Slugterrainea s01e13 Episode Script

Mario Bravado

1x13 - Mario Bravado Point of order, Your Honor.
I beg the court's indulgence to plead for my, uh, not-guilty-ness.
It was a simple misunderstanding really.
Spitting on the sidewalk is illegal in this town.
Judge Logan has us enforce the law with no exceptions.
It's just gum! In conclusion, I throw myself on the mercy of the court! Oh please, Your Honor! Pretty, pretty, pretty please! With chocolate sauce on it! Guilty.
Well, he did actually do it so let's just pay the fine and get out of here.
50 years hard labor! - 50 years! - 50 years! Oh, it's all my fault.
I had to do something to stop him from stealing my gum.
I thought it would teach him a lesson.
Your Honor, you can't be serious.
50 years for spitting on the sidewalk? Look I'm Eli Shane, and I want to see justice done, too, but this is A Shane, huh? Never much cared for the Shanes.
But in your case I'll make an exception and not put you away for aggravated sass! Lock him up! Wait! This is a travesty of justice! I've got my eye on you! Wait! I'm an innocent mole! Trixie, Kord, we need to poke around this jail and see what it's made of.
- Why? - Because we're gonna bust Pronto out.
Baa! Locked up like a common criminal.
This is an outrage! There is nothing common about Pronto! What are you then, some kind of criminal mastermind? Uh, why, yes.
Yes, indeed.
I am the head of a vast organization, infamous for its villainy and sharp attire.
I thought you were pinched for spitting gum? True, but that was the least of my crimes! - Uh, what're you in for? - "Public Speaking.
" He's in for "Breathing Too Loud" and they locked him up for "Aggravated Smiling.
" Yeah, that Judge Logan has a real racket going.
He locks you up for breaking ridiculous laws, and then sells you off for hard labor.
And not just any hard labor, I hear they send you to work for Dr.
Blakk? That's what my source tells me.
Judge Logan clears out his jails and Blakk gets free workers for his smelters.
- Well how long do we have? - A few days maybe.
Then we need to move fast.
Now let's go over the plan.
This delivers supplies to the jail every day.
Paid the driver to take his place.
If we pull this off, we'll cart away everyone undetected.
Remember, guys, Pronto isn't the only one in there who's been unjustly locked up.
There are other prisoners in there that need our help.
Then we can put a stop to that judge.
Now, tell me about this shot I've gotta make.
It's pretty close to impossible, so I got you this.
Pretty awesome.
Yeah, that SVX-5000 scope gives you every angle, every reading, every trajectory to make amazing shots.
And I mail ordered this Speed Stinger slug to go with the scope.
He's the only slug that can make it work 'cause all the scopes data and angles are put right in to his little high tech goggles.
Hi, Stunts.
Welcome to the team.
Now, let's go over the plan.
First, Kord'll drive up to the jail and act casual, like he's delivering supplies.
Trixie will make sure the guard is distracted and give me the sign.
Then it's all up to me and the speed stinger.
And if everything goes according to plan We hit velocity, ricochet off the wagon, rebound off the flag pole, make its way to the cooling tower, make a series of bank shots to the jail roof, go in through the air vent, make a bank shot, a quick roll, spring the lock, into the cage, open the cuffs and with the coast clear, get everyone to safety without anyone being the wiser.
Okay, guys, let's go spring Pronto.
Just trust the high-tech stuff, right? This is a little confusing.
I hope you're getting all this, Stunts.
Oh, no.
Oh, man! Not good.
That was a complete and total disaster.
What did we tell you, Eli? The one weak spot in your plan is that nobody can make that shot.
Yeah, nobody.
Well, except maybe Mario Bravado.
Mario who? What? Oh, come on.
Mario Bravado.
Only the greatest trick shot slinger ever! Here, check it out.
He could make any shot! Yeah.
Had his own show and everything! What happened to him? Apparently he dropped out of the spotlight and now owns a restaurant out in the middle of nowhere.
Well, I think it's time Mario Bravado made a comeback and fast.
This can't be the right place.
Why would a trick shot legend live here? Hey, welcome to Ricochet Pizza, we sling the best pies in Slugterra.
What can I get you? - Are you Mario Bravado? - No, I'm Mario the pizza guy.
Look, I think I know who you are and I've been told that only Mario Bravado can make the trick shot I need.
Sorry, that Mario is retired.
The only things I sling now are pizza pies.
So if you wanna keep talking, order something.
See, a friend of mine has Uh-uh-uh.
No pizza, no talking.
Oh, okay.
I'll have the Super Slinger Super Cheese.
Order up! One Super-Super Cheese! All right, let me tell you about the shot I need from you.
- See, a friend of mine - I already told you, I'm retired.
I'll never, ever, ever fire a slug again.
This is a matter of life and death.
Judge Logan has been selling prisoners to Dr.
Blakk and What you really need help with is your hearing.
I said no! That went well.
So I'm surrounded by fire scorpions, but they realize I'm the toughest Molenoid they've ever seen.
Then what happened? One simple nod, and the entire pack scurries away in fear.
That's why my organization will bust me out of here.
You see, it's about fear.
And respect.
Kind of a fearful-respect.
The Molenoid is trouble.
Especially with a Shane in his corner.
Sooner we have them out of here the better.
See what you can do.
Listen I said no! Now scram! I'm just here to, uh, eat.
I can't believe I ate that much pizza.
Look, my friend is in real trouble.
This isn't for me, it's for him.
They tell me you're the only one who can make the shot I need.
That's all? - Well - Well? Sounds like more trouble than it's worth, kid.
Forget it, I'm done slingin'.
- What happened to you? - Excuse me? You were some big hero then you just disappeared.
I'm no hero.
I was a kid with a TV show, that's all.
I know a little bit about being famous, you know.
- My dad was Will Shane.
- What? Really? Well, you could have mentioned that.
Would it have changed your mind? - Nope.
- All right then.
Sorry I wasted your time, and mine.
I'm not going to take the shot.
But if it's that important, I'll teach you how to do it.
Should be no problem for a Shane.
I hope you're a good teacher 'cause I don't have a lot of time.
That's three large, no onion.
Thanks for calling Ricochets.
Remember, 90% of trick shooting is half mental.
So first things first.
We make the pizza.
Uh, what? If it helps my friend, I'll try anything.
Uh, what do you think you're doing? - Uh, making pizza.
- Relax, we'll get to that.
First things first, figure out the order, the layers.
Plan it out in your head.
Can you guess what I'm looking at right now? The ingredients.
I'm looking at the finished pizza, in my head.
When you start something always know what it is you're wanting to finish.
- In this case, we're making what? - Three large pizzas, the works.
It's about lining up all the ingredients together.
You wanna see why this place is called Ricochet Pizza? Wow, that's great.
But, they said no onion.
Good, you're paying attention! Now make three large pizzas, the works, no onion.
We need to make the whole pizza in one shot.
- Ricochet Pizza, remember? - Right.
Okay, let's do that again.
High-tech stuff just doesn't get it done like finely-honed instincts.
You got 'em, you just have to trust 'em.
Okay, so now do we do some slingin'? If you mean slingin' more pizzas, yes.
Hit this with pepperoni without looking.
How was that? Uh, I think you need more honing.
You're improving Eli, but you've gotta relax.
- Okay, when do I learn to shoot? - That's what you've been doing.
You just don't know it yet.
You've got a trick-shooter's heart, Eli.
And I've never seen anyone so connected with their slugs.
Other than me.
So why did you quit? I haven't told anyone this, you know.
I was at the top of my game.
Felt like nothing could go wrong.
I guess I was a little too cocky.
One day I was offered a job and I refused.
Probably said a few things I shouldn't have.
I got called out.
If I lost, I'd have to quit forever.
I thought I couldn't be beat.
I was wrong.
I got hit by a slug I'd never seen before.
Never want to see it again.
It was a ghoul, wasn't it? You dueled Blakk.
Doesn't matter.
I'm a man of my word.
And I told you I'd train you.
So have you and Stunts figured it out? Yes! Pretty good, kid.
And even though you forgot to add extra cheese, I think you're ready.
You know Dr.
Blakk is a cheat.
He'd never hold up his end of the bargain.
You don't owe him anything.
This world needs you.
So do I.
- Okay, we're in.
- Really? Great.
But you're making the shot.
Good news! I got trained up and I brought Mario Bravado to back me up.
Yeah, look at you.
Wow, you're really Mario Bravado.
Do you remember the episode of your show, number 56, - when you shot that slug right - Kord, we don't have time for this.
Nice to meet you, Mario.
Love the jacket.
We've got some bad news, Eli.
They're leaving.
Now! Guys, I didn't plan for this.
I planned for a trick shot to break him out of jail.
You can do it, kid, put all your ingredients together.
- It's just as easy as makin' a pizza.
- What've they been doing? Guys, we need to get a move on.
It's been awhile, hasn't it, friend? You are gonna sling? You're not afraid of Blakk, I don't have to be either.
It's time to come out of retirement, but you're still making the shot.
Kord, catch that train.
- The Shane Gang? - Step on it! There they are! They've come for me! Hey, who's that other guy? Hey, this Boss Pronto's the real deal.
He's got Mario Bravado in his gang.
Well of course, I taught Mario Bravado everything he knows.
- Mario who? - Hey, Eli, we got trouble up ahead.
Once the express goes in that tunnel we won't be able to follow.
It'll be too late.
- Whoa! - Whoa! Talk about a trick shot, take out the guards, free Pronto and try to stay on this wagon.
Kord, you focus on driving.
Trixie, we'll need you as a spotter.
Two guards, on top of the train! - Did you see that shot? - Don't get cocky, kid.
That tunnel's getting closer fast.
Yeah, I think they just picked up speed.
I got four more guards and we still have to get the prisoners loose! Here we go, kid, sling it like you mean it! Whoa! - They're almost at the tunnel! - No! How're we gonna get them off the train one by one? We don't have time.
The pin that locks Pronto's car onto the train.
That's our only hope.
I can't take out the pin and the switch in one shot.
That's impossible.
No, it's not.
Just remember what I taught you.
Find the ingredients, the layers, plan it out.
Okay, Stunts.
Let's do this.
There, you see? Big Boss Pronto makes it happen.
We've got a major problem! Kord, get in close.
Mario, this one's all you, buddy.
Stand back, everyone.
Great shot.
Everyone, get out of there! Come on, I'm running out of land! Oh, no! - Now that's slingin' some pizza! - You said it, kid.
This talk of pizza has given Pronto a powerful hunger for extra cheese.
It was hard on the inside, let me tell you.
And the food was atrocious.
Pronto, you were barely in jail two days.
Yet, I survived.
You can still make the best trick-shots.
If you're ever ready to make a comeback for real, you've got a spot on our team.
Thanks, but I think I'll stick to slinging pizzas for now.
But someday, hey, who knows? It's great we got Pronto out, but what're we gonna do about that Judge Logan? Give him a taste of his own medicine.
Sorry, Your Honor, spitting's illegal in these parts.
No, wait! I was framed.
That gum was awful! Like hot sauce and rotten fish! We enforce the law with no exceptions.
Your orders, sir.
What? Wait, hold on.
This is ridiculous.