Solar Opposites (2020) s01e07 Episode Script

Terry and Korvo Steal a Bear

All right, Molly, I'm up, I'm up.
You can't let me sleep in one day?
Oh, you're right.
Got a lot of work to do.
You ready to go to market?
People of the Wall, this is The Duke.
Still here and still in charge.
Quick Wall update.
Things are fucking great.
And anything that's not great
is the fault of the Wall-haters
from the lower levels.
Those people are terrorists.
Stay away from them.
Keep kicking ass out there.
Play your part, and trust the process.
Mmm, now that's good mouse milk.
- Hey, Steven, can I have some Molly milk?
- Of course.
Sorry, I've got nothing to trade for it.
I tell you what,
come by the barn tomorrow,
help me with some chores,
and we'll call it even.
Well, hey there,
you got yourself a deal!
Mmm, so creamy.
Well, I should go.
Can't be late to run the wheel.
Yeah, he is a good kid.
Mouse milk, come and get your
mouse milk.
The only thing sweeter
is the mouse who made it.
The freshest milk in all the levels.
Even the upper mids haven't tasted
anything like this.
Sorry, folks, we've tapped her dry.
See you all tomorrow.
Screw you, Sheriff.
You fucking dickhead.
Oh, it's getting harder and harder
to avoid trouble these days.
Ah, don't listen to me.
You know how I get.
Always going to a dark place.
We have each other,
and that's all we need.
You know, I think today
was my birthday.
The big 4-5.
It's funny to think that I used to be
the CEO of AT&T.
Back then, I thought money was everything.
Then one day, I farted in an elevator
and blamed it on that alien boy.
I was furious when he shrunk me down
and put me in his pencil case.
And now I know that it was the best thing
that ever happened to me.
Eat shit, you uncivilized brutes.
So how'd you end up in here?
I was a courier for the Resistance,
until my piece of shit neighbor
ratted me out.
Never trust someone who was
a life coach in the Before-Fore.
- You?
- I thought I was helping people.
But all I did was get them killed.
Good people.
Are you Tim?
Well, my first name is actually Lindsey,
but I don't tell people that because
that sounds like a girl's name.
- The Tim who started the Resistance?
- What are you talking about?
That riot in the marketplace
was a call to arms
for all of us fed up with
being under The Duke's thumb.
- It was?
- Oui, there are people out there
who want to hear from you.
They're waiting for you.
- Oh, I don't know what I would say.
- I think you do.
I can smuggle out whatever you write
to the Resistance.
Just tell your truth.
I don't know who this is for.
I guess it's for anyone
who feels powerless
but clings to hope for a better tomorrow.
I let pride cloud my judgment and it
almost got so many people killed.
It made me realize we all spend
too much time fighting each other.
The aliens may have created the Wall,
but it was The Duke who made it a prison.
I can forgive Yumyulack
for robbing me of my past,
but not The Duke,
who's stealing our future.
So I'm letting go of the world
outside the Wall,
and choosing to embrace the world in it.
A world we can make better.
A world we will make better.
A world we have to make better.
Help, help!
My friend, he's sick!
Hey, you!
- Drop it or I'll kill him.
- Don't do it, Tim. Save yourself.
You should have listened to your friend.
You're, you're alive.
And if we wanna stay that way,
we gotta go, now.
- There's a level below the prisons?
- Our new headquarters.
It's a set replica of Seinfeld.
I think Yumyulack bought it online.
Our working theory
is that he gets an allowance.
Wow, it's actually kind of cool.
I mean, obviously the finale was no good,
but the rest of the series was amazing.
A little off-scale, but it works.
We think he abandoned
the whole sitcom set thing
and built the rest of the Wall above it.
Once we found a way in,
we started bringing people down here.
People who needed help.
People The Duke was after.
The more he tightened his grip, the more
of us slipped through his fingers.
Now we've got fighters on every level
working to bring that son of a bitch down.
Wow, you've been busy.
Captain, we intercepted
the food delivery schedule.
It's like you thought.
The upper mids are getting
more rations than the lower mids.
Make sure that info leaks to the public.
Have the boys in the boiler room
turn up the heat
and tell the wheelers
to go half speed today.
It's time to put the squeeze on.
People of the Wall, this is The Duke.
Still here and still in charge.
Quick update.
Things are not cool, guys.
First off, terrorists have been
drawing dicks on my banners.
Not even cool-looking dicks.
I'm talking about bent dicks.
One was definitely at an angle.
And you all know me.
I love a good joke.
I'm the first one to laugh at myself.
But it speaks to a fundamental
disrespect for the rules.
So because of work lost to these
and other terrorist activities,
the lower levels are on double shifts
until further notice.
To address the ongoing cloth shortage,
I hereby order that everyone
donate their underwear.
Gross, I know, but necessary.
Ugh, you guys, you got to start
bringing me better news.
I'm bumming people out.
Well, I could have mentioned
that there's a food shortage,
or that the power's on the fritz
in the lower mids or
Then let's start making shit up.
Write up 10 headlines
and I'll pick my favorites.
What else? Enrique, you look
like you want to say something.
I don't mean to bother you, sir,
Mr. The Duke,
but you made me governor of the upper mids
to convey the people's concerns.
No, I made you governor
to reward your loyalty.
And I kind of thought you'd leave
me alone after that, to be honest.
I want to, sir.
It's just that my constituents
are complaining that the sewage vent
smells of poop.
Let me get this straight.
The upper mid's complaint
is that the vent we use to release
our diffused shit vapor into the air
smells like shit?
Might there be a better way
to dispose of our waste?
Everything in the Wall is being done
in the best possible way.
Sir, we just got word
from the prison level.
- Tim broke out.
- Did you say broke out?
He's one inch tall, god damn it.
He couldn't break out
of a yogurt container.
We ran out of yogurt containers.
He cannot be free in this wall.
He will bring us all down.
- I want him dead at any cost.
- Yes, sir.
The man thinks he can change the world,
but all he's gonna do
is get people killed.
Why are you staring at me like that?
I thought you were dead.
I saw The Duke throw you down
the Boo-Hoo Hole.
I was lucky.
The walls were jagged with pieces of Lego.
They snagged me, broke my fall.
It hurt the whole way down.
Well, looks like we're matches.
- Huh, Red Vines.
- Twizzlers.
- Pull and peel.
- This is from a supply raid.
No, no, no, stay.
Lay with me for a while.
There's some people
who need to meet you.
The Duke's base of support is cracking.
If the mids abandon him, then we've got
most of the Wall on our side.
But what about the uppers?
Those people
will never break with The Duke.
Do we just slaughter them?
We can't build a utopia
on the graves of our enemies.
The third letter of Tim.
It's my favorite passage.
You showed people my letters?
We had them transcribed and distributed
copies throughout the levels.
- What'd I miss?
- Tim's here, yadda yadda yadda.
We're talking about his letters.
Oh, I read the letters of Tim
to pass the time while running the wheel.
Your words gave me the courage
to join and fight against tyranny.
- Giddy up!
- I prayed to the bowed one
that I'd live long enough to see a Wall
with democracy, justice,
and equal distribution of resources.
Also, I work in the room
with the poop vapor
so I'm looking to shake things up a bit.
I don't know what to say.
Say you'll lead us.
The revolution is coming.
If we win, when we win, someone
will have to take The Duke's place.
Someone the people
in the Wall will accept.
I can't.
You'll have to find someone else.
There is no one else.
Last time I led, people died.
You almost died!
- So now you're a coward?
- All right, that's enough.
Tim's been through a lot.
He needs time.
We can talk again after the holiday.
What holiday?
Aw, look at you.
All dressed up for Jesse's birthday.
I know, Molly.
Religion's a joke to me, too,
but we'll move a lot of milk.
Sorry I'm late.
"The Letters of Tim"?
Haven't you had enough
of this Resistance nonsense?
This is different.
It's all about making the Wall better.
You could be thrown down
the Boo-Hoo Hole just for having this.
Mmm, boy howdy, that's sure got
a tasty kick to it.
What do you call it?
Mouse nog, get your mouse nog.
A festive holiday treat.
Get it before it curdles.
We believe that today
is Jesse's birthday.
Let us reflect on all the bowed one's
kind words and wondrous deeds.
The time she gave us beef jerky.
All thanks to Jesse.
The day she changed Yumyulack's
phone alarm to not be Maroon 5.
All thanks to Jesse.
Can you believe our conversations
have been read throughout the Wall?
It's wild.
So did you and Cherie pound or what?
Come on, it doesn't bug you
that they want us
to lead all these people to their doom?
And yes, we did.
It was awesome.
All thanks to Jesse.
Friends, we have a special guest
with us today.
The man who makes sure we
are all touched by Jesse's gifts.
- The Duke.
- Thank you, Sister Sasha.
That son of a bitch.
I should take him out right now.
- We have to go.
- Hold on, I want to hear this.
Since I came to power,
crime is down 100%.
Hard to do better than that.
The lower levels are experiencing
an unprecedented period of prosperity.
I've had a lot of people coming up to me,
congratulating me about that.
There's more marketplace trades
than ever before.
Do you feel
you've distributed Jesse's gifts
in accordance with her philosophy
of kindness?
Great question, Sister.
And thank you for interrupting.
I'll say this.
When I'm faced with a tough decision
like who gets food, water,
the underwear thing,
the first thought I have is,
"What would Jesse do?"
And then I just open my heart,
and whatever answer comes,
that's what I do.
Jesse's testing us right now.
It's been a while since she gave us
any food or medicine
or living compartments.
That means all of us,
the hundreds of people
who have nothing in common
except we pissed off an alien child,
we have to come together and make it work.
Now we've survived this long,
and damn it, that's something.
I know it's not perfect,
but the system is all we've got.
Dumb motherfucker!
What did you do?
I had them.
I had them in the palm of my hand.
Do you know what you've done?
Please get me out of here.
Come, follow me.
You're gonna be okay.
Just hold on.
Oh, my God, there's so much blood.
Don't run away from your destiny.
I won't. I promise you.
Just stay with me now.
There's something else.
You remember in the cell
when we would turn our backs to jerk off?
Uh, yeah, but is this important?
Because you should
be clinging to life right now.
I would think about you when I did it.
Uh, well yeah, well, that's nice,
but don't sweat it.
I plugged you into my fantasy.
Well, you don't need to tell me
all the details.
- Just keep breathing.
- It was about you and me
on a water polo team.
We were both captain
and we showered together.
Your cute little tush.
No, Jean-Pierre, no!
Please listen to me.
If you rally your flock,
the mid-levels won't fight us.
We can go straight to the uppers
and take the bastard out.
Jesse would never condone violence.
We can change this place
without betraying our principles.
Many within our clergy
consider you a prophet
sent by Jesse herself.
Tell your followers that
The Duke's time is over.
That we're going to rid the Wall
of the most Yumyulack person in it.
Hm, okay, Tim.
For you.
- No, for the Wall.
- For the Wall!
The Duke forgot that he needs
the people more than we need him.
He wants us to work double shifts?
Let's see how he feels
when everything shuts down.
We're all trapped in here together.
It's our duty to fight for equality
Hush. It's okay, I'll be back.-
I know I normally steer clear of trouble,
but this feels important.
He wants to make life better
for everyone.
I can't stand aside while others
fight for what's right.
Don't you worry.
I'll be back before dinner.
Just drop the underwear and leave.
You don't decide what happens
in the Wall anymore, The Duke.
The people do, and we've decided
it's time for you to go.
Oh, my God, did they light
their underpants on fire?
Sir, if they breech the gate, they'll be
in the upper mids within minutes.
We should wipe them out.
They've left us no choice.
I'm doing this for the good of the Wall.
The bastard
is flooding the lower levels!
Everyone, let's go, let's go.
Climb, climb!
- We got to go!
- Molly!
That's it. Steady, girl.
We're almost there.
Just a little further.
Come on, Molly.
Push, Molly, push!
We have to seal it off.
Everyone will drown.
No, please, not yet.
- Molly, what are you doing?
- Get in, man.
No, not the mouse!
Molly, no.
They sealed it off.
So many lives gone, just like that.
The Duke would rather see us all drown
than give up power.
He leaves us no choice.
We have to use force.
Make no mistake.
There will be casualties.
But we're fighting for our future.
We're fighting for the Wall.
For the Wall!
- What is this?
- Come on, stay close.
Don't throw your lives away.
Go back now and this will all be over.
- For the Wall!
- For the Wall!
Son of a bitch must have escaped.
No wonder he was able to get
so much contraband in here.
An opening to the outside
and he didn't tell anyone.
- He could get whatever he wanted.
- Yet he chose to stay inside.
Well, yeah.
In here, he had all the power.
In the Before-Fore, he was probably
just a pediatric dentist
or a feeble-minded comedy writer.
If people knew this hole existed,
no one would have obeyed him.
They would have stormed the palace,
done anything to escape.
We can leave this place.
Maybe even find a way to get big again.
Get back to our Before-Fore lives.
The Resistance, the Wall,
none of it matters anymore.
We have to tell the people.
People of the Wall, we did it.
We won.
The Wall is ours.
The Duke is dead.
What? We don't know that he's dead
As a new era dawns,
remember what binds us.
We're stuck in here together.
Some see it as our curse,
but I see a gift.
We can build a world that's better
than the Before-Fore.
This is Tim.
I'm not in charge of the Wall.
I just live in it.
Tim, Tim, Tim.
Fucker, why?
Nobody needs to know there's a way out.
I mean, what are they gonna do?
Run out there and get eaten by an owl?
No, it's safer and better
to build a new world here.
I I believed I believed in you.
And I believe in the Wall.
Thank you for helping me reach my destiny.
- Tim
- I can help you
- I'll suck your dick.
- I'm not going to kill you.
It's important to put the past behind us.
My first act as leader will be
to pardon all The Duke's men.
I also declare today a holiday
in honor of Cherie,
a Resistance hero who died of combat
wounds sustained while killing The Duke.
None of this
would be possible without her.
Henceforth, this day shall be known
as Cherie Day.
Tim, Tim, Tim, Tim!
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