Slow Horses (2022) s01e04 Episode Script

Visiting Hours

Oh, for fuck's sake, Cartwright.
Not now.
Here, give me your phone.
- Huh? - Give me your phone! - Phone.
- For what? Just give me your phone.
Where's Harper? - What the fuck? Who's th - Hey.
- My phone? - Your phone! Fuck off.
I FaceTime my kids on this.
I don't care if you ArseTime the Pope on it.
Give it to me.
Service phones have tracking enabled.
We need to disappear.
Now, you three, go fetch Ho and Loy.
And you better move it unless you want the Dogs to bite your cocks off.
Yeah, hold We don't know where they live.
423 Middlesex Court, Hackney.
16 Mervan Road, Brixton.
You can figure out the fucking postcodes yourselves.
- Then where? - You know where.
Where? Blake's grave.
W wait, where? I've definitely seen him before.
I recognized him.
- Who? - The head.
He's one of us.
Was one of us.
What did you do? What the fuck just happened? He was a traitor.
A spook.
I spoke to Simmonds.
When? I had a prepaid.
Can't be traced.
Look, if I hadn't dealt with that scum, we'd still be sitting there waiting for the cops to show up.
Or the SAS.
And those bastards shoot to kill.
What I did was self-defense.
Self-defense? He was unarmed.
- He'd have done the same to us.
- The same to us how? He'd have slung us in jail, that's how! How long do you think we'd last in there? Bleeding out in the corner from some terrorist shank.
- I ain't going out like that.
- No, mate.
That doesn't make any sense because he organized it, didn't he? Remember? He came to us, yeah? And then we all took the plan to Simmonds.
He set us up! - Nah.
- He was too keen, too hard-line.
He'd never have gone through with it.
We weren't supposed to see it through.
No one was supposed to die.
- That was the point.
- What are we gonna do? He's playing cards, and you cut his fucking head off! - What the fuck are we gonna fucking do? - Whoa, whoa.
Take it easy! Shh.
Take it easy.
I say, I say Listen.
We let the kid go.
- He can identify us.
- No, no, no.
He's been hooded up.
He's caught a glimpse at best.
He's heard our voices.
He's listening to you right now.
So So what? So what? He doesn't know our names, yeah? Danny Campbell, 14 Dunlop Terrace.
Hey! La, la, la, la, la.
Hey! What are you fucking playing at, hey? Hey, kid, did you hear that? Did you hear that? He's getting a good look at your face right now.
Fuck you.
Fuck you.
- Kid, did you hear that? - Mm-mmm.
If he didn't, I can say it again louder.
You are a fucking snake, do you know that? - I suggest you shut your mouth - You fucking or I'll say your name and all.
There's been no indication from the security services to suggest they are any closer to discovering the whereabouts of the kidnapped student, Hassan Ahmed.
And while many are hoping for his safe return, there are still millions across the world who are continuing to share the hostage video.
To explore the situation - Yes? - We confirmed the victim.
It's Alan Black.
Hassan? No trace.
Black died about 20 minutes ago.
Lamb? Gone.
His car's here.
We're bringing it in.
The back door's been forced, so it looks like he wasn't alone.
Neighbor opposite said she saw a group in a huddle.
Slow Horses.
Whatever it is can wait.
First Desk is on the secure line, ma'am.
Uh, I was told it was urgent.
I have to go.
Secure the scene.
Deep clean.
Get here as fast as you can.
Let me reassure you, there is no need to distract from your trip.
I'm already at the airport, having walked out of a State Department meeting.
Have you completely lost control over there? What's going on? - Lamb's gone AWOL.
- Christ.
I've been worried about him, which is why I put Sid Baker in there.
What's Baker saying about Alan Black? She's in hospital.
She took a bullet in a detail with Cartwright Jr.
I want Lamb and his rejects off the street and into the Park.
I need to know exactly our level of exposure here.
Where's the boy? I've pulled everyone in.
SO15 are standing by, and command center is aware.
Clean this up by the time I land.
And if it is the Slow Horses behind it, bury them.
Twenty for the hat.
Min, is there no way to turn that off? Uh, no.
Uh, the CD's jammed in and and the stereo doesn't turn off.
Can you at least change the song? It's stuck.
It doesn't turn off.
That's the issue.
- Oh, my God.
- Fuck me, who cares? Look, what do we know about Alan Black? Uh I know that he left Slough House about a year ago, way before you joined.
- Uh-huh.
- Where do you know him from? I t - Maybe the Park.
- He was kicked out of the Park years ago.
Yeah, for sleeping with the wife of the Venezuelan ambassador.
How did Lamb know to go to that house? Taverner, must be.
He met her earlier.
- What is this? Lamb and Taverner? - Fucking hell.
Lamb's cut us loose.
That envelope he took off Moody, that was his flight fund.
If he wanted to, he could just disappear.
Oh, fucking hell, we are fucked.
Fuck, we really are fucked.
Yeah, yeah, but I don't think he will.
He broke me out when I was being guarded by that Dog.
- He didn't have to.
- No, no, that's that's different.
No, look.
Lamb will have a play.
He doesn't like to lose.
Okay, so what do we do? Do we do what Lamb said? Or do we head to Regent's Park and and turn ourselves in? - Stick to Lamb's plan.
- Turn ourselves in.
I say that we round up everybody, head to Blake's grave, and if Lamb doesn't show, then we know he's fucked us.
- Yeah.
- Yes, stick to the plan.
Oh, shit, did either of you get Ho or Loy's addresses? Uh-huh.
It was - It was a crescent.
- 423 Middlesex Court, Hackney, E9.
16 Mervan Road, Brixton, SW2.
God, and postcodes.
- Bagsy, not get Ho.
- Yeah, nor me.
Fucking Thank you.
Right, you two get Struan.
I'll get Ho.
Where's the boy? We're tracking multiple vehicles.
What does "multiple" mean? Thirty-five vehicles passed the traffic cams at the end of Roupell Street 15 minutes before Lamb went in.
Ma'am, I know it's not my place to ask, but what is going on? You're right.
It's not your place.
Why do you think Lamb bolted? Maybe he saw Black's head and worried about what it looked like.
It looked like what it was.
The head of the Slow Horse is panicking because a Slow Horse op went south.
Lamb's gone rogue, and one of my agents is dead.
Jesus Christ.
Who knows about this? You, me, First Desk, and it stays that way.
I'll keep the Hub on Hassan.
And I want you and your Dogs on the Slow Horses.
I'll bring Lamb in myself.
This is an alias he's likely to use.
If he surfaces, take backup.
Oh, and, Duffy? If anyone gets hurt, I'd rather it were Lamb.
I can be sure of your silence.
I won't lose any sleep over his.
- Where the fuck are we going? - Out of London.
- By the backstreets.
No cameras.
- Then what? Why did you tell him my name? To focus you.
There's only one way out of this.
- What, the boat? - What? My cousin's boat in Harwich.
- That was the backup plan.
- You and that fucking boat.
No, no, no, listen.
If it gets us to Holland or France, - whichever is close - I'm not getting on a boat, mate.
I've got a little girl.
Hey, you never see your daughter.
Do you? Is that what Simmonds said? "Get to the boat," yeah? "Get to the boat.
" - Simmonds? - Yeah? Nah, he wanted us to walk out, take no action.
- What? - Fuck off.
- Christ.
- No.
We're on our own, aren't we? - Aren't we? - We don't need him.
Simmonds could've got us money.
He could've got us new IDs.
- Got us out of this! - We don't need Simmonds! What you did back there, that was you.
- It was you! - Do you think the cops will care? You still kidnapped someone.
- You still threatened to kill him.
- Yeah.
- Just listen to me.
- We didn't mean that, did we? - Oh! You didn't mean it? - No, we didn't mean it! - No, we were gonna let him go, weren't we? - Yeah.
How long would that have got us inside? Like, two years.
I could do that, mate.
I've done it before Listen, listen, I say we stop the van now.
We let the kid go, yeah? And we get out of the country.
You just told him the escape route.
No, no, no.
We tie him up in the woods somewhere on the way.
We'll be gone by the time they find him.
We'll be gone.
Yeah? Yes? - Yeah.
- Yeah.
Yeah, yeah, all right.
The boat.
Whoa, whoa.
Give Daddy a big hug.
All right, monkeys, let Daddy go.
He's got important business.
- At the Park? - At the Park, yes.
It's hush-hush.
Isn't that right, Agent Pierce? Quite so.
Shall we, Agent Loy? Hey, we should keep kissing 'cause they might see us in the rearview mirror.
Well, let me drive.
Where are you? Where are you? - What's happenin', bruv? - I'm looking for Ho.
No Ho here, man.
Why the fuck are you here? There's been a complaint about your music.
It's shit.
Come on.
We gotta go.
Come on! Are you in charge? Show us your CCTV footage from 20 minutes ago.
Um, so.
Do you w-want to talk about what just happened? Well, we were too late is what happened.
I I I meant us.
I think we should talk about how we evade MI5 security, Min.
Well, it turns out we evade them by kissing.
There's not gonna be any "us" if we don't stay ahead of the Dogs and work out what the fuck Black was up to.
Yes, of course.
But once, um once that's sorted "us" could still be a thing? Less likely every time you bring it up.
Hey, come on.
They might let us share a cell.
We really, really are fucked.
Yeah, that's him.
Yeah, here we go.
- Duffy.
- He's using that ID you gave me.
Booked a 06:00 a.
flight to Istanbul.
- Are you sure? - I'm looking at the CCTV right now.
His face is obscured, but it's Lamb.
- We're off to Gatwick.
- Duffy! Hold on.
Look at this.
Oh, you dirty bastard.
What? He's also booked flights from Heathrow, Stansted, London City, Birmingham, and Manchester.
He knows we'll have to cover 'em all.
- He's drawing us off.
- Yeah, while he runs for a ferry.
I know where he's going.
Oh, God.
Whoever you are, back off.
I'm armed.
- No, you're not.
- Lamb? Come on.
Open up.
It It's the middle of the night.
You can't just show up unannounced.
Leave the light off.
What do you want? Fallen off the wagon, have we? Oh, it's actually a water bottle.
You've probably never seen one.
Get dressed.
- I live here.
You can't tell me - Just get dressed! Where are we going? Where are we going? - What are you doing? - I'll tell you on the way.
We just gotta move fast.
The Dogs are on us.
Why are they after me? I've not done anything.
Well, nothing they'd be able to trace.
We gotta keep switching vehicles.
You can't hot-wire any of these.
You need to hack the alarm system.
I can help with that for the right price.
Oh, come on.
I'll go analog.
I'll have a bacon double cheeseburger - Yeah? - chips, a can of Fanta and - You just got Kit Kats and TWIX, yeah? - Just that, thanks.
If you're in any kind of personal trouble, I just want you to know I couldn't give a fuck.
And I don't want to be dragged into it.
Yeah, you're already in it.
Wha Fuck! Whoa! Fuck! Yeah? We have Loy downstairs for you, ma'am.
Oh, I'll be right down.
Would you excuse me a minute? I just It is relentless up there.
- I can imagine.
- Oh, no, you can't.
None of you can.
How does it feel to be back here at the Park? Well, this isn't really the Park I knew.
I mean, I've never been down here.
I didn't know we had rooms like this.
Not many people do.
That's why I chose it for you.
I don't want anyone to know you're here.
Um, m my wife knows I'm here at the Park She still thinks you work here, doesn't she? I've been trying to find the right moment.
It's been a year.
Your little boy must be, what, six? And Evie, seven? No, eight.
They must love the idea their daddy's James Bond.
I understand why you don't want anyone to know the truth.
Is that what this is about? Me lying to my family? You lied to the investigators first, didn't you? I panicked.
Said you didn't send the email, even though it came under your login.
Do you want to read it? - Uh, not really.
- I think you should.
"Anyone else surprised by Tearney's outfit? ISIS chic.
" "Maybe she's undercover?" Uh, she wore a shawl at a press conference.
It It It looked a bit like like Mmm.
You used a service email chain to imply that the head of MI5 was working undercover for a terrorist organization.
But it was meant as a joke.
But it's a pattern of behavior, Struan.
Joking around.
Undermining your superiors.
Questioning the line of command.
Not taking your job seriously.
And what we do here is very serious.
So if you were to come back here to work at the Park, I need to know that you have learnt your lesson.
Absolutely! I can't promise anything.
You probably know how many people have made it back from Slough House to upstairs here at Regent's Park.
Hmm? None.
It's not impossible.
Have you seen anything unusual at Slough House, any activity? No.
Uh I don't think so.
What sort of unusual activity? It's a shame you haven't noticed anything.
I was relying on you.
You see, I have a problem.
Quite a big problem.
How would you like to be part of the solution? Slow down! This isn't Mario Kart! Can you get Alan Black's service record up on that? Can you stop wasting my time with rhetorical questions? Can you just do it please? Or whatever the magic word is.
How did you find me? Those are the magic words.
Stop dicking around, Roddy.
Just do it.
No, but this is a major security breach.
I need to review protocols so it doesn't happen again.
You overlooked a massive weak spot in your defenses.
I hacked the personnel database at the Park.
I-I changed my address.
My phone, my Internet, my bills, even my bank account are all linked to false IDs that rotate every 24 hours.
I'm so far off the grid, I don't even know where the grid is.
Lamb followed you home.
When the fuck? I don't know, but he told everyone.
Black! Come on.
You worked with Black, didn't you? - Roddy! - Yeah! What was Black doing in that house with Hassan Ahmed? Any clues in anything he said or did? Yeah, on the last day he said, "Fuck you.
I'm off to kidnap an Asian kid and behead him for the Union Jack.
" Fuck's sake, Roddy.
Right, fine.
Okay? You drive like a maniac, you know.
- That's him.
- Eyes on the road! Look ahead! I've definitely seen him somewhere.
Come on.
We never crossed paths at Slough House.
I think he left before I joined the Park.
This has literally nothing to do with me.
Do you recognize him? Alan Black.
Left Slough House soon after I arrived.
Seen him since? You sure? You haven't seen him recently in the company of Jackson Lamb? Uh, well, not since he left.
Then you're not part of the solution then, are you? You're just another problem.
What are you doing? This isn't Blake's grave.
I just need to know that she's okay.
- All right? - Why? She can't help you now! You'll be lucky if you get ten minutes before the Park get here! I'll be out in five.
Just leave the engine running! Fuck.
You have two new messages.
Message one.
This is Diana Taverner.
You need to come to the Park straightaway.
Jackson Lamb's gone rogue.
Message two.
Catherine, Diana Taverner again.
I really need you to come to the Park.
There are things about Charles Partner's death that Lamb hasn't told you.
Call me.
I picked up your blue suit.
You could wear that today if you fancy.
- Charles? - What's taking so long? Get out of my bedroom.
What, you think I want to catch you in your underwear? I imagine you'd like that.
Almost as much as I'd like to see you in your nylon Y-fronts.
Come on.
Now! What was Taverner talking about? What don't I know about Charles's death? She's screwing with your head.
Look, you could leave with me now or with less friendly people later.
It's up to you.
No, leave leave the phone.
Sorry, can you, uh Can you tell me which room Sidonie Baker's in? It's immediate family only.
Yeah, I'm her stepbrother.
Can you sign in on the screen? Yeah, yeah.
- Great.
Which room? - ICU room 4.
- End of the corridor on the right.
- Great, thank you.
Pierce? Baker has a visitor.
What the fuck is he doing there? Who can get there fastest? Cartwright's back at the hospital.
Get him.
With pleasure.
Oh, do fuck off.
It's River, isn't it? Has he gone off the rails, and now we're paying the price? Well, not a million miles off.
Baker's been hurt.
Moody's dead.
There's probably a C & C out on all of us.
How badly hurt is Sid? Uh, not as badly hurt as Moody's dead.
Did you catch that bit? Jed Moody was always going to end badly, but I like Sid.
Busy night? You angling for overtime, Nick? You're talking to the wrong bloke.
Need to know if you're carrying a weapon.
- I'll have to check that.
Spread 'em, please.
- Please, Nick, shut the kid up.
Come on, it's embarrassing.
You're a pro.
You can tell from the fold of my clothes I'm not carrying.
- I'm afraid you don't get a choice - If he takes another step towards me, he'll be frisking me with broken wrists.
Come on.
Webb, you can drive.
Standish, you're up front.
Lamb, you're in the back with me.
Come on.
Are you serious? Time's up, Cartwright.
Screw all this.
Come on.
You love it when I'm hard on you.
What about that story about you tailing Taverner? Is that just a myth? No.
Not a myth, actually.
That really did happen.
Thanks, Sid.
Yeah, f F Wait, wait, wait! - Door closing.
- Come on, come on, come on.
- For fuck - Hi.
Routine or emergency? She's just switching wards.
Thank you.
Hey! Ah, shit.
About 20 miles outside of Harwich, we pass through some countryside.
Looks like there's some woods.
We leave him there, yeah? That sounds good to me.
Yeah? If you like.
Do you hear that, kid? We're gonna leave you someplace and someone is gonna find you, okay? Yeah? It's okay.
Really, it's just a bit fucked up is what it is.
We didn't mean it to go like this.
We just wanted to wake people up.
Do you know what I mean? It's It is what it is.
I'm, uh I'm sorry.
- You're sorry? - Hey.
Hey! Someone died, okay? Spook or not, that's not right.
Are they sorry? When they kill our troops and rape our women? Nah.
Fuck that.
"Sorry"? - What the fuck is wrong with you, mate? - What's What's wro The kid is not a murderer, okay? And neither am I.
I am though, aren't I? The way I see it, I'm already going down for one murder, so what's a second? Fuck it.
- We're killing him.
- I'm not killing anyone, mate.
- We've lost our fucking - Take it easy! Shut your mouths! The question is then whether you've got the balls to stop me, isn't it? Yes? - Yeah? - Inbound with Lamb and Standish.
Tell her she best interrogate me in a room with a window.
I had a lamb bhuna earlier that's gonna make its presence felt.
What's happening? Catherine Standish is being brought in.
I'm sure I can make her remember what you seem to have forgotten.
What happens to me? Are you gonna tell my wife I don't work here? Yes.
And I'm gonna tell her you're being held as part of the investigation into Alan Black's death.
No! No, wait, wait, no, no.
Please, please, please.
It's coming back to me now.
I I blanked it out because it felt like something I shouldn't have seen.
I definitely remember seeing Lamb and Alan Black together after Black had left Slough House.
I-If I rack my brains, I I can probably put a date on it.
Well, we've got it on tape.
Let's err on the side of caution.
Get it down in writing.
Is she gonna stick us in those new basement cells? I-I I've not seen them myself.
I used to work out of the old building.
But, you know I I've been in the Stasi cells, so anything you've got will be a luxury.
And then what? Lady Di's gonna rewrite the timeline, stick Slough House in the frame for this fucking disaster.
Is no one gonna say "Bless you"? No? Bit rude.
Course, she'd rather that kid had his head cut off than admit it was her fault.
She's scorching the earth.
She's covering her tracks.
But it's the covering of the tracks that always gets you in the end, isn't that right, Nick? I mean, she knows that, of course.
She thinks she's the exception.
That's what everybody thinks.
Everybody's always wrong.
Look, the last time I was in the Park, Diana Taverner was in charge.
Until that changes, I'll do what she says.
Yeah, but it's all gonna unravel, Nick.
The sensible thing to do would be forget Lady Di's London rules and concentrate on finding that kid before he gets whacked.
If that's not already happened.
Oh, Jesus! You keep a cat in here or what? Standish, you got a tissue in that bag? I've only got one left.
Give us it here then.
I have a question I want answered first.
Oh, for What now? The question pertains to something that was raised in a voice mail that I received tonight.
I'll tell you later.
Pinkie promise.
Now, we all know I'm not going to shoot you dead, Mr.
But I'll put a bullet through your foot if I have to.
Pull over.
- I said pull over.
- Yeah, all right, all right.
This is your stop, boys.
You two can walk from here if that's all right.
You're full of surprises, Standish.
You know that? How'd you know my Y-fronts are nylon? Because I have to buy them for you.
Very efficient.

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