Sonic Prime (2022) s01e03 Episode Script

Escape from New Yoke

Where's Sonic?
How long does it take to collect rings?
I thought we were doing this together.
Sure would be nice
if he'd stick to the plan.
Tell me about it.
No gem is worth me losing my wings.
Don't worry, guys,
Sonic will show. I know he will.
I just hope it's in time.
Oh, no. My friends.
Look, Shadow, I'm late for
Learn to focus.
Oh, no! Eggman!
Hate to hit and run,
but I gotta split, Shadow.
Whoa uh Shadow?
Now paired.
New admin privileges, colon, backslash,
backslash, affirmative, now paired.
Huh? "Paired"?
What does she mean, "paired"?
Amy, are you you?
No, she's still a Chaos Council
tool of destruction.
Lucky for you,
I'm in control of the robot now.
You're welcome. Attack!
What in the name of omelets
have they done with Rusty?
To the security room!
Tell ya what, if I had my
Rusty Rose, close that door.
Uh she's with us now?
We did it! Bring it in, fam!
Hey, hey, hey, hey, get off!
Oh, yeah, the whole
"Eggman messed up the universe thing."
Introductions. Hello, I'm Sonic,
the high-speed hedgehog hero
who's always saving the day.
And this wily little fox
is the crusty but benign Tails
Nine. It's Nine.
The emphasis is on the Nine.
And these two slightly
thuggish party crashers
consist of the alluring and kick-butt
international bat of mystery, Rouge
It's Rebel.
- And Knuckles.
- It's Knucks.
And will someone please stop this laser?
And Amy is
I am a killing machine
created by the Chaos Council
to enforce their autocratic rule.
Well, Amy's the sweetest friend
you could ever ask for.
But no one remembers any of that.
So, we're going to fix it
because we got
the whole band back together.
This way, or you're finished.
You've been hacked by Nine.
Gah! Patch us into all
the badnicks for visuals.
Find them!
Dr. Deep, we can't let them escape!
Totes. So gonna destroy.
Deep, grow up!
And your dance moves stink.
Find them!
Baddies this way. Baddies that way.
They're coming from both sides.
Come on, gotta get out of here.
Wait, stop.
We shouldn't be trying to escape.
What are you talking about?
There's robots after us.
We get our hands on their energy crystal,
we shut down their entire operation
and take back our world.
"Crystal"? "Energy crystal"?
Did you say crystal?
Is it a big crystal thingy?
Shiny, reflect-y, prism-y?
The Paradox Prism. Of course!
That's how Eggman did all this.
The changed city, the messed-up you guys.
If I can get it,
maybe I can change it all back.
Rusty Amy, where's the prism?
Rusty Rose.
Do not have clearance
to the subsectors of the core.
I can make my own clearance.
In case of emergency,
always use the stairs.
Come on, team.
Together, we're gonna fix the world.
Prepare to be amazed,
then deceased,
by the one and only Dr. Deep.
Okay, actually cool.
Thanks for the save. High five.
"High five"?
Divert more energy from the crystal
to the bots immediately!
We're done for.
They're too powerful, too fast.
"Too fast"? You need to learn
to spin-dash, my friend.
- Spin-dash?
- Watch and learn.
Ah, coconuts!
You're up!
You see that bad guy over there?
- Uh, yeah.
- Now spin.
You too.
What kind of budget
are these guys working with?
We're at the sub level. Where's the exit?
Found it!
We lost them!
Wake up, Dr. Deep.
Find those rebels!
That was awesome!
Good work, team. Let's go.
Your shoes. Stop, it's that way.
Well, how do you know?
He's connected to the prism energy,
and thanks to my handiwork,
his shoes are picking up
on the energy's signature.
He's right.
It's like they're calling out to it.
Look. Hot, cold.
Hotter, colder, blazing hot.
I'm going to origami that hedgehog!
Find them!
Come on, let's go.
They're headed for the core.
They're headed for the core!
Guys, guys, guys!
That's gotta be it.
Shut it down! Shut it down!
Close all corridors!
They're shutting the doors! Hurry!
Open the doors! Open the doors!
I guess dreams don't come true.
Aw, come on.
You don't believe that, do you?
Well, prove me wrong.
That's him the blue hedgehog!
Enough with the baby.
Give me the old man for once.
Nine, how we doing over there?
I need more time.
Hey, it's me you want. Come and get me.
Who wants to play follow the leader?
What do you say? Once around the park?
All-star move.
Ah, the sweet sounds
of crying baby tyrants.
Music to my ears.
Whoa, déjà vu all over again.
Sorry, Big. Sorry, Froggy.
Can't chat. Gotta go save our friends.
Okay, this is all a little too familiar.
Too late, Sonic!
I got it, we're in.
Sonic, we didn't think you'd make it back.
- Are you okay?
- Yeah, I'm fine.
Come on, let's go.
Yeah, I thought you'd be flatter
than a snake's belly.
Need a job done right, do it yourself.
Step away from the core,
or your friends are toast.
Sonic, we have to get to the core!
No. I've got to help my friends.
Sonic, go. You have to get
to the Paradox Prism,
or it'll all be for nothing.
You heard her. Come on.
Come on!
Wait. Is that?
It's not the Paradox Prism.
It's way too tiny.
The Prism was was
We don't know
what the prism is capable of.
Be careful.
I remember now.
I was too focused on winning.
I didn't listen. I
They tried to warn me.
All of them.
All this time, I thought Eggman
figured out how to harness
the prism energy,
and that's why everything's so whacked.
But it's not that.
Eggman didn't create this world
I did.
I shattered the Paradox Prism.
I broke everything.
So, this is just one small shard
of a bigger energy source?
There's more?
You've said a lot of weird stuff
since I met you,
and that's the weirdest.
So, snap back to reality, grab that shard,
and we'll sort the rest out later.
No, you he
The original you
told me not to touch it.
Well, I'm telling you the opposite.
Now, grab it and let's go.
Right, I broke it, but we can fix this.
If there's anyone who's got the brains
to put it all back together, it's you.
That's the first thing you've said
that I agree with.
Sonic, what's happening?
Nine! Nine!
Sonic, where are you? Sonic!
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