Sons of Anarchy s01e03 Episode Script

Fun Town

Whoo! Let's go into the photo booth.
Come on.
- Let me give you a quick hand job.
- I already got a picture of that.
- This time it'll be my hand.
- Oh, come here.
- Whoa-ho-ho.
Put me down.
- Oh, baby.
You bad.
You bad, girl.
- Republican, 12:00.
- Oh, come on.
- I don't want to.
- Please.
Hey, Clay.
- How you doin', Elliot? - Okay, Clay.
- Karen.
- Hey.
- I'm gonna go to the Spinout.
- Tristen, you've been on it four times already.
- I know.
- Hey.
That's not necessary.
That's a'ight.
They kicked me off 'cause I was screaming too loud.
What do you say? - Thanks.
- You got it.
We gotta go.
Come on.
Come on.
Come on.
You'd think with all that money they could pay someone to remove those sticks shoved up their asses.
Maybe he's just a little paranoid some of his country club cronies are gonna see him talkin' to the outlaw.
Come on.
I need to talk to the outlaw.
Okay, you're good.
You're good.
You're daddy throws like your mommy.
He wear a bra and panties to your games? Come on.
Try it again, hotshot.
Aw, come on.
Where you goin'? Five more bucks, your son will be convinced you're a loser.
- Darby's guys? - I don't recognize 'em.
Ooh, look at the big, bad bikers, huh? Gonna get Clowny all wet, huh? Come on, Jax.
Come on.
What's the matter, tough guy? Can't put the little ball in the tight hole? - Bet all your leather-wearin' butt buddies say the same.
- Oh, no.
That's a Bozo no-no.
Oh, Jesus, you guys.
I was just screwin' around, man.
Come on! Yeah, clown boy.
You're goin'down.
- You got that cotton candy? - Right here.
- Nice.
- There you go.
Thank you very much, ma'am.
Aw- I can barely see it.
Gimme that.
Hey, the Irish are comin'.
- Go find the others.
- Okay.
Sorry, baby.
I might have to finish you off later.
Yeah, I heard that before.
Gimme some more quarters.
I'm goin' back in the booth.
You think the prospect's deep enough? May only have one nut, but it's a big one.
I trust him.
- Hey, prospect! - Huh? Come on over here.
Learn a thing.
Hurry up.
Hurry up! Don't get hit.
Don't screw this up, Sack.
- Good to see you, Michael.
- There you go, Half-Sack.
- Boys are bringin' the ladies here.
- Russian ladies? Fresh from the Kremlin.
Hey, no fightin'.
No fightin'.
Got all the parts, a couple of assembled samples.
Got them AK's.
- God bless Gorbachev.
- That's it.
You got that right.
- Sláinte.
- Niners torched the warehouse - where we store and assemble our weapons.
- Holy shite.
- What does that do to business? - Ah, we just bought nine acres on the edge of Amador County.
We start rebuilding, we'll be up and runnin' in two, three months.
Can't you assemble 'em here? We learned our lesson the hard way.
We don't cross our money streams.
This is strictly a legit automotive business.
So that means you go three months without buyin'the weapons from us? Sam Crow's a huge piece of our income.
Gotta make the adjustment, right? I mean, it's part of business.
This isn't a business for us, brother.
True I.
We're not merchants.
We're soldiers.
The guns we sell fuel the cause.
Without it, we lose ground.
We support the cause, McKeevy.
Shit like this just happens.
- We'll have our guns up and runnin' in no time.
- That's the problem.
No time.
Three weeks would cripple us.
Three months, we can't wait for that.
- What the hell are you sayin'? - I'm sayin' if you can't front us the cash in the downtime we're gonna have to find a new buyer.
I've been buying guns from you for over a decade, Michael.
When you split from Adams, I stayed with you 'cause of our friendship.
You stayed with me 'cause the other cowards sold out.
We're the only outlaws left.
Now don't take this personal, Clay.
Your warehouse burnin' down is a casualty of commerce.
You lose our guns, that's a casualty of war.
Tristen! Where is she? Where is she? - Tristen! - What's goin' on? - We can't find Tristen.
- Oh, Jesus.
- Well, she must be here somewhere.
- No, we've looked everywhere.
- She's not on any of the rides.
- Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
#Riding through this world # # All alone # # God takes your soul # # You're on your own # # The crow flies straight # # Aperfect line # # On the devil's bed # # Until you die # # Gotta look this life # # In the eye ## McKeevy's gonna want his usual per-month order and a month's insurance.
I can't get my hands on 200K.
I got every spare cent tied up in the rebuild.
So what do I tell him? How much time do we have? Well, he's going up north tomorrow.
Don't know for how long, but when he gets back, he'll want his cash before he goes to Dungloe.
Tell the shamrock I'll give him his money.
But I want you to go with him.
Courtesy escort.
Let me know who he's meetin' with.
- Who's the dude in the Benz? - Elliot Oswald.
- As in Oswald Lumber? - Yeah, Oswald Lumber Oswald Beef, Oswald Construction.
My daughter's still in shock.
She doesn't remember much.
Asshole busted her in the jaw and threw her down in the dirt.
Raped her.
She's 13 years old.
What did the cops say? Took a report.
Hale's out lookin'.
I want you to find him.
You bring him to me first.
Pay anything you want.
Who do you think we are, Elliot? Oswalds have been in this town a lot longer than Sam Crow.
I know what you are.
I don't want your money.
Nobody comes into my town and does this to an innocent girl.
We'll find the sick bastard.
But when I deliver him to you, I'm gonna need to know that justice will be served.
You get what I'm sayin' old friend? Yeah.
We got a 200K deficit hangin' over our heads.
Do we really, really wanna be out there playin' some pro bono Lone Ranger? Guy raped a 13-year-old.
Thirteen! I get it.
I just don't like puttin' my ass on the line for some outsider.
Clay, Oswald doesn't give a shit about Sam Crow.
You know, people getjammed up in this town, they don't go to the cops.
- They come to us.
- That's right, us.
And that means somethin'to me.
I don't know.
Maybe I got somethin' to prove with this guy.
You know, that's my shit.
So, anybody wants to pass on this- Oh, no way.
I'm in! - We're in.
- Absolutely.
- I'm in.
I'm in too.
Guess we're huntin' a tot banger then.
So what do we know? We saw a couple of guys sportin'Aryan ink.
Not sure if they were Darby's guys.
And Macon Woods is right on the Lodi border.
Darby's got a meth shack couple of miles from there.
Rape as retaliation.
Certainly in the Nord wheelhouse.
Tap into the Sanwa database.
Find out which Nords get hard for underage pussy.
- Got it.
- Bobby and I'll go after Darby.
- What's so urgent, Dad? - You know Leo Kessler of Kessler Builders? - Hi.
- Hi, Leo.
- I'm kind of in the middle of something.
- We know.
We heard about Oswald's daughter.
Terrible thing.
- What is this about? - We're pretty sure Elliot's been talking to Clay Morrow.
It's safe to assume he's probably looking for some, uh, vigilante justice.
- Sam Crow is looking for the rapist? - Yes.
And if they deliver, well, we may have a problem.
Oswald's very close to selling us and our investors two land parcels off of County 17.
- It's over 130 acres.
- Elliot loves that kid more than anything.
God knows what he'll do to the guy if Clay hands him over.
Well, it puts Elliot in bed with Sam Crow.
And we know how Clay feels about expansion.
You need to make sure you find this guy first.
Due process of the law.
We all want the same thing, Son: Charming to grow and prosper.
I think you two are leaning a little heavier on the "prosper'"angle.
I gotta get back to work.
You girls selling cookies? We're investigating a sexual assault.
- You serious? - Yeah.
I need to talk to all your guys that were at the carnival last night.
If they're not here, get them here now.
You think a Son had somethin' to do with that rape? Half of'em have violent crimes on their rap sheets.
Just following logic.
Wasn't it just last week four Oakland cops were busted for prostitution and rape? Logic tells me we should ask where your dick was last night.
And don't say, "In your mama.
" Officers Mann and Fain will be taking your statements.
- It could take hours.
- I'm tryin' to run a business here.
We can do it here, at the station house- wherever you wanna do it.
And don't say, "In your mama.
" Feelin' better? A little dopey- so to speak.
When you're feeling stronger, I'll take you to see your son.
Has Jax been around? I don't know.
They said you had a friend smuggle in that syringe of meth.
Yeah, I just signed the affidavit.
- Hospital's a little nervous about the liability issues.
- I'm sure they are.
What? The two women who loved Jackson Teller- Could we be at more opposite ends of the shit spectrum? Yeah, we're not that different.
Save it, sweetheart.
I don't need a pep talk.
I know what I am.
So do I.
And you're not suicidal.
You didn't have anyone smuggle in that dose.
- I have a pretty good idea who might have delivered it.
- Don't go down that road.
- She the one who injected you? - No! I stared at that five-mil tube for over an hour and then I pumped it into my favorite vein.
- End of story.
- Why? God, if you don't know why, then you and me are nothin' alike.
- Hello.
- Hey.
I'm- I'm glad I'm not sick.
You're a tough doctor to track down.
- You okay? - What-Yeah.
Just work.
- Oswald girl? - Uh, the end of the hall.
We went to get ice cream, told her to wait by the ride if it finished before we got back.
Guy working the ride said that she waited for a few minutes, and then she went to the arcade.
Any reason why she would go there? Was she meeting someone? Even if it seems trivial, the smallest detail can help.
We don't know anything else.
I know this is hard on you and Karen.
L- I can't imagine what you're going through.
But anger clouds judgment and it makes us do things that we end up regretting- things that we can never take back.
The only thing I can never take back is what happened to that little girl.
All right.
Yo, I gotta head back to T.
Charming P.
's grillin' everyone who was at the carnival.
- Jax wants you to follow Hale, keep tabs on him.
- F-Follow him on what? I can't believe these assholes are takin' another coffee break.
Total jerk off.
Hale must know we're lookin' for the guy.
We're gonna be here all day.
Two double "tranquiccinos" comin' up.
- Lookin' at a 12-hour nap.
- Nice.
Comin' for refills.
Fresh pot, boys.
It's hot.
- Jackson.
- No, thank you.
Juice should be here soon, Clay.
Sometimes he gets lost.
- That was quick.
- Good to the last drop.
- That's so bad.
- Don't fall on the floor.
Been talkin' to the Fun Town carnies for over an hour.
Stay on him.
Think you guys could double up, let me take one of your bikes? Not unless he grows tits.
Big tits.
Huge tits.
He's goin'.
See this girl last night? - Who are you? - Concerned citizens.
- And what did you just say to that cop? - Why don't you ask him yourself? - 'Cause we're askin' you, Uncle Vinky.
- All right.
No, it's all right.
This girl got raped less than a mile away.
Shit like that doesn't happen in our town, which points to an outsider.
And there's not much more outsiders than you muppets.
Hey, it can go that way if you want.
What? All right.
Tell you what I told the cop.
All my guys were here powerin' down rides, chaining up booths.
Security guards your town hired'll tell you the same thing.
- That's right.
- Mm-hmm.
Wendy's out of detox.
Thought you'd wanna know just in case you wanted to bring her flowers or something.
We got no sign of Darby.
Looked at the cook shacks, his house, the Dog.
Looked all over for that guy.
- Maybe he's gone underground.
- Hey.
Three of Darby's guys have done time for sex crimes.
Two are still in P.
Bay, other's Johnny Yates.
Got a P.
Box in Pope.
- Hey, we saw this guy at the carnival yesterday.
- Yeah.
- You sure? - Yes.
Hang on.
I'm in the middle of it, baby.
- You still lookin' for Darby? - Yeah.
Why? He's at the hospital.
Headin' up to the south wing.
Thank you.
Darby's at St.
Finish preppin' the AK's.
Put 'em in the duffel, full clips.
- Got it.
- Hey, hey.
Put these in my box.
- What are they? What are they? - They're vitamins.
Give us a minute, Floyd.
- I'll give you two.
- A'ight.
Jesus Christ.
My one peaceful moment of the day.
We need to know where Hale's at with the Oswald case.
Do you have any idea how much heat I'm gettin' on this? I do anything to compromise this case- I'm not askin' you to compromise.
Just tell us what you know.
Got nothin'- no leads, no witnesses.
Only one who knows anything is the girl, and she's sayin' she's got no memory of it.
And Karen won't let anyone near her.
Guess I don't blame her.
Probably do the same if it was my kid.
Jax, you guys cannot screw me on this.
I don't catch this rapist, I'm the one under the microscope.
That's just bad for all of us.
Don't worry, Chief.
We'll catch him.
Ah, shit.
How you doin', Ernie? It's goin' good.
How's the beautiful queen of bikers? Holdin' it together.
What brings you here? Four packs a day finally caught up to Mom.
Stage four lung cancer.
Sorry to hear that.
You look real good, Gemma.
- Clay must be keepin' you happy.
- Does the best he can.
Interesting new accessory.
Picked it up on my little retreat in Chino.
It's simple, but it says it.
Jewish doctors keepin' your mother alive must love it.
- That's right.
You got a littleJew in you, don't you? - A bit.
On the angry Russian side.
It was nice talkin' to you, Ernie.
Gotta catch my train back to Auschwitz.
Your old lady's still a handful.
- That she is.
- My guys tellin' me you been lookin' for me think we had somethin' to do with that kid getting raped last night.
- Thought crossed my mind.
- Tearin' up the daughter of an important citizen like that- you know, maybe that's your way of pissin' on Charming ground.
When I decide to piss on Charming, it ain't gonna be on a little girl.
We know about your hook-up with the Mayans.
I'm guessing you and Alvarez got kinda cozy in Chino.
Oh, I'm just tryin' to learn how to get along with my brothers of color.
Opening my mind to bigger possibilities.
Well, don't think too big.
A small mind suits you.
Last night, what? What? All my guys were with me.
We ate at Meyers, and we shot pool at the Dog.
Ask around.
- What aboutJohnny Yates? - Yates? Oh, he ain't with us.
That boy never fit in.
Pissed off Whistler one night, shattered Johnny's nose.
Didn't see him again.
You do remember Whistler.
Oh, yeah, I remember him.
Don't see him around much anymore.
Yeah, hejust fell off the face of the earth.
It's funny how easy that can happen.
Why don't you and me straighten out our business another time? Right now, I need an address on Yates.
- You know I ain't gonna rat him out to you.
Ain't gonna happen.
- Hey he's got a half a dozen sex crimes on his rap sheet.
Now if he raped that girl, the quicker I find him the quicker the eyes are off both of us.
Hey, yo.
His mother raised fightin' dogs up in Pope.
He used to stay with her.
- I think she remarried.
Last name is Chester.
- Thanks.
Whatever shit you stir up, make sure the Nords stay clear of it.
Call Trammel.
See if he can scare up an address on Mother Yates.
- I want bodies on this.
- You think, uh, Darby could be settin' us up? I don't know.
But if he does tip off Yates we could be walkin' into an angry whiteout.
- Do I even ask? - No.
- No, you don't.
- No.
Juice? Ju-Juice! Get the AK's.
Come on.
Let's go! - # That's all I got # - Shit.
# But there ain't no stoppin', baby # # You got to get it while you can # # If they don't stop it, baby # # You got to get it while you can ## Looks like a full house.
Men on the porch are armed.
Not sure about the ones in the back.
You take down the ones at the cages.
I'll get the lookouts.
Let's go.
- No clips.
- What? Goddamn empty.
#One, two, three, four, five fingers turn to fist # # All the things you run from All the things you run to # # All the things that hide you Fall in right behind you # # Follow you You follow the rest # # Why don't you follow me # There's no clip.
Goddamn Juice.
- Back door.
Counting 20.
- # Deep inside your darkness # # Follow you You follow the rest ## What's goin'on? Bang? I haven't acted out sexually in over three years.
I mean, all of these men will vouch for me.
I'm a saved man.
I guess we got some bad information.
A little misunderstanding.
Forget about our little mistake, we'll forget about mom's illegal mutts.
Not too late for you men.
And Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior, can save you.
He can deliver you from all your transgressions.
Ah, I appreciate your zeal, Padre, but my transgressions- - All I got left.
- Amen.
# Kumbaya, my Lord # # Kumbaya # - # Kumbaya, my Lord, Kumbaya ## - Better get outta here.
They think they're protecting her by building a wall around her.
Tristen needs to talk to somebody.
And I need something- anything- to help catch this guy so we're not doing this again with another girl.
I know Karen needs to sign some insurance forms.
I'll- - I'll try to get an admin to keep her busy for a while.
- Thank you.
I need a favor too.
It's more of a question really.
- It's gonna sound very dramatic.
- Okay.
If I had a restraining order against someone in another city would it still be valid if I went someplace else? That all depends.
Every state's a little different.
- You think this someone might be coming here? - No.
No I doubt it.
There was this guy I dated during my internship in Chicago.
Things got weird.
He got a little- It's hard to explain.
- You wanna give me his name? I'll run it through the system.
- No, that's okay.
I'm just being paranoid.
How long ago did you get the R.
O? - About six or seven months ago.
- I'll make some general calls, okay? - See if it's still in play out here.
- Thanks.
What the hell are you doing here? Somethin' to brighten up your room.
I understand you and the old girlfriend have become buddies.
It's a little late for the panic button.
I didn't say anything to anyone.
That's smart.
No one would believe you anyhow- that whole junkie thing.
All I did was give you an option, sweetheart.
You're the one who took the coward's way out.
Couldn't even do that right.
We all can't be rocks like you, Mother Gemma.
I don't know how you do it.
- What's that? - Keep all the lies straight- all the dirty little secrets buried.
God, your conscience must be locked up real tight.
Nothing gets in the way of me taking care of my family- especially my conscience.
But then you obviously can't grasp that bein' a baby killer and all.
Need something, sweetie? Just some water for these flowers.
Don't want 'em dyin' on us.
- She holds the key- - I did not give you permission to question my daughter.
I wasn't questioning her, ma'am.
I was just seeing how she was feeling.
I am not gonna let you people traumatize her again.
You leave her the hell alone.
What an idiot.
Probably thought it was speed.
I want somethin' very special.
Oh, yeah.
"two wheels that I found.
And ride like the wind while his wheels go around"- I'll be back.
- Thought you guys were on the hunt.
- Hit a dead end.
- The junkie's awake.
- Don't call her that.
All right.
You think he can really hear you? Yeah.
I do.
- Did you find the guy? - Mm-mmm.
No, not yet.
We need you to talk to your daughter again.
- Tristen doesn't remember anything after the ride.
- Gotta dig a little deeper.
I mean, we need somethin'.
- The guy have a car? Was he black, was he white? - She's still in shock.
All right, Karen just wants her to rest.
Look, man.
Tristen's our only shot at finding this asshole.
If you want our help- I'll talk to Karen.
You find him.
Hi, sweetie.
You feelin' any better? I guess there's a lot of people askin'you questions.
My mom told me to text her if anyone tried to- Uh, it's okay, honey.
Your mom and I are old friends.
She told me everything.
I am so sorry that happened to you.
She told you? Don't worry, baby.
It's gonna be okay.
Had a little conversation with Tristen.
What? Why would you be talking to my daughter? I told her I knew about the secret.
- She seemed relieved.
- What the hell did you say to her? She remembers everything, doesn't she? You don't want the trial, messy press.
Just wanna sweep it under the rug.
- Don't you judge me.
- I'm not judging you.
You don't know me.
And I got no idea what it's like to be you.
But I know something about burying the truth.
And it is a burden that you never want to put on a kid.
Tristen has to know that this really happened.
Make her hide it, lie about it- it'll come back and shit on every relationship she ever has.
That rich, happy life you've worked so hard to give her- you just kiss it good-bye.
If they arrest this guy everyone puts a face to the crime and then it becomes real.
And for the rest of her life in Charming, she's not gonna be Tristen.
She's gonna be the girl who was raped at Fun Town.
Sweetheart, in her head she'll always be the girl who was raped at Fun Town.
Only thing worse than everyone knowing- Is no one knowing.
Karen Oswald came clean.
One of the carny guys raped Tristen- fat guy dressed like a clown.
Does Hale know? Not yet, but I can't stop her from tellin' him.
Thanks, Mom.
Goddamn it.
Right now.
Hear you guys are harboring a fugitive.
- What are you gonna do about it? - Citizen's arrest.
Get him! Get him! Get him! Bobby, Chibs, find him! Shit.
Shut up.
Clay, we got him! Let's go.
- Let's go! - Let's go.
Get up.
Jax, come on.
Come on.
Come on.
Yeah! What happened here? Nothin'.
Find him! Shut up.
Here's the scumbag, raped your little girl.
Cattle guys call this an "Elsie maker.
" It's used to cut the balls off of bulls.
Strip him.
God, what is that? Oh.
He deserves every second of the pain.
What do you wanna do here, Elliot? - We had a deal.
- Oh, Jesus.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
L- L-I can't- l- Oh, no.
- Hold him still.
- Clay! - Let him bleed out.
- Holy shit.
Holy shit.
Bury him in the woods.
Mark the grave.
Pick those up and gift wrap 'em.
Put this in a bag.
Make sure you don't touch it.
- It's got Oswald's prints all over it.
- What the hell are we doin' here? Takin' out some real estate insurance.
Makin' sure Oswald doesn't sell off those tracts of lumber acreage.
So you knew this was comin'.
Whether Oswald had the nerve or not, this whole hunt was about blackmail.
Well, actually, the leverage was just a fortunate by-product of my community spirit.
You want me to be your number two, protect this club? Then I gotta know where you're takin' us, otherwise, there's no trust.
And if you and me don't trust each other Sam Crow has got a problem.
If Oswald's land goes commercial that means housing developments.
Population rises, brings more cops, more state and federal involvement.
Charming goes Disney and Sam Crow gets squeezed out by the most dangerous gang of all: Old white money.
Now you know.
When we take action to avenge the ones we love personal justice collides with social and divinejustice.
We becomejudge, jury and God.
With that choice comes daunting responsibility.
Some men cave under that weight.
Others abuse the momentum.
The true outlaw finds the balance between the passion in his heart and the reason in his mind.
His solution is always an equal mix of might and right.
Here's all that stuff you requested, Agent Kohn.
Only thing that flagged in Charming was an outlaw M.
Charter, Sons of Anarchy.
No charges in over five years, but past offenses have been smuggling and gun running.
- Thanks.
- Okay.
I don't want you hurtin' yourself, Wendy.
Not over this.
What happened to Abel's not your fault.
Oh, yeah.
I'm powerless.
- That bullshit excuse is even getting old to me.
- It's not that.
Us getting back together- I knew that would turn bad.
I didn't want to be married.
No way I was ready for a kid.
When you got pregnant, I hated you.
Hated that you gave him a name.
So I bailed.
Him born tweakin', his belly hanging out, that's on me, babe.
Oh, Jesus! He's so small.
He's so small, Jax.
What did I do? Oh, I'm- Oh, I'm so sorry, little boy.
I'm so sorry.
Now what? Well, he stays in that toaster till he can throw a punch.
We ship your ass off to rehab again.
Thank you, Jax.
Thank you.
Hey, idiot.
Wake up.
You must've really pissed off your buddies.
- Oh, shit.
- Mm-hmm.
Come on.
Get outta here before I slap an indecent exposure on you.
Oh- I'm sorry, Chief.
I'm not sure what, uh- I gotta go.
Um I'm late for my 8:00 feeding.
Officer! Yes.
- Agent Kohn, A.
, Chicago Three Division.
- Deputy Chief Hale.
- What brings you here? - Been working an interstate weapons case.
Outlaw crew in your town may be involved- Sons of Anarchy? Welcome to Charming.