Sonic X (2003) s02e09 Episode Script

Sonic's Big Break

You're fighting so dirty! You were lucky! If I didn't clench my fist, you would have been killed.
It seems that I don't have time to fool around with you! AdiosSonic the Hedgehog.
Chaos control.
Don't worry! We'll see each other again soon, buddy.
Day 2 - June 30th Prison Island Cell In that cell Even if you wern't locked in, you couldn't get away from it.
Even if you could you'd still be at the end of your wits.
Yes, even you would be, Sonic, because you're surrounded by the sea! Look, do you see that stern guard-tower? Maximum security! An Infrared laser beam net and cricoid thermostats! Different types of cameras and hydrogen pressure-sensors Once the temperature and the air pressure change the entire sector shutdown will immediately begin! So you'll never be able to get away from here! No matter what kind of expert you are or what weapons you have don't count on breaking through the tight cage! Facing such a secure defense system wont be easy anyone would have his hands tied! It's simply a "Mission Impossible"! We'll convict and punish that bloated little hedgehog! I can't believe it! Sonic would never do this Well, it's not bad to take a break and relax once in a while.
If we go any closer we'll be detected by the radar system on the Prison Island.
That's because they claim they have the unbreakable and up-to-the-minute detection and defense system.
Then what should we do? Just leave it up to me, Tanaka.
Let me use my technique to confront the peak of their science and technology.
No doubt that if we're going to approach the island, This will be the best way! Wait for me, Sonic! We're coming to save you! Young masterbe careful.
We're going to speed up.
Something is approaching us.
What? Oh, it's a swan boat! A swan boat? Then that means that somebody is on a date now What does the couple look like? Hey, what should we do? Should we report this to the Chief? Forget it! We'd be better off if we just pretend we didn't find anything.
I'll just push this one here.
What the!? What's going on? Are the systems breaking down? We still can't confirm our status yet! Eggman-sama managed to break into Prison Island once again! He did it! I didn't expect that I'd have to come back to this island again.
That was really something, Eggman-sama! I didn't expect that you would be able to get around that defenses! Now you've even become good at stealth.
After we make the last surprise attack they improved their defense system and made it much stronger! No matter how strong it may be it will never be perfectly unbreakable since it is still man-made.
There is danger surrounding us at all times.
You're so cool, Eggman-sama! It's all for the sake of my plans to take over the world by powering up our strongest weapon, the "Eclipse Cannon"! Sorry to have kept you waiting! Are you sure that G.
N is keeping the Chaos Emeralds in this establishment? Weather you believe me or not is up to you.
She's definitely telling lies! Stop that she-devil now! Well anywayLet me explain the plan to you.
First of all, I'll be the distraction.
I'll attack and distract G.
N Allowing you to sneak into the base undetected.
Then, Shadow, you will attempt to enter G.
N's armory core.
They will chase youand then you will detonate this bomb as we retreat.
Rougeyou will sneak in unnoticed and steal the Chaos Emeralds in the GUN's safe deposit vault.
Show me your true abilities as a treasure hunter! We only have 30 minutes to pull this off and we'll only get one chance.
So don't fail me! What's happening? Could this have been done by Sonic? Well, then we should hurry up and land.
Sonic! I found you! I'm so glad you're okay! Sheesh, we came here just to help you.
You don't need to feel so embarrassed.
Sonic? You aren't Sonic! Just who are you? Don't interfere while we are busy.
Eggman! ShadowRouge Leave this one to me and go! No, leave me alone! Amy! EggmanWhat kind of tricks are you up to this time? Shut up! I'll hit you with this! That wasn't Sonic.
Who was it? Sonic, where are you? Shadow, set up the bomb within G.
N's armory core! Rouge, steal the Chaos Emeralds within the G.
N safe deposit vault! Show me your true abilities as a treasure hunter! This place looks a bit strange.
I can smell something good in here.
Oh my, what an annoying lock! Damn it! That annoying brat! Eggman-sama this isn't the time to be playing around! He's right! Jeez, I get it! Tails We'll consider this a tie for now.
The next time I won't be so forgiving Be prepared to die! Amy! Amy? Amy Now I've come back here.
Don't worry! We'll soon meet again.
Sonic Doctor, everything is set.
Please tell us the scheduled time.
I met some trouble that I haven't taken into account in this plan.
It'll take some more time to get ready Shadow, set up the bomb timer for 15 minutes.
I can be ready in 5 minutes.
Well, then let's set it for 10 minutes.
Roger! Hi, Sonic! It's Amy Rose to the rescue! Intruder alert! Gold Beetles, set out! Flying Dog, set out! The guard robots and the Flying-Dog are the mecha created from months of research.
Not only has the armour been improved but their air speed and offensive power have been upgraded as well! What are you trying to tell us? They also have better homing missiles and energy weapons! Do you want me to open it? Well, it does look a little bit difficult Nah.
It should be very easy for you! Are you sure? Or are you okay there Amy, behind you! What are you doing? Don't try to interfere with us when I'm around! Wow Good job! Stand back, Sonic! I'm going to hit it! Hold it, Amy! Stop! I've had to wait far too patiently to date you for me to stop now! Amy.
I came in here just to lure in and let them capture that faker! Faker? You mean that black hedgehog? You saw him? Where is he now? Do you want to know? Of course! Then take me out on a date after I tell you.
Step aside, Amy! Why? I'm going to destroy that door and go after him.
Ohjust when I thought I had a good chance to go out on a date with you! Okaylisten carefully Just now, I saw that black hedgehog here with Eggman.
What's with that Is Eggman up to his tricks again? What does that writing mean? He was at the entrance, correct? Okay Let's dash! Amy, break down the door with your Hammer! Okay! That's our Amy! He's escaped! Sonic.
Young master, it's too dangerous at the front Please wait here for a moment! I'm sorry, Tanaka! But I'm too worried about Sonic! Sonic-sama it's our greatest joy to see you come back safely.
The Young Master Tanaka Long time no see! How's Ella doingand Chris? This isn't the time for a pleasant greeting, Amy! Tails, please take care of Amy! I'm going to go find that fake hedgehog! Wait a sec, Sonic Beautiful! You came early! I just wanted to enjoy myself.
Flying Dog reporting to HQwe've found the invader! Commence the attack! Roger! I found you, Shadow! Hmph! Anyway, let's fight it out! You have an exaggerated opinion of your abilities.
Oh no! I've failed at the last moment! It has been confirmed that a bomb was planted.
It has been confirmed that a bomb was planted.
Everyone please leave the facility at once! Everyone please leave the facility at once! Young master Young master The young masterI can't find the young master! Eh? I have to go find him! Young master! Shadow Shadow! I'm sorry, something went wrong here.
I've been shut in the safe with the Chaos Emeralds.
I made a big mistake.
I'm really an qualified to be a treasure hunter.
So whatWhat's going on? What's with your attitude? I'm just telling you! Quit joking around! Won't you come to help me? You can save yourself! I was looking forward to having you helping me.
That was stupid of me.
Sonic! Even if I have the Chaos Emeraldsthey're useless to me in a place like this.
Shadow, can you hear me? Shadow! Shadow What are you doing!? The Island is going to explode! Hurry up and escape! Even you would still be blown to pieces.
Explode!? It'll explode in two minutes! I'll be leaving first! Take care of yourself! Uh oh! I've got to get everyone away from here! It's Sonic! Sonic! Sonic! That's not Sonic.
I came here just to fetch these three Chaos Emeralds! Can you hear me, Rouge? Rouge.
Shadow! Where are the Chaos Emeralds? Here! All three of them! Well, then I'll head there! Did he say he's coming here just to steal the Chaos Emeralds? Doctor, I'll go to take the Chaos Emeralds back now.
Please, Shadow! I understand, Maria! I'll have revenge against everyone! Chaos control! Now the thing that I can do for Sonic is prove that Sonic is unstoppable! Young master! Young master The Young master is Shadow? Chaos Wait just a minute What are you going to do with this boy? It has nothing to do with me! Wait! Because I you for mistook someone my friends are now in big trouble! SayPlease! Help me save Sonic! Sonic is a very important friend to me.
I'm begging you! I beg you, Shadow! Maria.
Eggman has nearly collected all of the Chaos Emeralds.
That's something we never expected to happened! He's going to use this huge weapon to destroy this planet within 24 hours.
This is bad! Dr.
Eggman is on the Space Colony Ark? Sonic and the others on the earth, but they're out of ideas.
What in the world should we do? Next timeon Sonic X Threat From Outer Space.
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