Soul Eater (2008) s01e07 Episode Script

Black-blooded Terror - There's a Weapon inside Crona?

1 Late Night Show Late Night Show Bones 10th anniversary project A healthy soul, resides in a healthy mind and a healthy body.
Now, go ahead and eat many many To become the ultimate terrifying being Eat a lot.
This is a free fansub.
Not for sale or rent.
This is sudden, but it's two weeks until Excalibur appears.
Because we want to liven this up, we announce the start of the Excalibur Festival! Bring on the spoilers!! Italy, I've arrived! You're really cool, Italy! Oi, Maka, isn't this place mouth-watering? It's like an Italian pasta buffet here! Because this place is none other than Italy- We're not here to play around! We came here strictly as an extra-curricular activity, ok? Ouch.
Yeah, I know that.
Assassin Sonson J.
is our target, right? I'm glad you get my point.
Yeah, but they only come out at night, right? Either way, kicking back comes later.
First, it's reconnaissance in the town, ok? Aww, why Let's see Reconanaissance, reconnaissance.
My bad.
Whoa, hold it, you little! What is it? Asshole, what's with that attitude when you've just bumped onto someone? Do you even know who we are? Your accent sucks, man.
I can't understand you.
What was that?! Well, whatever.
We'll teach you who we are if you don't know.
We're the ones in control of this city, the Matzerati.
Make sure you remember that.
I don't really care about you guys Soul! Let's hurry up and continue with the reconnaissance! Yeah, got it You little punks! Where do you think you're going?! Huh? You think you can leave this place alive after talking back to us, the Matzerati? We'll teach you how to talk properly.
Get them! Who do you think we should ask? I don't know Let's try the tobacco store in the corner.
weapon inside of Chrona?~ The Black Blood of Terror ~There's a The name "Chrona" is a pun on "Kuro na" which translates to "dark one.
" The Black Blood of Terror! There's a Weapon Inside of Chrona? Now, come and eat.
You two truly are the ultimate weapon and the ultimate Technician.
What do you want from us, man? Go and eat a lot of souls.
No, I won't.
I'm still not good enough No, I won't.
I'm still not good enough This isn't a Kishin I said, what the hell's up with you?! Who you talking to, punk? Nake, Snake, Cobra, Cobabara Don't worry.
Have confidence in yourself.
Chrona, you will become a Kishin.
I'm a Kishin! You think you can just come into our stronghold and go back home again, you damn brat?! This is a public place.
You guys don't own it.
So Ragnarok's gonna eat you, ok? Right, Ragnarok? What the hell is that sword? So loud! Hey, everyone, has something fun happened? These doors here open inwards, right? Man, yesterday was interesting Wait, just what happened yesterday, exactly? Well, doesn't really matter Besides, my blood's black.
We've finally found you.
Power souls Power souls Emerald Lake Assassin, Sonson J.
, I'll be taking your soul! And with that, the extra-curricular assignment's done, right? Yeah.
I'll coolly feast on the third soul.
Hey, Soul, are souls tasty? Yeah, they're really good.
They don't really have a taste, but the feeling in your throat is unbelievable.
Really Speaking of which, how do you think Black Star's doing on collecting his souls? They have a "let's not catch any souls this year" mania.
Probably not well.
Poor Tsubaki-chan Black Star's motives aren't geared toward soul captivation.
Huh? Well, shall we go home, then? Wait on the ground for a bit, I'll bring the bike around.
Wait, Soul.
Hm? Something the matter? That building.
Oi, oi, we didn't come here to play around! If it's site-seeing w- It's not! What is it? This feeling So many agitated souls are being Ugh, the noise is terrible! I have to concentrate.
Concentrate The souls of a weapon and a Technician, one response of each.
Fifty to sixty human souls as if they're surrounding the two.
You can tell that much? This is the first time The human souls are probably that gang from earlier.
Those guys? What's the deal with them? Those guy's were certainly delinquents, but they were still humans.
None of their souls have become a Kishin egg.
Leave them alone, then.
Today's Saturday night, you know.
Maybe they've all got the "fever" You idiot, don't make irresponsible comments! As Shibusen students, we can't let this go! I've got a bad feeling about this! It's too late after something happens.
Yeah, yeah, I get it.
But you know If this is Black Star getting some people together to go "it's the start of my big show!" kinda thing, I'm gonna cry.
If that's what it is, there's nothing to worry about We're here.
They like these stuff, don't they? Gothic architecture.
It's a cool building that shakes up my soul.
No way! That can't be! Hey, what's up? How can this be? In an instant I'm really sorry, but I can't keep up with your pace.
Vanished! What, the bell? Yeah, it stopped.
No, the fifty to sixty human souls just vanished all together, leaving the weapon and the Technician.
I have a feeling that I shouldn't open these doors.
But I have to see it.
As a Shibusen student, I have to see who did this.
See? That door opens inwards.
See? That door opens inwards.
You mean this one? I only see one guy.
Where's his partner? I can't believe this Believe what? Medusa-sama, it seems two more have arrived.
Shut up, Ragnarok! Be quiet! I get responses from the souls of both a weapon and a Technician.
Which means, inside of his body, there's a weapon.
inside of his body, there's a weapon.
Un Deux Trois Un Deux Trois Un Deux Trois Un Deux Trois You idiot! You idiot! I was careless I can't believe Maka was on an extra-curricular assignment To meet Maka, I had to enter Shibusen no matter what.
But to me, there's a big obstacle in this school.
Franken Stein! Franken Stein! I just want to see my daughter, but why must there be such a huge wall?! But, papa won't lose! But, papa won't lose! When I overcome this damn wall, papa's love should spread endlessly inside Maka's heart! But before that, I need the nurses here to treat the wounds of my heart.
A kiss! She's here! I've waited for you, my angel! Hurry up and treat my heart with your medical love! Yo, senpai.
I've been looking for you.
Why Stein Why Stein I don't know what you're thinking but the stitch marks I got from your experiments have all completely disappeared! I'm not scared of you anymore! No, not scared of you at all! Oh, so you've noticed how your middle toes were all switched over from right to left and left to right? Are you serious?! How could you do that to me?! I'm lying ~pyon.
But, Maka-chan's gotten big, hasn't she? When I heard senpai was getting married, I was so worried.
I thought it'd never work out.
However, seeing you so happy with your new family let me rest assured.
Background: "Of what?" W-W-Wh-Wha-?! "All's fine.
The love of these two is eternal," I thought.
Well, you probably don't know, but the truth is last month we got a divorce.
Oh, I knew.
Grrr!! Dammit, you son of a! I'm gonna kill you!! Oh, I forgot to tell you Wha-? The Demon Sword has appeared.
What? What the hell is this, Maka? Even if you say he has a weapon in him Watch out.
It's coming out.
That hurts.
Ow, ow, ow.
Stop kneading my No, really, that hurts.
I'll kill you Don't pinch my nose.
No, not the nose.
Damn it, I told you to knock it off already! Whoa, no, no, no, no.
Chrona's scary when he's nervous.
It it talks It it talks Hunting human souls is forbidden! Are you guys Shibusen students? Shibusen? What's that? That person said I could.
What's wrong with that? I don't like talking to girls.
More importantly, her soul looks real tasty.
Technician, weapons are, no matter the reason, forbidden to hunt the soul of a human.
I can't let you do as you please as a Shibusen student! Let's do this, Chrona.
That black entity became a sword? He's comin' in from below! You little! You're going to hurt me, too? We can do this, Maka! What? That kind of blow Won't be able to slice me in half.
Black blood? Black blood? Yeah, my blood is black.
What the hell happened to his body? What I think is that his blood is itself the weapon.
That's why we cut his skin, but his blood solidified and our blade was stopped at his blood vessel.
Then, does that mean we can't inflict damage on him? We're on a disadvantage here with our physical blows.
I'm not sure if our Witch Hunt would even work.
If I could release my wavelength into him like Black Star, I'd be able to inflict damage on him Chrona, what are you hesitating over? Well, I don't really know how to act around girls Such an idiot You can just kill them.
What the hell is that guy? Who's he talking with? Oh, I see.
I just have to kill them.
I didn't realize that.
Don't you want to see me playing by running my fingers through her hair? Those doors.
they open inwards, right? Ragnorok.
Scream Resonance.
Idiot, he's coming! Guard yourself! Soul! You! Soul, you ok? Don't pay attention to me.
I'm resolute to die if it's for the Technician.
What do I do? A blade that makes vibrations with its scream.
His blood that hardens.
I can't even guard against it.
I can't inflict damage, either.
I was careless.
What's wrong, Maka? Push back and focus on the offense! Maka! If I do that, Soul will I can't block this sword.
I need to get out of here.
That's right, the exit! Why? That's no good.
You need to know your surroundings.
Those doors only open inwards.
Maka! Guard! But if I do that you'll- I was careless.
Un Deux No, it's not your turn.
Trois Un You won't come up next week.
Deux Trois Un Deux Next time, on Soul Eater episode 8, Trois Medusa the Witch an overwhelming evil soul?~ ~the one with Medusa the Witch: The One With An Overwhelming Evil Soul? Un Deux I'll be taking your soul! Trois You idiot! You idiot! Post Film Art Museum Exclusive Just who is this guy? Excalibur He's charming.
His eyes are round.
Then next, this one It's amazing, right?! Amazing, huh? How is it? I'll get carried away and show this, too and even stuff like this Just what exactly is going on? I want to know Destruction of the Earth I mean Appearance of Excalibur in two weeks ! Post Film Art Museum Number 6 "Excalibur?" Artist Aramaki Shinji, Concept Design.