Sneaky Pete (2015) s03e02 Episode Script

The Huckleberry Jones

Can you, please? The salesman.
My husband, he will take care of everything.
I will just take the decanter.
And you can deliver the rest, uh, oui? [SPEAKS FRENCH, KISSES.]
SALESMAN: And will you be paying by cash or credit card? How much did my wife ring up? Let's take a look.
Let's see, two signature Guilietta rings, the Valentina sapphire earrings and matching bracelet - exquisite on her wrist.
- Yeah, she's a beauty, all right.
Six Amore Eterno champagne flutes, and the Arrieta crystal decanter.
That's $4,943.
And 95 cents.
Can I pay with my phone? Of course.
What?! I can't believe it.
Dad said you were still in the city.
How long has it been? Wait, I think the last time we saw each other, I was 15 years old, so you probably don't recognize me.
But you look incredible.
My dad said that I should look you up, because, you know, we're in the same business now.
But I'm just a plebe, and [LAUGHS.]
- and you're a legend.
Huh? - Uh, sir? I'm sorry.
This is an old family friend.
I used to idolize this guy.
Do you remember what you told me about going into this business? It was, it was right before I went into Cambridge, and you gave me the best piece of advice ever.
Tell him.
You're not gonna believe this.
Uh, never short orange juice in February? MARIUS: That's right.
And if I hadn't followed that piece of advice, I wouldn't have the job that I'm in today.
You know, let's take a picture.
Can we can we just do this? When's the last time - you saw saw my dad? - I I don't I don't know.
Well, I'll tell him you said hi, anyways.
- All right? - [BEEPS.]
- There it is.
- And, sir, did you want the gift card your wife was filling out? Yes, I would love the gift card that my wife was filling out.
Hey, uh, did you already pay for that? 'Cause I could pick that up, and you could take me out to lunch.
No, I've already paid, but but thank you.
All right.
Well, it's good to see you.
Say hi to your wife and kids.
What the hell was that? LIZZIE [AMERICAN ACCENT.]
: I wanted to know if you'd lost a step.
MARIUS: I got something for you.
I'll see you tomorrow.
It's gettin' harder out here I keep tryin' to just make my way It's not lyin' I'm only tryin' Just trust in me Trust in me Just trust in me Trust in me Just trust in me.
I had two daughters.
I lost them both.
I like to think I learned, but maybe I haven't, so You have questions, you deserve answers.
Go ahead.
Ask me anything.
Was my dad cheating on my mom? [CHUCKLES.]
- Wow.
- That's what she wrote in the letters.
- Was their marriage ending? - I thought you were gonna ease into this ask her favorite song or What did she say? They got married fast, young.
- Almost as young as you.
- I know that.
- And they loved you very much.
- That's not what I I mean, you said that I could ask you anything.
- And I'm answering you.
- I don't want any more fairy tales.
And was she gonna leave? - Was my mom gonna leave my dad? - Some things aren't that simple.
It is, okay? It's just a yes-or-no question.
- I mean, was she leaving or - Yes.
Yes, Carly.
She was leaving.
What about us? I was five.
She wasn't gonna She was gonna leave me, too? Why? I mean, what was so bad that she would do that? I don't know.
- What did she say? - I didn't ask.
- Why not? - I It wasn't like they were living here.
- What? Uh, but she must have said something.
- We didn't have - that kind of relationship.
- No, it, it doesn't make sense.
You knew that she was leaving, but you didn't know why? I mean, what what what would have happened - if it wasn't for the accident? - Enough! Your mother died.
We all want her back.
We can't have her.
: There are some things you may never have answers to, and you have to be okay with that.
What if I'm not? Well, you got what you needed, didn't you? You had love.
We always we always gave you love.
- Ellen? It's getting late.
Okay, in the chair.
- Ellen! - I'm here.
- Why is the shower running? - I am steaming a blouse.
I have a job interview.
Is that Peanut butter and jelly.
This place is a disaster.
Can you cut his waffle for me? Ow-ow-ow-ow.
- I I have to go put on a face.
- I can't.
I still have another page of math.
How is that ? You told me la Just go go grab it.
Go grab it now.
How come you don't work with Grandma and Grandpa anymore? Life's too short.
We're leaving in ten.
Come on, Ellen.
- Here we go, here we go.
All right.
TEACHER: Okay, kids, inside.
Come on.
Make good choices! Oh.
Ellen's mom? Mm-hmm.
: Ellen's not reading at grade level.
Are you reading with her at night? We have a 25-minute requirement.
Oh, yeah, right, right, of course.
We've noticed hands-on parents make all the difference.
Both hands.
Hundred percent.
On it.
One case of 1982 Cheval Blanc MARIUS: That was a nice stunt last night.
You missed me.
Say it.
What are we doing? - Bid and find out.
Château Pétrus 1945 Pomerol from the Daumier Francon collection.
The bidding starts at $19,000.
I'm not gonna do this blindfolded.
What are we doing? Right now we're getting that man to pay more than he was prepared to for that wine.
And what's he topping out at? - That depends.
- On what? On how high you're willing to go.
AUCTIONEER: The bid is $21,000.
$22,000 from the gentleman on the aisle.
- Welcome, sir.
- Thank you.
The bid is $22,000.
Thank you, Mr.
- Who's that guy? - Doug Decker.
Big money conservative.
Lots of D.
Back at Mr.
$37,000 from the gentleman.
I have $38,000.
- MARIUS: What happens if we win? - $39,000.
LIZZIE: Then we're screwed, because we - don't have the money.
- AUCTIONEER: $40,000.
$43,000 at the gentleman.
At $43,000.
Holding at $43,000 to the gentleman.
$44,000 to Mr.
Fair warning.
- Sold - [BANGS GAVEL.]
to Mr.
Decker for $44,000.
On to our next lot, a 1955 Latour What the hell was that all about? Fun.
Wasn't that so much fun? You missed me.
- You know, I was gonna keep bidding.
- You didn't.
That would've been a $45,000 problem.
That would've been your $45,000 problem.
We'd have conned it off someone else.
Remember the oil heiress - and the tarot cards? - What are we doing? What are we doing? Why? Aren't you having fun? Or is this gonna be like Michigan? Oh, you're punishing me.
That's why Yeah, you're mad at me.
If I was mad, I never would have called.
Yeah, you're testing me.
This is a test, isn't it? You're testing me.
Let's go to a funeral.
- It's empty.
- I know.
TAYLOR: Mom was not leaving us.
Grandma says she was.
She just wouldn't say why.
So, I mean, what was it that was happening between her and Dad before the accident? Nothing.
They were happy.
Carly there are some things that are actually pure.
Well, the evidence says you're wrong.
So, what are you, a lawyer this week? - Mm-hmm.
- I'm not wrong.
You're in high school.
You should be smoking pot under the bleachers and having sex with a boy.
Except none of those things.
Now, are we done? 'Cause I need to go catch bad guys.
You're so brave.
Bernhardt Bail Bonds has been in business for over 50 years we've never even had a warning.
Your suspension is on direct order of the attorney general.
We're not we're not fighting the attorney general.
This is a unique circumstance.
- My hands are tied.
- Which won't happen again.
We've already fired the employee responsible.
Julia Bowman isn't named on our license; she was never a partner.
And we understand that she needs to be punished for her transgression.
- What? - She helped a material witness flee across the border.
Without our knowledge.
We would never knowingly hinder the attorney general's prosecution.
This employee excuse me for asking is also your your granddaughter? You have children that always do what you want? We tried to do right by her after her parents were killed in a car accident.
- It was really a hard thing to - Look, look I sit at the bottom of a very tall stack of people, desks just like mine.
And what I know from here at the bottom is that the attorney general is not going to be swayed by a sob story.
She wants someone to hurt, and right now that's you.
But if you were to convince your granddaughter to to plead guilty, take full responsibility, then she might decide that the point has been made, let you have your license back.
On all charges? [QUIETLY.]
: Aw, God.
What the hell was that? Me trying to get our license back.
By throwing Julia under the bus? Julia is who put us in this position.
Luis Mercado was gonna kill Valerie.
Julia did the right thing.
She did the compassionate, human, right thing, and you fired her.
Valerie is a witness to a crime.
Sending her to Canada, where where she can't testify, is not good or compassionate, it is breaking the law.
- Julia broke the law.
- Oh, now you're all concerned - about breaking the law.
- Now you and I are paying for it.
- Don't walk away from me.
- Oh, I'm calling a cab.
Oh, yeah, yeah.
A cab's $150 ride back to Bridgeport.
You want to have it your way, or you want to eat this week? My guess is: eat.
Uh, Julia Bowman.
WOMAN: So insurance investigator that's the job - you're applying for? - Yes.
I've been working for a bail bond company on and off for the past six years.
Skip tracing? That's right.
But no investigative experience? I investigate.
I track people down.
No medical investigation? No fraud or auto collision, damage, police reports? My brother's a cop.
I assume it's also a no on investigating worker's comp and disability? Well, I I haven't been employed by an insurance company before, so And no college degree, I see.
How's your typing? Uh [LAUGHS.]
I'm sort of a, a two-fingered gal.
People like you often find success in continuing education or trade school.
If you come back in a year or two I need a job today.
Thanks for coming in.
RUSSELL: Hey, you're back.
Are you normal? How does somebody "be normal"? What does that even mean? I think I came in halfway through a conversation you were already having with yourself.
What if being not-normal is better? You want to go to homecoming? Uh, the dance.
I you want to C, this is hard enough.
But, uh, I mean, you and me, we never I I know.
You want to, though? I got to, um go see the college counselor.
Um is "maybe" okay? [ESPRESSO MACHINE HISSES.]
SHANNON: We're gonna fly to Orlando and then drive to Marco Island.
We have a condo there for a week.
It's the first time Sean's been able to cobble a week together for a vacation since, I don't know.
What, you weren't gonna say hello? We're not talking now? Look, I'm on duty, I got to go.
You know, you can be mad at me for how it ended, but we were friends.
Middle school.
Watching #NSYNC on TRL? Nah, I hated #NSYNC.
You you knew all the lyrics.
Yeah, and your, uh, your dad yelling to turn it down.
Can I Can I ask you something? Uh, what did you think of my dad? I I remember you two were close.
Yeah, for a a while.
What? - Uh - No, say it.
You had to hear how he started talking to me junior year.
The lipstick I wore was gonna get me in trouble? When he started telling me how he and your mom were having problems, I I'm sorry.
You asked.
I thought No, it's fine.
It's fine.
- It's fine.
- You can still call me.
We can be friends again.
So, did we download our essay or buy it outright? I guess, if I bought it, we'd be more impressed? Let me tell you what I felt when I read your essay: nothing.
Okay? What am I supposed to say? Most students say, "How can I fix it?" How can I fix it? What do you want, Carly? You cut class and smoke weed, you still get As and Bs, so clearly you care about something.
Tell us your story in the essay.
A vision you have for your life.
Something your parents don't even know about.
My parents died when I was five, so, I mean, there's a lot that they don't know.
I'm sorry.
I didn't know that.
My aunt ran off with our family's money 20 years ago, and my grandma had her arrested.
And two weeks ago, I held a shotgun to a crooked cop who was murdered the same night.
Now you're just making things up.
You want a shot, a real shot at a life? College is your ticket.
So whatever's distracting you from writing this from writing the shit out of it solve it, or you'll always be right where you are right now.
Alarm going off.
Possible break-in at Ryland and Elm.
3419 responding.
Unit 3419, we have closer cars to respond.
I responded first, I'm on it.
WOMAN: It it's okay.
I'm the I'm the owner.
I Sorry, I was at lunch.
- You alone? - Yeah.
- I can show you my ID and the - You mind? You know, it's it it it's really not as bad as it looks.
TAYLOR: Register's cleaned out.
Have anything else in there? Just blank money orders and stamps.
There's no sign of forced entry.
Front door's locked.
I see that you got security cameras here and in the back.
Yeah, actually, you know, those are broken, so Y This really doesn't require a police report.
If it wasn't for the alarm, you wouldn't have even Ma'am, you want to tell me what's going on here? Nothing.
Somebody pressuring you to keep quiet? Drug dealer? Gang member? Stamps and money orders that's what junkies steal to to make a quick buck.
I don't want to waste anyone's valuable time.
This is my job.
If you brush this off, whoever did this is gonna think that they can do it again.
They won't do it again.
I still have to make an incident report.
Thank you for coming.
Bowman? That's right.
If you need anything, you just give me a call, okay? Have a good day.
So it took you long enough.
- What? - To call me.
Two whole weeks since you got sprung.
I had some obligations.
My brother, some other stuff.
Good stuff? A waste of time.
So, how do I look? I look good, right? Am I your Clark Kent? - Huh? - Let's go have some fun.
As long as it's not as fun as the auction house.
That was, that was a little too much fun.
Glad to hear it.
Time to put your sad face on.
MARIUS: Who's the stiff? Hovis Blackwell.
Of the original New York Blackwells.
So, what are we planning on doing to his relatives? LIZZIE: Not his relatives.
To him.
Isn't he dead? Yeah, so he wouldn't mind, would he? Remember Disneyland? On the monorail? Second time.
The Huckleberry Jones.
That's the one.
Are you, uh, Big Jim this time? I'm Tom.
- Hide this.
- Oh, shit.
- You're on.
- Okay.
Oh, I'm so sorry.
That's all right.
Did we meet each other at Hovis's 45th? Uh, no.
We were in Aspen for that.
But maybe at the yacht club for his 50th.
That's Yeah, that's what it was.
It's good to see you again.
I wish it was under better circumstances.
- Yes, me, too.
- Yeah.
You're gonna come to my funeral? Uh, how are you gonna die? A fiery plane crash.
Or someone's gonna throw me off a bridge.
Maybe I'll commit suicide.
What? I don't know.
I'm still narrowing it down.
I am so sorry for your loss.
Time to hit the Mississippi.
Yeah, okay.
- Oh.
I'm so sorry.
- Excuse me.
Hovis's 50th, the yacht club.
- Wagner.
- Hi, yeah.
- My wife Caroline.
- Nice to see you.
- Hello.
- Hi, Caroline, hi.
Oh, Caroline.
The Caroline.
- MARIUS: Oh, honey, no.
- Hovis raved about you - all of last year.
- No, no, no.
He couldn't wait to meet you every Thursday afternoon - for drinks at the Carlisle.
- No.
I think you have your Carolines mixed up.
- Wagner.
- Oh.
- Oh, Wagner.
- Yeah.
- I'm mixing up my Carolines.
- I'm so sorry.
- Okay.
You told me it was just one night.
It was 11 years ago.
PASTOR: Everyone, please take their seats.
I heard they only did it once in your bed.
You son of a bitch.
Lord have mercy on our souls.
Oh, my God, I just broke up a marriage.
I just stole a $100,000 bottle of wine from a corpse.
Tell me why.
Tomorrow night.
Clos restaurant.
Bring the wine and keep it upright.
What if I sell it? Then you'll be bored again with nothing to do.
And you won't have any answers.
Another, please.
We're featuring our signature Razzmatazzberry with raspberries.
Or the Cran This Be Love? Vodka it is.
JOHN: On me.
I'll take a knee Put my head down to pray Never believed in that stuff, anyway [CHUCKLES.]
It's crazy the names they come up with, right? Last week in Albany, I heard about one called the Knickerdropper.
You get it? Lady's drink is on me, and I would enjoy it if you kept a dollar for yourself.
TONY: Your bow tie's crooked.
- Come here, let me fix that.
- I got it, Tony.
John Walker.
- I know what you're thinking.
- I don't think you do.
My parents didn't even like whiskey.
I do regular sales calls in this area.
I'm with Custom Extrusion.
I don't know what that is.
Well, it's high-end plastics.
3-D processing and design, single- and twin-screw capability, able to produce profiles up to 20 inches wide.
How about you? I race Alaskan sled dogs.
Okay, look, you seem to be having - a pretty bad day.
Why don't you let me buy you a few rounds? - I'm pretty sure I can make you feel better.
You know what, Tony? Take your shitty, minimum wage job and shove it up your flabby, middle-aged ass, you fucking pervert.
I quit.
Let me down easy, stop making me pay JOHN: Somebody's got her knickers in a twist.
You know what she needs? One of those Knickerdroppers we were talking about.
Only now there's no bartender to make it.
LORRAINE: Hello? OTTO: I'll be there in a minute.
Hi, Otto.
It's, um How are you? Shop's going strong, I see.
Uh, we've had our ups and downs.
And the family? Also ups and downs.
I heard you had a stroke.
- I, um - Ah.
I w wanted to call.
I even thought about stopping by, but I I I wasn't much for visitors.
I still should have reached out.
No, it's it's great.
I'm doing doing great.
I, um Are you Everything all right? Yeah, it N no.
Do you remember Natalie? She got, um, mixed up with drugs.
I'm so sorry.
I'm sorry.
I don't know why I came here.
- I this was a mistake.
- Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey.
No, no, no.
Come on.
Sit, sit, sit, sit, sit.
- Whatever - I'm sorry.
Whatever it is, all right? [SNIFFLES.]
She, um [SOBS.]
she broke into my store and stole - It it doesn't matter.
Um - [GRUNTS.]
The police came.
- Taylor.
- Taylor? [LAUGHS.]
: I know, it's I was as surprised as you are.
What can I do? She hangs out with this She says he's her boyfriend, but it's her dealer.
His name is Benny Nazarian.
Could Taylor help bring Natalie home? I can ask.
I don't want her punished.
I just want her to come home.
You were always so kind.
What's going on? Did your mom ever talk to you about my mom? - About what? - I don't know.
I mean, your mom probably knew her better than anyone, so Carly, what's this for? How do you get people to stop lying to you? Torture.
Or you buy them a box of Cracker Jacks.
No, you you have to, uh People need to be incentivized.
- What does that mean? - You, you have to convince them that telling their secret is better than holding on to it.
Not better for you.
They don't care about you.
Better for them.
It's a trade.
They tell you the truth, and you give them something they want.
How, uh how's Julia doing? CARLY: Grandma fired her.
How's she taking it? I mean, she says she's fine, but she has Lance - as a lawyer, so that's a whole - Right.
Are you gonna come back? [CLICKS TONGUE.]
Uh I I I don't know.
Not right now.
Can I call you again? Sure.
Thanks, Pete.
It's a preliminary hearing.
I'll try to get some of the charges knocked down, - maybe dismissed.
- Is that gonna happen? - No.
- So this whole thing's a show? [AUDREY EXHALES.]
Lance, I need to speak to you.
Audrey, you didn't have to come.
I told Otto this is a perfunctory We're gonna be in and out of here - in two minutes.
- I need to speak to you privately.
What? Why? What kind of deal could Julia get - if she pleads guilty? - Excuse me? - Could you get her off? I mean, community service? - How can you even suggest - about throwing me to the wolves? - I'm talking to Lance.
About trying to get our license back - so we don't go bankrupt.
- LANCE: Okay.
All all right.
Julia's not gonna plead guilty.
She'd do prison time.
Not the five to 15 they're asking for but a solid 18 months.
We got to get to this hearing.
Good luck.
I'm going to prison? - Only if you're convicted.
- How likely is that? Don't think about it until the actual sentencing, if it comes to that.
I knew you wouldn't sell it.
You know what's fun about a con? Winning.
I get the mark to give me what I want by making them believe they want to give it to me.
All you care about is how big a lie you can tell - and get away with.
- The bigger the lie, - the bigger the con.
- The bigger the payoff, the bigger the con.
The lie can be simple.
Why'd you call me? Boredom? Money? You like the way I lie.
I am not gonna tap-dance while you light the drapes on fire.
You lay out the play or I walk.
Like Michigan? That was one time.
And I was right.
You were scared, and you put me in jeopardy.
We were both in jeopardy.
You stayed.
That was your choice.
And yours.
Listen, you called me because you need me.
You can't pull this off without me.
You don't even know what the con is.
So maybe you need to be here with me, watching the drapes burn.
In or out? So, what, D.
Doug's doing a vertical tasting of of Petrus wines and he he's missing a '21? Isn't everybody? was an extremely hot Bordeaux growing season, which leaves a high alcohol, low acidity mix in the wine and a certain fragility.
Now, there is a debate regarding the advisability of decanting a wine this old.
In the end, if you successfully separate the sediment from the wine itself and let it sit for a few minutes [INHALES.]
the bouquet opens and you can encounter notes of blackberry, leather mmm and an almost toffee-like finish.
You have a '21 Petrus? You have the '45 we wanted.
And unless I'm completely blind A hole where a '21 should be.
Sounds like the kid just needs a hand.
Her mom wants her home.
I I, uh I wrote down the guy's name.
Benny Nazarian.
Yeah, no, I I know him.
They call him Naz.
He's a 25-year-old dirtbag.
- Sells Oxy off his porch.
- Let's go.
No, I didn't say I would go.
I didn't I'm not gonna I didn't say I would do this.
A girl needs help.
How do you know these people? Her mom's an old friend.
I'm just being a good guy.
I'm asking you to be a good guy, too.
You're not coming.
The hell I'm not! I am not taking my grandpa to a drug den.
You said it was a porch! Grandma wants me to go to college, right? Uh yeah.
Well do you think that would be enough to incentivize her to get her to tell me whatever it is she doesn't want to tell me about Mom and Dad? "Incentivize"? - Yeah, Pete said that if I could figure - Pete? Why were you talking to Pete? I told you.
I'm asking everyone.
Wh why shouldn't I talk to Pete? He's not a good he's he's not a honest [STAMMERS.]
Don't talk to Pete.
You know, just skip it.
I'll just I'll just move to New York and crash in some shithole apartment for a few years and do a bunch of coke and pretend that I'm living a fabulous life like you did, - when, really, I'm - Hey.
Hey! Fine.
You want to know if Dad was an asshole? He could be.
But Mom was no saint either.
I mean [SIGHS.]
she used to throw me in the car and drive me all over town looking for him when she thought he was cheating on her.
I was nine.
I mean, Jesus.
But I also saw them laugh their asses off at some stupid TV show, fall asleep on each other before it was even over.
I mean, nobody knows anything about relationships.
Sometimes you fall for the good guy who winds up screwing his law clerk, and she's the one taking care of your kids while you beg for a job so you can afford a real lawyer who can keep you out of jail.
That's why you write the fucking essay and go to college.
And don't talk to Pete anymore.
This week's drink specials are the Razzmatazzberry, the Cran This Be Love I'll just have a white wine spritzer.
JOHN: On me.
It's crazy, the names they come up with, right? [CHUCKLES.]
I was in Albany last week, and they had one called the Knickerdropper.
You get it? - [LAUGHING.]
: Yeah.
The lady's drinks are on me.
I'd like for you to keep a dollar for yourself as well.
TONY: Hey.
Your bow tie's crooked.
Let me fix it.
OTTO: Okay.
I'll get the bat.
- Grandpa.
- What? N no.
No, Grandpa.
That's my league bat.
- No, no, no.
- You promised to stay in the car.
- I won't say a thing.
- Come on.
I won't say a thing.
I'm just gonna stand behind you.
You might need backup.
Flippin' the weight, then medicate, intimidate [KNOCKING.]
Don't underrate, got them foreign license plates Benny Nazarian! Look at the money I generate Naz! Like a Mack Truck So much cash, bruh I'm Officer Bowman, Bridgeport Police.
You can't come in here.
I'm not here on official business.
Natalie Sheffield's mom asked me to come - and take her home.
- You got a warrant? I could come by with a warrant, but then I'd have to seize all your drugs and lock you up, ruin your day.
You let me in now, I go blind.
I don't think so.
- Give us the girl! - Grandpa! Grandpa! Sit down! - Natalie! Natalie Sheffield! - Sit down! Shut the fuck up.
Sit down.
Sit down.
- Sit down.
- She's in here.
Hey, hey.
My name's Otto.
- Fuck these guys! They're cops! - Shut up! - [YELPS.]
- Whoa! Hey! [GRUNTING.]
Drop the bat! Drop the fucking bat! You, come here.
Come with me! Better go check the rap sheet Watch the stove, man Turn the gas up Whip the work right Grandpa.
Get my bat.
- Whip it - Get your bags up [DOOR CLOSES.]
And a spice.
Is that clove? Smoke but more Denser.
Kind of like your first older woman, right? [LAUGHS.]
Oh, sorry.
Was that not on the description list? - It should be.
- I'm a peasant.
Forgive me.
Misha's not a peasant.
Don't let him fool you.
He's a very rich man from a very crooked family, with ties to some very naughty people.
- KGB types.
- Hmm.
Soviet era.
Money and properties stashed all over the globe.
DOUG: Drinkable properties? [LAUGHS.]
LIZZIE: Wouldn't you like to know? Oh.
Uh, I'm sorry.
I I think you dropped your wallet, Doug.
We're only two vintages in.
I can't wait to see what happens next.
Oh, God.
Oh, God.
Oh, God.
No, no.
- Oh.
Hey, you you can't do that in here, - I think.
- JOHN: Oh, really? - Well, I didn't see a sign.
- Jesus.
Just get the hell out.
Our first drink special tonight is the Razzmatazzberry with raspberries, mango rum, and limes.
Our second drink special is the Cran This Be Love? with vodka, cranberry, Cointreau, and maraschino liqueur.
I think she'll sleep.
Maybe I can talk to her again in the morning about rehab.
Well, if there's anything we can do.
I can't tell you how much I appreciate this.
Taylor, I shouldn't have lied to you at the store.
You were scared.
I'm grateful.
Well, w we were just glad to help.
Come on, Grandpa.
I'll get you home.
- Nice.
Set up three more, I'll do it again.
For a thousand dollars.
If I miss, Misha will pay.
Where did you find her? Oh, I didn't find her.
I I rescued her.
- Don't exaggerate.
- Who's exaggerating? You had nothing.
I was in Paris, and you and you took 20 francs off me with the same trick, only it was cheap Bordeaux instead of Petrus.
- You could see she had talent, but she was headed nowhere.
Unlike Misha, raised by thick-necked boors who barely acknowledged his existence.
- Constant need to prove himself.
- And I did.
With you.
Look at you.
A little education.
You'd never know she was completely abandoned by the world.
A literal baby in a dumpster.
Still have my manners.
- We didn't have to leave.
- You lift the wallet off the mark for no reason other than to piss me off.
LIZZIE: You know how much money was on that table? A couple of hundred thousand dollars, which they drank in two hours.
They have all the money, they're morons, and they love me for the same reason you do.
They have no idea what I'll do next.
I am a terrible person, okay? So are you.
We're terrible people telling lie after lie, doing horrible things.
And we are really - [HORN TOOTS, TIRES SCREECH.]
- What are you doing? - good at it.
- MAN: Watch it! - That's why you called me.
I give you what you need.
- I take you to places - I don't think this is funny.
- you'd never go on your own.
Say it! Say how much you love it! - Just fucking say it! - [HORNS HONKING.]
What's the ? - [MAN SHOUTS.]
: Shit.
You know, you didn't have to say "dumpster baby.
" Well, I was raised by boors.
Where'd you get that? Michigan.
What happened? You weren't there.
OTTO: Everything okay? Yeah, just working on my college essay.
I can't finish it, which means I'll wind up working at Fuddruckers or Outback Steakhouse or Sizzler, and never leave this house for the rest of my life, but whatever.
Who needs college? Your mom was a firecracker.
A lot of beauty and a lot of boom.
I think she thought that she had met her match with your dad.
But it was harder than she expected.
It wore on her.
A week before the accident, she found out that your dad was cheating on her with Jacques Reynard's wife.
The wife of the guy who hit their car? Yeah.
Are you saying that their accident, that it that it wasn't an accident? That Jacques that Jacques deliberately ? The police report called it "inconclusive.
" That's why people avoid talking to you about it.
So, so three people died because my dad was screwing some woman, and nobody Carly, two people.
Two people.
Danny and Lila.
So, Jacques Reynard is alive? Shit.
My badge.
Fuck! Shit! Fuck.
I told Carly about Danny's affair.
You did what? This family has got to stop keeping secrets.
You had no right.
They only push people away.
You mean me.
I push people away.
Carly deserves to know the truth.
You had a chance to tell her.
You didn't.
Did you tell her your truth? About your affair? Of course not, because your secrets don't matter.
You're the uniter.
I'm the bad guy.
My affair has nothing to do - Oh.
- with her parents.
It has everything to do with it.
Or with the accident.
: The accident happened because of your affair.
- What are you talking about? - I told Lila about Danny and Jacques's wife because of you.
I thought a wife should know, instead of being blindsided and humiliated.
You told Lila? I wanted to protect her so she wouldn't be destroyed like I was.
: But after I told her, Otto after I told her, she told that man.
She told She told Jacques? [CRYING.]
And then and then [CRYING.]
: I put my baby in the car.
I'm the one.
I'm the one who told her.
- I'm the one.
- Oh.
I'm the one.
I I'm the one.
Our little girl.
Julia Bowman? Who are you? I need to converse with you about a man named - Marius Josipovic.
- No.
No way.
I don't want to talk about that guy, I don't want to hear about that guy, I want nothing to do with Marius Josipovic.
MAN: Julia, please.
Tryin' to relax, but it don't make sense to I keep on tryin' to react when I know There's somethin' to lose Ah No matter what your speed Spinnin' in your seat Daily Daily, daily Some people try to relax when they know it's bad news Guess I'm a little bit dry, with a nervous attitude Ah, no matter what your speed Yeah, yeah, yeah Spinnin' in your seat Daily, daily, day Daily Livin' it up, and nothing gets better Ah Ah, oh Headstrong Into the unknown Livin' it up when nothing gets better Nothing gets better for you [VOCALIZING.]
I wanna get better I wanna get better I wanna get better I wanna get better.