Smallville s10e01 Episode Script


Previously on Smallville: I wear the symbol to remind me that I have a different destiny.
I have waited so long for you to admit your true Kryptonian heritage.
My Earth father warned me not to play God.
But I tempted fate, and because of that, he died.
When you saw my fate, what did you see? Although Lex Luthor is your ultimate opponent you will triumph over him.
You walk the same path I do, Chloe Sullivan.
Watchtower is officially online.
You saved my life, Chloe.
Both the myth and the man.
What do you say, kid? Africa.
Perry White offered me a job at the foreign desk in Kenya.
- What would make you stay? - I would stay for you.
I think you leaving Metropolis is the best thing for you right now.
You are the only one that can save us.
The war has already begun.
But what if every trial has just been a preparation for you to make the ultimate sacrifice? You have the capacity to break the chains that are holding you down, Clark.
You will soar higher than any one of us.
- Clark.
- Ollie, you need to get out of there now.
- Ollie! - Chloe! They're not Kandorian.
And now, the final season of Smallville.
Clark! Clark.
Clark? No.
Please come back to me.
Am I dead? You're teetering on the abyss between life and death which is why I am still able to reach you.
My father's grave.
Why show me this? After you die, this stone will be all that is left of you in the world.
I died to save the world.
Evil never ends.
By sacrificing yourself you've left the humans vulnerable to future threats.
I left a team of heroes behind to protect them.
- You were meant to be - Earth's greatest protector.
Now they're about to face the greatest evil without you.
Then send me back.
I know my fate.
To step into the light.
To be a symbol of hope for them.
I told you to rule with strength, but you chose the martyr's path.
What makes you think you deserve a second chance? I can do it.
I can be their hero.
Jor-El? Let me fight this evil like I always have.
Send me back! Lex.
Oh, God, Clark.
Chloe, they're not Kandorian.
I love you.
We're coming for all of you.
- Clark? You survived.
How did you? - I didn't.
Zod stabbed me with Blue Kryptonite.
It kept us from ascending.
I took the knife from him and sent him away.
And I guess I kind of Kind of died.
But I'm here now.
And what about the others? Did they make it? They're fine.
Can we go back to the part where you died? It was more of a near-death experience.
Jor-El told me that greater evil was coming.
He sent me back to fight it.
Okay, I'm all for second chances, but did he happen to give a name? No, but, Chloe, before I left, I saw Lex.
Fate said he would be my ultimate opponent.
Coming back to life, not exactly covered by an HMO.
Maybe he went off the grid, to one of his own facilities.
I kept a close eye on Luthor flare-ups.
I mean, Level 3, Metro Pharmaceuticals, 33.
Clark, all these projects are dead.
Maybe he revived something from years ago.
Way back when there wasn't much digital record to track.
You know, if they did a story at the Daily Planet they would have a hard copy stored in the archives.
I didn't get rid of Zod just to let some other evil take his place.
And Mr.
and Mrs.
K were always so overprotective.
I'm the last one to know.
- I thought you'd be in Africa by now.
- I postponed my trip.
Maybe indefinitely.
This wouldn't have anything to do with the Blur, would it? Well, kind of.
Turns out he needs me after all.
Really? Well, what makes you say that? Well, I'll tell you, Clark.
He just wrapped me up in his muscular arms pulled me close and landed the most passionate kiss on my lips.
I can't lie to you, it was great.
That was bold.
Grabbing women from the shadows, lip-smacking them and then running off into the night? Kind of makes you wonder what other twisted fetishes he has in his tool box.
So, Clark, did you come here for a reason? Pressing story, maybe? Actual Yeah, I'm on a really tight, uh, deadline.
Look at that? I dropped my pen.
I'm just gonna look for it.
Normally, I wouldn't deal with these dust bunnies but it's kind of my favorite pen.
Not seeing it.
Where are you, pen? Found it.
Lucky for me, it was right here on top of these files, so Hmm.
I'll go.
Wait, Clark.
Yeah, Lois? What is it? We need to talk.
Well, I get now is not the time.
There's so much that I wanna tell you.
Barn? Later? I'll be there.
Chloe, I found a research facility linked to LuthorCorp that wasn't in your files.
Cadmus Labs.
Think you can dig up an address for me? Sorry, Clark, I would, but I'm not exactly at Watchtower right now.
She's here.
Foolish girl.
Who was that? But not chosen.
Love is dangerous.
Nabu knows.
Chloe, where are you? Sorry, Clark, but I knew you'd only try and stop me.
Show me where Oliver is.
Would you sacrifice your sanity to save the archer? Chloe.
I think this whole thing would be a lot more painful for me if I could see your ugly face.
What do you say we ditch this little blindfold here and go full monty, huh? - You up for that? - Well, it only seems fair you not see me.
The world sat blind while cryptic symbols were carved into its greatest monuments because all Earth's satellites were either shut down or destroyed.
All but one, yours.
Well, I can explain that.
See, I always buy quality over quantity.
Your satellite was tracking them.
Symbols that looked just like the Blur's, which makes him a person of interest.
But what's your connection to all this? I told you.
You got this whole thing wrong, okay? I'm what you call a good guy here! I'm not guilty of anything except trying to save the world, all right? And I would tell you who from, but I don't think you'd believe me.
Try me.
These little green guys from outer space.
I'm just getting started.
How? How? God, that's impossible.
It's okay.
I won't hurt you.
What's your name? I'm Alexander.
What is this place, Alexander? Who are they? They're my brothers.
You're him.
These things.
You're all engineered from Lex's DNA.
We were made to heal the Creator.
Just like we healed you.
Not all of us turned out okay.
Some of us came out sick.
Some of us aged too fast.
No! That's where they keep the bad one! Tess? Tess Mercer? How do you know my name? I have all of Lex's memories, his emotions.
I know how much you care about me.
Alexander, run.
There can only be one Lex Luthor.
Clark, move.
Elevated blood pressure, irregular pulse, hyperactive eye movement.
It's as if her body is in massive trauma.
I know you can hear me.
You're the strongest person that I know when you're fighting for us.
Don't lose that now when you need it the most.
Don't give up, Chloe.
It's all burning.
Clark, I'm so sorry.
- I had to find him.
- Find who? Oliver.
Someone took him when you were fighting Zod.
They threatened to take all of us.
So I put on Fate's helmet.
I couldn't lose him.
Okay, where is he? Don't worry, everything's gonna be fine.
I saw it.
Clark, I saw you too.
You were the world's hero and you weren't in black.
And there was a fire in a lab.
Clark, I think Cadmus is burning.
You have to go.
Bye, Clark.
So much better in Technicolor.
I was beginning to think you weren't going to make it.
Wouldn't have missed it for the world.
Tess, what happened? I left you at the hospital.
Your face I have no idea how I got here but when I woke up, I was completely healed.
But everyone else in the building is dead.
Who did this? It was Lex.
It was one of his clones.
Look, I know.
I know this sounds insane but the real Lex was incubating dozens of them.
I think he planned to use parts of their bodies to heal his own.
Clark, but this one had to be 20 years older and he destroyed the rest of them.
Why are you still alive? He told me to give you a message.
He said that you'd come save me and that when you did it was finally time for the two of you to face off.
He's in Lawson's Field.
What? "And would that I might endure his agony, as well as mine.
" The Scarlet Letter.
Of course, the letter is a mark of shame.
At least it was when I found Clark tied to that post 10 years ago.
You know Clark? I saved him that day.
Right here in this very spot.
And all he did was betray me.
- Lex.
- Hmm.
What happened to you? I've evolved.
And with age comes wisdom.
Hmm? You see, Lois, you are his greatest weakness.
Or should I say, the Blur's greatest weakness.
Your death will break him.
Where's the real Lex? The Creator died two years ago.
Nasty truck explosion.
- If he's not alive, then why? - Why am I? He created us to heal himself.
He just didn't live long enough to reap the benefits.
You remember this place, don't you? Not far from where we first met.
The bridge.
Lex would have died if I hadn't pulled him out of that car.
And you never let me forget it.
The truth is, by the time you dragged me to shore something new had crept into your heart.
The most damning of the seven deadly sins.
Now you wear that pride on your chest.
Right here, in that self-righteous symbol.
But just beneath it lies the darkness in your heart.
Just like me, you are your own worst enemy.
I'm nothing like you.
We're more like brothers than you think.
That's why you could never stop me.
Because deep down inside, you know you brought death and destruction.
The only reason anyone ever calls you a hero is because you clean up the disasters you unleash.
I am dying, Clark.
But don't flatter yourself, you didn't do it.
I'm just sorry that this mutated body of mine won't last long enough to see the world turn on you.
What did you do? There's an explosion rocking the roof of the Daily Planet.
You can stop that beacon from plummeting into the rush-hour traffic.
Or you can save the woman you love.
Where is she? Even you aren't fast enough to save both.
Today, the world will finally lose faith in its heretic hero.
And it will destroy you.
Where is she? Where I first saved you.
Go get him.
I defeated Lex.
I refused to let him win and I pushed myself harder than I ever have before.
For a second I thought I was flying.
But I saved everyone.
I don't know how, but I saved them all.
I've finally become the hero you sent me here to be.
You almost took a man's life and you dare tell me you're following the path I set out for you? You told me I had unfinished business here.
An evil here that I had to face, and Lex.
The evil is you, Kal-El.
The greatest threat Earth will face is coming.
It preys on wavering souls like yours.
Once this darkness consumes you, you will be Earth's greatest enemy.
That's not my fate.
You cannot be a beacon of hope when you have darkness in your heart.
Then why did you send me back? Why did you give me a second chance? I didn't.
It was not my decision to give you back your life.
You may not see me as a hero but the rest of the world does.
And I decide my fate! I regret, as a father, my faith in you blinded me to the truth.
You will never be Earth's savior.
Oh, it's your lucky day, Shamrock.
I'm letting you go.
Just like that, huh? See, now I'm disappointed.
I was kind of holding out for a goodbye kiss from you.
We're not done.
I will hunt you and I will find you.
You understand? You don't even know who I am.
But I know who you are.
And I will be watching, Green Arrow.
Dad? Chores, Clark.
Work keeps a man honest.
You gotta protect the things you've worked hard to build.
Are you real? I've missed you.
I never stopped watching out for you, Clark.
Then you must be disappointed.
I I haven't grown into the man you raised me to be.
No, you haven't.
You are so much more than that.
And I'm so proud of you, Clark.
That's one dad.
Since when did you start listening to Jor-El, hmm? He's right.
Give me a hand.
I took my anger out on people.
I destroyed an entire building.
I know now that I have it within me to kill.
I failed.
We're all confronted with trials, son.
But the true measure of a man is how he chooses to react in the face of those trials.
You never had that problem.
Come on, son.
I am so far away from perfect.
I could never keep my own anger in check.
I let it all build up inside me till it made my own heart give out.
It was my fury, Clark, that drove me to wanna kill another man.
But instead it killed me.
Dad, you were just trying to protect me.
We can't make excuses for the dark stains on our hearts, son.
I don't even know how I got to this place.
We all make sacrifices, son and every time we do, we lose a little something in the process.
You've sacrificed more than anybody.
It'd be easy to let resentment build up, but it's gotta come out somewhere.
I feel like every time I do something right, I do something wrong.
Sometimes I think it would be easier if you were here.
Not a day goes by, Clark when I don't regret not being able to be right here for you.
I would do anything, give anything to be able to get a second chance to get it right.
You got that second chance, son.
You could be the greatest hero the world has ever known.
Not according to Jor-El.
Well, then do what you do best, prove him wrong.
Jor-El was right about one thing.
Something dark is coming.
You're gonna be tested.
It's not gonna be easy, son.
But I have faith in you.
What's coming, Dad?