Soil (2021) s01e01 Episode Script


1 A NETFLIX SERIES [somber, distorted music plays.]
Check it out, that little kid there in blue, that's me, Ismael Boulasmoum.
And the girl in pink at my Aunt Aisha's side, that's my sister, Nadia.
The guy next to me is my father, Omar.
My mother died at 11:25 a.
on 16 January 2006 in a clinic in Brussels.
By 5:15 p.
the next day she'd already been buried in a cemetery in Morocco.
It's how everyone does it.
It's tradition.
As Moroccans, we repatriate our deceased.
Because when someone dies, a company is hired to handle all of it.
Everything from collecting the body, to plane tickets, to the funeral in Morocco.
And all within 48 hours.
Hey, believe me, bro, I know all about it.
My parents had one of those companies.
My dad still does.
He thinks it's the most secure job for a Moroccan in Belgium.
People are always going to die.
And there will always be repatriations.
People shouldn't have to think about it.
Besides, that's the whole point of tradition.
There's no need to think for yourself.
But my mother was a person who did think about things, including where she wanted to be buried.
- [monitor flatlining.]
- And that was here in Belgium, close to her kids.
[gentle traditional music plays.]
[monitor resumes beeping normally.]
All three of us were standing beside her bed when my father swore to her she'd stay with us.
But she hadn't even been dead for a day before her coffin was on its way to the airport, under pressure from the family, and in the name of tradition.
I was only 12, and just like that, one day she was here, and the next my mother was buried 3,000 kilometers away.
That was the darkest day of my life.
And I've never been able to forgive my dad.
I didn't just lose my mother that day.
I lost my father too.
That was the last time I can remember hugging him.
From then on, my dad and me, everything was fucked.
[rapid guitar strumming and drum beat.]
[jaunty traditional music plays.]
It's been years since all of that, and I have to admit that my dad was right about one thing.
People are definitely still dying.
But it also never made him rich.
Put this over there? [Ismael.]
After my mom died, my sister took over for her.
Out of everyone in the family, she's the one with the most common sense.
If it hadn't been for her, the empire, as my father liked to call the business, would have failed a long time ago.
But I wonder how she keeps doing it surrounded by so many hypocrites.
- We'll take care of everything for you.
- Because if I'm honest, funeral directors are the biggest charlatans of all.
Look, the first time you bury a client, I can see how you would genuinely sympathize.
But when you make a living off people dying, you start to think about what you've got in your pocket.
It's always the best who leave first.
[in Arabic.]
Exalted be He.
[Ismael in English.]
Like this one here, Rachid, my brother-in-law.
He's a decent guy, but he's kind of a drama queen.
Can you have Omar call me before he comes for the body? Mm No.
It'll be me and Nadia.
- Okay.
- Today will be Omar's last day, inshallah.
Will you let me know when? Yes, and we'll still be going by the name Insurance Omar, but I'm taking over.
And all that will change is I, Rachid, will modernize this business.
And eventually I'll open a second, and then we'll do a third.
- That's great.
- And then a whole franchise called Insurance Rachid.
We'll be like the McDonald's of repatriations.
- It's great, right? - Inshallah.
Of course it'll be.
- So, salaam alaikum.
- Salaam alaikum.
And if anything happens to your parents, they're ill, you think of me.
Salaam alaikum.
Bye now.
My father and sister keep saying I don't know what I want to do with my life.
But that wasn't the truth at all.
- I knew exactly what I wanted to do.
- [exhales deeply.]
I wanted to get rich without working too hard.
I share this ambition with my best friend, Jean-Baptiste.
JB to his friends.
Dude, make sure you're there on time, or I'll look like an asshat.
We're gonna make that money, bro, that Kanye money.
- Dance.
- Dance? - [continues beatboxing.]
- [hip-hop music playing.]
- Stop.
- [music stops.]
[breathes deeply.]
This is the last time we'll be poor when we dance, you hear me? All right, just be there, homie.
Pizza, anchovies and what? [in Italian accent.]
Calzone like my mama makes.
That's right, fool.
Let's go! - [indistinct chatter.]
- [hip-hop music continues.]
- [men teasing.]
- Check it out! [men continue teasing.]
We wanna know who put that gear on.
- [man.]
Bouslamoum? - Uh, Boulasmoum.
Follow me.
Today is your lucky day.
Check it.
Let's say you're in 2,000 B.
You're a bank man, and I come in with this invention.
[metal clinking.]
Knife and fork.
Huh? You would give me the money right away.
That would've been investing wisely.
- [JB.]
Did someone order a pizza here? - Yes, here.
[whimsical music plays.]
- Here you go.
- Here's the cash.
- Ah, thank you.
- You keep the change.
- Thank you, man.
- Are you hungry? Have you eaten? Come on, man, have some.
Oh no, they didn't cut it up.
You know what? That's okay.
I'm prepared for anything, my friend.
Check this out.
Voila! It's 2,000 A.
and I present to you the amazing pizza scissors.
That's why you want 100,000 euros? Yes.
Uh, so the plan is to create 10,000 units, and the rest is for promoting.
Cha-cha-cha! [inhales deeply.]
You know what's gonna happen if I give you that, right? I'll get rich just like Donald Trump.
I think that within six months, you'll be back at Pizza Hut.
And the only difference will be the 9,995 pizza scissors in your garage, and that over the next ten years, you'll owe use half your wages.
- You're not feeling it? - No.
But you can always come back with a better idea, Ismael.
You know what, bro? All you fuckin' banks were in the shit.
You needed us, and we paid out of our asses.
And now we ask for just one thing in return, and it's too fuckin' much? And, so you know, it's Boulasmoum.
Remember it.
He won't give us anything.
Yo, yo, yo! What are you doing? Dude! No pizza scissors, no pizza.
I'm over this shit, dude.
We've tried a million things, and we're getting nowhere.
And those goddamn pizza scissors, man, what a dumb idea.
Hey, bro.
Those pizza scissors were lit.
That douche nozzle was sleeping.
Come on, bro.
Hey, hey.
Hey, hey.
Wait, wait, wait.
I mean it.
This idea was, for sure, my best yet, for real.
This is the butter stick.
Once it catches on, we can do a chocolate stick, a jam stick, and a peanut butter stick.
[razor buzzing.]
This is a shaving tent.
All the colors are wrong, but seriously, everyone is gonna want one of these, dude.
Ha-ha! The steering wheel desk.
You can drive and work, bro.
A zoom call here, an email there, all while driving.
Hell yeah! And for 50 euros.
What do you think? We're still no closer, and we put every last cent into this one.
Dude, remember Tupac.
"Keep your head up.
" Hey.
Next time we go to the bank, I'm bringing an AK.
[imitates unzipping.]
[imitates cocking gun.]
[imitates automatic gunfire.]
I'm gonna shower.
Shit, look at this mess.
Come on, Mario.
[dance music playing.]
What you waitin' for Mario.
What you waitin' for Are you aware that there's a leak? [Mario sighs.]
What you waitin' for Nah, the whole family's there, bro.
Oh, I get it.
That's why you want me there.
Nah, it's just with you there, it'll be easy to bounce, if my father's there.
- Your father? - Yeah.
- Seriously? Oy, yo.
- [hip-hop music playing over stereo.]
- Your father, for real? - Yeah, man.
- Yo, for real, though? - Yeah! Your father, really? Are you stressed? - [sighs.]
- It's okay, bro, tell me.
Your father just might explode.
He just wants to see us before his Mecca trip, okay? We'll be there a few minutes, then we'll leave.
You really should go to Mecca.
- Set you on the right path.
- Ah, man, come on.
- [knock at door.]
- Are the girls here? - Uh - What do you want? Seriously, what? Uh, I I specifically said not to shower.
- Smile, it's for you.
- [Ismael.]
Who is it? - Your girlfriend.
- Hey.
- The entire The entire - What is it? What? The entire fitness center is underwater.
I explained no showers.
Then make it a swimming pool, Mario.
Jeez! Oh, so it wasn't fixed by the tape you put up? I've told you several times, if you want to shower, you're welcome to wash in the gym.
Why don't you tell people, if this is flooded, they can work out up here.
How about that? [sputters.]
Listen, um, Ismael, rent's due.
- [Ismael.]
- You haven't paid in three months.
I can't keep lying to Vanessa.
That's just money she would have already spent, dude.
Just think about it that way, man.
Don't trip.
Keep working out, bro.
Do you Do you want me to close the door for you? [Omar.]
He's been on the way for an hour.
God help me.
I leave tomorrow, then he's your problem.
Rachid! - Yeah? - We'll need your buddy to come back again.
- It's damp.
Do you smell it? - It does smell.
You're right, Omar, yeah.
But I bought some tiles from this store in Marrakech I found online.
Online? What brand is that? No, online, from the internet.
But they'll be here tomorrow for sure.
Why would you buy tiles online you've never seen? Well, they were half the price.
And besides, you can buy shoes without trying them on.
Not from Morocco.
That's great.
Just call when he's here.
You got it, Omar, for sure.
[knocks softly.]
- Salaam alaikum.
- Alaikum salaam.
Alaikum salaam.
- Salaam alaikum.
- [Omar.]
Uh, JB, we have to speak as a family.
So can you wait outside? Yeah.
For sho.
- [Ismael.]
Good luck, homie.
- [JB.]
Nadia, my dear, and Rachid.
You've been working here four years at my business.
That's right, sir.
You really know the business in and out.
Rachid, you've been almost - like a son to me.
- [kisses.]
I love you, Omar, I do.
May Allah bless you.
I'm giving 50% to you.
You and Nadia.
Oh, wow, I just Wow.
- Oh, you were always like a father to me.
- Sure.
You've been so patient, you've been there for me.
- I really mean it.
Allah keep you happy.
- Rachid - Rachid, please.
- Just wait You gave me your only daughter in marriage.
- I'm trying to tell you - I love you, but you know nothing.
Don't worry, Omar.
I just want to bring this business you created into the future, and I'll see that you're proud.
Uh, that's great, really, Rachid.
Ismael I've really tried to involve you with the business, but you've been, uh, stubborn all this time.
- Here we go, man.
- Would you just listen for a sec? The other half is going to you.
[ominous sting.]
Uh, sorry, Omar? I, uh [chuckles.]
I, uh, eh - Uh, what? Ismael gets half? - Yeah, of course I get half.
How does he get half? What Who Omar, come on.
What can he do? He does nothing here.
What a disgrace.
This really hurts.
- I mean, really, it hurts.
I'm in pain.
- Rachid - Hey, hold on.
- What a sham! Four years of work! Seriously? I [wails.]
Nadia, the papers.
Ismael, you get one half, and the two of you get the other half.
As soon as I go, it belongs to you.
Let me get this straight, you don't respect me, but I'm getting half the business? Are you serious? We think you working here with us at the business is best.
- Instead of - So you know what's best for me? You think you know what's best? - [Nadia.]
Smile - How many times can I say it? I'm not gonna spend my life surrounded by the dead.
Uh, excuse me.
Now, Omar, hear me out.
I'm fully in agreement with Ismael, right.
This is the job you put your heart and soul into.
You know? It's not like we're washing dishes here.
Did you know he was gonna do this? - No, I didn't.
- I think you did.
Okay, well, thanks, really, but I think I'll manage on my own.
But thanks, Pop.
Ismael! I'm leaving for Mecca tomorrow, and it's time for you to take some responsibility.
Now, you've been doing it your way for years.
But in the end, with every failure, you knock at my door and ask for money.
I'll pay you back times ten.
Don't worry, Pop.
Don't worry? Really? Here.
Take it.
Go buy a decent suit.
Get yourself dressed properly, like a man.
So this was planned? Can't you see he's making a gesture? A gesture? Are you serious right now? - Nice work.
- Just sleep on it.
[siren wailing in distance.]
All this goes to Tangier? It all belonged to Mimoun.
We'd like it to be sent to Tangier for the funeral.
Ah, no problem, I'll send my brother.
- Thank you so much, really.
- Thank you.
- Come on, Papa.
Let's go.
- Goodbye.
Want to earn some cash, drive furniture to Morocco tomorrow? Let me know.
My sister won't give up.
She asked if I want to drive a dead client's furniture to Tangier.
- Tangier? - What do you think? No, bro, we gotta go back to the bank.
We're not going back with those fucking pizza scissors.
Oh, those pizza scissors were dope.
I have a much better idea, a microwave.
We make it freeze the food instead of warming it.
That's a freezer.
Yeah, but faster.
Why would anyone want that? We just have to make sure everybody needs it.
Yo, but once we get them to invest, we go from gas station food to noshin' on caviar, and partying with big-booty-ass bad bitches.
So no more weird jobs for your sister.
We'll get 1,000 euros.
- A thousand? - Yeah, bro, a thousand.
- One thousand? - Yep.
Ah, let's bounce.
- [Ismael.]
Let's go pack.
- Road trip! Twenty-five percent? [scoffs.]
That's all? Twenty-five percent? You should have told me, Nadia.
I could have changed your father's mind.
Twenty-five percent.
That's a fourth, half of half.
Your brother has done nothing to help with this business, and he gets 50%.
Just like that! Rachid, this morning we were only employees, and now we own half of it all.
No, Nadia, 25% is for you and 25% for me.
- Can't we buy him out? - We're not gonna buy him out.
I've just been waiting for this thing to be ours for so long.
You and me.
One family.
Together, babe.
More security and stability.
Inshallah, with a baby too.
Rachid, half of the business is ours.
And once it's all been worked out, then we'll have room for a child.
No way.
Twenty-five percent will not support a baby.
Will the baby be 25% mine as well? [sighs.]
Honey, please, just come to bed now and leave it alone.
- Had it been 33%, that'd be different.
- Rachid.
[Rachid sighs.]
[gentle music playing.]
[objects rattling in bag.]
[closes drawer.]
[music continues.]
[bus departing.]
[cell phone rings.]
Dad left in good order.
You should have come to see him off.
This is not cool.
[music stops.]
Is my sister back yet? She's dropping off your father.
You should have said goodbye.
He's your dad too.
We have to move that furniture to Morocco.
I can't be in two places at once.
Is this your quarter of a partner? Why are you here? - Who is this? What the - Ah What are you sayin'? I'm this guy's best friend for three years.
Best friend? How old are you? Sixty-nine.
So? Here.
Go get the trailer from Anwar.
- Wait, what about the car? - Nadia's on her way.
Okay, we'll be waiting for my sister inside.
No, no, no, no.
Wait outside.
Especially that guy.
It's always the best ones who leave us first, right? Yeah.
- What is the repatriation process? - How is it all handled? At Insurance Omar, we handle it all for you.
Yes, but how much will it be to repatriate him to Tangier? Oh, okay.
Uh As you can see here, the normal cost is 5,200 euros.
But I can give you a discount.
4,700 euros.
Four thousand, seven hundred? That's That's a lot of money, babe.
Maybe just bury him here.
That's a lot to pay off.
Makes no sense.
That's way too much.
Yeah, um Was your father insured? We have 3,000 euros.
That will have to work for you.
That's all? [footsteps approaching.]
Dad will be gone for weeks, and you couldn't even come say goodbye.
No, we were getting everything ready for the trip to Morocco.
What is he doing here? He's not coming.
- What do you mean? - [Nadia.]
Ugh! - Of course he is.
- He can't drive.
Hey, cap off.
No hats.
You take them JB! - My hair isn't - Take the hat off.
Uh, Nadia, they want a repatriation to Tangier, but they've only got 3K.
Do they think we can send the coffin as a carry-on? [Nadia.]
Salaam alaikum.
So what can we do with his father? [sighs.]
I'm sorry.
There's no way we can do it for 3,000.
You could try the mosque.
Maybe they can organize a collection for you.
I understand.
I don't understand.
And you call yourself Muslims.
Greedy pigs.
[church bells tolling in distance.]
[door opens.]
They should be ashamed.
Fuck off! It costs that much? That's crazy.
Oy, yo.
- Okay, let me do the talking, yeah? - Yeah.
[doorbell buzzes.]
[exhales deeply.]
- Hello? - Uh, hello, Mr.
Nabil? - Yeah.
- Salaam alaikum.
I'm Ismael Boulasmoum.
- And I'm here with my colleague JB.
- Alaikum salaam.
Uh, I just wanted to say, uh, I'm part-owner of Insurance Omar, and I've been told you're having trouble with your father's repatriation, - some financial trouble - It breaks our heart.
Yeah, that's right, um, but, uh, we have a solution.
Just a moment.
Hayat, come here.
- Salaam alaikum.
- [both.]
Salaam alaikum.
So, uh, one of the things we've been doing lately is land transportation We drive the body there.
It's good for the environment.
Yeah, I'm going to Morocco anyway.
We can take your father with us, maybe.
We only have one space left.
[sentimental music plays.]
[both grunting.]
- Thank you.
- Yeah.
[JB groans.]
I don't know how to thank you for this.
Uh, just the payment.
- [Hayet.]
Nabil? - Yeah.
I thought we had agreed on 3,000 for this.
The rest is in Morocco.
[JB groans.]
Ismael, be careful.
You don't have to worry, bro.
Sure, we're professionals.
It'll go smoothly.
I promise.
Hey, it'll be great.
[hip-hop music plays through car stereo.]
[honks horn.]
I'm not sure about this.
How do we tell my brother? It's gonna be all right, my love.
We'll explain it to him calmly over tea.
[JB grunting.]
[exhales deeply.]
Yo, yo, dude, what are you doing? Putting him on display? Hide him, bro.
Yo, don't be so paranoid.
What about crossing the border? Think about that? Of course, man.
- What if they check? - They only check on the way back in.
On the way there, you can take as much crap as you want.
Trust me, the more the better.
[exclaims excitedly.]
Three thousand, bro.
- Three motherfucking thousand.
- [both laugh.]
- Bill Gates shit.
- Man, this guy when he smells money [JB.]
Wow, money in the building.
[hip-hop music plays through stereo.]
Be honest, have you ever seen 3,000 in your account? Only with a minus.
No, no, no, no, no, no.
The tiles need to be delivered here now.
It's the first street on the right, and we're on the right-hand side.
[car horns honking.]
Hold on.
Wait just a second.
I'll be right there.
[honking continues.]
Hey! - Hey! Sorry, sorry.
Excuse me.
- [man.]
- That's my That's my business there.
- Yeah.
That's great.
What do you mean? - [rapping on window.]
Hello? - Uh-huh? - We do repatriations.
- Uh-huh.
This must be kept free 24/7.
People don't wait to die because you've moved in.
- Yeah.
- See that van over there? Hey! Do you see that van there? It was due ten minutes ago.
- Ah.
- Well, what are you going to do? Bro, listen.
I'm just moving in.
Okay? It's been a pleasure.
Hey, why don't you just park in the middle of the street, you dickhead? Hey, I'm not moving in.
- That's his.
That's my store there.
- [man 2.]
I don't give a shit.
- Just move that trash heap.
- Hey, piss off! - Calm down.
- I'm sorry.
I'm sorry, guys.
- [man 2.]
The hell is your problem? - It's my fault.
My fault.
Salaam alaikum.
I'm Brahim.
- I'm in a hurry.
- It's all good.
You see? Just stay calm.
One minute.
I'm coming.
I'm coming.
- I know.
- [Brahim.]
Brother? Yeah? Where can I find the nearest mosque around here? Uh, would you please stick to your Bible and crackers.
All right.
I'll be right there.
One minute.
"Bible and crackers" [woman.]
And where is the deceased? Oh, that's in Poland.
Eleven o'clock client.
Do you have the details for the funeral director? Ozimek.
I've got all that.
No, I've got it.
Yes, very well.
Thank you kindly, sir.
- Hey, Nadia.
 Are you on your own? - Hey.
Yeah, with my father gone, we had to shuffle things.
I get it.
It's the same old same old here.
Girls keep everything going.
Right, sister? [chuckles.]
Idriss, can you help Nadia with the coffin, please? - Salaam alaikum.
- Alaikum salaam.
- How's it going? - It's going.
The family arrives in half an hour.
Is it okay if I go? I'm due at the mosque.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
That's fine, sweetie.
Go on.
Anything you need, you just reach out here to your Aunt Rozanne and Marilou, eh? - We're always here to help you.
- [Nadia.]
You're the best.
- [Marilou.]
- [Nadia.]
See you next time.
Where are you? - Well, they finally delivered my tiles.
Rachid, seriously, I'm doing everything by my self here.
Just give me ten minutes.
I'll be right there.
See you later.
In the name of Allah the great, let's see you, my babies.
- [tool clangs.]
- Oh, it's going to be great.
- [ominous music plays.]
- [sighs.]
[tool clangs.]
INSTRUCTIONS I've been conned.
Has Juventus changed their name? [man.]
What about Juventus? You don't know anything about soccer.
- I know everything about FIFA.
- FIFA? - Stop acting a fool.
- Since '98.
It was a cool soundtrack.
I get knocked down - Here we go.
- I get knocked down - That music's garbage.
- [Nabil.]
I don't know about that.
- To your health.
- [woman.]
Now, hurry up and grab some food before they take it away again.
- So, about our father - Our father, what a man, huh? You remember these? - [Nabil.]
Ah - [slaps.]
Mm? I have nightmares from it.
Yeah, I can remember those three stripes plastered on your face for a week.
A kid around the corner called you Nabidas.
And I became a ninja after that.
- Ninja Nabidas.
My little ninja.
- I learned how to dodge.
Well, I really miss you, Dad.
- Well, so, about Dad, um - Yeah, what's up? There's a company we found that'll do repatriations, uh, to Morocco - Over land.
- Yeah.
It's much cheaper that way.
[tense music plays.]
I thought the plan was to bury Dad here.
What happened? [wind gusting.]
- [woman.]
- [JB.]
Here, beautiful.
- It's one coupon per person.
- [JB.]
Sorry? Hmm? It says right here, "One per customer.
" - Oh, okay.
- You believe this? Yeah, okay, uh, one pack of gum, I guess.
- [scanner beeps.]
- €7.
You've got gorgeous eyes.
Yeah? Do you know what you are? You're a side woman.
You know what I mean? Someone you want sleeping by your side - The coupon, please? Can I - The coupon.
You got me all - She's so beautiful, I'm completely dizzy.
- Thank you.
- Coupon.
- €1.
- Thank you.
- You heard of Christiano Ronaldo? - Yeah, sure - Well No? He's my cousin.
Well, removed, we're related.
Uh, you want to go see a Juventus match sometime? It's €1.
50, please.
- €1.
50? - Yeah.
- Uh, excuse me one moment.
- Hey, what are you guys doing? Hey, sorry, when I said side woman before, I didn't mean like you were a side chick.
I just meant a woman on your side.
Don't believe it.
He's been involved with many women.
Four kids at home, three wives.
- Can we just move all this along? - Hey, just relax.
Put it all down.
Give me the coupons, and I'll fix it.
All right? - You're serious? - Yeah.
See, that's what I'm talking about.
A side woman, she's clutch, - marriage material.
- A keeper.
- You know we're devout Muslims.
- [tense music plays.]
- And, well, uh, we have - [man.]
We've, like, known each other, you know, our whole lives.
We're brothers.
Of course.
Well, that's logical.
- It's, uh, a - [child.]
Can't catch me! [woman.]
Knock it off, you two! - [door opens.]
- Stop it, now! This is not a playground.
How many times do I have to say it? I told you you need to behave here.
Now, come on.
It's just that, in life there are decisions Uh, although, of course, it's all been predetermined.
- You know? - Nabil, just tell him.
- Tell me what? - Nabil? Where is your father? Huh? - She's still looking, bro.
- She kept looking at me.
See that? Think she liked me.
- [JB.]
I think she was looking at me.
- [Ismael.]
Which one of us do you - Ooh, man.
- All right, man.
Yeah, that's how it's [ominous music plays.]
[snacks clatter.]
- Where the fuck's the trailer? - Where the fuck is it, bro? Ah, no, Smile! Are you serious? Didn't you lock it? - Where the fuck is the fuckin' trailer? - Get in.
Man, come on.
The good news is, they definitely went that way, dude.
[suspenseful music playing.]
How long were we in there for? Like, ten minutes, right? - They couldn't have got far.
- [groans.]
What is that? Hey, what is that? Oh, motherfuckers! [Ismael.]
What? [JB.]
Ah! The assholes popped the tire, man.
What?! - [horn blaring.]
- [JB.]
Yo! - Move it! - What's wrong with you? [JB.]
We've got a flat tire! - Give him the number for that Ismael.
- Come on, give it.
[tense music playing.]
Nabil, don't.
Oh, don't you guys worry, because I'm going to find him.
Hey, there's no smoking in this house.
Listen, we lent you guys 50,000 euros for your renovation.
This is my damn house too.
You're a poison that's just here to ruin things.
Honestly, you're just like a fucking human scorpion.
Hey, language! It was both of our decision.
Both of who? When did this happen? Who talked to me? Concessions are a problem, Hassan.
It's 20 years, maybe 50, then they would just throw him in Shut up about concessions.
Nabil, your father won't be the one driving every six months to Morocco.
When in the last five years have you been to Morocco? You know that as Muslims we need eternal peace, right? As long as we pay for it, they won't just throw him away.
- What what's the problem, huh? Money? - [scoffs.]
You just won't ever compromise.
What are you What compromise? We can't cut him in half, Hayet.
Nabil, would you please focus.
This is about your father.
Come on, speak.
I'm not so sure.
Um No, no, no, no.
Stop talking.
Listen, here's what we're doing.
You're gonna get your ass over here and take these tiles back at your own expense.
And I'm not paying for a thing.
And you're gonna make sure that I've got the tiles I ordered by the end of the week.
Understand me? Hello? Hello? - [clangs.]
- Son of a bitch! Fuck! [Nadia.]
Yes, darling? [Nadia.]
Ten minutes, huh? I handled it all on my own.
I paid Bilal to wash the bodies.
Sweetie, I'm so sorry.
I had an emergency.
Rachid, what What is this? It's from the suppliers.
It's - Seriously? - Uh Rachid, these tiles aren't made.
Nadia, don't make a scene.
I paid 700 for these.
Seven hundred euros? - You're a moron.
- Yeah, okay.
It's my fault.
Thieves! Damn con men! Where's my father? - Can I help you? - My brother is Nabil.
Make sure my father's body is ready at Schaarbeek cemetery tomorrow at 10:00.
I have no idea what you're talking about.
My dumb brother made some deal with you to repatriate my father over land.
Are you crazy? It's not happening.
We're burying him here.
- I'll go check.
- Now, listen to me, sweetie.
I'm going to stick my father in that grave or I'm gonna put you in that grave.
You got me? If you don't fix it, you'll regret it.
And it better be quick.
God help me.
[JB grunts.]
Yo, sleeping beauty, go inside and get some help, man.
- What's a college kid gonna do, bro? - Uh, security footage.
You kidding me, man? You know what they're gonna say? "Call the cops.
" That's what.
So call the cops, then.
Great, that's a plan.
"Hey, police.
" "Uh, we lost a trailer we rented, and there's a dead guy in the fridge, but it's all good.
" - Are you serious? Is your brain broken? - [cell phone ringing.]
Ismael, listen to me.
Turn around and bring that guy's body back.
Wait, what do you mean? What body? You know what body, Ismael.
Knock it off right now.
His burial has to happen tomorrow in Schaarbeek.
But that guy Nabil asked me to repatriate his father.
Nabil made that choice without asking his brother first.
Now, make sure you're here.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Whoa, wait, what? What? No.
Come on.
One says bury him here, the other says repatriate.
What's the call? Nadia, I really can't work like this.
It's unprofessional for you - [line beeping.]
- Hello, Nadia? Hello? Fuck.
Fuck! Fuck! - What's up, dude? What is it? - We're fucked.
[suspenseful music plays.]
Ah! Damn it! No need to lose your shit.
We'll fix it.
You kidding me? We gonna find another body? - It's okay.
- That's just What the fuck is that doing here? - Weird.
- What is it - [clattering.]
- [water gurgling.]
Mario? [JB sighs.]
Alizée, girl, I said not to shower.
Dude, take it easy.
I didn't let the water go down the drain, bro.
Hey! - Hey.
- Hey.
"Hey"? - I thought you two were gone this week.
- Yeah, issues at work.
- Bro, what the hell's going on here? - Gimme time to explain.
- It's all good, right? - Yeah, it's all good.
- Hello? - This is Anwar Car Rentals.
- Yeah? - Your rental van is in a junkyard in Mons.
- The police towed it.
- Rental company's on the phone.
- Give it to me! - Shh! If we have to pick it up ourselves, you'll have to pay for transport.
No, no, no, we're nearby.
- Yeah? - Yeah, we'll come now.
- I'll send the address.
- Okay.
Thank you.
- Hey! The dead guy? - Shh! Sorry, I forgot to mention.
You fucking dipshit.
That's my room and my bed.
Yeah, and that's my couch and my bed.
- Come on, let's get the van.
- [JB.]
Hey, Cleopatra, this isn't a hotel.
Make us something to eat for when we're back.
- You hear me? - [sighs.]
Dude, your sister can't stay with us.
- Why not, bro? - She just can't.
It's not for too long.
She's gonna be traveling.
She's been saying that for years.
It's over with Sébastien.
She's got no work, no house.
It's now or never.
You don't really believe that? Dude, listen, all right? That's my sister.
What should I do? Leave her homeless? Why don't you just invite your whole family over, huh? - How about that? - Cool.
I'll call my grandma.
She doesn't have teeth.
I bet you'll like that.
Ugh! Gross.
- Three nights.
- All right.
Okay? Three nights.
[mellow music plays.]
[crickets chirping.]
[suspenseful music plays.]
- Wow, there's a bunch of cars here, bro.
- Fuck.
[both breathing heavily.]
There it is.
- All right, come on.
- Okay.
[thudding on car.]
Come here.
Oh, that's an Audi, dude.
- How sick! - Dude, shut up.
Come on, let's go.
Check it out.
[suspenseful music continues.]
[music stops.]
- [sighs.]
- [kisses.]
- Okay, come on.
- All right, let's go.
[both grunting.]
Oh, my.
Oh, wow.
[both straining.]
Hold on.
Wait, wait.
- Take him.
Have you got him? - I got him.
Bro, could you just Yo! [thuds.]
Dude, I thought you said you had him.
It's all right, bro.
He's already dead.
[exciting music plays.]
- Come on.
- [grunts.]
- [music stops.]
- [lights clunking on.]
[both gasp.]
[suspenseful music plays.]
[exhales deeply.]
Come on.
Just Come on, dude, wait.
Okay, go, go, go, go.
[music intensifies.]
[both groan.]
- [grunting.]
- Yeah.
- Come on, get up.
- Oh Oh Ah! [both straining.]
- [groaning.]
- Fuck.
- Grab him.
Ooh, shit! - [both grunt.]
- Grab him.
- Okay, he's falling.
Fuck, fuck! [JB.]
Oh, man, Ismael.
Come on.
I fucking hate you.
[footsteps approaching.]
What the fuck happened to the body? Yeah, well, Nadia, it is what it is.
He's dead, girl.
What? Show some fucking respect for this man.
Yeah, but you'll do the ablution, right? I mean, it's gonna be okay.
Oh, no, you're gonna wash the body.
Nadia, come on, I haven't been trained in that.
- Can't Bilal from the mosque do it? - Nadia, I'll do the whole thing, a'ight? Why are you here? Get out! [blows raspberry, sighs.]
What's the matter with you guys? - If anybody found out, oh my - Come on, nobody's gonna You idiot.
Not a fucking word to Rachid.
Like I would.
[Ismael blows raspberry.]
[somber music plays.]
Rest in peace.
[blows nose.]
Please, forgive me.
It was a misunderstanding.
And it's not the first time it's happened.
Many families have this dilemma over the burial.
More people these days want to be closer to the ones they've lost.
I relate.
What would you like to do? Simple, we'll have him buried here so he can rest and so can we.
That's all.
Uh, sorry, but we don't do burials here.
I wasn't asking you.
- I want a refund.
- [Ismael.]
You want a refund? What are you talking about? What's with you? Why refund you when the money was his? Your brother wants your father to be buried like a good Muslim should be, in Moroccan soil.
The worst thing you could do would be to bury him here in this pig soil he despised.
- You're the one who despises it.
- [Hayet sighs.]
- Oh! - Hey.
Enough, okay? Hello? Are you gonna speak or something? Or does your mouth not open? - This is about our father.
- Come on, sweetie, let's go.
- Yeah, there she goes.
Just like that.
- That's why Dad didn't like her.
We're gonna do what we planned in the beginning.
- What? - We're gonna sue you.
- [Nabil.]
It's not worth it.
- My cousin did it for his mom, and he won.
- [Ikram.]
Taking us to court? - [Hayet.]
Guess where she is.
- She's buried in Morocco.
- [Hassan.]
How dare you! - [Nayet.]
She's in Morocco! - How could you say Whoa, whoa, calm down, dude.
- Dude, calm down.
- Seriously? You better step off.
This is about my family.
No, you'll see.
- Mark my words! You'll see! - Back off! [all arguing indistinctly.]
[tense music building.]
[music intensifies.]
[music fading.]
[bird squawking.]
[solemn music plays.]
[dirt rattling on coffin.]
And there you have it.
Nabil's father was eventually buried here after all.
In Moroccan soil.
You know, sometimes the solution is right there in front of you.
My brother-in-law's tile clay actually turned out to be a godsend.
That was a close one.
I could have been the one laying in that pit.
You gotta hand it to me, though.
In the two days I'd been working for Insurance Omar, I was able to come up with a solution to a problem that's been around for ages.
Being buried here or in the country of origin? And I swear to God, man, if I'd thought of this 15 years ago, we could've buried my mother here.
And we wouldn't have had to deal with all that bullshit about traditions, discussions and drama.
My brother JB immediately saw business potential.
"Smile, forget about the pizza scissors, bro.
" "You'll be the Elon Musk of the funeral industry.
" "A real Donald Trump, man.
" And Alizée bringing her couch into my living room? Yeah, I wasn't happy about that, man.
But it did remind me that you always feel better at someone else's place if you bring a slice of home with you.
So if you have to be buried somewhere else, bring your soil from home.
Bury the people here, but in pure, holy Moroccan soil.
So, here, but in soil from there.
A little bit from there, but still here.
You know? Good.
You feel me.
A Belgian compromise, if you will.
And everyone's happy.
Well, almost everyone.
[cell phone rings.]
- Hello? - [Omar.]
Do you have any respect for me? For 35 years I've worked on my business' reputation day and night.
Dad, before you lay into me, will you just listen for a second? - Please, Dad.
- We don't do funerals.
And you know that, Ismael.
We do repatriations, you idiot.
I know, Dad, but it gave me an idea.
It could change the whole game for all of us.
I heard your idea, and it's terrible.
Please, I don't ever wanna hear about it again, all right? Hey, you wanted to bring me into this business.
I'm in.
I know what I'm doing.
I shouldn't have let Nadia talk me into this.
When I get back, your shares are all going to Rachid.
- Rachid has made[groans.]
- I just want five minutes, Dad.
- [line beeping.]
- Please, just hear me out.
Hello? - Ah! - [phone clatters.]
Did you call my father? Rachid.
- Hello.
- Oh, hi.
Doctor De Jong? Of course, here.
You're going to Cardiovascular.
That's in our east wing, so take the elevator there to the third floor.
- Ah, thank you.
- You're welcome.
[phone ringing.]
How may I direct your call? [dramatic music plays.]

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