Snowy River: The McGregor Saga (1993) s02e08 Episode Script

The Search

(carriages rumbling) The addition's on the straight now, Mrs.
Oh, thank you, Mr.
- There we are.
- Oh, thank you.
He's a very handsome man, Joanna.
I must confess, I thought he'd be a little older.
That's how I remember him.
I haven't seen him for over 20 years.
We've printed the description here.
The color of his eyes, his hair, his height, and approximate weight.
Mind you, a man can change a lot in 20 years.
It's all I had to go by.
That and the postmarks on the letters that he sent to my Aunt Nora.
He didn't write to you, his daughter? No, never.
I'm sorry, I didn't mean to pry.
It's all right, Kathleen.
I really appreciate everything you're trying to do.
I haven't done anything yet.
Yes, you have.
You've listened, and you've printed my advertisement.
Yes, but I have to admit that when you first came to me with the idea of advertising for your missing father, I had my doubts.
But now, I don't know, our circulation is increasing.
I think there's every chance that someone will come forward.
(sweeping music) I could let you have him cheap, Matt, just to clear my stock.
Sid, you'd have to pay me to take that horse.
Animal is rogue.
Well, he's a bit spirited for cattle, maybe.
Just a bit.
Make a good hunter for someone now.
Someone that could handle him.
Yeah, if you can throw a saddle on him.
No, thanks, Sid, just looking.
Just hang on a minute, Dad.
Sid, there was never a horse that couldn't be ridden, right? I'll have a go.
Well, now, there's an enterprising young man.
Knows a fine horse when he sees it.
(laughing) Of course you can.
Put a saddle on her and give it a go.
(horse neighing) And there never was a rider that couldn't be thrown.
Oh, yeah? (gravel crunching) Steady.
(horse whinnying) Easy.
I think you and I are gonna get on just fine.
(horse neighing) (hoof beats thundering) (laughing) Of course, I could do a deal on him.
Not this time.
How much? Well, a fine looking animal like that, plenty of spirit, don't see too many like him.
I can afford three guineas.
Oh, you must be joking, Miss.
Three guineas? Too much? I'd say one guinea's too much.
Give us a break, Matt.
How about four guineas if you throw in a saddle and bridle.
Done, four guineas.
And a saddle blanket.
(horse neighing) Uh, Miss, if I were you, I'd try something a little less aggressive.
Whoa, steady there, easy now.
All right, Beauty, steady.
Now this is the exciting bit.
Are you ready? Okay.
Easy, easy, easy, easy, there you go.
Yeah, that wasn't too bad, was it? Good.
(laughing) Okay.
(footsteps approaching) Four guineas.
I don't know, four guineas for a horse like that.
I thought I heard you make a deal, Sid.
Thank you.
Glad I could be of help.
Then you think if I do what this woman's done, it might help to find my father? Victoria, I wouldn't want to raise false hopes.
Your father's been gone for some time now.
This Joanna Walker's father's been gone for years.
I'm just saying there are no guarantees.
It's just not knowing, not knowing whether he's alive or if he's suffering somewhere.
I suppose it's worth a try.
I won't give up, Kathleen.
Not until I know.
Well, we better work up what you want to say in your advertisement.
- Do you have a likeness of him? - Yes, I do.
(ominous music) I just thought that you being the local member of Parliament you might be able to help me in some way.
You might know someone, or something.
Anything, if it'd help me find my father.
I'm afraid not, Miss Walker.
- Joanna.
- Joanna.
Yes, thank you.
Malheur Lake, it's, well, it's the size of a small country.
Most of it consists of mountain wilderness.
I think the advertisement's the best bet.
I see.
Do you have any brothers or sisters that could help you? No.
My mother died when I was seven, and my father left a few years after that.
I'm sorry.
I don't mean to pry or anything, but who looked after you? His sister, my Aunt Nora.
I've been looking after her for the past few years, and running the farm.
At least you've still got some family left.
No, Matt, she died just over a month ago, and I had to sell the farm.
And that's one of the reasons I need to find my father.
I need to tell him that his sister died.
What are the other reasons? I need to know why he left.
Why he left me.
My own wife died when Danielle was just a baby, so I sort of understand what a man goes through.
But you stayed.
(somber music) (door opening) (door opening and closing) [Man] Hey.
Can I help you? Yeah, I'm looking for the woman who advertised for her father.
She's not here.
Well, I didn't expect her to be here.
Where would I find her? She left only a few minutes ago.
That's her, the lady with blonde hair.
Have you got some news on her father? Yeah, something like that.
(footsteps receding) I'd like the dress by Wednesday.
Can you have it finished by then? - Yes, of course.
- Good night, Mrs.
(crickets chirping) (gasping) Just drop it, you understand? Forget about your father.
Who, who are you? Do you understand what I'm saying? No more searching, no more newspapers.
Do you understand? (gasping) Yes, yes.
(screaming) Don't lie to me, Frank.
You sent that man to frighten me off.
Do you think I'd pay to have someone attack my own sister? You really can't wait to get your hands on father's money, can you? It's my inheritance.
Not until he's dead, Frank.
Not until he's dead, and I don't believe he is.
Well, it's time you faced it! No! Not until I've been given proof.
(uptempo music) (dog barking) (grunting) (dog whining) The whole town was talking about it when I came in this morning.
Victoria wasn't hurt? Well, she's fine now.
Why would anyone want to stop her looking for Oliver? He is her father.
I think it was a mistake.
Strange kind of mistake.
Michael told me that a man came in here looking for the woman who advertised for her father.
That was barely an hour after Victoria had been in here to book this advertisement.
So Michael pointed Victoria out to him.
And you think that maybe He was talking about the other advertisement, Joanna's.
The attack on Victoria was a case of mistaken identity.
Well, I think I'd better have a word with Joanna.
I'll come with you.
(somber music) (ominous music) Joanna? Can we have a word with you? Of course.
(ominous music) So you really believe someone's trying to stop me looking for my father? Well, we don't know for sure.
But you've got to admit the possibility.
She really felt that this man was dangerous.
If this is true, and someone did mistake Victoria for me, they must know my father.
They might know here he is.
Look, I don't want to sound like a pessimist or anything, but, I mean, this really doesn't prove anything.
Except that this man, whoever he is, might want to harm you.
I think Joanna should stay out of town for a couple of days.
You're welcome to stay with me.
That'll only place you and Michael in danger.
If there is a danger, I think Joanna should stay at the Langara.
(door opening) [Gil] What does this say? Why do you ask? I maybe can't read, but I know what reward looks like, and I know a pound sign when I see it.
And I know the fellow in that drawing.
At least, I used to.
I want to see the reward before I say anything else.
You weren't hanging around the livery stables last night by any chance? What? Doing your best to scare a young lady? Mister, my name is Gil Tyson.
I trap dingoes for a living, wild dogs.
If I frighten any young women, it's 'cause of how I look, now what I do.
And last night I was camped on the edge of the Balmoral Station all night.
I came into town to get supplies, and I found this.
And you say you knew my father? If Joe Walker's your father, yeah.
Do you know where he is? I can tell you where he was, a couple, maybe three years ago.
Anything you can tell me.
Where was he? Had a bit of property, raised a few horses up in the High Country.
Can you show me? I can do better than that.
I can take you there.
I'll do anything for an honest shilling.
If Gil Tyson's a dingo hunter, then he must know these mountains like the back of his hand.
Yeah, but, can he be trusted.
I mean, you've only just met this man.
And he's about to lead you into the middle of nowhere.
Now, if he is right, and your father is where Tyson says, then he couldn't have picked a more remote or lonely place.
(sighing) He wouldn't be lonely.
What do you mean? It wasn't until Aunt Nora was dying that she, she told me the whole truth.
The real story.
He ran away.
It was a few years after my mother had died, and he met another woman, and he left me.
Well, I suppose sometimes these things happen.
I mean, a man can't go on mourning all his life.
Sometimes he'll fall in love again.
But he left me.
He should have taken me with him.
(melancholy music) (ominous music) (uplifting music) Looks like it's gonna be hard going.
It'll take you a couple of days.
That's if you don't lose the track.
I really appreciate your concern, Matt, but I have every confidence in Mr.
I wish you'd just wait for one week.
By then we'd have got the cattle down from the summer pastures, and I can take you.
No, Matt, look, I can't wait.
It's really important to me that I find my father as soon as possible.
Hey, Dad? Better take a look at this.
Look at the girth strap.
It's been cut.
Did you check this when you bought it? Yeah, of course I did, and it was fine then.
I rode it all the way out here, and the girth was all right.
Well, that's it, then.
You're not going with Tyson, you're going with me.
Get her a new saddle.
We'll need some more food, and my rifle.
Dad, we're gonna have the first snow in the High Country within a week.
We can't leave those cattle up there.
He's right, Matt.
Well, we'll be back in four or five days.
You can handle it until then.
There's someone out there that wants to stop you looking for your father.
Seems he doesn't care how he does it.
You either give up, or I come with you.
I can't give up.
Well, you've answered my question, then.
We have a deal.
What about my money? You'll get your money, Mr.
In return, I want a map.
A map? Come down to the house, we can work on it together.
(lively music) Mom, Mom! It's Rob.
- Kathleen.
- Hi, Rob.
Did Joanna get away all right? Well, that's why I came to see you.
Dad wanted me to pass on a message.
Oh? Well, he didn't really think it was safe for Joanna, Miss Walker, to travel to the High Country alone with Gil Tyson, so Matt went with her.
Well, Tyson's drawing them a map.
He reckons he'll be back in four or five days if all goes well.
So he said to say he'd see you when he comes back.
Why didn't they postpone the trip? Well, you know how anxious she is about finding her father.
Dad tried to persuade her, but she wouldn't wait.
I see.
So he's left me in charge.
I'm just off to see Colin.
I might need a hand with the order muster if the weather changes.
- Of course.
- Thanks, Kathleen.
[Kathleen] Bye.
I bet Miss Walker feels safe with Matt traveling with her.
Yes, I'm sure she does.
- Victoria? - I'm busy, Frank.
[Frank] I think you should hear this.
Who's this? Tyson, he's a dingo trapper.
So? He says he's got news of father.
You know something about my father.
- Afraid so.
- Afraid? Let's not be too melodramatic, Victoria.
Let the man say what he's gotta say.
Just tell me what you know.
It's more a case of showing you.
I found this out west, in the desert.
Oliver Blackwood.
So, it's father's boot, it doesn't prove anything.
Well, the thing is, I found it by a grave.
Rough country it was.
Not much of a grave.
There were Aborigines around, too.
They told me they believed a white man was buried there.
(somber music) Maybe it wasn't your father, after all.
This is my father's boot.
(footsteps racing) (hoof beats approaching) Kathleen, I'm glad I caught you.
I need to cancel that advertisement about my father.
Why, what's happened? A man brought Frank one of my father's boots.
He found it in the desert by a grave.
But are you sure it's his? I'm sorry.
(melancholy music) (sweeping music) Can't see anyone following.
Doesn't mean there's no one there, though.
Well, this is like on the map, so we must be heading the right track.
Take it easy, you've still got a long way to go.
Ya! (snake hissing) (ominous music) (snake hissing) (ominous music) (uplifting piano music) Whoa.
I think we can camp here for the night.
Might walk on a bit higher, see if I can pick out any landmarks.
You don't think we're lost, then? (laughing) I think we're on the right track.
I just want to make sure, that's all.
Can I come with you? Yeah, it's a bit of a climb.
Oh, that'll feel good after this long day's ride.
Hey, have a look at that.
(gentle music) Do you think Joanna will find her father, Mom? If he's there, Matt'll find him.
Oh, Michael.
Go and get him.
You don't know what he'll get up to.
He's probably gone through to the Blackwood's land.
[Michael] Chasing rabbits, I suppose.
Come on, boy, come on! Here, boy! Michael? Michael? Get off, get off.
Give it here! Here, boy.
He was digging for this dirty, old boot.
Let me see.
(dramatic music) It's not as though it was thrown away, it was buried.
So it wasn't just lost, or misplaced.
No, I don't think it was misplaced.
This is the boot that man gave Frank, said he found it in the desert.
Oh, let's see.
It's obviously a pair.
Are you sure they were Oliver's? I'm sure.
I should have known better than to trust a dingo hunter.
What was his name? I think it was Tyson.
- Gil Tyson? - That was it.
Do you know him? He's the man who answered Joanna's advertisement for her father.
He said he'd do anything for an honest shilling.
I think he used the word honest a little loosely.
I think I know he gave him his honest shilling.
Yes, well, I hope he was telling the truth about Joanna's father.
(ominous music) (horse neighing) [Matt] Do you remember much about your father? Not much.
I remember he was a gentle man with kind blue eyes.
I remember that he used to laugh a lot.
He made my mother and I laugh.
My Aunt Nora said that he worked with horses.
Said he was quite brilliant with them.
Something you inherited.
Maybe so.
(sighing) The horses must have brought him to these mountains.
It's a really magnificent country, Matt.
Yeah, it is magnificent, and challenging.
They can be hard, lonely, and unforgiving.
It takes a special kind of person to be able to live up here.
Look, I don't suppose you've considered the possibility that maybe your father's moved on? I mean, it has been a while since Tyson saw him up here.
Nope, I know he's out there.
It's getting cold.
Yep, we'll be getting the first of the snow soon.
Look, Matt, I'm really sorry to be taking you away from your order muster.
(laughing) Rob can handle it.
You have a lot of faith in him.
Yeah, I'm very proud of him.
I'm proud of all my kids.
They turned out pretty well, if I do say so myself.
(laughing) They're very lucky.
Well, I suppose we better be heading back.
Get a fire started.
Well, dinner's almost ready.
This time tomorrow, we'll be at where X marks the spot.
I'm not too sure whether we'll be on a wild goose chase or not.
Matt? I'm scared.
What if my father doesn't want to know me.
It's been so long.
Ah, he will, I know he will.
He left me before.
I know this sounds strange, but I always have a feeling like I'm incomplete, somehow, like there's something missing.
Well, tomorrow you might find that missing part, huh? Tomorrow's either gonna be the best day, or the worst day of my life.
(horse neighing) Early start? Yeah, why not.
Get a good night's sleep and head off around dawn.
Let's not get carried away.
(horse neighing) Whoa, Beauty, what's wrong? (ominous music) (snake hissing) (screaming) (gun cocking) It's a Tiger.
One bite from that, and uh Where did it come from? Well, it certainly didn't get there by itself.
(gentle piano music) You've been out all afternoon.
Did you have a successful day? As a matter of fact, yes.
I've been to the bank, and there's something you should know.
- Bank? - Yes.
I spoke to Herbert, and he was sympathetic about our tragic news.
Well, anyway, he agreed with me that, now that we've got evidence, and a witness to prove that he's not only dead, but buried, well, Herbert felt that he could safely begin to take the necessary measures to To declare you father's heir.
At least to start things in motion.
Why, that's wonderful, Frank.
- It is? - Mmm.
If they can do that much on the evidence of one boot, imagine what they can do with two.
Will you tell Herbert about this little mistake, or shall I? (dramatic music) Then, perhaps, you can put them both back in father's closet where you found them.
(dramatic music) (uplifting music) When you say early, you mean early.
I think Beauty's sleepwalking.
Best part of the day.
Might give us a chance to catch up with whoever's been following us.
Catch up? Yeah, I'd say he's ahead of us now.
Must have traveled during the night.
Take a look at that.
Means only one thing, he knows where we're heading, and he knows how to get there.
(ominous music) (uplifting music) This gully should take us to the lowest slopes of Mount Warrigal.
That's where the farm should be.
- Will it take long? - Nah, it shouldn't.
We've been making good progress.
My guess si (gun cocking) - What's wrong? - Shh, listen.
(rocks crumbling) You wait here.
(clucking) (suspenseful music) (rocks crashing) Get back! (sighing) I'd say we're a lot closer to your father's farm than we thought.
Let's go, take it real easy.
(clanging) (footsteps approaching) Oh, you're leaving us, Mr.
Tyson? Oh, Mrs.
O'Neil, yes.
I'm just heading out to do some more trapping.
I went to see Miss Blackwood yesterday afternoon.
Oh, yes? She said that you'd found one of her father's boots.
Oh, yes, yes, I did.
I think it's a coincidence.
Sorry? Well, you see, I've just found one of his boots as well.
- Oh, did you? - Yes, I did.
Now, I found mine in the Timber Country on the edge of the Balmoral Land.
Where did you find yours? Um, uh I'd think very carefully before I answer, Mr.
It wasn't my idea.
It was Frank Blackwood's.
He told me that it would help the young lady ease her mind.
Yes, and make you a few shillings, as well.
Oh, well, yes, but if I was able to help the young lady, it was worth telling a small lie.
It wasn't a small lie, Mr.
Tyson, it was a big fraud.
Oh, well, yes.
And what about the map that you sold to Miss Walker? Was that a small lie, as well? Oh, no, no, no, no, it's not, it's the real McCoy.
I saw Walker in the mountains just like I said I did.
And he'll be where the map said.
Honor, the map's not a lie, it's the truth.
It had better be, for your sake.
You stay close to me, you hear? (horse whinnying) (leaves crunching) Joanna? Joanna? (somber music) (leaves rustling) (wings fluttering) (birds cooing) (wings fluttering) (somber music) Oh, no.
Matt? (soft footsteps) (somber music) [Matt] Sacred to the memory of Georgina Walker, beloved of Joseph Walker.
(melancholy music) Mother of Thomas.
Now I know why he left, he had another family.
She had her own son.
I would have been in the way.
(gun cocking) She was my wife.
Georgina Dunn.
Who are you? I'd say he's the man who's been following us, causing all the trouble.
But why? Why would you want to harm us? Because he couldn't let us find the other grave.
Isn't that right? Yeah.
I tried to stop you.
I didn't want you coming here.
What other grave? The one over there, the one I was kneeling by.
It's your father's grave.
Took me a long time to find him, years.
When I did she was already dead.
He killed her, your father.
Just as if he'd put a gun to her head.
Brought her here to this Godforsaken place, and worked her to death.
Now I'd say it was a very pretty place, once.
There's evidence of a garden, a vegetable patch.
I'd say she was very happy here.
You killed my father.
What about your son, Thomas? Did you kill him, too, huh? All I wanted was Georgina back.
That's all I wanted.
And when I got here she was already gone.
The kid wasn't mine, he was your father's.
I have a brother.
Do you know where he is? Please tell me, where is he? Why would I tell you that? I don't care where he is.
(groaning) Matt.
(gunshot ringing) (screaming) (grunting) Joanna, you all right? - Yes.
- You're not hit? No, I'm okay.
(horse neighing) (energetic music) Ya, ya! (energetic music) (ominous music) (horse neighing) Hey, whoa, whoa! (yelling) (dramatic music) (hoof beat approaching) He didn't make it.
Found him down at the bottom of a gorge.
His horse must have shied at something, I don't know.
I found this in the cabin.
Must be Thomas.
Look, Joanna, I'm sorry things didn't end up the way you hoped.
I only wish we could have found your father alive.
Well, I know I'm never gonna know the answers to all my questions, but he did leave me something very precious, a brother.
I'm gonna find him, Matt.
I'm gonna let him know that he has a family, and he has someone that he can really count on.
(dramatic music) (carriage rumbling) (uplifting music) (footsteps approaching) Ah, welcome back, Mr.
Didn't expect you back so soon.
Kathleen? Hi, Matt.
[Kathleen] Did you have a pleasant trip? Well, I wouldn't describe it as pleasant.
Hazardous is probably a better word.
Did you find Joanna's father? We were too late.
We found his grave, and the man who put him there.
What happened? Well, it's a long story, to say the least.
Let's just say I'm glad to be back.
So, no more adventures with damsels in distress? I think I've got enough adventure right here.
(smooching) (lively music)