Sonic Prime (2022) s01e06 Episode Script

Situation: Grim

Squad Commander Blue,
this is Squad Commander Red.
Initiate Operation: Cheese.
Possible rebel suspect.
Inspection initiated.
Scanning for rebel soldiers.
Resistance icon identified.
It's a trap.
Recording initiated.
Eat plasma, you dirty bots.
Blue hedgehog detected.
I'm back in New Yolk City?
How did I end up back
For a better tomorrow!
Who's with me?
New Yolk City
isn't quite how I remember it.
Never thought I'd see
your smug mug again.
Where were you?
Dude, I had zero
intention of leaving you.
I touched the Shard and I got
zipped into another world
with another you
fighting another battle.
You mean
that energy crystal thingy?
Yeah. That.
Anyway, super stoked
to be back to help
with whatever
the heck's going on here.
Where's Nine?
I gotta pick his brain
about this other Shard I found.
Nine? I ought to be asking
you the same question.
Now do me a solid and pipe down.
I got shells to crack.
Nice spin attack,
by the way.
But I bet you can't do this.
Still bummed about me
Come on.
All right.
Everybody scatter.
they steal our energy crystal.
Now these ants decide
to stand up for themselves?
How dare they.
The baby is right.
We won't rest
until every last rebel
has been sentenced to oblivion.
Or until
our backup power runs out.
Sonic is back.
I had zero intention
of leaving you.
I touched the Shard
and I got zipped
into another world
with another you
fighting another battle.
Another world?
And what does he mean by "Shard"?
He means
the energy crystal. Duh.
Where's Nine?
I gotta pick his brain
about this other Shard I found.
Another Shard?
We can power
a city with one Shard.
Imagine what we could do
with two Shards.
There might be
like several Shards.
We have to find that hedgehog.
If he's seen another Shard,
then maybe he can lead us to it.
If my readings are correct,
the last indication
of his energy
was in Deep's District.
Let's smoke them out.
Send in the bots.
I take it you radioed ahead
and let Rebel know what's what.
I did.
Look who decided
to drop in.
Welcome back.
Here to face the music?
Depends what kind of music.
Am I sensing a negative vibe?
Using us to help you
steal the Shard
then deserting us as soon as you got
what you came for?
Yeah, I'd say the vibe
is pretty negative.
I should let the Chaos Council
turn you into a handbag.
Uh, I thought
you explained everything.
I did. She didn't care.
The rodent is lying.
Let's toast him.
I didn't steal the Shard.
But your fox friend did,
right before he left us
high and dry.
He did?
And to think
we believed in you.
After sticking
our necks out like we did.
Backup systems engaged.
They have the energy crystal!
Got it.
Find them.
They can't be far.
Initiating system override.
Chaos Council
programming restored.
Word of our work
spread throughout the city.
Our army grew without you
or that traitorous fox.
And, tonight, we finally
finish what we started.
I skip town for a day
and you cook up a revolution?
A day?
You've been gone weeks.
Weeks? Really?
Time must move
differently there.
All that matters right now
is taking out the council
while we still can.
If they get
that energy crystal back,
we're done for.
Nine won't let that happen.
You tell us where he is
and we'll make sure he doesn't.
- How would I know?
- I smell baloney.
- Let's put the screws to him.
- Come on, boss.
Let me tear this scoundrel
limb from limb.
Screws and baloney
would taste terrible.
There's better ways
to get more iron in your diet.
Jokes? After all
we've been through?
Don't you understand
what's at stake?
It's a symbol
of the life we deserve,
growing and thriving in peace.
If we lose this fight,
there won't be anything left
to fight for.
The palm.
I'm sorry I wasn't there
when you needed me,
but I'm not a traitor
and neither is Nine.
Let me prove it to you.
Let me fight by your side.
It's the Chaos Council.
They've located us.
Secure the tree!
How did they find us?
It can't be a coincidence.
Everyone up top
before our location
is compromised.
They are somewhere
near. Continue the attack.
We will force them out.
Not on my watch, automaton.
Surrender the energy crystal
and we'll promise
to make your demise
quick and painless.
We need backup.
Sonic, hang on!
You got a plane kinda.
Wait. Was that an energy portal?
How did he do that?
It's the fox
who stole the Shard.
Get him!
Nine! Holy, man.
Just in time!
We could really use some backup.
Whoa. Whoa.
Where are we going?
We got a fight on our hands
back there and
What did you just do?
- I opened a portal.
- Whoa.
I think I cross
through here
every time I enter
the other worlds.
I call them Shatterspaces.
Huh, I guess that makes sense.
Really glad to see you
but we have to go back.
- The rebels need my help.
- Not until you tell me
- where you've been.
- Well
Then you showed up
in your spaceship
and pulled me into
this portal thingy.
That confirms
what I've discovered.
From the moment you vanished,
I suspected there was more
to the Shard than I'd realized.
So you did take it.
Yeah, that and I hacked into
their power core schematics.
Pretty elementary.
So I adapted them and
created the Shatter Drive.
Now we can travel the
Shatterverse at our discretion.
Shatter what?
This is cool
and everything
but we really gotta
get back to New Yolk.
I have to show you what I found.
Another world?!
Welcome to our bright
new future.
I call it The Grim.
Yeah, that seems accurate.
Your shoes have
recalibrated to The Grim.
Yeah, I get a fancy upgrade
every time I enter
a new Shatterspace.
Huh. Prism energy
truly is magnificent.
We're only just scratching
the surface of its capabilities.
Be on the lookout
for whacked-out versions of you,
me, or anyone else
you might know.
That's the best part of all.
There's no one here.
It's a clean slate.
The perfect place to start over
and get the world right.
With the proper fortifications
and enough Shard energy,
it could be home.
The one you lost.
The one I never had.
I can make that hope a reality,
for both of us.
Look, Nine, it's incredible
but it's not going anywhere.
And those rebels
really need our help.
Come with me.
Help me finish the fight.
That city never brought me
anything but misery.
I owe it nothing.
I'll help you get back
but I have work to do.
I hope
I see you in New Yolk.
- Huh?
- Sonic.
- I'm out.
- Same.
Lousy Egg tech.
You can't trust it.
Surrender the energy crystal.
Or tell us where the hedgehog
went. We're not picky.
We don't know where they are.
And wouldn't tell you if we did.
Spill it, punks,
or we'll spill something else.
I got a better idea.
How about you bums line up
and kiss my bright red
Another portal?
Uh, I know, I know.
No more vanishing
into thin air.
Let's just beat
these guys to a pulp
and if you still think
I'm a traitor,
then you can screw my baloney.
Better late than never.
That's the spirit.
Hey. Play nice.
Isn't it past your bedtime?
Get ready to give it
everything you got.
Oh, I love this game.
Let's see what
you're made of, blue.
Hit the jets.
Comin' in hot. Take cover!
How is a baby so mean?
A noble effort.
It wasn't noble.
It was annoying.
Enough games.
Hand over the crystal,
or we'll stick you
in a hamster wheel
and see how long you can keep
the lights on before you drop.
Pace yourself,
Dr. Babble.
And while we're at it,
do tell about another world
with another Shard.
That's what you're calling
the energy crystal, aren't you?
- We're all ears.
- Really?
I mean, I'd say you're more
jowls but I honestly
have no idea
what you're talking about.
This should
jog your memory.
Rusty Amy? Yes!
Butt kicking time.
Rusty Rose.
I have returned
to my original directive
under the Chaos Council.
Oh, no butt kicking.
I had zero intention
of leaving you
and I got zipped into
another world with another you
fighting another battle.
Where's Nine?
I gotta pick his brain
about this other Shard I found.
You will talk, cretin,
or you will scream.
Did he just do
that portal thingy again?
My scan indicates
he has the Shard.
There is heavy
prismatic energy on the craft.
This confirms everything
we've suspected.
And more.
The Shard was never
just an energy source.
Nine, you came!
When this is over,
I'm going home
and never looking back.
Whether I go it alone
is entirely up to you.
I knew you'd come back, buddy.
He's using our Shard's energy
to teleport somehow.
He's not teleporting.
That fox has figured out
how to travel to other worlds.
The plan has changed.
We need to capture that craft.
Deep, Babble,
full volley at the rebel HQ.
I'll lure the fox away.
Don't, Done It,
prepare the mother ship.
Yeah. Fine.
I'll take 'em low.
You take 'em high.
Already on it.
We're back on.
Let's take these clowns down
once and for all.
Once again,
better late than never.
Hey, I never
let you down, Rebel.
When you say "never,"
you do mean "all the time?"
No time for small talk.
What an amateur.
Time to put some scuff marks
on that fancy paint job.
I've got this weasel on the run.
Prepare for launch!
Time to go home.
keep them distracted.
Fox shmox,
what we've got here
is a sitting duck.
No, no, no, no!
Come on, come on, come on.
One more portal
and I'm home free.
Rusty, the vermin
is on the bus.
I repeat,
the vermin is on the bus.
Eggforcers, finish them off.
We have what we need.
Yes! We did it!
- You guys good?
- We're good.
Not sure what happened
to your friend though.
I don't like this.
The Shard could be anywhere.
You're right.
I better find him
before he portals
out of here again.
Back in a flash.
I still don't trust that guy.
With our Shard and your tech,
you've just handed us
the universe
on a silver platter.
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