Smallville s02e11 Episode Script


Twenty-four hour plumbing is a myth.
I've called every plumber in town.
No one can come before tomorrow morning.
By that time you'll need a snorkel.
Let me see what I can do.
Oh, wrong way.
The threads are history.
I need a wrench! How did you do that? I just kept twisting and turning and it stopped.
Maybe one day I'll figure out how Clark Kent does the things he does.
You know the people who moved into your house? They have this orange cat that comes by the loft sometimes.
I try to talk to him, but he's not half the conversationalist you are.
I have to admit, I do miss those sunsets.
The sky's not really the same when you see it alone.
It's getting late.
I should go put this back.
Any news from the military? I'm really worried.
Whitney's been missing for over a month.
The military even sent back his personal effects to his mom.
She gave me my necklace back.
You gonna start wearing that again? Doesn't feel right.
Have to know he's safe first.
If anyone can get through it, Whitney can.
Thank you.
This is pointless, Fordman.
They think we're dead.
We're gonna make it back home, you hear me? I'm gonna get back to see Lana? I know.
If I have to hear about Lana, or Smallville or horseback riding in the freaking meadow one more time Move it! Move it! - Keep moving! - We're not gonna make it! I got one flare left! We just gotta make it to that ridge.
The scouts'll see it from there.
You all right? Oh, my goodness! You're okay.
You're okay.
Come on, get up.
Put your arm around me.
Come on, keep moving.
Come on.
- You're okay, bud.
- I don't want to die, I don't want to die.
No one's gonna die.
I promise.
Don't you guys think you're overreacting a bit? Not really.
You spend your life thinking you know the truth about someone only to find out that it may be a total lie.
They named the phone company after him.
Now Miss Biserri's telling us Alexander Graham Bell snaked somebody else's invention? I haven't been this disillusioned since I found out that Betsy Ross didn't design the American flag.
I mean, she was my role model.
Betsy Ross was your role model? Yeah.
In first grade.
I mean, one day she was a pioneer for women, and the next she's a glorified seamstress.
One by one, our heroes are being defrocked.
You know, Lana, there's a winter festival in Grandville this weekend.
My mom's gonna have a booth there for her produce.
I was thinking maybe we could go and hang out.
I'm not sure.
I have to take a couple of extra shifts at the Talon.
I know you're worried but working yourself to the bone won't bring Whitney back any faster.
It's okay to have a little fun.
You're right.
So you'll go.
Yeah, count me in.
I missed you so much.
I can't believe you're here.
I can't believe you're back.
It certainly is nice to hear some good news for a change.
Fordman must be so relieved.
That's wonderful.
Why do I get the impression that you won't be the grand marshal at Whitney's homecoming parade? - I'm happy he's okay, I really am.
It's just I know this sounds selfish but things were just starting to get better between me and Lana and now he's back.
- I thought Lana and Whitney broke up.
So did I.
But now she's throwing him a party tonight at the Talon.
And you're going, right? I don't know if I can stomach seeing them together again.
You need to put your personal feelings aside, son.
Whitney risked his life for this country, and he deserves a hero's welcome.
It's so nice to have things back to normal.
My son and the prettiest girl in school together.
I bet you thought you'd never see me again.
I never gave up hope.
When I was out there, lost the thought of seeing you again was the only thing that kept me going.
What is it? What's wrong? Whitney, you know that video letter I sent you? Video letter? What did it say? Lana, there's something you need to know about me.
When my platoon was ambushed I was caught in an explosion and when I woke up, some of my memory was wiped out and the doctors don't know if I'll ever get it back.
Whitney, it's okay.
The one thing that I'll never forget is how much I care for you.
I just want things to be like they used to be.
Sorry I'm late.
I had a patient go into cardiac arrest and saying "Sorry, I have a date" might have come off as slightly insensitive.
Patient's fine now, thanks for asking.
You told me you never met my father.
- Who took these photographs? - A private investigator.
You had me followed? No.
I had my father followed.
Unless you both share a passion for feeding pigeons there must be a reason for your meeting.
How long have you been working for him? Took me five dates to figure it out You're delusional.
A hundred thousand dollars wired into your account from LuthorCorp.
Is that a delusion? - You checked my bank account? - After I discovered you were having tête-à-tête with my father, I ran a background check.
I imagine those two weeks a year you spend in Rwanda treating orphan children does wonders for your conscience.
Who are you? Someone who's been burned by the opposite sex more times than he cares to admit.
So tell me.
Why does a Harvard-educated physician a woman of supposed integrity accept a six-figure sum to spy on a man she claims to have feelings for? First of all I don't recall claiming anything of the sort.
And second of all, if you think I'm gonna put up with your pathetic, paranoid attempts at invading my privacy you're even more arrogant than everyone said you were.
Unless the bathrobe passes for haute couture these days I'm guessing someone's not ready for the party.
I don't know how this day slipped by so fast.
I was over at Whitney's Looking at some old photos, trying to refresh his memory.
How's he doing? You know, surprisingly well, considering everything he's been through.
Did he mention your award-winning Dear John video? He doesn't remember ever seeing it.
He thinks we're still a couple.
Well, that's got to be awkward.
I can't turn my back on him now.
He needs me more than ever.
Could Lana Lang be falling for the man in uniform? Why would you say that? I don't know.
I just sense that this may not be just a Florence Nightingale nursing a wounded soldier.
I don't know how to feel, you know? It's happening so fast.
But seeing him again a lot of those feelings came back, feelings I thought were long gone.
Hence the 45-minute wardrobe crisis.
The thing with Whitney is that what you see is what you get.
There are no mysteries.
No deep, dark secrets.
Unlike someone we know.
Catch any tape-delayed Sharks games? They're burying the entire league.
I'm not that interested in football these days.
If you're up for it, I'd love to set up an interview with you for the Torch.
I actually don't remember that much and what I do remember, I'd rather not talk about.
Now that I'm back home, I'd rather focus on the more important things in life.
Hey, Clark.
- Whitney, good to have you back.
- Fordman! - Yeah.
- Hey, dude, how you been, man? Listen, Clark, about Saturday.
No, it's okay.
I understand.
What's going on this Saturday? Nothing.
I take it you two saw a lot of each other while I was gone? No, not especially.
Clark and I are just friends, Whitney.
I'm gonna get some punch.
How could I have been so stupid? Whitney, what's going on? - What's going on with you and Lana? - Nothing.
I kept my promise.
I looked out for her, that's it.
Oh, yeah, you're a real class act, Kent.
I go off and fight for my country and you stab me in the back by trying to steal my girl.
- That's not what happened.
How'd you do that to the door? I'm a trained U.
Marine, Clark.
There's a lot of things I can do.
Stay away from Lana.
Lana? We need to talk.
About what happened in the Talon? - Could have apologized over the phone.
- What are you talking about? Whitney said he walked in on you wrecking the bathroom.
He said you were in a jealous rage.
No, he was the one tearing up the bathroom.
He said you told him to stay away from me.
What? I didn't say that.
He's lying.
After everything he's been through, now you're calling him a liar? I can't believe you.
Ma'am, I'm Lieutenant McNulty, United States Marine Corps.
May I come in? - Yes, of course.
- Thank you.
Are you here to see Whitney? I beg your pardon? Hey, what's up, lieutenant? There must be some mistake.
Mistake? What do you mean? Ma'am, according to my superiors, your son is actually I haven't seen Heisman in so long.
You know what I miss the most? Times like this when it's just the two of us.
Hey, you're wearing your necklace.
Whenever I pictured you in my mind, you always had it on.
I haven't worn it since they sent it back.
I wanted to know that you were safe first.
Sent back? Oh, I gave it to you when you left for basic training.
They sent it back to your mom when you were listed as missing.
Why can't I remember? I know how hard this must be for you.
But isn't the important thing that you're alive? You know, that you're back with people that care about you? Lana, I've been thinking.
Now that Nell's gone, maybe Maybe we should move in together.
Whitney, we We can't move in together.
This is about Clark, isn't it? - I told you, Clark and I are just friends.
- He's got secrets, Lana.
- What kind of secrets? - You should be careful.
He's not what he seems.
- How do you know? - Can we just not talk about Clark? Lana, I'm sorry.
I didn't I didn't mean to freak you out with that whole moving-in thing.
I just I just want to be with you all the time.
It's okay.
Who knows what inside information she's given him about my company.
Lex, you've been dating Helen for a while.
Nothing you ever told me would lead me to believe she's the espionage type.
I'm afraid one day you'll learn the frustrating truth.
People are seldom whom they appear to be.
Did she give you any kind of explanation? Didn't get that far.
When she learned that I had her investigated she turned hostile and stormed out.
If I knew someone was investigating me, I'd be a little ticked off too.
You want to know the most pathetic part about it? The first time I actually pictured a future with a woman beyond two months.
Did you ask her to explain her side of the story? May not be what it looks like.
I wish I shared your eternal optimism, Clark.
I'm not sure how much of an optimist I've been lately.
Now that the quarterback's returned you're back at your own one-yard line with Lana? Be patient.
Most quarterbacks' careers don't last that long.
It's not just that.
I mean, I'm worried about him.
Since he's been back, he's been acting bizarre.
Like he's someone else.
He might be suffering from post-traumatic stress.
Some employees went through it after the tornado.
I sent them to a specialist in Metropolis.
They're doing better.
- Maybe this specialist could help Whitney.
- It's worth a try.
If you want, I can get him an appointment this week.
Yeah, thanks.
What happened to you? Answer the question! What is my favorite radio station? I don't know.
When I get in the car with Lana, that radio has to be on the right station.
What is it? It's the one that plays the loud rock.
I think that there's a sticker on one of your old schoolbooks.
Please What do you want now, Kent? Look, Whitney, I know we've had our differences in the past but before you left, I thought we had an understanding.
- I'm worried about you.
- About what? You've been through a lot.
Lex told me about this doctor who deals with post-traumatic stress.
If you're trying to break me and Lana up, it's not gonna work.
I know you've had a thing for her.
You always have.
It's one of Clark Kent's many secrets.
Whitney, this has nothing to do with Lana.
You need help.
What I need is for you to stay out of my life.
Shut up! Clark, what's going on? I know this may sound crazy, but Whitney may not be Whitney.
Are you getting existential on us, or is this Wall of Weird material? I think he's Tina Greer.
The mighty morphing power girl? - What? - The girl who was Lex, then Lana and then locked up.
- I know who she is, but it's impossible.
Why? She was obsessed with Lana, remember? Maybe she escaped to see her.
Who better to impersonate than Whitney? She couldn't pull a Martin Guerre.
- Why not? - Because she's dead.
- What? - She committed suicide last week.
I'm running a story on it on page two.
- What happened? - The authorities said she went into the art-therapy room at the hospital doused herself in paint thinner and lit a match.
Okay, now that's nasty.
I know.
Tina wrote a note saying she didn't know who she was anymore.
She couldn't take it.
Did they ID her dental records? There's something else about Tina.
I think she may know about my abilities.
- You think? - I had to use them to stop her.
Once she was declared insane, I figured I didn't have to worry.
Well, you gotta worry now.
What about the meteor rocks? Does she know? Yeah, she used Lana's necklace against me.
You better be careful, man.
I'm gonna go find Tina.
You warn Lana.
Warn me about what? Lana, this may be hard for you to understand, but we may think that Whitney's actually Tina Greer.
Why would you say that? - You just have to believe me.
- This is just insane.
I know it's a lot to process, but it's true.
I'm going to the Fordmans', you stay here with Pete till I get back.
I need some time alone.
I understand, Lana, but that freak is dangerous.
I know.
You're Tina.
Who you calling a freak? Mrs.
Fordman? Mrs.
Fordman? Are you okay? - Where's Whitney? - I don't know.
Whoever it is, it is not my son.
That girl, she's some kind of monster.
Lana, we have to talk.
Could you give me a second? It's kind of It can't wait.
Sit down.
Lana will you marry me? I understood why you didn't want to move in together Now it'll be legal, and we can elope and get out of Smallville.
Whitney, this is crazy.
You know I'm still in high school.
My mom was only 16 when she married my dad.
This is her ring.
I'm sorry.
I can't accept it.
Why not? Whitney, that That video letter I sent you.
There were some things that I said that I can't keep from you anymore.
Like what? I said that I I told you I thought we should go our separate ways.
I didn't want to say anything when you said you couldn't remember.
You've been through so much, and I didn't want to hurt you like that.
I will always care about you, Whitney.
- But you care more about Clark.
- This has nothing to do with Clark.
Don't lie to me.
Look me in the eye and tell me you don't have feelings for him.
I have to get back to work.
It's okay.
It's okay.
Thing that combat taught me is how to deal with loss and move on.
I'm sorry.
If I could just ask you for one thing.
Of course.
Your necklace Do you think I could have it? L It's just something to remember you by.
I know it means a lot to you.
It does.
That's why I want you to have it.
Hey, Dad.
Oh, hi, Clark.
Say, how's Mrs.
Fordman doing? They're gonna keep her overnight.
She's pretty freaked out by this whole thing.
Who could blame her, right? Any idea where Tina is now? No.
She could be anyone.
You're right about that.
I always wondered how you beat me, Clark.
You should be dead, but you're not.
The meteor shower must have done something to you too.
Looks painful.
Tina, don't do this.
If I want to be with Lana I don't have a choice.
Last year you tried to kill her.
It was the worst mistake of my life.
She rejected me, and I acted without thinking.
But I love her and I'll do anything to be with her.
And I finally figured out who Lana wants to be with.
It's gonna be easy to become you, Clark.
Stay away from her.
You have the perfect life.
Great parents, good friends.
And most importantly, the girl of our dreams waiting for you to finally make a move.
No! I'm not used to people ignoring my calls.
- I have to get to work.
- Look, you can at least offer me some kind of explanation.
Your father did approach me, Lex.
He did offer me money, but not to spy on you.
Then what did he want? He wanted me to dump you.
Even after I told him to go to hell, he wired the money anyway.
So I guess he succeeded in exactly what he set out to do.
Break us up.
You're telling me my father offered you $ 100,000 against your will? Why would he do that? I can't even begin to fathom the depths of the Luthor family pathology.
- You could have told me.
- I was about to but before I could say a word, I realized I was in the middle of an interrogation.
- Lf I had known - No, no, no.
I'm glad that this happened.
It showed me who I was really dealing with.
You know, I've done some pretty stupid things in my life but this could possibly win the Nobel Prize for stupidity.
I fell for someone who never really existed.
I hope you don't mind.
I I need I'm sock-deprived.
All my clothes are stuck on spin.
Well, go ahead.
I've gotta go to the Talon and close out.
I bumped into Whitney.
He told me what happened.
Is he okay? Well, he said you're not an easy girl to get over but he knows you'll be happy with Clark.
I told him this has nothing to do with Clark.
Come on, Lana, it's obvious you two belong together.
Okay, now you're starting to act strange.
- Why? - Well, given your past history with Clark I'm surprised you're so eager to play matchmaker.
Don't think it's easy for me, Lana.
I just don't want to stand in the way of what's meant to be.
Clark! He's down here! Clark! Son.
- Are you all right? What happened? - The ship saved me.
How'd it do that? I don't know, but look what it did to the necklace.
Oh, my God.
I have to save Lana.
Wait, Clark.
- Hey.
- Sorry.
Did I scare you? No, I just I wasn't expecting to see anyone this late.
Lana, there's something I should tell you.
When I saw you with Whitney, I realized that if I didn't act on my true feelings, I could lose you forever.
Did someone put something in the water supply? Because everyone's acting really strange today.
I'm acting the way I should have acted the first time I met you.
Lana, I love you.
- Get away from her! - What's going on? I'll explain everything when I get you away from Tina.
- Tina? - No, Lana.
That's Tina.
- Lana, it's me, Clark.
- Don't listen to him.
He's lying.
The guy who fixed the leaky drain pipe.
- No, we're supposed to be together.
- Stay away from me, you freak! No! You ruined everything! I'm gonna kick your ass, Kent.
Bring it on.
Tina! Listen to me.
You don't have to do this.
You can stop.
I can help you.
Why don't you just die? Tina.
Take care of Lana.
How's Mrs.
Fordman? The military officer that Tina murdered was coming to tell Mrs.
Fordman that they had found Whitney's body.
- Whitney died in combat.
- Oh, my God! - Oh, that's horrible.
- Yeah.
Clark? Have you seen Lana? Chloe said she's not ready to see anyone yet.
Sweetheart, are you all right? I just can't help thinking that Whitney's skin wasn't bulletproof.
His bones weren't unbreakable, but he still put himself in harm's way so the world could be safer.
I wonder if I didn't have my abilities, if I'd have the same kind of courage.
Son, there is no doubt in our minds that you would.
What I did was inexcusable.
I violated your privacy.
I should have trusted you.
It's a little late for apologies.
From the time I was born I was raised in an environment of suspicion and distrust.
My father taught me to regard everyone as an adversary, no matter who they are.
I'm sorry you had to grow up like that, I am, but When my mother died I began to build a wall around my heart.
Every year that wall grew taller and more fortified till eventually it became impenetrable.
I want to tear the wall down, Helen, I do.
I just I don't have the slightest clue how to do it.
Lex I've never once asked anyone for help, but I'm asking you now.
Help me, Helen.
I don't want to become my father.
I called your house.
Your mom said you were down here.
I am so sorry.
I never should have sent that video.
Don't do that to yourself.
He was missing in action fighting for his life, thinking that I wasn't there that I didn't care.
It's not your fault.
Seems like every person that I've ever gotten close to just leaves.
- That's not true.
- Yeah, it is.
My parents, Nell now Whitney.
I know I haven't been a good friend.
- You've been a great friend.
- No, I have doubted you accused you of things, and still you're here, protecting me.
I don't care if you have secrets, Clark.
You are the one good, constant thing in my life and I don't want to lose you too.
I'm not going anywhere.