Slugterrainea s01e39 Episode Script

Light as Day

3x13 - Light As Day As long as these Ghouls keep spinning, the only thing keeping my army from me is dirt and stone! A beautiful sight.
When the Midlanders' terra-portal drill meets ours we will show Slugterra something even more beautiful.
Our fury! Whoa! - Did you see that? - Nice! Whoa! Bluster and Bludgeon can do it too! Thanks to these new accelerators Redhook added.
It's not just the blaster upgrade.
Whoa! Stunts can't do it, even with the accelerator.
The added speed just throws him off.
Sorry, little guy.
It's like some Slugs are ready for it and some aren't.
So how do we find out which of our Slugs are "ready?" All right, guys, line up for roll call! Burpy! Banger! Stunts! Rocky! Buzzsaw! Chiller! Joules! Spinner! Suds! Spooker! Glimmer! Beeker! Bolo! Goober! Tangles! Digger! Mo! Burner! Larry! Mucky! Sparky! Rookie! Okay, so here's the deal.
Burpy, Banger, Chiller, Joules, Spinner.
Looks like, you're my Slugs who can handle the accelerator and mega morph.
So I'm going to be counting on you five today.
A lot.
Buzzsaw, Bolo and the rest of you Don't worry.
I know you'll all get there.
Bolo, Buzzsaw! Wait.
Just because you can't mega morph doesn't mean you're not two of my best Slugs.
Your time will come.
I know it.
So, only the best Slugs can do it, eh? Ah! Then I can assure you, Stinky will join their ranks.
Your Flatulorhinkus? Whoa.
Aw, Stinky, I always knew you had it in you! I stand corrected.
Now we know where we stand against Blakk.
I just hope my theory is right.
Otherwise, we're heading into a hornet's nest for no good reason.
All those Ghouls in one place? From how you describe that machine, it can only have one purpose, Eli.
He's punching through to the Deep Caverns.
We fought an army of Darkbane once already.
I, for one, don't plan on doing it again.
Yes, yes, it is all very nice, but charging straight into Blakk's impenetrable stronghold is many things.
But smart it is not.
You know, I'm glad to hear you feel that way, Pronto.
'Cause I've got a different mission in mind for you.
Uh Are you sure I could not just come with you? Good luck, Pronto! Yes I am going to need it! Let's pick up the pace, people! Don't know how long we have until Blakk breaks through.
We can't let anything slow us down.
Then I'm guessing that's gonna be a problem.
No problem at all! Just remember the cooldown.
Our blasters can't handle rapid-fire mega morphs.
Uh-oh! - Boss, I - Shh! Listen.
Can you hear that? Clawing, scratching, scraping They're almost here.
So are the Shane Gang.
They're headed this way with some serious firepower.
I'm sure we can keep them occupied until your brothers arrive.
Can't we? Of course it is clear why Eli chose Pronto for this most dangerous mission.
Pronto is brave! Extremely intelligent! The only thing I cannot quite figure out is why did Pronto accept? Geronimole! - You sure about this Eli? - Nope, you? - Nope.
- Then let's do it! This could be just you and me, Blakk.
No one else has to get hurt.
Oh, it will be you and me.
But I assure you, your friends will suffer as well! Go! What? Eli, go! We'll handle things out here! - Trixie? - Kord.
It's show time.
Duck! Huh? Oh, no! He's creating a terra-portal to the Deep Caverns.
It's already started! Oh, we're far from started, Eli Shane.
It's already over.
Watch it! Kord, move! Oh, my beautiful mecha! Oh, now you did it! Huh? I really must thank you.
If you and that foul Infurnus hadn't shown me the way, I would never have seen how to upgrade my Ghouls! Whoa! Huh? So you could use them to destroy your own home? Oh, Floppers! I've outgrown this citadel.
An emperor deserves a grander palace, don't you think? I'm talking about Slugterra! What do you think the Darkbane are gonna do when they all get here? Sit around and play Slugball? They will do as I command! They are but a means to an end.
Yeah the end of us all! No! Not all of us.
But certainly you.
Kord! I don't have a shot! I do.
Let's duel! Whoa! - Ah! - Look at that.
Redhook said no more accelerators were made! Pity for you he was lying! My accelerator! Huh? Are the Shadow Clan still gathered at the Guardian gate? Then there will be nothing to stop us from surging through this entrance to Slugterra! We have waited a millennium, brothers.
In minutes, we will have Slugterra! Your father and I dueled a dozen times.
And you might just be better than him.
But not good enough! You have no idea how good I am.
You wouldn't even have lasted this long if we were in the Deep Caverns! Yeah, well, we're not.
But if that's where you're from, I'd be happy to send you back! Huh? You think your Slugs make you powerful? You're just as pathetic as the other Slugterran scum.
Whoa! You know, for someone who hates Slugterrans, you sure do seem to love taking orders from Dr.
You think we serve Blakk? Perhaps for the moment.
But soon, when the rest of my brothers emerge, things will be very different.
For everyone.
Oh, Floppers Huh? Eat my stank! Yes, you are right to fear the wrath of Pronto the magnificent! What? It seems we were guarding the wrong passage.
But thanks to the Molenoid, we can now correct that error I don't know what you just said, but man, I'm sure glad you're here.
Yes, yes! No need to thank me for saving you and all of Slugterra.
I am Pronto.
It's what I do.
And yet, I feel like I am forgetting something.
C'mon, we gotta help Eli! Let me see.
I ate a healthy breakfast, saved the world What was I supposed to do? Buzzsaw! Bolo! I told you, you were two of my best Slugs! I'm just glad going double-barrel worked.
Worked? You took your best shot and failed.
Slugterra is about to fall.
Look! Into the terra-portal! Attack! Attack! - Why are you smiling? - We're why! You're too late.
I've already won.
Oh, hello, cousins.
I wasn't expecting you.
They just keep coming! I don't think we can stop them! Look what you've done! You're going to destroy all of Slugterra! I'm going to need more Slugs! I'm going to need a doctor.
Wait, now I remember! The Shadow Clan also gave me this! Doc! A healer? - No! - Welcome back, buddy! What? No! Blakk, fix this! Blakk! - What? - Surrender Blakk, it's over! - Eli, no! - No! Save yourself, Burpy! What's he doing? No! - He's trying to shut it down! - Stop! Eli's in there! No! We're going down together! Say goodbye to Slugterra! And say hello to the Deep Caverns! Whoa! Eli! You want to explain yourself? What's the problem, Kord? He was shutting down the machine, while you were still in there.
Forgive me, son of Shane.
My actions were for the good of all of Slugterra.
I know, you were just doing what needed to be done.
The barrier has been renewed.
And without the Ghouls, it will not be broken again.
So it's over? The Darkbane, Blakk they're gone.
Thanks to you and your friends, son of Shane.
Come on, bro! You're really going back up to the surface? Don't be so emotional, Kord.
Of course he is, now that he has learned to ride his Infurnus.
That is why we have come to the Drop! You ready? And there's nothing else we can say to change your mind? I appreciate everything you guys said on the way over here, but I know what I have to do.
So this is it.
This is goodbye.
- What? - Wha ?! You didn't expect me to leave a big giant tunnel up to the surface where anyone could find it did you? You're staying! I knew it! I can't believe you did that to me! Come here! Whoa! Hey, you guys are right.
Slugterra still needs a Shane.
This is my home and you guys are my family.
I'm not going anywhere.
But, um maybe we should hold off on the hugfest.
As I've always said, "Slugs, before hugs!"