Sonic X (2003) s03e07 Episode Script

Galactic Gumshoes

We know that Chris used this equipment to join Sonic's world.
Is that the only information we have? No.
Chris encrypted the data, so that nobody else can teleport.
Then, we cannot find him? But in accordance with my research, it's always possible to send to him material things.
That's good.
Chaotix Goes Into Space I wonder where are Cream and the others, and what they're doing now I hope they're all fine at least It looks like that belongs to Someone could get it? Oh, but what are you doing?! Answer quickly or it'll hang up! Oh OK!! Yes? Chaotix detective's office speaking! Oh hello! Cream's mum? Yes, of course! Thanks again for what you did the last time.
Oh, it's needless to thank me.
It doesn't matter much! I call you to suggest you making a new work for me.
All right! Count on me! I'm coming right now! Ouch! What is so funny?! Stop crying! OK! By the way, where's Espio? Over there! Charmee, give me the pepper! OK! I'm not a steak! It seems that Cream left for space with Sonic and the others.
Will you please join her and see if every thing's fine for her? And I'd be very grateful if you could bring these things to Chris.
All you have to do is drop off them in Sonic's vessel.
Yes! Whatever you like, Mrs! It'll be easy as child's play! Vector.
What's wrong? It'll be very difficult.
Why? We don't have a spaceship.
Then, how can we leave for space? Yes, that's true.
You're right.
Now it's as easy as pie!! Thanks for you help.
I count on you.
All clear! We can go! All clear! We can go! It's incredible how space is peaceful when Metarex aren't around somewhere.
Let's hope it last! What are you waiting for? Hurry up! I begin to be bored then I'm going for a stroll until you decide finally to play! Great! I found! It's your turn! Yeah, where is he? Sonic! Sonic!! Hey Sonic, it's your turn! Sonic! That, is annoying! Even Sonic won't be able to return without the help of a rope.
You want a rope? May I know why you want a rope? Sonic is vanishing into space! What?! OK! I'll save him! But how? You don't even know where he is! We need to do something, otherwise he's going to move away more and more! OK! Follow me! We'll find your rope.
Sonic! I'm coming to save you! What's going on? Look over there! What's that? A spaceship? Tails! Chris! No data available about this vessel.
Perhaps it's Metarex! Anyway, it seems that's not armed.
By the way, where are Sonic and Knuckles? Don't you know? Sonic was thrown to space and Knuckles fetched him! You should have told us what happened! We could have saved him with the Typhoon! We have no choice but to fight alone until their return! Isn't that so? You think that we'll be able to do it? Oh yes! Of course! I caught them up sooner than I thought.
These things are very good! Don't behave like a pig! It's cold in space.
Hem ! I suppose that is that way.
Let's follow our plan to the letter.
OK? Anybody here? Oh, the doors open! Attack! Attack!! But what happened?! I was attacked by surprise! I don't understand what's happening! Wow! Then, stay there and take a rest! All right! It's my turn to see this closer! How strange! Who would have believed that this fight would tear away so much painting? Hello! Amy? What's the matter? Thatthat thing! It's an invisible Metarex! Let's catch him up! Got him! I was beaten up! And it looks even that they painted you! It's the worst humiliation in all my life! I'll have to start all over again my training! And suppose, at my turn, I could try to talk to them? Charmee! What's the matter again? I advise you to go there equipped well so you will be protected from their knocks! All right! Meal everyone! It's time for the afternoon snack.
We have some cake.
Great! You come at just the right moment! I just began to be thirsty! It looks like really delicious! Who's cooked that? I did it myself but thanks to my mother I learnt to make cakes.
I would like you to show me too how to do them someday.
Yes, me too.
I'd like to.
Hello! It's a Metarex! We need to catch him! Yeah!! Attack! Go! Ouch!! They became super violent since the last time we saw them! They won't get away with this! We bring them things that Cream's mother wanted us to give to them, and is that their way to thank us?! It's shameful to behave like this! When I think that we came as far as here with good intentions! Could we go back home now? You idiot! What are you talking about?! We always go the whole way when we accepted a mission, it doesn't much matter that it snows or that the sun shines! It's what we call to behave as professionals! In other words, like the Detective Charlie! But on the other hand, we can't continue allowing to be beaten up non-stop.
Then, we're going to retire and think of another tactic.
What are you waiting for? We're leaving! What's going on, Chris? I have the impression that they're escaping.
Are you kidding? In that case, I'm going to take care of them personally! What?! You're going to be able to take charge of them alone, Tails?! He'll pull throughThey quite look like a bunch of wimps, anyway.
Trust me! WellOK.
I'm sure that you can defeat them with one hand.
Well, that means that someone is talking about me.
But how I manage to be so popular?! Say, he would not be a little bit conceited? This time, Metarex won't escape me! X-Tornado takeoff! Well, this is weird! That little house reminds me something.
Yes, I know it! Just what I thought! Hey! It's me, Vector, Espio, Charmee! Did you hear? Someone call us! What can we do?! We're out of luck.
Then, let's flee! I bet that they came to attack us! Yes, you're probably right.
It only remains for us to get rid of them at top speed! Here we go! They disappeared! I cannot even catch up them with the X-Tornado! Yeah, Chris speaking! Their spaceship is terrifically fast, isn't it? It's too fast for me.
Hey, I'd like you do me a favor.
Yeah! Which one? Do you think that you'd manage to catch up their vessel and to grab it with Blue Typhoon's pliers? Of course.
No problem.
Blue Typhoon turn to 180 degrees! Beware Metarex, we're coming! By the way, they aren't Metarex.
What's the matter again? Now, it's this enormous vessel which pursues us! Eh? What?! What a bad luck! We're going to continue to run away even if we have to use all the remaining fuel! No! Wrong idea! See? Told you! It's incredible how we enjoy ourselves here! Is it over? Then we're saved? I don't think so! We're trapped! Their spaceship was captured.
All exits are locked.
Tails, did you see who's inside? Eh? How's that, they aren't Metarex?! I am frankly sorry.
We're all sorry! It doesn't matter.
That was only a misunderstanding.
Every thing's fine now! After all, we all make mistakes! Let' s forget it this time! Yes!! Say! Could you help us to unload Chris' things? Wow, it's heavy! Imagine that it's Grandpa who built this spaceship.
I think it's the last one! It's very nice.
Don't worry, I'll tidy the last ones by myself.
You're welcome! Thanks Mum and Dad.
Once more, I see that you really made all that you could for me.
Then, I suppose that it's time to set off again.
Hey wait a minute! Have with us the afternoon snack at least! We have even some cake.
Yeah! Yippee! Cake! No thanks! We made all that we had to make here.
Not so fast! We don't have every day such a proposition and we should accept it wholeheartedly! May we offer you some again? Eh? Oh yes! Here you are.
Tell me something, Cream.
Oh yes? What's that? Well, that's none of my business but I wonder if it's really a good idea that you spend time on playing here.
How you dare to say that?! I don't spend time enjoying myself! Above all, Cream is here to help us.
She's smart and her remarks are relevant.
We should not forget it! I'm not denying it! I just think that her place isn't here.
How can you say that? Because at your age, we spend time discussing between pals and dreaming about Prince Charming! Eh? Isn't that true? What do you know about what I like?! You don't know me! It doesn't belong to you to tell me what I have to do! Is it clear?! I've heard it enough! Let's go! It seems that you made Cream angry.
You should have kept silent! I don't really understand.
I only said what her mother would have been able to say! All things considered, I wonder what her mother really wanted.
Yes! Maybe that she wanted to ask us to Well! It's enough! Don't get carried away by your ravings!! My intuition rarely deceives me I would say even never! "Vector! I beg you!" "Do what is needed to take Cream back to home!" "I can't stand the idea that a little girl like her" "is living so dramatic moments!" "But of course!!" "I am so worried!!" "And she's so fragile!!" "I know you can understand, Vector" "Yes! Of course, I understand!!" Listen to me! You understand absolutely nothing! That's it! Here we go! His imagination was carried away! Nobody can stop him now!! I want to take Cream back to her home.
Why?! I don’t want to hear "why","if" or "but"! It's a promise between Cream's mother and me! You promised absolutely nothing! No but we perfectly understood each other, she and me.
We even met each other's gaze! OhHow can someone be so stubborn?! I'll put Cream in this bag and I'll take her back to her mother! Nothing can stop him! Nothing can stop him! When Vector goes nuts nothing can stop him!! I don't think that there's Chaos Emeralds in this area of space.
Yes, the chances to find them are practically nil.
The gravitation field is too weak.
I see Very good! Let's approach from the search area.
Well, I think it's time for leaving you.
Why not stay still a little with us? I can cook a cake specially for you, if you like.
No, thanks! We didn’t ask for your advice! I shall cook one all the same! It's very nice but we've got a lot of work to do then we really have to go! Goodbye! That's it.
They're gone.
Well? Where are Cream and Cheese? Oh, all things considered, Cosmo isn't there too! They were all there, until Vector and the others come.
What's gotten into you to do this?! I did that to take you back to your mother.
What? Me too?! How did you come there, you?! I wanted to know what you plotted, then I slipped into the bag.
I knew well that you were not reliable people.
From the beginning, I thought you're all very bizarre! You especially! You small viper, you just interfered with my plans! Hurry up and go back to your vessel, do you hear me?! No! It's out of the question for me to leave from here without Cream! Wait!! No, I won't! Keep it up! You'll drive him crazy! Count on me! We enjoy ourselves here! Oh, it hurts, that! Yes, of course! What's the matter? Oh, things are going badly! I'll take well care of them, this time! Onetwothree No effect Did you see what he's able to do?! It's not the right time to admire him.
If we don't intervene, they're going to manage to take Cream with them! The pliers were damaged.
We need to repair them! You're lucky that I come to save you! Thank you so much Knuckles.
And here we go again! And he goes away, like that! Can you repair them right now? Yes, of course.
If Chris gives me a hand.
Count on me! You're here?! We were worried about you.
We must save quickly Cream, Cheese and Cosmo! They were kidnapped by Vector and the others.
Just our luck! I can't pick up speed! It's my turn! Sonic-san! I'll take Cream and the others with me! No way! Cream's mother asked me to bring her back to home! Then, I'll take her back no matter what it costs! He lies! My mother never would ask him to do something like that! Tell me, you both! Is that true what he says? Well You must trust me.
According to what I guessed, Cream's mother asked me, from the bottom of her heart, to "do what is necessary to take Cream back to home!" You "guessed"? "From the bottom of her heart"? That's right, yes.
It doesn't matter much! Anyway, there's no doubt about his mother is worrying about her! How dare you break family relationship between a mother and his daughter?! It's a crime! The recreation is over! I take Cream and the others with me! That's enough now! How dare you maintain that you take her back to home, without having asked her even for her opinion? You're a bunch of egoists! She's right, you know! Cream agreed herself to do this journey.
Whether she wants to come with us or not, it's up to her to decide.
I understand very well but you know how are the parents! Yes, of course I know it.
Of course But the parents and the children can be always put together, whatever is the distance.
Then, what you decide on, Cream? I decide to continue my journey with you and the others.
It's true that I left silently, but I'm sure that my mother will understand.
Espio, Charmee! We're leaving! Our mission is finally completed.
Oh! We could still enjoyed ourselves a little? Hey, Cream! Yes? Remember to make a sign to your mother, when you think of her.
All right! Well? There's an intruder on board! I didn't think I could succeed.