Sons of Anarchy s01e11 Episode Script


# I'm ridin'out the wind # # I'm comin'home # Yeah.
No, me too.
Thanks, Jason.
- Rosen? - Yeah.
Luann's in the clear.
- Otto- not so much.
- Why? What happened? He shattered Stahl's face.
- Oh, I love that man.
- Oh! He was tryin' to prove to the club he wasn't gonna give anything up.
We're clear of the A.
, ladies and germs.
- Yes! - Well now that I have you in a good mood, Jax's house- Just some remodeling and shit.
You know, for the baby.
For painting? Shit, I could have the prospect do it for free.
The baby is coming home any day, and I want the house to be perfect.
Okay, okay, okay.
- That's why I love you.
- Clay, cops.
Everybody down! Everybody down! Get offher! Hey! Hey! Hey! Don't move.
# I'm comin'home but I ain't comin'home # - # For you # - Stay down.
Robert Munson, you're under arrest for the murder of Brenan Hefner.
- Who? - You have the right to remain silent.
Anything you say can and will be used against you - in a court of law.
- I'll call Rosen, Bobby.
You just sit tight.
Hey! Bitch! Oh! Easy now! Hey! Manners, darling.
They got Bobby at Federal Plaza in Stockton.
Says they got an eyewitness saw Bobby kill Hefner.
- What? Jax, is that possible? - From my end, it was all clear.
- Shit's a goddamn bluff.
- You can't charge somebody on a bluff.
Whatever they got, it's real.
Who is the bastard witness? We're a man short.
Where's Ope? - I called every number.
There's no answers.
- Yeah.
- I tried Donna's phone too.
- Maybe Donna changed the goddamn home phone.
- A'ight.
I'll go get him.
- Well, you better find him.
Now, what the hell does that mean? Only two other guys were witness to that hit.
- One of them's in jail, and the other one- - Hey! - Don't even say it, asshole! - You better curb your disrespect- Everybody's nerves are fried, but we can't unravel here! Now Jax is gonna go get him, and he's gonna bring him back here and we're gonna find out what this is.
The only reason my son isn't here is 'cause he doesn't know what happened.
#Riding through this world # # All alone # # God takes your soul # # You're on your own # # The crow flies straight # # Aperfect line # # On the devil's bed # # Until you die # # Gotta look this life # # In the eye ## Opie! Ope! Donna! Shit.
You got one minute.
- A.
Finds out, she'll have a fit.
- Thanks, Candy.
- Sure thing.
- What the hell you doing in here, man? Stahl's detaining me for questioning.
Jesus Christ.
You got any idea what happened to Ope? - His whole family's gone.
- I don't know.
Ask Hale.
He's Stahl's little errand boy.
He's more than that.
Other night when we were in here, he was face down in that shit.
We gotta find Ope, man.
You hear anything, you'll let me know? - Of course.
- A'ight.
Thanks, man.
Of course.
Yeah, right there.
- Hey, how you doing? - Hi.
He's taking to the bottle much better.
- How's his sleep apnea? - The last two nights, no alarms.
He's almost through it.
- We'll be able to take him home? - Probably tomorrow.
You hear that, baby boy? You're going home.
Can I ask you a practical question? - Who's gonna take care of him? - I will.
Who do you think? - Day and night? You ready for that? - I think I can handle it.
- Why? - I don't think Jax is ready for this.
He has no idea what he's in for.
On that we agree.
His father was clueless too.
They figure it out.
Got no choice, right? Yeah.
You want kids? Sure.
Right time, right person.
Getting close to finding that? What are you asking me, Gemma? If you're in Jax's life, you're in his life.
I got every right to know how you feel about kids.
I don't think whatJax and I have- It's- - We haven't discussed it.
- Well, maybe you should.
Big responsibilities come with my son.
You better think about that.
Figure out if you can take them on.
I'm just spending time with Jax.
There is nothing to figure out.
If it becomes something different, you'll be the first to know.
Well, good.
'Cause I don't mind playing Mommy for a while.
But eventually, I'd like to just sit back be Grandma.
They take Opie out in cuffs? No.
He was carrying one of his kids.
- What time was that? - Headlights woke us up.
Must've been around 2:30.
There were three black sedans.
The whole family left, took bags with them.
Is he in trouble again? I don't know.
Just talked to our guy over at San Joaquin Savings and Loan.
- He checked Opie's finances.
- And? Somebody paid off a huge chunk of his debt.
Federal wire transfer.
Mortgage, credit cards, car payments.
- This stays with the three of us.
- Yeah, of course.
Opie sold us out.
Or A.
Wants us to think he did.
That bitch is smart.
Devious gash! Come on in.
Oh, my God, Abel.
Oh, my God.
He got so big.
Look at you.
Oh, God.
- Hey.
- You got him? I got him.
Oh, my God.
He's so beautiful.
- Yeah, he is.
- Hey.
He looks likeJax, doesn't he? Oh.
Thank you so much.
I know you weren't supposed to do this.
It's okay.
Do you have a plan, Wendy? I got into a sober living house at Lincoln Village.
- That's good.
- Yeah.
- How's Jax? - He's- He's okay, l-I think.
God, I miss him so much.
Yeah, I can imagine.
Gemma? Mary.
Jesus Christ.
What are you doing here? I was hoping you could tell me.
Got a call from the feds asking me to pick up my grandkids from the Department ofJustice facility in Stockton.
Opie's kids are in a facility? Apparently the whole family is.
Can't get ahold of Piney.
Thought you might shed some light on why I'm schlepping my fat ass 75 miles.
Let's find out.
What's Opie's mom doing here? She's picking up her grandkids from the Department ofJustice facility.
Oh, my God.
Opie get picked up on that Hefner shit? Hey, Mary.
What the hell did my kid do this time? Nice to see you too.
Feds picked him up in the middle of the night.
- He go out in cuffs? Neighbors say no.
Ope's debt's been cleared.
Federal wire transfers.
- It's a setup.
- Maybe.
Or he gave Bobby up.
Now he's gone witness protection.
Why? If he wasn't arrested, what's the leverage? Who knows how long they've been chipping away at him, Jax? Hell, A.
F? They could've gotten to him while he was still in Chino.
That's paranoid shit.
Is it? I mean, is it? Opie's been a miserable prick since he got out.
Maybe they've offered him a new, debt-free life-just what Donna wanted.
Ope's not a rat.
He did five years for this club.
Maybe he doesn't want to do 25 more.
I'm going to see Rosen tomorrow.
We'll get some clarity.
Give us a minute.
Of course.
You and I both love Opie.
I don't want to believe this shit either.
But we gotta prepare ourselves for a truth we may not like.
- He'd never sell out the club.
- And what if he did? Then I'll kill him myself.
- Where's my family? - Down the hall.
My people packed a few of their things, so they're very comfortable.
Justice uses this facility to transition informants into witness protection.
- So it's- - What the-Are you charging me? - No.
- Then you gotta cut me loose.
You need to stay here, Opie, for your own safety.
- For my own safety? - Yeah.
You see, we have an eyewitness who saw two men gun down Brenan Hefner.
Bobby Munson was positively identified.
Your I.
Could take a little court time, but it'll happen.
I have no idea what you're talking about.
You see, she didn't get the eyes or the nose quite right.
That's why it fell short of a positive I.
I want my lawyer.
I'm sure that SAMCRO knows that you and your family are gone.
And lots of your neighbors saw you get into our big, comfortable black sedan.
No cuffs.
And what with all the inconvenience I figured the least I could do was, uh pay off some of those big bills of yours.
You crazy bitch.
You're setting me up as the rat.
Unfortunately, I think it's gonna play out that way, yeah.
What the hell is she doing? - They'll know I wasn't the witness.
- Mm.
But, you see, the U.
Attorney won't release the identity of the witness until pretrial.
And that could take weeks.
I can only hold you for 48 hours.
Now what is going to happen when I put you and your family back in Charming, hmm? - I tell the club the truth.
- And maybe they believe you.
But maybe they don't.
Are you really willing to risk the life of your family on the love that Clay Morrow has for you? What if this rat trap backfires? - Clay'll kill this poor guy.
- Poor guy? This scumbag just killed a state official.
He spent five years in jail for arson.
He is not a "poor guy.
" Look, I get it.
Okay? They hurt you, and you're pissed off.
Oh, please.
Save it, okay? Save it! This is not personal, all right? I can take a few knocks.
My God, it's part of my job.
But you know what? If you can't detach yourself from your history with these shitheads - well, then maybe you'd better shuffle on back to Mayberry.
- Hey.
I know these guys! What you are doing and how you are doing it- It is wrong.
Someone's gonna get hurt.
I'm sorry.
Okay? I'm- I'm sorry that I snapped at you.
It's been a tough couple days, and I just- You're right.
I appreciate your concern, David.
- Hey.
- Hey.
- You doing okay? - I don't think he's hungry.
Um, someone's here to see you.
- You do this? - Mm-mmm.
She came on her own.
- Thanks.
- You're welcome.
Need me to sign that? - Hey.
- Hey.
You left rehab? No.
I'm moving into a sober living house in Lincoln Village.
I have 64 days.
- That's fantastic.
- Yeah.
You look great.
So- I was just hoping I could see Abel before I go.
- Yeah, of course.
I think that would be good.
- All right.
Come on.
Shit, Jax.
I saw him already today.
I'm sorry.
I couldn't wait.
- I'm sorry.
- It's all right.
- You want to see him again? - I really do.
Hey, buddy.
It's okay.
I gotcha.
I got him.
Hey, buddy.
It's okay.
It's all right.
It's okay.
Hey, baby.
- Hey.
- I was just feeding him.
You want to eat something? Huh? That's my boy.
You got someplace to stay? Ramada.
I gotta stay away from all my old friends, you know? Yeah.
- We changed the locks at the house.
- Oh, yeah, I know.
The back door was open.
I just- I left my bags there, but- Well, I'm not in there yet, so if you want to stay until you check in- - What about Gemma? - Yeah, good point.
- Ramada's probably safer.
- Mm-hmm.
Super sweet, huh? Oh, my God.
I can't believe it.
You can watch TVif you'd like and if you need anything, just let Agent Henning know, all right? Is she the girl who saw Bobby kill the port commissioner? Yeah.
It's Eviqua Michaels.
We're transferring her to a safe house until after the trial.
Then Eviqua Michaels becomes Jane Doe.
- See you later.
- Deputy Chief Hale - I've been instructed to escort you from the building.
- What are you talking about? Agent Stahl's request.
Social Services, call Pediatrics.
Social Services, call Pediatrics.
- Little family reunion? - How long you been watching? Since 1978.
She just wants to hold her kid.
You of all people should get that.
You think she has a right to hold that baby? As much of a right as I do.
Look, Mom, I wasn't shooting crank, but I bailed on that kid too.
I'm making up for that now.
She just wants the same chance.
Is she clean? Yeah.
Checking into a halfway house next week.
Staying at the Ramada till then.
Her bags are at your house.
She might as well stay there.
Really? Well, you said she's trying to make up for her mistake.
I'm all about second chances.
No, you're not.
So anything new on Ope and Bobby? No, nothing.
I don't care what anybody says.
Opie didn't rat.
I know.
Thanks, Mom.
Tell me what the hell is going on.
- See if the kids want some ice cream? - Sure.
- Is that okay with you? - Yeah.
Hey, kids? Go with the lady.
Come on.
Go with the lady, okay? She's gonna get you some ice cream.
You recently Paid off three months of back mortgage on your house in cash.
Where did it come from? You spent it.
You fed your kids on it.
How was it earned? I don't know.
I didn't ask.
You know, Donna, your family is falling apart.
- I want to help you, but l- - Don't pretend you give a shit about my family.
We arrested Bobby Elvis for murder.
An eyewitness I.
'd him and this man.
Look familiar? I don't think that Opie pulled the trigger, but he was there.
- Is he going back to jail? - Not yet, no.
But the U.
Attorney hasn't released the name of the witness.
And as far as SAMCRO is concerned only one person saw Bobby commit that murder- Opie.
That's why you're here- for your own protection.
- Clay and his crew think that Opie has turned.
- Oh, God.
Do you have any idea what these guys do to a rat? No-Jax wouldn't let anything happen to Opie.
They've known each other since they were kids.
Well, I certainly hope thatJax has enough pull to make that happen because I can only protect him for one more day.
Without my help, this thing goes one of two ways- Opie is in prison, or he's dead.
Are the kids okay? Yeah.
Your mom's coming to get 'em.
My mom? - You serious? - A.
Spooked my family.
Mary's the only one that's willing to come down.
The kids would be better off in foster care.
Don't say that.
I'm sorry.
Stahl said the club thinks you turned on them.
They hauled us in here to make it look like we took a deal.
Bitch hung me out as a rat.
Hoped that she could scare me into giving up something about a crime that I knew nothing about.
They have a witness who saw Bobby and you.
That's bullshit.
I didn't kill anyone.
They can give us a chance to start over, Ope.
Shouldn't we look at that for the kids? Donna witness protection is a joke.
She tell you that most of the guys go back to the life or end up dead? Usually by their own hand because they can't stand living a lie.
Is that what you want for me? I want us to be a family.
'Cause getting in bed with these people is gonna be the worst thing that ever happened to our family.
You gotta trust me.
What are you gonna do, Miss Donna? You killed a state official, Bobby.
The U.
Attorney will seek the death penalty.
I didn't kill anybody.
Anybody who says I did is lyin'.
And if you have anything else to say, why don't you talk to my lawyer? Well, if my witness statement is a lie then maybe you should hear all of it, hmm? Yeah, I like a good story.
Hefner got spooked by something that Opie did.
He turned back to you.
You jammed your gun in his sternum and fired four shots.
Hefner fell.
You and Opie fled the balcony and met up downstairs with Jax Teller.
Jax was lookout and drove the car.
Great fiction.
Eyewitness fiction.
Where are the kids? Cafeteria.
They're finishing dinner.
Thanks for picking 'em up.
I don't know how much fun they're gonna have with me.
They like your dogs.
One of them died.
Wanna tell me what's going on here? Uh, they-they think Opie might be involved in a shooting.
Oh, sweetheart.
You're not in lockdown for "might be.
" This shit never ends.
He's gonna be back in jail.
- He's your son.
- He's a criminal.
Just like his father.
Opie made his choice.
He was 16 when you bailed.
I took Opie with me to get away from all this shit.
He's the one who ran back to his old man, the club.
His problems aren't mine.
If you have half a brain you will take these kids and move to another planet before their father poisons them.
Jax said it was okay if I stayed here.
Yeah, it is.
Sit down.
How much time you got? Sixty-four days.
I'm not gonna make any promises this time.
I'll just- I'll just see what happens.
Abel comes home tomorrow.
I know.
He's a lucky kid.
He's got crazy, fierce Grandma looking after him.
Yeah, he does.
I'm not seeking custody, Gemma.
I just went by there 'cause I wanted to see him and- and just say sorry for what I did.
Well I guess l- guess I owe you some.
Shit I did to you.
All a reaction to him almost dying.
I know.
We all pulled through.
I guess we did.
You still loveJax? Oh.
Sure, l-I guess.
It's not a guess.
He's still your husband.
The father of your child.
Do you love him? Yeah.
You want this family back together? L-I don't know if I'm ready for that.
When you're ready you want this family back? It's the only thing I want.
Abel needs his mom.
Jax needs his wife.
You stay clean, pull your shit together I will do whatever I can to help make that happen.
You get some sleep.
We got a big day tomorrow.
A shitload of stuff to get together for his coming home party.
Night, baby.
You know that I'll be picking you up again, Ope.
As soon as we put this case together, you will be tried for murder.
I guess I'll see you then.
Going back to the club is a mistake.
- It puts you and your family at risk.
- I can protect my family.
Do you believe that? Huh? You need to start thinking about your kids.
Donna, what kind of mother are you gonna be? The kind who doesn't bail on her family.
Let's go.
- Did you cover it? - Yeah.
I got mikes and trackers in his cell phone, bike and truck.
Stay on him.
I want to know his every move.
I gotta keep this shithead alive.
Clay, Ope left Stockton.
- He wants to come in, tell us what happened.
- That's good.
- We all want that.
- Hey.
I need to know he's gonna be safe despite all the shit we think we know.
Ope's a member of this club.
He's gonna get his time.
Safe room.
- Yeah.
- Okay.
I gotta go see Rosen, make sure Bobby's okay.
You tell Ope he comes in when I get back, all right? - All right.
- All right.
Attorney won't disclose the name of the witness because of security issues.
- No ideas? - I talked to Bobby last night.
He says Stahl knows there was a third man.
She knows it was Jax.
Bobby said anyone who saw him could never have I.
'd Jax.
Only one other guy knows thatJax was there.
That's my guess.
Looks like Opie Winston is turning.
So why would the feds cut Opie loose, huh? Why would they let him come and plead his innocence to the club? Well, if I was gonna cross-examine, I'd argue that Opie is a criminal and he's lying to make a cushy deal.
He might need more evidence to get witness protection.
You think they're gonna wire him? He gets Jax talking about the alleged Hefner kill, it's a lock.
Jesus Christ.
- Gonna make this right, bro.
- Yeah.
Look, you trying to push me off this thing that happened- I know you're just trying to- trying to watch my back.
Come on.
They're all waiting.
Piney, your boy's here.
How you doing, Son? I'm good.
I'm good.
Good to see you back here.
Welcome home.
You okay? - Yeah.
- Check it all.
Go on in.
Hold on.
Phones, please.
Thank you.
- Where's Tig? - Be here in a minute.
Appreciate you coming in, Ope.
- It says a lot.
- It says he's not a rat.
We got one member in jail, and another in a wit-pro facility.
You can understand my worry.
Yeah, I know how this looks- what Stahl has done.
She set me up to look like a rat.
It's all a lie.
She threatened me with my own club.
I don't know who the hell the witness is, but it sure as shit ain't me.
She tried to turn Donna against me, offered her that whole wit-pro bullshit dream.
But she turned it down.
She could've walked away.
Trusted me that if I came in here and had the chance to tell you guys the truth that I could make this right.
- Sorry.
- I'm just saying that getting squeezed made me realize I can't do this with one foot out the door.
I'm here.
I'm in.
No more doubt.
No more mistakes.
You're a good man, Ope.
Am I good with you, Clay? The M.
C? Yeah.
We're good.
Ah! Good news, Opie.
Great news.
I'm proud of you, Son.
Thanks, Pop.
See? It's all good, bro.
All right, big fella.
Think I could buy you kids a drink? I got a doobie.
The room is clean.
Anything? His truck was wired.
His phone was wired.
And I killed them both.
Jesus Christ.
Opie has turned on us.
This has got to happen, Clay.
Jax'll never be able to hurt him.
Take this to a vote- I've seen this shit before.
I mean, this is the kind of shit that can crush a charter.
Then we do it quiet.
Me and you.
For Bobby.
For the club.
We need total deniability.
This death never lands at our feet.
I understand.
What's going on? Ah, I'm just catching Tig up on what he missed.
Yeah, it's all good, brother.
It's all good.
Everything Opie said- You believe him, right? - I mean, he's clear of this shit now.
- Of course.
I love Opie too, bro.
Come on.
Let's go join the party, huh?