Sons of Anarchy s04e06 Episode Script

With An X

Previously on Sons of Anarchy: - Morning.
- Hey, you got a family.
Got a new wife.
I found birth control pills in Lyla's stuff.
I've been trying to have kids.
She's been killing it off.
You hiding something from me? This fell out of one of Abel's coloring books.
Letters from John Teller would be very painful.
Could set things off with Clay again.
The history that Tara and Piney know, very dangerous.
These are copies.
I searched her whole office.
All she had.
What are you gonna do? I'm gonna protect both of us.
Clay, Jax.
Romero Parada.
Friends call me Romeo.
Sig 551s.
I'll have the coke ready for the run back.
Thirty kilos of uncut Colombian cocaine.
It's your daddy.
What would the club do if they found out that you're black? First they'll pull your patch.
Then they make you scrape the ink.
Have him pull a sample from the load.
A couple grams.
If he gets caught, they'll kill him.
That's the point.
Juice, you in there, man? We're one brick light.
There should be 30 keys here.
Then why am I only looking at 29 bricks? Why don't you ask your boy here? Ask yours, asshole.
No, we didn't take the blow.
Somebody did.
It was all there before 10.
I came by after I hit the weed shop and did a walk-through.
Ask him.
Yeah, he was here at 9:30.
So you were the last one here? Yeah, I stuck a key of blow down my pants and just walked out.
Douche bag.
- Hey! - Easy! Whoa! Settle down! Now, killing each other ain't gonna solve anything.
Come on, let's go.
Get out.
It's all right, bro.
Go on.
Oswald's got cameras at all the entrances.
I'll make sure nobody snuck in under our noses.
Raft's a straight-up soldier, ése.
Been with me 15 years.
It wasn't him.
It wasn't Juice.
And the other one? He's a new patch, right? Miles.
I doubt it.
The prospects? We'll look into it.
And you press Rafi.
Make sure there's no outside pressures you don't know about.
We gotta do this fast.
Romeo's coming down to check out the operation.
He's gonna wanna see the blow.
We'll leave it here for now.
Tell him you didn't pick it up yet.
Buys us a little more time.
Well, let's hope we're not another brick shy.
Relax? Know who we're dealing with? What happens if the cartel thinks you played them? Yeah, I do.
Now, we find the bitch who took it it don't matter Mayan or Son he's dead.
No way this was Juice.
Miles is too stupid to rip us off.
Phil or Rat Boy.
How? The room was locked.
They didn't even know what they were protecting.
They knew it was something worth protecting.
Nobody else makes any sense.
I'm gonna call Happy.
Oh, oh No, no Elyda took Abel with her on a Target run.
I'll come back for him after my staff meeting.
How's Elyda working out? She's good.
Abel likes her.
She's teaching him Spanish.
Heh, heh.
Just keep her away from Tig.
- $18.
25, please.
- All right, hold on.
Oh, Christ.
Who's that? Half of Satan's spawn.
Here, take the baby.
Mama Gemma.
Hi, baby.
Daddy's not here, Dawnie.
- It's Margeaux now, with an X.
- Oh.
He doesn't know I'm coming.
Got a 20? Yeah.
Dawn's here.
- Here you go.
- Thank you.
Keep the change.
Hey, I'm Tara.
Can I help you with this? - Holy shit.
Are those things real? - No.
I mean, yes, they exist, but Hey.
Where's your sister? That's why I'm here.
She's bad.
I need my daddy.
Track down Tig.
How did Otto take it? He gets it.
How did you take it? I'm fine.
How we handling this problem? All right, he's ready.
Let's go.
Clay, we didn't take any coke.
Me and Rat, we didn't even know what the hell was in there.
It wasn't us.
It had to be the Mayan.
He was off by himself most of the night.
We'll get to the truth.
No! Aah! No! Oh, Jesus Christ.
No, no, no! Riding through this world All alone God takes your soul You're on your own The crow flies straight A perfect line On the devil's path Until you die Gotta look this life In the eye Next.
You're up, Rat.
We didn't take the blow, man.
Tell that to Happy.
This is bullshit! I won't be taken apart by that psycho.
Come on, Clay, he didn't take it.
None of us did.
This is This is crazy.
I'm waiting.
Maybe there's a simpler way to do this.
I got a thing at TM.
I, uh My kid just showed up.
Which one? Crazy one.
Which one? Yeah, I know.
I'm going with him.
Think we can handle it.
In the gun room.
NOW! Your dad's on the way.
You need anything, you just ask Mr.
Happy Hands.
Thank you.
In a Houston memory Well, she never loved It's 9:00.
Yes, it is.
Hey, I'm late.
Bye, honey.
Drawing her back to her Tennessee home Good morning.
What are you doing here? I was a guest.
Whose? Is that really any of your business? You should make it our business.
I was invited.
Invitation's over.
Now would be a good time to get your shit and get out.
Bitch she will rip your little tits off.
He never loved any other girl But broken hearts won't stop the world Packed the truck And went where the money was A working man Stop drinking.
Watch the kid.
Did Jax come home last night? Not the point.
She shouldn't be here.
I hate this shit.
I know, baby.
- Great, here comes another one.
- Be nice.
You guys seen Ope? Uh, I think he's with the guys.
Oh, okay.
He didn't come home last night.
I'm just worried.
Oh, um I think they had a late one.
I'm sure he just crashed here.
Something wrong? No.
Really? We're struggling a little.
A lot of distance.
We don't talk much.
It's just lizard brain, baby.
Happens to all guys when they get married.
Yeah, just give it some time.
That felt shitty.
Yeah, not our business.
What's she looking for, Ope? Oh, shit.
Where is she? Where's who, darling? What are you doing here? Nobody says "good morning" anymore.
You spend the night? You don't wanna know, sweetie.
You backstabbing little gash.
Hey, I was just following his lead.
Married pussy is boring pussy.
- Hey, hey, hey.
- Aah! Hey, I will blow a hole straight through that pretty little yammy of yours.
Why him? You want answers, sweetheart? Go ask the cock that was inside me last night.
Get out.
Get out.
Keep that .
38 close, bitch.
You're gonna need it.
Hey, baby.
Oh, it's so nice to see you.
You okay? Yeah.
Call Ope.
It's about commitment.
Love for the club.
You get through this, we'll know you had nothing to do with the missing brick.
You can't pussy out.
It means you ain't straight with why you're here.
Also means you probably ripped us off.
Is there really a bullet in there? One round.
Five empty chambers.
Only have to pull the trigger once.
Best odds you're gonna get.
Your turn.
No way there's a real bullet in there.
If it went off, that would be like murder.
- What's your point? - Jesus Christ.
You're really gonna make me? Are you in or out'? Yo, we got a problem.
Where you guys going? Domestic problem at the clubhouse.
Psycho porn star pulled a gun on Gemma and the girls.
Jesus Christ.
Are they all right? Gonna find out.
I think these guys are telling the truth.
Yeah, prospects made it through roulette.
Check in with Alvarez.
Get an ETA on Romeo.
And you, go with them.
They think you're in the ER.
So, what? What do I do with these guys? Cage match? Yeah.
I didn't know where else to go.
Fawn's gonna do some serious damage to herself if we don't do something, Dad.
When did all this go down, Dawnie? It's Margeaux.
With an X.
Uh, this does not sound like your sister.
How long has she been puking? She's always had weird food stuff.
- Since when? - Since she was like 5.
She used to count how many Cheerios she ate.
We gotta get her in treatment.
Well, what's your mother saying? Colleen's got a head full of 12-step bullshit.
It's all about boundaries and detachment.
Ah, Jesus.
Look, there's a private rehab down in Orange County.
A 30-day thing They have an opening.
But it's not cheap.
- Twelve thousand.
- Twelve K? I can teach her to stop binging for nothing.
Really? This is serious, Dad.
We're gonna lose her.
Okay, you'll help her? Yeah.
Yeah, baby, we'll We'll go together.
We'll check her in.
No, it's gotta just be me.
She'll get too embarrassed.
She won't go, Dad.
All right.
Uh It's gonna take a minute for me to pull all the cash together.
Can you stick around for a while? Sure.
Come on.
Come on.
You okay? Yeah.
Where's Lyla? Clubhouse.
Ima? She took off.
She said some cruel shit, Ope.
Not my business, but you hooking up Mom, don't.
Bitch pulled a gun on me.
No, she's right.
It's my shit.
Whoa! Your dick almost got people killed.
I don't even know who you are anymore.
Put some ice on it.
Okay, thanks.
You okay? What do you think? Doc seems a little pissed.
She's just reliving my shit.
Well, at least she gave you a pass.
Don't figure I got one of those coming.
Getting knocked up and kidnapped kind of wipes the slate clean.
I wouldn't recommend it as a fix.
I don't even know if I want another kid, man.
I just figured it's what we needed.
Gets her out of the life.
Yep Maybe she doesn't want out.
he)' I'm sorry.
You know what this means, right? Yes.
I have to be able to trust you.
I'm not the one who slept with her.
This isn't about Opie.
It's abou This.
How you guys treat women.
Don't condemn the whole club.
You know what I mean.
It isn't just a deal-breaker anymore, Jax.
I'm the mother of your sons.
You hurt me, you hurt all of us.
I'm not gonna hurt you.
Sting of that betrayal ain't gonna fade.
I know.
I'd make sure it doesn't happen again.
'Cause I'm drowning in your sea Best to be awake while doing surveillance.
She just left.
You gonna just follow her around the rest of her life? That don't sound like fun.
I don't give a shit about me.
I just don't want anybody else getting hurt.
Me neither.
Especially you.
By law or by the hands of the club I go down you go down.
That's just the simple truth of it, Wayne.
We know one of you is telling the truth and one of you is not.
Up to you two to decide which is which.
No one comes out of this room until we have an answer.
What does that mean? We're supposed to kill each other? We just need the truth.
Burden's on you to find it.
Or you're both dead.
Hey, Clay, I got the footage from the warehouse.
I checked the cameras.
No one but our guys came in or out.
It was all quiet.
All right, then.
Head back up there and give this back to Oswald's guy.
Were you drunk? No.
Why? I found the birth control in your dressing room.
You did it to get even? I don't know.
Look, I know you don't want another kid.
I had an abortion.
What? Last year.
Before the guys went inside.
Mine? Yeah.
I'll have Mary take the kids.
I'll crash at the clubhouse.
You tell me what you wanna do.
Very quiet.
You really think they took it? Do you? Who knows? Well, that's why they're in there.
Do you ever push back against the rules? Some of them are pretty hardcore.
Knew what they were when we signed up.
Black thing ever bother you? With Fiona and all.
Fiona was an old lady.
Yeah, I know, but still Listen, the rules have been around since day one.
Different time.
I'm not saying I agree with them all.
But, you know, if I start picking and choosing which ones to follow then the whole thing just falls apart.
That was Alvarez.
Romeo wants to come see the warehouse, pick up his parts.
- Shit.
- Yeah.
What about Rafi? Pressed him pretty hard.
He's convinced it wasn't him.
Well, what if we're convinced it wasn't one of our guys? It had to be one of the prospects.
We gave them a chance.
- Call Chibs.
Let him know.
- Yeah.
Jesus Christ.
Hey, man, sometimes the herd needs thinning.
Romeo will be here in an hour.
We gotta put one of these guys down.
- Are you serious? - Yeah.
Jesus Christ, it's bad enough we scared the shit out of them with the gun bluff.
It's the only way to calm the cartel.
They're gonna want a guilty body.
If we don't give it to them, they'll take it as weakness.
Then they're gonna want more blood.
I don't have any options.
Hold up.
For all we know, Alvarez is playing us.
Him vouching for his own guy? What the hell does that prove? - Juicy, it's out of our hands.
- Chibs.
Gotta give Phil and Rat one last chance.
There's a guy on his way expecting all that coke to be here.
That missing kilo isn't just about you.
It means trouble for the whole club.
So I'm gonna give you both one last chance.
We're gonna step outside and have a smoke.
And whoever took the brick, we know it's gotta be around here somewhere.
Just put it back.
No questions.
No repercussions.
Hey, hey, hey.
Hold up.
Fifteen minutes.
Even if that brick shows up, them two are out.
But at least they won't be dead.
And we'll get our blow back.
Happy, go sit on their bikes.
Block any exit strategy.
I gotta take a piss.
Clear out.
Give them the 15.
Can I help you? Sheriff Roosevelt.
- Wayne Unser.
- Yeah.
Some place we can chat? What's on your mind? I got reason to believe that Dr.
Tara Knowles might be in some kind of danger.
- Jax Teller's old lady.
- Yeah.
Do you care to elaborate? Don't know much more.
From my understanding, you were on Clay Morrow's payroll.
I'd think you would know a lot more.
I was never in nobody's pocket.
I learned how to work with the club.
It was about what was best for Charming not me.
If you want me to keep an eye on the doctor, you'll have to give more and you know that.
So who's trying to hurt the lady, chief? I just heard some things.
Thought you should know.
Well, you know if anything happens to her I'm gonna come to you for answers.
What are you doing out here? Cutting through from the guardhouse.
What are you doing? Jesus, you took it? - Hey, hey, hey.
- Whoa, easy, man.
I'm not carrying.
Shit, Juice.
You gotta let me explain.
Yeah, back at the warehouse.
Let's go.
Juice! What? Come on.
Shooting! Sounds came from over here.
Juice! Juice! Juicy! What the hell? Holy shit.
Came out to take a piss.
Spotted him pulling something out of the leaves.
He saw me and he freaked out.
He tried to kill me.
I took one trying to get the gun.
Mother of Christ.
Come on.
Lying bitch.
Did you get him? There.
Put him over there.
What the hell happened? It was Miles.
Juicy boy caught him pulling out a stash.
- Shit.
Miles? - He's very dead.
I ought to shoot you guys for patching him in.
Good work, Juicy.
Look, Romeo's gonna be here any minute.
We'll clean this up and pack it away.
Get him in the van.
The thief, put him deep.
No marker, all right'? Have Laurel and Hardy do it.
Yes, I will.
When you're finished here, find me.
Doesn't make sense.
Miles? Sometimes the vetting happens a little late, I guess.
Lucky it happened now.
Do you remember? No.
Ha, ha.
Was I there for sure? You were.
I'll be right there, baby.
What? I spoke to Colleen.
What? Fawn is fine.
She's in Chicago with her boyfriend for two weeks.
No bulimia.
Dawn's playing you, sweetheart.
Well, what does she want the 12 grand for? Well, I don't know.
Why don't you ask her? Maybe.
You okay, Tig? Yeah.
This is why mothers should drown baby girls.
Thirty keys.
That's good.
When's your next shipment? Our guys are up north securing it from the Irish.
Haul them down in these oil barrels.
- You white boys are pretty smart.
- We get by.
Can I get a minute? Looks like you're a patch short.
No, we're not.
Won't happen again.
I know.
Do we have a problem? Yeah.
We have an internal threat.
A family member stumbled on some Our more sensitive information.
This is very bad.
I know.
She's our doc.
She's got a level of access.
It got out of hand.
I'm afraid she's gonna expose us.
The doctor.
That's your VP's old lady? Yeah.
He don't know.
You have a very difficult decision, my friend.
Trust me, it's been brutal.
But it's gotta be done.
I need somebody from the outside.
I was hoping you might wanna handle it.
Take a few days to put together.
I'm gonna need all her info.
Pictures, vehicle, schedule.
It's gonna get expensive.
Whatever it takes.
I'm sorry I let this happen.
We'll clean it up.
- Hey, everything okay? - Yeah.
All good.
Say something awful As if taking the world is your right And I watch you stumble - Thank you, Daddy.
- Okay.
Drunk out into the night To catcall ladies You're thirsty for blood Bye, baby.
I love you.
You're picking a fight You gave her the money.
Hell, yeah.
She'll just be back for more.
Yeah, I know.
What's the matter? You jealous? So, what, I can only be your bad girl? That's right.
Tell me you had one hell of a time And through the haze and the gun smoke These aren't ready yet.
I'm forced to believe You're probably right And someone lies bleeding Someone got violent And did not think twice And I watched you, my brother Making a fool of the moon tonight So bum me a cigarette Buy me a beer That's the other one.
Till I'm happy to be here Happy to be here I changed the sheets.
You're all set in there.
Thanks, Mom.
The men who watch them Like hungry black eels You ever flash that rancid pussy around my club or family again, I will kill you.
You understand? Whore.
So bum me a cigarette Buy me a beer Till I'm happy to be here Happy to be here With all of my family Hookers in heels And the men who watch them Like hungry black eels All of my family Hookers in heels And the men who watch them Like hungry black eels