Soul Eater (2008) s01e48 Episode Script

Lord Death Wields a Death Scythe – Just One Step from Utter Darkness?

1 The battle continues on towards the end at an ever increasing speed.
Black Star settled his score with Mifune Honorable father, by using BREW, activated Death City Robot.
What?! This is ridiculous! And finally, we succeeded in recapturing the Kishin.
Hold your breath Deadly Night awaits us You desired it, the world like that to reflect in those eyes Even if those dreams will be scary For your sake, Fairy Blue Breaking of stars was decorated by So don't stop believing! As long as I'm looking at the brightly shining moon.
Pardon me, but you're still as reckless as ever, huh? We meet again, Asura.
If possible, I would've wanted to live my life without ever seeing you again.
The mood is getting tense.
Just standing here, it feels as if my heart will be consumed by the madness.
Shinigami-sama, in his finest state wielding a Deathscythe, and the Kishin who escaped from his eternal confinement, Asura.
In the end, who is superior? I'm sorry to tell you that there's no running away this time.
In order to leave this room, you'd need my permission.
So in other words, I will be able to leave this room if I defeat you, right? Eh? Are you serious? By any chance, do you really think you can defeat me? It's unfortunate, however, the moment you were swallowed and brought to this room, the winner was already decided.
Well, why don't we end this quickly? It's starting The battle between gods.
~Towards Uncertainty, Filled with Darkness?~ The Weapon Shinigami Had The Shinigami-sama With A Deathscythe Towards Uncertainty, Filled With Darkness? Hey, Maka, what is going on out there? Why is Death City moving? What happened to the Kishin? I can tell, even without using my Soul Perception.
The Kishin is inside the Death Room.
What did you say? Shinigami-sama is there too.
Then Let's hurry up, Soul.
Are we heading to the Death Room? We have other targets, right? Arachne, and the destruction of the manipulator.
We'll just do whatever we can for now.
First, we'll have to meet up with Black Star and the others.
Is that okay with you? Yeah, understood.
Which way? Make a left from where you are.
Left? Which way is left?! Calm down, Black Star.
It's the side you hold a teacup on.
Alright! Please, Black Star, that's the side you hold your chopsticks on! I did that on purpose! Oh, I see Sorry about that, Black Star.
It didn't look like he did that on purpose to me.
Hey, Kid, what the hell is this? What in the world They haven't even begun to move yet! No, they've already made their move.
Well then, it's my turn to make a move.
Spirit, how's the preparation? Anytime is okay.
Then let us go with a bang! He did it! Fools! He doesn't feel anything! Could this be a dummy?! Honorable father! Is that all you've got? Are you sure you've undergone enough rehabilitation sessions? That way of speech is very irritating.
Can you do something about it? If that's the case, how about letting me finish you quickly? I will make it painless! Why don't we have a little talk about the past? Ever since I was sealed up by you, I thought about a lot of things.
I can't help it, you see.
Ever since you sealed me up inside my own skin, my only freedom was to think about all kinds of things.
Oh, sorry, sorry.
This time, I'll do a proper job in killing you.
Shinigami-sama's choice of words has become radical.
In the depth of darkness, I had the chance to think about all kinds of things.
That even includes the creation of everything in this world.
And at that time, I realized something How unstable this world is.
Yes, this world is covered by only the thinnest layer of skin.
And its content is always deep and ambiguous.
Could it be a soft substance? Or perhaps a hard one? If it isn't either of those, could it be liquid? Is there any proof that it isn't just a hollow cavity? For the question of what lies within, no one will ever know, as long as what's outside the layer of skin cannot be seen.
In other words, it is a total mystery as to what lies beyond this layer of skin.
And as for what lies within, that would have to depend on our imagination.
And if it turns out to be something that no one has ever imagined, it would leave that person in fear.
All this while, what's with this complicated theory of yours? Can you stop it already? Shinigami Chop! Saying that just imagining it would leave someone in fear is actually incorrect.
It is those who imagine that are fearful.
So you mean to say that humans would be much happier if they just found a dark place and stayed there forever? Imagination is the origin of all emotions.
It's because humans couldn't understand that they choose to imagine.
Humans with a positive mindset would call it curiosity.
The order which you have created can provide humans with a sense of peace and security.
But under the thin layer of skin of that order which you created, what could possibly be there? Who knows? That's a lie.
You should know.
I think it's reached the point at which I get sick of your meaningless talk.
I've been waiting for this.
Soul Resonance! I'll purge you of your sins through death, Asura! What? Kishin Hunter! Too shallow, I see It's okay, it will grow back very soon anyways.
What kind of fight is this?! It's still too early to be surprised by what you've seen, because he is the toughest opponent.
Pain is not something we should pay attention to, but rather the imagination of the future that sprouts from the most fearsome pain.
So? Humans do not fear death.
It is their imagining death that makes them cower in fear.
Hello? I'm asking you, so what if that's the case? So? I see Well, it actually means this: I have decided not to imagine anymore.
Erm, Black Star Huh? What is it, Tsubaki? Could we move around a little quieter? There's no such need! It's the "left" and "right" that are making things difficult.
Isn't it better to do it my way and go straight forward? But you see, our movements are too obvious, and the enemies might come after us.
Let them come! I'll mow them down one by one! Is he always like that? I'm sorry, but Black Star is the straightforward kind of person.
Ah, it's you! Yeah! It is me, the one and only Blac-! Right in the balls.
An wins! Is she always like that? I'm sorry, but that's the way she was raised.
There's nothing I can do about the barrier set by Shinigami-sama, and the castle is now in ruins.
Is there nothing else to do but to stay here and watch quietly? Arachne-sama, the situation's become very serious.
It would be better for you to make an escape.
I will remain here.
But The Kishin will definitely return to my embrace once again.
He definitely will.
Believing that is the only choice I have right now.
Saying that you've decided not to imagine anymore Don't you think that's kind of dull? Dull? That's an inexcusable choice of a word.
If there is a better way to put it, why don't you tell me what it is?! Ever since long ago, you've always been like that.
Cunning and cowardly.
As long as you didn't get rid of each and every single one of your insecurities, you wouldn't be able to stay calm.
In order to share your insecurities, you partnered up with Vajra.
We should have been fighting alongside each other.
But you chose to betray not only the humans who have not committed any sins, but eventually your own partner as well.
You speak rather immaturely, Shinigami.
Law and order cannot suppress insecurities.
Even if you deny those insecurities with insanity, only new insecurities will emerge.
I can't see why you don't understand such a fact! By continuing what you've been trying to do, everything will be left in destruction and despair.
That is something even a child understands, isn't it? By simply relying on the order which is enforced by cover-ups and lies, the truth cannot be obtained.
Turning a blind eye on bad circumstances and always procrastinating on the matter at hand Destruction itself cannot be hidden just by that.
You are indeed beyond saving.
Delivering fake peace, is it really such a noble job? At least I don't intend to be a nuisance like you! Have you been listening to me? They're all sophistries! Besides, what is wrong with giving up your body to insanity? That is but your pride's way of putting it! I'm sorry, but your life doesn't seem very admirable to me.
What's happening, Kid? Hey, isn't this getting out of hand?! Such a high level fight! I was hoping to backup honorable father if the Kishin showed any openings, but it seems like it's impossible.
Even I, a Deathscythe, am losing my grasp on the situation.
It's taking me all I have not to get involved in this battle.
It's about time that we ended this.
I fully agree with that suggestion.
However, the one to fall here will be you.
Oh, did I piss you off? Sometimes it's necessary to be serious to get things done.
Because I am the watchman of this world's law and order.
Is that so? But it's really unfortunate that we can't agree with each other's way of thinking.
Well, that's a given.
As an old friend, let me give you a piece of advice.
If you bind yourself to the so-called laws and orders that you created, it will eventually cost you your life.
Like this.
Honorable father.
Honorable father! Honorable father!! Honorable father! So is this the path the world will take? Seems like you've gathered quite a lot of useless wisdom throughout these years.
After filling the world with insanity, what will remain? Excalibur? It's fine.
Even if there's nothing left So long as at least insanity remains.
Fool! I missed that phrase a lot.
However, this is the way that it would end.
Because he was bound by such useless rules and obligations, it was too easy for him to fall into my trap.
Fool! Order is decided by those with power, it's their responsibility.
That is also why Shinigami lost to me.
From the beginning, if he didn't live by the troublesome rules of parents or friends, What the-? This is bad.
Real bad.
I must correct it right now.
If this continues, even I will It must be done as soon as possible! What's going on here? Huh?! No way! Did Shinigami-sama lose? Asura! I've always believed in you, and that you would definitely return to my side.
I was worried the whole time.
The whole time? Yes.
What is it? I'm scared.
It's alright, I'll protect you.
I'm afraid of you.
Eh? Asu- The soul of a witch.
My dried lips are exposed to the freezing sun.
Overflowing tears with its reflecting shine, keep falling down my cheeks.
Hoping to make up, I have been looking for you in dreary places.
When our fingers made contact the only thing that was scrambled was your loneliness The wish we held on in the middle of our heartbeats, if only that was our destiny Although I have lost you, the memories you left behind, along with your image, even now remain within' me Next time, on Soul Eater, Episode 48, ~The Arrival of the World's End?~ Asura's Awakening Asura's Awakening.
The arrival of the worlds end? I'll take your soul!