muffled): What? Look.
What are those, coffins? Four coffins.
Yeah, and we know four is not a good number.
Four totems.
Four riders.
ALEX: This must be where Pestilence and Famine lay their heads.
The Headless Horseman's ax.
If he's not in there, is he out here? JOBE: Or arriving fashionably late.
Sorry to crash the party.
Yeah, we were just leaving.
No, please, uninvited but not unwanted guests.
Dreyfuss has some questions about the current whereabouts of a very powerful and ancient firearm.
And you (demonic voice): are gonna tell us where it is.
Couple of babes in the woods.
Ooh, ooh, not unlike one of those, uh, uh, Grimm fairy tales, right, Jobe? Those don't end well, Malcolm.
DREYFUSS: There's usually someone that ends up getting burned or eaten or chopped up into tiny morsels and scattered to the winds, right? If you're trying to scare us, the rest of our team will be here any minute.
It is Jake Wells, right? And Alex.
The only two employees of the Vault, if memory serves.
Yeah, now, the other members of your so-called team, Crane, Thomas and Mills, yeah (sighs) I'm so, so sorry to break it to you, but I'm afraid they're out of their league.
You knew we tapped your feed.
That's right.
That's right.
Hacking my assistant's phone.
That was, uh, clever, to a degree, I guess, right? I'm an Internet billionaire.
So think Big Brother.
Think eye in the sky.
You don't hack me.
I hack Still, I-I I don't quite know everything.
I still don't quite know precisely where Ichabod Crane has taken my gun.
Would you care to tell me where he has taken my DIANA: Okay, we've trusted you.
Now you trust us.
What do you know about this gun and how do we destroy it? In order to dispose of a charged totem with the Turricula Ignis' level of power, we need to take it to a nexus of primal energy.
I recall a mention of a primal nexus in the Compendium of Masonic History.
'Tis a location rich in powerful ley lines.
DIANA: Everything comes back to ley lines and blood moons.
Or glamour, if you're dealing with witches.
Just saying.
No, you're right.
Only a nexus point where the ley lines cross is a safe place to destroy it.
And there's one here, so We don't know where Crane is.
And if we did, we wouldn't tell you.
- (shouts) - No! Stop! Don't! Don't! (coughing) Jake.
No, no! Please stop! (Jobe shouts, neck cracks) (panting) (crying): Alex.
(snaps fingers) (gasps) (shudders): Wait What did you do to him?! Would you care to experience that again, Mr.
Wells? Oh, but this time for real? Just don't No.
Please don't, okay? We're barking up the wrong tree, Malcolm.
She's the one we need to concentrate on.
Her feelings for him are closer to the surface, so Go to hell.
- new.
- Stop! Don't! No! Stop.
I'll tell you what I know.
I will tell you what I know.
Okay? You back him off! I'll tell you what I know.
Just, please, don't hurt her.
Go on.
I don't know where Crane is, but I do know where he got his information.
He had a reference book on the history of the Arma Mutata and the Turricula Ignis.
The nexus is located here.
So we're gonna have to move this stuff right here.
- Okay.
- Understood.
The way you speak of Dreyfuss' behavior it's as if you've experienced it firsthand.
I have.
I've seen it up close.
He's never cruel to me.
That's the crazy part.
I grew up without my mother, and for the longest time, uh, Dreyfuss was the only person that I could count on.
Uh, I came to rely on him.
I know better than anybody what he wants to achieve.
I'm sorry.
No, no, don't, don't! (lock clicks) Dreyfuss wants to unravel the country, the world.
He wants to destroy democracy and replace it with tyranny.
And the most horrible thing is that he knows he's going to win.
And I can't let that happen.
This is the way things have to be.
No, Lara.
Lara, just open the door! A double cross.
Lara lives here.
If that's even her real name.
Enchanted crystals.
Whoever she is, she has a clear understanding of the supernatural.
That would make sense if Dreyfuss is her mentor.
Wonder what he did to sour that relationship.
With a blaggard of that sort, I dread to think.
There's a ledge out here.
I can climb out, work my way around to the door and open it from the other side.
It is rather a narrow ledge.
I'm not sitting this one out, Crane.
We're gonna make sure this gun never goes off.
And when we find this Lara girl, she's gonna get an earful.
If we find her.
I put a tracer on her.
My friend in the other room is Ichabod Crane.
Something about her just felt off.
You never cease to surprise, Agent Thomas.
Perhaps the day shall be ours.
I know I shouldn't have told them anything.
I just It was too much.
And I couldn't bear it.
What did he do to you? He just touched me, and it burned.
Down to my soul.
And then he killed you.
I know it didn't really happen, but it felt like it did.
It was so real, Alex.
It felt so real.
(sighs) You were really brave, Jake.
When Jobe looked at me, he kind of, like looked inside.
And he said that thing about how I felt about you.
We're best friends.
I get it.
Best friends.
About that.
There's, um there's something I've been meaning to talk to you about.
(grunting) Time to go.
(steady beeping) She's close.
The nexus of which Lara spoke.
A place of great magical power.
So this is the real Eternal Flame.
And the one at JFK's grave at Arlington is Even that marvel pales in comparison.
The Flame of the Eternals.
Legend posits that this is an offshoot of the forge used by Hephaestus, the blacksmith of the gods, to hammer out his mythic weapons.
(whispers): There she is.
Promethean flame, by the hand of your master Vulcan, I call you forth.
(whooshing, rumbling) Weapon of War, return to the conflagration that shaped you.
DREYFUSS: Thank you, Jobe.
That would have been a terrible waste of a perfectly lovely weapon.
LARA: Malcolm, don't do this.
Well, what do you know? You're a bit ahead of schedule, aren't you? Stand down, Dreyfuss.
(grunts) Not another step, demon.
(laughs) You people.
You get more and more troublesome every day.
LARA: Diana, please, you need to leave here, now.
Showdown at the Eternal Flame Corral.
Who has the quicker trigger finger, Agent Thomas or No! (grunts) (grunting) DREYFUSS: How How could I be m-mor mortally wounded? (sobbing): I I have so much left to finish.
(sobbing) (laughs) Ooh.
Pretty neat trick, right? Yeah, don't don't try this at home, kids.
He's immortal.
The Philosopher's Stone ceremony it worked.
Run! Solis Flamma! (grunts) JENNY: Tell me you got something.
JAKE: Dreyfuss doesn't have Headless with him yet, but he does have his ax.
ALEX: That Arma Mutata symbol was all over the place.
Research, runes, I think.
- (helicopter blades whirring) - Whoa, whoa.
JAKE: Marine One? The president's ride? We're on the edge of Catoctin State Park.
That's 15 miles outside of Thurmont, Maryland.
Camp David.
The presidential retreat.
Dreyfuss is raising the Horseman to take out our commander in chief.
LARA: We need to move fast.
That solar crystal I threw, it won't take them long to recover.
DIANA: So we're just gonna leave them with that gun? No.
We cannot allow ourselves to be targets.
LARA: Absolutely, not.
When Dreyfuss creates the Horseman of War, it's the beginning of the end.
Agent Thomas, Lara, we have a problem.
That hurt.
Easy, Jobe.
Need them all in one piece.
Well, one of them anyway.
Malcolm, don't.
And wh (chuckles) why not? See, if I don't, that means you won't ever be, will you? No, no, no, I've I've seen the future I want, and you're a very big part of it.
"Won't ever be"? What does that mean? The blue crystal you hurled at Jobe that was not the extent of your ability to manipulate time, was it? Hardly.
She is from the future.
A future, I might add, that I'm about to create.
It's true, isn't it? Crane a-a very different Crane helped me to come back.
So that I could destroy the gun and protect you.
So that Dreyfuss couldn't make you into the Horseman of War.
He raised me once you were gone, and told me you had died.
Molly? Oh, my God.
Yesterday was the last day that I remember seeing you alive.
After the Washington play, I went to a sleepover at my friend's house, and in the morning, they just told me you were gone.
DREYFUSS: Excuse me.
So sorry to interrupt, but I have to ask, the World Series do the Cubs ever get there again, or was that just a one-off? Just leave her, Malcolm.
Choose someone else.
You don't need her.
Oh, no, no, no, I of course I need her.
Otherwise, how will I mold little Molly into you? You will never get the chance.
DREYFUSS: Actually, I've already begun on that front, my friend.
And I do need a Horseman of War, so Forgive me, Agent Thomas, but you're just you're such a perfect fit for the job.
Malcolm, when you first took me in, you were kind and you were generous.
You taught me to stand up for myself, to fight for what I believe.
There is so much potential in you.
You don't have to do this become a tyrant.
How odd.
You actually know the me who I really want to be.
So what do you think he would say to you right now? That's what I thought.
LARA: No! Agent Thom No.
- Oh, my God.
- (Crane groaning) Well, I did not see that coming.
Oh, no.
(panting) I can feel it.
The blood.
The fear.
The slaughter.
The thrill of it.
(men yelling, swords clanging) Armies clashing.
Striving for conquest.
(exhales sharply) (demonic voice): I am become war.