Soundtrack (2019) s01e09 Episode Script

Track 9: Margot and Annette

1 [Portishead: "Roads" playing.]
Can't anybody see We've got a war to fight Never found our way Regardless of what they say How can it feel This wrong From this moment How can it feel This wrong Storm In the morning light I feel No more can I say Frozen to myself I got nobody on my side And surely that ain't right - [music ends.]
- [phone chimes.]
[phone chimes.]
[phone clatters.]
[slow synth music playing.]
You've moved offices.
We've moved buildings.
Has it been that long? Oh, well, it's good to see you, Joe.
I don't know why I'm here.
- [Joe.]
There's a part.
- Oh.
Well, where in the line am I this time? Frosty mother-in-law? Frosty boss? Frosty judge? This one is different.
My husband's ten years older than me instead of 20? - Don't you want to know what it is? - I really don't.
You came all the way down here to Why? I hardly think that driving 20 minutes counts as all the way.
What? To sit in my chair? Admire my office? And marvel that you still represent me in spite of the fact that I haven't brought you any real money.
Exactly, you haven't worked in - I've worked.
- You haven't worked.
When she was sick, I couldn't.
And when she died, I didn't want to, so Anyway.
- Jonah Dixon.
- Yeah, what about him? Apparently, you know him.
He was my neighbor, I don't know six, seven years ago.
He has a series at HBO.
Oh, good, I have HBO, I'll watch it.
Apparently, he was inspired by you.
One of the leads.
Not a mother.
You're only allowed to read it here in this office.
Now, why would I want to read that? He wants you for the role.
That I inspired.
We've known each other a long time.
I hope his writing is better than that cliche.
Oh, my God.
You've always asked for my honesty, so here it is.
Your career is all but over.
If people remember you, it's a you that doesn't exist anymore.
You are out of the public consciousness.
Thank you for your honesty, but I really don't care anymore.
All I'm saying is you were front-of-mind for a generation.
Now, that generation still exists, but you need this or something like it to remind them you do too.
My grandson Can visit you on set whenever you like.
It's more complicated than that.
Well, I don't even know if I can get you an audition.
Excuse me? And now I have to audition for a role the director wrote for me? The network doesn't think you're of value.
They asked if you'd left the business.
It's only been two years! It doesn't take long.
You know that.
If you want this, and in my opinion, you should, we have to get you out there, talking about where you've been and why.
It's not like it's not true.
Use it.
Joe I love you.
- But go fuck yourself.
- [sighs, chuckles.]
- You're not supposed to take it.
- Ah! [door opens.]
I'm sorry I ran late.
I have his room ready upstairs.
Oh, so you got the railing fixed.
Yes, and the pool cover is working better too.
And what about your phone? Did you get that fixed? It works, Sam.
They do weekly check-ins with only a half an hour notice at best.
All right? They'll meet you wherever you are, but they really want to see Barry in his Home environment? [sighs.]
They will drop him off today at 4:00 p.
and do a walk-through to make sure the house is child-safe.
Well, Eleanor grew up here, so it's safe.
Well, is the front door lock high enough so that he can't reach it? Are the knives, the prescription drugs, the matches, the household cleaners, put in child-proof cabinets with child locks on everything? He's six.
Okay? - We'll take care of those things.
- Please.
- Does his room have window guards? - [Margot.]
I think so.
No, absolutely not.
This is so inappropriate.
Inappropriate? For a child who's having a tough time? I don't think so.
I just want him to be comfortable.
A mattress is comfortable, clean sheets are comfortable, a meal, a hug.
He's going to have all that.
Sam, stop.
You know, you can't buy his love.
I'm his grandmother, that's what grandmothers do.
Yeah, well, I'm his father, me.
- I am.
- I know.
This is temporary, don't forget, okay? So maybe don't try to provide everything that I can't, all right? I want all this stuff out of here before he gets here.
Do not make me out to be the bad guy! This is not some kind of manipulation.
No, it's just a bribe.
[bin clatters.]
[lid bangs.]
[Sam exhales.]
You will take him to school and back.
Play dates if he's asked.
Their house, not yours.
One hour of screen time at night, no sweets after 4:00, and he will set or clear the table every night.
He's a real kid, so no fancy parties, no high-end restaurants, no gifts.
Normal life.
A normal life.
I got it.
Fix your phone.
[receding footsteps.]
Your neighbors.
Anything to know about them? The Yazbecks to the north are a lovely couple in their seventies, and Jennifer Lopez is to the south.
She's the actress.
I've informed her assistants of Barry's bedtime, which is [laughs.]
She's She's rarely there.
She has so many homes.
Bedtime and meal time are your decisions now.
Barry's going to be looking to you to create structure.
As you know, he may not always like you for it, but he needs it.
Hughes can have supervised visits after a two-week period, and he knows that he can send video messages right away, but we will ask you to preview them to make sure that he doesn't say anything inappropriate.
Oh, Sam wouldn't do that.
He is hurt and angry and scared.
He may not act entirely rational.
Well, he did just lose his child, so I don't expect him to be rational.
Yes, of course.
I'll preview them.
You're going to do great.
I can tell.
Thank you.
He typically sleeps well on his sleepovers here, so That's wonderful.
And if you need anything at all, you have my office and my cell here.
You can call me anytime.
- Thank you, but I hope I don't need it.
- [laughs.]
Barry? Come say goodbye, sweetheart.
and I can volley, and I can hit the ball so hard that I can like, out of the court! - [laughs.]
Pretty impressive! - [laughs.]
I can't wait to show my dad this when he picks me up tomorrow.
[social worker.]
You may be here a little longer.
A few weeks.
And your dad won't be visiting, but you will see him at my office.
I only have four pairs of underwear, so I think I know how long I'm going to be staying here.
It's not your dad's decision.
We're giving him some time so he can make his home super safe for you.
So you'll be here for a little while.
Well maybe we can do laundry.
Hey, absolutely.
And you know what? I took the pool cover off so you can still go swimming, and when you're done, you can go into the kitchen and have your favorite ice cream, how about that? - Okay.
- All right, that sounds like a good deal.
[social worker laughs.]
So Lourdes is here when you're not? She will, but I'm not working now.
Oh, I meant tonight.
We'd been told that you had an obligation.
Yeah, that.
Ah well, it was the 20th anniversary screening of Northwest Passage, but I'm not going.
Oh, that's too bad.
I loved that movie when I was a kid.
Oh, thank you.
That's very kind.
Um, here's the signed document.
Great, that's all I need.
- Okay.
- Thank you.
Well, I appreciate everything, Stella.
Thank you.
Come on! Cannonballs! Come on, Grandma! [laughs.]
So I updated the software, which you hadn't done.
Oh, so everything's still on it? - Oh, yeah, of course.
- Okay.
But that's not going to change the issue that you're having.
It's just that it's gotten so slow.
Yeah, forced obsolescence.
What? They specifically make it so that the older the product gets, the less optimally it's going to work.
Well, so what are my choices? Oh, you just got to get a new phone.
No, I don't want to do that.
Well, this is just going to get slower and slower until it just stops working at all one day.
You'll still have everything, except for voicemails and some texts.
- Yeah, hey, I'll take my chances.
- Okay.
- [excited squeals.]
- [Margot chuckles.]
Ahem, anything else you need me to look at while I'm here? Internet good? AV stuff working? Yeah, everything seems to be working fine.
- Thanks so much for coming by, Roy.
- Okay, well That's cool.
You've started something.
It's great to see you're getting back to work.
- My mom's missed you.
- Oh.
That was nice.
Could he have at least said his girlfriend? [chuckles.]
Are you? - Getting back to work? - How can I? Come on, Grandma! You said we could get ice cream! Okay, I'll be right there.
[Lourdes chuckles.]
Barry? If I put you in the bathtub, you're going to be sitting in a watery milkshake.
- How about a shower? - [Barry.]
No! I hate showers! - Yeah, but showers are stand-up baths.
- But it's not a bath! I don't know another way to get you clean! There are no other ways to get me clean! Barry, this is non-negotiable! - [quick footsteps.]
- [door locks.]
[rattles lock.]
Barry, you have to open the door.
No! [knocking.]
- Barry, open the door this - [glass smashing.]
[rattles door.]
Oh, my God, was that glass? Barry? [door bangs.]
Barry? Barry.
Are you avoiding the glass? Mm-hm.
Okay, come on, darling.
Come on out.
- You hurt? - Mm-mm.
All right, listen.
Let's sit you on the bed and don't leave it until I get the glass cleaned.
You're okay, yeah? Let me see.
All right.
Sorry, I just wanted to see the movie money.
Movie money? We had a similar jar like that back at home, and when it filled up, you got to see a movie in an actual theater.
But it stopped filling up when Mom got sick.
[smacks lips.]
Well I'll tell you what [sighs.]
Why don't we go to a movie tonight? But the jar wasn't full when I broke it.
Well, it doesn't cost anything because it's free.
Free movies? That's crazy.
Well, it's kind of a special occasion, like a like a birthday party, only for a movie.
Movies have birthday parties? Well, some do, I guess.
But you're going to have to wear a suit.
Like for church? Too scratchy.
Well, we can get you something well, something else.
Like a tuxedo? [interviewer.]
So how is it, seeing it again? Oh, it's a beautiful film.
I'm so proud that it's meant so much to so many people over the years.
And what'd you think about it? - I didn't really like it.
- [laughs.]
Is this your date? This is my grandson, Barry.
He recently moved in with me.
We were all so sorry to hear about your daughter.
It must have been so hard.
Thank you.
I'm just glad I get to spend time with this little guy right here.
Taking care of him is all that matters to me.
Well, thanks for speaking with us.
It's a pleasure.
[quiet footsteps.]
[Nellie on voicemail.]
Hey, Mom.
It's me.
I couldn't sleep, so.
I just thought I would see if you were up.
Call me back.
Love you.
Hey, Mom.
Calling you back.
I'm just heading home.
Um, Bear said the craziest thing today.
It had actual grammar and everything.
He said, um Wait, maybe I'll tell you when I get home and I'll see if I can get him to No, I want to say it now.
We were all sitting around the table, and all of a sudden he just slams his fist down on the table and he says, "Me talking!" Oh, I wish you could've been there.
[tapping on phone keys.]
[Moses grunts.]
What'd I tell you about that morning breath? [chuckles.]
Happy almost birthday.
Almost birthday ain't a thing.
Well, then happy I-get-to-wake-up-next-to-you day.
You were supposed to be gone from here hours ago.
We have a minute? You think I want anything from you that lasts a minute? [both laugh.]
Now, get out before my daughter gets up.
Okay, I will sneak out like I'm doing something wrong.
But I want to be clear, I'm admitting no guilt.
You knew who I was when you started this.
I started it? Ain't that some shit.
You think I did? [laughs.]
[light clicks.]
[curtain slides.]
[water burbles.]
There it is.
[light clicks.]
I was just looking for the light switch.
You can't sneak out if the lights are on.
Oh, actually, I was sneaking in.
Your mother invited me to breakfast.
She did no such thing.
So [sighs.]
let's get this party started.
Bottom left.
All the way left.
Those are the baking dishes.
[glass clinking.]
There you go.
Yay, Moses.
So what if I was making eggs? [Leah.]
A little advice? She's going to want some coffee, especially when she sees that you're still here.
- Coffee - Grounds are in the freezer.
Where's the machine? We do French press here.
French press You boil the water first.
- [Moses.]
- Here.
- [eggs sizzle.]
- [radio plays pop music.]
[door opens.]
Moses is making breakfast.
I let him in.
Hope you don't mind.
Morning! Have a seat.
Shit! What happened? I keep sending texts to the wrong damn chain.
We have one with Dante and one without.
Oh, it's Malik.
- Ivan's hiding in a suitcase.
- A suitcase, huh.
Now where's that boy going? He doesn't fly.
Maybe he's taking the train.
Or maybe he's coming here.
No, that would never happen.
Anyone in their right mind knows that I specifically asked for no 50th birthday party.
I thought you were breaking him in.
Nobody throws Annette Sands a party except for Annette Sands, and she never throws herself a party.
You want to get her something, you got to get it from her list so it's not anything she doesn't need or like.
She doesn't eat cake, only pie, which she can get herself, thank you.
And the biggest rule, you only get one "happy birthday", and never in public.
- Does singing count as saying it? - No, there's no singing.
Hell, there's not! You She can make up her own guest list, pick out the pie, and any gift she wants, but I am singing at the party, which I'm throwing for her, and she's going to dance with me, and she's going to enjoy it.
No party.
Oh, there's a party.
Mm-hm? To announce you being single again? Is this about Dante? How could it be? She doesn't give a shit about him.
Hey, we don't use that word.
She's afraid that people are gonna ask where he is and she's not gonna know what to say.
Like at church last week.
Or Aunt Trish's the week before that.
Or the talent show the week before that.
Everyone knows where he is, not here, because he doesn't deserve to be.
Don't you miss him at all? No.
Because it's quiet.
And I can breathe, knowing that you're safe, and I can sleep.
What about him, huh? Is he safe? - [phone chimes.]
- Can he sleep? Do you ever think about that? [taps on phone.]
[plate clatters.]
But you don't sleep.
I'm next to you.
I know.
I sleep when you sleep.
I'm going to get ready.
I thought we were having breakfast.
Now you have time to cancel that party.
Still nothing.
How is that even possible? - No one disappears.
- People disappear all the time.
I'm sure he's all right, Mrs.
He's just laying low somewhere.
Big D is not stupid.
Arthur's looking for him, asking around, making a lot of noise.
You call me if you hear anything.
Yes, ma'am.
And don't let no one know I asked.
I remember.
I'll see you in church on Sunday with your mom.
[music starts.]
[Darlene Love: "Long Way To Be Happy" playing.]
My, it's a long way My, it's a long way A long way A long way A long way My, it's a long way A long way To be happy now And I just don't know if I can take it Oh yeah My, it's a long way A long way To be happy now And I wonder if I'm gonna make it Nothing I do Seems like any fun to me You just don't know What losing him has done to me It's the middle of June But it feels like December So little I look forward to And so much I remember Oh Doo doo doo My, it's a long way - [servers.]
My, it's a long way - To be happy now My, it's a long way - [servers.]
My, it's a long way - To be happy now It's gonna take a long time - My, it's a long way - To be happy now Long time, yeah [girls giggling.]
- [Leah laughs.]
- [Annette.]
Why is this door Oh, hey, Mom.
Hey, Miss Annette.
Hey, Jasmine.
Leah? Just helping Jasmine prepare for mock trial tomorrow.
That's fine.
We left some pizza for you.
Thank you.
I'm going to walk Jasmine home, okay? [Sam.]
Are you kidding me? Can you fucking believe this? - Look at this.
- What? "Margot Weston, the Oscar-nominated, Golden Globe-winning actress, is raising her grandson after the death of her daughter Eleanor in 2018.
" [taps keys.]
[from device.]
I'm just glad I get to spend time with this little guy.
Taking care of him is all that matters.
I told her a normal life.
It's like this was supposed to be temporary.
Maybe it is.
Yeah, maybe it isn't.
If she keeps saying that she's raising him, right, people will assume that it's true, and then I'll never get him back again.
She's using him to make her seem better than me.
Do not call her.
- I'm not.
- [line rings.]
Well, you think that Child Services care about this? The lawyer that they gave me will.
Hello, hi, this is Samson Hughes.
I'm calling about my son, Barry.
I would like for you to call me tomorrow morning.
I no longer agree to whatever the hell I agreed to when it comes to my mother-in-law.
- [phone beeps.]
- [phone thuds.]
[Sam sighs.]
Well, can I distract you with something for a second, a question of my own? Please.
You remember Jasmine, Leah's friend? - Kim and Larry's daughter.
- Yeah, of course.
I just walked in on them.
And I don't know, it felt like they were up to something.
Like there was something going on.
You mean like "something" going on.
Don't put quotes on it.
- I didn't.
- You did with your voice.
It just felt like they were hiding something.
I don't know, maybe they were just prepping for mock trial.
Mock trial ended three weeks ago.
That cannot be true.
I know Leah's schedule 'cause of Barry.
She's a good kid.
They all are until they aren't.
Maybe, uh, they were just planning something, you know? That's long dead.
Let me know what the lawyer says.
Yeah, keep me posted on whatever you find.
- [sound of traffic.]
- [birdsong.]
- [chatter.]
- [background music playing.]
- [splash.]
- [server.]
[slow music playing.]
[phone beeps.]
[door slams.]
[car alarm sets.]
[door bangs.]
[music fades.]
You usually knock.
- You usually listen.
- [Moses.]
What are you talking about? You're still planning that party.
I am doing no such thing.
Moses, you think I don't know what a lying man looks like? I married four of them.
Now, where is she? - You need to sit down.
- Leah, I know you're here! What are you talking about? You track your daughter? I bought her phone.
It's basically mine.
Now, where is she? Upstairs blowing up balloons or something? Leah Sands! - [Moses.]
Annette - Ha.
- Leah! - Annette, hang on.
- [Moses.]
- I told you I don't want no damn party.
- Hang on.
- Leah! Annette, wait.
Wait a second.
- Annette, please.
- Don't.
You lied to me.
Don't blame her.
It's my fault.
You've had him here at this house the whole time and you didn't tell me? And I shouldn't have expected any better from you.
You can't even disappear right.
Let's go inside and talk about this.
How many times have I been here and he's been ten feet away? You told me to kick him out.
I didn't think he should live with you, yes, but I didn't think he should be out on the street.
And you knew.
Still making everyone lie for you.
Still turning good people into accomplices wherever you go.
You think I'm making people lie? They're lying for you.
Sneaking and hiding behind your back because they're we're afraid of you.
'Cause nobody can do anything the way that you want them to.
That's why we have no choice but to go behind your back.
You make that happen, that's on you.
I made you get caught with a bag of drugs? I put you in jail? - I put a gun in Sam's apartment? - You want to ask me about those things? 'Cause you never have.
'Cause you don't want the answers.
What would've happened if I just could've been myself around you? If I could've just talked to you? You always could have.
Right, so long as I say what you want to hear.
Oh, you are just like Say it.
Like my father.
Or how you made him be.
- Leah, let's go.
- But, Mom Yes, ma'am.
I don't need to say it, do I? I'm not even gonna say I told you so.
[nail gun firing.]
- Margot Weston is here.
- What? She asked to see you.
Did you tell her we were closed? Do you want me to? [sighs.]
- Do we still have the espresso machine? - Mm-mm.
But I can go to Starbucks.
Good, she'll hate that.
- [laughs.]
- Wait.
- Yes.
- Okay.
Hold the work! Hold the work, please! Are you the boss? - Hey, you're - Hello.
Well, you must be happy the place is getting a refresh.
I liked it the way it was.
Well, I'm sorry, then.
Listen, I was wondering if you might be able to help me.
How? Speak to Sam.
I speak to Sam all the time.
Speak to Sam on my behalf.
I got a call from DCFS this morning saying that he wants to move Barry into foster care.
You know, the same thing he begged me to save him from, and This is between you and Sam.
It's between all of us, Annette.
So Barry's doing well with me.
He has round-the-clock care.
He's safe and secure.
I've signed him up for piano lessons and ice skating.
He wants for nothing.
I'm sure there's one thing he wants.
Yes, well, right now I can give him a good life.
The best life.
But is that for him or you? You see, Sam and I were very confused when we saw you parading him around on the red carpet, telling everyone that you're raising him.
Let's start over.
You and I both know that foster care is not the best place for Barry, and we you can't let Sam's emotions get in the way of what's right for this child.
I have lawyers.
Sam does too.
No, I have lawyers.
The kind who are itching to find out everything they can about Sam, about you, your children.
They told me that you have a new boyfriend.
An ex-cop.
Don't worry, he checks out.
But one of his sons, on the other hand I don't want to have to rip your family apart in order to do the right thing by my grandson.
If you'd given this a moment's thought, you'd realize that my family is your family.
Is that how you see me, Annette? As family? I don't know.
I suppose if I did I could tell you the truth, like family can.
I could tell you that Barry growing up with you won't necessarily keep him safe.
'Cause the cops don't care if he's the great Margot Weston's grandson when they pull him over for driving your BMW.
Do you think that my grandson is safer with Dante and his friends? Dante moved out.
Yes, you all keep telling me that, as if it changes everything that happened.
What happened is I kicked out my own son for your grandson, my nephew.
I haven't been able to sleep at night not knowing where my baby is.
So you're not the only one who knows how to do what is right.
And foster care is right? If Sam fights me on this, I have no choice but to fight back for the sake of my grandson.
Sam could lose all parental rights.
The law will forbid him from seeing his son.
You won't be able to see him, and that's where all of this can end.
If that's where you want it to.
That's not what I meant.
Look Why are you being this way? What have I ever done to you? [laughs.]
What did you do to me? I tried for them.
After Eleanor's death You see, I gave her my word that I would do everything and anything for them, and I have tried, but no matter what I do, somehow I am always a monster in this story.
Again, it's about where the help is coming from and why.
You offered Sam to come live with you.
Did you offer to help him stay where he was? Or was it just about what you wanted? All right, I don't know what's happening here but no matter what I do, it's as if there's an assumption there's some ulterior motive.
That's your problem.
You think it's on us for not understanding you and not on you for not trying to be better understood.
I'm sorry.
No, it's fine.
I'm sorry about Eleanor.
Sorry for Sam, for you, for Barry.
But you have all the power here.
You can fight Sam, take Barry away from him.
You might win.
Annette if you can hear me at all, I don't want to win.
I just don't think that Sam can handle Barry on his own.
He's not on his own.
We're all on our own.
Isn't it exhausting to have to be so strong all the time? [approaching footsteps.]
The drywall guys are asking when they can get back to work.
- Okay, thank you, Zoe.
- [Zoe.]
Of course.
[receding footsteps.]
Well, I should go.
If Sam wants to fight you, there's not a lot I can do.
And you know as well as I do that you can't keep a parent from doing everything for their kid.
But I will talk to him.
That's as much as I can offer.
That's all I ask for.
And, Annette I'm sorry about Dante.
[footsteps fade.]
If I Should stay I would only be in Your way So I'll go But I know I'll think of you Every step of The way And I Will always love you Will always Love you You My darling you Mm Bittersweet Memories That's all I am taking With me Goodbye Please don't cry We both know That I'm not what you need And I Will always love you Will always love you I hope I hope life - Life treats you kind - Treats you kind And I hope - You have all that you ever dreamed of - You have all that you dreamed of And I wish you joy And happiness But above all things I wish you love And I Will always love you I will always Love you I will always Love you I will always Love you I will always Love you I will always Love You [music ends.]
[door opens.]
[keys rattle.]
You look nice.
Had to look spiffy for your birthday.
- The party.
- Is still on.
After I do a few Lyft rides, at least.
Leah? And Malik, and Nikki, and me.
We decided not to listen to you.
I'm glad you didn't.
And they're going to say "surprise", and you better be okay with it.
Margot came to see me.
I am so sorry you got dragged into this.
I'm not.
Sam, she's your family, for better or worse.
And fighting family is never right.
I know you may feel differently growing up with your dad as you did.
Hell, I grew up with him too.
But family wars never work because nobody wins.
You're saying that I should just let her do everything she's doing to keep him? No, I'm saying trust in the love you both have for him.
You both want the same thing: a great life for a great kid.
Find a way to help each other.
Well, I don't think I can.
Then good luck to you.
Okay, what about you? I'll do whatever you decide, you're family.
No, I'm talking about you and Dante.
Not the same thing.
You're right.
Nobody wins, I've seen it.
After what he did? No, you just said that it doesn't matter what we do to one another, we have to love each other.
Don't be mad.
How could I ever? [Leah chuckles.]
- [Margot.]
Where is everybody? - In here.
Hey there.
- I made him a snack.
- Oh, thank you, Lourdes.
Wow, it looks like somebody had a swim.
Huh? Look at you.
- What - [Barry grunts.]
Are you hurt? - Wait.
- Uh, what? Open your mouth.
Let me see.
[Margot gasps.]
- [gasps.]
- Did I lose a tooth? Is this your first? Please don't be mad.
Now, why would I be mad? Because of the towels.
Towels are just towels.
That's all.
- Look at this! - Mm.
Let's tell your dad.
- Okay.
- Okay.
[line rings.]
Hey! Dad, I lost a tooth! No way! That's great, Bear.
Let me see.
It's kind of like over here, in the corner Mm.
That's awesome.
Where's Grandma? I'm right here.
Hey! I left a I left something by your side door about 45 minutes ago.
It's here! [Barry.]
Uh, - what is it? - Here.
Munkster! Hey, Bear.
Bear, so long as you and Munkster are staying there, you need to listen to your grandma, okay? Okay.
I don't like having you away from me, but I think that's the next best place.
I agree.
I love you.
Can I speak to Grandma alone for a sec? [Barry.]
Hi, Sam.
I spoke to Stella.
I told her I didn't want Barry to go to foster care.
I'm glad to hear that.
DCFS has us scheduled for a settlement conference in three weeks to determine Barry's permanent residence.
So while I appreciate you taking care of him, I want you to know that I will be working with my lawyer to make sure that he comes back to me.
I understand.
And, Sam I hope you win.
Thank you.
- You want to talk to your dad? - Mm-hm.
There was so much blood.
Really? I mean, like A thousand tons of it.
Whoa, that's a lot of blood, bud! What did you do? Are you sure? No.
But it's time.
- You don't know how to do that, do you? - God, no! - Give it to me.
- Thank you.
[door rattles open.]
[door bangs shut.]
After all we've been through, I think you can call me Annette.
Can I make you a drink or something? I turn 50 in about five and a half hours.
- Happy birthday.
- Should be.
Supposed to be, and yet I've had more sad birthdays than happy ones, many more, and you've had something to do with that.
Come on now.
I can't believe it's taken me till 50 to understand the simplest of truths.
If you want a direct answer, ask a direct question.
What you trying to ask me? See, most questions have answers, we just want to pretend they don't.
But I'm through pretending.
Why are you looking for my son? I'm not look Okay.
What did he do? It's what he didn't do.
He was supposed to take care of something for us.
- That's why he had the gun? - Yeah.
Except he ain't take care of it.
- 'Cause my grandbaby found it.
- No.
Because he told Cliff we was coming for him.
So you're saying my son saved somebody's life? I'm saying your son caused us a lot of problems.
Don't worry about it, though.
I took care of it.
- So why are you still looking for him? - 'Cause he wronged us.
Oh, now, so you're trying to teach him a lesson.
Like you, I'm a parent too.
And when these kids don't do what they're told, well you can't just let 'em get away with it.
You go near my son again and you are the one who's going to be taken care of.
Whatever you say.
- [bang.]
- Annette.
[whirring of bicycle wheels.]
[music starts.]
[Lauryn Hill: "Tell Him" playing.]
Yo He-he Tell him, mm Oh It's like, uh You know, ah Sweet, sweet - Sweet - Tell him Ah Mm Let me be patient Let me be kind Make me unselfish Without being blind Though I may suffer I'll envy it not And endure what comes 'Cause he's all that I got - And tell him - Aha - Tell him I need him - Yeah Tell him I love him - And it'll be all right.
- It'll be all right - And tell him - Tell - Tell him I need him - Him - Be all right - Tell him I love him - It'll be all right - Be all right I'll never be jealous And I won't be too proud ' Cause love is not boastful And love is not loud Tell him I need him Tell him I love him - Everything is going to - Every day Is going to be all right Ah - And tell him - Tell him Tell him I need him Tell him I love him - Be all right - When the evening comes - Tell him - Oh In the nighttime Be all right In the morning - Be all right - In the evening, baby Tell him [music fades.]
I'm sorry I didn't say anything.
Don't be.
You kept him safe.
I'll see you at the party? [approaching footsteps.]
[Dante chuckles.]
Why you gotta ruin all my surprises? Coming to my party? Would it be a party without me? Look at you.
How do I look? I love you.
I love you too.
Come on, let's go.
- Let's get to this party.
- Alright.
- No! - [body thuds.]
[Annette shouts.]
Leave him alone! Get off him! [smacks, thuds.]
Get off him! - [smack.]
- [grunts.]
No! [Annette continues shouting.]