South of Nowhere s01e02 Episode Script

Friends, Lovers, Brothers, and Others

This is where I live now.
Los Angeles A week ago, my two brothers and I were in a small town, Ohio.
Where I knew the rules.
Now we are in this huge city where everything moves faster, harder, and there are no rules.
I feel like something is different with me.
And that's good, right? Look at them! - And each one more tasty than the next.
- And each more brilliant.
I know.
- What's going on? - How does he do that? He should be as lost as we are.
This place is completely insane.
I know, I know.
We've been going here what? Three days now? And I still don't have a clue where any of my classes are.
That's what an additional 2063 students will do to your sense of direction.
Well, I am good, cause the gym is right across the quad.
Glenn, you do know that most cultures don't consider weight training a class, don't you? - That's not funny, Spencer.
- Yes, it is.
Funny and true.
Look, weight training is a class.
I get a grade for it.
See that's what we need.
A map.
That's why you're the smart bro.
You're kidding me? My physics lab's not even on campus.
It's out at a junior college.
Okay, later.
See you.
Oh, excuse me.
Oh I was I was trying to get to my class.
No problems, why don't you go and "get".
Aiden, baby.
Wait till you see my new dress for the dance.
You're gonna love it.
You're the new alternate for the squad, right? - Yeah, I'm Spencer Carlin? - Great, see you at practice.
- Alright, she's hot.
- What girl isn't to you? - You? - Jerk! No, I'm the brother with the car.
And I'm not waiting around to take you home after practice, alright? So be there.
Where else do I have to be? Damn.
God these things don't even work at this stupid place.
You want something? Yeah.
Do you know where science lab 3 is? Yes.
- Oh man.
- Let me help.
- Damn! - God, I'm so sorry.
I didn't mean to.
Who cares what you meant? You always have to create a disaster wherever you go? What is your problem? I'm just trying to find my way around here.
You and everyone else in this place.
Sherry, you were so not with Zach last night, were you? I was, and if his moves are as weak as they were last night.
Then we're in trouble on Friday.
I hear you.
If those boys were half as good as they think they are.
We'd all be a lot more relaxed.
Spencer, you're late.
Yeah, sorry, I'm still trying to get this campus figured out.
Well don't let it happen again.
The squad at King High School is professional.
Disciplined, and the only hope those boys have of winning.
- Hi, I'm Sherry.
- Hi.
Don't mind Madison.
The day she was born, she thought someone told her the world was hers.
- And it should be.
- It will be once your man goes pro.
Aiden will be scouted this year so he better be on his game.
- What sport does he play? - Basketball.
Oh, so does my brother.
He's a point guard.
Really? JV? No, he was All-State back home.
He thinks he's gonna start this week.
Honey, you're new here, so let me speed your education along.
My man, Aiden, is the only point guard worth mentioning on this team.
Well, doesn't the coach play two of them.
Yes, but there's only room for one star.
And it's not gonna be some farm boy who gets in the way of Aiden's 8-figure deal.
Got it? Now, pom-poms are in lockup 4.
Bring them to the gym please.
Ladies Great, girl! Spencer, nice.
You're a little stiff on the returns, see.
Just feel the move.
Your moves are different from what we did back home.
You'll get it, just stay focused.
And maybe you'll get a permanent spot on the squad.
Alright ladies, this is for today.
Spencer, collect the gear and put it away.
Go in, go in.
Pass it out.
That's how you play this game.
Nice Mr.
Carlin very nice.
You should watch yourself out here, son.
You ain't in Kansas anymore, we've only got real ballers in the big city.
Ohio, O-H-I-O, big boy.
Why don't you look it up on a map while you're sitting on the bench? I ain't gonna to be the one with splinters in my ass.
Aiden, over here.
The new one has some skills.
Please, they all do in the beginning of the season.
We'll see where it ends up.
Sir, Sir, I have to take AP Physics.
I'll be ineligible for college scholarship if I don't carry a full load this semester.
I feel for you, Mr.
But there's nothing I can do if the class is full.
What am I supposed to do? Home school? Look, I handle students' schedules.
If you want to discuss your options, I suggest you speak to a counselor.
Look, I've already completed one year of AP algebra and one year of AP Calculus.
There's gotta be another class open besides Geometry I.
Sorry, that class just filled up too.
How do feel about Art? Next! That is how it's going, good job, Glen.
He's fast.
- Whatever.
- Excuse me? Attitude adjustment.
This hayseed is gunning for you.
He just tries to prove himself.
So he's taking a shot at the best player.
- Me! - Okay.
But let's keep it that way.
So, you're a basketball fan? Or do you just like watching guys pat each other on the ass? Question, are you on meds? Actually no.
My mom fired my last therapist after he hit on her.
And the new one believes in a holistic approach of my mental health.
- So you are crazy.
- They think I am.
Gives them a reason to justify my behavior.
But no, I'm not.
Are you? - No.
- Then what are you doing here? Brother.
- Cute.
Haven't seen him around.
- Yeah, we just moved here.
He's hoping he'll get to play, and if he doesn't, his world will end.
And I thought I was dramatic.
Well, for his sake, I hope he's not too good.
Meaning? Meaning that the basketball star, i.
Aiden, can't be the star if another star, that would be your brother, replaces him.
Which then means the cheerleading queen Madison can't be the queen - if she's not dating the star.
- I get it, I get it.
At King High, as in life, it's all about being somebody.
And who are you? Today I haven't really decided yet.
- Ashley Davies.
- Spencer Carlin.
- Nice to meet this version of you.
- Yeah, sorry about this morning.
Stepfather number 3 came by, which pissed off stepfather number 4, and they got in this whole parental argument over my Tattoo.
You like? I thought they were illegal for minors.
Everything cool is.
Anyway, it was a long night, and I woke up a little cranky.
- And you received the benefit of it.
- Lucky me! - You seen much of La-La Land? - Yeah.
Universal City, Santa Monica Pier.
Okay, stop, stop, you're killing me, come on.
Oh, no, I have to wait for him.
My ride.
I'll get her home.
Come on.
Wow! You live here? Just me, mom and number 4.
Who I think is soon to be ex-number 4.
- That's how I want my life.
- Austin's way too dramatic.
Real World: Hawaii, that would work.
- Okay, didn't one of them OD? - Yeah, besides that.
- So, did you leave a boy back home? - No one special, you? No.
One should only hit and run.
Boys are way too much trouble.
- Aiden's cute.
- Aiden? You've so dropped in cool points.
Well, what kind of guy do you like, then? The bad boy? The skater? Oh, wait, no.
You like the tortured poets.
That's it.
Come on.
No, they all suck! They all think 'hello' means 'put your hands all over me and testosterone me'.
No, it's the kiss! I so hate the kiss! They try to suffocate you with their tongue! I know! And all they do is sit around and talk about themselves forever! Right.
And you have to sit there smiling and nodding.
- Like you care! - Like you care! I know.
It's a good thing that they're not the only choice.
- You know who she's with? - Yeah, I do.
Some girl at school.
You've got to look out for each other, Glenn.
Next time throw me a bone and get me some info.
Do you have any idea where your sister is? Dad, I don't even know where my classes are.
You know, that's what you get for being the genius.
- I'm home.
- Hey.
- Alright, admit it.
She's your favorite.
- Okay, she's my favorite.
You're late.
Heard you made a new friend.
Yeah, and she is smoking hot! - Was she checking me out? - No.
Why would she? Because I was making their star point guard look like my bi - Glenn, knock it off.
- So where's mom? Emergency, appendectomy, broken bones, L.
traffic, pick one.
Will you tell your friend I'm thinking about asking her to the dance after the game? Like she'd even go with you.
Don't you think you should talk to her first? Why? She's hot.
I'm hot.
It'd be hot.
I know! I'm late.
Three gunshots, two stabbings, various car accidents, and one hand stuck in a toaster.
- And the traffic in L.
- And we have a match.
How was the counseling center? Good, bad, amazing, depressing, but I liked it.
Good, see? I told you this move would work out.
Glad it worked for someone.
Thank you lord for allowing all of us to be together under your grace.
And guide us through our challenges, fears, and dreams.
In Poe's 'Tell-Tale heart', what was the central image throughout the story? AP History.
Impressive, Mr.
But this is English Lit.
I'm sorry but I had already cover this at my other school.
Great, then you should up to speed.
So just tell me.
What the central image of the 'Tell-Tale heart' was and we can both continue.
Not a problem.
It was actually the antagonist guilt-ridden heart.
Nice, but wrong.
Anyone? Sean? It was the murderer's twisted eye that Poe used as central image.
It made the dude the antagonist kill.
Carlin, in the future I expect you will focus on the class at hand.
I will.
That's alright, player.
You were close.
I'm so sorry.
I wasn't watching where I was going.
- No it was my fault, you ok? - Yeah, I'm fine.
Clay Carlin, got here a couple of days ago and now I bump into everything.
- Hi, Chelsea Lewis, Junior.
- Oh, me too.
I know, I've seen you in my art class.
I was supposed to be in AP physics but somehow I ended up in art.
What? You don't like art? - Nope, I love it - What the hell you do, boy? Who are you talking to, bitch? Dallas, leave him alone, he's not doing anything.
Girl, you know I'm all man you need.
What do you want? Dallas, stop it, stop it.
So Chelsea, you need a man around to make sure you're safe, - you wanna be safe? - Leave me alone.
You need a ride home? Let me give you a ride home so.
Hey, she said she wasn't interested.
- I'm out.
- Oh, my God, are you okay? Hey, girl.
You did well yesterday.
Good practice.
Thanks! You have some pretty out there routines.
You have to if you wanna stand out.
This is my boyfriend, Aiden.
Aiden, this is Spencer She's hoping to be a permanent member on the squad.
- There's definite potench.
- Yeah, we we met yesterday.
- You're brother's an ass.
- Yeah.
That's why we had to leave Ohio.
So, how are you getting to the dance on Friday? Oh, I don't know if I'm going.
Yeah, you are.
The entire squad has to be there.
Don't worry.
You can come with us and who knows? Maybe we can hook you up.
Hey! Where have you been all day? - We do have that thing called school.
- Please.
Not here.
You just show up.
And after four years, they let you out.
Doing school's totally overrated.
- So you know them? - Good question.
You know her? You guys know each other? - Hey Ash.
How are you? - Good, you? He's fine.
You know, it doesn't surprise me you know Ashley.
Everybody does, in the most intimate ways.
It is so good to see you Madison.
You know, I was actually just telling Spencer here yesterday, about how you are the queen cheerleader, you know, King High royalty.
But that isn't exactly true, is it? You're more like a royal bitch! Hey, come on you guys, don't.
Careful who you hook up with, Spencer.
It has a way of getting out.
- Okay, what was that all about? - Nothing, she's a bitch.
- No, not her.
Him? - What? You and him.
That's what.
- Nothing.
- You're lying.
No, I'm not! - I freaked you out yesterday, didn't I? - No, not really.
- Come on.
- Yeah, you did.
I knew it.
My shrink thinks it's because I like to be different.
I just think it's because I like to well, freak people out.
- Well, you succeeded.
- Thanks.
That's good, right? Okay well.
Anyway I had a totally above average day yesterday.
- Me too.
- No problem.
So, are you going? What, to the dance.
Ah, no.
Never been to one, not gonna go.
Well, that could change.
I think my brother's gonna ask you.
- He thinks you're hot.
- Yeah, he's got that right.
And how chicks can't resist basketball player.
Shut up, he said that? Please tell me he's not the brains of the family.
- Well, are you gonna go? - I have to, cheerleading thing.
Right, well, good! You can tell me how much it sucked! See you later! Carlin.
What are you doing here? It's lunch time.
I know I know, but I like to take time work my shot.
Nobody's here.
It's cool.
Do you mind? No, you mind starting this week? No, no, not at all.
Good, I'll see you at practice.
- What are you looking at? - Nothing.
- You were staring at me.
- No, I wasn't.
- What's wrong with you? - What do you mean? I knew you were a freak.
Sorry, you're not my type.
Ashley, Ashley, help.
Ashley, Ashley, help me.
You're gay, you're so gay.
You are so gay.
Look, I can provide a safe hospice if you agree at least to go to counseling.
Your husband's ill.
Think it over.
I'll be right back.
- Is this a bad time? - No.
I don't know how you do this.
It's so hard.
Especially when they don't let me help them.
- You can't save everybody, Dad.
- Oh yeah? But I can try.
- How's school? You are going, right? - Yes.
It just doesn't help that we started the school year late.
Sorry about that.
Mom's job was starting up and we couldn't wait until summer.
It's okay.
I just feel like I don't quite fit in.
You know, like everybody else knows who they are and what they're about.
Except me.
Anybody who knows what they're about at your age has made that decision way too quickly.
I mean, this is the time to the time to live.
Try new things, make some mistakes Is that the best you got, Dad? Okay, as a professional social worker who's devoted his life to counseling teens.
You need to bottle up those emotions you're feeling, bury them deep inside.
Oh, really.
That way you don't have to deal with them until you're in your thirties.
Spence, you're just going through that normal teenage anxiety of wanting to be accepted.
Just be yourself.
You'll be great.
But, what if being myself isn't what people expect of me? That's what makes people great.
The unexpected.
- You the lil homie that Dallas chewed on? - Yo, that's right.
- This brother stood right up for the lady.
- And then fell right down.
- That's true.
Where are you heading? - Home.
Hop in.
- It - Come on, man, I don't bite.
Yo, meet my cousin, Clay this is Boz.
I heard you're brother got beat up yesterday.
Glenn? No, the other one.
No way, he's never been in a fight in his entire life.
He'll probably wanna work on that.
It's probably why he lost.
He didn't say anything.
What is that? Oh, what? Guys always pounding on each other? No, you and Aiden.
Whenever he's around you freeze up.
No, I don't.
- Yeah, you do.
- Okay, so I knew him once.
Knew him, knew him? Who cares? It was the past.
It was just some some stupid phase.
A phase! A phase is like a low-carb diet.
Not who you wake up next to.
Well, I don't know who that is.
I just I just know who it's not.
Monday when I saw you in the office.
What were you in trouble for? No trouble.
Trying to talk to somebody about my college credits.
- Oh I just thought - I know what you thought.
The Mis-Education of the Negro.
Trying to figure out why blacks aren't on history book while you're at home? You've read Carter Wilson's book? - Twice.
- Really? Ain't a damn thing cousin hasn't read.
He's like a damn machine with all that philosophizing and 40 acres and a mule.
America is not kind to black man.
No, it's probably as kind as the individual deserves.
Believe that? The individual has to take responsibility for his own actions.
But how can they when their actions and their individual are predetermined by racist society? Personally, I don't give a damn.
In the hood you gotta give before you get got.
Don't listen my cousin, he's always high.
You just threw out my chronic! At least you're not part of what they want us to be.
Confused, lazy minded.
The only way for us to take control of our world is to not get stuck on stupid.
Man, if I don't smoke I'm gonna be as crazy as you are.
You have the routine down.
You got the moves.
Keep it up and you'll be one of us for real.
Alight, that's ok.
- You got lucky, rabbit.
- No luck about it.
You need to bring in on, because I'm the money player, okay? The closer we get to the game, the better I get.
I'm scared Hey, I am beat.
I had a date with Sherry, she's a freak.
Actually all the cheerleaders are freaks.
That's why we play so good.
Easy man, my sister's on the squad.
What I meant to say was "every girl in the squad is freak but anyone's sister".
Alright, cool.
But you've got to agree.
Including your sister, the hottest girls are cheerleaders.
You guys got some beautiful ladies out here.
- Who was that one on the stairs? - That was Ashley.
She used to date Aiden.
- No kidding.
- Yep, then she changed teams.
- What? - She got into girls.
Someone that fine wasted.
That's just pathetic, letting her go.
You've got something you wanna say to me? What's going on in here? Do we have problem? I said "do we have problem"? All good here.
No, no problem.
Let's keep that way.
Keep it up, hotshot, and we all lose.
- Thanks for the ride.
- You're welcome.
But there are strings attached.
We have to stop at the store and pick something up for dinner.
That's okay.
At least I get a say in what we're eating.
Mom? Was it ninth or tenth grade when you met dad? It was ninth.
Let me tell you.
Your dad was so cute.
Don't tell me you've met someone! Mom! I was just asking how you guys met.
Just remember, I was so distracted the semester that I met him that my GPA dropped to 3.
Oh what a tragedy! - Were you a virgin when you were married? - Are you having sex? Mom! We just moved here, like a week ago.
Come on.
All right, okay.
It's just now is not the time for romance.
Now is the time to step it up.
Grades, clubs, sports, all the things that are gonna get you into a great college.
How does every discussion with you end up about college.
I don't know, maybe because that's the most important thing for you right now.
Look, just get the grades, get the school, and get the life you want, okay? What if I don't know what kind of life I want? Who does? But at least when you figure it out, you'll be able to grab it.
Come on.
He's cute.
Really? I hadn't noticed.
- Drive mom.
- Okay.
- Sir we didn't do anything.
- Then you don't have anything to worry about.
You don't to have to do anything around here, but drive while black.
I got to call my dad, we get a phone call.
Can I call my dad? Do you even know your dad? We haven't been booked yet which means these pigs don't have to give us a call.
- You're the smart guy.
- That's right.
- What? What are you doing? - Hey, hold it together.
This is your lucky day.
Sean Miller, I'm gonna remember that.
That's what the word is.
- And the word is wrong.
- You should know.
She's your friend.
Glenn! Don't start spreading vicious gossip like that.
- She dated Aiden.
- I know! I heard he turned her gay.
- Isn't Aiden the boy we saw at school? - Son, people don't just turn gay.
- They are or they're not.
- That's one opinion.
I think we should all hope and pray that this girl finds her way.
I think God is a little too busy to be worried about which two people like each other.
Mom, this girl's beautiful.
I mean, she couldn't be gay.
She's probably just experimenting.
Life is not an experiment.
You get one shot at it, okay? And if you're not careful, you'll experiment yourself to the grave - Not if you use protection.
- Glenn, too far.
On that we agree.
Spencer, I think you should find some new friends, okay? This girl Ashley does sound like she could be a bad influence on you.
Time to eat! Anybody know where Clay is? Mom, come on, I can't be friends with someone because raging hormone boy got some random information in a locker room? Honey, sexual orientation really shouldn't be on the list of what makes a good friend or not.
- Thanks.
- Sexual orientation? Look, all I know is that Ashley's smoking hot.
And you're an idiot.
Clay? Where have you been? You're late.
Clay, man, you missed it.
Word is our sister's new friend is gay.
It's official.
You're an ass.
Son, what happened? Dad, they humiliated us.
They hit them just hit them.
And they laugh, because I didn't know who my father was.
- Who? - The police.
- Why were you with the police? - We were just driving home from school.
- Glenn, I thought you had the car.
- I was with my friend Sean and his cousin.
Clay, honey, they must have done something wrong, something to provoke them.
No, mom, they did it because we drive while black.
What? I guess that's how they do it in Los Angeles.
Okay, Spencer, we're gonna meet at 2:30 in the gym.
A little warm up, then change and we'll meet at the dance.
- And remember, we always look hot.
- Madison, I'm not gonna know anyone.
You have to go.
It's part of being on the team.
You do wanna stay on the squad, don't you? Yeah.
Great! We'll see you at 2:30.
Oh, and you might wanna rethink some of your friendships.
Especially during this time when you're being judged.
So cute! We're gonna get the ball in.
- And we'll pass it at - I'll hit the tres.
Give me the ball.
We'll pass it out to Glenn.
Alright on 3 One, two, three, win.
You have to come! No way! Remember, I have to keep my record intact.
Oh, come on, it will be fun, no dates, nothing.
I don't know.
I Not quite sure I'm gonna fit in with the little cheer bitches.
- You? You'd fit in anywhere.
- Yeah, that's true.
- And hey! I'm one of those cheer bitches.
- Right.
Sorry I forgot.
So get off your lazy butt and I'll meet you outside at the side door.
If it's lame, we'll leave.
Clay, my man.
- Your brother did good.
- He lives for those clutch moments.
- Now why are you just standing here? - I'm cool.
Just enjoying the music.
You ought to be dancing with that lady you helped to rescue.
No I don't dance.
Even If I did, I don't want to get stomped again.
- Don't worry about that.
Hey, Dallas! - Come on, Sean? What are you doing? What's up, Sean? No, just chill.
You know my friend, Clay, right? - He's your friend? - Yeah.
Clay here is my good friend.
And it'll be a problem if someone around here was to cause him problems.
- Understood? - Yeah, dude.
No problem.
I'm out.
You could have get me killed.
No, man, I'm gonna get you something better than that, come on.
- Oh, no, no, no, no, no.
- Come on man.
- Hey, Chelsea.
- Hi.
I didn't get a chance to thank you for standing up for me the other today.
As I recall, I wasn't standing that much.
- Oh it was really sweet.
- No problem.
So you wanna dance? Hey.
Did you get kicked out already? No.
I'm waiting for my friend.
You're nervous? Yeah, a little.
I'm gonna get my spot back.
I mean, the guy's good, but I'm better.
Really? Is that how it looked from the bench? You know thanks for your support.
Most girls would be trying to make their boyfriends feel better, - after a night like this.
- Look, I'm your number one.
But you better get your game up before the scouts show up.
Or else.
- What's that supposed to mean? - Take it however you want.
And you better get over her because I'm nobody's second choice.
So, how does it feel? It's not quite the hell I imagined it would be.
Didn't you see the "no dogs, no dykes" sign on the door? - Now it is.
- Spencer, you're blowing up, girl.
If we would have known you were gay, we would have never considered you for the squad.
What? Having a lesbian in the locker room, always checking us out gets uncomfortable for us normal girls.
Normal? Get over it.
This has nothing to do with Spencer.
- You're just jealous of Aiden and I.
- Jealous? Of what? A stupid slut that got knocked up? He told you? At least you were smart enough to get rid of it.
We didn't we didn't get rid of it.
Alright, we lost it.
- Yeah, a miscarriage.
- Oh my God! Oh my God, did you hear that? Go to hell, Aiden.
And drop the squad, so you can go play with your "life partner".
Come on, Spence, we're getting out of here.
No, I'm going with Ashley.
And you know what? I'm glad I'm off the squad.
Because I've been doing some judging of my own and you girls lose.
Spencer, now! Hey superstar, let her do what she wants.
Why don't you back off? Glenn, cut it out! Aiden! Stop it! What are you doing? Aiden.
- That's the white boy's problem, not yours.
- He's my brother! What just happened? What always happens when you're around stupid people.
- When did you - About a year ago, okay? I was gonna keep it.
Someone who I could finally love.
And someone who would love me for just me.
Then I lost it.
Along with everything else good in my life.
Look, can we just get out of here? I'm confused.
I don't understand.
Like, what are you? Gay? Straight? All of the above? - I'm not into labels.
- Well, everybody else in our planet is.
- You're not gonna tell me? - Does it really matter? - Hey, wait! - What is your problem? Ash, I'm really sorry.
None of that should have ever happened.
- Can we just talk? - Hey, you! Look, just get in, okay? And don't even bleed on the leather.
This dance was a little different from the ones we had back home.
It actually wasn't all that annoying, except for the fact that we didn't get to dance.
- Look, I'm sorry about that.
- Hey, it happened.
No one's fault.
- Do you two wanna be alone? - No.
Do you two wanna be? - No.
- No.
This whole night has been very intense and confusing.
I never would have thought the three of us would have ended up together.
So, Spencer are you gay? I'm not into labels.
So, what do we do now? Well, it's L.
We only have a few moments to catch our breath, before we have to head back into the madness.
- So then let's hit the madness! - Alright, let's do it!