Smallville s06e17 Episode Script


Fight fans.
Are you ready? Tonight's epic brawl is a special co-ed matchup.
Introducing two new.
Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome.
You're paid to keep an eye on the fights not me.
The view in here is a lot better.
Security guard by day, Catholic schoolgirl by night.
You're a woman of many talents, Athena.
And a woman of many desires.
Unfortunately, none of them are you.
Taking off early? Rough day.
How's the fight going? It'll all be over soon.
The big guy just showed up.
He's an animal.
Where'd Maddox find him? Outside a bar in Omaha.
Busting up a group of Hell's Angels.
Next time I catch you peeping at me, I'll put you in a cage with him.
What's going on here? He's tearing up the place.
He killed Maddox.
-Who? -Titan.
Time to die, Kryptonian.
Thanks, Oliver.
Yeah, I'll call you if I find anything.
"Police are baffled over a recent string of bizarre citizen's arrests.
Numerous career criminals have been mysteriously delivered to stations throughout the metro area, in most cases unconscious.
" Clark, do you know anything about this? It sounds like some bad guys have finally been brought to justice.
Well, some of them were hurt pretty badly.
That sounds like a little more than justice.
They were meteor infected.
Put up a fight.
I know you're trying to help, but you can't go about it this way.
It's not right.
You know what's not right, Mom? It's doing nothing when I could be out there making a difference.
Now, I gotta go.
Oliver gave me a tip.
I gotta follow up on it.
I know how difficult Lex and Lana's wedding was for you.
But ever since that day, it's like you've become another person.
Why? Because I'm not distracted by my feelings for Lana? That I can finally focus on what I need to do? Sweetheart, you should never consider what you felt to be a distraction.
Love is a natural human emotion.
Maybe my mistake was having those feelings at all.
I'm not human, Mom.
It's time I stopped pretending to be.
Clark, can you believe this? A krypto fight club on the lnternet? How come nobody else knows about this? According to Oliver, getting the link and password costs more than most people make in a year.
Yeah, fight fans.
The choice is yours.
Live or die.
The choice is yours.
Vote now.
Clark, he just killed that guy.
Chloe, I need you to trace the link back to the source.
I'm trying, but they're bouncing it off about a billion different proxy servers.
Whoever's running this operation made sure no one would find them.
Didn't Oliver and your super pals give you anything else? It was a short conversation, Chloe.
They're kind of busy lately.
All he said was he thought the location was somewhere nearby.
The security on this stream is off the charts.
I mean, I can't record it, I can't download it, I can't.
Yeah, fight fans.
Your winner and still undisputed champion.
The one, the only Titan.
Freeze that frame.
What is that? Is that Kryptonian? It' s a prison tattoo.
Chloe, Titan isn't meteor infected.
He's from the Phantom Zone.
I thought we'd end the evening with a toast.
We've officially been married one week.
The baby's safe.
It's just sparkling cider.
It's not quite the same as celebrating on the beach in Phuket but I guess it'll have to do.
Lex, I'm sorry.
I know how much you wanted to go on this honeymoon but like I said before I don't think that flying off to some foreign country is good for the baby.
Are you sure that's the only reason you gave up a week in paradise? Ever since the wedding, I feel like you've been pulling away from me.
Everything happened so quickly.
This pregnancy, the wedding, I still feel like I'm trying to catch up.
I just need a little time.
Take as much time as you need.
We have the rest of our lives together.
Look, I'm sure things will be different once the baby's born.
Right? To our new family.
Clark slow down.
I don't have enough money to hire a full-time maid -to clean up every time you blow in.
-What'd you find? The URL and the password that Oliver gave you are both null and void which means the fight-club promoters must be rotating them to maximize security and profits.
-You have nothing? -Don't bite my head off.
You know I always have something up my sleeve.
I'm starting to think that super-sleuthing might be my latent krypto-power.
So it turns out that our Billy ldol look-alike is actually a meteor-infected Belle Reve resident.
Now, this is the weird thing.
After he was killed in that cage, he was returned back to his padded cell.
The orderlies found his body this morning.
If we find who got him in and out of the hospital they'll lead us straight to the fight club.
-And to Titan.
-Already on it.
See, your sidekick isn't completely useless.
Sorry I snapped, Chloe.
I'm worried that Titan might be a bigger threat than I thought.
Your friend at the Metropolis precinct helped me find these.
It's Titan's victims.
They were found between a crater outside Omaha, where he landed, and Metropolis.
He left the same wound on all the bodies.
-And they're all fighters.
-I know why.
The tattoo on Titan's arm.
From what I could tell, it said he was a warrior, enhanced for combat.
He's been looking for a fight.
What better challenge for a brawl-loving Zoner than a rumble at a krypto fight club? Can you believe this? I couldn't find proof of the Chupacabra in the Everglades.
So now my editor wants to downsize me.
If I don't come up with an article in 48 hours I can say adios to my weekly paycheck.
-ls that a story? -No.
Okay, look, normally, I would be hands-off but this puppy needs a bone.
Please, coz.
I'll owe you big time.
There's no story for the Inquisitor here, Lois.
It's just a dead end.
After a shower and a cappuccino, you'll come up with something in no time.
Clark's right.
We'll give you some room.
I could have used a little help.
Fort Ryan, hangar 44.
Hey, puss in boots.
Where are you going? Hey, my car overheated on the way to work and I just needed some water for my radiator.
What are you all dressed up for, kitten? I'm a dancer.
At the Phoenix.
-The strip club down the road? -Yeah.
Look, I go on-stage in 1 5 minutes.
I could sure use your help.
This place is a little off the beaten path.
-How'd you even know we were back here? -My dad's a general.
Before the base was mothballed and sold off I came here all the time with him.
A general, huh? I bet he's proud of how his little girl turned out.
Come on help a girl out.
I'll leave your name at the front door.
You can watch my act.
I do a killer stars and stripes routine.
I've always been a sucker for a girl in boots.
Lucky me.
Wait right here, kitten.
I'll be right back.
You're a very nosy girl, kitty cat.
Pretty nice moves, for a stripper.
Oh, honey, I learned even better ones as an Army brat.
For your information, my daddy is proud of me kitty cat.
If you were my little girl, I'd be proud of you too.
So I think I found our Vince McMahon wannabe and he has total access to an endless supply of meteor freaks.
Meet Richter Maddox, executive administrator at Belle Reve.
How's this guy keeping Titan locked up in Belle Reve? Actually, our jolly mean giant isn't in the Belle Reve yearbook.
He must be freelancing.
So Maddox isn't just pulling fighters from the hospital, he's using outside talent? If I can talk my way into that ring, I'll find Titan.
These bouts are live.
You can't risk showing people your abilities.
-I don't have a choice, Chloe.
-Clark, he can kill you.
Not if I kill him first.
Keep me updated on your progress.
You have full discretion, Bartlett.
Make it happen.
Yes, sir.
Lana? Lex.
Oh, my God.
There's something wrong.
Somebody help me.
Luthor, you shouldn't get out of bed yet.
You passed out.
You're at Smallville Medical Center.
Where's Dr.
Langston? Is the baby all right? He didn't return my page so I called in Dr.
She's been my family doctor for years.
You're going to be fine, Mrs.
You just need to get some rest.
Is the baby all right? Could you give us a minute? Lex.
Lana there were complications.
-We lost the baby.
-Lana, I'm sorry.
You scared me.
Where did you come from? You wouldn't believe me if I told you.
I've had a long day, so if you're looking to check in the admitting desk is in the lobby.
I'm looking for you, Mr.
I wanna fight.
What did I do to you? No.
I mean, I wanna be in your fight club.
You must have me confused with someone else.
It happens, I have that kind of face.
I know about the fight club.
I know you're not only using patients from Belle Reve.
I want in.
Okay, look, the only place I can get you into is this psychiatric facility.
You're clearly a very sick person and you need help.
If treatment's not what you're looking for then I suggest you back off.
You're barking at the wrong dog, Jethro.
Now, put your tail between your legs and get lost.
Not until you let me in that cage.
Now, you're just full of surprises, aren't you? You haven't seen anything yet.
No, I bet not.
And I thought with your pretty face, you'd never gone a round in your life.
But now I can see it in your eyes.
Yeah, there it is.
You've got some fight in you, don't you? Welcome to the show.
Hey, what do you think of the name the Man of Steel? -Man of Steel? -I give all the fighters their monikers.
Trust me, it's a name no one's gonna forget.
I got a feeling about these things.
People say I'm psychic.
Remember, play it up for the cameras.
People are forking over top dollar to see these fights.
-Where's the crowd? -We don't have a crowd.
Can't have a crowd if you want this secret.
Besides, who needs an audience when you got 50,000 watts of sound? -Check that out.
I just bought that.
-Give me a sound check.
Gate! Now, here's how it works.
We sell the spectacle to the "high rollers" online, and the noise pumps up the fighters just fine.
-Where's Titan? -Titan? That's the main event.
I wanna warm you up with something easy first.
Won't be much of a fight, but it doesn't matter, because all the fans wanna see is someone die.
Then who am I fighting? Get off me.
I hope you like the taste of vinyl, honey, because you're about to eat -a fistful of red patent leather.
-Lois? Smallville? Stand by on one.
We're online in three, two one.
Yeah, fight fans.
Are you ready? Tonight's undercard is a special co-ed matchup.
Introducing two new combatants.
In this corner, the voluptuous the vicious Vixen! Yummy.
And, now, entering our arena for the very first time.
Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the all-powerful the all-American Man of Steel! I can't wait.
Good luck, pretty boy.
Lois, what are you doing here? Trying to stay alive.
-Punch me.
-What? Look, not too hard, just enough to make it look real.
All they want is a fight.
As soon as I hit the mat, Maddox will come back in -and we make our getaway.
-I'm not gonna punch you, Lois.
Then you take the dive.
That isn't just a six-pack under your shirt, that's a steel kegger.
The live feed went down.
The show is over.
Lois, run.
What's going on? He's tearing up the place.
He killed Maddox.
-Who? -Titan.
Leave her alone.
The human means nothing to me.
You're the fight I've been hoping for.
You don't belong here.
You're the one that doesn't belong.
Time to die, Kryptonian.
My turn.
Good fight.
Sorry to bother you.
This must be a difficult time.
-Get to the point.
-We located the fight club as instructed.
-So you have Titan? -Negative.
He was dead when the team arrived.
According to your reports, Titan decimated some of the toughest meteor freaks out there.
-Now, who could've taken him down? -We don't know, sir.
We lost our lnternet link right before the team moved in.
They did retrieve Titan's body.
You'll find the autopsy report interesting.
-He wasn't a meteor freak.
-No, sir.
Titan wasn't human.
How's Lois? She's pretty banged up, but the doctor says she's gonna be all right.
She's already started working on her article about the fight club.
Don't worry, she didn't see me do anything newsworthy.
I won't be making headlines.
I'm glad to know she's fine.
How are you doing? I thought that Titan was the last prisoner I let escape from the Phantom Zone but looking at all these.
If there are any more out there, I'm sure you'll find them.
And then what? I don't know how to return them to the Phantom Zone.
The only way to get rid of them is to kill them like I did Titan.
Clark from what you told me, that was an accident.
-That's what I keep telling myself.
-Well, what if it wasn't? He would have killed you.
Oh, so I just killed him first? How does that make me any different than Titan? What you're feeling right now is what makes you different.
Regret, remorse for a creature who would've murdered you and Lois without a second thought.
Those feelings are what make you human.
No matter how much you deny it.
And what about the anger? I wanted to kill him, Mom.
I wanted to kill him with my bare hands.
I've never felt rage like that before.
You were angry before you ever heard of Titan.
We both know that's not what this is about.
How could Lana do it? How could she marry Lex? I don't know, Clark, but she made her choice.
Or someone made it for her.
I have to figure out what happened.
Honey I understand how much this hurts.
But part of being human, of being in love is learning to let go.
If you can't, I'm afraid the anger you're feeling will always be there.
Nell called.
She wanted to know if you'd like some company tomorrow.
I don't know.
Lana, you haven't left this room since we got back from the hospital.
I like it here.
I called Dr.
Langston to tell him what happened.
They told me he was killed in a car accident.
My God.
That's terrible.
When? The day of our wedding.
Lex, why is all this happening? Some things in life are just out of your control.
Sometimes you have to let go and leave it in the hands of a greater power.
I lost our baby.
I'm so sorry.
It wasn't your fault.
I have to know for sure.
I need to get my files from Dr.
Langston's office.
We will.
Lana, how can I make--? How can I help make the pain go away? What can I do? Are you sure these are all of her files? Thank you for your help, Dr.
Now, forget you ever heard of Lana Luthor.