Sonic Prime (2022) s01e08 Episode Script

There's No ARRGH in Team

Well, if it isn't our
What are you anyway?
Possum? Weasel?
If you wanna see a weasel,
just look in the mirror.
I have one question for you,
and you need to answer it
very, very carefully.
You've already stolen
my Shatter Drive technology.
What else do you want?
There's a whole Shatterverse
of other worlds
for us to conquer.
And to do that,
we'll need this mothership
fully operational.
Figure it out yourselves.
Or we could figure out
how to take you apart
piece by piece.
It's up to you.
You know these scallywags?
Yes and no. Short version,
they're after the Shard too.
You mean
the Devil's Lighthouse?
Let 'em have it!
I already told you,
I want nothing to do with it.
By order of the Chaos Council
surrender or be destroyed.
Rusty, this isn't
New Yoke City.
Come on, let's
talk this through.
Quiet, hedgehog.
I am addressing the captain.
He be the captain!
Sonic is the captain?
I wish I were programmed
to laugh.
How are you even here?
The tides of war have changed.
And as for how I am here,
all of the Shatterverse is now
the Council's for the taking.
Last chance:
surrender or sink.
What's the plan, Cap'n?
Hang 'em from the yardarm,
send 'em down to Davey Jones,
cleave them to their biscuits?
I hear you talking, but I have
no idea what you're saying.
The Angel's Voyage is
holding up surprisingly well.
Aye, she's stronger
than she looks.
You gonna do something,
You bet I am!
I know this crew.
They're a well-oiled
fighting machine.
Battle stations,
go, go, go! Uhh!
You bill-sucking buffoon!
They don't know what to do.
They've never been
in combat before.
Where we going?
- Shoot this at them.
- Aye, aye, Captain!
[cannonball dings
This is bad. Sails!
OK, pal,
I may not know you-you,
but I know other yous,
and they've all got gizmos.
Tell me you've got a gizmo.
The only gizmo I need is
me contraption and me brains.
You're a beauty,
you know that?
Just a beauty.
Sound the retreat
before we're sunk!
Shard energy compass
That's not good.
Come here!
We have what we need.
This demarks the end
of our time together.
Vaporize them.
Goodbye, Sonic.
Who is that?
Wait. Set course,
and we will be on our way.
No need to waste time
destroying a sinking ship.
Cap'n, we're taking on
too much water.
Come on!
I need you to steer!
No point in steering
a sinking ship, Cap'n.
She only goes one direction,
straight down.
But they're after
the Devil's Lighthouse.
Oh, no, no, this isn't over.
I can fix this.
Fine, I can't fix this.
I'm no sea captain.
But I know someone who is.
Where's Dread?
Wait, where are you going?
I don't care what version
of Knuckles you are,
you don't give up.
It's your most annoying virtue.
This Shard is my only hope
of finding my home.
I need you.
Your crew needs you.
You're Knuckles The Dread,
captain of the Angel's Voyage.
I gave up years ago, Blue,
when I wrecked trying to get
that shiny rock you're after.
We can still get it.
With your captaining
and my speed,
you're not gonna wreck
on those rocks again.
He is fast
fast enough to get me
past them rocks.
We can do it together!
And I can get home!
And I'll finally
get me treasure.
And you'll forever be known
as the legendary
Knuckles The Dread!
The legendary
Knuckles The Dread!
The legendary
Knuckles The Dread.
He gave up. He's gone.
Don't worry, we're gonna
be fine. Right, bros?
Aye, Cap'n.
Oh, who I be kidding?
We're doomed!
Hold onto something!
Well, looks like
we're going down.
Ha! What kind of talk is that?
We're back! Arr!
I knew you'd be back, Captain.
Batten, Sails, get below, pump
up every floaty you can find.
Aye-aye, Captain.
Rose, Catfish,
mend the mast as best ye can,
then hoist the main sail.
I knew you
wouldn't abandon your crew.
That's the Knuckles I know.
I may be back,
but it ain't for me crew.
Yes, yes!
Weird, but yes!
Whoo-hoo! We did it!
And now the Lighthouse.
Uh, Cap'n,
haven't you always said
that the way to
the Devil's Lighthouse was
Certain death.
That I did. And it is.
I've chartered a course
in me mind.
Don't ye worry,
I have a plan.
It's going to be legendary.
We will reach the asset
within the hour.
You are breaking up.
Something's wrong
with the connection!
Oh, for the love of quiche!
Ah, it doesn't matter.
We can communicate
across the worlds.
Our conquest of
the Shatterverse has begun.
With our work complete,
I'll give our girlbot
the go-ahead
on Operation Elimination.
Eliminating the hedgehog
is a bad idea.
Arguing for the life
of your friend? What a shock.
He left me at your mercy
when I needed him most,
hardly what you'd call
friendly behavior.
But you'd be fools
to get rid of him
before the Shatter Drive
technology is perfected.
It is perfected.
We've traveled to another
Shatter space.
You sent your robots
to another Shatter space.
Big difference.
You've only barely accomplished
what he's done
without any technology.
He's a living Shatter battery.
Till we know why
he gives off this power,
we need him alive.
The rat's right.
Too many questions for us
to start playing exterminator
at least, not until
after we ring
every ounce of Shatter juice
out of that blue varmint.
They're slowing down, Cap'n.
Yes, they're slowing down.
Why are they slowing down?
That be because of the rocks.
As in the ones
you wrecked on before?
Aye, that be them.
Danger dead ahead!
Danger dead ahead!
Dread, this is
your second chance.
You know how to do this.
Run as fast
as your blue legs can go!
You tried to play captain,
now see how a legend does it.
They are not slowing down.
What are those fools up to?
Chart a course
to the island.
After today, everyone will know
the name Knuckles The Dread,
and marvel.
I said faster!
Watch it, keep us steady.
Hold on to your shoelaces!
No, me sails!
That was incredible!
Aye, it was.
But we're not done yet.
We're out of sails.
And that's bad, right?
It would be for anyone else.
Oh, this is bad.
You're gonna use your
special shoes and tow us,
or we're gonna wreck
on those rocks.
Huh, tough choice.
No choice at all.
- Ship off the starboard side.
- How about it, speed-o?
And I'm blaming you if
anything goes wrong this time.
Uh Huh?
Full speed ahead now!
I don't lose races,
especially not
at the finish line.
Come on, come on, come on,
come on!
- Ah!
- Well, I'll be a salty sea dog.
Get to ye battle stations!
The hedgehog is unaware
of the full capabilities
of this ship.
Arr, that's not good.
I hate lasers!
They're going for Sonic!
Man the cannons!
Give 'em everything
we've got.
Cap'n, we can't take
many more hits like that.
She'll hold. Return fire!
Catfish, you beauty!
The Shard!
Last case of seadogs,
Make 'em count.
- Whoo-hoo!
- Yes.
Watch out!
Heave to
and prepare to be boarded!
Not without me.
And that's the last
of ye scallywags.
Come on, ye cowards,
she's all clear!
You dare attack us?
You don't know the half of it.
Enough of this.
Squad three, get the Shard.
Sonic, go!
They're after the treasure.
No, you go.
I'll hold them off here.
Blast. I don't think
I can make it. It's too far!
Can't make it? Too far?
Hey, remember when you
threw me off the ship?
Well, you need to learn
how to spin, my friend.
Do not let him get away.
After him.
This ends now.
Fine by me.
My beauty.
Heads up, matey.
Hey, thanks for
the save, Batten.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!
Don't worry, I've got ye.
You have proven
a worthy foe, Sonic.
Not that anyone
will remember you.
Now you're just being hurtful.
Really? Preparing
for a last charge?
Something like that.
He's left us.
Now, where were we?
At last.
She be mine.
Mine forever.
Dread, he got the Shard.
He's gonna need some backup.
I'll go get him.
Be right back.
Do it just be me, or does she
look a little like you?
Maybe we should tie her up.
No, she's mine.
Got ya.
I don't have time
to deal with whoever you are.
I just wanna go home.
Home doesn't exist anymore
because of you!
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