Slugterrainea s01e27 Episode Script

The Return

1 1x27 - The Return [grunts] [screams] Faster! Let's see what she can do.
[impressed whistle] Ooh, this beast can really hug the rail! That's the least of Blakk Steel's new talents.
And now that she's finally in motion, no one can stand in her way! Uh, sir, there is someone standing in our way! [gasps] Wish I could see the look on Blakk's face when he realizes They're alive? Full burn ahead.
So, uh how do we stop this mighty, mighty train? Uh you know, that's a good question.
Slugterra! [title theme] [chirps] Slugterra! Slugterra! [chirping] [all gasp] [screams] [both grunting] - So Plan B? - We have a Plan B? Yeah, mount up and slug it out! [engine revving] Yeah, we should probably just call that Plan A.
Whatever we call it let's do it! [screaming] [grunting] We cannot keep up such speed for long! Then let's slow that thing down! Kord, Plan C? Like you have to ask! [grunting] We didn't even make a dent in that thing! [groaning] - Eli! Go for the wheels! - Yeah, Plan D.
I'm on it! Banger bang it! Kord: Why is everything he makes so cool! I'm thinking derailing might not be an option here.
- Everyone, Plan E! - Eli, look out! [chuckling] [grunts] I was sure you perished when you fell into the Great Abyss.
Once again, you have disappointed me.
That's what makes my job so fun! Well, my job has its perks as well.
[chuckling] Uh-oh! [grunting] Whoa! Trixie: How does he have so many ghouls? - Wasn't he just rationing them? - Guess he was saving up for this! Or he found a new way to make them! We can't stop the train from back here.
Trixie, Pronto, you guys fan out.
- Plan F? - All aboard.
D'oh! Hah! - What? You want to get off here? - Huh? [grunts] Okay.
[grunts] [gasps] - Where are we going? - The Beast Forge! If Blakk destroys the Forge It sure won't make more Mecha-Beasts anytime soon! Which means SlugTerra will be even more dependent on the Slugterran Express! - And Blakk! - Yeah! And ah, I got nothing.
[ Blakk officer on PA] Beast Forge in range in 500 meters.
We got to stop this train before the Gattler's in range of the Forge.
Eli: Call Grendel as a precaution.
Grendel, you've got to get everyone out of the Forge! Huh? Why? [gasps] - How much time do we have? - Trixie: Not enough! Blakk Officer: 450 meters We're out of time and we've already thrown everything we got at 'em! Not everything.
We got to use the Double Barrel.
- I need to try a Fusion Shot.
- What? No way! You can't! We haven't tested it yet! Blakk Officer: 200! Then consider this a test.
You guys ready? [chirps] Eli: Uh, sorry, Enigmo.
I don't think your blurry vision's gonna help right now.
[disappointed chirp] Blakk Officer: In range! Kord, cover me! Blakk! This is your last chance to give up.
Ha! You still think you can stop me? No.
I know I can stop you because I have this! What? [screams] - What happened? - I don't know! Not exactly what I was hoping for.
[groaning] [grunting] Are you guys all right? [weary chirping] Ugh! No good lazy slugs! It's not their fault.
I think that energy wave shorted them all out! Ugh! [laughs] Too bad it didn't have the same effect on my ghouls.
[horrified gasps] Hmm [gasps] [maniacal laughter] [people clamoring] [maniacal laughter] [both gasp] [maniacal laughter] I do hope you enjoyed that show.
Because it's the last thing you'll ever see.
[all gasp] Blakk: Well, Eli Shane, now that you are about to suffer your final fate, do you have any last Oh, forget that! Goodbye.
- Officer: The Shadow Clan! - Blakk: What? [fighting grunts] [hisses] Huh? [hissing] Whoa! [gasps] Eli? You stay with Blakk, I'll be okay.
[hissing] - You okay, Sir? - Huh far better than the Shane.
Looks like he's about to suffer a fate worse than I could have dealt him.
I almost feel sorry for him.
We're finished here.
Head for Lumino Cavern next.
What about the rest of the Shane Gang? They may still be out there.
Without Eli Shane they're nothing.
Hunting them down would be a waste of ghouls.
- Trix, we got to go after Eli! - No! You heard Blakk.
If he gets to Lumino, he'll do the same thing he did to the Forge.
We got to stop that train! Besides, Eli is with the Shadow Clan, so he should be fine.
Well, at least there's a chance [whispers] [whispery voices into focus] Son of Will Shane, we sensed the disturbance created by your weapon.
It is reckless to combine two slugs whose auras are not aligned.
Wait, what? "Aligned"? "Auras"? So, you guys know why the Double Barrel Blaster didn't work! You got to tell me so I can use it to stop Blakk! There is no "tell.
" You either see, or you do not.
See? See what? All I saw were two slugs combined into something really cool, then things went kind of haywire.
An improper combination of slugs can have severe, devastating effects.
Like causing all the slugs in the area to short out.
That is but one danger.
There are others, far worse.
[groaning] Okay Pronto hates to point out the obvious, but seeing as how we could not stop that train when we had our best slinger and our slugs actually worked, we are going to stop Blakk how? By beating him to the Breakline Bridge.
Blakk's train has to come across here to get to Lumino.
If we can get there first, we might be able to stop him without a big slinging battle.
Yeah, nice plan, Trix, but how we gonna do that? His super fast train has a super huge head start! Yeah.
If only we had a stellar tracker who knew shortcuts and secret passages Hmm Yes, that would be very advanta Hey! Wait a minute! I'm right here in front of y Ah-ha-ha! Touché! - Follow me! - Hmm Please.
Blakk has a new weapon.
You saw it.
He's using it to take whatever he wants.
No one can stop him.
You got to show me the right way to combine my slugs so I can! [shadow clan snarling] Fine.
My friends are out there, probably trying to stop Blakk right now.
If you won't help me, I'll just go figure it out myself.
If you insist on using this weapon, you must prove to us you can master it no matter how long that takes.
What? No! My friends are in danger.
So unless someone here thinks they can stop me [squeals] [all hissing] Okay, then.
Kord: There's the bridge.
Nice work, Moleman! Pronto: Pronto always delivers! His shortcuts, like his modesty, are a thing of legend! Time for you to deliver, Kord! Blakk's train is gonna be here any second! You know, it's pretty offensive to assume I know bridges just because I'm a troll.
- Don't you? - Well, of course I do! Kord: Hmm I need to take out those supports.
[whining] I don't think he's got enough pop in him.
They're coming! Hmm.
Well, it looks like we're going to have to do this the old-fashioned way.
Eh [whimpers] [strains] Huh? Uh [grunts] [straining] [powering down] What happened? [all scream] [gasps] [coughing] [both whooping] - Kord always delivers.
- Hey, that's my line.
Um, guys [engine whirring] Hmm? [rumbling] [Pronto screams] - That thing can fly? - An off-railer.
Oh, that is not so good.
You know, we probably should have been on the other side of the ravine when we blew up the bridge.
[slugs squealing] Hmm [chirping] Come on, guys.
Help me out.
How do I figure out which of you [sniffs] match? [burps loudly] Oh.
Now that's just wrong.
[giggling] [chirps] No, Enigmo.
I don't want to smell you.
[screeches] Ow! What the heck, dude? [inhales deeply] I hope you're here to give me a clue.
The answer is in your grasp.
[sighs] Enough with the riddles! This is no riddle.
The answer is in your grasp.
Huh? Slug me! [grunts] [groaning] [gasps] I can see your auras! So, that's what you do, huh? You were trying to help me all along, weren't you? Thanks, little buddy.
[slugs chirp happily] Now, the matching part? Huh Hmm Nope.
Huh! A Thresher and Forgesmelter, huh? Bingo! Buzzsaw, Torch.
You guys ready? [both giggle] [exclaims] [explosion] Whoa.
Did you see that? Unarmed, I see.
I was expecting a bit more of a fight from the miners of Lumino.
- We heard about the Beast Forge.
- Oh, yes.
There was, uh, some sort of accident, I hear.
[clicks tongue] Aw.
What a pity.
But what can you expect, given the inferior machines they used to produce? We'd like to avoid any accidents here.
Lumino Cavern is willing to surrender our mine to your control if you don't hurt our people.
[chuckles] Ah, what makes you think I want your mine? I've found my own Lumino Ore quarry.
You're the competition now.
[whimpers] And I have little need for competition.
[weapons powering up] [blaster firing] Ah! [chirps] - Eli Shane!? - What can I say? Guess I'm still a constant source of disappointment, huh? No, this is my fault.
And I always clean up my own mess.
[grunting] [grunts] [panting] [growls] [grunts] [grunts] My blaster still needs time to recharge before I can go Double Barrel again.
But I can still do this! [grunting] Whoa! Blakk: How did you escape the Shadow Clan? Escape? They let me go.
They're pretty cool guys once you get to know them.
Keep your Shadow Clan secrets.
They won't be doing you any good for much longer.
[laughs evilly] Ah! [continues laughing] So, now, one final time, I ask, any last words? Trixie: Nah.
We like to let our slugs do the talking! [grunting] [farting sound] [groaning] [thuds] [blows] [screams shrilly] [yelling] So, did you have a nice visit with the Shadow Clan? I'll tell you about it later.
Right now, I'm ready to go Double Barrel.
Whoa, whoa.
Last time you did that, it shorted out all our slugs.
Do it again and we're dead meat.
I don't have time to explain.
You have to trust me.
[gasps] [yells] Huh? [indistinct screams] [growls] - Yeah, yeah! - Yes! Yes! Man, this baby really works! Now we got something that can outslug Blakk's Gattler! It's a total game changer! So the Shadow Clan showed you how to use it? Nope.
This guy showed me.
[yells] It'll take some practice with Enigmo to figure out all the different fusion moves these slugs can do.
And hopefully, someday, I'll be as powerful as the Unbeatable Master.
[metal clinking] Uh, not that I'm saying I'm as good as I know what you're saying.
I just have no idea what you're thinking! You're nuts, dude! You know that right? [thunder crashing] [Blakk yells] What? There seems to be an epidemic of returning from the grave.
- Hello, Blakk.
- Diablos Nacho.
I suppose you have a message for me.
Not a message.
A warning.
Uphold your end of our bargain.
Or there will be consequences.
You made a deal with my master.
I'm back to make sure you honor it.