Sonic X (2003) s02e21 Episode Script

Map of Mayhem

This is Seahawk Headquarters, Please come in! This is Seahawk! This is the intelligence bureau.
Seahawk, Please respond.
The electrical interference has increased.
The message from headquarters is being cut off.
Something's on radar! What's going on? Obviously, something has been interfering with it.
Could it possibly be What's that? Urgent Alert! This is Seahawk This is Seahawk! This is intelligence bureau We are currently being approached by an unidentified object! Seahawk, please explain the details! It's a huge ship, ah, no it's What are you saying? Calm down and speak clearly What's wrong, Seahawk? Seahawk! Seahawk, please come in! Seahawk! Our next report is in regards of the recent shipwreck A survey ship of Sea Research Consortium, Seahawk, recently sent out an SOS message.
After that, they were lost.
The army is searching from the air and the sea for them but no recent messages have been received.
According to the report it was also foggy.
The authorities believe that this may have been a factor in this disappearance.
The sea sure is dangerous.
Sonic-san, you're only saying that because you're afraid of water.
Perhaps there was some collision in the fog.
That'd be strange Accidents in that area don't normally happen and the fog probably wouldn't be much of a factor in causing one.
But the news said The question here is if .
Sea Research Consortium has any dark secrets.
If you don't look into it, you'll never know.
Has something scary has happened again? That's not what I meant.
You're still thinking about what happened with Emerl.
Don't mind! We won't let anything hurt you, Cream.
I promise! Thank you very much, Sonic-san.
I don't know what could have happened.
Perhaps it ran into a wave or the tide But whatever the case, Topaz must have found something, didn't she? We haven't yet judged if it was an accident or not.
Topaz also mentioned that there was some electrical interference.
Most importantly, we still don't know where the Seahawk is! That's correct, Rouge-kun.
If one of our enemies captured it this could be a serious menace to us.
An enemy? That's just my hypothesis.
The Seahawk is capable of collecting and analyzing information from almost anywhere on the entire planet.
I wonder what could have gone wrong Dr.
Eggman! It looks like we finally have a chance to use THAT thing.
Please make contact with the commander of G.
This searching system is rather useful.
Eggman-sama, just what are you using this searching system to look for? Eggman-sama, what are you trying to use the searching system for? Just shut up with your nonsense.
Knuckles discovers the oldest map in the world In the Carlt palace and gave it to the world renowned Archaeologist, Dr.
Atsumi to be researched.
That's it! With this map, I can now prove that my theories were right! We found it.
It'll be good if we can steal the item for Eggman-sama right here! What the? As you can see, we're mummies! Mummies from very far away! We got it! Our task is done.
Lets hurry up and get away! It's them! They ruined my leek bun! COME BACK HERE YOU TWO! Run! HOLD IT! What are they doing here!? Success! Well, maybe we can wait for just a moment.
You two sure took long enough.
Well, Forget it! You still did well.
I found it! The Center of the World is there! Center? This isn't the time to mimic me! He can be such an annoying old man.
An old man Look at this Soon, I will let all the people of the world get a look at the true strength of Dr.
Eggman-sama! It's you, Knuckles.
Long time no see, Ella.
This person with you is I'm from the Cikatyou Museum Dr.
Atsuki! You had attended my lecture at the Samten University! You even remembered me, sensei! I, Tanaka, must offer you my thanks! Is this where you're living now? No, I am the servant of the Thorndyke family And I'm also their bodyguard! You're still as dependable as ever.
Knuckles-kun said that those two were both the servants of Eggman.
Yeah, it's always those guys.
But why would they want this map? Do you know of the Murashia continent? Murashia continent? A long time ago there was the Murashia continent on this planet.
The denizens of this civilization had an advanced culture.
But somewhere around 12000 years ago they were struck by a disaster.
It has been said that it sunk into the Geranbany Sea in only one night.
So what does Eggman think he can do to find the Murashia continent? Could he be connected with the disappearance of the Seahawk? If he is the one responsible, what would he want it for? This could be it, Mr.
This map has the best view of the land formation.
It shows us a description of the way the continents of the planet once were.
and then, after once I input the data on the disaster.
Do you get it? Once I compare the our current landmass with the ones on this map I was able to find where it was once located.
You mean the Murashia continent? That's correct.
According to the data on the map I have found the current position of the Murashia continent.
Geranbany Sea, lattitude, 0! Be careful! Take care! Off we go! Be good while we're gone.
We're going! Please be sure to hurry back! We will reach our destination tomorrow.
The old volcanos are located here.
but there is a volcano vein located near here.
This area is the most active.
What do we do if they goes off? That's nearly impossible.
But now that you mention it, you're acting way to serious.
Stop! The sea has been way to quiet.
I suppose We've finally reached it! Lets hurry up and check out the Island, guys! You sure are energetic.
Radar shows that a huge undefined object is approaching us! That's Ahh! The X-Cyclone! The mark is Eggman! I'm here to bring you Dr.
Eggman-sama's message! Are you all scared? This is my the newest weapon, the Egg Giant-Makan.
I will soon take control of the world with it! Eggman, what are you up to this time? Do you want to know? Very well, I'll tell you.
Do you think we really care? Do you all know of the Center of the World? The center of the world? I know of it.
If you destroy the underground landmass and seal it so that the pressure increases, it will cause volcanos to break out.
That's the legend of this planet.
That's right, Atsumi.
You seem to know this well.
Didn't it ever occur to you that THIS could be the center of the world!? I see Could the Murashians had known of the center of the world and caused the disaster!? Well, according to the continents Dr.
Atsumi, do you mean I believe the Murashians are responsible for the world's current geography.
At least that's my theory.
Why are you talking about theories now!? Is it THAT urgent!? "Do you want to hear my theory?" This REALLY isn't the time for that! Please be more serious! We're going to the center of the world now in order to destroy the planet! I won't let you do it! Click! Sonic! Young Master! Sonic YOUNG MASTER! Chrishang on! Eggman-sama, Let's go, staying here isn't any fun.
Hold on to me, Sonic.
Young Master! Sonic-sama! Stop it! It is dangerous for you to go now! But, sensei! Please just wait Tanaka! Sonic, needs our help! At this rate, the two of them will I know, but I still need time.
Sonic, I definitely won't let go! Never give up! I press this one, that one, this oneSheesh Feedback located at point 25! Stating the number doesn't let me know anything! Our Radar shows a naval ship is approaching.
IIt's huge! How's that, Eggman? This is G.
N's super secret weapon! The G.
N-Fort Priss! You're kidding me! It's G.
N! What are you saying? Isn't that just the Egg-fort 1 that I left in the sea-bed!? Isn't that just the Egg-fort 1 that I left in the sea!? Cool, you were able to re-use it! You moron, can't you see that they're just thieves? Now the real fight begins.
Ready the missiles.
Roger! Wait a sec, and what's my role in this? Please wait quietly as our guest, okay? Commence the attack! Well, then we'll also prepare to counterattack! FLIGHT MODE! Roger! All weapons, fire! Launch Missileson my command, FIRE! It is good to see that you're alright! We'll let G.
N deal with them.
We're finished! Take evasive action and get out of here! Where are we supposed to go? Anywhere to get away from them! How's that? Taste the Fort-Priss' power! X-Cyclone, Take off! Change, X-Tornado! We're being attacked from both sides! We'll just have to use this tatic Topaz! She's still alive.
So then, can you still attack us When the situation has become like this? You're terrible, Eggman! I'm the bad guy, so of course I'm terrible! You can't attack me, so just give up! What are you doing? I'm sorry, Rouge.
Our task is to stop Eggman's ambition! I'm sorry, but to do that, we may have to give up Topaz.
What are you saying!? That's enough! Why are you still attacking me!? They aren't afraid of Eggman-sama's threat.
At this rate, all of those people I've got it You okay with this, Sonic? Of course! You've betrayed us, Sonic! Ten minutes will be enough for me.
But If you take longer than ten minutes, we won't wait for you.
They're all in one position now.
Alright, lets take this chance to go to the center of the world! It'll be meaningless if we let Eggman find his target.
Eggman will reach it if things continue like this.
Can't they work with us? Damn it! How come this happens now!? I'll have to use the Final Weapon! We have to try our best to fight.
You can't! It was only supposed to be used on the Center of the World! I have to do SOMETHING! Final Weapon set! There's nothing we can do.
Why is does he always get so confused whenever he encounters Sonic? That's Begin the energy charge! We're in danger! Once the energy finishes charging, you'll all be wiped out! It's no use! NEVER GIVE UP! If our powers unite Lets attack it together! DAH! Success.
We did it! Alright! Oh shoot! I told you that we can't use it now! Hurry up and get away! Wait, I feel as if I forgot something.
Those hostages! Do you mean us? Is something the matter, Doctor? Ah! Is that a Chaos Emerald!? Where? You old fool.
I was afraid that this my actions might be noticed by an enemy like him.
Do you think things will things calm down for now? Yes.
Still, I don't think Eggman has given up on reaching the center of the world.
The end To be Continued Next timeon Sonic X Sonic VS Monster from the Underground Don't miss it!