Snowy River: The McGregor Saga (1993) s02e13 Episode Script

The Reilly Gang

(adventurous western music) (horse hooves pounding) (horses panting) (water splashing) Sean! We should stop.
The troops will be at least a day behind.
And that's where they're gonna stay.
We'll stop when I say we stop.
Yah! Sean's right, come on.
Sean's always right, come on.
Way up there? Yeah, if you hit her straight into the high gullies.
Won't take long to muster 'em.
If you happen to go into town, will you tell Ruth I'll only be a couple of days? Any other messages? They won't be going to town, too many chores to do here.
Don't worry we'll be working our little fingers to the bone.
(clicks to horses) (gloomy, tense music) La, la, la, la, la (laughter) Colin will be expecting food when he gets here.
Well, he can have dancing girls instead.
(clatter) Are you all right? Yeah, thanks.
You could have brained yourself.
Who's been polishing under the rugs? Hold it.
(Shrieks) Do as I say, and nobody gets hurt.
(dramatic music) (expansive, grand music with a twang) [Ruth] Reminds me of the James boys.
What? The Reilly Gang.
They remind me of the James boys back home.
Who were the? Oh no, Michael not that one.
Why? It's the new cleaning fluid for the press.
It's dangerous, you'd better mark the can.
If we use it by mistake, it could explode.
Are we out of kerosene? We're getting some in tomorrow.
Ruth, who are the James boys? Frank and Jesse James.
They were outlaws.
The people loved them.
Not the ones they robbed.
No, but to some people, they were heroes.
They were forced into crime by circumstances.
People love those stories, but they are just stories.
Only, with the James boys, it was true.
Now, what makes you think so? Because my father interviewed Frank James.
Wow! Yeah, he got his whole right there in the jail.
He was a sensation.
Not a soul.
Now, for common courtesy's sake, ladies, who am I addressing? I'm Mrs.
And you? I'm Miss McGregor.
You look a bit young to be a mother.
And you look a bit young to be without yours.
I'm 18.
- [Danni] Huh! - I am.
It won't matter how old you are when the men get back.
- I'm telling you - Shut it! Now ladies, if you would, a seat, please.
Must be pretty hard to take all this.
Did you hear what we said? The men will be back soon.
They took enough supplies to last for a week.
No, ladies, we have you all to ourselves.
What do you want? What we want is food, fresh horses, and a bed for the night.
(peaceful music) (horses snuffling) So this is it.
Church re-building fund at jumble sale.
Ah, that's what we need.
All set to go.
So how many copies do you want? Oh well, Mrs.
Harris from the store is gonna put in one with every order, so I reckon 100 should cover it.
Now, I can do you 200 for very little more.
200, where will I use 200? I could put one in with every newspaper.
You'll never go broke, Kathleen, 200 it is.
And thank you for reminding me.
Emily's following this serial.
She won't sleep tonight if she doesn't discover what happens to Tom Sawyer and Injun Joe.
The good guys win.
Ruth, did you write this? Yes, is something wrong with it? Daring bank raid foiled.
Well, it was.
They had to leave without the money.
There's nothing daring about terrifying people and shooting an unarmed man.
Now, she's not saying that she approves.
All she's saying is it took nerve.
Three of them up against a whole town.
But what's wrong with dastardly, dastardly bank raid foiled? Too many syllables.
Daring gives the wrong impression.
Daring is heroic.
There's nothing heroic about these men.
I'll see you tomorrow.
If you wait half an hour, I can have this handbills ready for you.
Half an hour.
Maybe a little more.
I'll be on my way.
I'll pick them up tomorrow.
- Bye.
- Bye.
Mom, some people say the Reillys are heroes.
And some people say the earth's flat.
(happy, peaceful music) (horse hooves and snuffling) (gun cocking) Touch one of those, Reverend, and you'll be enjoying the afterlife a mite sooner than you expect.
Come in, parson, come in.
Welcome to your home.
That's all right.
We're all right.
Where's my manners? Forgive me, parson.
We're the Reilly gang.
Oh, I know who you are.
Perhaps you should be leaving before you do something else that you're going to have to answer for.
What's this? All lies? Read it, Zack.
It was a little after ten o'clock when the robbery began.
The Reilly Gang, that's us.
[Sean] They know that, read on.
The Reilly Gang, Sean, Peter, and Zack.
Zack! (laughs) The Reilly Gang t-terr-or Terrorized.
I can read.
I can read.
The Reilly Gang terrorized the bank staff and customers before Lies again! We did no such thing.
We terrorized no one.
Pointing guns at people doesn't make them feel at ease.
Everything would have been fine, if it hadn't been for that fool bank clerk.
What does it say about him? The bank clerk was shot when the manager refused to hand over the money.
An eyewitness said it was cold-blue Blooded.
Cold-blooded murder.
It was self-defense.
He was gonna take a shot at Zack.
Zack wouldn't be here if I wouldn't have popped him.
It's always been the same.
Ever since we were kids, people bad-mouthed us.
We never had a chance.
People always have a chance.
They can repent.
(Laughing) Repent? Repent.
If you truly repent, you'll be forgiven.
Let me tell you something, parson.
God might forgive us, but the government won't.
That's the rub for us.
Maybe not for all of you.
What do you mean? What does he mean? Don't try and turn the boy against us, parson.
Remember, whatever we do here, we only hang once.
(dramatic music) Talk about being born with a silver spoon.
(metallic clang) My father was born as poor as yours.
Who did he have to rob to get all this? He made his start by honesty, hard work.
Yeah, sure.
A very expensive horse went missing, and he was finely rewarded to bring it back.
How expensive was this horse? 1,000 pounds.
1,000 pounds? And that was 20 years ago, when a pound was a pound.
Oh come on, parson.
Save the stories for the pulpit.
It's no story.
And we can prove it.
[Zack] How? Somebody from the bulletin heard about what he did and wrote a story about him.
The Man from Snowy River.
The man from snowy river was your father? So you have heard of him? Well, I thought it was just a yarn.
Does it say anything in there about a horse being worth 1,000 pounds? The colt from Old Regret had got away, and, oh yeah, here it is.
It was worth 1,000 pound.
And it says he gave it back.
Yeah, the wild ones too, alone and unassisted brought them back.
And the man from snowy river is a household worth name Why are they writing like that about him? They never write like that about us.
If we caught that horse, they'd say we stole it.
- We woulda stole it.
- That's not the point! Even if somebody else stole it, they'd say we stole it.
You know what we need? We need some good press.
Give yourselves up.
No, I've got a better idea, but we'll still need money for supplies.
It's gonna be all legit.
You give us 100 pounds for our three horses and lend us three more.
I don't have 100 pounds here.
We've only got petty cash.
We'll take what you got.
(metallic clattering) That's no good.
I told you, we only keep petty cash here.
Where's the money? That's all we've got.
It is.
Where's the money? It's in the bank! Where is it? It's in the bank! Now, that's the truth.
I wish I believed you.
I do.
What? [Sean] Put the gun down.
- Are you going soft or something? - Put it down! Look, if you don't have the guts for this (gun cocking) (guns clicking) If there's no cash, we'll take a check.
What do you need a check for? To cash it at the bank.
If we're taking the time to stop at a bank, we don't need a check.
All we need are guns.
Not if we want a few hours in town without watching our backs.
Why do you need a few hours? So the local paper can print our story, only this time, they're gonna write the truth.
(light reedy music with dark tones) And no one's gonna get hurt over this? That's the whole point of a check.
Put one under a banker's nose, and he cashes it.
He doesn't pull a gun.
Whatever you say.
Just leave.
Oh, I'm sorry, parson.
It's not that simple.
(gloomy music) Zack's never done nothing like this before.
Then it's time he did.
Look after them, little brother.
No worries.
All right.
We don't want no one riding for help, so we're just gonna sit quiet for a couple of hours, until Sean and Pete get back.
You ain't getting out of those cuffs, parson.
Those cuffs are government-issue.
All the troopers carry them, except the one we ran across the other day.
By the time we'd finished with him, he'd lost more than just those.
He had to walk back to town in his long johns.
He's lucky we didn't shoot him down like a dog.
That's what all troopers deserve.
Right in their black hearts.
You've got a zit.
What? On your nose, you've got a zit.
Don't worry, lots of boys your age get them.
I'm not a boy, I'm a man! How old are you? How old? I'll be 16 in six months.
If you're 15, Zack, the courts will be sympathetic towards that.
Yes, he's right.
Come to your senses.
Zack, why don't you see reason? I don't think you're like your brothers.
Oh yes, I am.
(gloomy guitar and woodwind music) (dog barking) Mom! What is it? It's him.
Who? Well, it's him, Pete Reilly.
What about him? Well he's in the street.
Come and have a look.
Michael, the the Reillys were last seen 100 miles away.
No, it's him! Personally, I've always wanted to see a real, live bush ranger.
That's it.
I knew it's him.
[Kathleen] He could be right.
- [Michael] I knew it.
I just knew it.
- [Ruth] I don't know.
- [Michael] What do you mean? - [Ruth] A lot of people look like that poster.
It's not just the poster.
He is checking out the town.
Excuse me, ladies.
Where would a man report a robbery around here? The station looks to be closed.
Why, what's the trouble? Claim jumpers.
I need to speak to a trooper.
You can speak to a dozen of them soon.
They're due shortly.
Thank you.
(horse snuffling) Mom, you said never to tell a lie.
If he is a Reilly, then the troopers won't be too far behind.
It's just a pity that we don't have our resident policeman anymore.
Do you think the whole gang could be here soon? Yes, they could be.
What a story! Wow! We could be wrong.
We don't want to panic the town.
(clicks and taps) Mr.
Biggins? Gonna be a moment, Mrs.
(loud snap) (clicks to horse) Come on.
That's funny.
Has this happened before? Only once, in a storm.
The tree brought the line down.
I think this tree might be two-legged.
Ever met any bush rangers? Nope, but it looks like my luck's about to change.
Wouldn't you be scared, though? I'd be scared somebody might scoop me.
Scoop you, what does that mean? Professional death.
Somebody beats you to the story.
Michael, I want you to go home and stay there.
Mom, the bush rangers might be coming.
Exactly! But you said when Mr.
Gleason's away, I'm the man around the place.
- I might be able to do something.
- Just get on your horse and go.
Not leavin' on my account.
(slow, forlorn music) Look, people really respect them.
Don't mistake respect for fear, Michael, inside.
They're a lily-livered lot.
We'll have no trouble here.
Let's get the money and go.
When I've done what I've come to do.
What can I do for you gentlemen? Who's responsible for this? - I am.
- I am.
Thanks, Kathleen.
I wrote it.
I published it.
I'm responsible.
They were my words.
They were lies.
Well, if they were lies, then give me the truth.
That's why I'm here.
I want you to write our story.
Anything you say.
And I want you to print it.
If you promise not to harm anyone in this town.
We only harm those who harm us.
I'm gonna go get my things.
- You are gonna print it, aren't you? - Of course.
Then why do I feel like you're up to something? All right, all right, let's get on with it.
We don't want the troopers for company.
No, no, no, no I'd be happier if you both stayed.
Sit down.
You ready? Yes.
To the people of the Colony, an open letter from the Reillys, and this is the God's honest truth.
You got that? Yes.
Then, what did I say? To the people of the Colony, an open letter from the Reillys, and this is the God's honest truth.
All right.
I don't make up quotes.
What you say gets printed.
From the time we were kids, we were always picked on.
Anything went missing 'round our way, it was always the Reillys.
Same with their old man.
Always in jail for things he never done.
That's where he breathed his last, in some rotten cell.
And, him innocent, too.
It broke our ma's heart.
Family of seven to raise, and Seven? She buried four of us.
And they wasn't from overeatin'.
Well, she had no man to bring in the money.
[Sean] Who's robbin' this bank? I just don't want you to forget nothing.
I won't forget nothin'.
The thing is, we lived in this one-room shack.
When Ma couldn't pay the rent, the bank threw us out.
We had to do somethin'.
(peaceful, measured piano music) Colin, I think I could get away.
What? It's barely an hour to where Dad's cutting out the strays.
I don't care.
All you have to do is keep him talking.
I don't want you getting hurt.
He might be a boy, but he's got a gun.
(Sighs) Thanks, they say Home, Sweet Home was our ma's favorite.
My mother's, too.
We had a home once too, you know.
And you could again.
It's too late.
Maybe not for you.
I won't hear a word against my brothers, all right? (tense, dark music) You're very loyal.
They're loyal.
You hope.
What? What if they don't come back? They'll come back.
Danni's right.
What if they leave you here? They'll come back.
They will! That was a couple of years ago.
Since then, we've been on the run, and that's the truth of it.
- More or less.
- What do you mean more or less? - Well, it was more of you and less of us.
- Hang on! Well, it was! Gentlemen, I have a couple of questions.
I've gotta go to the bank, and you're coming with me.
What are you trying to do, make me an accomplice? I'm cashing a check.
A check? I told ya, at heart, I'm a law-abiding citizen.
What's the matter? Oh, I've never been inside a bank I wasn't robbin'.
So? So, what do I say? - What do you mean what do you say? - Well, I usually say, "Stick 'em up.
" "Good morning," will do fine.
Good morning.
Good morning.
Good morning.
Good morning.
What can I do for you, Miss Whitney? Well, nothing for me, thank you Mr.
Elliot, but you can help this gentleman here.
Give me the money.
I mean, cash this, please.
It's legal.
- What do you mean you're sorry? - It needs two signatories.
Two what? That means the account is operated by two people.
Only one person has signed this.
You need to get the other person to sign it as well.
Well he's away.
Then you'll just have to wait 'til he gets back.
I don't believe this.
A man of the cloth, and he gives me a bad check! Oh, it's not a bad check.
There's money there to back it.
Then give it to me! It's not possible.
Why not? We have rules.
I never get this trouble at other banks.
Isn't there a way around this? Show me two signatures.
Look, it's simple.
He's got the horses.
I want my 100 pounds.
I can't do that.
Let's get back.
Okay, you can stop writin' now.
You're not gonna go back to the bank and do something stupid? Now, would I do that? Probably.
What, when I want something written? Stay! (uneasy music) How long does it take to get money from a bank? It's slower without a gun.
Come on, kid.
- Where are you taking him? - To the store.
Where my son goes, I go.
You've got printing to do.
He's not leaving here! You're not leaving, if you want him safe.
Come on kid, I'll buy you some candy.
Us Reillys are nice people.
(uneasy music) (bell ringing) I told you, I can't give you any money on that check.
(gun cocking) How 'bout on this? Flour, salt, sugar, beef jerky.
Where's the ammo? Ammo? I asked for ammo.
I don't think so.
You calling me a liar? No, no, I just didn't hear what you said.
That's all.
I didn't hear you, either.
Well, I'm asking now.
44, .
45, or .
38? All of them.
Anything else? Yes, get him some rope.
Michael, over here, quickly.
Now drop your gun.
Don't make any stupid mistakes.
Drop your gun! I'm pretty good.
Drop it! I can get off six shots in eight seconds.
Yeah, well, one is enough if you know how.
I've never met a woman who could shoot anyone.
Oh, you have.
You just don't know it yet.
I'm sure you know that this gun takes a .
44 shell, and at this range, a .
44 would blow a hole big enough for a buggy to go through.
Now take out your gun.
Now drop it, and don't even think about it, all right? Ruth, Ruth get Now you're a troublesome woman.
How could you let her do that? Are you stupid or what? I might ask you the same question.
What are you talking about? What about Ruth? - One smile, and you're gone.
- She likes me.
She's got you dangling off her little finger.
Will you shut it? Anyway, there are worse places to be.
Yeah, we'll be in one, once the troopers get here.
She's making a fool of you.
- Shut it! - And you're letting her! (guns cocking) You're lucky you're my brother.
Now, move it.
Show's over, ladies.
(gloomy music) What are we going to do? We're gonna do exactly what they say.
We've been thinking of emigrating.
Do you reckon they'd take us in America? Not if they knew who you were.
Well maybe if we said we were a friend of yours, we'd stand a better chance.
Now get out of here.
Read it.
Not you, him.
You'll read it as-written, boy.
And when I've checked it out, I want to see it on the front page of your newspaper.
To the people of the Colony, an open letter from the Reillys, and this is the God's honest truth.
(peaceful piano music) You could distract him, and then I've said no.
All I have to do is get the gun.
Danni, I won't have you getting hurt.
I don't intend to be.
What are you suggesting? Pull the rug from under him.
Do you like dancing? I don't really know if I can.
Play something we can dance to, Emily.
Come on, I'll show you.
Yeah, play us something.
Do you mean something like this? (bouncy piano music) Great.
Let's go down there, there's more room.
(loud thud) Lucky you were there.
I could have brained myself.
Yes, you could've.
Kathleen, please don't worry about me.
I'm a grown woman.
[Kathleen] I know he's charming, but he's a killer.
I know what he is.
Do you? Well he thinks you fancy him.
Well, I can handle him.
(sighs) I wouldn't like to see him turn nasty when he realizes your interest is purely professional.
I've been interviewing him, that's all.
I know that, but he's not used to having a woman like you hanging on his every word.
Kathleen, the bottom line is, I'm getting a great story.
Okay, I'll show you how, come on.
Michael? (guns cocking and firing) (cheerful music) (horse whinnying) (gunshots continue) Oh, wow! - [Sean] Just takes a bit of practice.
- [Kathleen] Michael, come inside.
But he didn't miss once! I said, inside.
(dogs barking) (tense, melancholy music) In the darkness of the cave, Tom Sawyer made an effort to stretch a little further to the right, and at that moment, not 20 yards away, a human hand, holding a candle appeared from behind a rock.
Tom lifted up a glorious shout, and instantly that hand was followed by the body it belonged to, Injun Joe's.
Tom was paralyzed.
He could not move.
Go on.
That's it.
What do you mean, that's it? That's all there is.
Yeah, but it can't end there.
It's a serial.
Yeah, but I wanna find out if Injun Joe kills Tom Sawyer.
Well then, you'll just have to steal next week's paper.
Shut it! I'm sick of your smart remarks! You try living the life we have, and see how you end up.
You might not be sitting there all high and mighty.
You might have the law after you, too.
Danni, now we didn't have to make the same choices as Zack.
We were born lucky, McGregors.
Look, I'm sorry.
That's easy to say.
No, it's not.
I'm really sorry.
You mean it? Yes, I do.
I think Colin's right.
You're okay.
Yeah, well I'm no softie.
I'm not saying that.
I'm saying that you know what's right and what's wrong.
You can't always do what's right.
Well, next time, you will.
Oh! Can't sit around in this all day, now can I? Hey, you're not going anywhere without me.
The door stays open.
The door stays closed.
Gun or no gun, there are some things you can't watch a woman do.
[Zack] Make it quick.
(tense music) If you're not outta there in two minutes, I'm coming in.
How long does it take to change a pair of pants? (knocking) Are you in there? Quietly, boy, see how quiet you can be.
(knocking) Answer me! (loud thud) Zack! Zack look, you haven't shot anyone yet, don't do it now! You can't do it, Zack! [Colin] Don't do this! [Emily] You can't! Shut up! Don't do it! (tense, melancholy music) [Ruth] So, do you ever think about where you'll be in a year? Maybe I'll be calling on you.
I'll probably be in America.
Right, it's not unlikely for bush rangers to skip the country.
Is that really your plan? Beats dangling on the end of a rope.
Hey, you fancy going to America, don't you Pete? Anything, as long as we get out of here.
How much longer are you gonna be? What you want done takes time.
Sean, if we wait any longer, the troopers will be reading it with us.
The troopers have to rest, too.
Hey Michael, run down the street, get us a couple of bottles of beer.
You went back to the bank.
I love a smart woman.
What did you do? I asked him to reconsider.
He reconsidered.
What have you done to him? Oh, he's hanging around somewhere.
Nothing more gets done until I know that he's all right, nothing.
Elliot? Cut him down! (gun firing) How could you? Don't worry, I have it on good authority bankers don't feel a thing.
Albert, Albert are you all right? I'm all right.
Stop fussing, and let's get back.
How could you do such a thing? Don't waste your pity on a banker.
Bankers are crooks.
Then what does that make you? At least people like us pay for our crimes.
Bankers pile interest upon interest until they bleed you dry.
Then they steal your property, only they don't get strung up for it.
(horse hooves pounding) (tense, reedy music) Don't let that business at the bank bother ya.
What bothers me is that it doesn't bother you.
Don't you care about anybody else? I care about some people.
I mean other than your family.
Yes, I do.
When will I see you again? I don't know.
I could come to America.
I don't think so.
Or you could come with me.
Come with you? We'd be great together.
I've seen the way you been looking at me.
No Sean, you've got it wrong.
Oh, I saw that look in your eye.
There was no look in my eye.
I like that.
What? You playing hard-to-get.
I am not playing hard-to-get.
What? Sean, my interest in you is purely professional, all right? That's all.
That's all? That's all.
Pete was right.
You've been making a fool of me.
No, I haven't.
That's why everything's taking so long.
You've been making us hang around 'til the troops get here.
- No! - You're a Jezebel! - (Shrieks) - Leave her alone! - (thud) - Get back! - [Kathleen] Stop it! (gun firing twice) That's better.
Now, you're no good to your boy dead.
Ah, they're wonderful, they're irresistible.
Life would be pretty boring without 'em, but they're trouble.
Yeah, I know, but Oh, and they're nice trouble, but they're trouble.
You take Kathleen, for instance.
Good-looking woman, strong, sense of humor, knows what she wants, and just when you think you've got her all wired up, she goes and does something which shows ya, you're as close to knowing about what's going on inside her head as that mug is to the moon.
Yeah, I've noticed that about women.
Well, I have to tell you, you found out quicker than I did.
Ruth's different, dad.
Oh yeah, sure.
Well, she (horse hooves) What's Danni doing here? Dad, Rob! Sean's gonna kill me.
I'd say Sean's as good as dead himself.
I'd give him a few more weeks of freedom at best.
What am I gonna do? You could go on the way you're going, end your days dangling from a rope, or you could give yourself up, make a fresh start.
A fresh start? They'll hang me.
You're too young to hang.
But in six months' time, it'll be different.
You'll be 16 then.
Don't they hang you anymore under 16? You'll only go to prison.
Only! When you get out, you can start again.
Zack, listen to me.
Do the right thing, and I'll speak for you.
I will.
(tense music) Do you reckon his brothers will be back? Whether they are or not, that boy's really nervous.
He could do anything.
Well, don't worry.
We're not going to be taking any chances.
Danni, you wait here.
Stop, it's all right.
He's changed his mind.
(slow, resigned music) Now get out.
Come on, let's get outta here.
Boy, read me what it says.
Come on, Zack can read it.
It'll be too late then, read it, boy.
Well, I've already read it.
Then read it again, every word.
This letter was dictated by the bush ranger Sean Reilly, trying to justify his wasted life.
[Sean] Go on.
Most of what follows is a self-serving misrepresentation.
To the people of the Colony Why? Why!? I believe in free speech.
You had your say, now I'm having mine.
Well, you've had it for the last time.
Get those oil lamps.
We're gonna torch the place.
- No! - No, no, please.
Get 'em! They're empty.
[Sean] Then fill 'em.
Get the kerosene, boy.
Michael, that one.
This one? That one! Come on, come on, burn it, burn it, come on! Come on! (explosion) (horses whinnying) All right, hold it! (gun cocking and firing) (horse whinnying) (slamming, grunting) Are you all right? I'm better, now that you're here.
(laughing) Have you seen this? Bush rangers foiled, town saved by two local women.
(laughing) Well, it was! Well, we were there, too.
Were you? Don't tell me you don't notice when I'm around.
What was your name again? Very funny.
I can tell you this, the women had everything under control, thank you very much.
Now, come on.
Which one of you is responsible for this? - I am.
- I am.
(laughter) (expansive western music)