Snowpiercer (2020) s02e02 Episode Script

Smolder to Life

1 ["Stormy Weather" by Etta James playing.]
Every year before the snow came, my father would burn slash piles, mounds of dead, fallen brush, with flames as high as the barn.
Don't know why [train rumbling.]
There's no sun up in the sky Stormy weather I'd hold my face up to the heat and dare myself closer like I was walking into the sun.
Ain't together Keeps raining all of the time [guts squelching.]
- [song fades.]
- [eerie music playing.]
- [gasps.]
- Boo.
- Water and dirt.
- You analyzed it? The Headwoods did.
It's nothing.
It's exactly what you'd expect, so why did you sample this? - Was there ammonium sulfate in it? - Mm-hm.
It's probably volcanic.
So what? He warned me about this.
He said that you hold back.
It's your main move.
He said that there is two different types of people in this world.
There's dreamers and there's schemers, and the dreamers can build the world up, but the schemers slither their way through.
- What do you think? - I think that he says a lot when he's high.
It was snowing outside.
- From the sky? - From the sky.
That's impossible.
- It should be, but I saw it.
- We don't get snow.
It's too cold.
We get blowing snow and old precip.
You might get into his head, but you're not getting into mine.
Lights out.
When Alex was old enough, she helped me hose down the ash pits, and I'd warn her like my dad warned me of the heat lurking inside, ready to smolder to life like a visit from a ghost.
These are her revolutions now on Snowpiercer, 1,034 cars long.
[theme music playing.]
Good morning.
Hey, maybe stay out of Third today? I gotta help Dr.
Pelton today.
I'll be fine.
Look, Mateo is still angry with you, Zarah.
Give it some time to cool off down there? Ask Pelton to work in the Second Class clinic.
Don't worry.
I'll be safe.
I was thinking this kid's gonna need a name, right? Pretty sure that's how it works.
Well, if it's a girl, how would you feel about naming it after your mom? - And if it's a boy? - Trotsky.
We'll talk about this later.
[knock on door.]
Hey, one second.
Nice to see you two landed on your feet.
It's for Zarah and the baby.
Yeah, no, no, it's good to have a place to call home.
Hey, Andre.
I'm proud of you.
Don't be weird.
Come on.
How's the train holding together? Better than me.
Half the train thinks Wilford's here to kill us.
The other half think he's here to save us from you.
They might all be right.
And adding 400 Tailies to the population hasn't exactly lowered the temperature.
There was an assault near the Tea Room last night.
A Tailie woman got maimed.
- Who? - I don't know.
- Can you find out what happened? - Me? On what authority? I'm not a Brakeman anymore, Layton.
I just I just follow you around.
All right, let's fix that.
Come on.
- What? - Come on.
Roche, stand up.
Let's do this.
- What, now? - Yeah.
Bess Till, please raise your right hand.
Oh, come on.
Bess Till, I hereby pronounce you train detective.
No, no, no.
I didn't ask for this.
Imagine anyone asking for any of this.
I'm not ready.
- He's giving you a promotion.
- I don't want it! I've seen enough blood for a while.
We're all shaky, but we are in charge now, and we have a responsibility to the rest of the passengers.
All right.
What do you want me to do? Well, we have to interrogate a POW in here, so if you could get on top of this assault thing, - I would really appreciate it.
- Detective.
Congratulations, that was a really beautiful ceremony.
Ladies and gentlemen, Detective Bess Till.
Kevin McMahon, born in Buffalo, New York, ticketed on Snowpiercer as a hospitality apprentice.
- I'm head of department now.
- Cheers.
So how many people you looking after back there? I'm gonna decline to answer, thanks.
You guys looked a little hungry.
How are your food systems holding up? Pass.
Look, you don't have to fear Wilford.
You're safe up here.
Fear him? I adore the man.
I remember you.
Security, right? Walked around with your little earpiece, cleared the room before he entered, kind of like a doorman.
Kind of.
Security, engineering, agriculture, it's all just plumbing, but Hospitality.
Hospitality comes from the heart.
It's a culture.
It's a kind of love.
He'll come for me.
That's all I'm gonna say.
- Is that real? - Real chicken, yeah.
It's real vinegar, real cayenne.
That's Buffalo style just like home.
Dig in.
Tell us about the big guy with a baseball mitt for a face.
Why wasn't he affected by the cold? Okay.
He was augmented for cold resistance.
- How? - I don't know.
Grafting or synthetic skin stuff.
- I'm not a scientist.
- Okay.
How many crew aboard Big Alice? Estimate, guess, 10, 20? Fifty? A hundred.
Have a seat.
He'll be out shortly.
No, no.
Thanks, though.
Woo-hoo! How'd everyone sleep? Not good? Well, reunions can be a little tricky.
Alex, tell me about your little research project outside.
Bit of a dud, by the sounds of it.
Yeah, yeah, looks that way.
The thing about your mother, Alex, is she's a tinkerer.
Decent with a set of calipers, but don't expect much vision.
I know you think you've stalemated us, but we still have moves.
Don't we, Alex? We can apply the brakes, slow it to a crawl, choke out your power, and shut down your systems.
- And yours.
- [Wilford.]
My crew know life below zero.
We've run a lot of rough miles together.
Snowpiercer will tear herself apart.
It's a hell of a test for a leader when the lights go out and the food stops flowing.
How long do you think this Mr.
Layton will last? I think he might surprise you.
I guess I'd better meet him then.
- Movement.
- [door creaking, hissing.]
- [man.]
Get down, get down.
- Wait, don't touch it.
I mean, it could be poison, right? - Get Hospitality.
- [Ruth.]
Hospitality, make way! - [people murmuring.]
- What's going on? What's going on? Fools, it's a communiqué.
Communiqué, clear the way.
[lock chirps.]
Make way.
Communiqué coming through.
[clears throat.]
It's in Wilford's own hand.
[sniffs deeply.]
- Ruth.
- It's impeccable.
All right.
Wilford suggests that we got off on the wrong foot, and he would like to meet you, Mr.
He suggests that that happens at a formal prisoner swap, Melanie for Kevin.
- Okay, we have to make that happen.
- [Roche.]
Might put a bullet in your head.
That's nonsense, Roche.
Let's not assume bad faith.
We're gonna have to start talking.
Yes, I have to run two engines in sync with him now.
Why would he hand over Melanie? What's the play? Mr.
Wilford, unlike some, values hospitality.
[Roche chuckles.]
Laugh at me all you like, Mr.
Roche, I'm telling you that Kevin is a bigger chip than you realize.
Okay, well, if it's an even exchange, then what he really wants is to look at us.
So we'll watch him too.
We know that they number about 100 and that they're hungry.
That's good leverage.
All right, let's bring Melanie home.
Tell them we have a deal.
[people murmuring.]
Nice to see you, Roche.
How's Anne? - She's great, sir.
- [Wilford.]
Oh, good.
And is that Is that Ruth Wardell? Have you changed your hair, Ruth? Yes, sir, I have, and might I say on behalf of everyone how truly grateful we are to see you again.
Okay, let's get this done.
Oh, and here he is in the flesh, King Layton.
No, sir.
No kings here.
Snowpiercer belongs to the people now.
Oh, does she? Well, then, could you please ask the people to produce my head of Hospitality? [Layton.]
Rules first.
No one crosses the no man's land but the prisoners.
Any sudden moves will be taken as a sign of aggression.
Bring him.
I'm fine, Mr.
I'm okay.
- Hi, Kevin.
- [door opens.]
- I wanna see Alex before I go.
- Next time, Melanie.
We'll come to you.
All right, King Layton, with your permission.
Wait! [all clamoring.]
Take the shot! - No, stop! Stop! - Hold your fire.
You forgot this.
Just tell me what it is.
I don't know yet.
Come with me.
We'll study it together.
You're seven years too late.
[door lock clangs.]
How's your train, Layton? [Layton.]
Passengers are starting to show cracks.
Old divides run deep.
What about Big Alice? What's Wilford's next move? I don't think he knows yet.
He planned this attack for years.
Now he's improvising.
Why he turned you over? To study our side? To study you.
He's coming for you, Layton.
Make no mistake.
Your daughter okay? She's cruel.
She's confused, and she hates me.
So she's a teenager.
You were out there a long time.
We should get you to a doctor.
No, to the Engine.
I need to talk to Ben and Javi.
Excuse me.
[speaking foreign language.]
What did he say? I need to see the woman who was assaulted last night.
Yeah, she don't wanna see no Brakeman.
It's a good thing Layton made me train detective then.
- Hey, back it up, yo! Back up! - Get off! Hands off! She fought alongside you.
Now get out of my doorway.
- Get! - Thanks.
Whatever it's worth.
I don't know if you're gonna get much further.
- Can you tell me what happened? - They cut off her fingers.
Who? I I didn't see faces.
They put a bag over my head and piled on.
She was up by the Tea Room.
Do you know what weapon they used on your fingers? - Axe maybe.
- Jesus Christ, this place.
- [Lights.]
Can I go? - It's a message to the Tail.
They went at the hands so she can't work.
I just want back downtrain.
There's no place for us up there.
- I'm trying to help you, Lights.
- It's too late.
I took a sample of the snow, and it turns out there's ammonium sulfate in it.
- How do you know? - Do you remember the Headwoods? Well, they survived.
They have a whole wet lab there.
They're studying tissue regeneration.
That, by the way, was third-degree frostbite when they first treated it.
It's almost completely healed.
Back up.
Ammonium sulfate in the snow? Volcanic? I think it was CW7.
I think it denatured in the atmosphere, and now it's coming down.
Why? Why would you think that? Because it was snowing, Javi.
Something's happening out there.
Something's changing.
If the CW7's falling, if we need to know for how long.
We need to find out the rate.
We need to find out the altitude.
- Hey.
- Hey.
I'm glad you're back aboard.
Let's get on this, huh? - Train could use some good news.
- Yes, boss.
[door opens.]
Here to give my report, sir.
Ah! Here he is.
Come in, come in.
- You had me worried, son.
- [Kevin.]
I know.
I'm very sorry, but rest assured, they treated me fine.
Good, good.
How hot do you want the water? [Kevin.]
For me? You must be exhausted.
You've earned a good soak.
Oh, that's very generous, but Kevin, let me do this for you.
Come on.
You can scrub while you tell me all about what you saw up there.
Well, they seem to be rolling fine mechanically, but socially they're in shambles.
Protocol is ignored, orders open.
Don't think they even have classes anymore.
And Layton? Winging it, as far as I can tell.
He keeps Hospitality out of key decisions.
I saw that with my own eyes.
People don't know where they belong, how to be.
We saw it at the border.
No chain of command, everyone second-guessing.
Totally untangled.
And what did you reveal about us? Oh, nothing.
Only that all is well.
Did they feed you? No.
No, they offered me chicken, but so yes, I had a few bites, but you know, it was lunchtime, so it seemed appropriate.
I need the room, Alex.
[CD player beeps.]
[Zero 7's "This World" playing.]
Oh, I can get out.
Oh, no, no, no.
Stay, stay.
Another race is won You showed them we were hungry, Kevin.
That's a secret.
It's a vulnerability.
Sir, it was It was just It was a few wings.
What about the mangoes you got at the border? Hmm? No, not in Noah's boat I thought it would boost morale.
We've only lost the vision [Wilford.]
You opened the door for them.
You let them into my house, so here we are.
I don't think I can do this.
It's been an honor, son.
An honor.
You served the mission well.
Another lesson learned Who will run Hospitality? You're free of that now, Kevin.
All your troubles.
You're warm, and you're free.
Another night is gone A new day's begun Even your dreams They can be real - [razor slices.]
- [gasps.]
This world is still afloat No, not in Noah's boat We've only lost the vision Of the stars we're meant to be This world is still afloat No, not in Noah's boat Dr.
Pelton asked me to bring you these.
Thanks, can you put them in the recovery room? Sure.
[monitors beeping.]
You met our Jane Doe.
A couple of Jackboots brought her in just before the fighting started.
Severe frostbite.
- She hasn't woken up yet? - No, she may not.
She's in terrible shape.
Her whole body.
- Do you know her? - No.
I'm sorry, Josie.
Oh, no.
No, no, no.
Excuse me.
Pastor Logan? I'm Bess Till.
I'm the new train detective.
Ah, I guess this is about the assault down the corridor.
Yeah, I was hoping one of your visitors might have seen something.
Well, I always listen.
I'll ask around for you.
These are strange times.
That poor woman.
The Tailies have been through so much.
Well, you would know that as well as anyone.
You were a Brakeman, right? Which team are you on, Pastor Logan? Ah, here, Moravian Bible, 1716, in the original German.
Makes you an evangelical.
You know your stuff.
My dad was a [clears throat.]
And the teacup? Whatever faith you stand at, you see our cup from a different angle.
Same cup, cracked and wise.
Just a reminder.
We all contemplate one God? Put another way, we're all crammed in here together, so we better get along.
- And, um, do you? - Most days.
These are strange times, like you say.
How's the train feeling to you? I mean, Wilford was dead, and now he's resurrected.
It's a powerful narrative.
Some people will bend their faith to fit the moment.
You mean Wilford believers.
- You said four ounces.
You're light.
- Quality control sample.
It passed, my friend, with flying colors.
I take more? Well, supply has been temporarily interrupted, geopolitically.
Layton's raid locked down the border.
- Your payment.
- [Pike.]
Who would've thought that weed and Encyclopedia Britannicas would become gold? Boss, got some visitors.
- What a handsome couple.
- We want back in, Terence.
This new train means new opportunities.
Gonna need more muscle.
You know I'm good with my fists.
- And your friend? - I have connections.
Oh, maybe you haven't heard.
There isn't a First Class anymore.
My connections aren't on this train.
They're the one behind us, thanks.
Her family was tight with Wilford.
And when he rules this train, you're gonna want me close.
Trust me.
But not that close, right, right? I don't need the kind of trouble you two bring.
Hey, we'll work for it.
- Oh, you wanna work? - Yeah.
It's cool.
Septic's backing up in the market.
Yeah, we'll We'll take it.
[band playing light jazz.]
You know where Audrey is? Thank you.
So there's weed now? Old habits return.
How far would you go to protect your chance at a new life? Are you talking about your baby, or Andre, or yourself? I'm talking about all of it, Audrey.
Oh, but it's all at risk.
The father of your child has to prepare for Wilford, Zarah.
He's Snowpiercer's only chance at a new life.
And whatever you're weighing, protect him whatever the cost.
God damn it, I have to get this song right.
None of our hands are clean, darling.
CW7's the compound that was shot into the atmosphere to reflect the sun and reverse global warming.
Yeah, I recall how that ended up.
Yeah, it cascaded an ice age, but if Mel's theory's right, it might be breaking up and coming down.
Which changes every climate model we've ever made.
As in makes it warmer? Because we announce the temperature every day.
It is still cold.
Down here, yeah, which is why we're looking up above.
Minus 96.
Minus 86.
Welcome back, you beauty.
If this is really happening, then how long will it take? Well, we have to figure that out, but it's happening.
The Earth is coming back alive.
I'm gonna need access to Wilford's supply cars, batteries, meteorological equipment, transport.
The problem is this, he's never gonna willingly sign up for anything that he's not in charge of.
Snowpiercer needs a rallying cry or we're gonna start tearing each other apart.
That's exactly he's hoping for.
So maybe this is how we beat him.
- The mission is hope.
- Yes, it is.
Wilford, he doesn't just want a castle, right? He wants a court.
He needs to be revered.
Old Ivan, my mentor in the tail, we used to play a lot of chess, and he had a defense for an opponent with an ego in the opening move, the Caro-Kann.
Give him the center of the board at first.
Wilford wants to fight hope.
We make him do it out in the open in front of his people too.
It's risky.
You give him a stage, he'll put on a show.
We gotta engage with him at some point, right, for the mission to succeed.
- Ruth.
- Ugh.
Layton, you need her on your side.
Make way, stand aside.
Communiqué coming through.
Oh, well, look who's joined the working classes.
Ruth, gosh, hi.
Osweiller is teaching me about how work is a commodity.
Oh, please, I'm so excited.
Is that for Mr.
Wilford? Never you mind.
But we might be seeing him sooner than you think.
A message, sir.
They have an urgent scientific discovery to discuss.
They're proposing a summit in First Class dining.
That's a nonstarter.
It has something to do with that sample.
I knew she wasn't being straight with me.
Or it's a bluff to draw you out.
It's true I'd be exposed, but then again, so would they.
It's an audience, Sykes.
It's an opening.
An opening? To what? To attacking them? Not them.
Tell them we'll accept.
- [classical music playing.]
- [Ruth.]
Tonight, we host the most special guest, our very creator.
Now, as we welcome him, remember this.
It's the peacock's feathers that tell us the bird is strong.
Now, others may speak of high ground and sight lines, but we know the first line of defense.
It's crisp collars.
It's polished perfection.
- It's well-timed refills.
- [all chuckle.]
Now, tonight of all nights, you go and make me proud.
Go on then.
Hey, I need a minute.
Detective, you seem a little wound up.
The Tailie who was assaulted, it was Lights.
- Is she okay? - No, they maimed her hand.
Multiple assailants, no witnesses.
- It seems like it was organized.
- Organized? She's on the job three hours, she's already got a conspiracy.
- You gave me this.
Let me do it.
- [Layton.]
It's your case.
- What's your gut tell you? - My gut? Okay.
It could be just Tail prejudice, but someone's trying to stir up trouble while we're vulnerable.
What if Wilford's already here? [Wilford.]
Can I join you? - You good? - [Alex.]
I'm fine.
Yeah? Show me.
I'm calling it a tie.
I'm gonna beat you one day.
- You're gonna age out.
- Not this day.
Icy Bob will have your back, Sykes too.
I know.
Layton's just a blip.
It's me they thank when their heads hit the pillow at night.
But having me do it It's just about punishing Melanie, right? No, we're telling a story, Alex.
She takes the train from me, he takes it from her, and now you, her own daughter, makes things right.
It's a thick soup.
You have come so much further than her at your age.
I can't wait for you to see it up there.
It'll take your breath away.
And you'll take the helm.
But It won't be like Kevin.
It'll get messy.
A part of you will question it, the pangs.
You have to block them out.
I know how strong you are, Josie.
People always look to you for the right thing to do.
I have a path again, Josie.
Don't try to take it away from me.
On behalf of Snowpiercer, welcome aboard, sir.
Thank you.
It's such a pleasure to see the teal worn with such pride.
We do our best, sir.
Apologies, sir.
I'm gonna have to search you.
Of course you do, Roche.
I wouldn't expect anything less.
Arms up, please.
Thank you.
Okay, this way, please.
[people cheering, shouting.]
- [crowd chanting.]
Wilford, Wilford! - [laughs.]
How lovely to see you.
I love what you've done with the place.
It's absolutely amazing.
Justice! Hello.
Oh, cheer up.
Hello, darling.
Good to see you.
Good to see you.
It's lovely to see you.
- Mr.
Wilford, Mr.
Wilford! - Oh, let her through.
Come, child.
Why do you look familiar? - I'm LJ Folger.
- So you are.
How are Robert and Lilah? Uh, they died in the war.
Oh, you have my deepest condolences.
- Come on, come on.
- You still have friends up here.
Hey, keep your mouth shut.
Wilford, let's keep it moving.
The subtrain is waiting.
Aye, aye.
Hello there.
Hello there, hi.
Ladies and gentlemen Mr.
Table for eight, please.
I will confess, this relationship confuses me.
I thought you overthrew her.
We've had our moments.
Ladies and gentlemen, on behalf of Snowpiercer, I would like to welcome Mr.
Wilford and his crew aboard.
- Yes, we do, Mr.
Wilford! - Thank you.
Thank you.
Thank you, Mr.
I look forward to the aquarium First Class dining in my Nightcar.
I'm afraid we have graver concerns - to address today, Mr.
- [Wilford.]
Of course.
Concerns that must be addressed together as one train.
- Head Engineer Cavill.
- Thank you.
[clears throat.]
People of Snowpiercer and Big Alice, the Earth is warming.
[people gasping, murmuring.]
CW7 in the upper atmosphere is dissipating.
Instead of a thousand-year timeframe, the planet may create warm spots that could support recolonization in our lifetimes.
Now we have a lot to learn, a lot to prepare for, and we have to do it together.
First, we need to boot up the Breslauer Research Station in the Rocky Mountains.
We just traveled that line.
It's not fit for Snowpiercer.
She'd never make it through.
Second, we need to release a network of sounding balloons across the continent into Asia as far as the Himalayan terminus.
The balloons will relay data to the research station, and Snowpiercer will return in a month's time to collect it.
At which point, we hope to have found what we're looking for.
An X on the map, where life can begin again.
- [gasping, murmuring.]
- [Wilford chuckles.]
How are we to believe any of this? This is the woman who pretended to be me for seven years.
There's no lie too audacious for her.
She's not lying.
Oh, and here is the blood-soaked stowaway to back her up.
How comforting for you all.
A thief and a rebel.
- [Mr.
Wilford, sir.
- [Wilford.]
Yes? The CW7 Well, not to contradict you, sir.
Yeah, just say it.
The CW7, it may have been buried in a larger compound.
Ammonium sulfate.
And if that's what it was in the quantities we saw The theory holds, sir.
So, what do you say, Mr.
Wilford? Should we recolonize Earth, or nah? All right, to get the research station online, it'll need to be manned.
- That's right.
- [Wilford.]
Someone out there for a month.
Someone who knows the station, someone who knows the science, someone with breach experience.
You really should have led with that, Melanie.
For this to work, has to be you.
What? [chuckles.]
I'm sure our head engineer isn't the only scientist who can man this station.
Oh, but she is, Mr.
She is, aren't you, Melanie? Your brilliance is exactly why we're here.
It's just unfortunate that your projects always seem to require leaving someone behind.
Your turn, Melanie.
Your turn.
Those are my terms.
All hostilities cease.
Those are my terms.
The trains have to work together.
I want nothing more.
Then I'll send an inventory of equipment that I need.
The future is outside! No.
Let's go find a new Eden! And so begins a new era of peace and cooperation! One train bound by common cause! No, no, no, no, no.
Well, that worked.
He's right.
It should be me.
- Could've let me know.
- Just keep the train in one piece, huh? Come back to get me.
You better go shake his hand.
I need you to show me your hand.
Please, Lights, I gotta see it.
[man 1.]
Wilford! Wilford! Wilford! Wilford! - Thank you.
- [man 2.]
You're the man! [man 3.]
Love you, Wilford! [inaudible dialogue.]
Don't you dare say this is for me.
It's for all of us.
It's hope.
[theme music playing.]

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