Sonic X (2003) s01e11 Episode Script

Fly Spy

I've got you this time All right, Blackjack! Yeah, that's five wins! Damn it! I lost again! What, you lost again? You really are pathetic.
Hmm? What's that? What's going on? Where did she come from? And I'll be taking this Oh yeah? That's what she thinks.
Now you're trapped, just like a rat in a cage.
No, a bat.
Put your hands up! Wha? Disappeared? Where is she? Damn it! Go look over there! Yes, sir! She's not there! What? Damn it, where did she go? Beautiful.
But, this pales in comparison to the brilliance of a Chaos Emerald.
I'll do what ever it takes get those Chaos Emeralds! Last night, what was considered to be the biggest diamond in the world Was stolen from a display at the State Museum.
From the audacity of the crime, authorities suspect that it is the same thief involved in a rash of jewel heists that have taken place recently.
Live from the State Museum, this is reporter Scarlet Lucia, SSTV ews.
Hmm, he's not here either.
Sonic went out with Tails and Chris.
Really? Hey guys, wanna have some with me? Really? Are you sure that's okay? Of course, of course! Let's eat it while it's still warm! Chao Ok! Chao Are you picking anything up yet? Let's see Nothing yet.
There's still five left.
We gotta find them before Dr.
Eggman does.
Right, Sonic? Huh, Sonic? Where did you go, Sonic? We can't wait any longer.
Eggman is a threat to our entire Nation.
We must launch an all-out attack on his headquarters.
B-but, with our current military strength, can we really defeat this enemy? After examining one of Dr.
Eggman's robots we discovered that his technology is far more advanced than our own.
No, more than anyone's in the world Even so, we can't just sit here and watch.
We're really going to need Sonic's help.
Sonic? Up to this point, the one thing able to stand up against Dr.
Eggman has been by an unidentified creature known only as "Sonic".
If we can get Sonic on our side, maybe we'll But, will Sonic accept our request to help us? We have yet to confirm whether or not he can understand our language.
Still, we won't take no for an answer.
All right, you have my permission.
Yes, sir, thank you very much! Hey, is that one of the Chaos Emerald that Sonic and the others are looking for? Yeah.
I hope you guys can find 'em.
I don't mind you guys talking, as long as you don't stop working.
Oh, sorry.
Is that an Emerald? Y-yeah.
Aren't Emeralds supposed to be green? Oh yeah, that's right! I'd better fix it! Oh, it's okay, use any color you like.
Come to think of it, I heard about a red emerald found in the Silky Heights Area.
Huh? Wha? Ah, sorry.
If I'm not mistaken, it was found in an abandoned factory in the Silky Heights area.
I just came by to see how Sonic and the others are doing.
But, I heard something much more worth my while.
Hey Chris, wait for me! I'm Danny.
Nice to meet you! I'm Amy.
Nice to meet you! This is Tais.
Hi! Yo! Huh, where's Sonic? He just left.
We should probably get going too! Take off! Right turn Yahoo! This is TOTALLY awesome, Chris!! I know, I know.
Danny, please calm down.
Hey, it's Sonic! They fell for it.
Here we are.
Now, let's go get it.
A glass ball? Oh dear me, it was a trap.
Freeze! Yeah, yeah.
I guess YOU'RE into S&M, huh? What? What are you laughing at? Captain! Oh, sorry.
I'm not going to escape.
I don't like jewelry with imperfections.
Put away the handcuffs.
What's your name? Rouge.
Rouge the Bat.
I remember seeing you once before.
Oh, I remember! You're the one that stole the diamond on exhibition at the State Museum.
You could say that.
We set up this trap for Sonic, but it looks like we caught someone unexpected.
Japanese name: Ruuju Za Batton English name: Rouge the Bat Codename: Ruuju Species: Bat Gender: Female Age: 18 Height: 105cm Weight: Secret Special Skill: Screw Kick Likes: Jewelry Name: E-70 (Moijii) English name: Noizi Height: 8.
2M Weight: 2.
5 Tons Special Skills: creating ultrasonic waves Aren't you guys hungry? Yeah.
Hey, aren't you supposed to serve me coffee? Hey missy, are you aware of the situation you're in? I'm a kidnapped pretty girl.
You're just a kidnapping old woman! Old? Who do you think you're talking to! Topaz, just give her a cup of coffee.
Aye Aye, sir.
Why do I get stuck with this job? So her name is Topaz.
Isn't that the name of a gem? Ah, hot! My my, aren't WE having fun in here? I-I'm very sorry.
Miss ouge.
You seemed pretty relaxed for someone on the FBI's most wanted list.
I'm going to get right to the point: We want to make you a deal.
A deal? We are willing to drop all charges in regards to the jewel heists if you become a member of our staff.
You want me to be a secretary? A secret agent working under the direct orders of the President.
Wow! You mean a jewel thief like me is going to be working as a government servant? Are you sure that's okay? I wonder if the taxpayers will approve of that? You needn't worry about that.
What's your answer? Let's see If I'm a secret agent, it will be a lot easier to get information about the Chaos Emeralds.
All right then, it sounds exciting.
We'll be counting on you, Miss Rouge.
Oh does this mean I have to return the diamond? Hmm? What do you think about that? The case appears to be an unsolved mystery So the diamond probably won't show up anyway, right? Then, it's settled.
Uh oh.
I guess I'll try left.
What's this? A bomb.
A bomb? If this button is pressed during this mission, it'll explode.
Please don't blame us.
We just can't trust you yet.
You like jewelry, don't you? I don't like imitations.
Who'd use a real diamond in a bomb? Even so, this is just tacky.
This is your kind of thing.
What's that supposed to mean? Exactly what you you're thinking.
Can I press the button already? Oh, quit it already.
We're arriving at the landing point right now.
Roger that.
Let's do it.
What's going on? There's nothing here.
Do you think it was a hoax? But I wonder, who would have switched the sign around? Who knows.
Where's the entrance? Damn it, I can't find it.
I can't stand this anymore.
Damn it.
Let's go.
This way.
here do you think you're going? I know my way around here.
I've snuck in here before.
Are you sure? Why would I lie about that? All right, wait a moment.
Let's go.
Looks like the map is almost complete.
All we need to do is find the Engine Room.
If you know where it is, tell us.
I'm not into engines.
What should we do? It'll be daybreak soon! There's nothing we can do.
We have to retreat.
I'm gonna do a little more searching.
We can't let you go alone.
I know.
I'll be right back.
I'll go with her.
What a party pooper.
All right then.
Don't do anything rash, you two.
Yes, sir.
Aye Aye, Sir! This should be it.
This is gonna be dangerous.
Watch out.
Is this the Engine Room? Here it is! A Chaos Emerald It's so beautiful.
Is this really the Engine Room? Wha? H-Help me! What a klutz.
Screw Kick! What is that sound? What's happening? It's too early in the morning! Ultrasonic sound? Noooo! I'm scared!! Don't! Somebody save me! My head is going to explode! Save me! This is E-70's scream.
Save me! This is E-70's scream.
Which means, there's something wrong in the vault where the Chaos Emerald is at.
Guard Robots, move out.
Save me! Guard Robots, move out.
Save me! Save me! Jeez! She's loud.
I'm scared!! Nooooo! We gotta do something quick.
Nooooo! Nooooo! Rouge! So THAT'S the Engine Room! Screw Kick! I'm scared!! No! No! No! No! This is ticking me off.
No! No! No! No! The Chaos Emerald! No! I'm scared! That noisy little Wait, that's it! Topaz, press the button! Hut two three four.
Hut two three four.
Screw Kick! Let's go! Hut two three four.
Hut two three four.
Outta my way! Hut two three four.
Yes, sir! I'm sorry, sir! Who the? Thank you, Rouge.
Don't mention it.
But, lose some weight.
Damn it all! Chris? Danny? It was a hoax! Huh? I'm sorry.
Chris I apologize if you stayed out late looking for that red emerald.
I was mistaken.
Huh? Are you sure about that? Yup.
I'm really sorry.
Naw, it's okay.
It seems there's a Chaos Emerald in a cornfield in Tingalin Villa.
When we went to dig it out, Dr.
Eggman showed up again! Dang it! We'll never hand it over to you! And to top it off, one of Dr.
Eggman's Robots corners us with a wind attack.
Meanwhile, a huge crisus takes place at Dr.
Eggman's base.
Next Time on Sonic X: All out attack on Dr.
Eggman's Base! Part one! Don't miss it!