Slow Horses (2022) s01e02 Episode Script

Work Drinks

1 Finally! Couldn't face the idea of black tea.
You know it's a crime.
It's an absolute fucking crime.
Mate, I am a thirsty boy.
No, no.
Hang on.
Hang on.
Not in those.
They're all cold and stewed, aren't they? Why'd you leave 'em out then? Because I thought you'd be quicker, didn't I? I had to go right down the high street.
Well, you know there's a corner shop the other way, you dozy twat.
Oh, Marek wouldn't like that.
Who's Marek? Spark we used to work with on the sites.
Milk first and then tea.
How do you English not understand this? It makes no difference, but he'd lose his shit over it.
Of course it makes a difference, you fucking ponce.
Bag, water, milk, in that fucking order.
Yes? A lot of Poles on your sites? Poles, Bulgarians, dirty little Romanians, the lot.
- Swarming.
- It's like a fucking refugee camp.
No, hang on.
You don't want one, do you? Nah.
Hair of the dog, mate.
Well, you must really hate your kidneys.
Here he is.
Sleeping beauty.
Sorry, I crashed.
- Kettle's just boiled if you want one.
- And we have milk.
- You been out then? - No, he's lactating.
Fucking daytime TV.
I wish we'd brought a PlayStation or something.
I'll tell you what, man.
I am a demon at FIFA.
- No, you're not.
- Nah.
Call of Duty, that's the one.
I'd take you all down.
This isn't a stag weekend.
Yeah, but you're only saying that because you're scared that he is gonna beat you.
You think I'm scared of an armchair soldier? I've done it for real, mate.
Served my country.
How many people have you killed? You mean in the game, like? Fuck "in the game.
" How's that count? What's that mean? How many people have you killed? Well, how many people have you killed? Five for sure.
They were up close.
Watched the life drain out their eyes.
Maybe eight, nine more.
Sometimes you don't stop to count.
Just hit a million views.
- Yes.
Ha! - Yeah.
I reckon five will tune in for the main event.
Anyone check on him? Why? Just don't hear nothing, that's all.
Can't fucking talk, can he? Why do you care so much? Well, you wouldn't want him to have an heart attack, would you? Might complicate things.
Fine, I'll go.
Any love letters you want me to pass along? Fuck off.
Don't be a ponce.
I'm gonna take the tape off your mouth.
But we can hear everything upstairs.
You need something, ask softly.
You shout for help, them lights will go from green to red, and I'll come down, and I'll kick your fucking bollocks off.
Got it? Please, l-let me go.
I can't.
You're dangerous.
I've seen what your lot are capable of.
I left good friends in Afghan 'cause of you.
So tomorrow morning, at sunrise, you're gonna kneel on the floor there, we'll have our camera, and then Well, you people are the experts, aren't you? We're gonna cut your head off.
Is there anything to suggest we can expect further such attacks or is this, in essence, believed to be an isolated incident? This video last night, in which they made a threat - One minute.
Thank you.
- authorities are aware of, but we have decided not to broadcast.
- Good morning, gentlemen.
- Morning, Diana.
So this is a fast-moving situation, so I will update you with what I know.
Should we not wait for Tearney? No offense, Diana, but when I relay this to the Home Secretary I thought you were aware that our First Desk is in Washington this week.
- I was not aware.
- Ingrid is incredibly busy, Roger.
As are you.
Do you really need to be across the minutiae of her schedule? I'm sure we all know how capable a Second Desk Diana is.
Thank you, Leonard.
The hostage is Hassan Ahmed.
He was born in Birmingham.
His grandparents arrived here in the early '70s.
Uh, he is the youngest of four children.
He's in his second year at Leeds University, studying business management.
He shares a flat with three other students.
No known girlfriend or boyfriend.
Uh, he's a cricketer.
His family are Muslim.
And before going to university, he attended the local mosque, which is not on any of our watch lists.
Uh, he no longer appears to attend, but his family still go.
In short, he is nothing other than what he appears to be.
- A law-abiding, British - Asian student.
The kidnappers call themselves the Sons of Albion.
They've been on our radar for about a year, and there have been murmurs that something like this was on the horizon.
Point of order.
Murmurs and horizons are so vague as to seem unhelpful, Diana.
Sources and methods, Roger.
Outside of the sphere of this committee, Roger.
You know that.
- We monitor results, not process.
- And do you have a source in the group? That would fall under process.
What I can say is that there are 17 such right-wing groups on our radar right now.
We've been saying for some time that with more resources, we could have them all under proper surveillance and stop this kind of thing from getting off the ground.
The Home Office will back you.
But the Treasury may add that you've already had a considerable increase, with little increase in results.
We have had an increase to monitor jihadi groups.
Unfortunately, we were looking one way when we should have been looking both.
He's landed, ma'am.
Gentlemen, I need to be somewhere else.
I'm sure you'll understand.
And immediately after that, I'll need to contact the Pakistani ambassador.
It appears this wasn't the random snatch we thought.
Oh, there's no sign of Cartwright, and he's not answering his phone.
What's wrong? The fact that you're still here talking to me, for starters.
No, it's mid-morning, and you haven't had a drink yet.
Why, in the old days you'd be on your third stomach pump by now.
That's your first taunt of the morning.
You're slipping.
Something's definitely up.
It's a bit late for getting good at spotting your boss's moods.
This shouldn't be in here.
When Cartwright comes back, tie him to his desk by his bollocks.
I want my people in here, doing nothing.
- Geez.
- Mmm.
Do Do you do that thing here where you burn ear hair out, because that is definitely where I'd focus next.
That is That's a two-week job, that.
Ooh, envy.
Can't afford places like this on a Slough House salary, can you, River? No, that's true.
But then again, I don't need to come to a place like this.
- I've learned how to shave myself.
- Then you don't need to be here, do you? Oh, no, I do, because I want to know what was on Hobden's USB stick.
- Gino, I need a moment.
- Of course, sir.
What the fuck are you playing at? That's classified.
Is it something to do with the kidnapping? I refer you to my previous answer.
Okay, look, I get it.
We're just slow horses.
We're grunts.
It's just good to get feedback when we've done a nice job.
Of course you didn't do a good job.
You're slow fucking horses.
Thank you.
For what? For letting me know there's nothing useful on the stick.
- No, I I didn't.
I didn't.
- Oh, yes, you did.
Yes, you did.
And besides, to me it looked like it was just pi to a million decimal points.
You twat! You looked at it! Have fun with Sweeney Todd.
Charles? Morning, Charles.
Charles? He's in the bath.
You are? Lamb.
Morning, Catherine.
Think I heard you shouting about breakfast.
I thought you were in Berlin.
Berlin's blown.
Steve, there have been no further statements from the kidnappers since their initial broadcast threats.
Are we any closer to identifying the man being held? My understanding is that the security services have now confirmed his identity, but are not releasing it to the media.
Catherine, how goes it? It goes.
I wondered if you might wish to partake of some charity.
Raffle tickets.
It's for a good cause.
It's my daughter's school.
My purse is upstairs.
I trust you.
Oh, it's four for a fiver, but ten for a tenner.
- Just four.
- No.
You'll want to go to ten.
First prize is a spa day.
- You wouldn't want to miss out on that.
- Four.
- Check something for me.
- On the clock, yeah? River.
Where were you? Uh, just getting some air.
We have air in here.
Yeah, well, it's pretty fetid.
Lamb wants everyone at their desks.
Sure, yeah.
I've just, um I've got a bit of an IT issue that Roddy is helping me with.
My, um, emails aren't syncing.
Well, back to your station, once that's done.
Where's Moody? - I'm not his - Bitch.
Yes, got it.
So, can you get into Hobden's emails? Of course I can.
Question is, why would I? Because you might help to save that boy's life.
Yeah, but I don't know that kid.
And it's not like the Park will give us a bonus or a medal for helping out.
So Oh, Roddy, Roddy, Roddy.
Why exactly did you join the service again, Roddy? Because the service wanted me inside the tent, pissing out.
This is a bigger ask than checking a USB stick.
Money won't cut it.
Well, maybe do it because I have something that you want.
I know why you're in Slough House.
No, you don't.
Yes, I do.
The answer to that conundrum has eluded the finest mind in MI5.
And the finest mind being you? - Right.
Of course.
- Yeah.
And if I can't crack that puzzle how could you? Because you don't have a grandfather who used to be high-up in the service.
You better not be bluffing.
Yeah, 'cause I'm gonna try and bluff you.
You're Roddy, McRodster, the Hot Rod.
- You could take me apart online.
Come on.
- Take you apart in a way - no one could put you back together.
- I know.
It scares me.
It should only take a few seconds.
Good, man.
My fingers are weapons.
My thumb is more powerful than Nero's.
Did he have a strong thumb, did he? Thumb up or thumb down determined whether you lived or died in the arena.
- Oh, right, I didn't know that.
- And in the online arena, I am somewhere between an emperor and a god.
Yeah, I can't do it.
You just claimed to be a god, Roddy.
Well, even gods have blind spots.
What What What's the blind spot? He's air gapped.
What's "air gapped"? He's not online.
So he has to be online for you to hack his emails? No, he doesn't use emails.
He's got no online presence at all.
Nothing in the cloud, no social media.
He's old-school.
He's keeping it analog.
Keeping it real.
I know for a fact he's got a computer.
He can have a computer, but he doesn't send email or back it up online.
Right, so the only way to find out what's on his laptop is to grab his laptop.
- Yeah.
- Right, cool.
Yeah, but you'd have to be quick about it.
A guy that security conscious probably has a thermite pot.
All right, what's that? It's a pot filled with thermite.
Yes, I got that bit.
Thermite's made up of aluminium, iron oxide and a thin strip of magnesium.
You stick it in a clay pot, set it on top of your laptop or desktop, pigs kick the door down, you ignite the strip, mix burns through the hard drive.
You know that technically we're the pigs.
I'm from the streets.
Sometimes I talk street.
- Okay.
Thanks, Roddy.
- Hey! You're supposed to tell me why I'm here.
Well, deal was you got me into Hobden's emails, and you didn't.
So, next time.
Fair play.
River's back.
Where was he? He said he went out for some air.
I didn't push it.
The rest are accounted for, except Moody.
You're You're not just worried about River though, are you? Do you think it's a coincidence that Diana Taverner ran a special op on a right-wing reject just as some prick nationalists kidnapped a brown kid? - Well - That was rhetorical.
I can also tell you that a multi-agency response is being coordinated, involving The kidnappers have threatened to execute him, with the authorities no closer to identifying his location.
The number of views of the video now stands at one million and this figure is rising rapidly.
We're due to hear shortly from a spokesperson from the Metropolitan Police's counter-terrorism unit on their response to the video.
I keep checking the news, but there's no actual news.
Yeah, well, the Park will have imposed a blackout.
Yeah, I know.
You sorting that into recycling piles or Where'd you go earlier? I wanted to find out if what you downloaded from Hobden's USB stick was what the Park was looking for.
But it wasn't.
Think you'll find what they were looking for in there? You don't wanna know what I'm doing.
Probably get me kicked out for good.
River, is it really worth it? I can't just sit around and do nothing, Sid.
I've got one lead, and yes, it might be bullshit.
But I have to follow it.
Otherwise, what good am I? Oh, um, I will clean that up.
I promise.
Just don't let anyone touch it.
Sit down quickly.
You've seen the news.
I'm rather pressed.
You bothered my head of security last night.
Yeah, well, he's an old friend.
Well, I'm sure he is.
You told him Jackson Lamb is running an op.
Well, Duffy said he knew all about it.
But I knew he was bluffing 'cause he didn't know that Sid Baker's a girl.
She's a woman and twice the agent you are.
I spent six years as a Dog.
Oh, for God's sake, do shut up.
What I want to know is, how did you find out about it? About what, ma'am? You're mistaking this for a conversation.
When I ask for information, you give it.
Don't play dumb.
Don't lie.
Clear? I gave Lamb a specific instruction.
Why were you in on the loop? Doesn't respect you.
Wouldn't confide in you.
Do you remember the bit about not lying? There's a bug.
Are you seriously telling me you planted a bug in Jackson Lamb's office? - I never trusted that lazy bastard.
- Jesus Christ.
- It's not like it was a personal thing.
- Why didn't the sweeps pick it up? Oh, don't tell me you do the sweeping.
Jesus Christ.
What else do you lot get up to over there in toy town? I guess it was force of habit.
I used to be one of the Dogs.
Oh, really? You didn't mention that.
And he doesn't give me anything to do.
Or at least anything that matters.
He's just taking the piss.
So I wanted to see if I could get anything on him, and I have.
The burnt-out twat.
If he ever wants to get out, I know exactly how he'll do it.
I know where he'll go and under what name.
Here's what's gonna happen.
You are going to do me a couple of favors off the record, which means that if anything goes even slightly wrong, I'll have never have heard of you.
Understood? Incoming only.
And dump the bug.
Slough House may be a dead end, but it's part of the service.
If it gets out it's been compromised, your former chums in the Dogs will tear you apart.
Oh, and, Moody, a word of warning.
Lamb's a burnout for a reason.
When he was in the field, he had more to worry about than screwups like you.
He risked being caught, tortured and shot, and he survived.
Might want to bear that in mind.
Well, I'm joined now by our home security correspondent Derek Rothery.
What can you tell us about the investigation so far? West Yorkshire police have now confirmed they're involved in the investigation.
- This follows contact - Turn it down.
with Hassan Ahmed's family.
Just the same shit over and over again.
This is our big moment.
We've got the whole world looking for us.
Do we have any information on why Mr.
Ahmed might have been taken? - Fucking - We don't.
Now, it might be You know you can't say a word about this once it's done, yeah? We never knew each other.
We were never here.
- Please.
- Yeah, I'm proud of what we're doing - for our country.
- I need the toilet.
- But I won't say nothing.
- No, you won't.
'Cause if you do, I'll fucking find you.
Look, I I really need to go.
Let him shit himself.
- Hey, tell you what.
- Hello? He'll be shitting himself in the morning.
- Please.
- I'll take him to the toilet.
Just now, you were getting off on the world - wanting to know who we are.
- I really need You want them to know you leapt up to wipe a Muslim's arse? I didn't leap up.
Go find a bucket or summat.
He's not using our toilet.
Go on.
Where is it then? Couldn't find a bucket.
I think there's a bucket in the back garden, you know? We don't know if this individual was a person known to the police or the security guards.
- I'll do it then, shall I? - But it is quite usual in terror-related incidents for the authorities to refrain from sharing information which they think might jeopardize the But there is a significant police presence in the area today, which How was he, ma'am? If you're talking about Mr.
Moody, it's between him and me.
Pakistani ambassador was not best pleased.
I hear there's been a breakthrough.
Well, not quite a breakthrough, ma'am, but we think he's being held in London.
- Because? - It's London brick, in the basement.
We presume it's a basement.
No light, bare walls.
- Built in London brick? - Yeah.
So you've narrowed it down to one in three and a half million houses.
No, no.
Uh, lower than that.
See, the age and style of the pointing means we can limit it to certain areas.
Victorian, before the mass expansion.
Well, keep going.
I want an address, not a census.
Anything new on the feed? Um, what they did with the original upload was a quite sophisticated bounce back, and the live feed's off-line now.
When they come back online, it will be to execute him.
So find out where they're broadcasting from.
I need to update the Foreign Office, and I want you to run through all the extraction options.
- Yes, ma'am.
- No one goes home, and anyone home on leave, you pull them straight back.
You can use that.
- Oh, no.
- Relax.
Choppy choppy isn't until tomorrow morning.
- And then we fight back for our country.
- I'm I'm British.
What? 'Cause you passed the citizenship test? No, no, no.
I was born here just like you.
- My My family moved - It's not the same.
Jesus was born in a stable.
That don't make him a fucking donkey.
Hands together.
Listen, please.
Feet together.
Don't you fucking move! There you go.
You can use your toilet whenever you like.
You think Churchill would be proud of what you're doing? You what? Beheading me in cold blood.
You're a coward.
You wanna talk about cowardice? You can't even go on a pub stage.
Was that your dream? Well, it's too late now.
Boo! Fuck's sake.
It's Robert Hobden for Nick Drew.
Well, when did he leave? No, never mind.
Can you just put me through to whoever's on the news desk? I'm sorry, I can't leave a number.
I'll I'll call back.
Hello, it's Robert Hobden again.
Is Kate Draper out of her meeting yet? It's a bloody long meeting.
Oh, it's a different meeting, is it? It's Robert Hobden for Peter Judd.
No, well, then I'll call again.
And again.
Hey, your change.
Five years, and he's never left a tip.
Well, it's your lucky day.
Standish! Yeah, I I'd hang back if I were you.
I've God.
I have just let one rip.
It's a killer.
Get me Taverner on the phone.
Catherine, you said later.
And later it now is.
Give me a minute.
Boss man? Oh, piss off.
Will do, shortly.
After I've collected tax from Ms.
Oh, connecting you now.
Dickhead, I have a call.
Diana? Who? Who the fuck are you? Well, if she can't come to the phone, take the fucking phone to her.
- Ah, you went for ten after all.
- Yeah.
The message is, "Call me urgently.
I have the results of your test.
" Makes up for River leaving early without a purchase.
Uh, just get her to fucking call me.
Uh, when exactly did Cartwright leave? I don't know exactly.
About two hours ago? Just before Sid.
All right.
Well, fuck off.
Jesus, this time tomorrow morning.
Yeah, we'll be back here.
Same shit, different You You mean the hostage.
Of course, um, well, the the they'll find him before then, won't they? I mean, they have to.
Yeah, let's hope so.
You doing anything tonight? I'm praying for a lottery win.
But I mean, that's not, you know, necessarily location specific.
I I could do that on on the move.
Hey, you two flakies.
You forgetting we have a date tonight? Shit.
Sorry, Struan, um, I've double-booked.
I'm meeting a friend tonight now.
You met a friend last night too.
It's good to be popular.
Min? Clare's texted.
Her sister's having a mare.
Um, splitting up with her boyfriend.
So, yeah, I'm on full-on dad duty tonight.
Very well.
We had such a laugh last time we went for a drink.
We must do it again at some point.
Oh, absolutely.
Let's do Christmas drinks.
It's February.
What the hell are you doing here? I could ask you the same thing.
Thought you might want a coffee.
You didn't have any in the café.
Sorry, have you been following me? You'd better hope not.
Because that'd mean I tracked you halfway across London without you noticing.
- Ah, Jesus Christ.
- I thought you were good at this.
Maybe that story about you tailing Taverner is just a myth.
That Uh, no.
Not a myth, actually.
That really did happen.
I was assigned to follow the Shadow Minister for Education as an exercise.
But then he had a heart attack the night before.
So I followed Taverner instead.
And I watched her do everything.
Gym, breakfast, office, gym again at lunch.
I got within 10 feet and she never knew.
Well, not until I showed her the photographs the next day.
And that bit about her applauding you? People have made more of that than it warranted.
It was just three claps.
You should be applauding me.
I kept an eye on Hobden while you went to get your car.
I should be applau I would have stuck out, standing around on the street.
Well, I didn't.
But then, as we've established, I am better at surveillance than you.
That's just Depends how you look at it.
Come on.
You love it when I'm hard on you.
So, what did you find in Hobden's rubbish that put you in spy mode? Ho predicted that Hobden would've made something called a thermite pot, which is basically a geek way for the clinically paranoid to burn the computer to ash.
And I found some steel wool and rusting coffee filters in his rubbish.
He'd been making iron oxide.
It's one of the ingredients for thermite.
So he's got something on his hard drive - he doesn't want anyone to find? - Mmm.
That is disgusting.
That'd be the arsenic.
How'd you get Ho to help? I promised I'd tell him why he's in Slough House.
- Do you know? - I do, yeah.
Do you? Mm-hmm.
Well, anyway, uh, he couldn't do what I asked him, which was to hack into Hobden's email, so I didn't have to tell him.
Would you have told him? Yeah, he wants to know.
- How would you have told him? - I don't know.
With words.
Pretend I'm Roddy Ho, and you tell me that the reason I've been shipped out to Slough House is because I'm an insufferable prick.
- I got moved - I'd sugarcoat it.
from every department I worked in in MI5 and Slough House was the only place left.
But if he had gotten me into Hobden's emails, - can we agree that would've been useful? - That He once put someone on the sex offenders register because they nicked his seat on a bus.
I didn't have to tell him.
- Imagine what he'd do to you.
- So why are we arguing about this? Do you think Roddy could find out why Lamb is in Slough House? No.
Otherwise he would've already done it.
Why are you here, Sid? Not in the car, at Slough House.
I thought Slough House was like prison.
You're not supposed to ask what you're in for.
Well, you know why I'm there.
Yeah, but everybody knows why you're there.
I was gonna give you a compliment, but you can shove it now.
Suit yourself.
I get enough flattery from Lamb.
But that's what I mean.
He can see that you're not like the others.
Because you're not.
I mean, Min, Struan, Roddy, maybe not Louisa, but definitely Moody, they were always headed for the skids.
They're useless, but you're You know, it just doesn't make sense.
But, um, whatever the reason for being put in Slough House, it must've must've come out of nowhere, right? Yeah.
Yeah, it did, and it's just just none of your business.
- So how long are you gonna sit here for? - Just until Hobden goes to sleep.
Then I'm gonna go in there and find out what's on that laptop he's been carrying around all day.
- Hiya.
- You all right, love? - Yeah, can I get a vodka soda, please? - Yep, ice and slice? Yes, please.
I'm just gonna be round there.
All right.
Thought you were babysitting.
Thought you were meeting a friend.
Poor Struan.
Yeah, if he saw us here, I think he'd cry.
You're not going home, then? Uh, well, no.
I thought I'd just decompress a bit first, you know.
Fair enough.
It's been, uh, one hell of a day protecting the nation.
Imagine the consequences if I didn't turn up for work, eh? Thanks.
Well, then I'd be left alone with Struan.
So please keep showing up.
You should get danger money for that.
So I'm assuming you didn't have a friend around last night either, then? Mm-mmm.
You know, I don't actually have any friends.
No, I mean that I have, uh I have people that I know, but, like, no one that I can talk to.
Not Not about work anyway.
Do you not stay in touch with any of your old colleagues from the Park? Mm-mmm.
No, they kinda shunned me.
Well, I wasn't just shunned.
I was shamed by everyone after you know.
You left a top secret file on a train.
I was shaving in the bathroom, listening to the radio, when it hit the headlines that well, the file had been found by a member of the public.
And, uh, Clare just said, "What fool did that?" And I just started crying.
Uh, I thought maybe she'd hug me.
But nah.
She didn't.
She just said "Min, you fucking idiot.
" Wow.
That's, um And, uh, - are things okay now between you two? - Oh, God, yeah.
I'm getting divorced.
I guess she saw me differently after that.
And you let us all think you had a home life.
Well, yeah.
I mean, I keep up the lie partly because I don't want to accept it.
Partly because I do not wanna give Lamb any more ammo.
And, well, perhaps most importantly, because it stops me having to go to the pub with Struan.
I mean, oh, my God.
- He makes me yearn for Alan Black.
- Yeah.
Black was like Struan with depression, but at least he didn't, you know, wanna try and continue talking after work.
He's just so freaking keen.
He's like - Yeah.
- you know, "Let's do a monthly dinner.
" "Let's go paintballing.
" "Let's " So I guess we'd say to those who have taken him Please, he's done no harm to you.
Just Just let him go.
The police are now saying the threat to Leeds University student Hassan Get me Ho.
I think he's gone.
Then get him back.
Who was Hobden trying to call? Just a bunch of right-leaning editors and journalists, but none of them took his calls.
But he rang Peter Judd seven times.
Ugh, Judd is the worst.
Hello? I I can't talk at the moment.
- No, I'm watching him right now.
- Update me later.
I will, but I have I have to go.
Who's Aunt Zadie? Um There is no Aunt Zadie.
I put that in so if anyone got into my phone, they wouldn't know who I'd been talking to.
Wait, well, who were you talking to then? Someone who knows you're watching Robert Hobden? That's not what I said.
Yes, you did.
You just said, "I'm watching him now.
" Listen There's a reason I didn't tell you why I'm in Slough House.
No, no, no.
Sid really, seriously, you don't have to tell me why.
It's not for something you did in the field, because you're a brilliant agent.
Kind-of-brilliant agent.
So it's obviously something to do with your personal life, - which is none of my business.
- No.
River, it is your business.
I I didn't just follow you here today.
That was Taverner, and I wasn't telling her I was watching Hobden.
I was telling her I was watching you.
Are you being serious? You're watching me for Taverner? Wha Why would she want you watching me? Look, I don't know, but it's the reason why I've been sent to Slough House.
To To To keep an eye on you.
You're kidding, right? No.
No, I'm not.
I'm Uh.
I'll cover the front.
Stop it! Please.
Get him off me.
Get him off me! Listen to me.
Let him go and put the gun down.
Armed response are two minutes out.
If they see you with a gun, they're just gonna kill you.
- Did you hear me? - What do you want? Put the gun down.
Sid, are you hit? Sid? Shit, shit, shit, shit.
All right.
Okay, okay, okay.
Sid, stay with me.
Yeah, I need an ambulance.
NW1, Maythorpe Road.
Yeah, gunshot wound to the head.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
You'll see me, you'll see me.
Just hurry up.
All right.
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