Sons of Anarchy s04e04 Episode Script

Una Venta

Previously on Sons of Anarchy: Clock is ticking on the eminent domain buyout.
He loses his investors, the vote goes back to city council.
They can revert back all the land.
Clay, Jax, Romero Parada.
Friends call me Romeo.
SIG 551s.
These are excellent.
Set up a shipment for every two weeks.
We can make that work.
I'll have the coke ready for you.
Sounds good.
You forgot to mention we'd also be running coke for Galindo? We voted in selling them guns.
We'll have another vote.
I want you to back me.
It's the only way this passes.
If I do this, my out for your drugs.
You hiding something from me? This fell out of one of Abel's coloring books.
Letters from John Teller would be very painful.
Could set things off with Clay again.
And all those other drones at the table they're gonna follow him down to that last little crumb.
Drugs are not what we do.
You don't tell me what we do.
It passes.
What are you writing? Just jotting some things down.
What kinds of things? My badass biker's journaling? I gotta get ready.
When are you back? Couple days.
You really going down there for a bike show? You wanna know more? Hm.
It's too early-Mm-hm.
What happened? Too much sun.
Opie and Kozik headed up north.
They should be back before us.
Irish? Yeah.
You okay? Yeah.
Ride safe.
Hey, darling.
See you later.
Be safe.
Hey, Red.
Hey, Armando.
What's up? Brother.
- What's up? - Hey, long time.
C LAY Prez.
Welcome to the border, brother.
Thanks, man.
- Hmm.
- What's up? Good to see you, mano.
Good to see you, Huff.
Having trouble with the grip? No.
How you doing, Army? Really sorry about Little Paul.
Wish we could've made the funeral.
Yeah, man.
Yeah, thanks.
Awful shit.
Broke our hearts.
So, uh, meeting Romeo tomorrow at the expo, 10 a.
Samtaz, ready to protect and serve.
- Sure the truck's good here tonight? - Absolutely.
No cops, no scumbags.
Everyone knows we run it.
- Stop.
- Come on! You said he had a week.
- That was a week ago, shit whore.
- We'll get the money.
- What's this guy owe on? - Benny, handle it.
Yeah, I'm on it.
Unh! - Stay down.
- Get off him.
Come on.
Jesus Christ.
- Get off.
- Hey, hey, hey.
- Let go of me.
Let go! - Agh! Skank.
- You bastards.
- You all right, baby? Fine.
What is it? It's crank.
This what he's behind on? You're dealing here? Ain't a risk.
We own the spot.
Ain't a risk? That's a truck filled with automatic weapons, douche bag.
A life sentence for everyone, and you have us roll up in your crank den? Hey, hey, hey.
What?! Easy.
Coke, crank.
You mule, we sell.
Same shit.
Shut it down.
Sorry, ése.
Not your club, not your call.
Let's go.
- Don't worry about it.
- Word.
Riding through this world All alone God takes your soul You're on your own The crow flies straight A perfect line On the devil's path Until you die Gotta look this life In the eye I ain't telling you how to run your charter - but the club has precedents.
- Samcro went all-in with the cartel.
That sends a message to the charters.
We don't deal.
- That's always been the message.
- Come on, Clay.
That's bullshit, man.
You can't draw that line.
We just voted this shit in.
That trucker had back debt.
How long you been dealing? Voted it in four months ago.
Been up and running about three.
This town is drying up, Clay.
Trying to keep this charter alive.
We would've never brought you in - if we knew you were cooking.
- Don't want to use us? Fine.
We're the closest charter to the border.
Anybody else is a two-day ride.
We're paying Samtaz a good fee for running protection down here.
Samcro's the only charter getting rich off the cartel.
Sorry, guys, Romeo's waiting.
We gotta go.
Yeah, let's handle this shit later, boys.
Why the hell Reggie turn in his patch? Dude had 18 years.
Little Paul was his sponsor.
When he got killed, it just broke him up, man.
He got out before the crank vote? Yeah, almost five months ago.
Close vote? It was.
But now everyone's behind it now.
What about you? Four kids, mano.
Ain't got a choice.
All right, bro, come on.
Be right there.
Can I help you? You sell mariposa lily bulbs? I don't have any in stock, but I can get some.
Mine just keep dying.
Think it might be too much sun.
What's their exposure? Southern.
Still potted.
Bring one in, I'll take a look at it.
Lilies are tricky.
Half of mine never make it from seed.
All right, I'll do that.
Nice to meet you.
Go wait in the car.
Adieu, ladies.
What happened there? Long story.
Picked up those hands on eBay.
Difficult rehabilitation.
How's it going with the gardens? Ah, not so good.
We don't raise another 80,000 in the next three weeks, it's gone.
Let me guess.
More retail feed for Charming Heights.
Yeah, most likely.
I wouldn't let the mayor see that sign.
He might fire your husband.
Just imagine what he'd do if he knew I was the one who started that committee.
We're having a big fund-raiser next week.
I take it you know who I am.
Clearly you know who I am.
So, what's this, uh, Gold Circle Club? That's for premium donors, minimum $5000 donation.
Expensive club.
There's other ways to donate.
Gold Circle is mostly professionals.
Helps us attract the right donors.
So, uh, being a biker's old lady would what? Attract the wrong kind of donors? I honestly don't care who you are.
If you really wanna help, the door is open.
But if you're just here to rattle my cage, I don't have the time, love.
All right, love.
I'll come back with my dead bulbs.
I'll be here.
Shame about the gardens.
I seriously hope the clock ticks out on Charming Heights.
Thank you.
What clock would that be? Well, if Hale doesn't lock down investors by the end of the quarter eminent domain vote goes back to the city council.
They could shut it all down.
Really? Do I know you? Oh, I'm sorry.
Nick Stackhouse.
Work for the zoning department.
Gemma Teller.
Thanks for the light, Gem.
Go check us in.
Make it official.
Romeo does not seem like the kind of guy who runs late.
He'll be here.
What's going on, man? I've been thinking about this crank move.
Armando said they passed the vote four months ago.
That's right after Little Paul was killed and Reggie quit.
Think that had something to do with this drug move? Little Paul would've never signed off on crank.
And Reggie was a lifer.
Him walking away doesn't make any sense.
I know.
- What are you thinking? - It was a close vote.
Two no's easily sway it the other way.
Yeah, so someone's clearing the opposition? I don't know, but it's worth tracking down Reggie, ask him why he quit.
Let's go find Reggie.
We got to shut this crank thing down.
Send the message to the other charters we don't deal.
Cartel's here.
Every business needs shipping and selling.
You can't separate the two.
I got a wife that says shit without saying shit.
Grow a sack, Elvis.
Armando's right.
Muling and dealing, same goddamn thing.
Not the place, boys.
Not the place.
Same thing.
Let's get this done.
Everything cool? - Where's el jefe? - He doesn't like being watched.
You got a tail.
Where? Auto detailing van, 3 o'clock.
Some local shit.
Got nothing to do with our business.
We'll handle it.
You better.
Call when it's clear.
Your goddamn crank.
It's gotta be a local narc.
Hey, you're the crew on federal release.
Could be the ATF with their noses still up your ass.
We got a tail.
Sooner we lose them, sooner the Mexicans feel safe.
- Huff.
- Yeah.
Call Fierro.
- Take them to Vesper Trail.
- Done.
You guys, follow us.
You sure your grip can handle this? Get on your bike.
Get ready, boys.
That's how we do in Mexizona, Mr.
They blew up a grease truck? That doesn't sound like our boys.
A little bit too Mad Max, don't you think? We lost the goddamn tail.
Pretty sure that was their objective.
Did we get anything? A few photos.
It's not Parada.
Pull Romeo's military info.
I'm guessing you'll find this guy was part of his unit.
Probably second.
Bunny, get in the back.
It's all right.
Just go in the back.
Never pegged you for an animal lover, Reg.
What do you want'? Just wanna say hello, man.
Missed you in Samtaz.
I'm out.
Good standing.
Ink's all black.
Why'd you walk away? None of your business.
Now, get out of here.
Come on, man.
Oh, shit.
No, no, no, no! Weeks after Little Paul was killed, Samtaz passed a crank vote.
That have anything to do with why you patched out? Hey, Tig, you in the mood for some stew? Yeah.
Hasenpfeffer, man.
All right.
Why'd you quit? Huff found out I was banging Little Paul's old lady.
Ellen? Jesus, man.
So, what happened? Huff kept quiet, said he didn't wanna ruin Paul's marriage.
Saving it for leverage.
Little Paul and I got word there was a cookhouse out on Copperhead.
Shook down the skinheads running it.
Found out Huff and Benny had set it up.
Used the club's weight to get it done.
Nobody at the table had any idea it was happening.
Then we get a call from Huff and Benny saying Little Paul had been gunned down by Mexican bangers.
No other witnesses.
And when you threatened to out him, Huff played the leverage.
Huff said he was gonna tell the gang I was banging Ellen.
I'd be drummed out, Ellen would get shunned.
No compensation, nobody to look out for her.
- Right.
- I didn't want it to ruin her life too.
I walked away.
Once you and Little Paul were gone Huff voted it in legit.
I don't want this getting back to the club.
I can't make that promise.
I can promise you we'll take care of Ellen.
Yo, Luis called.
Romeo wants to meet.
Uh, get a 20 on the skinheads, will you? Yeah.
You okay? Yeah, I just Sorry.
I just let myself in.
It's okay.
What's, uh? What's going on? You remember those questions you were asking me a few months back about John? Then you said you read something.
What was it? You shut me down when I tried to tell you.
Why do you wanna know now? Because the club is headed into troubled waters and maybe something of whatever you read helps me to, uh, keep the boat from you know, rocking too much.
Those are some really vague metaphors for a guy as direct as you.
I wanna read whatever it is.
John was my friend.
I have a right.
What do you need it for? I can't tell you.
Then neither can I.
I need some goddamn leverage.
And that pointed history you read may be - Ah.
- Ugh.
You know, most civil people would knock before entering.
I'm not most people.
And she's definitely not civil.
What are we, George and Gracie now? Sorry to interrupt.
That's okay.
We're done.
No, no, no.
We should finish.
I'll be right back.
What do you need? I wanna sign you up for a committee.
Charming Central Gardens.
Need to raise money to save it.
I can't.
I'm already on three committees here.
I just need your name.
It means a lot to get a doctor involved.
Attracts donors.
Gemma, I can't.
It's a chance to help this town.
What's your angle on this? What do you give a shit about an overgrown park? Nate taught me how to plant seed in that overgrown park.
I am not gonna let them gut it and put up a Starbucks.
Tara, it's Piney.
Some Something wrong.
Sorry about this morning, man.
- Won't happen again.
- Who was it? Eh, local law, harassing one of our charters down here.
But we got it handled.
From now on, we'll just be sending four guys down with the truck.
Lower profile.
Our Tucson charter will run protection once we're here.
Have we heard from our, uh, friends in Belfast? I talked to the Kings.
They're working on that big-ticket order for you.
They're gonna want a face-to-face before that sale can happen.
I'm always available.
We're all set.
Location for the exchange.
South Tucson, farm equipment repair yard, 10:00.
See you then.
See you.
We trust these guys? As much as we need to.
Luis Torres, Special Forces Airmobile Group.
Masters in logistics, Universidad Veracruzana.
Lieutenant First Class.
Commanding Officer: Parada.
Left Special Forces two weeks after his CO.
Last known tour of duty Galindo Cartel.
A trench is a trench.
Looks like we're back on RICO.
Just in time, we're out of snacks.
Call Sacramento.
Tell them all our players are in the game and I need money.
Where you going? To the place where bikers go to die.
What the hell is this all about, Clay? We should be gearing up for tonight.
Meet Achey.
Skinhead meth cooker.
About five months ago, Little Paul and Reggie found out Achey here was cooking for Huff and Benny.
What? They told his crew it was a Samtaz drug operation.
Ain't that right, Achey? This is bullshit.
We took a vote.
Yeah, after you killed Little Paul and blackmailed Reggie out of the club.
Come on, man.
You know what you're doing here? I'm accusing the VP and the sergeant of using the MC to their own ends.
And then when they got caught, they killed a member - and blackmailed another.
- This is crazy, man.
- This guy's a goddamn tweaker.
- Yeah.
But this guy's not.
- Reg has the whole story.
- Now, it's your charter, man.
Listen to the facts.
You make your decision.
But if you find out that your club got into crank on a lie, you need to vote it again.
- I'm not listening to this shit.
- Sit down, Huff.
You gonna listen to his bullshit? I said sit down.
You little bitch.
You having trouble with the grip? Handle your business.
We'll be at the truck stop.
Can I get out of here now? Dr.
Geller wants to keep you in for 24 hours.
Just observation.
It's my oxygen levels.
It happens once in a while.
It's nothing.
The alcohol isn't helping.
Yeah, I know.
I'm sorry I was so hard on you before.
It's okay.
Tell me about John Teller.
What was he like? He's a complicated guy.
He was angry and impulsive.
Just righteous as hell.
Hated being wrong.
Not much of an education.
Book smart, though.
He used to, uh, devour three and four of them at a time.
He was loyal.
Too loyal.
That sounds familiar.
Yeah, they're cut from the same cloth.
You know what I wanna know? Why my best friend was afraid when he died.
I found some of J.
's old letters.
He was trying to get the club out of the gun business.
He knew it was a risk.
Clay and the others were invested.
Trying to get them out how? From what I read, he had set up a meeting in Belfast with some IRA members and a priest.
Kellan Ashby.
John wanted to end the relationship with the Irish stop the club from selling guns.
He was killed before that meeting happened.
How we doing? Okay.
We're gonna run some more tests.
Make sure he's stable.
Just give him some tequila.
That'll do it.
I'll check in on you later? What you doing, old man? What do you want with Tara? She's just, uh, helping me grow old gracefully.
I know you're bumping up against Clay.
That bullshit you fed me the other day.
It wasn't bullshit.
It was the truth.
You all just refuse to look at it.
Well, whatever truth you think Tara can tell you it's only gonna make things worse.
It can't get any worse.
Back off it, Piney.
Leave it alone before it kills you.
That's half the reason I'm doing it.
Sorry, man.
Lost a third of my goddamn club.
- Take another vote on the crank? - Yeah.
Are you shitting me? Guys got a taste of the money, Clay.
It was unanimous.
We'll arrange another depot to land the truck.
And I'll make damn sure the crank don't get in the way.
You got my word.
We better get moving.
Come on.
All right.
Not a goddamn word.
I, uh, just wanted to stop by and give you this.
Gold Circle Club.
Five grand.
In 20's.
Is that a problem? No.
Come on in.
I'll get your information.
Oh, no, no.
It's not for me.
Tara Knowles wants to be on your committee.
Here's all her info.
Future daughter-in-law.
Lucky you.
Lucky me.
My dead bulbs.
Have a good night.
That's some well-guarded salsa, man.
Wait till you taste it.
Come on, Chibs.
I'm good.
Sorry to interrupt your solitude, Mr.
Deputy Sheriff Gabe Marcel, San Joaquin Sheriff's Department.
Just, uh, need a few minutes of your time.
It's regarding the murder of your wife, Luann Delaney.
San Joa sheriffs recently took over jurisdiction of Charming.
All of Charming P.
's unresolved cases became our responsibility.
I'm following up.
According to the autopsy report traces of semen were found in your wife's undergarments.
The county was finally able to run the analysis.
Got a match from the system.
A, uh Robert Munson.
Known as Bobby Elvis.
A member of your motorcycle club.
Can you tell me anything about their relationship? And I ask, because in most cases, the person having sex with the victim is the perpetrator.
And it was It was a gruesome assault.
I understand you've been going through some emotional issues.
Doesn't seem right you're locked up in this box.
I'm gonna look into that.
I'll come back a little later when you feel a bit more settled.
Have a good night.
You always travel this thick or you expecting heat from the competition? Lucio.
- Just a precaution.
Should we be taking that precaution? Lobo Sonora doesn't know about our deal.
If they did, they would never risk reprisal up north.
They'd hit us down here, and we're prepared.
That you are.
Seven hundred thousand.
Balance for this order.
Half down for the next.
Thirty kilos of uncut Colombian cocaine.
Give it a safe ride, gentlemen.
We'll be up in a few days to check on the operation.
Come on, let's load it up.