Sons of Anarchy s02e03 Episode Script


Whoo! Thank you.
Yeah! Come on, work it.
Ha, ha.
- How's the ride? - Ha-ha-ha.
You're a bad boss, Mr.
Like that.
Yeah, Mommy.
Yeah, Mommy.
Oh, yeah.
Yeah, harder.
- All right.
Harder! - Big finish, Lyla.
Oh, yeah.
Oh, God.
Oh, God.
Give it to me harder, please.
Cut! Check it.
Riding through this world All alone God takes your soul You're on your own The crow flies straight A perfect line On the devil's path Until you die Gotta look this life In the eye You come to bed last night? Can't get comfortable.
I don't wanna keep you up.
I'd rather you tossed next to me than on the couch.
This is starting to become a habit.
- It's been like three weeks since - I still got a lot of pain.
Then you should go see the doc.
I don't need meds.
I just need some time.
How much time? I gotta get to the office.
- I just sat down.
- I'm late.
List of repos came in from the dealer last night.
- I'm trying to talk to you here.
- Since when do you wanna talk? Hey.
What is it? Uh, nothing.
Um, I had to get some air in my tires.
Figured I'd check in.
I'm fine.
Your face is healing.
Pretty as ever.
Well, thank you, chief.
Something else? I've been going to these meetings.
Luke's in Lodi.
Cancer survivors.
Support group? I gotta say, it's making a difference.
You going somewhere with this? I saw on the board, church got a group for victims of sexual-assault crimes.
Hey, it's out of Charming.
- Anonymous.
- How long you known me? You really think that I'm the type of gal that joins some holy, "poor me," circle jerk? Just a thought.
You take care.
- I'm gonna be - Oh, shit! You okay? Yeah, I'm fine.
Here's the repo list.
Why don't you get Half-Sack and Ope started on it? Yeah, sure.
Sad Elvis.
Oh, blow me.
Goddamn bar mitzvahs are killing me.
Why you doing it, then? Tahoe gigs will come back around.
I'm buried.
Inside for two months.
Child support, alimony.
My oldest needs oral surgery.
They gotta cut his frenum.
What the hell is a frenum? Sounds Jewish.
Sounds expensive.
Well you're no use to us in the garage with that shoulder.
Why don't you take point up at Caracara? Porn? I need a set of eyes up there I can trust.
I don't want it to turn into a goddamn bukkake fest.
Run the books, keep everybody zipped up.
Take a salary.
Whose end? Not ours.
- Luann is gonna shit.
- Mm.
Yeah, well, better things coming out her ass than getting jammed back in it, huh? All right.
Homework? The Jungle? Know it? Almost turned me vegan.
This is really twisted, but I'm actually craving a big steak.
Got a porterhouse right here for you, baby.
You're a class act, Teller.
Give me a kiss.
Here? Just us carnivores.
It's you.
- Shit.
- Porn hotline.
- Yeah? How are you, Jackie boy? - You'd better get out here.
Are you kidding me? Why? - Well, Bobby turned up told Luann he's handling the books and shit.
He did what? Who told him to do that? Clay, I guess.
And Luann is freaking out.
Jesus Christ.
All right.
Chlamydia outbreak? I'm sorry.
I'll drop you at home.
Take me.
Yeah? Maybe we can still salvage the day.
Got more repos.
Where's Gemma going? Caracara.
Guess Luann's having some kind of meltdown.
Stupid bitch.
I hate it when Mommy and Daddy fight.
Hey, Clay.
- Get to work, shithead.
Pretty sure he was talking to you.
Where you going? To protect Clay.
Clay Morrow and your boss with Leroy Wayne.
Runs the One-Niners.
Controls the largest heroin trade in three counties.
- That's nothing I don't already know.
- Well, it's something to act on, deputy.
Chief of police associating with drug kingpins? Unser's done in six weeks.
Then you'll be no better off than you are now.
Samcro will continue to vex.
Well, that's my problem.
It's a difficult one.
Charming treats the Sons like heroes.
Some do.
You know I can help you.
And how are you gonna do that? Clay vows to keep Charming safe and drug-free.
That's why folks embrace the MC.
What happens to public opinion if he can't do that? If drugs land in Charming, that's on me.
It's on Unser.
And Samcro is knocked off their iconic pedestal.
Then when you take over, the drugs go away.
Are you talking about deliberately bringing drugs into my town? I'm talking about creating a temporary problem that allows you to flush out the permanent one.
Grab Vane and Craft.
Head on over there, okay? Oh, sorry.
I didn't know you had a visitor.
Deputy chief, thank you for your time.
Ain't anybody gonna introduce? Ethan Zobelle.
Impeccable Smokes.
Cigar king.
That's right.
I'll wait.
Five minutes.
Just move back a little bit.
All right.
- Is that better? Yeah.
- This is bullshit! All right.
A manager? I'm getting shut out of my own business.
I'm just here to do the bookkeeping, darling.
Did you sign off on this? It was a club decision.
Like I need this hassle.
I gotta finish this shoot, post an anal rain dance, and prep a sorority swing.
Well, look at it this way.
Bobby handling the admin frees you up to do all the important shit.
What's an anal rain dance? Shouldn't you be polishing that bike, sweetie? Jax likes it nice and shiny.
Concentrate on doing what you do.
Let us do what we do.
Where the hell you been, Ima? This is your movie.
I've been shooting around your shit all morning.
Look, I'm sorry.
I had to detour, okay? I think Georgie's following me.
Some goon almost ran me off the road.
No, relax, darling.
We took care of that.
Georgie ain't that stupid.
Georgie's psycho.
What he did to Lyla, he could do to me.
- Look, I want Jax protecting me.
What's happening, Bobby? You know how easily I dry out under stress.
Jax? Look, she's got a thing for you.
So just play along? Calm her down? She's our biggest draw right now.
Look, you got no reason to be scared, darling.
We're here to keep you safe.
I'm so freaked out.
I just I was terrified.
I didn't know what I was gonna do.
What the hell you doing here? Luann called.
She's freaking out.
It's club business.
You've got no reason to intervene.
What intervene? She's my friend, she needs to talk.
Oh, so when she wants to talk, you what? Drop everything? - Jesus Christ.
What, are you 3? - Get back to the garage.
Excuse me? Last thing I need is for you running diva over a goddamn come factory.
You stupid piece of shit! You just gotta do what you do best.
Give me a call when you finish.
I'll make sure you get home.
He's occupied, honey.
You should wait outside like you were told.
Okay, I'm sorry.
She's a little out of her mind.
Well, she's not the only one.
That's just what those arthritic mitts need, a good pounding! You wanna see a good pounding? - Oh, yeah, come on, badass.
Lay a hand on me! I'll slit your goddamn throat! You are pathetic! Don't you touch Don't! I hate doing this.
Recession's bad on payments, good on repo.
Jesus Christ.
What? Shithead's dealing.
Looks like one of Darby's guys.
You fellas got a need? Need you to take your shit somewhere else.
No one deals in Charming.
Well, I ain't no one.
Opie, Opie.
Whoa, look, look, look.
I'm pretty good with a crowbar, but I can't deflect bullets.
Let's get some backup.
- Ope? - Yeah.
- What do you got? Zobelle's a goddamn saint.
He owns five cigar shops, deacon at his church, widower, one kid.
But look at this.
Last place League of American Nationalists put down roots was San Bernardino.
Six months later, War Boys MC crumbled.
Entire crew went away for aggravated assault, attacked Zobelle's cigar shop.
- War Boys run guns.
- They did.
Why would Zobelle care about guns? Because these dickheads are prepping for the great race war.
Zobelle came at us hard.
Cocky threat, no fear.
He wanted to incite you.
So what? We own the law in Charming.
Unser, not Hale.
Maybe he got Hale? If Hale could be bought, we'd have him.
Maybe we never offered him the right payoff.
Let's stick with the devil we know.
Darby's Lodi cook shops are all shuttered up.
Maybe he's gone mobile.
Yeah, well, let's find those meth labs, okay? And now! Ima called.
Miss Double-Penetration is ready for you.
Uh I'll be right back.
Gotta give her a safe ride.
Yeah, a producer's work is never done, huh? You should have given me a heads up about Bobby taking over Luann's books.
I brought this to the club, it's my action.
Bobby needs it.
He did two months inside for us.
Maybe it's time you started thinking about something other than yourself.
- Hey, bro.
- Hey.
How's it going? Well, I thought this was gonna be a cush gig but Luann's accounts are a mess.
Missing receivables, vendor files.
Guess her expertise lies in other areas.
You okay with this? I know Clay made the call without you.
It's good.
It's good you're here, man.
Well, I know I can be of some help.
I don't know what kind of system she had.
Well, let me know if you need anything.
- Yeah.
- Oh.
Hey, hey, hey.
You and Clay the guys are worried.
I got nothing to worry about.
Convince me.
- You talk to Clay? - Not yet.
Just father-son shit, you know? We'll work it out.
It's all good.
I'm ready.
She's ready.
I get that.
Got a need, brother? - Yeah, you got a 40 bag? Hey, yo, relax.
If my foreman sees me, I'm screwed, man.
Hey, over here.
Over here.
This ain't that, uh? - This ain't that Mexican shit, right? - I'm all about made in America, man.
Where's Darby cooking the crank? No? Okay.
Let's see what his balls are made out of, glass or steel.
Water Road, out by the streams.
Shitty red house.
Aah! - Thirsty? - HIV test.
You're due.
I haven't had sex since it happened.
Makes sense.
You're still healing.
Pussy's not the problem.
- It's my head.
- You need time.
I need something.
Where's Clay with all this? Oh, did you miss the car show earlier? - He hates me.
- That's not true.
I don't know.
Son of a bitch.
Thanks again, Jax.
I know I'm probably just overreacting, but you know It's all good, darling.
I'll see you tonight, okay? Wrap party.
You good with that rubbing on Jax? I trust him.
It's not him you worry about, it's them.
They think he's a free dick.
You gotta educate.
Set the bitch straight.
Others see it, everyone knows.
- What, like hit her? - Kick, scratch, whatever.
I'm not 18 years old anymore, Gemma.
My catfighting days are behind me.
We'll see.
My pee.
Dealer said Darby's cooking down by the streams.
I know that part of Water Road.
Only a few houses.
Well we find the right one clear it out, burn it down.
You're talking about blowing something up in our backyard? - It's exposure, Clay.
- Don't see another way, brother.
Why don't we tell Unser? Let the cops actually do their job for once.
- Doesn't send a message.
Zobelle's not a gangster.
We don't know what kind of message to send.
All right.
We let the cops handle it.
Only we don't tell Unser we tell Hale.
If he buries the intel, we know he's on Zobelle's payroll.
I'm telling you, man, Hale's not working for white power.
Then he shuts down the cook shop, don't he? - Yeah, and if he doesn't, we do.
All in favor? Sure.
You waiting for me? - Yeah.
Nords are dealing in town.
Found out where Darby's cooking.
Water Road, out by the streams.
- In Charming? - Yeah.
Red house.
Shouldn't be hard to find.
So now you're doing my job too? I'm telling you, we don't nip this, Nords are gonna flood that mill with crank.
I'm not jerking you around, man.
I convinced Clay to let you guys handle it.
Do it by the book for a change.
Well, I'll take a ride out there.
What's so urgent, prez? Darby's dealing in Charming.
You're kidding me.
What, is he smoking his own shit? The Nords are running proxy for a bigger player.
I'm listening.
You been approached by anybody? - No.
- What about Hale? He met with somebody earlier.
- A friend of his brother.
- Ethan Zobelle? That's right.
Cigar guy.
He's the player? He's part of a separatist group.
The suit and tie is just cover for white power.
You think Hale is cheek-dancing with this scumbag? I mean, a little out of character.
What's Hale want more than anything? Hurt Samcro.
And how does he do that if not with the law? We fed him some intel on where Darby's cooker is.
If he's in Zobelle's pocket he'll bury it.
Keep an eye on him.
Help you, officer? - What the hell you doing here, Darby? - Oh, this is my little retreat.
Hunting, fishing.
You need industrial filters to cook fish? You got a warrant? Not yet.
From Ethan Zobelle.
Grand-opening coupon.
See you there.
You already had Darby cooking meth.
I'm not responsible for Mr.
That your temporary problem? Flooding the mill with crank? - Did you arrest him? I didn't have a warrant.
So get one.
Maybe I'll pick up one for you too.
I understand your anger.
And I know you think I'm some kind of devil.
For years I sat back and watched everything I love about this country slowly unravel.
Faith, values morals, decency.
It culminated two years ago when my wife was killed in a drive-by.
Her blood got me off the sidelines and into the game.
Now, if that makes me a vigilante a Machiavellian fool, so be it.
I despise drugs.
It's the last thing I would ever wish for Charming.
But we both know your methods for extracting the Sons of Anarchy have failed because they operate outside the law.
If you're going to damage them, you have to dip into their cesspool.
It's ugly.
It'll feel bad.
But the result will be the salvation of Charming.
I'm on your side, David.
On your side.
That info on the lab, that's bogus.
There's nothing out there.
Get the boom.
- You pulling me off the set doesn't help - Did you know that my old man was a bookkeeper for the mob in Reno? Jesus Christ.
- I'm in the middle - Italians paid him a lot of money.
You know why? Handled two sets of books.
Twice the work, twice the risk.
You've been running a skim since the very beginning.
By my calculations you've been cutting us light for six years.
Otto gave me this business.
Club's the reason he's in jail.
Well, you can justify it however you want.
But you stole from us.
What do you want me to do? It's a club decision now.
Please, Bobby.
- Luann.
- I'll pay back every dime.
Just take it out of my cut.
Club gets paid back, we don't break Otto's heart.
I don't think I can do that.
You ever see any of my movies? No.
You know what my specialty was? Look, Luann.
- You're Otto's old lady.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
But there's a prison clause.
Well That's gotta be it.
Hold it! Cameras.
- We're set.
We'll clear the house, then blow it.
Get out! Hey! Get out! Come on, let's go, boys! Start it up! Get in the truck! - Run! Run, you bastards! Run! Clear.
Let's go, let's go.
Who's got the remote? Ope's not using one.
What we did is hell.
Talk to her, man.
I'm sorry.
Me too.
How are the hands? - A little sore.
- Yeah, I bet.
What's going on with us? It's me.
My accident.
It just shook me up somehow, I don't know I'm just having trouble.
How do I help? I'm so sorry it's bleeding all over you.
I'm just a little lost, baby.
Uh, I I, um I gotta get this software to Bobby.
I'll run it up there.
I don't want you hanging around that place.
Well there's a wrap party tonight and the guys are gonna be there.
I'm thinking of going.
Unless you wanna maybe grab some supper or something? No, I I gotta relieve Neeta.
You should go.
What do we know? It's a meth lab.
Somebody got sloppy with the cooking.
Everybody got out, there's no bodies.
I'm guessing this has gotta be Darby's crew, right? You got wind of anything? No, nothing.
Nothing makes sense anymore.
Oh, Jesus.
I love you, baby.
Oh, I love you, baby.
I love the porn business.
Lay down.
It's kinky! You okay there, young fella? - Oh, I'm just a little sore.
Guess I'm not used to sitting behind a desk.
Crazy, huh? Oh, ha, ha.
I got two of you.
Heard you went a little cowboy at that Mayan thing a few weeks ago.
The thing today with the explosives? I don't have a death wish, man.
You got something going on.
I got the club.
Just throwing myself into it.
You got kids, Ope.
Don't throw yourself too far.
This is a closed party.
I'm looking for Jax.
Honey, he's got all he can handle tonight.
Don't worry.
Yeah, I'm sure he does.
I said get out, bitch.
That's right.
You heard her.
Oh, dude, check it out.
What part of that is complicated? - Get out of my face.
Oh, shit.
That's right.
You better run, you little skank.
- Tara.
- I'll be out in a minute.
Don't let them get to you.
Do they get to you? We talked about this.
It's business, they're just emp I want your love Give me your love I want your love Give me your love Give it to me Toes Ha-ha-ha.
Yeah Come on I want your love Give me your love I want your love Give me your love Give it to me I want your love Give me your love I want your love Give me your love Oh, I want your love Give me your love I want your love