Smallville s03e22 Episode Script


Hello, Clark.
My name is Kara.
I'm from Krypton.
Kara, I don't know where you heard about Krypton but an astronomer told me that planet was destroyed.
Its physical form is gone but it still lives on through us.
Here, this will warm you up.
It's hot tea.
Young lady your parents must be worried.
Why don't you let us call them.
There's no one to call.
Well, you can't sleep out in the field.
You'll stay with us tonight.
Thank you.
I heard you were very kind.
How exactly did you get here? I came through a passage in the cave wall.
A passage from where? A place where all your questions will be answered.
Where you don't have to hide your true self.
Look, if you really are from some distant planet, why don't you us a favor, huh? Give us a display of all of your special abilities.
-Dad-- -Clark you told me yourself that Pete's being harassed by the FBl.
How do we know that this isn't just some ploy? Jonathan Kent, you have no place in this conversation.
I will show Kal-El all he needs to see in due time.
Where did you hear that name? It was given to you at birth.
Why are you here? To take you home.
Clark? Lex.
-Hey, do you have a second? -This is good a time as any.
I thought you'd be out celebrating.
Your dad's finally behind bars.
My father has a battalion of lawyers more powerful than Caesar's army.
He'll be out on bail in less than 48 hours.
I don't think the judge is gonna let a murderer out on the street.
The only way he'll be denied bail is if there's evidence at his hearing -he's an imminent threat to society.
-What about Chloe's voice mail? The one with your dad's confession on it? That can be damaging.
It will be, for the grand jury.
But in order to deny him bail, they need eyewitnesses.
People who've seen my father actually inflict harm.
Unfortunately, anyone who's been privy to his darkest moments is either dead or unwilling to come forward.
I'll come forward.
I appreciate the support, Clark, but they need an eyewitness.
I saw him at Belle Reve.
I saw him order the doctor to increase your electroshock voltage even when the doctor said it could turn you into a vegetable.
How could you have seen that? I snuck in to try to save you but I was too late.
You knew all along my father murdered his parents, didn't you? And you never told me.
-Lex-- -I assumed there was an agreement among friends to share that kind of information.
Not when it can get your friend killed.
Lex, your father threw you in a mental institution and fried your brain.
If you found that out all over again I thought he'd kill you.
And I couldn't live with that.
You're a good friend, Clark.
If you tell the judge what you just told me my father will be exchanging his Armani for an orange jumpsuit.
I'll be there.
You can count on it.
Six-one, clear.
Opening up.
I thought we had a deal, Loder.
I tipped you off on Lex's wire I made sure discriminating recordings disappeared I can't control a bleached blond, Pulitzer-wannabe from dredging up evidence for a decades-old homicide.
And our other investigation? Lex's friend? What's the status of that? You're a piece of work.
In case you haven't noticed, you're a hop, skip and a jump from death row and no hick farm kid's secret's gonna be able to save your ass.
This is an inconvenience.
I'll be out on bail in a couple of hours.
Then I expect you to send me the information you've gathered on Clark Kent.
You can expect to be waiting for a very long time.
Our deal's over, Mr.
You're venturing into dangerous waters, Loder.
I'm a pretty decent swimmer.
Opening 6-1.
You shouldn't involve yourself in their problems.
-Lex is my friend.
I want to help him.
-You can't trust him.
You don't know him.
I don't have to.
It's human nature.
It's just who they are.
They happen to be the people I care about.
Which is why it will be that much harder when they all betray you.
I can understand why you're scared.
This is all you know.
But you're not meant for this world, Kal-El.
You were meant for mine.
My name's Clark.
-Why should I believe anything you say? -Because it's the truth.
Really? Why don't you start by telling me where you've been for the last 1 4 years? If you join me all your questions will be answered.
That's not good enough.
Kal-El, wait.
Come with me.
-How are you doing this? -You're doing it too.
I can't fly.
Not yet.
This is just the beginning, Kal-El.
You have no idea how powerful you'll become.
This fissure wasn't here last week.
It opened to release me.
It'll open again when we go.
What makes you think I don't like this world? I can sense how sad you are, Kal-El.
Not a day goes by where you don't feel like an outsider.
Even those closest to you will never truly understand you.
But it doesn't have to be that way.
You've been down here ever since the meteor shower? Yes.
Waiting for the time when he knew you'd be ready.
He? Your birth father.
-He died in Krypton.
-Yes but his spirit and will live on inside these walls.
I should've known.
He's not the monster that you imagine.
He saved your life.
To turn me into something I never wanted to be.
You may think you know your destiny but you've no idea what greatness lies ahead of you.
Then why don't you tell me? I'm only here to help your transition.
Everything that you want to know Iies through there.
But it has to be your choice.
Come with me, Kal-El.
I can't do this.
Just know when you're ready I'll be waiting for you.
Orange is a good color for you, Dad although it might get a little old after 25 to life.
I didn't ask you here to trade insults.
No matter how wide the chasm gets between us, son I'm your father.
I'll always be your father.
And the devil that's haunted me since the day I was born.
Lex, this is not easy for me.
As a father I.
I have failed you.
I realize that now.
And I'm sorry.
Two years ago I was diagnosed with a.
A degenerative liver disease.
I've tried everything, everything imaginable but there's nothing.
It's too late.
No amount of money can save me.
Lex please don't let me die in prison.
Dad this might have been more effective if you had a string quartet in the corner playing "Barber's Requiem.
" I understand.
How could you trust me? I've asked my doctors to release my medical files to you.
You can see for yourself.
She hasn't eaten anything since she's been here.
Martha, her appetite is the least of our problems.
I think she's for real.
I think Jor-El sent her.
-Are you sure? -How else can we explain her powers? This is Smallville.
Kryptonite's given a lot of people special abilities.
She knows my birth name.
She knows everything.
She doesn't know anything more about you than Dr.
-Do you think Swann sent Kara? -I've no idea what his agenda is.
But wherever this girl is from, I don't trust her.
You're the one who cannot be trusted, Jonathan Kent.
You broke the covenant.
Jor-El gave you many warnings, but you chose not to listen to them.
What is she talking about, Jonathan? Tell Kal-El what you did.
What kind of deal did you make, Dad? I promised Jor-El that if he gave me the power to bring you back from Metropolis that one day I'd return you to him.
Jonathan, you didn't do that.
-I had no idea it was gonna be this soon.
I told you, Kal-El.
They'll always betray you.
Even the man you call your father.
-I did not betray my son.
Someone's listening.
What are you talking about? How'd you do that? Who are you? Get out of my way! What did you do to him? That man feared you, Kal-El.
-He wanted to exploit you.
-So you killed him? He didn't feel any pain.
She killed a man, Jonathan.
We have to call the sheriff.
What are we gonna tell the sheriff? A Kryptonian girl vaporized a federal agent? -What have you invited into our lives? -Martha I don't believe l had another choice.
How could you have made that decision without talking to me? It was the only way that I could get him back.
Why would you keep it a secret? I didn't want you to have to wait for the rest of your life worrying about something that might never happen.
Do you really think Jor-El will ever give up on Clark? I can't sit idly by while he takes our son.
We might not have a choice.
That girl is more powerful than Clark.
Kent? -So this is the legendary Torch.
A little less glamorous than you imagined, huh? If you're looking for Clark, I haven't seen a trace of him.
I was looking for you.
Something's telling me you're not throwing a tea party.
I understand that you're very good at getting to the bottom of things.
Do you think you could run the fingerprints off of this for me? No problem.
Is there a name that's attached to the fingerprints? That's what I need to find out, Chloe.
I need the identity of the last person to touch that cup.
If I could get a little more info on this mystery, it might help- Chloe, as a personal favor to me, please don't press the issue.
I'll call my guy right now.
Thank you.
It's gonna take a little while.
Of course.
I thought you'd be packing.
Well, if I squeeze anything else into my suitcases, I think they'd explode.
So when are you taking off? Well, I have to be at the airport by noon tomorrow.
That's sort of why I'm here.
I was wondering if you would mind being my SuperShuttle.
I know it's been a strange year but I hate leaving with the feeling things aren't settled between us.
-Lana, when I said I want you to be happy- -When you invited me over and you had something important to tell me, that wasn't it, was it? Clark, if you have something to say to me, say it before I'm gone.
-Who's that? My cousin.
You've never mentioned her before.
Where's she from? Far away.
Well, you know, if you-- If you've got company, I should-- -I should find a ride from someone else.
Even though it's gonna be hard to see you go, I wanna be there for you.
We'll talk in the car? Tomorrow? She really does love you.
But it's not meant to be.
You know that.
No one knows what's meant to be.
Not you, not even Jor-El.
Don't let it upset you, Kal-El.
What you share with Lana is an earthly love filled with doubts, and pain and sorrow.
The love between us will be stronger than anything you can imagine.
You and I are the only ones left, Kal-El.
We're the only ones who can preserve the Kryptonian race.
Come with me, Kal-El.
Come home.
This is my home.
I know it seems that way but sooner or later everyone you know here will lie, betray or leave you.
No matter what you say I'll never go with you.
Clark Kent? I have a package for you.
Who's it from? A Mr.
Lionel Luthor.
Johns Hopkins, the Mayo Clinic.
My father's knocked on the door of every major medical institution in the Western world and was sent home each time without a cure.
I'm sensing you're having second thoughts.
Lex, I understand if you want to back out.
He needs to be punished for what he did, but he's still your father and he's dying.
Yeah and he's gonna draw his last breath in prison not the VlP suite at Metropolis General.
But only if you're still willing to go through with this.
I don't think I like the sound of this.
A dying man has little to lose.
My father used a bizarre blood platelet cocktail to raise the dead then pinned the murders of the research team on his son.
Who knows what tactics he'll use to avoid going to prison.
Yeah, but the FBl guaranteed our safety.
They're putting me and my father in protective custody until after the trial.
Then what? -Lex, are you trying to scare me? -I'm worried about you, Chloe.
I want you to have all the facts before you walk into that courtroom.
Your father's intimidated me long enough.
I'm not backing down.
What is this? A key.
Unfortunately not the one we're both looking for.
If you wanna play games, I'll leave.
My lawyers told me that your name has appeared on the prosecution's witness list.
I can only assume that Lex has you buying into his version of our Oedipal struggle.
I am a poor misguided.
Et cetera, et cetera.
Buy into this: You're a murderer.
I didn't kill my parents, Clark.
I certainly didn't shed any tears at their funeral.
You have no idea what it's like to grow up under the thumb of an abusive father someone who'd stop at nothing to establish absolute control over you.
Your son does.
Lex is an expert by now.
An expert at lies and subterfuge.
That key you're holding.
It opens a door.
Third floor, east wing, Luthor mansion.
You'll be fascinated by what you find.
I'm not walking into some kind of trap.
Last time I listened to you, I became a lab rat at Summerholt.
Clark I don't wanna harm you.
I want to enlighten you.
You want answers? You're gonna find them.
Answers you won't believe.
-Before you jump to conclusions-- -You said you stopped investigating me.
-I did.
-You did? Then what is this? I understand how you could think all this is about you but in fact it's about me.
More lies.
So much of my own life I can't explain.
I survived countless brushes with death, and it all started with this car crash.
If I'm guilty of anything, it's that I inherited my father's curiosity for the unexplained.
You've inherited his dishonesty.
Clark, look me in the eye and tell me you don't have any hidden places where you keep deep, dark secrets.
Ever since I met you, I've been defending you.
Making excuses for you to people like Pete, like my parents telling them, "You can trust Lex Luthor, he's a good guy.
He's nothing like his father.
" I was wrong.
I can't believe he pretended to be my friend for three years just to investigate me.
I'm so sorry.
I know how hard this must be for you.
Maybe Kara's right.
She warned me that all my friends would betray me.
Maybe I don't belong here.
-Maybe there's a better place for me.
I've done everything in my power to defy Jor-El.
Mom, it's only made things worse.
-Clark-- -Maybe I should go.
Oh, sweetheart.
You don't have to decide anything right this minute.
You know? It's been an incredibly difficult time for you.
With Pete gone, and Lana leaving.
I just wanted to say bon voyage.
Shouldn't you be at the courthouse? My father can wait.
I couldn't let the last person you saw from Smallville be the shuttle driver looking for his tip.
Lex, I can't thank you enough for everything that you've done for me.
It's pretty clear your destiny lies far beyond the Smallville city limits.
I'm just trying to help you get there.
I don't know what I did to deserve such a great friend but I'm glad that you came into my life.
Maybe I'll bump into you on the Champs Elysees.
Are you gonna be in Paris? I haven't been in a couple years, but now I have reason to go.
Clark isn't here.
The judge says if he's not here in five minutes, he's setting bail.
-Did you try calling? -At home and on his cell phone.
No answer.
Something big must've happened because he flaked on Lana too.
-Lex, what's going on? -Nothing.
I'm just hoping Clark didn't change his mind.
You're his best friend.
Why would he do that? There he is, just in time to save the day.
Clark, hey.
How do you feel about prison now that you've been denied bail? You know, it's nothing new to be in prison and to be an innocent man.
In the end, I have no doubt that justice will prevail.
Are you planning an appeal, sir? Clark.
-Thanks for showing up.
It means a lot to me.
-I didn't come here for you, Lex.
I came because it's the right thing to do.
This friendship's over.
Everything you said has come true.
I take no pleasure in your anguish, Kal-El.
I know that you have great feelings for these people and they will miss you when you're gone.
Ever since the meteor shower I've brought them nothing but pain.
Come with me, Kal-El and she will ease your suffering.
She? Your birth mother.
Lara? She's missed you so much.
How could she? She died.
Her love lives on and will embrace you all the days of your life.
I'm ready.
-How long has Clark been gone? -Since 3.
-Jonathan, the way he was talking.
-Call the Talon.
I'm gonna check the caves.
Kent, I found a match for your phantom fingerprints.
And even for me, the keeper of the Wall of Weird it's extremely weird.
Clark! Wait! Her name is not Kara.
Her name is Lindsay.
And she's not from Krypton.
What are you talking about? -lgnore him, Kal-El.
-Chloe matched her fingerprints to a young girl who was arrested for shoplifting 1 6 years ago.
Your name is Lindsay Harrison.
-My name is Kara.
-You were driving with your mother on the day of the meteor shower.
Your car got a direct hit on Route 8.
That's right here near the caves.
Clark, Lindsay's body was never found.
-You haven't aged a day.
-Because I've been waiting for you in there.
No, Lindsay.
Jor-El used you.
He stole away your life.
He stripped you of your humanity all so he could lure Clark to him.
You two have to come with me right now.
Go with Kara, Kal-El.
I'm not going anywhere! I'll never be who you want me to be! -What did you do to her? -She served her purpose as has Jonathan Kent.
Dad! -Leave my father alone! -Come forward or he will die.
Come to me, Kal-El.
Clark! I've lived a full life, son.
Jor-El can do whatever he wants to do to me as long as you're free.
I'll never be free.
Clark! No! Do it.
Thank you.
Kal-El, my son.
Now you shall be reborn.
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