Smallville s07e07 Episode Script


It's good to know I can still beat you at something.
Thanks for the afternoon, Clark.
Champagne, truffles It wasn't even my birthday.
Overkill? No, I loved it.
But normally, that kind of romance comes with a tag that says "sorry I wrecked your car or I accidentally slept with your sister.
" Well, to be honest Lana, you lately you've seemed a little distant.
I guess I've been busy.
We finally get a chance to make this relationship work.
It's not a big deal.
I'm just getting used to the new live.
Lana, I know what this is really about.
You do? Between my cousin and that crystal from Krypton, it's been as far from a normal live as you can get.
Clark, I wanted normal I would have rethought the part about dating a guy who shoots fire from his eyes.
If everything we've been through was just for that was all worth it.
We should get out of here.
Clark! Clark, are you okay? "Somebody save me" "Let your warm hands break right through me" "Somebody save me" "I don't care how you do it" "Just save me, save me" "Come on" "I've been waiting for you" "I've made this whole world shine for you" "Just save me, save me" "Come on" SMALLVILLE 7x07 "WRATH" Lana, you have to be careful with this speed thing.
It's a little I was moving and everything else was frozen.
Clark, this is so cool.
How come you didn't tell me it was like this.
One of those had-to-be-there kind of things.
Listen Lana, it took me a lot of time to adjust.
Relax, Clark.
You live with these abilities every day.
I think I can handle it.
Yeah, but we don't know that for sure.
And Lana, a human with my abilities can be dangerous.
We have to find a way to get rid of them.
Eventually yes, but being on an equal playing field could have its benefits.
Like what? Lana.
I don't think that's such a good idea.
It There's no harm in trying.
Lana I guess I should go out and fix the barn.
You're X-raying me? My God, that's amazing! You can do so much with this.
Well, let's start with you not getting so up close and personal with my vertebrae.
I just wish this had happened a long time ago.
I always tried to guess what your life was like, but there was always a part of you that I could never get close to.
No matter how hard I tried I could never really know you.
Not until now.
I've left you like ten messages.
We've been busy.
Oh that's nice, while you two have been busy I have been practicing my cardiac arrest.
Are you okay? Better than ever.
Why? I don't know, only because there've been constant seismic tremors all around Smallville since two o'clock.
That was probably us.
What do mini-earthquakes had to do with you guys? Oh.
I thought you said you couldn't Yeah, we normally can't.
You guys talk about this? What? It's just Chloe.
Oh, someone has been eating their wheaties.
Um, I'll go get a screwdriver.
Ok, I need a little explain-o.
There was Kryptonite and lighting and it happened so fast it's not really clear.
The transfer wasn't complete.
I still have my powers.
And now Lana does too.
Clark Been here and done this and it doesn't end well.
Hey, the last human you supped up became a psych 101 case study.
Yeah, but Lana is different.
We know her.
It's not gonna happen.
Ok, Eric Summers was just a geek who collected rocks and then ended up in an asylum.
And I hate to bring this up, but when your dad took your powers His heart failed.
So, whatever extra curricular benefits this could have they don't outweigh what could happen to Lana.
Could you keep en eye on her for me? Don't worry about, Clark.
I won't let Lana out of my sight.
I so needed this girls night out.
You don't have to cover Clark asked you to babysit me.
No, he didn't.
But, Lana I don't want to ruin your super high or anything but you just have to watch yourself.
Chloe I wish you could know how this feels.
It's like you can do anything.
Like nothing can hurt you.
Like you're untouchable.
I've been given a gift.
I can break into any locked door, slip into any room unnoticed eavesdrop on any conversation.
So are you passing on the circus so you can go and join the KGB? You're always after the hard-to-get articles.
You can't tell me that you wouldn't use these powers if you had them.
Yeah, but you're not a reporter.
I may not be, but I do have a story to tell.
What's churning in that head of yours Lana? What am I looking at? We don't really know.
The metallic dust, somehow liquefied.
On its own? That dust was the last remnant of the alien technology I have.
What's left of Milton Fine Ship.
Now whatever you did with it I want it back.
I swear to you, Mr.
Luthor, you're staring at what you gave me.
This is an airtight container.
The sample has been under lock and key 24 hours a day.
Dust doesn't just turn to liquid.
It's evolving.
That metal is sentient.
It's alive.
It's my report and all the data on project Scion.
That organism exhibits conscious behavior.
Without being contained by meteor rocks and low levels of radiation, the liquid has mobility.
It appears to want out.
I know you're an ethical man, Dr.
But project Scion needs to remain confidential at any price.
Am I making myself clear? Well, I always knew you'd make an impression on Washington, Martha.
Oh, two bills in one session - That is truly remarkable.
Yeah, all right.
Keep in touch.
Thanks to your mother, Clark, we have finally got a senator who is gonna put Kansas on the map.
What is it, son? There's another woman about to make her mark.
It's Lana.
There was an accident, and she has my abilities.
I need to switch her back, Lionel.
I know it's a long shot, but I thought if someone had technology that could reverse the effects you can get it.
Clark Do you realize the potential danger we're involved with here? She is not - May not be the person you think she is.
It will take her some time to get over what Lex did to her.
No, that's not it.
Listen, Clark Those weeks that I was missing after the dam broke.
When I was being held captive Lana was behind all that.
Lana's incapable of doing something like that.
You sure? Have you ever allowed yourself to take a really honest look at Lana? Have you? If you're saying this because you think I'm wasting my time with Lana instead of pursuing some master plan that Jor-El set out for me, that's my decision to make.
Samson trusted Delilah with the secret of his strength, but his trust didn’t prevent Delilah from betraying him.
Lana? Lana? I wouldn't trust her, either.
- Lex.
- You can skip the "you're not welcome here" prologue.
Someone left my vault door on the rug.
Now, Lana was seen walking out of the mansion.
You want to tell me what the hell is going on? I wish I knew.
Knew why she'd steal from me or how she seems to possess superhuman strength? She's obviously been infected.
As to why she was breaking into your mansion, I'm sure you could answer that question better than I could.
You really don't know what Lana's after, do you? She's got a lot of reasons not to trust you.
I was under the impression she'd moved on.
Looks like it's harder to cut that cord than she thought.
Revenge is like an addiction.
I'm sure you would see it that way, but I think I know Lana better than you do.
Is that why you were digging through her things? Let me guess - You're the last to know about her Isis foundation? Stings, doesn't it? You know what this is? On the surface, it's a clinic to help the inflicted.
But what she's really doing, I don't know.
I wouldn't expect you to understand that some of us just want to help people.
If she's so aboveboard, why didn't she tell you about it? You can say what you want, Clark, but I could see it in your eyes.
You don't trust her, either.
What? I can't believe you've never had famous franks before.
I can't believe anyone's had famous franks.
That thing could survive a nuclear holocaust.
Um maybe next time, Lane.
It's just like this Frank you don't respond to my articles because you are not down with the people.
Careful with the attitude, Lane.
I'm still your boss.
Oh, I'm just quoting - From several reputable sources, actually.
Oh, was there a Joan Jett audition no one told me about? Miss Lang, you'll ha to speak with my assistant about an appointment.
Or I can go to the assistant to the editor at the Herald.
I came straight to the top.
Do you want a story or not, Mr.
Gabriel? I'm listening.
Proof that the born-again Lex Luthor isn't as changed as he claims.
It a classified project - Something called Scion.
And he just handed over his hard drive to you? It doesn't matter where it came from.
The world needs to know what kind of person Lex really is.
I'm not gonna settle your personal vendetta in the pages of the Daily Planet.
It's news, and you know it.
We can't run a story from stolen sources.
Verify the facts any way you want.
You are printing that story.
Somebody better switch to decaf.
Then I'll take care of Lex myself.
Hey, word of advice there, Smallville.
Don't forget flowers on Valentine's day.
Lana did this to you? Yeah, no offense, but your girlfriend has issues, not to mention an Amazonian left hook.
She must be juiced with meteor rock.
Can you remind me again why I decided to move to the mutant capital of the world? Can we just put a moratorium on that word, please? Sorry, Miss P.
I'm just hoping that Lana's only temporarily a member of the socially challenged.
She did this all over a story? On Lex.
I mean, I've heard of vengeful, but the look in Lana's eyes made Medea look like mother Hubbard.
Lex said that Lana broke into his safe.
But he didn't exactly let me in on what she found.
It was some project named Scion, and as soon as I'm bondo-ed back together, I'm gonna find out what it is.
Do you know which way she was headed? Sorry.
My face was polishing the hardwood floors.
Miss Lane, the doctor will see you now.
See you.
Lana would never hurt Lois intentionally.
The longer she has these powers, she's growing more aggressive.
We have to find her.
- Oh! - Oh! Let me guess.
Vera Wang? Maybe Dolce? This is me laughing hysterically.
Is the jello really that bad? gut-wrenching laughter.
Daisies make me sneeze, but thanks.
Lois, what are you doing? Escaping.
And if you even try to narc on me, I may have to take you hostage.
If you're working the fantasy angle - Shut up.
You know what? You may not want to print Lana's exposé on Lex's Scion project, but she wouldn't have come to us if there wasn't truth to it.
And when I land this story, you'll thank me.
No, I told you, don't clash horns with the Luthors.
Then I guess the claws will have to do.
No, I'm serious.
I don't want to lose my ace reporter.
Oh, I know what's going on here.
You do? Look, I don't deny the little sexual tension that's built up between us but, honestly, what office romance ever works out? So keep your wick in your candle- Or however the saying goes.
The fantasy stops here.
Chloe, Lana didn't pick up.
- Any headway on the location of Scion? - Nada.
I mean, it's possible that Lex has finally learned to cover his tracks.
Or what if, for once, Lex doesn't have anything to hide? Yeah, maybe when I hit 5'10" and Prince Harry sweeps me off my feet.
Clark, Lex hasn't changed.
What if having these powers is amplifying Lana's true feelings? Maybe this is all in her head.
Clark, are you pushing this theory because you really want to believe in Lex's metamorphosis or because you're already trying to exonerate Lana? Chloe, do you know what it feels like to wonder if someone close to you isn't who you think? Did you really just asked me that question? Well Look, I haven't been willing to admit it, but ever since Lana came back, she's been different.
There's something darker about her.
Lex said that she's hiding things from me.
Have you heard of this Isis foundation? Clark, I think there's something you need to see.
I want to know if the alloy is responding to its environment or if it's being controlled by something somewhere.
That's a tall order, sir.
Well, with all the resources at your disposal I have confidence you'll rise to the occasion.
Oh my God, Lana, what are you doing? How long is being Lana doing this? She started the foundation a few months ago.
- Months? - She was trying to help people who were victimized by LuthorCorp and their experiments.
Why didn't she tell me about this? She thought you'd say it was too dangerous.
She was right.
Look, Clark, maybe she doesn't want you to make a big al out of it.
Maybe she wants to help people on her own terms.
Or she's secretly spying on Lex and she doesn't want us to know how totally depraved she is.
Chloe, tell me you didn't know anything about this.
Trust me, Clark, I had no idea that there was a La Femme Nikita lurking behind our little Florence Nightingale.
I don't see anything about Scion in here.
- What is it? - It's labeled "Lex's mobile.
" Do you think she's bugging him? Can you rewind the track? My god, Lana, what are you doing? Where's Scion? Pier number 4.
Pier number 4.
If I lose any more patience, Lex you won't be around to see it.
I told you I don't have anything to hide.
This is project Scion.
You can see for yourself.
The password is 51805.
That's the date of the last meteor shower.
You're tracking aliens? You said you stopped looking into this.
If you don't stop, more people will die.
Lana, there's a reason for everything that has happened to me.
Don't you see? My miraculous rescue from the river, the spacecrafts, those creatures who landed with the meteors - It's not a coincidence.
You're right, because your hunger for power landed you in the middle of it all.
There's a reason you came to me a not Clark.
- You trusted me.
- That's all over.
Is it? Then why have you been trailing me, spying on me, stalking every move that I make? Because the world should know what a liar you are.
I will dig up every track you have buried until it kills me.
I won't let you hurt anyone else.
And I haven't, have I? Lana, I'm trying to save people.
We started this together.
Those creatures - They were only the first.
There will be more.
Project Scion might be our only hope.
So, you've appointed yourself prophet of the alien invasion.
It wasn't until Saint Paul was struck blind by lightning on the road to Damascus that he saw his higher calling.
I want the world to know you as well as I do.
Saving the world isn't in your nature, Lex.
What are you really up to? Lana, wait.
Killing me would almost be a release.
The only person who would really suffer is you.
From guilt? I think I'll get over it.
From knowing that Clark would never look at you the same way again.
He's not like us, Lana.
You might not want to admit it, but we understand each other.
We understand doing whatever it takes to survive.
You can't kill me, Lana.
You'd lose Clark forever.
Lana! - You have to stop.
- I can't.
I have to take care of your unfinished business.
- I'll take care of Lex.
- No, you won't! You're too afraid to get blood on your hands.
Taking people's lives is not our choice to make.
And how many people would still be alive if you had had the guts to get rid of Lex a long time ago? Lana, I'm taking Lex out of here.
You can do anything, and all you've done is hide out on some farm.
I protected the people I care about.
At least, I've tried to.
Don't worry, sir.
It's been taken care of.
I give you my word.
You're busy? Actually, yes.
- I was just - Oh, please.
Online poker doesn't count.
Oh, busted.
What can I do for you? I hit the pavement about Lana's story on Lex, but all I found was a new pizza place.
And without the hard drive, there wasn't much of a piece.
So, I was right.
Say I was right.
You were dipping your toes in the correct vicinity.
Well if that's all, Miss Lane, I should get back to my royal flush.
Actually, it's not.
I think we should talk about what happened in the elevator.
I'm glad that I got that out my chest.
If news of that spread through the mail room, I could have my nameplate on your door by tomorrow.
That's sexual harassment.
But that wasn't.
Well, that's a new twist.
Lana's sending you to do her apologies for her? Especially after today.
Whatever infected Lana's gone now.
She's back to normal.
I came here to find out if you're pressing charges against her.
For breaking in or almost killing me? Lex, I know, in your world, nothing comes without payback so, what are you gonna do to her? Nothing.
You'd never let her just walk away.
You know, the ironic part of all this is I'm the one who ended up with something I wanted.
Lana still has feelings for me.
Don't flatter yourself, Lex.
Those powers made her obsessed.
Exactly, and passion like that doesn't come out of the blue.
What do you think is stronger, Clark - her hatred for me or her affection for you? She was angry.
But, eventually, she'll move on.
Don't hold your breath.
the funny thing about obsession is it outlives everything even love.
Lana never would have done anything like this before she'd been with you.
Well, I wish I could take all the credit, but I wasn't the first person to teach her about betrayal, now, was I? it's hard to face what you've created, isn't it? I didn't realize big sister was watching.
I guess Lex cut me off.
It wasn't Lex.
After everything he's done, I have a right to protect myself.
It would have been nice to know about the impressive operation you're running.
I'm sorry that I lied.
I didn't think that you would understand if you saw the whole picture.
Well, it's in crystal-clear H.
Isis seemed to make a lot of sense when I thought you were just out to help people.
In textbook talk, Isis is the goddess of love and life and healing.
she even marched to the ends of the earth to help jump-start the man she loved.
I want Clark to have that kind of loyalty in his life.
but I'm just not sure it's from you.
I would do anything for Clark.
Even kill.
What a lucky guy.
What the textbook left out is that Isis is also the goddess of the underworld.
She's responsible for bringing the great god Ra to his knees.
You believe that I would do that to Clark.
Not intentionally.
But I realize now that you're capable of it.
You should just know that I'm not gonna let that happen.
There's no way to trace where the alloy disappeared to? Mr.
Luthor, I don't need to remind you that the properties of that substance weren't exactly conventional.
We just barely started to study it.
Well, unless you're ready for a front-row seat to the apocalypse, I suggest we find it.
I went to see Lex, he's not gonna press any charges.
if it hadn't been for you, we wouldn't know Lex was still tracking Kryptonians.
at least one good thing came out of the mess I made.
I wish you wouldn't look at me like you hadn't seen me before.
I guess I'm just trying to find a part of you I recognize.
Clark, it was the powers.
you have to know that I would never hurt you.
Even before you had the powers, Lana, you kidnapped Lionel.
But he threatened to kill you.
I was trying to save your life.
And that justifies everything? I'm not going to apologize for going to extremes to protect the person that I love.
You sound like Lex.
I sound like you.
You can't tell me that you haven't crossed the moral line in order to save somebody.
These last few weeks have been so great with you, I just- I didn't want to look below the surface.
Clark, I'm sorry.
I wanted to be honest with you about the Isis foundation but That's never been a part of our relationship.
But I guess it's my fault.
I didn't trust you years ago, and now, for some reason, you can't trust me.
We will find our way back from this.
Will we? Lana, I can live with you changing.
I just need to accept the fact that I'm responsible for it.
Don't do that.
Do what? Take all the blame so that you don't taint the image of me that you created.
I have to live with the decisions that I've made.
I just need to know that you love me no matter what.