Sons of Anarchy s01e01 Episode Script


#We hit the city and # # It swallow you whole # # You got no friends, darlin'# # To satisfy your soul # # Hard row to hoe all by yourself# # I'm just another walking dead # - They sell birdseed, ese.
- Are you kidding me, man? In the back.
White boy was right.
Niners had a special order.
Full auto, laser scopes.
Niggers still couldn't hit shit.
- Shh.
- Grab the other end.
Load the M4s and Glocks in the truck, huh? Up here.
What about the other guns and shit? Torch it.
Hey, Louise.
You know, you can buy these by the case.
Be a lot cheaper.
A box at a time keeps me humble.
Get a pack of smokes too, darlin'.
It was my favorite.
What the hell is that? Oh, shit! #Walk out on me # # Walk out on him # # You need no man # # To do you in # # But if the night gets dark all is still # # I'll pray for you You know I will # # Hard row to hoe all by yourself# # But if the night gets dark all is still # # I'll pray for you You know I will # # Hard row to hoe all by yourself# # All by yourself# # All by yourself## - What the hell happened? - Propane tanks caught fire.
Ammo was in there.
The place just blew.
- Shit.
- Yeah, and the fire dick says it was arson.
Saw a lot of boot prints.
- Cowboy boots? - Yeah, I think so.
- Shit-eatin' Mayans, man.
- Where the hell was Rodrigo? No sign of your watchman.
- What's the exposure? - Officially? Me and the fire department.
The fire captain can be convinced to rethink his report.
- Unofficially? - Unofficially, this blast was seen in two counties.
This location is dead.
Jesus Christ.
- The M4s? - Gone, as are most of the Glocks.
Get the firemen on board.
Don't want this shit hittin'A.
's radar.
- Let's get out of here.
- Hold on.
You gotta see something else.
Do we really? Goddamn.
Fried and refried.
They're illegals.
Part of our assembly crew.
We found them before the F.
Went through.
Well, after the smoke clears, get rid of the bodies.
What am I supposed to tell our boys up in Oaktown? I'm supposed to deliver five cases to Leroy and his crew before tomorrow morning.
Call the gangster hotline, set a meetin'.
Two in the back of the head.
Quick and painless.
- It ain't easy being king.
- Yeah.
You remember that.
#Riding through this world # # All alone # # God takes your soul # # You're on your own # # The crow flies straight # # Aperfect line # # On the devil's bed # # Until you die # # Gotta look this life # # In the eye ## # Can't stop the world The world is beating # # Last stop The final curtain call # Some days you're the Beamer some days you're the goddamn deer.
Some yuppie creamed her up at the streams.
He run into it, or hit a tree while it was giving him head? How the hell you want me to get it out of there? Come on.
Jesus, man.
Just pretend it's "Carve your own steak" night at Sizzler.
I don't eat meat, man.
Figure it out, grunt.
What the hell happened? Mayans torched the warehouse.
- Stole the Niners' M4s.
- Holy shit.
Clay's gone to sit down with Leroy, try and buy some time.
Niners already paid for that hardware.
That's the tricky part.
Hey, Ma.
- Did you go to storage? - Not yet.
Well, if there's something you can use- I haven't looked through that baby stuff in years.
I'm sure anything will help.
Still coming to dinner tomorrow night? I'm picking up steaks from the German.
Oh, you know it.
You should bring Chibs and that new kid.
The new kid doesn't eat meat.
Don't patch him in.
Can't trust anyone doesn't eat meat.
Hey, you heard from my crazy ex-wife at all? - Never answers her goddamn phone.
- That's 'cause she knows it's you.
Yeah, well, she's supposed to be sending me the doctor bills.
I haven't seen one in weeks.
I'll go by on my way home.
I'll check in on her.
Thanks Grandma.
#I # # I know you # # I know the things you wanna do # # I # # I know you # # I know the things # # You wanna do ## Long ride from Charming to Oakland.
How come Easy Rider meetin' me face to face? Assembly warehouse burned down.
All the guns, including your M4s, blown to shit.
There's zero balance due on that hardware.
- The shipment is gonna be a little late.
- That can't happen.
Got a shipment of my own coming in.
Very important cargo.
I've been doing business with the One-Niners for a long time.
I always respected our arrangement.
I never sold gun one to the Mexicans.
Now I need for you to show me a little respect and give me a few more days for delivery.
Don't give a shit about history or respect.
This is about business, old man.
And I'm telling you, brother giving me some more time- really smart business.
You got till Sunday.
I don't get those M4s by then there's gonna be some new black faces cruising the streets of Charming.
And a burned-down warehouse is gonna be the least of your problems.
# Scattered like shells lost to the sea # # Like the river the days go rapidly # # I have all these memories I don't know what for# # I have them, and, man I can't help it # # Some overflow and spill out like waves # # Some I will harbor for all of my days # # I burn like oil You bloom like a flower# "For my sons Thomas, who's already at peace, and Jackson may he never know this life of chaos.
'" # Our true love finds us when it is time ## - Just put it over- - Half Sack.
- Huh? - Piney clogged the toilet again.
Jesus Christ.
That guy shits more than a grizzly, man.
It ain't human.
Here, just put it right- right here under the-Yeah.
Where did you get that name? - Huh? - Half Sack.
Oh, man.
I got my left nut blown off by an aper frag in Iraq.
Look at that guy.
Jesus Christ! Put that deformed nut bag away, will ya? - Sorry, Clay.
I was- - Disappear.
Go on.
Find Jax.
Jax! Hey, Jax! - We're at the table.
- Okay.
#Writing's on the wall # # Writing's on the wall # - # Writing's on the wall # - Wendy! Stupidjunkie bitch.
I got one more day out of Leroy, that's it.
Niners are expecting a huge heroin shipment.
The carbines are for protection.
What happens if those Mayans crash that dope party with Leroy's M4s? We lose all the Niner business, buy ourselves a huge black- That ain't gonna happen.
These Mexi-assholes come into our territory.
They steal from us.
They shit on our livelihood.
I don't care who we gotta grease or kill.
- I want those goddamn guns back.
- All right.
Me and Chibs will pull together all our current intel on the Mayans.
Juice, start hacking into crime databases.
Get addresses of any Mayans in the system.
Wherever you find those guys, Bobby, I want a fat man and little boy every inch of that goddamn place.
- Bobby's got Tahoe this weekend.
- No, I'm canceling that shit.
I should be able to decide- You got two ex-wives who already spent the goddamn casino checks.
Last thing we need is P.
's and lawyers camping out out front.
And who's gonna handle the pyro, I'm not there? Nobody blows up shit better than Opie.
Opie's leaning right these days.
Opie's gonna lean any way we need him to.
You get him on board.
So you're sure you're okay with me stepping away from this? Yeah, yeah.
Take the prospect with you.
I'll get him half laid.
What is that smell? Yo.
Oh, shit.
- I tried calling you.
- What is it? I found these matches next to a bunch of her empty thumb bags.
- Hairy Dog.
- Shit.
It's gotta be the Nords dealing out of the Dog again.
Darby got out of Chino two weeks ago.
Yeah, well, call that Nazi prick.
Set a meeting.
- What the hell happened? - When was the last time you saw her? - Couple of weeks.
- Her hands and feet were full of tracks.
Toxicology reports aren't back yet, but it's most likely crank.
- The baby? - We had to do an emergency C-section.
He's 10 weeks premature.
- Holy shit.
- Come on.
- Let's sit down, and I'll walk you through it.
- Just tell me.
He's got a congenital heart defect and gastroschisis- a tear in his abdomen.
The gastro and the early birth are from the drugs.
But the C.
Is probably- - The family flaw.
- Yes, it's genetic.
Either one would be serious, but not life-threatening.
However, the two of them together- Dr.
Namid gives him a 20% chance and I'm afraid that's being optimistic.
Oh, my God.
She never wanted to talk to me.
I didn't know.
Her O.
Said she missed her last three appointments.
No one knew.
Namid wants to fix his belly first.
Then if he stabilizes, he'll go in and try to repair the heart.
I'm sorry, Jax.
I can take you to see him now.
You don't have to do this.
I'm sure you got other patients.
I asked Dr.
Namid if I could assist.
I want to help your son.
His name is Abel.
It's a good name.
- Jax? - Jackson? Go with Tara.
I got something to do.
Watch his back.
Sell crank to my pregnant ex-wife? - Easy, boys.
- Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! I think you made your point.
I think you made your point.
Stupid peckerwood shithead! Enjoy your lunch.
Shish ka-balls are on me.
#'Cause we don't know when to stop # # We don't know when to stop # # I try and I try but I can't get enough # # I won't fail you You won't be believed # - You okay? - Yeah.
I'm gonna go find Ope.
All right.
So everybody's saying it was a gun factory - that blew up out by the streams last night.
- Mayans hit us.
Stole our M4s.
We need you.
- For what? - Bobby's got a gig this weekend.
- No way, man.
- We gotta get in and out fast.
You're the only guy that can pull it off.
You think I wanna be here chippin' wood for shit pay? - I made a promise to Donna.
I'm earning straight.
- Come on, Opie.
We all earn straight.
I spend 40 hours a week with a goddamn power tool in my hand.
When you're on Clay's payroll, everything in your hand is a power tool.
You saying no to the club? Everything turned to shit since I got out.
I'm in debt up to my eyeballs.
My kids hardly know me.
I even mention Sam Crow to Donna, she's gonna bust out crying.
Look, man, if you need money- I don't want to borrow.
I want to earn.
Your family's just gotta adjust to you being around again.
Kids have gotta get used to how ugly their dad is.
Donna knows what the life is.
You leave a woman alone for five years, two kids the only thing that she knows is that she doesn't want it to happen again.
Break's over! Let's go! Let me know when you need me.
What's the, uh, Nord's roster looking like these days? Fifteen, 16 guys.
A few new kids breaking in.
Same extreme hate shit.
Still got meth labs outside of Lodi.
Selling mostly to truckers, some of the Mexi gangs.
- You think they's steppin' up? - Hmm.
Only two things feel good in the joint.
That's jerking off and thinking about all the shit you're gonna do when you get out.
Darby's been in there for three years.
I just want to make sure all his big shot dreams ended up in his come rag and not on his "to do" list.
How's his guy doing? Fractured cheek, broken nose, left nut swinging solo.
Yes, it was beautiful! That's me boy! Yeah.
He's lucky to be breathin'.
So, uh, any luck up north? Tacoma can help with the Glocks, but there's no M4s anywhere.
Washington State, Oregon, Nevada- Nobody's got stock, man.
We'll have all the Mayan intel by the morning.
We'll get our guns back.
Oh, yeah, we will.
Treasury? All the bills are paid.
Bar is stocked.
Uh, run fund is covered for the next two months.
Tig's the only man who owes me dues.
I'm a little short.
Catch you next week.
Guess those little Thai boys are getting expensive, huh? Yeah, they are.
How about I slit your eyes and have you suck my dick? All right, all right.
- Anything else? - Yeah.
I, uh- I just wanna say toJackson on a club level, the Sons of Anarchy the Redwood Original, is here for you.
Your father would be proud of the man you've become.
Every time I see you sittin'at this table hell, I do a double take.
It's probably just the weed, Pop.
I bet it is, yeah.
Anyway, whatever you need, son - it's yours.
- Thank you, Piney.
Thanks, boys.
Meetin' closed.
- Here you go, Clay.
- Thanks, kid.
- Bourbon? - Yeah.
- What the hell is that smell? - Uh, God, l- I smell it too.
It's that box.
- What is it? - I don't know.
- Oh, damn it! - Fuck! - Jesus! - That's-That's mine! - Are you out of your goddamn mind? - No.
I just- You know, I thought, uh, as like a surprise we could mount it in the club, you know, like on the- on the wall.
It's gotta be stuffed and treated, you idiot.
Yeah, I know.
I just- Stuffed with what? - Get up! - Whoo! Did, uh, Rosen track down any real estate for the rebuild? Ten acres for sale up North 84.
You know, structure industry.
Paint factories, container yards.
Kick his ass! Truckin' in supplies, it'll look like a regular business.
What'd happen if we didn't rebuild? What do you mean? Take the land profit, put it in somethin' else.
Hey, I'm just thinking about what's best long-term.
We got heat with the Mayans.
Crawlin'up our ass.
Might be time to look at other ways to earn.
Yeah, well, there's a lot of shit up in the air right now.
We'll figure out what the next move is.
- Bobby, break that shit up.
- All right, all right, all right, all right.
No, no.
Put 'em down.
Hug it up.
You doin' okay? - Yeah.
- Your mom says you haven't been back to the hospital.
Don't worry about this Mayan shit.
You need to focus on your family.
- Come on, man.
Don't push me off this.
- Look.
I know you're all spun out over Wendy and the kid.
It's awful shit.
But your father and I, we worked hard to create this business.
We served time.
We lost brothers.
We spilled a lot of blood.
And you're gonna need this now more than ever.
A sick kid- It's an expensive burden.
You want to do the right thing by your family, don't you? Yeah.
Of course.
Well, then go see your son.
All right.
I didn't think you'd wanna see me.
Everyone hates me.
I'm sorry, Jax.
I'm so sorry.
Please don't hate me.
- You need to get help, Wendy.
- I know.
I know.
I will.
I promise.
This time, I promise.
The doctor said Abel's getting stronger.
He said maybe they would fix his belly tomorrow.
Maybe tomorrow morning.
They'll do everything they can.
My lawyer said they might file criminal charges.
Fetal abuse.
- I got some stuff back at the house in the stash drawer.
- Jesus Christ.
Just if they find that shit, they're gonna put me away.
You own the house, Jax.
I'd hate to see this blow back on you.
Yeah, of course.
Jax, wait.
Please, please.
Jax? Please, Jax.
It's almost midnight.
This place is a goddamn pigsty.
Cleaning was never her strong suit.
What are you doing here? - It's my house.
- You know what I mean.
I don't want you to see it this way.
Mom, you don't have to do this.
Look, I just want to get it livable.
- Buy you some decent carpet.
Cigarette burns everywhere.
- Mom- Get you out of that dorm room, back home - with your son.
- Mom, for Christ's sakes, stop cleaning! - He's not gonna make it.
- What are you- What are you talking about? What happened? He was born with half a stomach and a hole in his heart.
He's gonna die.
Don't you say that! You are the only one this boy's got.
You don't believe he's gonna live, you might as well go down there and kill him yourself.
I'm sorry.
- You gotta go see him, Jax.
- I can't.
Why? 'Cause he'll break your heart? - It's called being a father.
- For how long? A day? A week? You know, you were born with that same heart defect your little brother had.
You seem pretty sturdy to me.
I came through hell, landed on my feet.
Your father was hit by a goddamn semi.
Dragged 178 yards.
And that bastard lived for two more days.
Tellers do not die easy.
We just die bloody.
That's the Irish in us.
When you and Dad hooked up he ever talk to you about his vision? About what he wanted from the club? About what he wanted from the club? His vision was, you know what it is.
A brotherhood.
A family.
And running guns? He want that? He never talked about that.
Why? I found a box of his old shit in the storage unit.
There's, like, pictures and journals and things I never knew about him.
What kind of things? It seemed like his original idea for the M.
Was something simpler.
You know, social rebellion.
He called it a "Harley commune.
" It wasn't outlaw.
- It was real hippie shit.
- We had a lot ofbright ideas back then.
We were kids.
Your father became a man.
Men take care of business.
Yeah, we do.
You should get home, Mom.
Finish cleanin' tomorrow.
I'll lock up.
Okay, darling.
- Night, Mom.
- Night, baby.
- How are the hands, baby? - Ah.
Just the damp.
Where you been? Cleaning up atJax's.
Of course you were.
All this stuff with Abel's pushin' some old buttons, huh? It's not my buttons I'm worried about.
Jax is going through some shit.
I know.
- Not just with the kid.
- What do you mean? He found a box of John's stuff in storage.
He was asking me about his original vision for the club.
Did he want to get into running guns? Tonight he said that maybe we shouldn't rebuild the factory.
He's gettin'chewed up by that guilt.
Remorse is a dangerous thing.
Look what Tommy's death did toJohn.
It changed him.
Made him soft.
You've gotta nailJax down.
You have to nail him down hard, Clay.
Whatever it takes.
I don't want the ghost ofJohn Teller poisoning him, ruining everything we've built.
Nothing's gonna get ruined, okay? Just don't throw your panic into high gear.
They respect him.
Jax is strong.
- And when you step down as pres- - Hey, hey! I'm not going anywhere.
I know, baby.
I know.
It's just- When you can't ride anymore they'll vote my son in as president.
I just want to make sure he's following in the right father's footsteps.
Okay? A little "Get well'"present for your guy, Darby.
That's some serious iron.
Izzy'll like that.
Thank you.
Figured we'd give him something that had some balls.
I know what it's like running a crew.
Sometimes your guys do shit without thinking things through.
- My guys are thinking just fine.
- They thinking fine when they sell crank to my pregnant ex? That was unfortunate.
How's your little family doin' anyway? All right, all right.
Everybody contain your shit.
Get off me! - You done? - Yeah.
Sorry, folks.
Go back to your corn dogs.
- Won't happen again.
- I made sure the brotherhood had Opie's back every minute that he was in Chino - and you know that.
- Oh, I know how it works inside, Darby.
Question is, you remember how it works outside? - A lot changes in three years.
- A lot stays the same.
Nothing happens in Charming we don't control or get a piece of.
If we wanted a meth trade, we'd have one.
- We don't.
- You know the drill.
I mean, you can cook all the crank you want along the border.
But you do not deal in Charming.
You know, we ain't the only cook shop in town.
- Devil wants in, he'll get in.
- Well, then you got your work cut out for you.
'Cause the next time the devil crosses the border I'm comin' after you.
And next time, I'm not gonna use a.
357 as a "get well" present.
There's no need to be making threats, brother.
Me and my boys - have always managed to make things work with Sam Crow.
- Good.
Milk and cookies are on us.
Abel's stomach surgery went well.
But it's putting a strain on his system.
Namid doesn't want to wait.
Thinks we should do the heart surgery now.
- That's good, right- that they're not waiting? - It's the best choice, yes.
Can we talk? What is it? Wendy's in really bad shape.
She's still detoxing.
- Can't stop crying.
- And? I was hoping maybe you could talk to her.
Just let her know she's not all alone.
Trust me.
Nothing I'm gonna say to that crank whore is gonna make her feel loved.
Forgot just how forthright you can be.
You forgot a lot of things, sweetheart.
If you have a problem with me assisting on Abel's case - just say so.
- You a good doctor? - Yes.
- Then I don't have a problem.
You know, people change.
I'm not the same girl I was 10 years ago.
I am.
I guess there's some things you can't change.
I leave it there so I remember all that shit's behind me.
Forgot just how clever you can be.
Mayans got two shops where they cut and bag the heroin.
Twenty minutes outside of Oakland, here.
Marcus Alvarez, president of the Oakland charter.
Owns both buildings where they run their dope operations.
The local cops are on the payroll, so it's a no-hassle gig.
Which makes him lazy.
Alvarez don't try too hard to cover his tracks.
And he also knows that we'd be on to the cut shops.
He wouldn't take a chance housing the M4s there.
Stores them someplace off the grid.
Backtracked one of Alvarez's dummy corporations in San Leandro along the U-Pac rail line here.
Marcalva Industrial Storage.
Way off the grid.
Good work, kids.
What are you doing? I gotta make a run.
- What's in the bag? - Nothing.
- You promised me you were done.
- It's got nothing to do with you, Donna.
- I'm the one who gets shit on if you get caught again.
- It's not gonna happen.
You sat in a cell for five years while Clay and the others got rich.
They sold you out.
You know that.
You're just too weak to stand up to them.
- Give me the bag.
Give me the bag! - No! - No! No! - Donna- - No! Stop! - Stop it! Donna! Come on, boys.
Let's go inside.
Didn't hear you pull up.
Parked down the block.
Didn't wanna tweak Donna.
- You catch all that? - Enough.
I think she's already tweaked.
Stay here.
- I'll handle the run.
- Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
I don't show up, Clay'll chop off both our dicks.
As soon as I leave, take your kid to the E.
Tell them she hit her head or something.
Just get on record being there.
- I'll cover you with Sam Crow.
- What about the boom? I watched you do it before.
I'll call you on the prepay if I need help.
- You sure about this? - Go face your family.
Why didn't you tell me about your kid? I didn't know what to say.
Still don't.
#Say you are and then I'll take the world # # Because I don't feel resistant # # Take the world for# # Man # # You're looking like the only one # # Staring at the mountain as I cross the land # # Subterranean southern man now # # Man, you're looking like the only one # - Where's Opie? - Kid got hurt.
Had to take her to the hospital.
I got the bag.
I can make it work.
It's all good, brother.
# You're an animal See me coming, baby # # She wants your body now # # But she don't understand # # You're an animal # # See me coming, baby She wants your body now # # But she don't understand # # You're an animal # # See me coming, baby ## How does that sound? That was good.
# I want you to hold my hand # # I want you to hold my hand # That was beautiful, babe.
It's all shook up.
Bobby! Jesus.
- What are you doing here? - Simon, what the hell is that? I'm booked.
Tonight, tomorrow, five shows.
I got a new girl in booking.
Dumb bitch doubled up my acts.
Yeah, well, goddamn it, Simon.
Why don't you just tell Chung King to take a hike? I got six busloads of Korean tourists coming in.
They love Asian Elvis.
I'll get you next month, Bobby.
Better luck next time, Bubba.
Thank you.
Thank you very much.
Uh, who is it? The Colonel.
Oh, sweetJesus! Oh, help me, Mama! Help me! Oh, sweetJesus! PraiseJesus.
It's a miracle.
And I've got the rest over here.
Get the guns in the van.
Wire this shit hole up.
- What the hell is the problem? - Nothing.
I just gotta check something with Ope.
Guns are loaded.
What's the holdup? We got company.
- Gotta be the Mayans.
- Yeah.
- Get the van out of sight.
Lay low.
- Let's go.
You, with me.
Open it.
Check the electric panel in the back.
Okay, man.
We should've been long gone by now.
- Well, we got the iron.
Let's get the hell out of here.
- I came to send a message.
Those two wetbacks see that busted back door, they'll call for backup.
Blowing up shit's one thing.
We off these guys, could trigger something runs out of control.
Well, that's the cost of your mistake.
You got a problem making it right? I'll draw 'em to the Dumpster.
#When your bladder's full you gotta piss # Hey.
Hey, hey, hey! Tell your dirtbag buddies they camp out here, they get some of this.
No bang-bang, por favor.
You tell your dirtbag buddies, they steal from Sam Crow, they get some of this.
I got him! Holy shit.
Go check the back.
Make sure that's all of'em.
He's all yours.
's dropping.
Get the paddles.
Keep clear.
- Check the leads.
- Prepare to massage the heart.
I'm all right.
Got the vest.
Finish it.
It's finished.
Aw, Mary, mother of Christ! I leave you bad boys for two minutes and it all turns to shit! We're all good.
- Let's get out of here.
- Clay.
Look at this.
Darby's guy.
Looks like Darby did make some new friends in Chino.
White boy must've sucked lots of brown dick.
Nords crew up with the Mayans gives 'em numbers, access to guns.
And a common enemy- us.
Darby wants Charming.
There goes the neighborhood.
Sinus rhythm's back.
O2 sats are coming up.
Candles in the cake.
Let's go home.
- Hi.
- Hey.
Looks like the boy might actually see his first birthday.
He made it? Oh, Abel, thank God.
Thank you, God.
Maybe we should say a little prayer.
- Okay.
That'd be good.
- Dear God thank you for saving this boy from his murderous junkie mom who cared more about a $40 rush than she did her own flesh and blood.
- Don't you dare! - Don't I dare? You pathetic whore.
Guess the D.
Was impressed with your Bible studies.
I hear they're not gonna press charges.
When I check out of here, I'm going to Promises.
Let's just throw money at those 12-step freaks.
How long is it gonna last this time? Six months? Three? A couple of weeks? It's gonna be different this time.
This time, I have my baby to live for.
That's where you're wrong.
You have no baby.
You lost that privilege.
Hey! And you so much as cast a shadow on that kid try to turn some legal screw and get custody, I will finish this job.
He will never call you "Mommy.
" I suggest you turn toJesus.
Is he gonna be okay? He looks good.
Clean yourself up, Jax.
#Wise men say # # Only fools rush in # # But I can't help # # Falling in love # #With you # # Shall I stay # # Would it be a sin # # If I can't help # # Falling in love with you # # Like a river flows # # Surely to the sea # # Darling, so it goes # # Some things # # Are meant to be # # Take my hand # # Take my whole life too # # For I can't help # # Falling in love with you # # Like a river flows # # Surely to the sea # # Darling, so it goes # # Some things are meant to be # # Take my hand # # Take my whole life too # # For I can't help # # Falling in love with you # # For I can't help # # Falling in love # He's perfect.
# With you ##