South Of Hell (2015) s01e05 Episode Script

The One That Got Away

1 So, what do I have to do to get you to, you know, to go out with me? What do you call this? Being neighborly.
I'm taking about a real date, Maria.
We both get dolled up, I take you out.
Dinner, dancing.
People still do that? Yeah, the old-fashioned ones.
Those are my favorite kind.
I like that about you.
Where'd you go? Sorry.
I just A memory.
It's nothing.
The last time I got close to a guy, it didn't work out too well.
Tell me.
Um Back in Memphis.
He was the only man I ever really loved.
I lost him.
Only a fool would leave you.
It wasn't like that.
He was murdered.
Oh, my God.
Did they ever catch the killer? Abigail! So, what about you? I had a girl.
Met her when I was at infantry school.
You loved her? Very much.
- What happened? - Car accident.
It's hard to keep going above ground when the ones you love are below.
But, you know, I'm ready to spend some time with someone.
I'd like to, and I want to, but I'm just not ready yet.
Until I can make peace with myself, I'm not good for anyone else.
All right.
I'm a patient man.
Okay? To patience? We spend so much of our lives building up walls, trying to keep people out.
Afraid if they could see what we really are inside, they might turn away in horror.
But maybe we're more afraid of what happens if they don't.
Hey, Lucy.
Can you grab me a beer? Luce, you here? 89 degrees.
Partial clearing tonight with a low of 74.
Oh, you feel so good.
Oh, so much better than my husband.
Lucy? What the hell do you mean you're out of stock? A temporary setback.
Those Society of Sons of bitches interrupted my flow of product.
But you can red-light your distress, 'cause that situation is being rectified duly.
What the hell did he just say? We're getting our business back on its feet and you're gonna need to be patient.
Patient? You're the only game in town now.
After the crazy shit I've seen lately, you'd need something to take the edge off too.
Come back tomorrow, beautiful lady, and we'll have everything you need.
But if you need to release some endorphins before them, I know some other ways to make you feel good.
Sorry, daddy's got me on curfew.
Some people have no self-control.
Grace, before we go any further, are you sure you're ready for this? Yeah.
Why? I've never met anyone like you before in my life.
The minute you came back, I felt it, Grace.
You are the most perfect thing I have ever seen.
And I just don't want to mess that up.
What do you mean? You know what? I almost got you killed the other day.
You saved my life.
Look, I can decide for myself who and what is good for me or not.
- Hmm.
Hmm? Hmm? - Hmm? Mmm.
What? It's Maria.
She's probably waiting for me at Frogmore's.
I got a lead on another job.
Guy's supposed to meet us there after breakfast.
Frogmore's pancakes.
Why you eating my food? You have your own.
I know, but yours looks better.
Well, it is better because it's mine.
What's got you in such a good mood? Oh, I'm not.
Excuse me for interrupting.
I know I'm early.
I went by your booth but you were not there.
Can I? - You're the guy who called me? - My name is Terence Clay.
My there's something wrong with my wife.
She's doing unspeakable things with men.
Sins of the flesh.
Look, Mr.
Clay, just because your wife is cheating on you doesn't mean that she's possessed.
No, no.
You don't understand.
Okay? My wife is the true believer.
She's the pious one.
Okay? Even when the Devil tempted me into the arms of other women, she forgave me and she's meek.
That was her strength.
Maybe she's tired of being a doormat.
He's right.
Excuse us.
This isn't the kind of thing I can help you with.
She's making me watch.
What do you mean? It's happening.
It's happening again.
Wedding ring.
That's that's That is my wife.
- Her hands are all over him.
- Calm down.
She's tying his hands together.
She's tying his hands together! Shh.
- Calm down, Mr.
- It's a m it's a motel.
It's a motel.
Do you see a name? Para-Dice.
She's in Para-Dice! Para-Dice? Hey.
I need to talk to you.
- Where were you this morning? - That's my business.
You need to stay away from the Abascals.
Why? These are dangerous people, especially David.
But they're good enough to help fight your holy war, just not good enough for me.
Maria and David are not like you and me.
You know who their father was.
So? Lanie Parsing said I was the daughter of a whore.
Does that make me bad too? It's not true.
Stop lying to me! I went online.
I found the newspaper articles about what happened at that nightclub.
The place you shot Dean Parsing's father wasn't just a bar.
It was a brothel.
Claire was a special woman.
Just like you.
Then who was she? All these crazy things are happening to me.
I need to know the truth about where I came from.
Where you came from.
Gracie, you are here now, and that's all that matters.
Stay away from the Abascals.
What happened? How can I help? You can't.
How long have you had that? You think this guy's for real? He thinks it's real.
I'm sure of that much.
- I don't know.
- Mr.
Clay? What's up? He's out.
Those visions must leave him wasted.
Pancake party.
Pancake party.
What's with you this morning? What do you mean? You're dragging our asses across town looking for Don Juan's wife and you're breaking out into song.
I'm just in a good mood.
It's not dope.
I swear.
- Just be careful, David.
- No way.
I've seen you with Grace.
She's not like Charlotte.
Can't you just be happy for me? What is it? Shit.
Looks like a wild night gone bad.
Maybe, but I don't think your average stiff has eyes like that.
Come on.
We can't be seen here.
We can't be a part of this.
Not if there's a body.
A book.
See that? I don't understand the text.
What does it mean? The rune is the mark of an angel.
Of an She's flesh and blood.
I saw her born.
You also saw what happened the other night with Maria.
I mean how else can you explain it? Look, this book.
Where did it come from? I stole it when I left Sangolo.
From his own library.
Enos' word? It is not the word of God.
- Christianity, Islam, Judaism, it doesn't matter.
- It is not.
All those religions kill in the name of their god, but even the bloodiest soil can still bear fruit.
I'm talking about saving a soul.
If I have to use the Devil's tools to do good, then I will.
Do you understand? Grace is an angel.
I don't mean a sweetheart or a or a good girl.
I mean she is an actual angel.
A miracle in the flesh.
Why would that scare you? She's my daughter.
She's a miracle to me already.
I don't need her to be a martyr too.
Elijah, for a man of God, you have so little faith.
Whatever had gotten into the pious Mrs.
Clay, one thing was for sure, She wanted her cheating husband to know all about it.
Where is she? I told you, okay? I don't know where she is.
I can only see her when she's with them.
But I swear I had no idea she was killing them.
All right, well, then, you're sticking with us so we can get to the next before it's too late.
All right, I'll stay close, but I need a drink.
That guy giving you the creeps too? Like him or not, something's going on here.
That dead body, though.
Talk about coitus interruptus.
David, cut it out.
We've seen too many bodies lately.
Hey, now, you better be careful with that.
You might poke an eye out.
Thanks for the tip, Sheriff, but if Mr.
Roberts sent you to tell me to keep away from his daughter again, tell him it worked, okay? Don't flatter yourself, son.
No, I came to talk to Miss Abascal.
- What for? - Have a seat.
I'm not asking you.
Have you ever spent the night at the Para-Dice Motel? - No.
- Hmm.
So, it's unlikely someone saw your blue pickup leaving there not too long ago? It's South Carolina.
Everyone and their granddaddy owns a blue pickup.
That's right.
Yeah, that truck could belong to just about anybody.
But that motel gets its share of weirdoes and shady people.
That's why they put security cams all over the place.
And I have been watching you and your brother for awhile now, and the mess you've been making in this city.
We found a body over at Cadillac Blacks.
Thought that stiff looked pretty unique, until we found this guy with the same problem.
Very soon, that phone is gonna ring.
The DA calling to tell me that I got it.
The indictment I've been hoping for.
To lock you and your brother up for the rest of your trailer trash lives.
So, I'll ask you one more time.
Have you ever been to the Para-Dice Motel? Yeah, that's okay.
Save your breath.
Because that face belongs to nobody but you.
The Sheriff's phone never rang.
That part was a bluff.
Maria, on tape with the victim hours before he died, wasn't enough to prove anything.
To the law, anyway.
This is ridiculous.
Can't get arrested for screwing a guy to death.
Abigail, what the hell did you do? No, it wasn't me.
We both know this wouldn't be the first time you pulled something like this.
I'm not pulling anything, but if that thing walking around wearing our face is who I think it is, then we're gonna need a bigger boat.
Hello? Well, I see your car's here.
Where'd you run off to? Charlotte Now, I know a lot of guys who stop calling after they get in a girl's pants, but after what we went through at the lake house, you owe me a text at the very least.
You didn't say anything to the cops, did you? You mean about you shooting a hole through a man? Or the part about a guy being okay talking with a knife through his neck? Don't worry.
I covered your ass.
I guess love makes us do crazy things.
What? Most guys just get what they want and they're gone.
You risked your life for me.
Now, how about we meet up and I'll take care of you? Uh, I I can't.
Dickey almost busted Maria.
She needs me.
I need you.
I lied to the police for you.
It's happening.
It's happening.
- It's happening again.
- Charlotte, look, I I don't have time for this right now.
I got bigger problems.
All I need to do is say just one word to that sheriff.
Don't, Charlotte.
Uh, I I'll meet you tonight at Cadillac Black.
It's a date.
Come with me.
He's doing it again.
We need to find this demon fast or we are both going to prison.
Charlotte is coming after me.
You need to stop mumbling.
You need to speak.
What do you see? Parking.
Airport with long-term parking.
Basement basement level! No one's in there.
I'm looking for Gracie.
I haven't seen her come by since this morning.
Tetra said you were looking for me the other day.
No, thanks.
I guess I'm having what a man like you would call a a spiritual crisis.
Did something I wish I didn't.
Trust me, that won't help.
You sure? Aw.
You're a stronger man than me.
You looking for your husband? He ain't here.
I'm not looking for my husband.
Looking for a job? No.
Uh, my name is Grace Bledsoe.
- Mm-hmm.
- My father is Elijah Bledsoe.
So? He was involved in a situation that happened here a while back.
- The shooting.
- You a reporter? That was 20 years ago.
I got nothing for you.
The woman that was with him that day was my mother.
You're Claire's girl? Come inside.
Watch him.
La petite mort.
That's what the French call it.
Not much technique, - but the enthusiasm was good.
- Who are you? With a face like yours Maria, I can get any man or woman I want.
What about you, Abigail? Still as insatiable as ever, I hope? - Dahlia.
- Hello, my love.
Miss me? Stop it.
Same old temper.
Well, this new host of yours, Maria, she's very pretty, but she doesn't give you the satisfaction that you need.
Why don't we just get rid of her, hmm? Don't you still want me? Join me inside this body.
I've missed you so much, Abigail.
I am giving you one more chance.
Come back to me, or I will have fun killing you in yours.
No! I'm just trying to find out about my mother.
How long did she work for you? Claire never worked for me.
Claire was hiding here.
- Hiding from who? - Some crazy cult.
The Order of Everlasting.
Oh, my God.
Easy, easy, easy, easy.
Lie back.
What happened? I was worried and came in after you.
Found you laying in a heap.
Clay's fast asleep in my bed.
What is this thing, Mar? Whatever it is, it's strong enough that Abigail couldn't handle it.
Then why'd it let you go? I don't know.
Try to rest, and don't go after that thing again without me.
I got to go take care of something.
- I'll be back soon.
- What? David, don't.
Don't worry.
There's something I have to fix.
I had a feeling it was her.
Who the hell is Dahlia? She's a Lilan.
A sex demon.
Clay probably hasn't treated his wife right in years, so all that pent-up energy makes her a perfect host.
She and I had a thing centuries ago until I found out she was crazy.
She's been stalking me ever since.
What kind of crazy? She was obsessed.
She didn't just want me.
She wanted to be me.
Uses her power to make her host look like my host.
So, why didn't you destroy her? You still love her.
That's why Enos sent her, to turn you against me.
Dahlia and I have a long history together.
She's a killer.
She's a demon.
Like me, remember? Problem is, I get in a room with her and something just turns on inside.
I can't help it.
Not everyone's an ice queen, Maria.
If you won't take care of our urges, then I will.
That's not fair.
After what you did, I don't have a choice.
How long are you gonna keep blaming me for Spencer? You killed him! You killed any chance I had to love someone! Because you didn't know how to control your emotions yet.
- Go away! - It's me.
What do you want, Dusty? You all right? The Reverend came by your place earlier.
He looked pretty shook up.
Thought you might want to know.
This place has taken in all kinds of abused women through the years.
Not all of them tricked.
Some of them cleaned, changed sheets, and helped me keep the place running 'til we could move 'em somewhere safe.
And some of these women were running from the Everlasting.
My dad never told me she was from there.
When Mr.
Parsing started coming in, I thought he was just trying to make it with the black girls, right? The Society of Sons, they're a nasty bunch of racist hypocrites.
But he had something else in mind.
The night your father shot him, there was another man here.
A face I'd never seen before.
That same man came back about a year later asking if I knew where Claire was.
Told me where to find him I did.
Do you still have that address? I'll see if I can't dig it up for you.
Grace? Grace, you here? Tetra? Is anybody here? It's not enough for me to be a soldier in your war.
You had to draft my daughter into it too? Hasn't she suffered enough already? I'm so tired of fighting all the time.
Fighting against the man I used to be.
Against temptation.
Forgive me, Lord.
I just need a sign.
Just show me we're winning.
Is anybody even listening? I am.
What's wrong? I was, uh, I was looking for Grace.
She's safe.
You saw her? Yes.
It's all gonna be okay.
- You've been drinking.
- I'm lost, Maria.
You're not lost.
You're just human.
The incident at the lake house should have been enough to scare anyone straight.
But Charlotte's lust for life was not to be tamed by something as easy as a near-death experience.
Glad to see you got your shingle back up.
The only reason I didn't have your ass entombed was I hear you took out Sweetmouth's competition.
A little token of our appreciation.
Let's go, Charlotte.
I don't think I can wait.
What are you doing? I appreciate what you did.
Not calling the cops.
I I owe you for that, but I can't do this right now.
It's that little priss, isn't it? Grace? Charlotte.
I think I'm in love with her.
Oh, my God.
You just made the biggest mistake of your life.
I open my mouth and your whole world comes apart.
I swear on my family's name I will burn you to the ground.
Hey, this is Grace.
Leave a message.
Grace, where the hell have you been? Call me back.
I'm getting worried.
I wasn't a good father to her.
I I tried to be good.
I'm trying.
But I I failed her, just like I failed her mother.
You didn't fail anybody.
No, I All I know is the rest of the world can go to hell for all I care.
The only thing that matters is my daughter.
We'll protect her.
I promise.
You're a good man.
Nothing you can do or have ever done will change that.
I've been wanting to do that for a long time.
I just couldn't fight it anymore.
Maria, wait.
No more waiting.
No more.
It's it's happening again.
Lucy, what are you doing? What are you doing? What Lucy L Lucy.
What's this? Lucy, Lucy, Lucy.
W what Lucy.
What's preacher.
It's a man.
He's a preacher.
Black man.
It's a preacher.
Oh, my God.
No, we can't.
Oh, Maria.
Maria, wait.
- Oh.
- No, Maria, we can't do this.
This isn't right.
- Oh! - We we can't do this.
This isn't right.
This Don't you want me? Stop.
Oh! God help us.
The Devil is with him.
Stay here.
Ah! Ahh! - Get off of him! - I'm not finished.
Dahlia! Hi, lover.
Care to join us? I know he won't mind.
I want you all for myself.
Don't play games with me, Abigail.
No more games.
I've been thinking about what you said.
I want to be with you.
What are you saying? I'm so tired of Maria telling me what I can and can't do.
I want to do what I want.
I want this.
I want to be inside you.
You feel that? So deep.
So nice.
I love you.
Forgive me, Dahlia.
I've made my choice.
I'm never going back to you.
He's still not breathing.
- Maria? - You're gonna be okay.
Come on.
I'll take care of you.
Okay, come on.
I got you.
Oh, Lord.
Lucy? Thank God.
I don't want you to worry about anything, okay? With with prayer and mercy, we will work through this.
Okay? I just want my good girl back.
I just want things like they were before.
- No.
- What? You treated me like I was nothing.
I've lived without love for too long.
I I'm sorry, Terence.
I'm I'm not going back to what we had.
I know.
Go find Grace.
Wait, I I should help you.
- You need to rest.
- Are you sure? I can take care of it.
I am.
Some people are like a drug.
Hard to quit, no matter how bad they are for you.
I'm sorry I was short with you before.
Everything's just been kind of strange lately.
I'm just not good at this sort of thing.
What kind of thing is that? Whatever this is.
How about I order us some takeout? That sounds perfect.
Tetra, what happened? Elijah.
- What did I do? - Listen carefully.
- What? - Gracie's in danger.
What do you mean? The Sign of the Angel is turning to the Rune of Tath.
Gracie's an angel like her mother had to be.
Leave Gracie out of this.
Maria is strong enough to defeat Enos.
She's not.
She's not.
We need both of them, devil and angel, to stop Enos.
That's why he's going after her again, and where he's taking her this time, my soul may be the only one damned enough to follow her there.
How? I want to thank you for giving Grace to all of us.
Hello? Hello? Anybody here? You Miss Gracie? Yes.
I'm here to help you find your mother.
Lord or darkness, I'm giving myself to you.