Snowy River: The McGregor Saga (1993) s02e15 Episode Script

Man and Boy

(dramatic music) (stampede rumbles) [Man] Hyah, hyah.
Come on, come on, hyah.
Come on, hyah.
Keep up with me, hyah.
Come on, come on, keep up with me.
(happy music) Wait until you see it Michael.
Michael! [Matt] So Frank Blackwood's putting him on market, is he? Yeah, you interested? No, but Kathleen O'Neil might be.
She promised Michael a new horse.
How much is he asking? [Older Man] Well depends which one.
I want that one Matt.
[Matt] Are you sure? He's sure Dad.
[Man] Whoa.
On no, what have I got myself into? That horse is one of Frank's best from his master.
Oh Mom.
He knows a good horse when he sees one.
He's just a boy.
Yeah, not for much longer.
[Man] Come on.
Don't worry, I'll break him in for ya.
(suspenseful music) Huh, you've grown three inches these holidays.
Mom! Stand still or you'll get a pin in your ankle.
There's no point in going to school tomorrow.
- [Kathleen] Oh yes there is.
- We don't even have a teacher.
Well don't count on it.
Emily McGregor's filling in until the new teacher arrives.
Aw Mom do I have to go? (horse neighs) Shh.
Someone out there.
I'll go.
No, you stay here.
But Mom.
Stay here! Is there anyone out there? [Michael] See anyone? No, probably a kangaroo.
[Michael] Why'd you bolt the door? Uh, now those trousers.
[Michael] Mom, why do I have to go to school? What a silly question.
[Michael] No, really.
Well apart from the fact that it's the law to learn things and know things, to broaden your mind and horizons, you know knowledge and the ability to think clearly are very powerful tools.
But what about Matt? What about him? Well he didn't go to school and look how much he knows.
He's rich and famous and a member of Parliament.
Just imagine what he could have been had he gone to school.
But he knows things about horses and animals I betcha they wouldn't teach at school.
Experience counts for a lot too.
And you like him, don't you? You mightn't have liked him if he'd been at school and was all clever and different.
It wouldn't surprise me if you ended up a barrister.
And that takes an awful lot of school too.
But Mom.
Matt's gonna start breaking in the stallion tomorrow morning.
Well if we leave early you can drop in on the way.
[Michael] Oh Mom.
Michael it's your bedtime.
Night Mom.
[Kathleen] Night.
(thoughtful music) Mom! Uh sorry, we didn't mean to be trespassing.
That's alright.
Is it much further to Paterson's Ridge? Walking yes.
I can give you a ride in a little while.
No thanks, we don't want to impose.
No, not at all.
There's some breakfast inside.
Would you like some? Yes please.
That's alright.
Anyway, I'm Kathleen O'Neil and this is my son Michael.
[Lizzie] Hello.
Come in.
Thank you.
Uh, you chop some wood son.
[Kathleen] So tell me Lizzie, where are you from? We come from Yangala Mission.
Out west.
That's an awfully long way.
Why did you leave? Mom's idea.
Sam, don't speak with your mouth full.
Can you pass the butter please Michael? School term starts today Mrs.
I was hoping to enroll Sam at Paterson's Ridge.
Well yes.
You could go with Michael, Sam.
Great, I can't wait.
- Would you like more tea Lizzie? - Thank you.
Sam's a bright lad.
Cheeky, but bright.
I couldn't teach him anymore myself.
And do you have family nearby? No.
I heard Paterson's Ridge was a nice place.
Well it is.
Isn't it? Yeah.
What's so good about school Sam? It's important.
Great food Mrs.
Umm, well thank you Sam.
(happy music) (tense music) (happy music) Wow, is that really him? Man himself.
I heard about the man from snowy river.
I thought it was just all made up.
It wasn't, was it Rob? No way Sam.
[Matt] Rob, you ready? Sure Dad.
Matt's engaged to my Mom.
He's gonna be my dad.
What happened to your real dad? He died.
What about yours? He died.
How? Don't know.
(dramatic music) Whoa, easy fella, easy.
Tell Frank that Kathleen'll take him.
- When can I ride him Matt? - Be a while yet Michael.
What are you gonna call him? Regret.
The colt from old Regret.
- Good morning Annie.
- [Annie] Good morning.
Hello Colin.
Morning Kathleen.
This is Lizzie Murray, she's new in town.
This is Colin McGregor.
Pleased to meet you.
Welcome Lizzie, nice to meet you.
(tense music) [Kathleen] Yes I'm going to.
But you see I had actually.
(bell dings) Where are you from Sam? Yangala, Danni.
Where you from? Ah Paterson's Ridge.
I was born here.
Danni's Matt McGregor's daughter.
Really? That's great.
What's so great about that? She's gonna be your big sister.
Come on little brother.
Very funny.
[Lizzie] Sam's a bright boy.
I'm glad to hear that.
I've always told him, you don't get anywhere without a good education.
No matter who you are.
[Kathleen] Uh, here they are now.
This is my boy Sam.
Take your hat off.
McGregor's your new teacher.
Another McGregor? (laughs) Emily's married to Matt's son.
Rob, right? Colin.
I should've guessed.
(chuckling) Why don't you kids go in and find a seat? Okay.
I'll be buying some books for Sam as soon as I can get a job.
It's alright Lizzie.
Does Mrs.
O'Brien still need someone? As far as I know.
O'Brien runs the boarding house and she was looking for a helper.
I'll go and see her right away.
Frank's asking 20 pounds for the horse.
20 pounds? Well that's good stock.
I'd like to see you get a saddle on it first.
We already have.
Still needs some breaking.
Well I don't want Michael riding it until you're absolutely sure.
You are such a worrier.
I can't help it.
He's all I've got.
What about me? Oh, I forgot all about you.
I got the job.
Gleason] Oh splendid.
I got it.
Oh sorry.
No, Lizzie, this is Matt McGregor.
Pleased to meet you Mr.
I heard so much about you.
Even where I come from.
Yeah, I've heard a lot about you too Lizzie.
You have? From Kathleen.
(laughs) So have you got anywhere to stay? No, I don't.
Well there's an old settler's cottage just a few miles outta town.
A few miles? Yeah, I mean it needs some new iron on the roof, something I could fix for you.
And I've got a room upstairs.
You and Sam are welcome to it in the meantime.
Aw Kathleen, we couldn't.
Oh don't be silly.
I don't know what to say.
When does Mrs.
O'Brien want you to start? Right away, I've gotta go.
Well nice to meet you Lizzie.
Thanks for everything.
Thanks so much.
(happy music) Whoa, whoa.
(mysterious music) Observation.
Who can tell me about observation? [Students] Miss, miss, miss.
[Emily] Doreen.
Observation is seeing all the things around us.
And smelling, tasting, touching, hearing.
Using all our senses.
But sometimes we observe by seeing or hearing something that isn't there.
When would that be important? When someone stole something ma'am? (students laugh) I suppose so.
But it could also be a sound that isn't there, that should be.
What if all the birds stopped singing? - What could that mean? - [Students] Miss, miss.
That they've gone to sleep? - Yes, or? - [Students] Miss, miss.
That they are hawks around? Yes, good one.
Or for any number of reasons.
But first, we must make the observation.
Excuse me ma'am, but you made a mistake.
What's that? Observation.
It ends with I-O-N.
Oh, so it does.
That's very good Sam.
You're very observant.
(students chuckle) [Michael] All saddled up and ready to go.
- No it's not.
- [Sam] What are you talking about? When you break a horse you have to leave the saddle on, so it gets used to it.
Looks ready to me.
What are you gonna do? Watch.
Hold this Danni.
(tense music) You can't ride him.
Wanna make a bet? See, what did I tell ya? I don't think it's a very good idea Sam.
[Sam] Whoa! Whoa! - Help! - Sam! (dramatic music) Dad! [Sam] Help, somebody help.
[Michael] Sam! Sam! (train horn blows) [Sam] Whoa, whoa! Hang on Sam.
I'm right behind ya.
Coming mate.
Steady, steady.
[Sam] Whoa.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
(tense music) Ninawunda You alright? Hey, hey, it's alright.
It's alright.
Easy fella, easy.
You okay? You okay? Did he say anything to ya? Ninawunda Well, do you know what it means? (thoughtful music) They're coming.
We're back.
- Are you alright Sam? - Yeah, he's just fine.
[Lizzie] You shouldn't have been on that horse.
[Michael] I warned ya Sam.
[Rob] I'll take that Dad.
We bumped into a tribal Aborigine.
Where abouts? Just over the hill.
He spoke to Sam.
What did he say? Ninawunda or something like that.
What does it mean Lizzie? It's a tribal name, I think.
What would he be doing around here? All the local Aborigines moved on from here years ago.
Maybe he's just passing through.
What do you think Lizzie? Don't know.
Come on Sam.
I hear the boy stole my horse.
You heard wrong Frank.
It was his fault.
Yeah, he cracked the whip.
Is that right Clay? Looked like he was trying to steal it to me.
My boy is not a thief.
It's alright Lizzie.
What was he doing on the horse in the first place? Seeing that I'm buying the horse Frank, it shouldn't be a concern.
Unless of course you don't wanna sell it? Come and get cleaned up Sam.
I know what I saw Mr.
I hear you Pike.
You can't trust 'em for a minute.
Who? The blacks.
I should know.
They killed my father up north.
I was just a kid.
I'm sorry to hear that.
(sighs) It looks to me like a serious overreaction.
Meaning? That the appearance of a lone tribal Aboriginal in Paterson's Ridge hardly constitutes an uprising.
Besides, they've been treated abominably.
From Emily.
Colin's sermon or something.
Aw, thanks Danni.
So, who's being treated abominably? Never you mind.
The local Aborigines.
Is that why they left? Well they didn't exactly leave.
Well I thought they moved further inland where the hunting was better.
You make it sound like they had a choice.
Didn't they? Primitive people, no matter how noble or resourceful they may be, cannot survive the onrush of civilization.
Or the onrush of white man's diseases, not to mention poisoned food and bullets.
Have you ever tried resisting the onrush of a bullet, Mr.
Gleason? To my certain knowledge, firearms are only ever used in, in self-defense.
Ah you amaze me Mr.
Your life's been more sheltered than I imagined.
But we don't shoot or poison people.
We don't, but those who came before us did.
Only in self-defense.
In many cases it was murder.
That's why some people expect retaliation.
The damage was done too long ago.
Shouldn't you be home before it's dark.
Yes, Emily's waiting in the buggy.
I'll see ya later.
- Bye Danni.
- [Danni] Hi Sam, Lizzie.
- See you tomorrow.
- Bye.
[Lizzie] Bye.
Are you sure it's alright Kathleen? Aw, absolutely.
Now you'll be alright up here Sam.
I hope you'll be comfortable.
It's just until Matt can get the old settler's cottage fixed up, alright? [Lizzie] Thank Mrs.
O'Neil Sam.
Sam, did you know him? Who? Ninawunda.
No, he doesn't.
You got a headache, don't ya Sam? The fall from the horse did it.
I'll go and lock up.
Here's a spare key in case you need to go outside.
Thank you.
We'll be staying right here.
Well, goodnight.
[Lizzie And Sam] 'Night.
Why didn't you tell her Mom? There's nothing to tell Sam.
Don't lie to me.
I recognized him.
How could you remember? You were only little.
I remember.
I love you Sam.
I thought his name was Ned.
Ninawunda is his tribal name.
It's yours too.
(suspenseful music) Saw it from up there.
I thought it was dropping a calf.
Blacks? It'd be foolish to ignore something like this.
And it would be more foolish to overreact.
The people of Paterson's Ridge have always looks to the McGregors and the Blackwoods for leadership.
When the situation calls for it.
Well it's not good waiting until it's too late.
So what did you have in mind Frank? Call a meeting to discuss the problem.
There isn't a problem.
But there very well could be if you start stirring things up.
My father saw the Aboriginal not far from our farm.
Did he Doreen? And Mr.
Blackwood found one of his cattle speared this morning.
The Aborigines are peaceful.
They're hunters, not warriors.
Sam, why don't you tell the class a little about your people? The Aboriginal culture is one of the oldest in the world.
I don't want to.
Have you ever heard of the Aboriginal Dream time, class? [Class] No, Ms.
Oh it's full of wonderful stories.
What kind of stories? Oh about how the world was created according to Aboriginal beliefs.
Go on Sam, tell the class what you know about the dream time.
No, I don't want to.
Very well.
Sam! I'll go.
My father said they just couldn't be trusted.
Shut up Doreen.
There he is.
Are you alright Sam? What is it Sam, why did you run out? I didn't wanna talk about the dream time.
Well why not? 'Cause I don't know anything about it.
Well it doesn't matter.
Yes it does.
I was brought up in the mission.
I learned how to read and write.
That's good.
Yeah, I learned a lot.
I'm clever they always said.
Got a lot up here.
You know what I mean? But I never learned anything about the ways of my own people.
I don't get it.
Danni does, don't ya? Yeah, I think so.
What's the point of knowing anything if you don't even know where ya come from? (thoughtful music) (tense music) (Lizze grunts) Hey! I saw that.
[Clay] Did you now? Lizzie are you alright? Yeah, I'm fine thank you.
You had no cause to do that.
[Lizzie] Please, it's alright.
I had cause alright.
You seen him before? No.
Notice how when they come into town there's trouble? I wonder why.
[Kathleen] I saw him on my way back to the farm yesterday and then he just disappeared.
Yeah, well what are you getting at? Well he arrived around the same time as Sam and Lizzie.
You saw her reaction yesterday.
Well when I saw Sam and Ninawunda together, if that's his name, I was under the impression they knew each other.
Umm, I wonder.
Lizzie, what happened? It's perfectly alright.
I got another dress upstairs.
(sad, thoughtful music) Here they are Sam.
Aboriginal paintings.
[Danni] Thousands of years old.
Do you know what they mean? Wish I did.
Look at this one Michael.
It's just been done.
It's an ancient well.
They gouged it out over hundreds of years.
It's him.
[Michael] Wow.
Who is he? [Sam] He's my father.
(knocking at door) [Kathleen] It's me Lizzie.
Come in.
Sit down.
(sighs) I get the feeling that you're hiding something.
Lizzie? You wouldn't understand.
Let's see.
Are you running away from someone? Is that it? Who? Sam's father.
He's been following us.
Why? He wants to educate Sam in the tribal way.
Don't you want that? Yes, but he'll take him away.
And what if he doesn't come back? Oh Lizzie, why wouldn't he? Neddie didn't.
Ninawunda is his tribal name.
He was a stockman.
We grew up together in the mission.
We got married the white way because it was expected.
That was the thing.
Neddie didn't like to be told what to do.
Most things there were unnatural to him.
So he decided he wanted to learn the old ways.
He left? I stayed behind with Sam.
He was only three.
The stockman's hat Sam wears, that's all he has to remember his father by.
Does he want to abduct Sam? No.
He's waiting.
What for? Sam to be ready.
He said he will know when the time has come.
(sighs) If that's the case, then that's something you can't run from.
I don't know what to do.
It's getting late.
Why don't you spend the night at my place.
And we can talk some more.
But Sam and me will be leaving Paterson's Ridge in the morning.
Well hello.
Aw Michael'll be happy.
Yep, he's not quite broken.
Rob will spend some time with him over the next couple of days.
Liz, we'll have that home of yours all fitted out tomorrow.
Matt, they plan on leaving.
Why? Ninawunda.
What about him.
He's Sam's father.
I'll fill you in later.
Uh, you don't know where Michael is do you? Emily said that he and Danni went off with Sam.
Lizzie's worried, so if you see them tell Sam that's she's here.
(peaceful music) I want Sam to get an education.
In the white way.
So he can do some good for his people.
But isn't part of that Sam knowing about his own culture? I know.
But I don't wanna lose him Kathleen.
Well I know how you feel.
But if you deny him, you, you might lose him altogether.
Where have you two been? Boulder Pass.
What were you doing all the way out there? The old Aboriginal grounds.
Sorry Mom.
Put it out of your mind Sam.
I can't, not anymore.
We'll leave.
It's okay Mrs.
You don't have to lie anymore Mom.
I told Michael everything.
You know what your father wants.
I want to, I have to.
When I'm initiated I'll become a man.
And now I can make my own decisions, can't I? And I've made a decision.
I promised I'd finish school like you want me to.
I promise I'll come back.
Did you talk to him? I wanted to talk to you first.
Would he have understoo? He understands.
I want you to come with me in the morning.
You wanna see him, don't you? Yes Sam.
I know exactly where he'll be.
Don't we Michael? You take care Sam.
See you again.
- Bye.
- Bye.
[Rob] Hey Dad.
Yeah, what's the problem? You better come and look at this.
You haven't been stomping around here, have you? No.
Well someone has.
What is it? Powder burns.
This means shot up close.
And this stuck in after.
A white man's spear.
Made with a very sharp knife, not a flint rock.
(tense music) Now we've got a lot of work to do.
If we start down at Ryler's place, we'll make our way up.
What's going on? They all had cattle speared this morning.
They're out to find who did it.
Soon as we find him, we run him out.
Shouldn't be any trouble.
I'd leave the guns behind.
What are you talking about? You want to scare him, not panic him.
He'll get the message.
What do you think might happen if he sees guns? Yeah, he's right.
There'll be no guns.
Just lots of noise.
That's the deal Frank.
(sighs) Let's get it over and done with.
What are you doing? It's all under control Mrs.
This is ridiculous.
We've got farms to protect ma'am.
Oh Sam and Lizzie.
Come on.
Frank Blackwood put some men together Matt.
What for? To capture Ninawunda and drive him out.
And I'm scared that Sam and Lizzie'll get caught up in it.
Where are they? Heading for Boulder Pass.
Let's go.
(dramatic music) [Sam] Dad? Ninawunda.
It's good to see you.
He's grown.
Why did you have to leave the mission Neddie? You know why Lizzie.
I lost you.
And I'm not gonna lose him too.
I carried you with me.
In here.
Me too.
I don't want you to take him.
You won't lose me Mom, I promise.
Well are you ready to learn the ways of your grandfathers? Is he ready Lizzie? Why don't we try the old Aboriginal ground? Let's give it a try.
Come on.
(dramatic music) Lizzie, when he leaves he'll be a boy.
But when he returns he'll be a man.
And then it's up to me, right? [Ninawunda] You'll know what's best.
It's alright Mom.
It's only for a couple of months.
I'll come back and finish school just like you want me to.
I promise.
Yes Sam.
(laughs) We want you out of Paterson's Ridge.
Leave us.
He speaks English.
We've done nothing.
Get out! Go if you know what's good for you.
Watch that spear.
No! Put that down.
Pike! You can't trust him.
(gun fires) (Lizzie exclaims) You okay? Let's have a look.
Get up.
Your cattle weren't speared Frank.
They were shot.
You don't know what you're talking about McGregor.
Oh yeah? Well whoever did it left powder burns.
And their horse is missing a shoe.
This is the one.
He's lying.
(punch thuds) How is he? He's alright.
Just winged him.
We're sorry.
Just as well for you Frank.
Or you could have been even sorrier.
All of ya.
(happy music) Just a few things to get you started Lizzie.
You've been so kind Kathleen.
Well, let's get you back before dark.
The cottage is all fixed and waiting for you.
Oh come on Lizzie.
Sam'll be back before you know it.
[Matt] There you go.
I'll come and visit.
Hi Mom, where's Sam? He left.
He left? With his father.
When? Oh, about an hour ago.
But he'll be back in a few months.
A few months? He said to mind this.
Where are you going? Michael! What's up mate? Open the gate.
Michael, what are you doing? I'll be okay Mom.
Open the gate.
(energetic, hopeful music) He'll be fine.
Sam! Ninawunda! (happy music)