Snowpiercer (2020) s01e10 Episode Script

994 Cars Long

1 Previously on "Snowpiercer" Did you kill Him, Melanie? Ruth.
He was a fraud.
So I took Snowpiercer and I left Him trackside to die.
You will be executed for your betrayal of Snowpiercer.
Mel, let's go! Lay down your weapons, they'll show mercy.
Your life for all of theirs.
I can get you the train! I know how to defeat Grey's army.
Why would you do that? Because Snowpiercer won't survive with him and the Folgers in charge.
Bennett will orchestrate from the engine, Go now! LJ's all alone.
Is it possible the train won't reconnect? If we blow the timing.
There's no time, all right? Where are you going, man?! You have the train, Layton.
Attention, all passengers.
The temperature outside is minus 121.
9 degrees Celsius.
As we approach Chicago, mile zero of our cycle of life, be prepared to brace.
We're all haunted by our choices.
The personal choices we all made when we boarded this train.
And the collective choices that brought us to that day.
Choices made over decades, even when we knew climate change was real.
And finally my own choice to pirate this ark and lie to you all which has brought us to where we are now.
May we all move forward with greater awareness of the choices that we make.
We are one train.
And today that train chooses change.
I hereby relinquish governance of Snowpiercer to the rebel forces.
These are our revolutions, 994 cars long.
Citizens of Snowpiercer my name is Andre Layton.
Let's get to work.
All right, can you reset line 5, 4, and 3 for me, Javi? All right.
We took a beating.
No shit.
So, we've got 37 battery cars offline, probably 12 hours to recharge.
We're running low on juice.
Before I lock myself up here full time, there's something I need to go do.
Can I help? No.
You already have.
It's just, um It's something I've put off for a long time.
We paid a heavy price, Miles.
Um the Last Aussie and the guys, they're downtrain.
They want to see you.
Mama Grande's there, too.
We lost Josie, didn't we? Yeah, we did.
She loved you, Miles.
Okay? She loved me, too.
She was She was all in for all of us.
Hey, you know how a Tailie marks a passing, right? Together.
No one forgotten.
No one alone.
That's right.
She'd have been so proud of you.
All right, I know conditions are not ideal, but I'm gonna explain some things right now.
Okay, listen up! This is how this is going to go! The Brakemen and the rebel army will be in charge until an elected council can create a constitution for a representative government.
The rebel army is looting and breaking into cabins! Yes, there has been some looting, but we are in total control now, okay? And I promise you all have my word that there will be no reprisals.
This war is over.
Now the work begins.
We need to get Snowpiercer up and running.
Ag-Sec isn't here because every single one of them's back there guarding our food supply.
- I know.
I'm working - What do you expect when you murder the security forces who kept order? They killed us with gas! They executed prisoners! The people need to see change, not order, Ruth.
We're not taking any arms.
We're not putting people in drawers.
We look to ourselves now.
All right, now, you people, you are the leaders of the Guilds.
Yes, you are Department Heads.
You're Passenger Representatives.
Our message to everyone right now is very simple This train is yours now.
Tonight we pass through Chicago where all of this started.
Mark it with your loved ones.
It's a brand-new revolution.
This is some bullshit.
You of all people, you're supporting this? You know, this will be a lot easier if Hospitality is paddling in the same direction, Ruth.
Which direction is that? Utopian twaddle will never hold this train together.
What's going on here? Uh, what is this? How'd you get in, Mr.
Pike? I procured a custom First Class chip.
They're suddenly everywhere these days.
LJ, this is, uh I don't know who these people are, but this is Annie.
And this is Terence, King of the Janitors.
Oh, yeah! How was that, huh? Having a go in a First Class bed, right? Now, who's next here? Okay.
- Hey.
- No.
You see anyone you like? Maybe you can add a dick to your collection.
Oh! Get out! Please get out.
My family is dead, and I need you to leave.
I need you to leave, please.
You should be more generous to the resistance.
You are not the resistance.
You sold them out.
He sold you all out! This is all my carriage now, okay? You have no friends, LJ.
And these days, someone with no friends is poor, and that makes me rich! Ugh! What's the VHF picking up? Oh, I heard a blip of that this morning.
It's from the train.
Music? Where's it coming from? Ag-Sec wireless or one of the HAM sets downtrain? Those guys are still broadcasting? I thought they'd given up.
So weird.
What happened? We just lost the satellite feed.
Don't worry.
I'm on it.
We need it back to locate the signal.
You're finally ready now.
You've been avoiding this for a long time.
Now I know why.
Snowpiercer was your idea.
I've done questionable things to keep her going.
You tortured people.
You took their arms.
And sent 147 of the last souls on Earth to death.
I have to live with that.
You're here because there's something that you can't live with.
Let the warm breeze bring your memory the scent of your past dark earth wet rocks and tall grass.
Remember when life was everywhere you looked, everywhere you walked.
It cradled you, fed you wonder, made you who you are.
Now hear Snowpiercer.
Feel the track.
Metal on metal.
The flow of your Engine Eternal her veins bringing power to everything that's still alive.
In your mind, a door opens on another door opening.
You're stepping into yourself stepping deeper.
You're going deeper until finally I've got your picture That you gave to me And it's signed with love Just like it used to be Alexandra.
The only thing different The only thing new I've got your What is it? I've got the records What is it? That we used to share My daughter.
My daughter.
And they still sound the same I sacrificed my daughter for this train.
As when you were here - The only thing different - I put my work first.
The only thing new Even at the end, I didn't stop.
I didn't go to her, so certain that they'd be there.
But then then the train was leaving, and and they weren't.
And I stayed with the train.
Go further.
If Alex was here - The only thing different - what would you want to say to her? The only thing new I've got these little things I miss you.
She's got you I miss you.
I've got your memory - I need you.
- Or has it got me? And I really don't know - Put your hand on my cheek.
- But I know It won't let me be I've got your class ring That proved you cared I am so sorry.
And it still looks the same As when you gave it, dear I would give anything just to hold you again.
The only thing different The only thing new - I'm sorry.
- I've got these little things - I'm sorry.
- She's got you Ohh, ohh, ohh I'm sorry.
She looks like a I don't know like a constellation.
You think it's a she? I didn't think.
I just said it.
You? Boy.
So that's how this is gonna go, huh? Yeah.
I guess so.
It's not about us anymore.
We're not important.
It's about her now.
Or him.
So, how do we do this? After everything.
After Josie.
We're never gonna be the family we dreamed of.
But we'll find a way.
They raided Poultry, damaged Aquaculture, stole half a car of lettuce.
They're taking anything they want.
Now I have serious supply-chain issues, and you want the whole train to have equal calories? That's your first priority.
We're down 16 trained men.
We're going on 48 hours no sleep.
Oh, thank you for your efforts, Jinju.
Okay, this is where I go and I let you two discuss your supply-chain issues.
I just don't understand how you could just keep such a big lie from me.
And the whole train.
Because this is the alternative.
And if the people needed a Wilford, why deny them that hope? Come on, Till.
Would you really rather be alone? I'm not alone.
I've got my sisters and brothers I stood with and a responsibility to Snowpiercer I have never felt before.
So we finally agree.
The train comes first.
You know what they say when you break up on Snowpiercer.
See you around.
So you've come to abdicate.
You look ready.
Ready for what? Anarchy? Chaos in the corridors? Frozen bodies stacked up like sardines because compost can't keep up, while you just swan off to the Engine, hide from everything that you've wrought? Oh, yeah, leave me here with these people? Andre Layton's Council of Representatives? It's a clean slate, Ruth.
It's never gonna work.
Democracy used to work.
Sometimes you have to lose something to find it again.
You put 147 people out there to die.
Many of them my friends.
Including Nolan Grey.
Well Survival doesn't need love, does it? That's what I got so wrong.
There's nothing more important than love.
I'll see you around, Ruth.
We've already said our goodbyes.
- You triangulating it? - I'm trying.
Ben, the signal's reading to the northwest.
Northwest? Come on, Javi.
There's nothing out there.
I'm back.
That's a good look on you.
Thank you very much.
Okay, so, we'll be passing through Chicago at 19:30, slowing her down as usual to mark Mile Zero.
Mel, Mel.
Listen to this.
Music? If that old radio picked it up, it's probably just something from us.
Guys, listen to me.
It's coming from the northwest.
Outside? Jesus.
Survivors? That receiver's range is what? 80 kilometers max? Ben, what's out there? Satellite link's down.
I'm working on it.
Damn it.
Directional antenna froze, too.
I can't get a second point to triangulate.
Seriously? I'm on it, Mel.
I'm on it.
But that signal is still getting stronger, and that means we're getting closer.
If we don't slow down, we're gonna be out of range in no time.
I'm gonna get Layton up here.
Mel, we don't need to go through Layton.
Yes, Ben, we do.
It's a new train.
It's a new chain of command.
Excuse me.
Layton? I caught these two trying to smuggle a cart full of lettuce uptrain.
The cart was just there, boss.
Hey, look, don't gimme that shit.
Where were you taking it? Pike's set up in First, fencing stuff.
A rogue Tailie.
Imagine that.
Andre Layton to the Engine.
Andre Layton to the Engine immediately.
Now what? I don't know.
Put them in lockup, okay? The lockups are full, sir.
Well, do something and keep order until I get back.
" Yeah, it's got a familiar ring to it, doesn't it? All right, let's go, bunny rabbits.
Let's go! Survivors? Is that even possible? Maybe.
But it's been six and a half years since we've had a radio contact.
Who could hold out like that? Military? A private bunker? It's gotta be an old tower, a loop, some sort of backup.
Why haven't we heard it before? We never use the radio.
There's no one to talk to.
- Where's our sat pic, Ben? - I'm working on it.
I can't pinpoint it, but the signal keeps getting stronger.
- Ben? - Come in.
This is Snowpiercer.
Do you copy? - We need more time, Mel.
- We're running out of that.
Do you copy? I repeat.
Let's slow further.
Let's try and get a visual.
Here's the call.
If we take speed off, we'll be in deficit, using more power than we can generate.
We're already near emergency reserves, and we want to slow to go through Chicago.
Now, on the other hand, if we race past this signal without pinpointing it, it'll be a full revolution before we can hear it again.
If there's a possibility of other survivors, that we're not alone, we have to make contact.
Slowing the train.
Get off of me! Ohh! Stop! Oh! Bloody hell! Take a crack at the other one, at least.
What? Oh.
I'm sorry.
Just I've lost everything, and my whole world is gone.
And everyone hates me.
Don't worry.
Everyone hates me, too.
I know who you are.
Are we good? Tailies threw me out of First.
And no one would help me.
And I don't even have anything left to trade except Ooh.
That's not nothing.
I stole it from the mess hall.
Well, how are we even supposed to take the skin off? You don't know how to peel an egg? Well, that's funny.
Come on.
Let me show you.
Come on, love.
You're all right.
I'm a bad egg, too.
Signal's peaking.
We should be almost on top of it.
Should have visual any second now.
Oh, my God.
Um, everybody, please Ruth! Ruth! Th-There's another train out there.
Ruth? Wh-What's happening? - Are there other people alive? - Excuse me.
Excuse me.
Excuse me.
Ruth, are there people alive out there? Yes.
Oh, sweet Jimmeny.
He's running the supply train.
You don't know it's Him, Mel.
There's a supply train? - It's Big Alice.
- Who? Big Alice.
She's a prototype Engine.
- Melanie? - I'm going to full speed.
- Give me everything we have.
- I will.
That spur connects, Mel.
Whoever it is, they're gonna switch in behind us.
It's Him.
It's Him.
- Melanie, talk to me.
- He's gonna try and board us.
- You don't know it's Him, Mel.
- Who else, Ben? Another merry band of ark pirates? - What are you talk - You mean Wilford? - What?! - Yes.
Wilford is back! Ooh! Everybody just stay calm! Yeah! If Wilford does board us, we're in for something far worse than anything we've just come through.
Then I'll get a war party downtrain and make sure that doesn't happen.
When the passengers realize it's Him, they'll be divided.
I can keep us together.
You have to.
Ruth, stop.
We just confirmed that He was dead.
It's not possible.
Who else could survive, eh? Huh? Answer me that.
He's back to save us from these bloody rebels.
Tristan, we're gonna need a greeting party.
Greeting party? Oh, no.
Is that not the protocol? Oh, I can't remember.
Never mind.
We'll make do.
Okay, you tidy yourself up.
We're going to The Tail.
Yes, ma'am.
Mel, we're pulling way too much from the banks.
What's our distance? Shit.
She's gonna dock with The Tail.
That's why they're hitting the brakes.
Damn it.
What is He doing back? Mel, you have to consider the outcomes.
Alice is a big train.
40 cars is nothing for her.
But she's low-torqued.
We can outrun Him.
- The math says He'll catch us.
- Then look again.
I need every amp you can find, Javi, from Ag-Sec, from anywhere.
- Come on, Mel.
- Just try.
We have to try.
Nearly at the switch.
It's coming in behind us.
Come on, guys.
You're missing out on world events here! All right, party's over.
Get out of here.
Come on! Out! Clear out! - You.
Sit down.
- Go.
Get out of here.
Come on! - Okay.
- Don't you just love democracy? You gotta participate in a democracy, Pike.
Come on.
Now's your chance.
Is that who I think it is behind us? Yeah, well, if it is, then all of this might be over before it even starts, so come on.
I need everybody united together against a common enemy.
Layton, why do you got to always ask me to be a better man? Get him up.
Let's go.
God damn this train.
You know, I was just starting to have some fun here.
We're coming too hard to go into Chicago.
Reserves are at emergency.
If we dry it out, it's over.
I'm pulling her back.
No! That's an order! He's right behind us! Almost took off the bloody Tail! Hey! Break it up! Hey! Break it up! Hey! Break it up! It's an emergency! Come on, Layton.
How can Wilford be back? Whoever it is, they are boarding us, okay? Our Tail! Now, I got 15 Brakemen.
- I need more soldiers.
- What are we waiting for? - Let's go.
- Let's go.
Okay, everybody else, you know the drill.
Barricades above and below! Be ready to weld the doors.
On me.
To The Tail.
Let's go! Come on, girl.
Just keep your distance.
Come on.
Come on.
Come on.
Remember that time we hid his shoe? Yeah, that was so fun, yeah.
And the look on his face.
Wait, guys, did you hear that? Do that again.
Wait, wait.
Uh, Winnie, be careful.
- Uh, what's happening? - What's going on? Whoa.
What was that? - Are you guys okay? - I'm scared.
Oh, my God.
Whoa! Come on, guys.
They're trying to uplink.
They're hacking in.
He'll seize the system.
He'll seize the Engine.
He's slowing us down.
I'm taking non-critical systems offline.
We gotta go outside.
Come on.
That's crazy.
Gotta cut the uplink.
Javi, can you hold Him off? - Not for long, Mel.
- Okay.
Then we better hurry.
You have the train.
Let's go.
You guys fall back now, okay? That won't take long.
These bunks, back 'em up, all right? We're gonna need space.
For Mr.
Wilford, our cry will be strong name is true Cheer and rejoice, for we honor you Lift up your voice, though the path may be long Ruth.
Ruth! will never be wrong Ruth, cut the crap! I am here officially, Mr.
Hospitality leads the welcoming party, as per protocol.
We're in a military situation here, Ruth.
You got to get these kids out of here.
They are breaching the goddamn train! Whoa! Okay, back up! Back up! Everybody back! I'm a dignitary.
Yeah, I feel that.
Nolan Grey would have been here in his full dress uniform.
And I would have been right beside him because my uniform says peace.
Now, this may be your democratic experiment, Mr.
Layton, but I am Head of Hospitality.
And teal is the color of diplomacy.
Weapons down.
Everybody, put your weapons down.
Put them down.
You're right.
You're right.
Diplomacy first, right? Nobody wants another war.
When that door opens, I want you right by my side.
I need you there, ready to parlay, with a show of force to back us up.
Agreed? I want to be right up there, in the front.
And I want to be the first one to shake His hand.
It has to be you.
Give him the gun, Ruth.
All right, get these kids somewhere safe.
Ruth, come up front with me.
We pop the top, hook in, make our way to The Tail.
Then we cut the uplink by hand.
It's a haywire plan, Mel.
Yeah, well, you got a better one? 'Cause he's gonna peel off our speed and freeze us out.
Then maybe we have to stand down.
Come on.
Have you thought about what's on that supply train? Yeah, I have.
'Cause we need her, Mel.
Snowpiercer is coming apart.
You know it.
There is no perpetual motion because there are no perpetual parts.
But that supply train is packed bogie motors, bovine cultures, a full genetics lab.
Enough to keep us going.
How do you know what's still there? It's been almost seven years.
How do you know what's left? Or what kind of society they've made? Or what kind of diseases they carry? And even if they have everything that we need, what'll He want in return? You knew He was there.
- I knew you would run.
- How long did you know? I saw them on the satellite this morning, but I knew it was Him right away.
- So you killed the feed.
- Yeah.
You steered us right into him! We could have evaded! And more importantly, you and I could have made that choice together! You made a unilateral move.
Here's mine.
What the hell, Mel?! I will not put my faith in Wilford again, so I am going out there to free the helm.
And one way or another you're gonna keep this ark going when I'm gone.
- Don't do this, Mel.
- You let me go.
I'll see you on the other side.
Javi, she went out alone.
I couldn't stop her.
Aaaah! Brakes.
Aah! Aaah! We're stopped.
How long have we got? 10 minutes, give or take.
Snowpiercer, no matter who is on the other side of that door, remember this - Wilford was only ever a man.
- A great man.
Do not build him up in your minds into something He isn't.
He is not your Engineer.
This is not His train.
I think you'll find that it is.
Snowpiercer is ours! She belongs to her citizens! - Yeah! - That's right! Who are you? We need to get our train moving.
Greetings from Snowpiercer.
Is Mr.
Wilford aboard? Mr.
Wilford has already seized control of your engine.
You have about 13 minutes to agree to a peaceful surrender before the cold overcomes and you all freeze to death.
Tell Him we need to see Him face-to-face.
Please, yes, and that we welcome him aboard.
- You're Hospitality? - I am, yes.
My name's Ruth Wardle, at your service.
Is Melanie Cavill alive? Yes.
Yes, she is.
Who are you? My name is Alexandra Cavill.
Alexandra? Where is my mother?
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