Southland s01e01 Episode Script

Unknown Trouble

S01E01 You okay, son? You okay, son?! Ben Sherman just finished phase one of his probationary training.
He still needed to have his daily book signed by his training officer.
The night had not gone well.
Look sharp.
Act sharp.
Be sharp.
These guys coming out of prison, they're buff and on drugs.
You do what they teach you in the academy, you will die.
Knucklehead wants to take your gun.
So, if it's you or some you take his ass down any way you can.
You ride with me, you back your badge.
Great, that's all I need.
Nice little staph infection.
Detective over at Central, she's gonna lose her foot.
It's going around.
Roll down your window.
- You left the academy a mounth ago? - Yes, sir.
- You know your penal codes? - Yes, sir.
What's a 203? - Mayhem, sir.
- Mayhem I get this mayhem one time, go over to Killer King, there's this guy with a little tent over his genitals.
Doc keeps, you know, signaling for me to look under there.
This guy had scooped out his nuts with a spoon.
He said they'd gotten him into trouble his whole life.
So, I took a Polaroid, right? Put the picture in my pocket.
Captain shows up.
You know what he says? "Make sure you attach the picture to the report.
" What are you? Canadian? Great Barry the Basehead he's spun.
It gives him that disheveled look.
Hey, hey, shitbird, how you doing? A friend of mine has a kitten, and it won't come off the roof.
Yeah, well, usually a cat gets up on its own, it can get down on its own.
No, man, my friend threw it up there.
You are too stupid to live.
Get out of here.
Asshole rodeo.
Hey, you can't take my phone.
- Stop wiggin.
I'm gonna just borrow it.
- I'm calling Ma! So, call her.
Try to explain to her why you still at home on a school day.
I got strep throat and that girl you texting with is a ho.
Chill, li'l sis.
I hate you! No, I did not have a woman in the car with me.
I can't talk about this now.
I gotta go.
Hey, Brian.
Yeah? You closed Suarez? - He copped out to you? - I read the transcripts.
He confessed telephonically.
- Excellent.
- What'd I miss? - Anything good happen? - Didn't you deport that little "Droopy" - from over at Leimert Park? - Miguel Ramos.
- What happened? - He - raped and murdered this girl Friday.
- Well, God bless America.
- How was Cancun? - It was good.
If I ever talk about marriage again, tell me to go out, find a chick I don't like and buy her a house instead.
- Sammy's wife just kicked him out.
- The first marriage? Don't even count.
That's a starter marriage.
Didn't you, didn't you take that crazy bomb dog, had a breakdown? Drug dog, Richter.
He's doing better.
We put him on medication for Delayed Stress Syndrome.
My wife? Hates him though.
I'm almost there.
Hey, cuz, where you from? I don't bang.
They said they didn't see anything.
And they're crying because? - Bring them in.
- You guys wanna know how to stop all this gang-bangin'? Then start giving them all free marijuana.
If not, we're gonna see this shit over and over and over again.
- Thank you, sir.
- That's all you keep saying.
We'll see that with the city council.
- I promise you.
- I wanna see this stop! I turned my back for one minute.
I mean, one minute, you know? - She plays there all the time.
- Are you high?! Are you?! - What did you do with her?! - I didn't do anything! No, no, where is my daughter?! Ms.
Davis, I'm Detective Adams.
I can only imagine how upsetting this is for you.
We're doing everything that we can to find Kayla.
Sometimes kids just wander off.
You gotta be kidding me.
Light him up.
- Get out of the car.
- Why do I have to get out of the car? Get out of the car now, numbnuts.
- Know who my father is? - Why? Your mother didn't tell you? Step to the curb.
Dude, - you became an actor? - I'm not an actor.
- I'm being punk'd, right? - Search the car.
You're making a big mistake.
You can't search my car without just cause.
You're watching way too much TV, dude.
Put your hands on the car, palms down; spread your legs.
- What, you're arresting me? - What are the charges? No charge.
The services of the LAPD are free for you.
You're a dick! Cops have feelings too, you know? Now I'm gonna need a hug.
Hook him up.
Hey, Ben, right? Can you help me out here, dude? Fine, I'll hire your dad.
He'll come bail me out.
He know you're doing this? He must be real proud.
When is somebody gonna claim this kid? He's got no ID.
Does the tattoo tell you anything? He a Blood? Is I don't think so.
I'm gonna get you something hot to drink.
What would you like? Hurry, hurry.
- We know this girl.
- Give her a hot tea with some honey.
We know this girl.
We like her very much.
Always playing.
We say hello and so forth.
What we can do to help? - Is there anything we can do to help? - I'm sorry.
My son Arsham.
I am Agata.
We live right here.
- Do not hesitate.
- Thank you.
And if you see anything, just let us know.
Thank you.
I seen her just last night coming home with her dad and she had on this, this heavy bookbag on her shoulders and it was weighing her down, so, she was walking real slow.
I mean, they're real heavy nowadays.
- You ever notice that? - I'm thinking that she's a little kid.
I mean, why do they have to lug all that heavy crap around? Why can't her dad just carry it? She was little for her age.
Kids nowadays are so developed.
But she wasn't.
She She looked like a little kid.
You guys are all being so helpful.
You think I can get your names down here just in case I need to contact you? Hey, what do you call two female officers in a squad car? A tuna boat.
Hey, Chickie's thinking about going to SWAT.
She should go to SWAT.
She rocks.
How many times you win Baker to Vegas? - Four.
- Four times.
It's this relay race in the desert.
Chickie's our star.
All units: we have a critical missing.
A ten-year-old white female, last seen at Fountain and Virgil wearing a pink tank top, tan skirt, and pink sneakers.
Clear us from code seven.
Show us handling.
- Later, guys.
- See you guys.
Why don't you get an all-female SWAT while you're at it? So you can just get people together and nag suspects till they come out.
Dewey, shut up.
You're giving me a headache.
You really think you can drag a 200-pound man out of bad scene? - With all his gear and his weapons? - Keep it up, Dewey.
I'll knock you out and we can see.
What's wrong with this guy? How come he's quiet? He's Canadian or something.
Where you from in Canada? I'm not Canadian.
Hey, easy, kid.
So we got a warrant on that blond kid Dwayne, but I need you to get her out of here.
Take her to get some coffee, all right? And I'll let you know when we're done.
- Sounds good.
- Russ? She has people she can call.
Get her to do that.
I'm sure she has friends, family.
Get her to call somebody, okay? All units: there is a report of a bad smell coming from 322 Wilcox, apartment A.
It's probably a DB call.
By the time you pull in the driveway you should know what you have: the hair on your arms tells you.
Buy the call.
Show us handling.
So, what is this for you? It's gonna look good on the resume? Nice little steppingstone till you land that cushy job? Go be a slapdick somewhere? Sound about right? I'm a cop, same as you're a cop, sir.
Oh, I doubt that, Richie Rich.
You got 90210 written all over your face.
What do you want? Come home and make a baby with me.
Do you still love me? I still love you, Sammy.
It's not that simple.
Why not? Why not? Of course it is.
Because we don't have that much in common anymore.
Oh, so who do you have stuff in common with, all those badge bunnies lining up to blow you? I told you I'm not seeing anybody else.
Why aren't we close anymore? Why don't we make love? I don't know.
I mean, I get I get I get I'm not doing this.
I gotta go.
- Don't go.
- I gotta go, Tammi.
I'm keeping the dog.
You hate the dog! You hate the dog.
I'm Detective Bryant, and I appreciate what you're doing.
Uh, which one of you is Nyesha? Do you mind coming in the room over here to talk to me and my partner? Mom says not to.
- To wait till she gets here.
- That's all right.
Uh, who is Janila? Janila? Do you mind talking to me? It's okay.
Good, thank you.
You're Tanya? We just want to get a general idea of what you guys saw this morning, okay? We gonna have to go to court? No, where'd you hear that? I don't even remember your names.
I could give you some code names.
You want to do that? Come on.
I smell this from two blocks away.
- Turn the electricity off? - No.
- Telling me the truth? - He doesn't pay his rent.
What am I supposed to do? He's got dogs.
I forgot.
Hello? Sir? Call Animal Control.
Our location.
Something's going on, right? That's why you brought me here.
Could you tell me what it is, please? Look, I'm never going to lie to you, okay? Ms.
Davis? Look at me.
I promise.
I promise.
We're ready.
You sure you gotta put 'em down? I'll take 'em.
That little pink nose, kind of a sweetie.
He's tasted human flesh.
Once they've tasted human flesh, you can't be sure.
Well, I went south on my wife about a year ago, you gotta put me down? What's wrong with your partner? He looks kind of sick down there.
Tori Spelling threw up all over his brand-new patent leather Mary Janes.
You guys be nice when you say good-bye today.
It could be his last day on the job.
Do not let him get to you.
- It's not personal, you know.
- What is his problem?! There's a lot of theories on that one.
Why you wearing purple, Janila? You affiliated with Grape Street? That's cool.
You got a boyfriend in Grape Street? Janila, help me out here.
I promise you, I'll keep you out of it.
- It don't work like that.
- Where did you hear that? I learned that before I learned the alphabet.
You're cute.
I went on the Web site once.
- You think I could be a cop? - Sure.
It's clear.
It's clear.
Detective Adams? - APB's been put out.
- Good.
If he comes home, put out a call.
I don't want him spooked and taking off.
Nobody goes near this apartment just in case he's watching.
Stay out of sight and on the radio.
Uh, can I have a backup on Morris? Yeah, no freebies for you, asshole.
Shawna, Ben.
Ben, Shawna.
- Hey.
- Howdy.
I trained this crazy chick.
Shawna works Vice in case you didn't guess.
Where's the guys? Oh, Mr.
Holmes, could I just touch it once? I heard it's really big.
It's huge, bro.
This is Ben.
Ben, I'd like you to meet two of the biggest degenerates I have the pleasure of knowing: it's Vid and Eddie.
What's his story? He's working the bushes at Barnsdall Park.
Barnsdall, right.
It's this public park, right? Has these huge posted signs, like, every two feet.
"This area is under surveillance "by the Los Angeles Police.
" Freaking idiot.
- How much? - Depends.
What'd you have in mind? I don't know.
The act and the price.
You got to say it out loud, dude! - Fif 50 bucks for a blow-and-go? - Bingo! Just get out of here, okay? - She had him.
What is she doing? - What's the matter with you? Sorry.
What's the matter with me? You're on the street selling your body for sex.
Yeah? Well, I'm not the one with a baby in a car seat in the backseat, you asshole.
Just get out of here, okay? I'm a cop, you moron! - Nice hanging with you guys.
- Later, bro.
- Later.
Nice meeting you.
- See you, man.
Yeah, take it easy.
It's like driving through the sewer in a glass-bottom boat, right? We getting to you, boot? You don't think you can handle it, get out now.
Do us all a favor.
What right you got to keep my kid? You don't have the right to interview a 14-year-old without a parent! Let's go, the both of you.
Where's Tanya? Baby, your mama's coming.
You keep your mouth shut.
I don't want to offend you in any way, but this was an attempted murder, - and these girls were witnesses.
- You threatening me? No, we're not threatening you.
We're asking you for your help.
If it ever came down to them having to go to court, which would not happen, - but if it did, we could move you.
- Move me? I'm not moving anywhere.
- Where do you live, sir? - Where do I live? That's right.
- I live in Castaic.
- When you live around here, in this world, with what we got going on, then you got the right to tell me what to do.
Let's go, the both of you.
Now! You have anything else you want to ask me, I got free incoming.
You can call me.
He calls you, he better get a lawyer.
Come on, girls.
Let's get out of here.
She's definitely filing a complaint.
All units, I have a Code 2 call for Unknown Trouble at Fletcher and 136th Street.
- Neighbors are complaing about noise.
- We're end of watch now.
What do you want to do? Unknown troubles can be funky.
to Fletcher and 136th Street.
When we spoke earlier, you said you had a pretty good view of those men from the front window of that bus.
"I got a good look at all three of those boys.
" I never said that.
Excuse me.
- Does he have to be here? - I'm her ex.
- You live here? - Came to see my kid.
Well, your kid's not here.
You got to understand.
I lost two nephews.
My best friend lost her son.
Everybody's lost somebody.
Everybody bangs around here.
Shoot, we got our own war on terror right here.
What's up, Janila? What?! Okay.
All right, all right.
All right.
Repeat it slowly.
Yeah, I think you'd make an outstanding cop.
Thank you, Janila.
You're the best, sweetheart.
She wrote the license plate number on her hand.
She didn't wanna say it with the other girls around.
- Didn't want anyone to know.
- That makes sense.
Smart one, huh? Run the car first.
Then call for backup.
Unknown trouble calls could be cop ambushes.
There he is: Hector Munoz, aka Zig-Zag.
This kid just got out of prison two days ago.
Droopy says they been out doing ABGs.
What? Anybody goes.
Yeah, this is William 52.
I'd like to put out a citywide broadcast.
Hector Munoz, age 18, wanted for attempted murder.
Considered armed and dangerous.
Vehicle's a '64 blue Impala.
California license plate number 2-Sam-Boy-Ida-6 Show us Code 6 George with backup at 136th and Fletcher.
Do you request an airship at this time? Airship alert and on standby, not overhead.
- We should call SWAT in.
- This is not a SWAT callout.
It's a bunch of drunk cholos.
Cuff first, then search.
Hey, baby, show me your.
Stand up.
Put your hands in the air.
Gun! - Get down on your tummy.
- I will shoot you through your head.
Put your hands in the air now! - Get down! - Relax, fool.
Hey, stay down.
Get your hands above your head.
- You cuff him.
I got the gun.
- Shut up! - Take him down to the car now.
- I haven't finished searching him yet.
What are you, Generation Y? When I ask you to do something, you do it! I'm your superior officer.
Get your ass down here.
- How you doing? - I'm doing great.
That's good, 'cause you look like a dead man to me.
You just got temporary use of your arms and legs.
Shut the fuck up.
Get him in the car now! Officer down.
Shots fired.
Roll me an AR now! Dewey? I got you.
Look at me.
I got you.
Listen, Miss Cole, we know who did this.
Who are they? Some kids in a gang.
One of them got out of prison two days ago.
How can that be? My son's not affiliated.
Henry never messed with that.
Kids running around killing each other 'cause they wear the wrong colors, or they are the wrong color.
They need to leave that alone.
Yes, ma'am.
Baby, go and see your brother.
Go on, now.
Henry? I don't hate you.
We need to band together, try to bring this young lady home to her family.
Thank you, Detective.
Here the latest from the scene.
We gonna send it back to the studio.
Ten minutes.
I'm gonna go home and check on my mom.
Davis, we are gonna stay on this as long as it takes.
If you need anything, give me a call.
Okay? I'll be right back.
You okay, son? Sit down.
Sit down.
Where did you learn to shoot like that? Beverly Hills Gun Club? Why don't you shut the hell up, sir? Right in his ten-ring.
Burn squad just showed up.
You heard of Warner Brothers? This is "warn a brother.
" You don't lie.
That's how they get you.
Lying is worse than an out-of-policy shooting.
You just tell it like it happened, you'll be fine.
No big deal.
Taking a life is a big deal to me, okay? What the hell did you think the gun was for, huh? Show-and-tell? Look, you'll get over it.
All right, they'll send you to BSS.
You'll do all that Buddhist "I love and revere all sentient beings" crap.
Then, at o'dark 30 next time you're up, you will drag your weary, fried ass out of bed; you will put on your gun and your vest, and you will do it all over again.
You know why? Because it's a front row seat to the greatest show on earth.
Can you abuse it? Yes, sir.
You can, and you will.
I guarantee it.
Because it is relentless, and it gets to you, and it seems like it changes nothing.
But a day like today with some interesting capers and a few good arrests that's good.
But every once in a while, you get to take a bad guy off the streets for good and that, my friend, is God's work.
So, now, you want to be a pussy and quit, you quit.
You're a cop because you don't know how not to be one.
If you feel that way, you're a cop.
If you don't, you're not.
You decide.
Lydia? Yeah, Ma.
- Sorry.
- Want me to make you something to eat? I'm not hungry.
Go back to sleep.
We have ants? There was a dead cockroach.
They were all over it.
I would have used that spray, but you said it was too toxic.
All right, Ma.
There has been a surge of gang violence over the past few weeks.
We're going to do It's Arsham, right? I didn't want to hurt her.
But, you know, just she started screaming and I panicked so I put my hand over her mouth.
One King 54 requesting assistance at my location.
I'm going in now.
Arsham! What did you do? Is he okay? I like that book.
- How come you read this book? - My black studies class.
For real? My brother got shot.
- What? - My brother got shot.
I'm sorry.
Is he going to be okay? They say so.
Good You need me to do anything? Can I check with anybody about anything? No, he's fine.
He's sleeping.
You a cop? We got a look or something? No, it's just the hair.
That's all.
I don't look mean or anything? I left something at work, and I had to go back.
Go back to sleep, all right? It's early.
I had the day from hell.
I got arrested.
I had a crap day, too.
It is my opinion that despite the circle jerk of this night, Officer Ben Sherman performed his duties to the highest standard.
He is and will continue to be a superior police officer.
We will be very lucky if he serves his sworn career with the Los Angeles Police.