Sons of Anarchy s06e01 Episode Script


Previously on Sons of Anarchy Clay Morrow killed your father.
He's a murderous traitor.
All in favor of Clay Morrow meeting Mr.
Mayhem? Yeah.
We need more than money, ese.
- So what do you want? - Guns! Got some old KG-9s at the warehouse.
Will you let me give them those? Yeah, okay.
I gave Luann this crucifix.
I just want to wear it for a few minutes.
When were you gonna tell me about Oregon? I am pulling my family far away from you, SAMCRO, and all the shit that comes with it.
You take one step out of Charming, the only place you're going is prison.
All I got to do is reach out to those investigators.
You told me exactly what you were gonna have Otto do.
- Lee Toric.
- US Marshal.
The nurse that was murdered, she was my sister.
RICO is dead, bitch.
These next few months will be the most excruciatingly painful time of your sick and miserable life.
State your name for the record.
Way to commit Otto.
Why is Wendy listed on there as a guardian? Just getting things in order.
Do you want to earn your way back in? What does that mean? It means you do everything I tell you to do.
You know what happens to whoever kills me? I'm counting on it.
That's Clay's gun.
This weapon is registered in your name.
It was just used in the murder of Damon Pope.
Can you tell me where you've been this afternoon? - Right here.
- Can anyone confirm that? He went out for a few hours.
I didn't think he'd kill anyone.
Bounty's on Clay Morrow.
I want him dead before his hearing.
I know what you did with Clay.
You had the chance to be different.
I have a warrant.
Conspiracy to commit murder.
You're under arrest, Dr.
Call Lowen.
I feel like my life has taken a turn.
I'm heading down a road I've never been on before.
Nothing is familiar.
The signs don't make sense.
Do I get off the road, or do I keep riding? Do I go alone or take others with me? Who do I trust for the journey? I now understand why being a leader requires isolation.
I have to remove myself from those whose lives were affected by my decisions.
Those I love as well as those I hate.
It's getting more and more difficult to be a brother when my decisions are the ones a father has to make.
By the time you're old enough to make sense of this life, you'll know everything about me-- the things I'm proud of and the things I regret-- and then you'll be faced with your own decisions.
And as much as I want to help you, tell you what to do, those choices will be yours alone.
The only advice I can give you, sons, is to examine who you are as men.
Figure out what's important to you.
Know yourselves.
Juice, heads up! Know what's in your heart.
This is our exit, Rat.
Don't be swayed by fear or history or the opinions of outsiders.
Find your own truth.
It will lead you to the things you love.
How's it going, boss? - Morning.
- Yeah morning.
Miss your grandma? Yeah, come on Oh I know.
Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
It's okay.
Look what I have for you over here.
Come here.
Abel, you got it, you got the ball.
Hey, buddy.
You sleep okay? When's Mommy coming home, Daddy? Real soon.
Let's go, buddy.
Let's go.
Any word on our other inmate? Ooh, there you go.
You're the champ.
We would've heard from County.
I know.
There you go.
Come on, give it back.
There you hey.
I'm gonna go see Tara.
You should head to TM.
I'm with you, prez.
I need to ride alone.
Clear my head.
I'll be fine.
You can help me with the monsters.
All right.
I love you.
Be good for Grandma.
You okay? Yeah.
He's doing a real good job, Mom.
His old man would be proud.
How's your morning? Yeah, tough one for me, too.
Had the memorial for my sister last night.
It's too bad death is the only thing that puts life into perspective, hmm? Gonna be, uh, paying a visit to your MC family today.
I was wondering if you wanted me to say hi to anyone.
Deliver a message? Hmm? No? You sure? Okay.
Oh, I've pretty much used up my favors around here, so you may not see me for a while.
But my friends who have been visiting you every morning they'll keep coming.
You take care of yourself, Otto.
Hey, hey, hey, hey.
Little Tommy.
Come over yonder, let's go out.
Come on, little Tommy, oh.
Come on, come on.
Come on, monkey man.
How are you? Let's go for a walk.
Oh, Chucky.
Expecting trouble? All right.
- What you got? - Awesome.
- Grandma's got a gun.
- It's for Nero's kid.
Hi! Oh, I got you, Tom.
Let's go wake up Uncle Touchy.
How's he handling getting passed over for SA? He's got other things on his mind.
He's still not right yet, you know? Well losing a kid'll do that.
Anything you need, you let us know.
Okay, Mum? Okay? Wake him up, wake him up.
Oh all right! Nice.
Hey, little guy.
You got your grandma's knock.
You good for a couple hours? Oh, yeah, sure.
Yeah, go ahead.
Come on, let's go to the swings.
Where are you going? Diosa.
Things are happening pretty fast between you and that handsome pimp, huh? You a little jealous, Tiggy? Maybe.
You, uh you heard anything from County yet? No.
We haven't heard anything about Clay.
And you won't till he's out of protective custody.
He's in PC? Someone wants him alive.
He couldn't have made a deal that fast.
MC's been RICO bait.
Feds could've jumped on him.
Would Clay rat? I think Clay would do anything to stay alive.
That could be very bad for both of us.
So what do we do? Not a lot we can do in County.
Hearing's in two days.
At the very least, a parole violation sends him back to Stockton.
There we got options.
And you still owe us Trager.
I'm gonna make that right for Mr.
Pope and his family.
My club has been cut in half.
I lose another body, my charter folds.
That ain't my problem.
No, it's not.
All right, when we finish Clay, you deliver Trager.
Understood? Yeah.
Hey, mijo.
Did they tell you anything? No.
Prosecutor's claiming privileged information.
Who are they protecting? Family? Maybe.
Had to be Gemma.
You need to talk to Jax.
Tara, he won't talk to me.
- You need to find out what he - I said no.
I can't let him see me like this.
Your bail hearing's at Hopefully we'll know more then.
I'll check in with you later.
I have to get out of here.
You talk to her? Yeah.
She still doesn't want to see you.
I'm sorry.
She should be home tomorrow.
Should? You think they won't post bail? I can't get anything from the DA's office.
Still don't know what they have on her.
All right.
Jax Tara thinks it was Gemma who turned her in.
How's that? Gemma found out Tara was gonna take the job in Oregon.
She then threatened to lie to the authorities, tell them that Tara asked for the cross so that Otto could kill the nurse and crush RICO.
Jesus Christ.
My mother would never go to the cops.
I think there's very little your mother wouldn't do to keep those boys close.
What time's the hearing? All right, I'll see you there.
Where's Jax? What's this gash doing here? Please, I need your help.
Lyla's hurt really bad.
Unser, you got him? Love you.
Your AK waterblaster.
Oh, thanks, sweetheart.
Sorry to keep you waiting, mama.
That's okay, baby.
I sucked some cock, made a few bucks.
You're buying lunch.
What's with this? Mmm, buying your son's affection.
No presents for me? Maybe.
I need to talk to you.
We okay here? Yeah.
Family thing.
Hey, use my room.
What's going on? Did you threaten to turn in Tara if she took that job in Oregon? Guess she finally talked to you.
No, she still won't talk to me.
Lowen told me.
Answer the question.
Of course not.
I mean, yeah, I may have - said something about if she - Jesus Christ.
I was trying to scare her smart.
And I would never go to the cops, you know that.
It's Wendy you should be worrying about.
- She's got Tara - Don't change the goddamn subject.
Mom, why do you always have to stir shit up with me and Tara? We got a situation out here, yo.
- Jax - What happened? I didn't I want Ope.
Please, oh, God, I want Opie.
I want Opie.
Riding through this world All alone God takes your soul You're on your own The crow flies straight A perfect line On the devil's bed Until you die Gotta look this life In the eye What happened? It was supposed to be just some fetish stuff.
Sadoplay, cage time.
It was torture porn.
They never told me.
The more I asked them to stop, the more they hurt me.
Jesus Christ.
- Who were they? - Persians.
Ghanezi brothers.
I met one of them through the Saffron producers.
They had references.
You're a stupid whore.
I'm the one that got her out of there.
I asked her to get me the work, Jax.
My best asset has a bullet wound in it.
Can't do the girl-girl stuff.
I need money.
I got three kids now.
Hey, Lyla, w-why didn't you say something? I don't take charity.
Lyla, this gets settled.
You understand? Where are they? Stockton.
Near the navy docks.
I have an address.
How many were there? I saw about five or six.
Couple of 'em had guns.
- You know these guys? - No.
But if we decide to head to the docks, we got to make it good with Barosky.
He's an ex-cop, he runs the port.
And how do we know that these sandpigs don't work for him? He's right.
We should check it out first.
Your crew back us up? Yeah.
All right, I'm gonna get Lyla back to the clubhouse.
Come on, sweetheart.
I'll clean it up.
She'll be fine.
How you doing, Clay? Lee Toric, US Marshal.
You mind if I sit? Retired? Ain't you fishing in the wrong hole? We both should be fishing.
But here we are.
I know you didn't kill Damon Pope.
A man with your skill and experience wouldn't be so careless as to toss a weapon with prints a few hundred yards from a murder scene.
My guess? Jax Teller took out Pope.
From what I hear, he blames Pope for the death of his friend in the catacombs here.
But then he pins the murder on you.
Why? Maybe you just didn't love him enough as a kid.
Hmm? Outlaws turning on outlaws is nothing new.
But an old lady turning on her old man that's a serious breach of MC protocol.
What happened there? Maybe I just didn't love her enough.
As the proud owner of three ex-wives, that unfortunately makes sense.
Let me guess.
You're the guy I can thank for this private suite here.
- Yes, I am.
- Mm-hmm.
So, just how does a sidelined fed get that kind of juice with County? I've earned a few favors with ATF.
You're welcome.
But my privileges are winding down, and I'm afraid it's checkout time, Clay.
Next shift change puts you back in gen pop.
You know what happens then.
Black pope takes white pawn? Mm-hmm.
- What do you want? - SAMCRO.
- Who you working for, man? - No one.
Otto Delaney ripped open my sister's throat to beat RICO for Jax and your club.
This isn't about a case or my career.
This is very personal.
If you want to live, let the guard know before the next shift.
There's no oven.
How you gonna bake anything? Oh, I'll figure it out.
Jury says you can keep this as long as you need it.
Thanks, Quinn.
No problem.
You like being around here? Yeah, they're a good crew.
Miss being a Nomad? Every day.
Let's talk later.
I want to bounce something off you.
All good, man.
I'll see you at the house.
Is there anything I can do? Pick up some groceries or? I'm good, I'm good.
Appreciate the help.
I'll see you at Jury's.
Yeah, sure.
Uh, how long you staying? I said I'll see you at Jury's.
Hey, whoa.
Huh? Easy, easy.
- What are you doing here? - Looking for you.
I heard about what happened to Tara.
Yeah, guess that puts a little wrench in your guardian plans.
Tara put together a will that named you as guardian to those boys.
I didn't ask her to do that.
Doesn't matter now.
Well, I guess not.
Look, Gemma, I'm done fighting.
The shit that went down last week? Almost cost me three years of sobriety.
I can't do it.
Abel's with his dad.
If I try to change that, either I'm gonna get killed or he's gonna get hurt.
Just keep him safe.
Please? And, uh what if Tara pushes that will on Jax? I am not gonna let her make me a guardian.
If I have to be completely honest I think I actually kind of miss this place.
Mario, come on.
- Come on, get me out of here.
- Give it to her harder.
Destruction! Destroy, destroy! - Seek and destroy! - Get off me, you bastard! Very good.
Even harder.
That's nice.
Good, finally you're doing good.
No! How you want to do this? Let's try knocking on the door.
Right, right.
- Amir! Amir! - What? Are you expecting these guys? Morning.
We're looking for the Ghanezi brothers.
Who are you? Fellow pornographers.
Ever hear of a place called, uh, Caracara? - No.
- We're a small studio.
Tame stuff compared to what you guys do.
And what is it that we do? Let's take a look, huh? Whoa, whoa, whoa.
I suggest you tell Zero Dark Shithead over there to put down that piece.
Good boy.
Move! Hap.
You hurt one of our girls.
Friend of mine.
Lyla Winston.
Who? The Saffron Sisters.
What's the problem? She got paid.
She knew what it was.
Actually, she said you weren't real clear about the gig.
She had no idea she was gonna get cut, burned and beaten.
Come on.
It's a job.
All the girls know it.
What about her? Did she sign up for a gangbang and a beatdown? Yeah, I guess that cage shit over here, that was part of her contract, too, huh? Untie me.
Get her out of there.
You can't just walk in here and tell us what to do.
Yeah? I'm trying to handle this in a calm, professional manner.
But unless you want to be the one on that mattress while four white boys go jihad on your ass, I suggest you pay these girls and let them go.
Pay the girls.
Go now.
You, scumbag.
Lie down.
It's okay, it's okay.
Gun! Amir, go, go! No! The older one got away, Jackie.
Put him in the cage.
Move, piece of shit.
Is that piss? And vinegar.
- Jax! - What you got? Chronic and Astroglide.
- Need any lube? - This kind.
Police! Freeze! Get down! Get down on the ground! Let me see some hands! Both hands behind your head! Let's go! Damn.
I knew things had gotten bad in Stockton, but I didn't know you guys were working out of Dumpsters now.
There's a few more of 'em back at Quigley's supply house.
- These two run the crews.
- Thanks, guys.
Keep the dope.
- Charlie Barosky.
- You know who I am? Yeah, we know.
And still you bounce into my neighborhood, turn shit upside down.
Not even a phone call.
- Those Persian scumbags - Persia hasn't been a country since 637 AD.
They're called Iranians.
Those Iranian scumbags, they're doing torture porn and rape films.
Not being real clear with the talent.
They hurt one of our girls.
We run Diosa.
Nero, right? Sorry, yeah.
Nero Padilla.
Jax Teller.
I thought you guys left Stockton.
Well, things got a little complicated on the east side, so we set up down in Morada.
Outside Charming.
That's where my MC's based.
You still an escort service? Yeah, why? I work with someone runs girls out of the port.
She's looking to go legit.
We could help.
Been looking to move back to Stockton.
Is that right? Yeah, yeah, we could talk about it.
- Now, about this Iranian problem - Yeah, we're sorry we stepped on your toes.
We didn't know what we were walking into.
Sounds like some real sick shit.
Come on in, get something to eat.
I'll make a few calls, see how we clean it up.
So I'm thinking maybe you should bounce expansion talks off of me, partner? I saw an opening.
You don't like it, we don't do it.
Welcome back.
Gem Ma'am.
Now you've had your hand on my tits, you can't call me "ma'am" anymore.
- Okay, m Gemma.
- Uh-huh.
Where is everyone? Some porn prick messed up Lyla.
So they went up to Stockton to straighten it out.
Um, she's actually laying down in the clubhouse.
Why don't you go see if she needs anything? - Okay.
- Don't grab her tits.
Oh, okay.
How's Bobby? He doesn't really say much.
Maybe do him some good, spending time with Jury's crew.
New pussy, change of scenery.
Nah, it's more than that.
I got a feeling he's gonna patch out of Redwood.
And go where? Started out Nomad.
Nomads folded.
All you need is four members that don't have a home anymore.
That's not gonna happen.
So how are you? I'm tired.
Haven't heard anything.
Can I ask you something? No.
And I'm not gonna ask you.
It's done.
A crooked cop opens a crooked donut shop.
No one else sees the irony in that? The shortbread is bloody marvelous.
Guy who rented Ghanezi the space had no idea what they were doing.
He's got no problem making 'em go away.
How much damage did you do? Muscle took a flesh wound.
Left one of the brothers locked up.
- No damage to the space.
- Okay.
I keep the cash, we call it even.
Next time you do business here, I'm your first stop.
Yeah, we know.
You go cut the Persian loose.
I'll set the meet with Colette.
- Dino - Come on.
I'll give you a ride to the docks.
How are your accommodations? - Confined.
- I'm sorry.
I wanted to give you a few days to adjust before we spoke.
This was you? How? I focused the Department of Justice on the facts.
Pointed out your marital connection to the club.
The RICO case.
The documents you forged to access Otto.
Did you think they wouldn't find those? Hmm? I only did that so I could talk to him.
You are aware these rooms are being monitored.
You just acknowledged committing a felony.
You're right, I should wait for my lawyer.
I hope she tells you the truth.
Because it's not looking very hopeful.
You probably won't have to do serious time, but they'll they'll want to make an example out of you.
Probably hit you with at least five to seven.
And I guess you're here to tell me how you can help? I have no desire to help you.
I want to use you.
You need to give up your husband.
Jax had nothing to do with your sister's death.
And he would never have ordered a member to kill a woman.
Because he's so noble.
Otto killed your sister with that cross to hurt Jax, not help him.
I can offer WITSEC.
For you and your boys.
Anywhere you want.
I know it's not how you wanted to do it, but the end result is the same.
And how do I tell my sons I'm the one who turned on their father? I don't know.
But at least you'll be alive to do it.
And so will they.
Your protection is a favor of the marshals' office.
Once the DA starts spinning the case, my contacts won't want to step on local toes.
Means you got about two weeks to decide.
I don't need two weeks.
I'm not guilty and I'm not a rat.
Fair enough.
You take care of yourself, Doctor.
You, too.
Could've filled that dude full of propane.
I know.
No smoking in front of that shit.
All right.
That was Gemma.
Juice is back.
Wasn't sure he had the balls to come back here.
I know.
What are we gonna do with him? I mean, we tied up all the loose ends.
You know? Can't ignore the shit he's pulled.
He's a risk, Jackie.
Maybe he can earn it back.
That's a club decision.
Our table is in pieces.
The shit that Juice pulled that knowledge crushes the brotherhood even more.
Let's give him a chance to prove himself, then decide.
Barosky set up a meet with this, uh, Colette, eh? His shop in about an hour.
Okay, good.
Me and Nero will stick around.
Meet with the madam.
You and Hap head back.
Let Ghanezi out of the cage.
Tell him the Persian Empire's fallen.
- Hey.
- Hey.
- Thank you.
- You ready, brother? All right.
Hey, Tig.
Check out that production equipment, all right? - See what's there.
- You thinking more Caracara? I'm thinking you don't need to know.
Yep, yep.
Open the door, you stupid shit.
Take off.
Take off where? This is our place.
This is our equipment.
You just lost your lease.
Just get out of here.
Get out of here and don't come back.
Go on.
Wait, wait.
What'd you what'd you say there? I hope you watch our movies and see your daughter raped.
Maybe you'd like to see that.
"Oh, Daddy.
Daddy, that hurts.
" I met Charlie when I was on the street.
He was impressed with my, uh, business acumen.
He set me up.
And what does Uncle Charlie take? He gets his port rent and security vig.
Same way he did as a cop.
So if you don't get hassled by the PD, uh, why do you need an escort front? More than half my clientele comes off a ship.
Last year there was some trouble, the navy starts cracking down on whore time.
My business took a dive.
So why don't you go legit on your own? Prostitution arrests.
It'll never happen.
That's right.
So I need a partner.
So you understand there's more than just filling out paperwork.
State, they do inspections.
The girls, they have to be professional.
- Place has got to be nice.
- I got all that.
Come see my house.
It's very nice.
And my girls are the ones pushing for this.
They want to clean it up, go more legit.
- Three-way split? - Yeah.
House expenses and Charlie's fees, they come off the top.
House expenses.
Charlie? That's your cost.
Hey, y-you're paying for our, uh, expertise.
Let's go take a look.
Um, I got to go see my kid.
Another time? We'll talk.
I'm sure we will.
I see a ring on your finger but not his.
He's with someone.
And trust me, you do not want to rock that boat.
And what about your old lady, hmm? Is she okay with your line of work? My bike's out front.
I'll follow you.
Where's Abel? Oh, uh I left him with the girls.
I told him Lyla had the chicken pox.
Good thinking, Uncle Touchy.
You know that makes me sound like a pedophile, right? That's why I like it.
You know, I really appreciate you helping out with the boys, Wayne.
- Means a lot.
- Yeah, right.
It's my pleasure.
You haven't, uh, said anything about Clay.
Means I don't want to.
Listen, uh, I know you got yourself a new friend and all, but, uh, you can still talk to me, Gem.
I know you better than anybody.
Yeah, you do.
But right now, I really don't want to know myself.
Hey, I'm looking for Jax.
He's in Stockton.
What's wrong? I need to tell him something, uh Could you, uh could you go check on the boys? Oh, yeah, sure.
Excuse me.
What do you want to tell him? That his mother ratted out his wife? I'm just passing on a message.
Yeah, well, here's a message for you, Lady Law.
Remember who you work for.
You're right.
Helping Tara and the MC might be a conflict of interest.
Guess I'll have to figure out which innocent is more in need of a good defense.
Choose wisely.
I'd hate for Tara to be the last client you ever had.
I left My home in Georgia Headed for the 'Frisco Bay 'Cause I got nothing to live For, and nothing Is coming my way I I've been sitting on the Dock of the All the way, baby.
In my pocket.
Tell him I want a deal.
We use the living room as a lobby.
Upstairs we have four bedrooms.
Small bar right off the kitchen.
And we turned the back porch into a massage room.
- Feels comfortable.
- It is.
We make these navy guys feel at home.
Half the time, they just want to sit here and talk.
You own it? Long-term lease.
No property taxes.
Utilities, insurance, comfort amenities, that's the only overhead.
When you had the navy clients, what'd you turn in a day? Hmm, with a full house I can turn all five rooms at least six or seven times.
$150 to $600 a date.
That's good.
You be up for mixing girls? Yours and Diosa's? Variety is the key to stimulation.
I'll remember that.
I should head out.
You should stick around.
Visit some of the girls.
We got a rule at Diosa.
Never date your coworkers.
That's a stupid rule.
Hey, sweetie.
Linens are done in the dryer.
I got Dr.
I got it.
Mother's work's never done.
We'll talk soon.
It's Ally Lowen.
What's going on? I talked to Tara this afternoon.
I wanted to tell you this in person.
What? She doesn't want you at the hearing tomorrow morning.
She wants to do it alone.
Jax? Yeah.
I heard you.
I'm sorry.
She'll be fine as soon as she's home.
I'll call you when we're done.
All right.
Clear out.
- Close the door, Rat.
- Right.
What's up? What's going on? I'm a bit worried about you, Juicy.
- I'm okay, man.
- No, no, no.
Not how you are.
I'm worried about what you might do.
I don't know what you mean.
You stole from us to help a cop.
- And you killed a brother.
- No.
- Miles tried to - You ratted.
And then you took a cowardly swing from a tree.
Never meant to hurt the club.
But you did.
And for some reason, Jax has given you a pardon.
And there's nothing I can do about that.
But I got to get right with it somehow.
I love you, brother.
I know.
Thought you were heading out.
I am.
You okay? Yeah.
You know, I listen almost as good as I suck dick.
I'm sorry, it's a family thing.
Wife or kids? Both, I guess.
That's a drag.
Come on.
Give me a hand.
Housework always centers my chi.
- Here you go.
- Say "thank you.
" Thank you.
This is awesome! Help-- oh, oh! Lucius, come on! You're getting me wet! Yep.
A gun.
Oh, my God!