Sons of Anarchy s06e11 Episode Script

Aon Rud Persanta

Previously on Sons of Anarchy Is Tara divorcing me? And taking my sons? Yes.
The pregnancy was it a lie? - Tara was just trying - Get out! - I'm sorry.
- You are not sorry! Do you know why you're not capable of being a mother? Because you're a coward.
What is that supposed to mean? It means you're a stupid, weak junkie.
Gaalan let me know that the offer for me to be the distributor's still on the table.
They want to spring me out of here.
Take down the transports bringing me to my hearing in two weeks.
Clay's trial has been moved up.
They transport him tomorrow.
Complicates our plan.
Gonna need some help.
We're not part of taking down that transport.
We both need this to happen.
Moves guns forward for us, puts 'em behind you.
I'm here to make you an offer.
Gaalan O'Shay.
I will deliver him with a shipment of guns, open and shut.
What's in it for you? Immunity for the MC for all gun charges.
Wendy! Looks like she was trying to get herself in rehab.
Wayne, pack her a bag.
Where are we going? Home, sweetheart.
- I want your deal.
- I'm sorry.
That deal's no longer on the table.
There are other things pending.
If you fear for the safety of you and your boys I can help.
No, you can't.
Hey, you.
Good morning.
Should we go check on Abel? Let's go check on Abel.
Where is he? Work.
Could you please wait outside so I can feed my son? Sure.
When I drop them off at day care, who do you watch then? You.
But no day care.
Jax doesn't want them at St.
Thomas anymore.
This is the immunity agreement.
It covers everyone in or associated with the MC.
And Tara's deal.
As promised.
No jail time.
Now, they're both signed and approved.
They don't get executed until you deliver Gaalan O'Shay and the guns.
There's an old maintenance warehouse out on the west end docks.
Kilmer Pier.
They closed it down a few years back.
I know it.
That's the drop.
Gaalan will be there with the guns sometime between 11:00 and 1:00.
With how many people? Ten, maybe a dozen guys.
They're gonna be cautious and very well armed.
We'll talk after it's done.
You handle this with the sheriffs? Or you bring in Feds and local? That's none of your concern.
Think that helped? I don't know.
Least I'll know I tried.
Yeah, you did.
How's she doing? Well, she's asleep now.
You know, all this stuff you're doing for her? Great.
Mama? Wendy's got to get herself into a rehab.
I know.
I'll make the calls.
We have rough history, me and her.
I was just trying to help her more than hurt her.
For a change.
Hey, you think any of this mercy might ever be able to spill over into Tara's cup? She's the mother of your grandson, Gem.
Come on, that shit ain't never gonna change.
I can't go there.
See, that deep I get it, uh-huh.
I know it.
My ex-- that bitch was shooting junk the whole time she was pregnant.
And the pain that Lucius has to live with that's on her.
Okay? And I-I can chew that hate that I feel for her.
She's dead.
You're not.
Yeah, but I-I'm the one that's still got to live with all that shit.
'Cause I never made it right when she was alive.
I can't forgive her, Nero.
Not now.
Riding through this world all alone God takes your soul You're on your own The crow flies straight a perfect line on the devil's bed until you die Gotta look this life in the eye - Uncle T! - Hey! Hey there, you little monster.
Um, I have to go meet my new lawyer.
Would you mind watching them for a bit? Apparently, I'm not allowed to take them to day care anymore.
Of course.
Oh, boy you're getting heavy.
Where's Gemma? Uh she ain't here yet.
Thank you.
Come with me, big boy.
Uh, Tara I'm sorry the way all this went down.
I know your heart was in the right place.
Unfortunately, where my heart is matters very little.
She seems really sad.
Lot of that going around.
It's not gonna get any better, is it? Not today, Chucky.
Lowen brought me up to speed on everything, both on and off the record.
If there is anything that, uh maybe she didn't know about, now would be a good time to tell me.
I'm prepared to execute the divorce and custody paperwork, but you need to understand the risk here, Dr.
These transcripts about your husband? If we use them to get custody of your boys, he'll have the right to tell his side of it.
Makes it public record.
The DA can use that in the Pamela Toric trial.
And what does that do? The biggest part of our defense is your credibility.
If the DA finds out about the doubts regarding the miscarriage, they'll dig in to get the truth.
If what they find comes back unfavorable I lose my defense.
So I have to choose? My boys or my freedom? There's no guarantee of either.
But essentially, yes, I guess that's true.
- These for us? - Aye.
Just making sure they're untraceable.
Just make sure they run.
They do.
Even filled the tanks.
- Tig, check 'em.
- Yeah, you got it.
- West, Quinn, come on.
- Where's Gaalan? He's meeting us at the hangar.
That's where we're storing the guns for Clay.
Gaalan bringing the shipment with him? After the takedown, me and Hugh will go to the barn, we'll pick it up, we'll meet you at the hangar.
Is he all you got? I'm all you need.
We got Neil positioned outside the prison.
He's our eyes on the road.
So, how we doing this? I'll walk you through it.
Get Tig.
Tiggy! Stay.
You guys, go help 'em out.
We know the route, the crew and the trucks.
It'll be clean, fast and easy.
We're going to need .
50-cals? We'll be having to smash through some bulletproof glass.
Is that the fast or the easy part? I've done this before, lads.
- You have? - Aye.
Local cage in Armagh.
And you sprung Harper from-- where was it?-- Magilligan.
Clay will be loading up in about an hour.
His transport will run through the east end, on to Fremont.
Neil will confirm when he leaves.
Clay will be in an iron wagon, with a lead and follow car.
Six to eight men.
Heavily armed.
We're in four different delivery trucks.
Different colors, different jobs.
Two men in each.
Point A is here, access road off of Fremont.
We park and we wait.
Lots of trucks are coming and going, so it'll look like business as usual.
When we get the call on the approach, we enter Fremont at point B here.
We'll have a clear sight line of the traffic-- both north, south wide open.
You got it? Let's go.
Give it an hour or so, then head back to TM.
You got it, brother.
Yeah, we'll keep 'em entertained.
- You ready? - Yeah.
Why are we pink? Come on, Tiggy.
You love pink.
All right.
We got four of them.
Teller's not there, but I recognize two of them.
Looks like it's real.
All units, we have confirmation.
Stand by.
The Irish aren't going to go down without a fight.
We've got three tacticals ready to close in.
They resist, they're fools.
How do you think this goes down? Irish soldiers, lots of guns.
Only one way it can go down.
Look at my hard-working boys.
Tara had a lawyer thing.
Yeah, I know.
Rat called me.
How's Wendy? Ah, she's hurting.
Nero's keeping an eye on her.
I'm thinking I'm going to take the boys over there.
Might do her some good to see Abel.
Not sure how good it will do Abel.
He's going to find out sooner or later who his mom really is.
So is he.
I guess that's true.
Me helping Tara-- you do know it was all about them.
I know.
Which is still the case.
If Tara gets off, all this shit that's gone down, she's still their mom.
What does that look like? That's Jax's call.
And if she goes away, what happens to them? And don't give me all that club and family rhetoric.
I'm talking about the day-to-day of it, Gemma.
Who takes care of them? I do.
Really? You think you're up to that? You saying I'm too old? I'm saying being a grandma and-and being a mom are two different jobs.
I'm aware of the burden, Wayne.
Come here, baby.
There we go.
What about the burden on them? Opie, Half-Sack, Phil-- they were all somebody's sons.
If their mothers had a chance to do it over again, lead them in a different direction There are no second chances, Wayne.
We get one shot at loving and raising our kids.
And I'm going to do this right.
I have no doubt that you could raise these boys.
I know how much you love them.
But you got to realize this isn't 1967 anymore, sweetheart.
This life, it ain't romantic or free.
There's no path to anything that makes any sense.
It's just dirty and sad.
And we both know it's only going to get worse.
I'm going to get Abel.
If you really don't want these boys here, why are you still helping me? For the same reason I find myself still here, no matter what the upset or damage.
Because I love you.
I'm in love with you.
You here? Yeah.
I'm not having a breakdown, man.
I didn't think you were.
Chibs and some of the other guys, I know they're worried.
Should they be? No.
Just feels different.
I feel different.
I get that.
I got to feel like I'm doing something right, Jax.
Not like "right or wrong" kind of right, but I got to feel like I'm I'm Like you're one of the good guys.
I used to know how to find some of that.
You still can.
- Yeah.
- Neil called.
Only one chaser, five total.
Come on, let's go.
That was Connor.
They're en route.
Transport, only one follow vehicle, five guys.
Here we go.
After this, brother, it's all white hats and tight pussy.
There they are.
Following the transport.
Let's do this.
Come on, baby.
Let's do it.
I suddenly feel the need for speed.
Do it! Holy shit! They got hit! Dispatch, Code Three! Our follow vehicle has been in a collision.
We have an 11-99 in progress.
Requesting immediate backup.
Officers down.
They're still breathing.
Here's Connor.
Let's go, let's go.
Let's move it, move it.
Holy shit.
It's an ambush.
What in the hell do we do? - You want my advice? - Shut up, asshole! Follow protocol, Jenkins, and drive! Got the door! Let's move it! Go, go, go, go, go! Hold on, brother.
Shit! This is Sierra-4-0.
We are under attack.
This is an all-units call! We need everybody at our 20 now! Let him out! No one gets hurt! Who the hell are they, Morrow? Angels sent by the god of justice.
Well, I got news for you, shithead.
This thing's a tank.
Put the guns on the hood now! Open the door! Give me the keys now! Here.
- Take it.
- Get out, get out.
All right, all right, I'm out.
Where the hell are the Irish? In Ireland.
All right, they're leaving! The MC-- they're headed out empty-handed! We just got an all-units request.
Someone's taking down a prisoner transport on East Fremont.
Who's the prisoner? Clay Morrow.
Pulling all our resources to the other side of town.
- Son of a bitch! - Yeah.
All right, let's go.
Come on, move! Come on! Back it up, move it! Come on, let's go! Shit! Hayes! Shit.
How bad is it? Well, the vest took one, but his shoulder's bad.
This is way beyond me, brother.
- You okay? - Yeah.
Clay, wardrobe upgrade.
I'm sorry.
That cop was gonna keep shooting.
I know.
Just head to the airstrip.
No, you can't get that close to the stove right now.
You have to be careful.
Who's at the door? - Hey.
- Hey.
- Hi.
- Mommy! Oh, hey! What you doing there, buddy? Making lunch for Wendy.
She's sick.
That's nice of you.
Abel, maybe you're gonna grow up and be a doctor like your mom someday.
Yeah, she just walked in.
What's the matter? Thanks for looking after them.
Hey, let's put on your shoes, okay? We're gonna go home now, buddy.
Hey, I'll get your shoes.
Come on.
Come up here.
That's it, get up here.
You can join us for lunch.
No, thanks.
What's Wendy doing here? We couldn't get her into rehab until next week, so we're looking out for her until then.
Might be a good idea for a doctor to take a look at her.
Yeah, you should get one.
I don't have a license to practice.
That doesn't matter.
That was Jax; he's been trying to get ahold of you.
Come here, darling.
I want you to go on and get your new books out of Grandma's room.
You show Mom.
Go on.
- Bobby's been shot.
It's bad.
- What happened? I'll tell you on the way over.
Come on.
We gotta go.
So so, what, we just pretend nothing happened and I'm mob doctor again? Well, I'm willing to pretend if it's gonna save his life.
Bobby's gonna die.
Jesus Christ.
All right.
I need to go by my house and pick up my bag.
Here, I got him.
Come here.
Come on, bub.
Oh! I'll be back in a little bit, baby.
Wayne's gonna look after you guys, okay? I'm sorry.
Hey! Where's my where's my lunch? I thought you were making macaroni and cheese? Come on.
Let's go do this.
Copy that.
They're in position.
Trucks weren't registered; no VIN numbers.
We're still canvassing the area looking for wits, cameras, anything that we can find.
What did Jenkins have to say? Eight to ten masked males, assault weapons.
They got away in two trucks.
Hayes got off a few shots into one of them as they were driving away.
Before they ran him over.
We alerted the hospitals in the area.
You want me to round up the MC? Not yet.
I need to reevaluate my options.
All right.
How's it look? I stopped the bleeding, but it's bad.
All right, Tara will be here soon.
- Stay with Bobby.
- You got it.
Thank you, brother.
For today.
He's ready for you.
Thank you, Gaalan.
The gratitude is mine, friend.
We've a lot of work to do, you and I.
Good job, Jackson.
Jesus Christ.
We had a vote.
Decided this had to happen.
Tara and Gemma.
Let them in.
Shut the door.
How is this gonna play out with Nero, Gemma and Tara? Same way.
Get an ETA on Connor.
Bobby's in the truck.
Oh, Jesus.
I need some help.
- Help Tara.
- Yeah.
Thank you.
Everybody else okay? Yeah.
Didn't think I'd see you this soon.
Guess I'm just lucky.
They carting you off to Belfast? I don't think so.
I thought that was the plan.
I think there's another plan.
I'm glad you're not alone, Gem.
Gemma tell you? Coming over.
Now you know everything, brother.
I wish I didn't.
This your way of getting out of guns? Taking down a prison transport, killing a sheriff? 'Cause this shit is all over the news, mano.
It's more than that.
More? Really? I don't know if I could take much more, Jax.
What do you think? It's serious.
I need surgical tools.
That slug's in deep.
There's some shards of glass that are really close to the nerve.
We have to stabilize him.
I can't I can't do it here.
- We'll take him to the cabin.
- Okay.
I need to go by St.
Thomas and get some supplies.
Connor's 15 minutes out.
So, what happens now, Pres? We settle with the Irish.
And, uh, how do we do that with three dead bodies? How would you do it? Well I mean, the smart plan would be to blame it on a bad relationship.
You know, two guys with some history get into a beef.
One thing leads to another.
Couldn't be helped.
Sounds about right.
So, I guess you, uh, had another vote I wasn't privy to.
Yeah, we did.
This time it was unanimous.
Fair enough.
Let's go.
This good? Yeah.
You okay? Yeah.
I'll, um I'll take her to St.
Thomas, get what she needs.
Take her up to the cabin.
Now I know what you meant by "More.
" I'm glad you were here.
What went down today was us burying the last piece of a very broken past.
What you and me are doing together, that's SAMCRO's future.
I'll see you up there.
Thank you.
You sure you don't need us here? No.
Get Bobby up to the cabin.
I'll meet you up there.
Connor will be here any minute, brother.
- That shit with Clay - I didn't know.
They voted that? Yeah.
A few months ago, Clay killed Piney Winston.
One of the original members.
Then he ordered the cartel to kill me.
Because I knew what he did to John Teller.
Jax stopped them, but that's, um, how my hand got crushed.
Ruined my career.
Clay Morrow should've been dead a long time ago.
I'm sorry.
It's okay.
I hated him so much.
- Hello.
- Dr.
Knowles, Thyne Patterson.
- I need to speak with you.
- About what? The Sons of Anarchy.
Can you meet me at my office? Uh, no.
Your office then, at the hospital.
I'm on my way.
- Was that Jax? - No.
- Lawyers.
- Sorry.
I know that's probably - You okay? - Yeah.
- Yeah? - Go.
Looks good, Jackie.
Yeah? Come on, pull it in here.
Where's all your men? Took Bobby to get patched up.
He gonna make it? Aye, think so.
- Gaalan in the office? - Yeah.
You, uh, need help unloading the guns? - I appreciate it.
- Yeah, sure.
Mother of Christ.
Aw, Jesus.
Easy brother.
Let me tell you what happened here.
Clay and Gaalan had some kind of side deal.
It went bad.
They started arguing.
Clay shot Gaalan.
Your men ran in.
Clay dropped them, too.
When he turned on us, we had no choice.
We killed him.
What the hell did you do? We did what we had to.
We killed the man that killed your men.
That's what you're gonna tell the Kings.
Did you murder them all? You're not listening to what I'm saying.
I am giving you the truth you need.
The only story that protects both of us.
Any other truth, you look like a failure.
Clay was keeping our gun business alive.
That still happens.
You tell Roarke and the others that August Marks is their only option in Northern Cali.
The Chinese are gonna jump on the market if the IRA wait to find another distributor.
It's work with black or lose it all.
You played me, you bastard, didn't you? If I did, I played you right into the number one slot.
It's up to you whether you want to stay there.
You're a smart, decent guy, Connor.
We both know this had to happen.
It was gonna be you and me lying on the floor if it didn't.
They earned that blood.
So let's move past it.
So we can both go home to our families.
The Kings will want to know your side of the story.
Whatever you need.
And what if they don't believe us? Then what? Then we swear on a stack of Catholic bibles.
I'll call Belfast in the morning.
We're going to need to leave the KG-9's here with the bodies.
Take the rest of the guns.
Store them in the beverage warehouse.
Why? I need to deal with a local problem.
I'll cover the cost of the guns.
I'll be back as soon as I can.
That was rough, mama.
I'm sorry.
I don't know why I'm so goddamn sad.
Hey, good or bad, Clay was a huge piece of your life.
You know? It's going to take a minute.
He's not worth a minute.
Where are you at with the club? Or shouldn't I be asking? Godfather paradox.
More distance I try to create, closer I get.
Jax loves you, Nero.
I see how he looks at you.
How he listens to you.
Yeah, well little too old to adopt.
You can always marry me.
No offense, mama.
I've seen what happens to your husbands.
It ain't pretty.
It's not.
I'm so glad you're in our lives.
Me, too.
Thank you for coming.
What do you want? Can you tell us where you were today? Why? Clay Morrow didn't make it to the county courthouse.
His transport was ambushed.
Eight or nine unknown assailants.
They killed one of our sheriffs, injured three-- two critically.
I heard.
I'm sorry.
Those other complications I had pending are now off the table, which means I've decided to take you up on your offer.
In exchange for your cooperation against the MC, you'll get immunity from Pamela Toric's murder.
What about my boys? And protection.
If you want Witness Protection, it'll mean using RICO.
You'll have to provide us with a federal crime.
Gunrunning, extortion, murder.
Just tell us who broke out Clay.
What would I have to do? Provide us with irrefutable evidence.
If I pulled a bullet out of a club member from today's shooting-- a sheriff's bullet-- it would have DNA on it.
Would that be proof? With your testimony, yes, that would put the member at the crime scene, prove the Sons were responsible.
I'm going to need more time.
- How much time? - At least until tomorrow.
You only have one chance at this, Doctor.
I have to go.
Gemma's waiting outside.
So, what do you think? I think she's in for a very long night.
Do you want me to tail her? No.
We don't want to put her at risk.
I'll call up the DOJ, dig in about getting her WITSEC.
Galt division just followed up on an anonymous tip.
Found four dead bodies and six cases of KG-9's in a hangar off 104.
Two of the DB's, Clay Morrow and Gaalan O'Shay.
Looks like it's going to be a long night for everybody.
- Sorry, Doc.
- It's okay.
Wow, wow, wow.
That was beautiful, Doc.
Just one more little piece, and he should be out of the woods.
"Where was her white frilled cap? And her gown and petticoat? And how small she had grown, and how brown.
And covered with prickles.
Why, Mrs.
Tiggy-Winkle was nothing but a" - Hedgehog.
- That's right.
"But then how could she have found three clean pocket handkins?" Why don't we finish - Uh, sorry.
- Hey.
Didn't mean to disturb your story time.
Here you go.
I'll, uh, check on Wendy one more time, and then I'm gonna split.
Thank you, Wayne.
Good night.
Hey, baby.
Welcome back.
Welcome back, Bobby.
Teller kept his promise.
Gave you Gaalan and the guns.
No, he didn't.
The deal I made didn't include a stack of dead bodies.
I know you didn't have to help us today.
Thank you.
I'm just glad he's going to be okay.
I understand why you did everything you did.
I'm sorry being with me took you to that place.