Soul Eater (2008) s01e31 Episode Script

Drying Happiness! Whose Tears Sparkle in the Moonlight?

1 Good morning, Crona! G-Good morning Okay, let's go.
Hold your breath Deadly Night awaits us You desired it, the world like that to reflect in those eyes Even if those dreams will be scary For your sake, Fairy Blue Breaking of stars was decorated by So don't stop believing! As long as I'm looking at the brightly shining moon.
Okay! Everyone, please have a look at the chart on page 108 of the textbook.
Although we briefly talked about this yesterday, the study of souls, as shown in this chart, can be divided into several schools.
Why? Let's continue to get along, Crona.
Here, take a look, Crona It won't be scary.
Why? Why is everyone being so kind to someone like me? Why? Pass! Alright! Come on, Crona! Wait She seems to be doing better, huh? Yeah, one step at a time.
How about you? Huh? I'm talking about this wound.
It's fine.
It ain't cool clinging to the past.
If it's about a fight we lost, then I can get over it.
That's how it is, huh? Maka's working really hard, you know? Now's not the time to be fussing over minor details, right? That's for sure.
Alright, might as well play one game.
Pass it here for a second.
You have a high center of gravity, so lower your hips more, and shoot with your shoulders relaxed.
There, give it a try.
Maybe we should have a party Drying Happiness ~To Whom do you Shed Tears in the Moonlight Shine?~ Drying Happiness To Whom do you Shed Tears in the Moonlight Shine? Soul, thanks for bringing your records.
Well, is this stuff okay? I brought funk music because it's easier to get in the mood, but it doesn't match the room's ambiance.
Really? Well then, play the piano! There's one right there.
Why, all of a sudden? I've wanted to hear it ever since last time! Give me a break.
I'm going to the washroom Ah, he got away.
Anyway, he can play the piano? When Soul became my partner, he played it for me once.
What kind of piece was it? It was a really gloomy and weird piece He went, "This is the kind of person I am.
" and suddenly played the piece.
But I thought that his anxiousness made him an interesting guy, so we soon became partners.
I missed the chance to hear him play, huh? Tsubaki, get me some more, please.
Sorry about this You must feel uncomfortable with this noisy bunch, right? A-Although I'm still not used to it, I-I don't feel uncomfortable A-Although I'm still not used to it, I-I don't feel uncomfortable A-Although I'm still not used to it, I-I don't feel uncomfortable A-Although I'm still not used to it, I-I don't feel uncomfortable No one's going to run away or anything, so you'll fit in at your own pace.
There's no reason to rush.
Yo! Why are you all quiet over here? This is a party, so let's have fun! What are you doing? Don't tease Crona! Who is? I'm not teasing anyone, you know? Hey! Crona, if anyone is teasing you, don't hold back and tell me! I'll kick his ass for you! Why is everyone? For someone like me It's obvious, isn't it? We're all friends, after all.
If that's the case, get me some food! Here, Tsubaki-chan cooked this.
I wonder if it will be to your liking.
Crona, next time, come hang out at our place.
If there's someone with an appetite like Ragnarok's, I'll be glad to cook again! O-Okay.
Later, Crona! Bye bye! See you tomorrow.
Oi, Crona, you should get a partner that can cook delicious food, too! You're my partner, Ragnarok, right? The party was fun, wasn't it? You're really simple-minded, aren't you? I missed you, Crona.
Medusa-sama! I'm happy You could recognize me even though I look like this.
It's shameful, isn't it? You've become small just like I did, huh? W-Why are you in Death City? I came to see you, Crona.
I was very worried.
Worried? Have you come to take me back? No, you are to stay in Shibusen.
Please continue spying like you are now.
S-S-S-Spying? I S-S-S-Spying? I S-S-S-Spying? I S-S-S-Spying? I S-S-S-Spying? I You don't have to be shy.
You infiltrated Shibusen to spy on them, didn't you? This is a task that only you can accomplish, Crona.
There's supposedly a secret vault somewhere in Shibusen.
For the time being, find that vault.
I'm counting on you, Crona.
Wait! I have friends at Shibusen Betraying Shibusen is You'll do it for your mother, won't you? I understand.
This just got interesting.
Death City is swirling with madness.
It seems that something will happen very soon Pon Poko Dance? Are you serious when you say that? Don't make fun of the Pon Poko Dance! So, you're serious? Do you really listen to that? You're crazy! I always lose when it comes to studying but, for some reason, I feel like I've won something this time.
I listen to it because I like it, so leave me be! Crona? I'm going back to the dorms See you tomorrow.
See ya.
I wonder what's wrong She seems a little down lately.
You think so? She's always like that, isn't she? Get it over with and make up your mind already! You're going to make Medusa angry.
Hey, hey! How's it going, Justin-kun? Spirit-kun, since I'm wearing a mask, Justin-kun can't read my lips, can he? Can you repeat what I say from now on, please? Why do I have to do something so troublesome? It's fine if he takes the earphones off, right? Okay! Repeat after me! Justin-kun, I called you here today to assign you to a new mission.
Eh? Hold it! This is a divine message from Shinigami-sama.
Justin, you're here today to take on a new mission.
Yes, what would that be? This is an important mission, you know It's an important mission.
You know that pursuing the Kishin is currently assigned to Azusa, because of her extended field of vision, right? Right now, Azusa is pursuing Kishin, you know? But isn't there a limit to using eyes alone? Therefore, I want you to join the pursuit, travel the world, and act as the "legs.
" You're also to join the pursuit, so there will be both "eyes" and "legs.
" You're the "legs.
" Hey, Spirit-kun, repeat it properly.
Everything you say is a mouthful! You know I understand! Ahem If you, Justin-kun, go around making a ruckus, you might be able to surprise that cowardly Kishin into jumping out of hiding.
That's the intent.
If you, Justin-kun, go around making a ruckus, you might be able to surprise that cowardly Kishin into jumping out of hiding.
That's the intent.
My, such a marvelous divine message! I will gladly abide by it! I'm counting on you.
I'm counting on you.
Yes! From here on, it seems to be an off-limits zone The secret vault might be in here.
What should I do? If someone sees me in a place like this I'll just tell them that I don't know anything.
Who goes there? Oh, it's only Crona What are you doing here? This place is off-limits! Eh Well You saved us, Marie! We were returning to our room, but we got lost on the way The truth is, I'm lost, too It kind of makes you want to do something about Shibusen's structure, doesn't it? But it's fine! Leave it to me.
I'll take you to your room.
Let's see This way! It's the other way! hours later We're finally here.
It's all thanks to you that we took unnecessarily long! If something troubles you again, don't worry about it and tell me.
I'll lend you a hand except if you ask for directions.
I'll lend you a hand except if you ask for directions.
Well then, good night! The staff room is that way.
Jeez, I'd rather not infiltrate this dangerous place all the time.
Eruka What's the location of the vault? You must have a fair guess, right? This is impossible I can't keep doing this.
Doesn't matter if you tell me that Right, Medusa? Crona, you did well.
Very well then, let's give you a different mission.
What is Professor Stein doing now? I don't see Professor Stein much so I don't know, but Right now, Marie-sensei is his partner and they're living together.
Marie? What kind of person is she? She's really nice and always concerned about me.
Is that so? Very well.
Then, shall we make use of that kindness? Marie-sensei, goodbye! Yes, goodbye.
Yes, Crona, what's wrong? Uhm, well Do you need me for something? Well actually I wanted to ask Sensei, bye bye! Yeah, goodbye! Want to come over to my place? We'll drink some tea, and talk about it slowly.
Inside that pen is a listening device.
Plant it inside Professor Stein's laboratory.
Help yourself.
Honestly, this place only has research materials I had to bring those cups and everything else by myself.
It's a cute cup.
Anything's fine as long as you can drink out of it.
But I can see that you've added a woman's touch here and there If I overdo it too much, Stein will get angry at me.
That's my grief Is there something worrying you, Crona? Eh Well Oi, why isn't there a share for me? Gimme! Huh? Ragnarok, you don't have a mouth, yet you can drink? I do have one! Of course I can drink! Here! S-Sorry, I'll go pour some for you.
There's no hurry! Alright! Crona, now's the chance! Stop hesitating, you idiot! Do you want sugar? S-Salt or pepper, put in whatever you want S-Salt or pepper, put in whatever you want Make it spicy O-Okay, I got it.
O-Okay, I got it.
O-Okay, I got it.
Sorry for the wait.
Now then, shall we carry on with our conversation? What did you want to ask me? What's wrong? Nothing.
Then, shall we start? You needed some counseling, right? T-thank you, I f-feel much better.
Really? I'm happy that I was able to talk to you too, Crona.
Well, it's already late, so I'll be going home.
Come over whenever you want.
That went smoothly.
Hold it, Crona! What, Marie-sensei? This pen is yours, right? Here.
Well then, see you! Take care going home! So, did everything go smoothly? I'm home.
Welcome home, Stein.
Ribbit, ribbit.
I hear it! I hear it! How did you get that woman to swallow it? It was a piece of cake! We sneaked it into Marie's coffee.
That snake was imbued with a listening device using Medusa's magic.
This way, every time that woman is near Stein, his madness will increase.
Crona was just here! Eh, what is it this time? She's not used to school yet, so she's worried about a lot of things But she's a really good girl, and a cute one at that! They're not suspicious at all, those idiots! She'll be alright! She'll begin enjoying school soon.
Being able to meet Crona and the others makes me glad that I became a teacher at Shibusen! It's already late, so I'm going back to the dorms.
Crona With this, Medusa will praise you for sure.
The NOISE is kicking around the preestablished harmony.
Flaring up and glaring at the present.
I sneak in.
That time at the GARAGE I saw a dream about unchangeable HEART.
So this day and the same tomorrow gets mixed.
I'm roaring noisily around in sensibility.
My singing heart plays the BEAT.
There's definite evidence.
Hold it in your hands.
Lose it Hold it in your hands.
Lose it In the fading moments.
Tears have been secretly shed.
Everything Gets revealed here.
Everything Gets adjusted to the ordinary time.
I think that's the way it should be Following the unclear yellow light.
Go through the darkest nights.
At that time I was too afraid.
But now I'm sending off my life.
You always reflect.
In my proud heart.
We should only protect our beliefs.
Embrace them.
It starts all over everyday.
I'm drowning in the raging waves.
Still haven't awaken from my dream.
We're all here.
I always hear.
The voices of my fellows.
I'm looking for a way to shake off the solitude.
In the winds of waiting.
I have no other way but to move forward.
I believe in the way of life.
Holy Legendary Sword 3 ~Shibusen's Gang Leader Tale?~