South Of Hell (2015) s01e03 Episode Script

I See You

1 Previously on "South of Hell" It reminds me of Sangolo.
That's where the Order of Everlasting live.
Enos was very kind to me.
I'm ready for some action.
- This isn't about - Jeremy's demon was lucky that last round, but I'll take him out this time.
Bitch, I eat souls for breakfast.
I've tried ruling in hell.
It isn't all it's cracked up to be.
Got it! Maria, it's great to see you again.
Sorry, but I-I'm Trevor.
Now you can step out of the car.
What's the charge? I'm sure we'll find something.
Open your mouth, and I'll kill ya.
What do you want? Your daddy's disappointed in ya.
What's your other uniform? Society of Sons.
That some kind of religious cult? Do I look like a Bible-thumper? Miss Genie Pool, with all that anger, you're making me swoon.
Ah! We're not going anywhere.
What about Enos? When that son of a bitch shows his face, I'll make him wish he stayed in hell.
 I'm not a child, and I'm not a fool   Your baby's 16, young and mean   Gonna make you green   Well, I don't care  Ha ha!    3:00 in the morning, sweat on your face   Your blood is boiling, your heart starts to race  Abigail was getting stronger, just like she promised, fighting for more and more control.
 Don't you worry about what you can see  A battle of wills was brewing between Maria and her demon to decide just whose body this really is.
   Garbage in the street, smog in the sky   We met at 21, no fear in our eyes   Decades passed, I'm losing my will   You'd break my heart for a dollar bill   You'd break my heart  Give me that.
Ahh! Mmm.
Oh, finally.
That's what I've been waiting for.
Maria, where are you going?  Don't you worry about what you can see   Oh, oh, it's just the Devil in me   Oh, oh, oh    Watch it, baby girl.
Do I look like anybody's baby girl? Who the hell are you? It depends.
Buy me a drink, sailor? I can think of about a dozen things to do to you.
And buying you a drink ain't one of 'em.
    Oh! Ah! Whoa.
We do it my way.
Ah, whatever you want.
I've had 3,000 years of practice.
I know exactly what I want.
Ah! Oh, that burns.
We're just getting started.
Where am I? I'm sorry.
The Devil will try to seduce you at every turn to charm and deceive you into doing his work.
all: Amen.
You must all take a hard look at yourselves and push back against the evil that is swallowing up our city.
Amen! Amen, preach on, brother man.
You know, the good reverend speaks the truth, folks.
Yes, yes, there is evil in this city, but what he won't tell you is that it's closer than you think.
Do I know you? No.
No, but I know you.
Tell me, does it hurt to be in the house of God when you're the Devil?    I've been on my best behavior   But I've heard that good girls finish last   Mm, mm   And once you're gone   They say no one can save you   But who knows?   If I go, I may never want to ever come back   Oh, I just want to dance with the Devil tonight   I want to know what it feels like   I want to close my eyes, put my hands in the sky   I want to walk on the wild side   I want to dance with the Devil tonight   I want to know what it feels like   I want to close my eyes, put my hands in the sky   I want to walk on the wild side, oh  People tell themselves we're not always responsible for our actions, but just because there's a devil on your shoulder whispering in your ear doesn't mean you have to listen, no matter how sweet the words.
I think he liked us.
Tell me you used protection.
You should be happy.
We got laid.
You got laid.
I'm the one who has to do the walk of shame.
I'm sick of you messing with my life.
Who's going to stop me, you? Please.
No matter what that preacher tells you, I'm still the one in control here.
We'll see about that.
  We got a problem.
  Got a permit to be playing out here? Officer Parsing.
Just trying to make a couple extra bucks.
Oh, kid.
I know people in the music business.
Maybe I can help get you a paying gig, make some real paper instead of coins.
And what's in it for you? Cynicism is a prison mentality, my friend.
Gotta learn to trust your fellow man.
Buy you lunch.
Why did you bring me back to my old home? Enos sent his people into my church my house, where my daughter lives so now we're going into his.
Maybe we'll find something, maybe it'll trigger a memory, something we can use against him.
I'm telling you, there's nothing here.
It's been abandoned for a reason.
No one wants to live in the Devil's home.
When was the last time you were here? I was ten years old when we moved to Sangolo.
I don't know if I can do this.
You do want to get rid of Abigail, right? More than ever.
Then I told you, this is the only way.
  You know, I looked up your sheet.
You're an Abascal, which means we're practically related.
Yeah, your dad was in the Society of Sons around the same time my dad was for a while.
We're brothers.
We're not brothers.
My father was never part of anything that wasn't sick and cruel, so if that's what you're a part of, I want nothing to do Which is exactly why the Sons parted ways with Enos a long time ago, divergent points of view.
So what are you guys, some kind of Knights of Columbus? We're just good people, doing good, praising God.
I got a lot of other things to worry about.
Yeah, let me take a guess.
Money? And drugs? Am I right? I'm trying to go clean, but my dealer's hurting me on a heavy vig.
Played Carnegie Hall and I still couldn't get out from under him.
Where does he live? It's my problem.
Sons take care of their own.
You want what's up in there? You will always be my little girl, no matter what.
What the hell are you doing? Sorry.
Somebody's paying the electric bill.
  It's okay, sweetheart.
Mommy's okay.
Mommy's okay.
Mommy's okay.
Mommy's okay.
Mommy's Mommy's okay.
Get out of this house! Take it, Maria.
  You okay? I'm never coming back here.
I brought you something for your collection, another tooth.
One of your highly educated crackers slip up? And Sweetmouth exacted some necessary punishment.
Oh, baby.
Mmm, I love that.
And look, this tooth's got gold in it.
Well, look who it is.
Yo, your sister was here last night looking like some prime cut.
Make a dealbreak off a piece of that ass for me and my girl and I'll scrap some change off your debt.
Oh, I'm not here to make deals.
  Huh, looks like I'm getting another tooth.
Who the hell are you supposed to be, his sponsor? Him.
David, you ever seen the body of a snitch? You more than dead.
Now it looks like a whole mouthful of teeth.
I swear, I didn't.
You and I need to talk, privately.
 Jesus was my left   Never need a hand  Well, do you think that I could get your sister's phone number?  Never need a hand   I want to take you home    Okay.
Everything's all straight.
We good.
That's what I like to hear.
You good? Let's go.
   I'm gonna lick my hand   God willing  David? You home? What do you think you're do Get off of me! What's going on? I caught him looking through your window.
Tell this guy to get his hands off me, Maria.
How do you know my name? It's me, Trevor from Cadillac Blacks.
You know him? Yeah, I've seen him around.
What are you talking about? We see each other all the time.
We made out last night at the Cadillac.
Just let me talk to her.
- Look, Trevin - Trevor.
Trevor, I'm sure you're a nice guy, but I really wasn't myself last night.
I get it.
It's typical.
Hey, take it easy.
Screw you, and screw her too.
Hey, you watch how you talk to the lady.
It's okay.
No need to explain.
Dusty, wait! Damn it.
David, I want you to meet my favorite gal.
This is my mother, Lanie Parsing.
You know, David's folks were in the Sons too.
Isn't that something? That's not really true.
It's a small, small world.
I think I should get going.
It's okay.
 Lord, the train keep movin'   The train keep travelin'   Movin' on towards heaven, Lord, it's me you've forgotten   The preacher keep preachin'  -  Preachin'  -  The preacher keep talkin'  -  Talkin'   Movin' on toward heaven, Lord   The preacher be rotten  What are you singing? An ode, to the new reverend who's come to town.
Bledsoe? You're a friend of his, aren't ya? I wouldn't say we're friends.
Where do you know him from? You hear that, Mother? He want to hear how we know the good Reverend.
Well, tell him, Dean.
Son of a bitch killed my father.
That's how.
That's how, David.
I found this by your father's incinerator.
I didn't want to tell you until I was certain what it was, but I remember seeing this crest somewhere before.
Society of Sons.
What's their connection to Order of Everlasting? It's the same symbol.
Enos just added the Evil Eye.
Society of Sons was founded just after the Civil War, a fraternal order of theologians and scholars devoted to harnessing the occult, but over the generations their curiosity hardened into fear and their bloodlines became inbred, degraded into violence and bigotry.
Enos was a lot of things, but he was no racist.
He had all kinds of people up there at Everlasting.
Then that's why Enos splintered off to form his own sect.
And how is it you're so familiar with these good ol' boys? If you're going to drag me around Charleston digging up my past, then I need the same from you.
It's not that simple.
Usually isn't, but you've been hiding a lot more than you've been sharing ever since you showed up.
If we're going to pretend we're on the same team, then I need you to start playing the part.
What aren't you telling me? It doesn't matter now.
Then call me when it does.
  Ooh, looks like your new boyfriend Trevor left us a gift.
Yeah, well, you're dancin' on tables, and now I'm the town whore.
Oh, always the Devil's fault.
Look in the mirror, honey.
You people are just as bad as demons.
Blame human nature, not me.
But I'll take care of it.
Next time he gets close, I'll rip his heart out.
No, we're not doing that.
He's not possessed.
Trevor's a creep, but I'm not letting you put me through another Memphis.
Stay out of it.
I wasn't asking for your permission.
I see that prick again, he's a corpse, and there's nothing you can do to stop me.
I know, Lord, I know, but this is the only way to do your work.
The bigger picture, that's all that matters.
It's not the lies we tell others.
It's the lies we tell ourselves that consume us.
Oh! Oh! Â Â The Society of Sons was nothing more than a demented group of backwoods clansmen But as I made my way back home, Dean's words kept echoing in my head.
What did we really know about this new man in our lives? Where's Maria? She's out.
Who was Bledsoe? There's trouble at the church.
Need Gracie to stay here for a bit.
Of course.
Maria told me she can depend on you.
Make sure I don't regret it.
Be sure to text me, okay? Don't worry.
I'll keep her safe.
Thank you.
It's not much, but beats sleeping in a truck.
I like it.
It's been a long time since I saw you at the Everlasting.
I remember.
You used to sit outside with me at night, taught me the constellations.
Yeah, I made that all up.
There's no such thing as Bubba Minor.
I know.
Uh, you ran away from your dad, didn't you? That's how you ended up at the Order of the Everlasting.
How come? He drank a lot and we fought.
Wasn't a very nice time.
Is that all? What do you mean? Nothing, but after you escaped from the fire I couldn't believe people would do that to each other.
I needed to find some peace.
You mean the convent.
It was the sisters who found me.
They said God told them.
Are you hungry? That's okay.
I'll make something for you.
Well, if it isn't Sister Abascal.
What he do this time? This isn't about David.
I have a problem.
Usually we take confessions inside.
It's not me.
I'm being stalked.
Oh, is that so? Well, kind of people you hang around aren't exactly what I'd call pious.
I need you to arrest him.
At least put a restraining order on him before somebody gets hurt.
So did this man threaten you? That's not what I'm worried about exactly.
All right, let's go back for a second.
Who is he? This guy that works at Cadillac Blacks.
His name's Trevor.
And you have a relationship with this gentleman? No, I don't.
I may have kissed him once when I wasn't myself.
You made out with him.
You put it out there.
What does that have to do with anything? I didn't ask for this! What am I supposed to do, just wait until somebody gets killed? I don't write the laws, I just enforce 'em.
Give me something I can work with, I'll help you out.
The Pacekos called.
They're moving back to First Baptist.
They're the third family to leave.
People are scared.
There's a lot of hate in the world.
This is more than that, this is personal.
It doesn't matter, it's in the past.
I'm a different man now.
Trust me, the past doesn't care who you think you are now.
Think about Grace.
What about Grace? You have to take her away from here.
- No.
- Damn it, just listen to what I'm telling you.
I had a daughter too once, and when I lost her, I swore I'd do anything to stop the pain.
Please, Reverend.
You don't ever want to have to do the things I swore.
She's rare and she needs to be protected.
I know how to protect her from these animals.
I'm not just talking about the Sons, I'm talking about him.
I was one of his first followers back on Sangolo, and for the last 20 years, I've tried to atone, but I can never wash myself clean of the the evil things I did there.
Maybe you can't, but I have faith in the Lord.
Which one, Elijah? Which one?    You tell your brother you don't know nothing 'bout me  I need you to get a message to Trevor.
  Your brother thinks he can come in here and threaten my man, take the food out of my mouth? What are you talkin' about? Sweetmouth got muscled out of his own territory by your traitorous brother and the Sons.
Society of Sons? Why the hell do you think I'm working the bar? Had to cut costs, fired that four-eyed candy-ass.
  Stay the hell outta here!   The past has ways of catching up with us.
Sometimes it brings pain, sometimes anger, but every once in a while, sometimes the past brings us beauty.
It's a swamp.
It's really nice.
Hey, pretty lady.
Isn't Tetra expecting you at Frogmores? Go.
That is a nice piece o' ass.
Not like that.
You like her.
You know that's the Rev's daughter.
Just tragic if something happened to her.
What do you want? I'm calling in the marker.
I took care of you, now you're gonna take care of the black preacher.
Are you crazy? I'm not a killer.
Not yet.
Go to hell.
Come on out, Clive.
Feelin' all right, Davey? You look a little shaken.
I'm sure it's nothing a little mother's milk won't fix.
Society of Sons.
We'll do for you when you do for us.
What did you just give me? You like what we pumped in your veins? There's plenty more where that came from.
It's our Mother Lanie's very own special blend.
Didn't your girlfriend Charlotte tell you there's a new candy man in town? And we run the show now.
Charlotte set me up? It's not Charlotte's fault.
See, mother's milk is more than just a high.
It's a whole new way of seeing things, the way they really are.
A curtain of darkness fell over my world.
I could hear all my fears whispering inside my head, turning me against myself, corrupting my thoughts.
Now, you gotta consider the greater evil here.
So good, Bledsoe is not a man of God.
He's a killer, a murderer, and he's got his dirty little claws in you and your sister.
He's playing you two like a six-string.
Now, Mother Mother and me, we pray, and we pray for a way to make him pay for what he did, and youyou are the answer to our prayers.
This was different than any drug, different than any possession.
I was being infected by madness.
Bledsoe is Enos.
Now I think he's finally starting to see the truth.
Hey, Romeo.
The hell do you want? I need you to get back in your car and drive it straight out of town.
But you and I both know that's not gonna happen.
You have no idea who I am.
- Okay.
Come on, get up.
You'll be all right.
Get off me.
It's time for you to go.
Tetra, are you here? I'm here, Gracie.
What is all this? Drink the tea and be calm.
Trust me, this will all make sense soon.
I tried to warn him, Grace.
I told your father to take you away from here before it was too late.
Those are his words.
Yes, but sometimes, in the right hands, even evil can be used for good.
My soul may already be damned, but by all that is unholy, I swear I will do everything I can to protect you, Grace.
Dusty? Â Â What the hell are you doing? Please, sit.
I-I want to tell you something.
Trevor, just put the gun down and we can talk about whatever you want, okay? Look at you.
I see you differently than everyone else.
I see the way you are, the way you move.
I know you now.
I've taken your invitation seriously.
What invitation? Whthe kiss, th the way you show yourself to me.
You like the flowers? They're very nice.
I've seen you at the market.
I know how you stare at 'em, wantin' 'em, and you never buy 'em for yourself, but I can buy 'em for you.
I know what foods you like.
I know what panties you wear.
I know how your face changes when you touch yourself.
After you left, I went into your bedroom and I smelled you and then my face changed too.
You need to get outta here, Trevor, before it's too late.
We need to get rid of the men in your life, Maria.
There's too many.
You only need me.
I mean, th-there's your brother and Reverend and Dusty, but he won't bother you anymore.
What did you do to him? I did what you needed me to do.
Don't answer it.
Ah! Maria? What the hell? What are you? Abigail, no! You can't kill him! Yes! I said no! Ah! Â Â You crazy bi Maria? I'm in trouble.
It's about Bledsoe.
You've got to call me back.
He could've killed us both.
We should call the police.
I did a little time and I'm still on probation.
For what? After Afghanistan Doesn't matter.
It's on me, all right? I'll take the hit, don't worry.
No, no, it's my fault you got caught up in this.
Forget it! Listen to me.
Nothing about this was your fault, okay? That's it.
Look I already spoke to Sheriff Dickey.
Son of a bitch has been gunning for me and my brother since we moved back here.
He won't believe us.
I told you, it's on me.
We have to get rid of the body.
I know where there's a furnace.
  I don't ever want to talk about this again.
Trust me, it's in the past.
Bledsoe, he's got his dirty little claws in you and your sister.
- He's a killer.
- Playing you two.
Bledsoe is Enos.
Who are you really? - David? - Get down! Just get down! Don't do this, David.
Where is Grace? If you hurt her I would never hurt her, but maybe you would.
Is it true that you killed a man? I had no choice.
You're saying it was self defense? I'm saying it was complicated.
Who are you really? You just came here out of nowhere and all this trouble came with you! My sister told me Enos can be anyone.
Maybe you're him.
David, Enos is the one trying to trick you into pulling that trigger to damn your own soul.
If someone wants me dead so badly, why doesn't he do it himself? Give me the gun.
David, don't do it.
Why not! There's something bad inside me.
David, please.
I don't think I can control it much longer, and I don't have any other way to stop it! You have me.
You always have me.
I know how hard it is sometimes.
  It's okay.
From now on, no more lies, or I'll take you out myself.
It's easy to let emotions blind us, to let fear lead us into darkness.
Sometimes we need someone to open our eyes again and help us see the light.