Sons of Anarchy s03e06 Episode Script

The Push

Yeah, thanks.
The ten grand we sent Serg's guy in Vancouver? It's gone.
Guess mercenaries aren't real big on refunds.
And the money we made on the 'roids was in the bag the Mexicans stole from idiot.
Yeah, we're tapped.
We have a very expensive excursion in front of us.
- What about the other drugs? - No street value.
Black market scrips.
We need a way into the clinics.
When we blow off that bail hearing this afternoon, we're underground.
It's gonna be a little hard to earn.
You think maybe Tara can help us move those scrips? That's not gonna happen.
I don't see any other way, Jax.
I said no.
- She's your old lady.
- I don't care! Hey, where we at with the Mayans? Based on that delivery schedule that dope shipment's set to leave for Stockton today at 1.
Now, that route from Lodi to Stockton is all main roads and highways.
No place off the grid to take it down.
Then let's get creative.
They're trying to stay under the radar.
Means there won't be too many bodies.
What time's the meet with Alvarez? - Three.
I left word for him at his warehouse.
Hopefully he'll show.
We snatch up his heroin, he'll show.
- We got a vote to get out.
Hey, what's up, Chibby? - Got my transfer letter.
Oh, good.
All right, we got the prospects and Happy inside.
Let's get it done.
Hey, give me a minute? Look, man, I know I know What? What do you know? - I'm not expecting you to be okay with this.
- Good.
I can be an asset to the charter, all right? I'm just asking you to give me a chance.
You done? Yeah.
Bring them in.
Come on.
Well, boys the easy part is over.
- I get it, man.
- Shut up.
You don't say anything unless a member tells you to.
Prospect period ends minimum one year today.
Dues are 75 bucks a month, due on the first.
Don't get yourself killed.
And get the hell out of here.
Shut the door! I got two requests for transfer, one from Tacoma one from the Nomads.
Kozik and Happy both wanna be a part of Samcro.
Just wanna say, for me both these guys would make welcome additions.
And to be honest, we need you.
So let's vote it.
- Aye.
- Yea.
- Yes.
- Yea.
Yeah! Kozik.
Jesus Christ.
Really? I don't trust him, man.
Come on, come on, come on.
Look what I got.
Look what I got.
Welcome, brother.
- Sorry, man.
I thought he was on board.
- Whatever.
You stick around, you understand? Tig just wants you to know how big his dick is.
We'll vote again in a couple weeks.
- You'll be Samcro.
- Yeah? I'm gonna start the healing.
Aah! Oh! You son of a bitch.
No fun getting sucker-punched, is it? - No, it's not.
Aah! Should we do anything? Yeah.
Get some brooms.
There'll be a lot of shit to clean up.
Don't dance, hit him.
Riding through this world All alone God takes your soul You're on your own The crow flies straight A perfect line On the devil's path Until you die Gotta look this life In the eye Bail hearing's at 5.
- Where do you drop out? - Not sure.
I'm hoping Unser can help.
Just need a few days.
Figure out a way to Belfast.
Can you go commercial? - Fake passports? - No.
We'll be fugitives.
Photos on file.
Gonna reach out to Oswald.
Good morning.
- Everything okay? Yeah.
I get lonely.
- They doing this interview now? Soon.
I spent all night wrestling with the U.
attorney's office.
They've agreed to take the death penalty off the table if you plead guilty to the two murders.
Visitation? One thing at a time.
I just talked to Lowen.
Said our bail hearing's still on the San Joa docket.
My super was impressed with Luke.
Put me back on the Irish.
Limited basis.
You're welcome.
I've convinced him that I need Samcro out of jail right now but getting through to county is gonna involve a lot of favors.
Not my problem.
But this is.
It's Gemma's statement about what happened with Polly and Edmond at the safe house.
Wait a minute.
This I don't get it.
You don't have to.
Just make sure that your mother feeds the details back to us.
If you want her clear of the homicide, get her on board.
I'll make sure that we keep you out of jail for a couple more weeks.
What did Stahl want? More demands.
What? What the hell is going on with Tara? I don't know.
She's a surgeon, Clay.
She's in that room saving lives every day.
And your point? Well, that's the opposite of everything I am.
Ah, that's your guilt talking.
- I don't know.
- She's a chick.
Don't complicate it.
You gotta make a decision, son.
She's either in or out.
- I know.
- But if she's out you don't let that hammer fall until she moves those scrips for us.
We don't get that cash, we don't get your son.
What's going on? This about Gemma? No.
I need to ask you for a favor.
The club came into some prescription drugs.
Mostly HIV stuff.
I was wondering if you know a clinic that might need it.
Black market? I just need a name.
Yeah, you're gonna need more than that.
I know where to take it.
You're not taking it anywhere.
They're medical professionals, Jax.
They're not gonna buy drugs from a biker.
I know the money is to get you guys to Belfast.
Let me help? Looks like you need some help.
- Tire blew.
Construction up ahead.
You probably picked up a bolt.
We've been making runs out here all week.
Looks like you're gonna need a new rim.
There's a tire shop up off of Mills.
I can hook you up and pull you in.
Forty bucks.
No skin off my nose.
Just handle it soon.
The cops'll tow you after 3.
All right.
My guy's gonna ride with you.
- All right, man.
- Yeah.
Back it up.
What the hell is this? It's your statement for the feds.
Where did you get this? Who wrote it? I can't tell you that.
Not yet.
This is what happened at the safe house, point for point.
This is from Stahl, isn't it? - What did you do? - I'm protecting my club and my family.
Do not get in bed with this bitch.
This is not up for discussion.
You hear me? Right now, you're not my mother.
You're a member's old lady.
And I am telling you, this is what you need to do to protect Samcro.
- Jackson, we - Mom.
You need to trust me.
And this has to be our secret.
I just don't know Going down Hey, where the hell are you going? - A shortcut.
- Unh.
I can't stand it I can't stand it I can't stand it I can't stand it I can't stand it I can't stand it I can't stand it I can't stand it Oh, shit.
Get in.
Think I found the prize.
Juice, pop the others.
Got it.
Oh, look at that.
That'll get rid of some stains.
Good work, boys.
Never got to formally express my condolences.
Hale was a pain in the ass but that's a bad way to go.
You and me, we've been through a lot together, Wayne.
We made a deal.
Keep the blood out of our backyard.
Well, lately, I ain't been holding up my end.
Half-Sack getting killed, drive-by outside of Dubrowski's.
I just wanna let you know that the weight of that ain't been lost on me.
And I ain't ever gonna let that happen again.
I wish I could believe that, Clay.
Truth is, I feel closer to Samcro than I do most folks in this house.
I know.
We got a line on where Abel is.
We're gonna go get him.
Well, you have a bail hearing in three hours.
Is that what this is about? This mea culpa? Huh? You need a favor? No.
I need a favor.
But everything I've been saying to you is the truth.
The compromises I make, associations I have at the end of the day, the thing that allows me to sleep is knowing that I'm keeping Charming safe.
And I ain't been sleeping much lately, Clay.
Me neither.
I cannot help you go AWOL.
And I wish that didn't make me feel as bad as it does.
I spotted Polly at the grocery store followed her to that house.
And why were you following her, ma'am? I was raped two months ago.
She was part of it.
I don't really know why I followed her.
Instinctual, I guess.
Did you report the assault? For your husband.
I knew the kind of damage it would do to my family.
Didn't want them to know.
Walked into the house.
I saw Polly in the doorway of the back room.
She had a gun.
Took mine out.
That's when I saw the Irish kid laying on the ground.
- Dead.
- It's a lie.
This is a deposition, not an interrogation, agent.
You're here as a courtesy.
Polly spotted me and turned her gun.
I shot first.
Kill or be killed.
Then what? Then I just sat on the couch.
Kind of in shock, really.
Never killed anybody before.
Then this ATF agent walked out of the back room.
She'd been hiding there the whole time.
My guess? She's the one who killed Edmond.
- Put the dirty kill on me.
- You're a liar.
We're not asking you to make guesses, Gemma.
- Can you identify the agent? - Yeah.
She's in this room.
Agent Stahl? No.
It was her.
Agent Tyler? What is this, Clay? We know you're patching over the Calaveras.
Cutting and bagging heroin at the janitorial supply house piping it to Stockton.
If you're here to declare war, consider it already on.
We're tired of getting bloody.
Your attack at the wake, our attack at Zobelle's getaway.
Why don't we just call it even? - Too much history to be even, Clay.
That's my point.
We've been doing this too long, Marcus.
Nobody ever wins.
Get to the point, ese.
I think that you lost something.
You stupid little shit.
Moving high-risk cargo is tricky.
Things tend to get lost in transit.
However, if it comes across our borders again we can guarantee safe passage to Stockton.
And that's why you're patching over these idiots, right? So shit like this don't happen? We got a better idea.
Our brothers in Lodi are more capable and with our support, your new enterprise is protected.
Trying to make peace here.
And how much is peace gonna cost me, Clay? I'll let the Bastards negotiate their own fee.
For us, just a toll.
Twenty-five K a run.
We'll consider this the first run.
Last time we made a deal, I lost my son.
Yeah, and you tried to assassinate me.
It's what we do.
It ain't personal.
It's just about the cash.
This is the best play for both of us.
Means no Mayan charter in Lodi.
None of these bitches would have made the cut.
This is bullshit, Alvarez.
You can't I need one more thing.
There's a rat up at St.
Testifies at the end of the week.
- Pozo.
You handle that, and we're good.
I'm glad we found your merchandise.
Hey, I think you lost something too.
Look at this, huh? How could you let those bitches take your cut? You're an embarrassment to Latinos everywhere.
You just gonna bow to these assholes, huh? Hey, hey, hey, you mind? What's up, home boy? - You make this right.
- Yeah.
What the hell was that? Why did she finger me? Couldn't help herself.
She's got too much hate for the law to make a deal.
She was afraid to put the lie on me, she saw you standing there, and she decided All right, look, okay, we have proof, all right? We've got fingerprints on the guns, motive.
It Look, all right, this is all smoke, baby, okay? I promise.
All right? Come on.
Okay, baby.
Love you.
You wanna explain to me why you sabotaged your deal? Had a change of heart.
The U.
attorney's office is furious.
I don't know what to do here, Gemma.
I gotta get out of this room for a while.
Could you just ask my babysitter out there if we can take an escorted therapy stroll? Then I'll fill you in on what's going on, I promise.
Why don't we go out back so you can see? Jax is right down the hall.
How you doing? This is Dr.
This is Jax.
Nice to meet you.
Expiration's good.
These are all Alcott Labs, Jerry.
Nothing's generic.
These are great.
We'll need the money by the end of the day.
I'm not sure if I can get it all.
Still county money.
Lot of red tape.
Take it.
Get us what you can.
Thank you.
Son of a bitch.
Samcro's in the drug business.
Warm that up for you? There you go.
All right.
How's that pie? Fresh.
What do you want, Darby? You might be interested in what I have to say.
Oh, I can't wait.
Saw Jax Teller and his doctor girlfriend at the Kettleman Clinic.
They were moving illegal scrips.
And how do you know they were illegal? I know an illegal drug buy when I see one.
- The Sons are in the dope business? - It would appear that way.
And they probably got a garage full of oxy.
And why are you sharing this with me and my pie? Because I want these assholes to suffer.
The cops are in Clay's pocket, and after what happened to your brother I'd think that you'd have an ax to grind with the Sons too.
You want me to get rid of your competition.
Nah, I ain't in the game anymore.
Nords are done.
And almost getting burned to death tends to make one rethink one's priorities.
Revenge isn't exactly taking the high road.
Well, just because I ain't dirty doesn't mean that I'm a saint.
You got the information.
You do what you want.
Yeah, I'll Okay, I'll tell him.
That was San Joa sheriff's.
Planning a raid on the Sons' clubhouse.
Want us to assist.
Here to see Gemma.
Morrow's not in her room.
Mind if I wait? Sure.
- Is this real? - I don't know.
Hey, I know that son of a bitch.
Come on, come on, get the cyanide.
I can't find it.
- Are you kidding me? Shit.
Jesus Christ.
What the hell are you doing? - We can't hurt this guy.
- Just do it.
Hey, what'd he do? - You know this guy? - Mm, sort of.
- Well, he's sort of under arrest for reckless endangerment and making a false report.
Brains before bullets, asshole.
- Really? - You slammed the side of his head.
Okay, now, if they see that, that's gonna point to homicide.
- And cyanide won't? His heart stopped.
Could be for a hundred reasons.
I mean, even if they do an autopsy, it'll take days.
We'll be long gone.
If you didn't let the little bitch clock you, this never would have happened.
- Yeah.
You blocked the only camera.
There's no witnesses or prints.
We're all right.
San Joa Sheriff.
Everybody down.
- Down.
Get on the ground.
Get down.
Get down.
Down, down, down.
Check them for weapons.
Check all of them.
The Superbees wanna know Clubhouse and the garage are all clean.
No pharmaceuticals.
This ain't about Pozo.
This is search and seizure.
They're looking for scrips.
How the hell do they know? This is bullshit.
We were face-to-face a couple hours ago.
You can't throw me a hint? I didn't know.
It happened fast.
It sure did.
Cancer boy? Dead to us.
Clay, Gem just called.
Oswald's on his way now.
Call our friend.
We got a half an hour to pull this shit off.
What were all the cops here for? They're just rattling our cages.
What's she doing with you? Um, gave her a lift on my way to pick up the kids.
I need the Caddy.
This is probably a bad time, but I was hoping to get that lift home.
You're right, it is a bad time.
What's going on? - A Mexican guy died.
Some kind of seizure.
I spoke to the San Joa DA.
The bail hearing's been pushed ten days.
You're kidding.
- Mm.
What happened? Backlog of bad guys, I guess.
See you then.
Good night, gentlemen.
Good night.
Thank you.
I'll wait for our friend.
This is about my grandson, Elliot.
We know where he is.
I thought Jax said he was in Vancouver.
How do you know he's in Ireland? Club has a charter in Belfast.
- We just need you to hear us out.
- Look, I'm sorry about Abel.
I really am.
But if I got a shot against Hale, I can't be associated with Samcro.
Not gonna be any more blood in Charming.
Our beef with the Mexicans? Put away.
Soon, people are going to forget about the drive-by, it's gonna be business as usual.
We need your help.
Your forestry equipment, how do you get it overseas? I run cargo jets out of Stockton.
Why? Oh.
You want passage to Belfast.
Just found out the bail hearing's been pushed.
Your bond won't be at risk.
Gives us a little bit more than a week to find our grandson.
Our friend's here.
Come on.
Elliot Oswald, Marcus Alvarez.
Founding member, Mayan Motorcycle Club.
What's this about? Proof that the violence is over.
We've come to an understanding.
Sons and Mayans, we're good.
No more bloodshed.
I promise.
Paying the toll.
Hope you find your boy, huh? Got a cargo heading to Manchester, U.
, tomorrow.
Taking off out of Stockton Metro, We can, um We'll work out the details in the morning.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
Good luck.
What is it? Sheriff's raided the clubhouse looking for illegal scrips.
Oh, my God.
How did they know? - You tell me.
- What the hell does that mean? You told me we could trust that doctor.
- He wouldn't say anything.
- Well, someone did.
I get caught, I can do the years.
But you? Narc raps are real time.
Your medical career would be over.
Do you get that? You asked me for help.
- This isn't my fault.
- I know.
I know.
It's mine.
I'm done.
Between the church and the river My love waits for me to stand and deliver Every promise that I've ever made I want to keep them now And I am not afraid - And I won't let you go - And I won't let you go - I won't let you go - I won't let you go - I won't let you go - I won't let you go Oh, no Oh, no Oh, no Oh, baby, no Baby, no Oh, no