Sons of Anarchy s04e08 Episode Script

Family Recipe

Previously on Sons of Anarchy: How's it going with the gardens? Ah, not so good.
We don't raise another 80,000 in three weeks, it's gone.
Hey, you got a family.
You got a new wife.
I don't even know who you are anymore.
Rafi, Pedro, get the crew.
They should be with the Sons.
Track those putos.
I found some of J.
's old letters.
John wanted to end the relationship with the Irish, stop the club from selling.
He was killed before that meeting.
Kill the drug muling or I'll let the club read the letters.
The history that Tara and Piney know, very dangerous.
Now, we got to stop this in its tracks.
I was hoping I could walk you to your car bend your ear a bit.
Have him, uh, pull a sample from the load, couple grams.
If he gets caught, they'll kill him.
That's the point.
Jesus, you took it? Back at the warehouse.
Let's go.
I spotted him pulling something out.
He saw me and freaked.
He tried to kill me.
The way you handled this hard thing with Miles, I'm proud of you.
You earned this.
What the hell, man? Where is he? Juice! Juicy-boy! There.
What the hell you doing'? Was pissing.
What's all this shit? Did you take a spill? What's that? Oswald, man.
He's got those stupid security chains all over these back roads.
[Me LAUGHS] You clotheslined one? Jackass.
We got to go.
What's up? Vote.
Drugs? Change of leadership.
Who is it? Take the gun, stay in the back room.
Sorry about the hour, Ms.
What is it? We just got a call from your administrator over at St.
She's convinced you did receive a death threat.
I didn't take it seriously.
That's why I didn't report it.
Then why did the MC post someone here to watch you? There's a bike outside.
I'm assuming he's somewhere in the back, armed.
The answer to that question will require a warrant.
Oh, you really got it down, don't you? I appreciate your concern, sheriff.
It's more than concern, it's my legal obligation.
So I'm gonna post a unit outside, and I'll coordinate with the hospital security.
It's more than just your safety at stake.
But I'm sure you know that.
Sorry to disturb you.
Morning, lads.
He's making chili for my mom.
Charming Gardens potluck thing.
Dude creeps me out.
Accept that.
Piney wasn't gonna proxy this vote.
Wanted a front-row seat.
You talk to him yet? No.
So what happens if Bobby takes this vote? Short term, not much he can do.
Pulls us away from Galindo.
Risk is too big.
Long term, maybe Bobby's a better choice.
You thinking of going that way? Not sure.
You're staying in Clay's camp? Look, I know it's dirty, bro.
But he's getting us whole.
Eventually, we're less desperate, make smarter choices.
Let's vote this shit.
I'm sorry, son.
I love you, Pop.
I'm with you on this.
Come on, let's go.
All right.
There's a challenge on the table.
New president.
I don't think we need the formalities of nomination.
You want the chair.
I ain't got no choice.
Yea or nay.
Bobby taking the gavel.
Take this.
- Go, go, go! - Come on.
There's one.
Don't move.
Stay down.
Stay down.
You okay? Yeah.
Clear this shit out the way.
Check his ink.
Lobo Sonora.
This woke up the whole 'hood, man.
Get this asshole to the rez.
Call the gun warehouse.
I'll reach out to Alvarez.
Oh, man.
This is bad.
Like, "bad" bad.
What is it? Holy shit.
That's It's Armando.
Riding through this world All alone God takes your soul You're on your own The crow flies straight A perfect line On the devil's path Until you die Gotta look this life In the eye You find out what he knows.
Come on.
You're with me.
That bag of heads is your "get out of drugs free" card.
What the hell you talking about? You tell the cartel we didn't sign up for this blood feud, and you want out.
What do you think, I can just bail? That's exactly what you're gonna do.
And you're gonna do it today, because your time is up.
If we're still in the drug business tomorrow I'm delivering those letters to the club.
Gun warehouse is safe, but the Mayan truck got jacked.
Full load of coke on the way out to dealers.
Three of Alvarez's guys MIA.
Goddamn it.
These guys are military sharp.
How did Tucson take the news? They had assumed the worst.
Chocolate rain.
Yo, take this.
Got it.
Go, go.
where you going? The cabin.
Come on, Pop.
Stay here.
We need you.
You keep your head down, boy.
Oh, come on.
Okay, lickity-split.
We got it handled.
Handled? They dumped a bag of heads.
I'm living in goddamn Juarez here.
Garden fund-raiser's tonight.
Ain't gonna be any fund-raiser after this.
We can't back out.
We don't know what the hell we're dealing with here, Mom.
This noise is gonna be all over Charming.
If we hide, looks like we got something to hide from.
Fund-raiser shows Charming the Sons give a shit.
We need that.
Have Phil shadow me.
Take a grenade to get past him.
He's the only one I trust to keep you safe.
All right, lock it down.
- Let me guess.
You smell smoke? - No.
And based on all the calls and the looks of the clubhouse I'm guessing they were of the automatic variety.
Yeah, we noticed that.
I'm glad you're here.
Feel safer already.
Do you have any idea who it was? No.
I don't like to point fingers but, uh, Dezarian Motorworks Tenth Street, they've been kind of pissed off at us since we expanded our custom-bike business.
Disgruntled mechanics? Mm.
Very unstable people.
Well, I really appreciate your cooperation but we'll still have to conduct a full investigation.
Knock yourself out.
I really hope this attack doesn't have anything to do with the threat on Dr.
The hospital confirmed it.
Tara and I had another chat this morning.
You know, you have a beautiful family, Jax.
Be really sad to see their daddy catch a bullet.
It would be.
Do you have kids? No.
You really should.
It's good to have a reason not to die.
Your compound is a crime scene.
Lock it down, and stay the hell out of my way.
- Cane.
- Yeah? Tara's fine.
I just talked to her.
She's on her way to work.
Rat's with her.
You take care of her.
Let's get out of here.
Love you.
You gotta clear out of here.
This is a crime scene.
Hey, I'm talking to you.
Where has all this mess begun? Making chili for the fund-raiser.
I don't give a shit.
Let's go.
Where has all this mess begun? Let him make the chili.
Stay in this kitchen, you hear? Yes, sir.
Hey, turn that music off.
He hasn't said a word.
- You sure you didn't cut out his tongue? - Not yet.
And I'm running out of ideas.
You told us we didn't have to worry stateside.
Lobo had no northern network.
They don't.
What's our guest saying? Nada.
He's definitely Lobo.
Ex-military, infantry.
What's that for? Sodium pentothal.
It'll get him talking.
Hey, Gem.
I'll take that.
Hey, what happened to Chaney? Heart attack.
Who's this? Clay.
Long story.
Hey, I'm not gonna let anything happen to you, Gem.
Peace of mind.
Where you land with all this drug stuff? Oh, I'm backing Clay.
You think he's got it handled? Much as I can tell.
You know, he doesn't tell that much to me anymore.
I'm stuck mostly doing bitch work.
Watching you is a pleasure.
He loves you, Tig.
Wouldn't trust anyone else to watch me.
Don't shit on anything, Clay.
That Lobo says there's a rat in your crew with roots in Nogales.
He's a lying puta, ese.
It don't matter Mayan or Son.
That bitch is dead.
That guy is full of shit.
No, he's full of truth serum.
If he says the Lobo's getting intel from a Mayan, he's not lying.
A Mayan with family in Nogales.
Now, who would that be, Marcus? Pedro.
That Pedro? Scumbag was in my clubhouse.
That's how they knew where to hit us, where the cut and the bag was.
Hold on.
Hey, hey, hey.
Look, if Pedro is the pipeline to Lobo then let's feed him something useful.
Our guns.
We'll tell them we're moving them out tomorrow that we're storing them here tonight.
Then you and your guys take them down.
That soldier says there's about 25 Lobos local.
I only have four other men.
I'll need support.
Oh, Jesus.
We're not exactly an infantry unit, bro.
Well, you will be, because make no mistake, gentlemen we're at war.
Come on, brother.
You did good.
Alvarez is gonna bait the hook, let Pedro know the guns will be here at 8.
I'm gonna put the prospects on the warehouse, pull Tacoma into this.
- I'm gonna cancel the fund-raiser.
- No, man.
It's good you be there.
Puts us somewhere else if this gets noisy.
I know every thought that's going through your head right now.
But we gotta roll as one into this.
Otherwise, we're all dead.
Yeah, I know.
You'll get your leadership vote.
Let's hope there's someone left standing to lead.
I'm gonna ride out to Mary's, see my kids.
That's good, man.
Where's Piney? Tequila retreat.
- I'll take a ride out, check in on him.
- Appreciate it.
I'm sorry, man.
I never thought muling would lead to this shit.
I know.
We're in it now, brother.
Got to get it done, move past it.
CSU is there now.
We're putting it together.
I know your wife's been working really hard on this Charming Gardens event.
Well, it's her fund-raiser.
You know, the Sons of Anarchy via Teller-Morrow are all over this thing.
I think it's too dangerous, I want you to cancel it.
That won't be necessary.
Can you promise the violence that happened this morning won't repeat? The only thing I can promise is that I'll do my job.
I've seen firsthand what happens when the club's business bleeds into this town.
My brother died because of it.
No disrespect for the dead, but how long are you gonna beat that drum? You're way out of line, lieutenant.
And where are those lines, mayor? You know, the ones that separate public service from self service? This isn't about my real estate Oh, sure it is! You can wrap it in any type of "I love Charming" package that you want.
But it still funnels back to your pocket.
Now, I will have adequate protection at the fund-raiser.
Charming will be safe.
I'm going over your head on this.
Knock yourself out.
That chili ready yet? No, it's got to simmer for, like, a long time.
No, it's simmered enough.
Give me two bowls of it.
Thought you were in surgery today.
I've been pulled.
Apparently, the hospital feels my presence there is a threat.
Ah, shit.
Am I crazy, Gemma? Why do I believe him when he says it'll get better? Because he means it.
No one saw this coming, baby.
I hate this shit too.
I'm trying this his way.
I really am.
I know you are.
So does Jax.
We pull through, and we stick it out.
That's what family does.
Come on.
Let's go check on that chili.
Come on.
What do you think? Yeah, it's good.
Unique flavor.
Good chili.
Excuse me.
I'll be right back.
Hey, uh, hang on, Gemma.
Hang on.
It's not ready.
Gemma, hey.
Did you follow the recipe? I had to add a few things of my own.
I can see that.
Is it spicy? Uh, very.
Actually made my eyes burn.
What? May have gotten in over my head.
Yeah, it's an old family recipe.
It's a delicate process.
I probably should've made it myself.
Uh, why don't you take it up to the reservation? I think Happy likes it that hot.
I accept that.
Bring me out here to pick flowers? Something like that.
Town needs 75K to save this place.
So I hear.
You and me are gonna cover it.
What the hell are you talking about? Charming needs a hero, Elliot.
Hale's backing on Charming Heights is gonna fall apart.
Next time the eminent domain vote comes before city council it's got to lose.
You promised you wouldn't shit on this.
We sway public opinion against Hale.
He loses the 99 on-ramp, and all that land reverts back to you.
We all win.
Hale will just find another way.
Two-year term.
He's already spent a year funneling policy into his own pocket.
These people ain't stupid.
Where you going with this? I ain't going anywhere.
That's the point.
I know who I am, what I do.
Keeping Charming the way it is, that's what I get out of this.
I got no agenda here.
I just want my town back.
Think about it.
I'll see you later.
Well, well, well.
You on task or is this a, uh, social call? I'm just checking in.
I'm fine.
Yeah? Yeah.
I know you and Clay have been going at it over this whole cartel thing.
You don't know anything.
Look, I get it.
You're pissed.
I'm just trying to tell you my side of it.
Do you have a side anymore? Okay.
I'm sorry.
For ten years, I gave up on this club.
Rode my limit just to keep the patch.
And then you came up.
You reminded me so much of John.
Just It felt like maybe our idea still had a chance.
Well, I'm not my old man.
Oh, I'm very clear on that now.
You need to rip him off the pedestal, Piney.
bailed on all of us.
You trying to tell me you didn't know about Maureen Ashby? About Trinity? Maureen was a distraction.
When your brother took a turn for the worse, your dad was right back here.
Yeah, damage already done.
We all do damage.
Character's determined by how we repair it.
Well, J.
didn't repair much.
He didn't have a chance.
You do.
I'm fixing what matters! You know, my old man was right about one thing.
This club has lost its way.
And I thought I was the guy that was gonna change that.
And then I realized that that arrogance that that belief that one man can change it is what drove my old man into the ground.
Defeat is not what killed your father.
I don't want to hear about history.
I'm taking care of what's in front of me.
You and Clay both.
This isn't about Clay.
It's about me.
It's about me figuring out what I gotta do today that keeps me alive tomorrow.
This ain't about the club, Piney.
It's about my family.
I won't tell you how much you just sounded like your old man.
Your father was He was the best man I ever knew.
And before you let him die you should find him and know that for yourself.
I go to sleep I'm with a dream of you And when I wake up There 'II be no one 'Cause I know love When I feel it There's no use trying To conceal it It's good to see you guys.
- Rita.
- Hey.
Good turnout.
Was hoping for more, but yeah.
It's good.
You're Dr.
Rita Roosevelt.
H I.
Thank you so much for being part of our committee.
My pleasure.
Uh, so how much have you raised? Some.
Excuse me.
It was nice meeting you.
You, uh You didn't know you were part of the committee, did you? No.
Are you okay? This was a waste of time.
Oh, come on, that's not true.
It was grandiose of me to think I could pull this off.
No, you went with your gut.
You did something because it was right.
Created tension between you and the mayor.
Well, you know, that's my favorite part.
I love getting under that guy's skin.
Roosevelt? Excuse me.
What? I was hoping I could say a few words to the folks, make a formal donation.
Family friendly.
Yeah? It's okay.
That went well.
My wife grew up in this town.
It became my home 31 years ago.
I love Charming.
I know some of you have an opinion about my club.
You think maybe we overstayed our welcome.
But ask yourself this.
What's worse? A few broken windows, some fighting now and again or bulldozers gutting the heart of your town? Sons of Anarchy have always stood up for Charming.
We pride ourselves in knowing that we've kept this town tight-knit supported and protected small-business owners.
Charming Heights is the beginning of the end.
Sooner or later, your businesses are gonna end up just like this garden hanging on by a thread, hoping, praying for the charity of others.
Tonight, I offer that charity.
Two checks.
Seventy-five thousand dollars.
- Nice.
- Yeah.
One of those checks is from me, so I know what you're thinking.
Blood money, probably stole it.
It's okay, you can think that.
But the other check comes from a man who believes in this town even more than I do.
A man whose family has pumped lifeblood into this community for almost 50 years.
So, if you can't thank me you should definitely thank him.
The guy who should be mayor.
Elliot Oswald.
Right there.
Got two vehicles.
Wait for my signal.
He)' Come on.
Let's do it, guys.
One of them's leaving.
That's Luis.
Where'd they go? Check it.
No one on the perimeter.
What the hell is this? - Trojan tortilla? - That's gotta be rigged.
This thing will blow us all to hell.
Where's Pedro? Open it.
Step back.
Jesus Christ.
How the hell did they know that we were waiting for them? Pedro never left our sight.
Looks like the competition's one step ahead.
Send Samtaz the rest of Armando.
Luis is sending more guys.
Be here tomorrow.
Gonna keep Tacoma at the warehouse.
This is for Galindo to fix.
We'll get Romeo up here, clean it up.
Gonna head back to the warehouse with Tacoma.
I won't be able to sleep.
It's just a matter of time before it hurts our kids.
I'd never let that happen.
I'm sorry.
I have to go.
I have to get them out of here.
I know.
I thought I knew what we were getting into.
We're in over our head.
There's a conference up at Providence Hospital in Oregon, day after tomorrow.
They're interested in me.
You should go.
Take Elyda, bring the boys with you.
Just stay there until things calm down here.
Then we'll figure it out.
What about Gemma? Tell her the truth.
You're protecting our family.
Hey, baby.
Where are you? Heading home.
You okay? Yeah.
The thing with the cartel? Yeah, we're still working it.
Uh, I'm gonna stay at the clubhouse, try to figure some of this shit out.
You want me to come by? No, I'm in lockdown in the chapel.
I need the quiet.
Love you.
Love you too.
You okay? Yeah.
Take me home, Tiggy.
Oh, shit.
You scared me, man.
Jesus! What the hell are you doing? You coward! Get up.
Come on.
Get up.
Come on.
All right.
Come on, boy.
Come on.
Let me tell you About this little girl I know She got blue eyes And a ways to go She got a head full Of I don't knows Either pull the trigger or let me in.
She's a lot like This one-horse town Give me the nine.
It's like a lost case Of being found And the boot.
Gotta keep moving on Gotta keep rollin' round I been smoking That old whiskey down I got a lost case Of being found There.
You got something to tell me? Shit went down today, things got complicated with Galindo.
I'm gonna need more time.
More time, more death.
Yeah, I'm trying to do the right thing here.
The right thing for you.
That's all you've ever done at the head of that table.
Lead by greed.
Well, if you hated me so much why'd you sponsor me? Patch me in? Because back then, you could be trusted.
Ah And so now I'm supposed to trust you? These, um pointed letters you're supposed to have.
What's to prevent you from showing them even after I kill the cartel deal? That's a risk you're gonna have to take.
I'll call Romeo.
But if there's retaliation, that blood's on your hands.
Well, the broken part of me And this trouble so hard And even after I lost you Where are the letters? Where did you put them? They're not here.
Where are they? I been rollin' and rollin' Honey, all the night through Tara still got them? My God, how would Tara know? She's the one that gave them to you.
You don't think I knew that, old man? Just leave her out of it, huh? Too late.
Well, the wasted part of me And this trouble so hard Well, the wasted part of you ls your half filled-up heart We been rollin' and rollin' Honey, all our lives through Still drunk, still crazy, still blue I'm still drunk Still crazy I'm still blue