Sons of Anarchy s04e14 Episode Script

To Be, Act 2

Previously on Sons of Anarchy: Wait, I got money! I got Asian backing.
Billionaire sex freaks.
They looking for other investments? All the time.
Hale's investors came together.
Charming Heights is a go.
City Council hearing is tomorrow night.
Pushes through construction of Charming Heights.
Hale found his investors.
Oh, God.
Dad? Oh, my God.
What are you doing here? Clay killed your old man.
Wanna tell me what happened to Piney? Clay killed my old man.
Did you know? No, Ope! You're gonna die.
Ope! Don't make me kill you.
Oh, shit.
Christ! - Call an ambulance! - We're prepping for surgery.
Just keep him alive.
Clay will keep on hurting everyone that gets in his path.
Where are the letters? I'll give them to Clay.
We put this to bed.
This may be the only way we get out of this alive.
They're in the storage unit.
I know Clay and Piney were beefing over this cartel shit.
Wasn't over the cartel.
It was these.
They're letters from your father.
Clay killed your father stole that seat away from this family, gunned down your father's best friend.
He tried to kill your wife.
He's a murderous traitor.
You take your place at the head of this table where you belong.
You kill Clay.
This is how you do it.
It's a blood thinner.
He'll bleed into his lungs and drown.
You kill him, and then you come and get me and our boys and drive us out of this poisonous town.
What are you doing? Everything you taught me.
He's mine.
You know how the cartel does business.
Don't like what you hear, take your guns and go home.
- You'll be at that sit-down? - Absolutely.
I'm your guy.
Juan Carlos just locked down our Irish-cartel gun meet.
We got a member inside who may have flipped.
Otto Delaney.
Does Otto know about us? No, but the Feds could be circling us.
Not sure who he's talking to but he never sold out your club.
- You sure? - Trust me.
I'll see you at 3.
We're a go.
In the last 16 months this case has taken 98,000 man-hours in four different countries.
Recently, it claimed the life of our colleague, FBI Agent Ronald Worski.
Now our sacrifices and hard work allow us this moment an opportunity to bring three violent and criminal organizations to justice.
Ladies and gentlemen, we are clear to execute all warrants.
All right.
I like that.
And whatever or whomever you believe in may it grant you safety and speed.
We're out.
Yeah, he covered it.
That's good.
I talked to Teller.
MC's on board.
Irish will be there.
Transport's all set.
All right.
Let's go.
We don't wanna be late.
What's up? Got one of each big gun in the back of the van.
Okay, good.
Take a walk, all right? Make sure none of the Wahewa are around.
- Got it.
- Tell Casey to pull back.
- Make sure they don't spot him.
- Where's the rest'? Jax is early.
They'll show.
Pull back just a little bit, Casey, don't let them see you.
Hey, hold it right there.
Oh, my God.
What's going on? You got it.
What the hell are they doing here? Alphonse Medina, operative supervisor, Central Intelligence Agency.
You Lincoln Potter, AUSA? Let me guess.
You recruited Señor Parada and Torres from Grupo Aeromóvil.
- Can we talk in private? - No.
If the three amigos have something to say, say it to my team.
Yes, we've been working with the CIA.
Inside Sonora.
So, what does this mean for RICO? It means our government is backing one cartel to overthrow the others.
Because if you control the drugs you control the politics.
- It's how we stabilize an important ally.
- Oh, yes, that too.
We're shutting down your RICO operation.
Jesus Christ.
This deal with the Sons and the Irish has to go through.
It's all right there.
Justice Department has signed off.
You better brief your team.
They're gonna need to turn over all their files and contacts.
Riding through this world All alone God takes your soul You're on your own The crow flies straight A perfect line On the devil's path Until you die Gotta look this life In the eye - It's okay.
I know what to ask.
- Jackie.
Galen, good to see you.
Where's Clay? Something went down last night.
Clay got shot.
What happened? We're not sure yet.
They hit him at the garage.
Had nothing to do with this.
There's been a problem brewing in Oakland, it's a black thing.
Is he gonna live? Yeah.
Yeah, he pulled through the worst of it.
This is Romeo Parada.
Pleasure to meet you.
My associate, Luis Torres.
Heard a lot about you, sir.
When will Clay be back on his feet? It's hard to say right now.
We're up to speed on schedules and routes so I'll be able to talk you through everything.
No, you won't.
I made it very clear to Clay the only way this deal happens is if he's running it.
Galen, we run things as a club.
We can make this work without Clay.
It's not just about making it work.
It's about trust.
I have little in you, and less in them.
When Clay is back at the table, we can discuss the deal.
Until then, there is none.
Galen! Jackie, leave it.
You'll make it worse.
These stubborn bastards won't hear you.
We have to talk.
- Put both of those on tactical.
- Will do.
Goes down as quickly as it goes up.
So that's it, huh? They just let the MCs continue to run drugs and sell weapons to the goddamn cartel.
For the greater good.
What about the smaller good? They are doing this shit in my county.
What is this for? I thought you might want to be the one to release him.
I had the DEA raid his weed shop tell the workers that they picked up the owners.
Gives him a cover story for the last 24 hours.
I've stricken Juice's colored past from the record.
He's He's free and clear.
Why would you do that? Because.
The bad guys won today, sheriff.
And they may not know it yet, but Juice and the MC are on the losing end just like us.
I have tremendous respect for you, Eli.
You're a really odd dude, man.
You know that's really hard to get past, right? I do.
But it serves a purpose.
I don't really like people all that much.
Be well, sir.
You too.
Look, I'm sorry.
We really thought we could pull this off.
Truth is we're in over our heads.
I know Clay thought we could make this work, but we can't.
We're not drug mulers, big arms dealers.
We're small-time, man.
We can't do this anymore.
I'm afraid we're at cross purposes, Mr.
Oh, shit.
Otto Delaney did sell you out.
Attorney was gonna crush this meet with RICO.
We stopped them because we need this relationship to continue.
CIA is subsidizing Galindo.
We need the money from the coke and the Irish guns to do that.
You just heard O'Shay.
He won't deal with me.
Then you better make sure Clay gets well.
Because if you don't, we'll give RICO the green light.
Do the Feds have Bobby and Juice? Just Munson.
That's who Delaney gave up to establish history.
Attorney has more than enough to indict.
When things are running smoothly with the Irish I'll do my best to get Munson clear of all the charges.
Look, whoever replaces Clay might not want this.
Samcro could vote the cartel down.
It's not gonna happen because you will be taking the reins.
And all this stays between us.
If anyone else finds out the club, your family we'll crush your MC.
Did you know that Clay wanted my old lady dead? Were you the ones he hired? He thought she knew too much about our business.
We wouldn't have hurt her.
You did hurt her.
We were going to debrief her, keep her in protective custody.
I'm sorry for what happened.
But we've gotta ask, is she a threat? No.
Then why did Clay want her dead? It's a family problem.
What you're thinking, what you're feeling bury it, son.
Because if Clay goes away, so do you and all your brothers.
We'll be in touch.
I'm sorry.
For reasons that made sense at the time but are pretty hard to defend right now.
What do you want me to say, I'm different? I don't wanna go to prison.
Do you want me to go to prison? Do either of you even feel? Shit.
How many guys did they arrest? None.
It didn't happen.
RICO's gone away for now.
They'll be cutting you loose.
What does that mean? Means the U.
Attorney doesn't have any leverage on you.
Intel on your daddy's been purged.
That is the only proof.
Thought I'd give you the satisfaction of tearing it up.
Why you doing this? You're a criminal.
You do bad shit.
I'm a cop.
I stop you.
I just wanna get back to that.
Yeah, okay.
My office has sent over the outstanding paperwork and the permits required by the city for your review.
Thank you, Mr.
We will now proceed with the C50710.
This is the ordinance to allow the property associated with the 99 on-ramp to Sorry, Your Excellence.
Lincoln Potter, Assistant U.
Attorney, San Joaquin County.
What is this about, Mr.
Potter? We're in the middle of a council meeting.
Moral bankruptcy, sir.
Jacob Hale has scraped the bottom of the barrel to fund Charming Heights.
And he's dumping the sludge in your backyard.
Jesus Christ.
What the hell is this? The Tokyo Fund, as it's called in the mayor's proposal is actually a single investor.
Oh, God.
The Natsuki family.
The largest manufacturer of sex dolls and hardcore sex paraphernalia in the world.
Including the Sumyoung Boy line for the discerning pedophile.
Oh, come on.
Peter, this is bullshit.
He has no right Jacob.
Let him finish.
As a public servant of this district I felt the good people of Charming needed to know the truth.
It's all there.
Feel free to review and explore.
Have a good day.
All right.
Why are you doing this? Because I don't like you.
And the good guys need a win.
Hey, brother.
What did Romeo want? I'll fill everyone in.
Chapel, 8:00.
How's he doing? He's in and out.
Give me a minute with him.
I'll call the guys, tell them about church.
White to Intensive Care.
White to Intensive Care.
What are you? I read the letters.
I know you killed my father.
You tried to kill Tara.
Don't call me that.
The only reason I am not slicing you open right now is because I need this cartel deal to happen and those prick Irishmen won't deal with anyone else.
You gotta let me tell you No.
You're done telling me anything.
Now I tell you.
You're stepping down as president.
You can sit at the table.
You can have a vote.
But that's it.
You keep the Irish happy and you stay out of my goddamn way.
If you don't I'll let the club read the letters.
And I let Opie tell everyone you murdered his old man.
Who gave you the letters? Doesn't matter.
Gemma? You stay away from Tara and my mother.
This is a mistake Do you understand? Yeah.
You may as well kill me.
You're already dead.
You can't leave me, Jackson.
I'm not going anywhere.
Don't worry.
He won't hurt you again.
Then he dumped a duffle bag full of sex toys.
And he just dropped them off and left? Yeah.
Like a freaky messenger.
They called a recess on the vote.
Sorry, LT, but this just came in from Oakland.
It was a hit and run.
Why is it hitting my desk? Victim was Laroy Wayne's girlfriend.
Niners were seen pursuing a guy on a motorcycle and Gang Task Force thinks it might have something to do with the Sons.
Oh, shit.
Is this right? The victim was Veronica Pope? Yeah.
Who's Veronica Pope? Damon Pope's daughter.
Very serious player.
Currently the most dangerous gangster in Oaktown.
How's the wrist? It's fine, considering a bullet just went through it.
Thanks for coming by.
You find anything out? Yeah.
A few things.
You were right.
Clay killed your old man.
You should have let me finish it.
We can't kill him, Ope.
Galen won't deal with me.
We need to keep Clay alive to handle this cartel thing.
We don't need Galindo.
If I kill this Mexican alliance the whole club suffers.
What are you talking about, man? I'm staying.
I'm taking the gavel.
I need you at my left.
Be my VP.
And how does that work with Clay still around? Clay stepped down.
It's our club now.
I don't get it.
Why are you staying? What the hell happened today? I need you to trust me.
Give me a reason.
I'll tell you everything.
And the club.
I just gotta do it at the right time.
In my book, that's lying.
We got church in an hour.
I want you there.
The CIA is behind this Irish-cartel hookup.
They've been playing us.
If I kill Clay the Irish walk away the deal falls apart and the Feds take us all down.
Oh, my God.
I'm not supposed to tell anyone, Tara but I can't have any more secrets.
Okay, baby.
You have to stay.
Walking away from my club is one thing, but letting it die I can't.
It's part of me.
I'm so sorry.
I know you have to go.
Take our boys, go to Oregon.
I'll send you all the money you need.
I love you so much.
He's mine.
There is a house in Charming town They call the Rising Sun And it's been the ruin Of many a poor girl And me Oh, God, I'm one If I listened to my momma Lord, I'd be home today But I was young and foolish Handsome rider led me astray Go tell my baby sister Never do what I have done To shun of the house In Charming town They call the Rising Sun My mother, she's a tailor She sewed my new blue jeans My sweetheart, he's a rambler Lord, he rides an old machine Now the only thing A rambler needs Is a suitcase and a gun The only time he's satisfied ls when he's on the run He fills his chamber up with lead And takes his pain to town Only pleasure he gets out of life ls bringing another man down No, Tig.
You're there, brother.
You good with that? Absolutely.
Sit down.
You all straightened out? Yeah.
I'm good.
Ope coming? What time is it? Eight-oh-three.
He's got one hand On the throttle The other on the brake I'm sorry.
It's okay.
He's riding back to Redwood To own his father's stake I'm not going anywhere.
I'm here, baby, I'm here.
And me I wait in Charming town To gain my love as one And I'm staying here To end my life Down in the Rising Sun And I'm staying here To end my life Down in the Rising Sun