Soul Eater (2008) s01e42 Episode Script

Charge Baba Yaga's Castle! Things Are Kind of Gloomy?

1 It's alright, Asura.
I'll protect you Always Always.
Hold your breath Deadly Night awaits us You desired it, the world like that to reflect in those eyes Even if those dreams will be scary For your sake, Fairy Blue Breaking of stars was decorated by So don't stop believing! As long as I'm looking at the brightly shining moon.
Everything is so confusing.
Too many things have happened.
Everything just seemed to happen all at once.
But right now, Shibusen is ignoring all those matters.
The world is about to be consumed by madness.
It's only reasonable that they're focusing on that.
After all, Shibusen was founded for the purpose of stopping the Kishin.
I understand that As well as the current situation.
But Can't sleep? Leave me alone.
Being like that will only affect your performance in tomorrow's operation.
It's not like you're a kid who's about to go on a long trip.
Hey Soul, Huh? It's okay like this, right? Huh? What are you talking about? Is Shibusen really doing the right thing? It seems that they've stopped looking for Professor Stein And I'm also bothered by what Kid said.
Besides, even Crona is left locked up in that cell.
Like I'd know more about that than you If you have the time to act like someone you're not, why not use it to get some sleep? Be careful, you two.
Sure, just leave it to us! We'll kick the Kishin's ass and come back before you know it.
Maka It's gonna be okay.
Everyone's with us.
Let's go, Maka.
Hmmm Everyone's giving it their best.
I must give it my best too! Charge! Baba Yaga's Castle ~Why is Everything Suddenly so Unclear?~ Charge! The Castle of Baba Yaga Why is Everything Suddenly so Unclear? The main objective of this operation is to eliminate the Kishin, and those who act in accordance with the Kishin, Arachne, and her organization, Arachnophobia.
We will launch an attack on the enemy's location, the Baba Yaga Castle Deceits Cover-ups They're all being broadcast in such a lifeless way.
and the madness amplifier's relay stations.
Therefore, we expect everyone's full cooperation.
To me, they're just turning a blind eye to more important matters.
Right now, the madness released by the Kishin is being spread throughout the world.
This, undeniably, will also be a battle against time.
Our first objective: The suppression of the Kishin.
Our second objective: The destruction of the madness amplifier, as well as all its relay stations.
Our third objective: The elimination of Arachne, and also Arachnophobia.
But, I can't deny all the things that have happened up until now.
We are looking forward to your effort.
We've also anticipated that you might get close to the Kishin, so please don't forget to take your anti-madness suppressant.
Well, Shinigami-sama, if you would, please.
Everyone! Do your best! Is that it? We will now commence the operation.
Our destination is the Castle of Baba Yaga.
Sid-sensei Huh? There's something I would like to ask you.
What is it? Crona What are they going to do to her? Please tell me.
You know, right? She has been exiled.
Huh? From information theft to causing internal disturbance, she's done a significant amount of damage to Shibusen.
If she was treated with the ordinary method, her punishment would be much more severe.
That That means When I was alive, I used to have very tight lips.
That's the kind of man I was.
Huh? That part of me is still the same, even now.
What I'm about to tell you is all my personal opinion, but I think her being exiled is nothing more than a cover-up.
Crona and Marie both went to Medusa.
With Marie-sensei? Why? As of yesterday, Marie resigned from her post as a Shibusen teacher.
Crona intends to settle everything with Medusa once and for all.
With Medusa It's gonna be okay.
Marie will be alongside Crona.
That's why you should just focus on this operation.
We at Shibusen are expecting a lot from your anti-demon wavelength.
So that's it? That's how they're gonna deal with it? Is this the way the adults are gonna let it end? I'm sorry, Maka.
Is something wrong, Crona? Uh, no It's nothing.
Well, if that's the case, then let's get a move on.
It's like last time, in the desert The desert which I escaped to But, this time, it's different.
Maka, I'm sorry I kept the truth from you.
But, I'm not running away anymore.
We should split our forces into three groups and make the attack from three directions at the same time.
And we should have our forces at the six relay stations synchronize and execute their attacks at the exact same time.
This is the first grand-scale operation since the founding of Shibusen, huh? Shinigami-sama, the anti-madness medicine Is it really going to be effective? If there was really something like that, I'd already have had it delivered throughout the world.
Just as I thought.
It's a relief to know that.
That's obvious though, isn't it? But why am I stationed here? Yeah, I wonder why.
Aren't you the one who made that decision?! We're dealing with the Kishin, so I don't think there's such a thing as having too many forces on the field.
And based on my analysis, even sending in all the Deathscythes wouldn't be too much.
That's easier said than done! In this difficult time, you have not only myself, but even Marie and Kid on different assignments I find this contradicting common sense.
We can't tell for sure what's going to happen on the battlefield, so we must be prepared for any kind of situation that might arise.
Don't you get it?! It's not that simple! Scary! Even so, our forces are being spread out too much.
Hey, why don't you stop making that scary face and join us for a cup of tea.
Yeah yeah, there's cake too! Be more serious, you two! That's why it never goes well between us.
What was that? Nothing! Absolutely nothing! Well, everything is going to fall into place when the time comes.
In the meantime, we'll think of ways to deal with it.
Well I did say that I'd like the help of a cat but I'm Blair the cat.
I'll be working as your assistant starting today! I'm Lisa from Cabakura! I'm Alyssa! Why the hell did he really get a cat for me?! We are now entering Arachnophobia's territory.
Each team proceed to your designated point, and from there we'll make our attack.
Maka, is something wrong? No, nothing.
Are you getting cold feet? There's no need to worry! The fact that I'm here makes this the safest place in the entire world! Black Star, you're making too much noise! Huh? Are you still thinking about those meaningless things? But If you fight half-heartedly, things won't turn out well.
Of all people, you should know this best! But Sid-sensei and Shinigami-sama are counting on Maka-chan's anti-demon wavelength, right? It's meaningless to put faith in an ability I can't master.
But that's not what makes you a great person! There's nothing about me that's great.
Damn, that's the thing about elite students! Yahoo! Right on the point! Hey, Black Star! What, you got a problem with that?! Oh yeah, you had a talk with Sid in the corridor, right? You mean about the anti-demon wavelength? Like I told you, it's useless Not that, I'm talking about Marie and Crona.
Huh? Do you know the true meaning behind his words? Huh? Because of the deal that Shibusen made with Medusa, nobody from Shibusen can do anything to Medusa.
But it's a totally different story for the exiled Crona and Marie, who quit her job.
Huh? For Shinigami-sama to take such a lowly action, it might be exactly as Kid has said.
Shibusen itself could possibly be dangerous.
Sneaky! How can Shibusen do such a thing I wonder if Kid's absence has anything to do with it.
I guess it would be bad if I made a fuss out of every little problem I had, huh? I think it'd be a lot weirder if you didn't think about it.
I came here to win.
Win and win every single battle! After all that, I'm gonna surpass God! There he goes again.
I You're sound asleep, huh? Asura.
It'll be all right, as long as you are here.
If you remain here, the world will soon be consumed by madness.
Until then, I will always remain by your side.
Arachne-sama, there's something that needs your attention.
Let's hear it.
We've detected forces from Shibusen coming towards us.
Shibusen? It seems they're searching for the way into Baba Yaga Castle.
But why are they heading this way? Shibusen's operation is too large They've also deployed six other quadrons across the world.
Six squadrons? Their targets are the relay stations.
And their main force is quickly approaching us.
How did they Don't tell me it's Medusa's doing?! Prepare for counterattack.
Have all the troops ready, stop Shibusen at all costs! Yes! Hurry up with the preparations! If they won't move when we need them, they might as well just be a pile of rubble.
Yes sir! This is it, I'll grind you all to bits! Stein, it's starting.
Come, let us witness it until the very end.
The destruction of this outdated order.
The world shall be reborn anew.
This is the fifth squadron, we've arrived at the designated location.
Third squad here, reporting from the target location.
This is the seventh squad, we're okay to go.
Captain, all the squadrons are ready to go.
All squadro- Huh?! Let's see some blood! Chainleg, third gear! Let's go, you maggots! This attack I've seen it before.
Ah, so we meet again.
Heh, as my opponent, I'm gonna grind you up good! They're here! Commence battle! Yahoo! This is gonna be one hell of an on-stage performance! Hold on, Black Star.
What? Maka The Kishin must be defeated.
What Shibusen is doing is right.
But, that's why Leaving Professor Stein and Crona as they are now will never be okay for me.
It's unsafe to believe in Shibusen without being cautious.
I can never do that.
But, I don't know what I'm supposed to do.
Ah, you're such a noisy crybaby! Bla bla bla bla What the hell is wrong with you? What's your problem now? You don't have to talk like that, do you? What are you doing? Open your eyes and tell me what you wanna do! Oh So that's it.
Geez, Papa used to tell me to choose my friends wisely.
What he said is true.
I'm an elite student, but being with you is turning me into a bad one.
Sorry! But I'm leaving the rest to you, Black Star.
Huh? What? I'm gonna do things the way I want to.
Take care of the rest.
This is some kind of joke, right? Heh, she's still an elite student, even now.
I'm coming, Crona! My dried lips are exposed to the freezing sun.
Overflowing tears with its reflecting shine, keep falling down my cheeks.
Hoping to make up, I have been looking for you in dreary places.
When our fingers made contact the only thing that was scrambled was your loneliness The wish we held on in the middle of our heartbeats, if only that was our destiny Although I have lost you, the memories you left behind, along with your image, even now remain within' me The Last Demon Tool ~The Weaponless Kid's Impossible Mission?~